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Paring; Min Yoongi x Reader

✎ Words; 3.4k

✎ Genre; Slight angst, smut, some fluff (Mostly smut) 

Warnings; Cussing, face riding, light bondage, Min Yoongi being called ‘Kitten’ 

✎ Summary; Despite Yoongi promising to be home early on your anniversary, he completely forgets. The two of you end up having an argument and you offer him a way to make it up to you. 


You and Yoongi have makeup sex, plot twist, he’s the sub (well kinda a sub, for a little anyway)

Request from: @taehyungieshands

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long.

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how ep 37 ruined chapter 51

This is something that has really been bothering me ever since the last episode of season 2 came out. Episode 37 (12) covered chapters 50 and 51 from the manga, but some changes were made and important details are missing. This is my opinion, and I’ll only focus on the first part of chapter 51 and how much certain details about Eren’s character were affected. 

The chapter starts on top of Wall Rose, all the soldiers have just returned from their mission and everyone is hurt and injured. This is important because it shows how destructive these expeditions can be. 
Eren brought Mikasa all the way to the wall, took care of her and made sure she was okay until the very end. Eren cares about his friends, he cares about other people, he would do anything for his friends and little scenes like this one show how much he really cares. He isn’t the best at showing these emotions so I’d like to see them giving more importance to this side of Eren more often in the anime.

Then, Eren looks around and he realises how much rescuing him affected everyone. He sees everyone around him in pain and that’s when he starts to blame himself. He sees the look on everyone’s eyes. That’s when Jean comes in. He confronts Eren and gives specific information about how many people were injured and died because that’s just how he is. This is important because this is how Eren and Jean have always communicated between each other. This is what Eren needs to hear. Jean is a honest person, always straight forward, always says the truth, and this has shown to have an impact on Eren before. 

Only after hearing all of this from Jean, does Armin come in and tries to comfort Eren. Jean is upfront and what he said was like a slap from reality. This is why Armin reassures Eren that they didn’t lose any soldiers on their way back and then proceeds to make a connection between Eren’s scream and the fact that none of the titans paid attention to them. Everyone is surprised by this, Jean and Connie are confused and Connie even praises Eren for having saved them. Jean does the detailed information thingy again but this time Eren just sighs and lets it all out. This part made the scene so heartwarming and it made Eren feel better and relax a bit. It also shows a bit of Jean’s development as a character (also, Jean taking care of Connie in the beginning was ignored too).

Finally, determined and motivated Eren comes back: “Thanks Jean. Thanks to you I don’t think I have to hesitate anymore. You’re absolutely right. I just have to do this.” That special line in bold is important in this scene and did not take part in the anime adaptation. As Isayama has said before, Eren bluffs, he forces himself to be stronger than he really is, but his core stays true and brave no matter what. I emphasised on that quote because it shows that Eren was hesitating before. Little lines that this one give hints so that it’s possible for the viewers to understand how Eren really thinks and should not be ignored. This is why I think episode 37 completely ruined the whole purpose of this conversation between Armin, Eren and Jean.

In the anime, they’re in the middle of a random hallway (the same one they used for season 1), the mode is wrong, the expedition feels distant and the whole thing itself just feels hollow to me. Eren is just there chilling and out of nowhere he remembers how many people died for him? This doesn’t make sense. He blamed himself because he was faced with all the injured soldiers around him. Jean is ignored and they jumped right into Armin comforting Eren and talking about Eren’s new ability. Armin talks about how he and Jean “sat down and tried to figure it out” while in the manga Jean was clearly surprised to hear about it. In my opinion, there’s such a huge lack of emotion when it comes to Jean too (it literally looks like Jean is about to fall asleep and was just there because someone dragged him out of bed just to scowl at Eren lol).

Last but not least, Historia comes rushing at Eren and begs for him to help her save Ymir. He tries to calm her down and comforts her, he makes her feel better and relax a bit. Again, anime adaptation failed to show how lovely and caring Eren really is. This part itself is super important because it shows how Historia wants to save Ymir, how willing she is and how much she wants to forget about “Krista”. So I hope they bring this part back in season 3. This scene is important too because it sets a+the beginning of the huge development that Eren and Historia go through together during the Uprising arc.

I want to focus this post on the first half of chapter 51, but I’ll also refer how they omitted parts of Erwin, Pixis and Levi’s conversation, how they changed Connie and Hange’s theory, etc.

The very last part of this chapter is kinda irrelevant to the plot itself, but it shows how unique every character is and how they can still enjoy simple yet loving and heartwarming moments. I’m hopeful they’ll bring that small part back in season 3, though.

Regardless of everything, I am genuinely grateful and happy I got to experience and enjoy this season. This show will always have my full support and it will never fail to make me happy. I am very thankful and there’s countess things to appreciate about it. All their work must be admired and respected, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching all these amazing episodes :) Chapter 51 has a special place in my heart, specially because it shows a side of Eren we don’t get to see very often and so I hope no one forgets about it!

Fili x Reader: Adjusting to Middle Earth

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(Author’s Note:  So sorry about how long this took!!!  I really appreciate you for hanging in there and being so patient!!   And this was absolutely the most adorable request, so I had a lot of fun writing it!  I really, really hope you enjoy it! 

Request: Along the normal lines of you ended up in the company. But a story where he (Fili) kinda takes the reader under his wing-shows her how to ride his pony, how to defend herself.. he reads to her since she can’t obviously read anything there… and a fluffy ending–like she cuddles with him under his blanket?

Also, gif is not mine!  Credit to original owner!)

   “You might want to tighten your grip on the reigns,” Fili instructed.  You could just hear the amusement in his tone.  Even after all this time you spent traveling with the Company, he still couldn’t get over the fact that you didn’t know how to ride a pony.  “The pony will go anywhere he pleases unless you guide him.” 

   “Right,” you nodded, trying to hide your smile.  “Got it.” 

   The last few months you’ve been in middle earth have been challenging in many different ways.  You came from a world of technology; cars, electricity, the internet.  And now you were forced to adjust to life on the road with no phone, television, or anything of the sort.  The first few weeks, the Company had decided to let you share a pony with someone since you did not know how to ride.  It just so happened that you and Fili ended up bonding over the course of the journey.  You felt more comfortable asking him questions about middle earth.  Of course you knew the basic plot of the Hobbit, but what they don’t tell you is the small details of everyday life in middle earth.  So, he insisted on using all of the spare time between destinations to teach you how to ride the pony.  

   So here you were, sitting near the front of the saddle while Fili perched right behind you, hands gently moving yours farther down the reigns.  The close contact brought a blush to your cheeks.  This whole thing certainly wasn’t helping your crush on the handsome, blonde prince.  You tried to just bury your feelings and hope that you could make it through this journey without embarrassing yourself in front of the Company.  But it was getting harder with each passing week you spent with them.  Fili had become your guide, teaching you everything you needed to know about surviving here.  You were glad to have a good friend, but it was nearly impossible to avoid your feelings at this point.

   “You’re doing great, _______,” he told you.  “Really, it’s not bad at all.”

   “Well, it helps to have a nice teacher,” you replied, shooting him a smile over your shoulder.  “I’m sorry your stuck with me.  The only girl in middle earth who can’t ride a pony.”

   He grinned back.  “It doesn’t make you any less worthy to be a part of the Company.  It just means that you come from a place where things are different.  Besides, I don’t see it as being stuck with you..  It was my decision to help you in the first place.”

   “But…why?  If I may ask.”

   He leaned in a little more, making you freeze.  “Because I could not leave a beautiful damsel in distress to fend for herself.”

   Your mouth fell open, and you were glad that he was behind you so he couldn’t see your expression. He called you beautiful?  You straightened up a bit and regained your composure just in time to shoot him another look over your shoulder.

   “A damsel in distress that saved your life,” you reminded him.

   “Ah, yes, how could I forget?  You rescued me from that river the Company had to cross.  You’re not such a damsel when it comes to rescuing others, I suppose.”

   “You suppose?” you laughed.  “I guess that’s a start.”

   The two of you ended your conversation when Thorin barked orders from up ahead to stop and set up camp.  Fili hopped off the pony and reached to help you dismount.  You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lowered you to the ground.

   “T-thanks,” you told him.

   “No problem.”

   At this point, you were a little grateful to have some space.  You knew the routine of setting up camp by now.  You helped gather firewood, set up your bedroll, and gave Bombur the proper ingredients for dinner.  However, that didn’t stop you from sneaking occasional glances at a certain prince.

   “Good evening, ________,” Kili said from somewhere behind you, making you jump and drop a bunch of supplies from your arms.  “Sorry,” he laughed, looking between you and Fili who was tending to the ponies.  “Am I…interrupting something?”

   “No, of course not,” you said, blushing.  “I was just…admiring the ponies.  They’re such beautiful creatures.”

   “They are, aren’t they?  With their long, golden mane and braided mustache-”

  “Kili,” you warned.  

   “Please,” he chuckled.  “I’ve seen how the two of you look at each other.  Why don’t you say something?”

   “Because it’s awkward.  I don’t think Fili feels the same way.  He’s just helping me with learning what I can about middle earth so that I can survive.”

   “I know my brother, and believe me, he does like you.”

   “Even if that’s the case,” you paused, glancing at the leader of the Company.  “There’s no way Thorin’s going to be okay with it.”

   Kili dismissed your concern with the wave of his hand.  “Never mind him.  Uncle needs to, as you put it, ‘lighten up.’”

   You chuckled.  “I’m still not convinced that telling Fili how I feel is a good idea.  Nice try, but we all more important things to worry about.  Like reclaiming Erebor, for instance?”

   “That is months away,” he pointed out.  “Besides, I don’t know what could be more important than love.”

   “What was that, Kee?” Fili’s voice joined the conversation, making the two of you look at him in surprise.

   “Oh, hello, brother,” Kili clapped a hand on his back.  “______ and I were just discussing the importance of love.”

   “I see,” Fili gave you a questioning look, to which you just shrugged.  “Well, you’ll have to let me borrow her for a minute.  She and I need to go over some fighting techniques.”

   “Right, training,” you nodded.  “I’ll see you later, Kili.”

   “Indeed,” he replied slowly.  “See you later.”

   Once you and Fili were out of earshot, the blonde prince gave you a look.  “Okay, what was that about?” he asked.

   “I don’t know,” you shrugged again.  “Kili is just acting a little strange.”

   Fili raised his arms in a defensive stance, nodding for you to do the same.  “I wonder about him sometimes.  He’s spending more and more time with you.”

   The two of you practiced throwing punches.  

   “Yeah, we’ve become good friends,” you admitted, smiling.  It was true.  The dark-haired brother of your crush had been spending more time getting to know you.  Even figured out you were crushing on Fili.

   “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had…feelings for you.”

  You had to refrain from laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of his statement.  Yes, you and Kili had become closer.  But it was certainly not romantic!  Kili teased you, and you gave him a hard time; just like a brother and sister would.

   “I can assure you that’s not the case,” you told Fili.  He rested a hand on your elbow to correct your stance.  “In fact,” you ventured.  “He’s trying to convince me to tell someone else about my feelings for them.”

   At that, Fili paused, his hand not leaving your arm.  “Oh?”

   “Yep,” you nodded, mentally face-palming.  Perhaps it was a bad idea to say something.

   “And this person you have feelings for…  he’s a member of the Company?”


   “What’s he like?” Fili’s eyes scanned the camp, pausing on each of Company member suspiciously.  He really didn’t know.

   “Well…He’s always there to help me,” you replied.  Fili’s eyes met yours, and his lips turned up in a smile.  You could see a glint in his blue eyes a he leaned in a little closer.  But before he could say anything more-

   “Fili!” Thorin called.  “We need more firewood!”

   Fili gave you one last longing look.  “Sorry.”

   “It’s okay,” you giggled.  “I’ll talk to you later.”


   You hugged your knees close to your chest, leaning towards the fire in an attempt to absorb its warmth.  Even with your cloak, it was freezing.  The others seemed be doing just fine.  How fortunate for them.  Most of the Company had fallen asleep, save for Kili and Bofur, who took the first watch of the night.  

  You couldn’t stop thinking about your earlier conversation with Fili.  you had basically said that you had feelings for him.  And he had smiled.  Surely, that was a good sign?  He returned your feelings.  But of course Thorin had to interrupt the moment by making his nephew get firewood when there were plenty of others available for the task.

   A shiver ran down your spine as another cold wind blew through the camp.  You squeezed your eyes shut and scooted a little closer to the fire.  You hadn’t even noticed the footsteps that approached.

   “Here,” Fili’s voice was barely audible as he gently took a seat on your left side, draping a blanket over both of you.  You were too cold to get embarrassed or blush at the gesture.  Instead, you cuddled up against his side gratefully.

   “Thank you,” you mumbled tiredly, resting your head against his shoulder.  “Why is it that I’m the only one bothered by the cold?”

   “My people can withstand extreme temperatures a lot better than most,” he replied quietly, arm around your shoulder.  “Better?”


   “Good.”  He paused.  “So, to continue our earlier conversation…”

   “Um, right.”  You suddenly became aware of the close contact, blushing.  “In case you weren’t sure…it’s you.”

   He chuckled.  “I had my suspicions when you dropped that hint earlier, but thank you for confirming it.  And just to let you know, I feel the same way.”

   “Oh…good to know.”  You paused.  “What now?  I mean, we should probably wait to tell Thorin, or anyone, really.  I don’t really want the unnecessary attention…”

   “I agree,” he nodded.  “For now, we don’t tell anyone.  Although, I have a feeling Kili will just know.”

   You chuckled, snuggling closer to him.  “I’m starting to think he knows us better than we know ourselves.”

   “Probably,” he agreed.  “He could always tell what I was feeling and why before even I knew it.”

   “I’m kind of glad.  Or else I wouldn’t have had the chance to tell you how I felt.”

   “Me too.”

  The conversation gave way to a comfortable silence as you both watched the fire.  At some point, you felt your eyes fluttering closed as sleep began to overtake you.  It was an eventful day, that’s for sure.  The last thing you remember was hearing the peaceful crackle and snap of the fire while enjoying the warmth.

Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 5323 (Act V)

A/N: The [extended] conclusion to a five-act miniseries. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks (I’ve been informed it got kinda angsty – so, uh, yay, something for everyone?!). All mysteries and roads converge in Clifton Springs, NY – whither will they lead from there? Here’s a hint about the roads – there is a 100% probability they all lead to a mountain of fluff.

Previous chapters:  Act I,  Act II, Act III , Act IV - Part I, Act IV - Part II

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Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”


The familiar rumbling whisper thundered through your pounding head with the boom of a freight train. You groaned in response.

“They’ve left for the moment,” the whispered onslaught continued, “there was a heated argument. Mrs. Kinlay did not want to miss bingo night at the senior center despite Mr. Kinlay’s wounds. Evidently, a Mrs. Reynolds recently returned from an extended cruise which was in reality a cover story for obtaining plastic surgery and the so-called botch job isn’t to be missed.”

You groaned again.

“Are you hurt?”

More discombobulated yet distinctly incensed syllables somersaulted from your tongue. You meant to say: “Bingo? Seriously? Well at least something about those impostors stinks of being geriatric.”

Cas took the irate tone of your incoherent groans as confirmation you were unharmed save for the diminishing effects of the cataleptic drug in your system, “They intend to perform some sort of ritual. We appear to be central components. Fortunately, it seems important to them that we remain largely unharmed.”

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Problems with Teacher of the Year

Alright, so now it’s time for the part that’s less fun: complaining about the things that irk me in this episode. Which is a lot.

In particular, I have a problem with the characterization, especially of the boys.

Just gonna cram this all into one post, because I want to get it out of the way.

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anonymous asked:

hiya! i notice you tag a lot of your posts with 'nora, sloane, etc.' i understand these are characters for a story you're doing. i'm curious: what's the story about?

ok ! well @turnandchasethewind (olivia) & i have been working on the sketches for this show for like. a Long time lmao it has as most projects do grown & changed & become something entirely its own & i think it’s really awesome & lovely & am rly rly jazzed for it to move forward one day

anyway the working title for it is called views, & it basically follows sloane & nora, best friends who live & work in toronto. they met when they were 18/19 at a catering gig (terrible) & theyre the kind of love that is this epic soft quiet fun powerful love between female friends. they’re young & they’re a little lost always, & the world hurts, but like. they’re Good. the current storyline begins when they’re in their early/mid-twenties & nora meets ridley, who becomes her girlfriend. ridley is rly rly lovely & beautiful & whip smart & v kind & sloane hates her which is altogether mostly funny but a little sad

sloane ideally would be played by maia mitchell just for a visual but like. a grungier cooler hot mess version of maia bc like. sloane is a trash kid she’s our absolute fav she has tons of stick n pokes & her hair is a mess or buzzed (or both) & she will wear vans until they r literally falling off. she shops mostly at black market & she got this bike off kijiji that’s like 800% terrifying. she was diagnosed with bipolar I when she was 18 & shes on meds but its obviously still smth she deals with every day. shes from vancouver & she dropped out of mcgill after An Episode but mostly bc she hated it & she moved to toronto a few months after that (which is p much immediately when she met nora). shes like our token white character shes funny everyone drags her constantly abt so many things but they Love sloane. she eats Shit food unless nora’s parents buy her groceries & she drinks a lot & sometimes she has lil spirals but she has a dog named carly rae who helps a lot. she also has a big brother named whit he’s trans & he lives in brooklyn & she Adores him. shes a tremendously talented musician but ofc being a musician is v difficult so she also works a bunch of weird jobs between music gigs. she lives in a funky apartment in kensington w like six rotating roommates. she plays sets at the beaver all the time. if sloane was gonna write a song it would be ‘young’ by vallis alps but if sloane had a themesong its a tie between i wanna get better by bleachers & control by halsey & buzzcut season by lorde & then a rly rly sad cover of i rly like you by carly rae

nora is laura harrier bc like Hot & also biracial so thats dope. shes a baker & she works at a rly cute lil bakery on queen west & she always looks so pretty & put together & she rides this beautiful linus bike everywhere w a fucking basket & everything she wears so much birds of north america & oak + fort & rly just anything from victoire & she has like 12 pairs of blundstones. shes from etobicoke & her parents are both immigrants so nora is first generation canadian shes v v invested in how that all interacts shes a smart cool kid. she’s bisexual she came out when she was 16 bc she Literally got drunk in a closet & she has a history of dating Truly shitty ppl so sloane is like v v Hesitant when she falls for ridley. she has some beautiful tattoos & some silly stick n pokes, mostly w sloane. she has a rly cool little sister named kennedy who goes to ryerson & nora went to george brown. shes rly passionate abt intersectional feminism & she volunteers w a few different organizations around the city that help lgbtq+ youth shes like. a Good person & also sloane ADORES her & nora is in a v real kinda love w sloane theyre the v best pals. also girl can Drink. once a month regardless of how cold it is she & sloane make rly good pot brownies & go to trinity bellwoods & eat them & they end up Laughing a lot. nora also fosters w save our scruff bc she & sloane adopted carly rae together but carly rae is like an emotional support animal for sloane so she spends most of her time at sloane’s apartment so bc of that nora likes to foster dogs its rly cute. she has a beautiful lil tiny studio off euclid & queen. if nora had a themesong its like some dope gay (bi) ass mix of company by tinashe & feelin myself by nicki but then she meets ridley so shes like all night by bey

pls know that nora & sloane sometimes get Rly drunk at the greenroom in the annex mostly bc they love smoking in the lil alleyway its like. their trash special place. & their songs r like. california by grimes & love gang by whethan ft charli xcx & ribs by lorde 

ok in our heads ridley is played by aj but mostly bc its hot & we love her lol, ideally ridley is quebecois metis. she has a degree in physics but her parents just both died so shes kinda taking a break from everything & rn shes a florist in the shop next to noras bakery on queen west. shes from montreal but she went to school in the states & she has a longtime ex named ash. theyre non binary & ridley & ash are still rly good friends which sloane is like Suspicious abt but nora is like sloane jfc. ridley is rly smart she wears a Lot of stay home club & j brands & she & nora have a lot of shoes n boots that look almost identical. shes queer & shes kinda just been queer forever? her parents were scientists so it was always a v inclusive educated lil home she grew up in. she was named after ridley scott & everyone always jokes that she was conceived during alien lol & honestly she probably was. shes rly funny & she has beautiful tattoos & pretty pretty eyes & nora falls for her rly fast. she has a lil quebecois accent & sometimes she forgets words in english when shes drunk or tired. she & nora first kiss outside of the beaver in the snow theyre in the alley behind the gladstone w rly beautiful street art they were smoking cigarettes & its just. soft. so queer. ridleys lil songs r hold by vera blue & 21 moon water by bon iver & Mostly corbeau by coeur de pirate

sloane has a plot twist & falls in love w jack who is half-japanese & hes rly good friends w ridley which is the plot twist part a little but the BIG plot twist part is that she falls in love at all bc she is Convinced no one can handle her & she isnt stable enough for romantic love etc etc. but jack is so good hes so smart & hes a music therapist for kids on the spectrum its like Absurd how good a person he is. hes trans & hes abt to have top surgery like a few months after he meets sloane & she goes for a while & is like blah blah im not in love w him whatever its just sex but then shes So worried abt him being ok during & after surgery & she cares abt him so much & she gets Rly drunk & cries abt it to nora its funny. one day sloane is having a rly rly bad lil depressive episode & nora has been outta town all weekend w her parents & kennedy at their cottage in muskoka & so nora texts jack like. yo sloane has bipolar i she shouldve told u this but like i gotta tell u now bc shes havin a meltdown so pls go over & bring her food from fresh get the falafel tacos & like all the pressed juice ill venmo you & Pls make her shower if she buzzed her hair try to find the scalp treatment i got her from lush its in her dresser top drawer. also shes gonna wanna drink just let her do that & make sure she takes her meds she’ll be ok itll take a day or two & hes like ok. a lot but ok. & he goes & he brings sloane food & a tshirt of his & he gets her into the shower & out to the couch & puts on superstore & she curls up into him on one side & carly rae on the other & she cries a little but honestly its not so bad & like. hes so in love w her its wild she never thought that would happen its a fun plot twist even olivia & i didnt plan on

so anyway the whole show is kinda an ode to toronto & an ode to being young & in love w your friends in a rly profound way & also what its like to fall in love w ppl u might wanna spend ur life with, a kinda love thats v new. its abt queerness & gender & race in a way thats v much present but all of the main characters r rly informed & rly like passionate abt intersectional feminism & thats a cool aspect we r both v excited abt. also sloane deals v realistically w a balance between being stable w bipolar I & also being v creative & v connected to making music which is smth thats v important to me esp. nora was sexually assaulted before she met ridley (HATE!) but we delve into that as well. 

mostly like. its just ‘we’re never done w killing time/ can i kill it w you/ i’d like it if you stayed’ 

I Call It Love     Pt.11 (Final Part)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Gang AU

Jimin x Reader 

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9 I Part 10

Words: 3.508

Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood bestfriend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.

“I always hated Hani anyway” you heard Jooheon spit out after having swallowed down his tears.

Your eyes widened in shok as you realized that it must be her that had died. That reality hit you hard and you didn’t even remember to close your eyes before Minhyuk had seen that you woke up.

“Shot in the head” Minhyuk said while staring into your eyes. You held his gaze and tried to keep all emotions back.

“Then can I leave now?” you asked eventhough you were 99 percent sure the answer would be no. Still you stood up and started walking towards the door. To your surprise none of them said anything until you were about to open the door.

Suddely you felt the cold material of a gun at your head. “You still think this is a fucking joke?” Kihyun whispered into your ear, scaring you so much that you forgot to breath for a second.

You gulped and then shook your head.

“Good. Because this bullet will be faster in your head then you can even take a single step”

You didn’t move an inch after that. “I heard there was a contract. Didn’t it say I can leave?” the fear you were feeling was more obvious in your voice than you had wanted it to be.

“The contract is off. Now go sit down on the couch again.”

Without another word you went back. Just feeling relief as soon as the gun didn’t touch your head anymore.

After five minutes the fear was gone again and your confidence was back. You turned to Minhyuk who was standing closest to you and asked “Why is the contract off?”

Minhyuk turned towards you, considering wether or not to even give you an answer. In the end he told you “Bts didn’t sign it. Guess you are not that important to them” he gave you a sick smile. You didn’t answer anything to that simply because there was nothing you could answer.

A knock on the door had everyone looking up. Kihyun and Changkyun were directly pointing their guns to the door and you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Who’s there?” Shownu asked the person behind the door.


“The door’s open” and with that, you could see Yoongi walking through the door having the two guns pointed directly at him. However he didn’t look too bothered and just walked towards you without a word.

“Let’s go” he told you and put an arm around you. Gulping you looked at the two guns that were since Yoongi stood right next to you also pointed in your direction.

“Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?” Wonho raised an eyebrow before you could say something.

Yoongi had a smile on that scared you even though you knew he was going to help you. But he didn’t answer Wonho and instead started dragging you towards the door.

“Quit the games Yoongi” Shownu told him now. This time Yoongi took out a paper and slammed it on the table next to him.

Then he started walking again and dragged you through the door. The whole time you were just hoping not to feel a bullet go through your head and you were actually kinda surprised when the cold air from outside hit you.

“We’re… they… they let us leave… they let us leave just like that” you just couldn’t believe it. It was only now you realized just how horrified you had been the whole time.

Yoongi just gave you a look. “There were some changes we had to do in the contract so it took a little longer.”

As the two of you turned the corner, you suddenly felt two strong arms attack you. Well attack you with a hug. You directly recognized the person as Jimin and quickly hugged him back.

“I’m so sorry” Jimin mumbled right before pressing a kiss on your mouth. “I love you so much! How can you scare me so much?”

Instead of answering you just kissed him again. With his arms around you you finally felt completely safe again.

After a while you heard someone shuffle in front of you and you reluctantly pulled away from Jimin.

In front of you, you saw Jungkook looking a bit awkward. Quickly you ran to him and hugged him too. When you pulled away from him he told you “Don’t scare me like that ever again, ok? I thought I would have to explain all of this to your mother” You chuckled and lightly hit him.

“Let’s leave this place now” Yoongi said and you for the first time you could see a toothy smile on Yoongi. At his words Jimin took your hand and lead you to a van.

The four of you drove back to their house and you walked in. Jin and Taehyung were sitting in the living roomand very happily greeted you.

“Is Hoseok still in his room?” Jimin asked worried and Taehyung shook his head “He eventually drove to the exid house.” Jungkook looked down and Jimin just lead you to his room without reacting at all.

“Are you tired?” he asked you and you just shook your head. Jimin looked deep in your eyes to find out if you were being honest, which just for the record you were not because you could not help but feel like you might miss something if you went to bed now. Eventually Jimin sighed, realizing that he couldn’t tell if you lie anyway.

“So do you want to watch tv or…?” Jimin asked.

“Not really..” you sighed. “To be honest I think I would like to just go to my apartment”

Jimin looked a bit surprised but nodded anyway. “Then let’s go” and with that the two of you left the room again and walked towards Jimin’s car. As you passed Taehyung he threw you a questioningly look and Jimin shortly told him where you were going.

Eventhough the drive wasn’t too long, you suddenly felt it make you very sleepy and you had to fight against your eyes closing more and more as the houses passed you by.

“Not tired, huh?” you heard Jimin ask you amused all of a sudden and you shook your head. Jimin let out a slight laugh “Yeah, you’re too awake to even notice we arrived, right?” It was only now that you actually started focusing on the outside of the car and realized that nothing was any longer moving and you were instead looking at your apartment.

Turning to Jimin you offered him a sheepish smile and he just let out a laugh.

The two of you got out of the car and went into the house. Jimin sat down in front of the tv and after changing into more comfortable clothes you lay down with your head in his lap. Coontrary to Jimin you didn’t know the anime that was running on tv, so it was difficult for you to actually follow the plot line.

Suddenly you heard a loud bang from behind you and spun around. You recognized the person that just walked in as Minhyuk. With wide eyes you were just staring at him. He was wearing that same smile that always made you feel sick to your stomach. From behind you, you heard Jimin telling him to leave again but Minhyuk didn’t seem to care about that. Instead he walked closer to you and quickly you could feel the cold metal of the gun he pulled out only moments before against your head. A tear started forming in the corner of your eye.

“Please don’t” you pleaded “Please don’t”

But Minhyuk’s smile simply grew bigger until you finally heard the gun go off. The sound made you scream but the expected pain did not set in. Instead you just heard someone behind you slam to the ground. Horrified you turned around, only to look at your boyfriends bleeding figure. Falling down next to him you directly felt your clothes getting soaked from his blood. “No” you wanted to whisper out, wanted to scream out, but you couldn’t. Instead all you could do was cry. Cry so much that you were not sure if your clothes were wetter because of Jimin’s blood or your tears.

“Y/N” you suddenly heard Jimin’s voice. But that was impossible. He was dead, right?

“Y/n, please wake up” the worry in his voice was unmistakable. Quickly you opened your eyes and there he was hovering above you with his eyes showing a slight relief after seeing you had woken up.

“What were you dreaming about?” Jimin asked you worried while brushing his hand over your hair lightly.

“Nothing” you mumbled while gulping at the thought of your dream. Jimin looked at you, obviously knowing that that was a lie.

“You were screaming” he stated after a few moments of silence.

“Really? I don’t remember” you continued your lie and to change the topic you added “But I’m quite tired so let’s go to bed, yeah?” Jimin nodded still in thought and followed you to the bedroom.

After a few minutes you could hear Jimin’s breathing become regular and knew that he had fallen asleep. The adrenaline rush of your nightmare was still there, so for hours you just lay there. Staring at the ceiling.

As you were just lying there, not being able to fall asleep your thoughts started wandering.

Your first day of university was only 8 days away now and you hadn’t prepared anything yet. You should definetely start studying tomorrow. You should definetely start living in your reality anymore. And your reality was not gunshots and drugs. Your reality were studying and living a student life. Now that you thought about it your mom would probably kill you for how useless the past weeks had been for your future.

Next to you Jimin suddenly moved in his sleep and laid his arm over your stomach.

So you knew what was your reality, right? But you also knew that that wasn’t Jimin’s. You needed to talk about this with him but there was no possible solution. You just couldn’t think of a single way of how your and Jimin’s lifes could mix. But then somehow you also couldn’t think of a way to live your life without him.

This problem did not leave you until you eventually fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up with sweat all over your forehead. The nightmare had haunted you again and again through the night and you felt just as tired as you had when you fell asleep.

Jimin next to you had already stood up earlier and you expected to see him in the kitchen as you walked to get some water but he wasn’t there. Quickly you checked your phone and found that he sent you a message:

“Good morning, babe. Sorry I had to leave something came up. I’ll be back soon”  you gulped hoping that it wasn’t too dangerous.

On the other hand you now had time to start preparing things for university and contact your family. It wasn’t the most exiting day but at least everything kept you busy enough to not think about where Jimin was. Or how it was 6 o’clock already and he still hadn’t come back.

At half past seven you finally heard someone ring the doorbell.

“Who’s there?” you asked hopefully and heard Jimin’s voice on the other side. Quickly you opened the door and saw Jimin right in front of you. Next to him were Jungkook and Yoongi. You gave all of them a smile and them in. Jimin gave you a peck on the lips and walked in with the others following him.

“What have you been doing today?” Jimin asked when all of you had sat down.

“Just preparing for university and you?” it sounded just as boring as it had been you thought to yourself.

“Some business stuff..” Somehow it annoyed you that he didn’t go into further detail but then all of his ‘business’ stuff was probably still too intense for you.

“Actually we wanted to ask if you want to come partying with us today” Jungkook told you excitedly and you looked at him surprised.

“I would love to but I’m kinda too tired” “It’s ok then, just go to sleep” Jimin told you with a smile.

“Can I change your mind by telling you that Pinky will be at the party?” Jungkook mocked you and let out a laugh. Your boyfriend shot him an angry look and you put your hand on his thigh to calm him down.

“She’s really nice, right? So it will already be fun when she’s there. No need for me to come” you answered lightly, eventhough the jealousy inside of you was about to surface again.

“It would be more fun with you, though” Jimin sweetly added and you gave him a smile. You really had the cutest boyfriend in the world.

Shortly after that the three boys told you goodbye again and left. Overall they had only been there for half an hour. All day you waited for your boyfriend and now he left after half an hour. But it wasn’t like you didn’t understand why, just that you still missed him so much again already.

Since you hadn’t had too much sleep the last night, you went to bed early. This night you were woken up by nightmares of shootings and people dying four times but you still decided to get up eventually in the morning. Around 3 o’clock Jimin came home with pizza and stayed for a few hours. However he couldn’t stay for too long again.

The next days flew by just like that. You were mostly on your own in the big city. Sometimes Jimin or Jungkook would come over and one time even Jeonghwa visited you. But none could ever stay long and so your days were pretty boring. But the days were still better than the nights. Somehow you just could not sleep without having nightmares anymore and it was keeping you from sleeping at all.

Then the day finally came. Your first day at university. The older students led you around and then you went to your first subject. About 50 people were sitting in the room and you quickly sat downon a random seat before the professor would come in.

“Hey, I’m Saeron” a girly voice suddenly said next to you, making you turn towards her. “I’m y/n. Nice to meet you” you smiled back at her. Directly she started smal-talking to you to get to know each other. Apparently, she was from miadong so she also didn’t know a lot of people that lift directly in Seoul. She seemed really friendly and you were relieved to have found a friend already.

While the professor was preparing to start talking, she suddenly furrowed her brows, focusing on something on the side of you. “What’s wrong?” you asked confused.

She giggled a bit and leaned forward “Ok, don’t turn around right now. But that cute guy on the right is totally staring at you.” you let out a small laugh and turned around anyway.

Your smile directly froze. It had only taken you half a second to find the guy she was talking about and recognize him. Quickly you turned back not being able to hold his gaze.

“Do you know him?” Saeron asked you confused about your reaction.

“No!” you answered way too quickly.

“Is he like your ex or something?” “No, I told you I don’t know him. Just spoke to him at a party once” you tried to make up a believable lie.

“Ah ok.. do you know his name?” “Why do you want to know his name?” “I don’t know. He is really handsome” she winked at you and you reluctantly told her “Changkyun.. I think his name was Changkyun.”

“No way!” Jimin shouted when you told him who was in your mathematics course. “Why would he be there?”

“He said he always wanted to study this, so he enrolled half a year ago”

“You talked to him?” Jimin did not sound too happy.

“I just wanted to know why he was there. It was kinda creeping me out.”

“That’s because it should creep you out! He is dangerous!”

“I know! That’s why I confronted him! He will be there for the next year, so I couldn’t just let him stare at me. I had to deal with that. This is my reality and I need to be able to live in it!” you shouted back at him and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Your reality? What do you mean your reality? The danger coming from him is the reality  too.”

“No, the danger is your reality! I’m just a normal student!” the words left your lips before you could hold them back.

“So we don’t have the same reality? Is that what you’re saying? That I don’t fit in your reality either?” Jimin was getting angrier with every word and when you didn’t answer him he stormed out. You heard your front door slam shut and waited for the tears to fall. But they didn’t. You were like paralyzed.

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My Favorite Anime /Top 25

I always wanted to do a list like this. I have been watching anime since I was 4 so it has been 14 years now. Over the years I have been watching a lot of anime from all the different genres. I was never really picky tbh so I like the most anime I’m watching and there are only a few which I don’t like. Even then it’s not like every anime can be one of my favortites. According to Hummingbird I have watched 459 anime (including movies and ova). So obviously it was really hard to decide. There are many anime which are not in this list but I still love. But anyway here is my top 25 anime.

25. Gunslinger Girl

The first time I heard about Gunslinger Girl was when I was a bit younger. I was like maybe 10 (?) when I read about Gunslinger Girl in a booklet which was inside an anime dvd I bought (cough Whisper of the Heart cough). Anyway back then the summary sounded quite scary for me. Little girls who are killing people. Definetly something I wouldn’t watch back then. But 6-7 years later I saw Gunslinger Girl on an anime page again and it reminded me how I read about this once. So I thought why not starting it ? As you see I liked Gunslinger Girl a lot. I liked the plot the characters and the music (amazing opening) and so it’s definetly one of my fav anime. I haven’t watched Season 2 yet though since the animation completly changed and I heard that this season really sucks. So out of fear I won’t watch season 2 for now and just have this great season 1 in my mind.

24. Sket Dance

I heard about Sket Dance first when I watched Gintama. In the beginning I couldn’t really get into Sket Dance as I have this bad habit to get annoyed when something is trying to be too much like Gintama lol. I knew that the mangaka worked together with Sorachi Hideaki but even then it was kinda annoying at first. But I still kept watching it and I loved it. It kept getting better the more episodes you watched (just like Gintama) and ended up being a very enjoyable anime.

23. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy is just great. I don’t even know where to start. Be it the unique animation or the smart plot and dialogues. We get to see the highschool life from the view of our main character as he is making choices about his life. But how do you know that you took the right choice ? And can you change it ? What would happen if I had taken the other choice ? Questions like this are standard in this show. Just watch it and you will be truly amazed by how well written everything is. Madhouse never dissapoints after all.

22. Psycho-Pass

I almost forgot to include Psycho Pass in my list since the second season sucked so hard. This doesn’t change the fact that the first season was amazing. Great characters, animation, setting and plot. Psycho Pass was one of those anime which really used this Cyberpunk genre in a good way and wasn’t wasting it potenial. Once you start watching it you get sucked in the world and setting. Not only is the world really detailed it’s feels quite realistic too. Great anime.

21. Dragonball/Z

My childhood anime. No matter what happens I can’t dislike it. Goku was the superhero of my childhood and it will always be like that. No matter how much the creators are milking the series I don’t care and I don’t mind seeing more and more about Dragonball. I will never forget the journey of Goku starting as a little kid growing slowly and end up being even a grandpa.

20. Bakuman

We all know Death Note. But sadly there are quite a few people who don’t even heard about Bakuman which is from the same mangaka. Personally I liked Bakuman even more then Death Note. The love the mangaka gave this manga/anime is really amazing. It’s so detailed and interesting. For everyone who wants to know more about the work “behind the scenes” should really watch this since being a mangaka is definetly not easy. The romance is a bit too cheesy and way too unrealistic but that’s bearable.

19. Kokoro Connect

This anime looks like a usual school/comedy/romance anime but it’s not. While it has those genre it adds another which is Supernatural. And this makes the series very interesting and good. I loved the psychological side of this anime and how it deals with emotions. They really did a fantastic job here. For everyone who wants to watch this don’t forget to watch the ovas afterwards since they are part of the story and very important.

18. Naruto

Ah Naruto. Back then after Dragonball finished airing on Tv Naruto was my new favorite anime. I loved every bit of it. The ninjas were badass, the jutsus were great and it just was a cool world to explore together with Team 7. With the start with Shippuuden it got even better. Even Naruto hater can’t deny the fact how great the Pain Arc was and how great every single Akatsuki Member was. The problem is that after the Pain Arc Naruto got really downhill. Like seriously. I finished the Naruto manga already and I wasn’t happy with the whole last arc. Not only that the arc is not good anyway the anime is killing us with Fillers now. It’s not even funny. But just because one arc sucks won’t make me forget all the great moments in Naruto and even though it let a rather bad vibe at the end Naruto is still Naruto and deserves the popularity it has.

17. Kimi Ni Todoke

I’m a big fan of romance anime. I grew up watching every anime on Tv. Shoujo was also there which is why I don’t mind watching Shoujo’s at all even though I’m a boy. I loved Kimi Ni Todoke for the slow pacing. There are many anime where they get together way too fast which makes it unrealistic. The slow pacing of Kimi Ni Todoke was great. This way we could learn more about all the characters. Even though sometimes you feel like hitting yourself the romance is really innocent and enjoyable. This is why Kimi Ni Todoke is one of my most favorite Romance anime/manga.

16. Detective Conan

“It was first new centuryin 100 yearsAnd when I felt like I should cryI laughed away my tears”
Not only is this opening epic and nostalgic as hell the series is still running. With over 700 episodes now it’s one of the longest running anime. I’m still up to date and I still love it. Even though I disliked Conan at first it grew to me and it ended up being something I used to watch daily on Tv.

15. Nichijou

It’s hilarious, It’s random, It’s creative and it’s just simply amazing. There is not anything I didn’t liked about this anime. From the fantastic animation (Kyoani does really a great job) to the funny characters everything works here. I really enjoyed the episodic style of this anime too as this gave Kyoani the opportunity to give us many different short and funny storys where they were also able to experiment with animation as you will see in the series quite a lot.

14. Hanasaku Iroha

My love for P.A Works started with Hanasaku Iroha. I’m a big fan of slice of life so this anime was enjoyable as hell. P.A Works has this animation style which I enjoy a lot. The character design is great and I love how much effort P.A Works puts in the background scenes. The story was pretty simple actually but that’s not that important for a slice of life anime. Important for me are the characters, dialogues and the interactions in general. The movie was great as well. Now I feel like rewatching this anime.

13. Kino no Tabi

Talking about Slice of Life Kino no Tabi is the next one. I think the most of you heard of this anime before. The journey of Kino is definetly worth watching and everytime he is in a different  place the area is just begging for getting analyzed. But it’s kinda hard to explain this anime. I think it’s better if you watch it yourself and enjoy this great anime.

12. Shirobako

P.A Works returns after the Flop Glasslip which never happened cough. Shirobako is an anime about making anime. Might sounds boring for some people but it’s definetly not boring. The diversity in the cast and dialogues are great. It’s really funny at times but also quite sad in some. What I love about Shirobako is the realism. To see how hard the characters are working and struggling. If you liked Bakuman then you also should check this out.

11. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

“Angel Beats is the saddest anime ever” “Oh Ao Hana is soooo sad”. If you really want to watch something sad then watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.  The story is about an earthquake in Japan and 2 Kids who are trying to survive and get back to their home. It’s truly a masterpiece and I rewatched it a week after I finished it for the first time.

10. Haibane Renmei

There are those anime which are easy to watch, are very enjoyable and you can watch it when ever you want and then there is Haibane Renmei. It’s an anime you can’t just watch randomly. You need to focus and try to understand what’s really happening which is why I wouldn’t recommend this anime for everyone. Haibane Renmei has a great plot and starts very myserious. At the begining everything seems confusing but with time you will slowly understand what’s happening. Overall a very slow and confusing anime which is a masterpiece if you give it a chance.

9. Welcome To The NHK

There are a few anime you finish and end up thinking “ why exactly is this not popular?"Welcome to the NHK is one of them. It’s in my opinion an oustanding anime which is funny but also very painful to watch. This anime deals with emotions and a focus a lot on the psychological genre. The anime is so realistic at times that it hurts but also so funny that you can’t help but laugh. I think it’s actually hard to dislike this anime as it offers something for everyone.

8. Sakurasou no ? Pet Na Kanojo

Might be suprising for some that this is so high but yes I absolutely love this anime.The first few episodes makes this anime seems like a typical school/echhi show but it’s way more then that. The drama in this series makes the anime as great as it is. Struggling for jobs and dealing with the ups and downs in life. Jealousy and all that stuff. Don’t let the beginning stop you from watching this very great show. I also love the soundtrack a lot and I’m writing this while listening to the Op’s and Endings.

7. Hunter x Hunter 2011

To be honest the Cover kinda made me think that this show won’t be that great lol. But good thing that I still started watching it as this was one of the best shounen anime I ever watched. I didn’t liked all the arcs though and specially the before Chimera Ants weren’t that great for me but that’s okay since Meruem made me forget all this. Really hoping that the mangaka comes back from his Dragon Quest nest and keeps drawing the manga one day.

6. One Piece

Do I even need to say something ? It’s One Piece. The most popular manga ever. And there is always a reason for that. One Piece is just one great adventure which takes you with the Strawhats into different and unique worlds and adventures which you can’t possibly see anywhere else. Oda has such a great fantasy that it’s always fun seeing the Strawhats exploring the world.

5. Hajime No Ippo

Easily the best sport anime/manga. While there is all this Knb and Haikyuu stuff nowadays Hajime No Ippo is the anime/manga which beats them all. A story about boxing ? Sounds boring is what many people keep thinking. And I was one of them. Heck I even hated Boxing but this anime completly changed my mind. Now I just need to start reading the manga which has over 1000 chapters…Well then.

4. Space Brothers

Yes not only Shounen at the top but also a Seinen. Space Brothers the story about two brothers who dream to fly to the moon one day. I kinda noticed that the story that seems boring at first ends up being the most interesting anime/manga. Space Brothers seriously is amazing and that is not only because the mangaka did so much researching in his work. It’s just the atmosphere in the anime which makes it so good. The realistic characters, the calming soundtrack and and and the list goes on. Believe me watch Space Brothers you won’t regret it.

3. Steins Gate

Time Traveling is always interesting and a dream of many peoples. But time traveling is very complex and invlolves a lot of dangerous factors such as changes. Steins Gate is one of the few anime I actually would rate with the highest number possible even though some people found it hard to get into (not for me). But even if you would find hard getting into it bear it. Because once it reaches "this” point you won’t be able to watching it anymore. Steins Gate is always at the top of many anime sites for a reason. I really can’t wait for the next season.

2. FMA Brotherhood

I kinda noticed that my top 3 is almost the same as the MAL top 3 only in a different order. But anyway FMA Brotherhood had for me the most interesting story so far. No anime did amaze me as much as FMA did regarding the story and characters. It’s such an epic and fantastic journey that FMA will always stay one of my favorite anime. I have to mention that I’m talking about FMA Brotherhood though as the first version of FMA wasn’t that impressive for me.

1. Gintama

Number one is clearly Gintama. Gintama was the anime which was the hardest to get into from all these 24 anime mentioned here but ended up being my fav. Wouldn’t it be for all those messages I got to keep watching it I would have dropped Gintama long ago. But once I saw that Gintama actually has a story I started liking it. And this was also the time where I enjoyed the Comedy before then before. With each season Gintama got even better to the point that it was my favorite anime.

The Killing Joke (JokerXReader)

So guys since I’m kinda stuck on Nerve part 7 I decided to write out a project that I had planned for a while now. I actually have had written this first part of The Killing Joke two days ago but I wasn’t sure about posting it. :) The story will contain a few contents out of the actual Killing Joke movie and a few things about the death of Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood but I don’t want to say too much yet. ;) Let me know what you think about this idea, hope you’ll enjoy and I’m sorry that the first chapter isn’t that long but it was just some kind of an introduction at first to find a better way into the story. :) 

The Killing Joke


Plot: The reader is working for Batman but since she first met the Joker she had been fallen for him and he took an interest in her as well. Time passed by and his plan to make her his girl grew stronger within every day and he left nothing untried to fulfill his desire but before Joker could finish what he began the death of Jason Todd, Batman and a place called Arkham crossed his purposes. But things were about to change and the Clown Prince of Crime couldn’t wait to take his revenge on those who kept him away from his girl; the only human being that ever cared about him and didn’t try to change him …  


My hands were trembling as we entered the hallway of the Arkham Asylum.

It was far after midnight and the only reason we were here was someone that I haven’t seen for nearly a year and I was sure that it would break my heart to see him now.

Many things had happened since then, many horrible things mostly because of the man which had been locked away behind the big metal door at the end of this floor.

But still … I wanted to see him more than anything else in the world.

“Are you alright, (Y/N)?” Nightwing asked while Batman was leading us to Mr J’s cell.

“Yes, it’s just … I wasn’t here after what felt like an eternity … it seems strange to me” I said not looking him in the eyes.

If he would’ve known what really had been going on in my mind …

“Yeah especially after …”

Nightwing didn’t speak further he just looked at Batman, and I knew what he meant; Jason’s death.

It still didn’t affect me as much as it should, what clearly must show to me who I really was.

“Bats … what are you doing here? Searching for a lost life?”

His signature laughter echoed from the walls of his prison cell and my heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard it.

“And the old wonder boy has got some new tights! HA HA HA … What do you want from me? Why are you interrupting my perfect little life, hm?” he growled.

His mood swings were still the same, maybe even worse after throwing him back into this hell hole.

Batman sat down in front of him at the table, so that I could finally see him and the sight nearly made me cry.

He looked demolished, almost gaunt and his left eye looked like someone punched him in the face.

I just had seen him like that for once and that was years ago, when I first met him here.

Tied up in his straightjacket and additionally chained up in fetters I could only compare this to impound an animal that was sick.

Yes I knew who he was and I knew what he did, but to me … he didn’t deserve this, another prove that I wasn’t a normal girl anymore, maybe I was crazy because of thinking like that, but … I just could imagine all the times he saved me even though everyone told me that he was a heartless psychopath with none other feelings than hate inside of him and the joy for killing.

I looked at him and that was the moment he recognized my presence.

His eyes met mine and it felt like drowning into a blue shade of rage, anger, sadness and confusion before they turned into something new, something that looked like … hope and the beginning of an idea.

I knew that look, it said: Daddy’s coming for you, doll.

He gave me this look the last time I had seen him, the day he had been arrested, the day he wanted me to stay with him.

“You look good, kitten. Still innocent … still waiting, aren’t ya?” he asked in a hypnotizing way.

I really wanted to answer him but Nightwing interrupted him quickly.

“She’ll never be yours, no matter how hard you try, Joker” he said.

Batman and Nightwing knew that Mr J still wanted me, but no one knew … that I wanted him as well and his absence made me realize that in a very painful way.

I missed him, I missed the little things we used to do when Batman or the others weren’t looking, him being here was like to come off drugs cold turkey for me.

“And what are you gonna do about it, hm?” J said with an eerie cold voice.

“Nightwing, enough. We’re not here for your entertainment, Joker. We need information about-”

“Information? Information? INFORMATION? HA HA HA HA what could be that important that you need my HELP? Last time we’ve seen each other Bats … I killed your little bird, remember?”

J was laughing all the way, probably the only fun he had had in a while, but Batman wasn’t amused at all.

A loud bang sounded from the walls of the cell and the next thing that happened was Batman throwing J against the next wall and choking the life out of him.

“STOP IT!” I screamed before I could even think about it.

“Let him go, don’t forget about your principles” I hissed and pushed Batman away from Joker.

The room fell silent and I knew that all eyes were on me but I didn’t care.

“We’re going”, Batman said.

I didn’t look at him and as soon as I heard him and Nightwing leaving the room I kneeled down in front of J and cupped his face into my black gloved hands, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“Shhh, we’ll be together very soon, kitten …” he purred, kissing my lips so soft that I first couldn’t believe it was him.

“What happened there?” I asked carefully touching his bruised left eye.

“The doctor just thought I was a little too hyperactive” he grinned but I didn’t feel like smiling.

“So they punched you?”

“Princess you sound like this is something new. You know what they’re doing here with people like me”, he simply said.

I thought of the electroshock therapy sessions and all the other stuff.

It made me sick that they were treating him like that.

“What happened here the last months?”

Since J got caught they didn’t let anyone visit or talk to him, he was kept in solitary confinement so I couldn’t visit him as well what made the whole thing even worse.

In the past I kept visiting him to make sure they treat him well but this time I couldn’t do anything about it.

“They tried to erase my mind by throwing me into a black hole of rage and confusion, but you little doll … the thought of you waiting for me to return … that was something they couldn’t take away from me …”

My heart felt like breaking in two pieces.

I wanted to stay with him so badly.

“I missed you …” I whispered resting my head at the crook of his neck letting him kiss mine.

“I know, baby. My sweet, my deary, my angel … Don’t worry about me, daddy will be back in town very soon. And you will be mine.”

Two Times The Headache: P1

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Paxalie, Natan 

Word Count: 1500 

Rating/Content: This one is PG, nothing to see here. Later chapters will be rated accordingly.

Summary: In which Natalie’s good intention to distract Satan from his stressful End of Days duties, winds up landing her a distraction of her own. *coughhack* Pax *cough*

A/N: This is just a sorta, intro to some ideas I have for this threesome. While the set up seems like it, I don’t actually plan for there to be a lot of End of Days plot going on. Mostly just Paxalie happening under Satan’s nose, and then Natan fluff. Triangles man. They are fun shapes. Also, thanks to magical-moosegirl for the title <3

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Kinda craving a Scerek AU with teenage Derek and alive Hale pack.

And Scott is the new kid who just moved to town with his mom and transferred to Beacon Hills High, instantly attracting the attention of Derek and every other teen werewolf at school, because he’s definitely a werewolf.

And Talia Hale introduces herself to Scott and his mother and graciously offers him a place in her pack, as long as he abides by her rules and doesn’t harm anyone in town or endanger their secret. And Scott politely but firmly declines, having been bitten against his will and nursing some hella resentments against his fucked up alpha, the only one he has to make comparisons too. It’s not that he thinks Talia is anything like the alpha who turned him (maybe Deucalion, Kali, Ennis, whomever). It’s just he’s not remotely interested in being told he really has no choice but to submit to some strange woman he just met and doesn’t even know, because Supernatural Bullshit Rules, thanks but no thanks. He doesn’t want to cause any drama, he just wants to be left alone. Talia’s completely thrown, this is not what she expected when she came over to extend her benevolent olive branch to her son’s new omega classmate, and when she tries to press upon Scott that omega werewolves tend not to survive on their own, Melissa steps up, eyes narrowed into slits and her finger hovering over the speed dial button saying ‘hey lady, I hope that wasn’t a threat, because my ex husband’s a fed and kinda an asshole, but he’s a fed asshole whose one redeeming quality is he will fuck your shit up if you think you’re going to intimidate my son into something he clearly has no interest in, alpha werewolf or no alpha werewolf, thanks and HAVE A NICE DAY BITCH.’

The door slams in Talia’s face. She blinks, having really no idea what else to do there.

Talia Hale is not a woman who is used to being told no, especially when she’s clearly in the right and was just trying to do the right thing, so it’s possible she fumes in a way that all three of her children inherited from her….like, yeah, she may be the regal, composed alpha most of the time, but that’s just because when she’s pissed as hell she doesn’t let it show. She saves it all for venting to her emissary, Alan Deaton, who has the nerve to try and argue things from Scott and Melissa’s perspectives and whose side is he on anyway? And then he goes and gives Scott a JOB and why is he so interested in this kid who’s starting to drive a wedge between he and his Alpha? To which Alan merely raises an eyebrow and says ‘Talia, I’m afraid we have a bigger problem than Scott if I’ve ever given you the impression over the years that you are my alpha. I’m your Emissary. I’m not your pack, I don’t have an alpha. I work alongside your pack. I advise you. I am not now, nor have I ever been, ruled by you.’

Another door slams in Talia’s face. Familiarity is not endearing the experience to her at all.

Meanwhile, Scott goes to school, keeps his head down, gets good grades, joins the lacrosse team, keeps to the opposite side of the woods on full moons. Derek is FASCINATED. He’s never seen anyone get under his mom’s skin like this, never seen anyone DEFY his mother like this, and the fact that he’s doing it all without even trying, without even acknowledging that he’s doing anything at all, like this is no big deal, he’s just living his life? Okay, Derek might be more than just a little bit fascinated. And he’s got the perfect excuse to watch Scott with laser like focus, his mother and alpha specifically ordered him to keep an eye on That Omega Boy and make sure he didn’t get up to any trouble. She’d have to step in if he did. He might not be her pack, but this was her territory, and she wasn’t about to let him disrupt it anymore than he already had.

But despite the dire warnings of his mother and sisters and older packmates that this Boy and His Obstinacy were nothing but trouble and destined to cause problems for the Hale pack, all Derek sees when he looks is this sweet, earnest kid who loves his mom and actually likes school and steps in when assholes like Jackson Whittemore are bullying shy, nervous freshmen like Corey Bryant. And it really doesn’t help that he’s hot - ugh, why did he have to be HOT on top of everything else? Rude. Okay, so maybe Derek gets his pack’s aggravation with the kid a little bit. Enough to play along when his fellow teen werewolves talk shit about Scott or throw around attitude. Even if his frustrations are born of an entirely different nature and Boyd smirks at him knowingly every time he slams his tray down on the lunch table and sits down with a ‘fucking Scott McCall.’

And idk, maybe the Argents move to town then and there’s hunter bullshit and maybe Peter encourages Derek’s fascination with Scott because he looks at how he gets under Talia’s skin and sees Opportunity and so Peter Agendas and maybe Scott starts to form his own pack slowly but surely, as the school’s human and supernatural outcasts seem to flock to his table, that kitsune girl Kira and that kid Liam who got kicked out of his last school for anger management issues, and even some of Satomi’s betas seem to act like he’s more their alpha than the Ito Alpha herself. And the teenage Hale betas report all this to Talia who seems to get more and more cross-eyed with the arrival of each new ‘friend’ to Scott McCall’s lunch table.

Idk, that’s like…all the plot stuff but forget about that, let’s focus on what’s really important here, Scott and Derek start dating in secret because Drama, and then people find out and More Drama and Talia could not be less amused and Melissa could definitely be More Thrilled but she at least trusts her son which means Talia has to pretend to too, she’s not about to lose face with both this teenage omega AND his human mother and goddamn the day the McCalls ever moved to Beacon Hills.

And meanwhile, Scott is completely oblivious to all the havoc he’s wreaked on the Beacon Hills pack and the politics of the surrounding packs and territories, all because grown ass adults can’t handle the boy wolf who said no and refused to back down.

Skinny Genes (A Cristiano Ronaldo One-Shot)

        “This is all your fault!”

        “My fault?” He snickered, pointing at his chest in the same dramatic way he did after receiving a yellow card over a foul he obviously didn’t do “My fault?!”

        “Yes Cristiano, your fault!”

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 So, hmm, I was bored today and started discussing about BTS comeback and the thories about the story they’ve been telling since the I Need U MV and we got to some really weird conclusions that might complement some theory or not. Lets start with this picture.

1. All of them are barefoot except for Jin. Which might means that Jin is somehow alive. The reason I have is because, as a friend of mine said, reminded of this quote of the Bible:

Do not come any closer,“ God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.“ 

So it might means…Jin is somehow between it? Like he is almost closer to his friends but not really with them. Barefoot, as my friend said, can mean contact with nature, showing your true-self to God and being honest to Him. So Jin wearing shoes might mean that he didn’t totally give himself but is close to that.

2. I comented on how weird and was that Namjoon’s feet wasn’t in the picture in anyway. I saw somewhere a theory that he might be some kind of guide or something like ‘grim reaper’. Well, that I don’t know that but looking at this picture today we noticed that his legs form the number ‘4′ and might be intentional or not but in Japan and some other places the number 4 is taken as the number representing ‘death’.

3.The other boys all wear colorfull clothes minus Jin who dresses in all black. My friend added that his clothes resemble the clothes that people use to go to funerals.

Watching this because we were pretty damn bored in class one of my friends commented on these chains. There are symbolism behind it and it might come from The Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens but still valid here because in the story there is the ghost called Marley who carries a lot of chains right? Let’s quote him here a bit for making more sense:

"You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?”

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?” (1.98-132)

What’s the chain made out of? Not out of standard links at all, but instead out of the things that were most important to Marley before he died. And acording to this is all your own doing—"I made it link by link of my own free will,“ says Marley in the above quotation, pointing out that the choice to what to value in life has endless ramifications, even beyond the grave.

Now taking this to the BTS story line these chains might mean what is most valued even beyond the grave to them that it’s their friendship, which takes us to Jin plot again; the chains he made in life are the boys.

Now lets go to the instagram tags that are one of the most interesting parts in all of this. If you notice some of them have specific tags. Jin’s specific ones are #InDream, #WAYyoYou,#Psique,#togetherforever.

What got me was the tag ‘Psique’ because it’s a similar name of the greek goodess PSYKHE (or Psyche) who was the goddess of the soul, wife of Eros god of love. She is represented by a lady with butterfly wings. Also the expressions ‘psique’ was used as a synonim of life and soul, taken has the begining of life. 

And now we go to Jungkook who got the tag #Cupid.

Psyche, the goddess, had to go though missions to have her love back, since she betrayed Eros(the Cupid and in the story we assume its Kookie for some reason I haven’t found yet). So thinking about his we go to Jin and put him as Psyche like he regret not being able to save his friends and ending up alone(Prologue’s  ending) e wanted to have them back. But what was the only way to have them back? Sadly, it was death. So he tried to kill himself too but somehow failed like the goddess at her mission. And what happened to Psyche when she failed, was that she fell in a deep slumber. Now taking this to Jin side, he might have failed with his suicide attempt and ended up in a coma. So that’s the reason he can be with his friends but aparently is not totally with them - the shoes say it all, as it might show that somehow he is still linked to the living world.

Jin is showed with the butterfly, that also means big changes in life(Chaos Theory) so the butterfly showing herself to Jin might means that consequences will come for him everytime he tries to stay with his friends.

Hashtags like #ToLive and #NottoLeave might mean that Jin still pretty much alive but will not leave his friends. Also the tag #AWAKE, I almost forgot that one.

The tags #InDream and #DREAM point to Jin dreams, that it’s where they are locked because of his coma. 

Now there are this picture here. Nothing really seems out of place here, well…unless you look and Namjoon right arm. He has tattoos on the hands and arm, but what its the tattoo in his right arm?

This little shit here. It might be anything but this thing looks pretty familiar right?Well, for people who watched Inception it is because the tattoo looks like this:

Looks pretty much like Mr.Dom Cobb’s totem from Inception.And what is the use of a totem? A Totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in one’s own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person’s dream. By the tattoo on Namjoon arm, it seems to be spining. Well, I think the rule is clear here right guys?

If the totem still spining it means you are still in dream, which makes us believe that they still in Jin dream. Also the name of the photoshot is ‘Je Ne Regrett Rien’ a song that plays a lot in the movie, even in the modified versions.

Now let’s go  back to Prologue a little. Analising this we started talking about totems and dreams and all and one of my friends suggested that Jin might have one too. Which things he appears holding most of the time during the Prologue?Cameras and photos.

Explaining a little the reason of this weird theory we go back to the explanations of totems.

 A totem has a specially modified quality (such as a distinct weight, balance, or feel) in the real world, but in a dream of someone who does not know it well, the characteristics of the totem will very likely be off. Any ordinary object which has been in some way modified to affect its balance, weight, or feel will work as a totem.

My friend was going about the polaroids Jin took. At first he was in a picture with his friends and he assumed that was reality. But at the end of Prologue he takes the picture again and it’s empty. So if we take the dream logic here, his totem could be that polaroid picture and the ‘reality’ could be the memories of what really happened - the death of his friends - that is getting mixed with the dream in which he is deep in, kinda representing a Limbo and is making his totem being modified(either being the photos or the kind of camera he uses).

Remember Mal, Mr.Cobb wife from Inception?She began to believe that Limbo was her reality, that the dream was reality even with totems to prove it wrong. What if this happened to Jin? That the Prologue was a mix of his dream and memories of reality(I Need U enters here) like Mal thoughts before she died? Maybe.

Also let’s not forget Namjoon tattoos on his fingers that say the words ‘Save Hope’…but hope of saving what?Saving Jin from his slumber, hope of him not dying like them? Also the ‘Save Me’ writing on the wall…it might means someone wants to be saved so he can be free.

It’s something to think about.

Well guys, I end here for now, if another part of our theory shows up I might write another post,okay? And yes we watched all of the videos in order and started making our assumptions on symbolisms out of nowhere but i need to know the end of this story and I’m so excited for their comeback,omg!

Also forgive my english if there is something wrong, it’s not my first language.

Poetic - Every stake is raised, the outcome will be sweet and Ryan Murphy played a card I never thought about until last night

Oh goodness this one is a doozy! Grab some coffee and your thinking caps, folks - Whitney is about to lay it on the line!!  Remember she’s speaking from a professional POV.  Love it!  READ ON:

Hey guys!  I couldn’t type last night, sometimes when I am overjoyed by art, I can’t process until after I’ve had time to digest it.  I also was so tired, but right now it’s 7 am and I am typing away.

If you have any questions, my askbox is open.  Don’t forget to thank Lynne.

Now, since I plan on writing about the songs in a separate post, I am gonna gloss over them here. I may mention them a little bit, but I can’t do them justice in a tiny sentence.

Now, before I get to the analysis.  Let me discuss with you all what I began to touch on in another submit.  I’m talking about the lack of Kurt’s point-of-view.  Ryan Murphy just dealt one of the most brilliant creative decisions I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  I didn’t notice until I started analyzing the show.  Read on, in fact I may not need a Kurt analysis because I am delving into his character each day and pointing you back to season 1 even…

How Ryan Murphy Got Everyone to Care About Kurt Right Under Our Noses

Now, I expressed how creative decision always has an intention (the use of TD for Blaine; the use of Baby Got Back For Adam.)  Now let me lay this out there for you to discuss amongst yourself, or in my ask box?

The character of Kurt was not even in Murphy’s original script.  He wrote him in especially for Chris Colfer.  That should show anyone how amazing Colfer is as a performer.  He also stated in an interview about the Blaine storyline that “he just wanted someone who would love Kurt/Chris” (I’ve not seen this interview, but I have seen it across my dash a few times (see I can remember things without actually spending the time to watch it.)

Ryan Murphy’s deliberate creative choice to have as few “Kurt solos” as possible was a brilliant artistic decision to get people to care about Kurt Hummel.  What has it done?  It has caused fan out cry and actual press to ask where is Kurt Hummel’s point-of-view. (Note, I am not even talking about Colfer’s acting, but it is also a testament to his dedication as a performer to get so many people to care about his character.  He made mountains out of mole hills.)

It’s so brilliant and I am just so impressed that he stuck to that decision.  Who is the most talked about character on Glee; most written about? Why, Kurt Hummel (I’m even talking about him right now!)

I saw many people state that they were unhappy without how Kurt was portrayed in season 5 and begged to know what was going on, but I am here to tell you it was intentional.  We had to get Blaine to the point in season 5 (higher stakes), where he would be in a point to ask Kurt “What Changed? Was it something I did?” during the break up in season 6.

In all the fights, they had in season 5, though both were at fault, Kurt was indirectly placing the blame all on Blaine (I’ll explain at a later time.) This is yet again, a way for Kurt to be running from his emotions (Therapy, get it now Kurt! Run, do not walk to someone, and talk to them.)

Ryan Murphy was raising the stakes in a creative decision that was indirectly seen.    What is happening now, well season 6 is the flip of season 4.  All of season 4, we got Blaine expressing his point-of-view.  Finally in season 6, Ryan Murphy and co. are giving us the hard fought for point-of-view of Kurt Hummel.

How can I connect that the lack of solos was a deliberate choice to make the viewers care for Kurt Hummel?  Because we are all talking about him, begging for more.  Kurt only ever sings about 3 topics in his solos: where he is at emotionally, in regard to himself, his father, and Blaine.  That creative decision alone should tell the viewer who the most important people are to Kurt and I got that all by just watching his solos, not the entire episode.

Now that we are getting a lot of Kurt’s perspective what happened?  Well, look at all the media reaction that was posted yesterday.  They praised it.  They wanted more.   And everyone was stunned that Kurt was singing more on You/Learn/You’ve Got a Friend.

This was all a deliberate creative choice by Ryan Murphy to get us on Kurt Hummel’s side. And it worked. Once Glee is over, the most remembered characters will be Kurt and Blaine. And that is why I find this artistic choice brilliant.

Now, onto the show.

Isn’t it cool how the show starts and ends with Kurt?  Thats a deliberate artistic choice from the writerss to show you who the main plot is (in this episode/maybe season.)

The first shot we are shown is framing genius.  Kurt is front and center, another way of the director to show importance of what is about to happen. The first lines spoken in this episode are the following:

K: How do you call yourself a sheet music store if you don’t have the soundtrack to Smash?

B: I know. It’s like a show choir hate crime.

Blaine is revealed to the audience and Kurt at the same time.  Then the one-two punch of the dave reveal. (He is revealed like this as well in the first episode.  Its a deliberate choice to show how Kurt has “lost it all.”)

For a man of few words, Blaine only directs what he says to Kurt.  He asks if they have to alternate sheet music days.  That is a big hint to the viewer that Blaine and Kurt used to come to this store or any music store on a particular day. (Maybe sheet music gets delivered on a certain day? Kinda like how Blaine used to get Kurt the Arts section of the newspaper on Wednesday.)

The fact that he even asks that shows that Blaine is trying to be considerate of Kurt’s feelings.  Blaine, even broken, cares more about Kurt than anyone else; himself included.  This will be more apparent as the episode goes on.

Now the first lines of dialogue are to show the viewer that even though these characters are apart right now, they are still in sync with each other and its so nice of them to show us that in the first two lines.  The dialogue is also used to point out that Dave and Blaine are not.  I’m referring to the “pulling teeth” line (This will also be a talking point in the B/S.)

Also, take not of the line Karofsky says about getting Blaine to stop looking at Broadway and Off Broadway songs.  Who is Mr. Broadway to Blaine?  Why that would be Mr. Hummel.  Remember, Blaine is so “Top-40.”  This is yet another way for the writers to use dialogue to show where Blaine’s heart is at without him saying it. It’s said by Dave of all people. (Cue the Sam and the Macaroni Kurt transference reference.)

Now, remember how I said there is significance in saying a person’s name?  Well at the top of this exchange, Kurt says Blaine. At the end, Blaine says Kurt. (The love is strong.)

Cue It’s Too Late, which I will talk about in a separate post.

The Kurt and Rachel scene shows another clear distinction from Kurt.  When he sees Blaine with Karofsky, he calls him Dave.  However, alone with Rachel he refers to him by his last name.  This is a clear distinction meant to show how Kurt is trying to be respectful of Blaine, but all the while he still views Dave as the man who bullied him and a threat to his relationship with Blaine.  

Kurt’s run in with Blaine is also the first thing mentioned in the scene.  He also talks about how he had a fantasy of Blaine and him singing It’s Too Late.  Well, Blaine was having the same fantasy.  Again, a method used creatively to show that these two people are so in sync with each other.

I have come to the conclusion that Rachel and Kurt working as co-directors is a way for the writers to show you that Kurt has matured and is able to compromise with someone else.  Take in point this weeks lesson, he wants to do Tapestry; she wants to do Jagged Little Pill.  I’ve already stated what Tapestry means to Kurt. (It reminds him of Blaine and how much he misses the comfort and love from his best friend and duet partner.)  They decide to do a mash up (2 pov’s coming together as one) Could this not be symbolic of Blaine and Kurt finally coming together on equal ground?  All throughout the episode, Kurt lashes out.  He is heartbroken.  But by the end of the episode, he has apologized to everyone he has lashed out at.  That is something Kurt has never done before.  He has always said something along the lines of I can’t change who I am, and how you react to me.  He has only ever been apologetic to Blaine (Referencing Whitney tribute. Hey, thats actually kinda of funny, since I’m writing this.)  That is a clear distinction of how much Blaine has always meant to him.

Till Death Do Us Part?

I would like to take a moment to talk about Santana and Brittney.  Remember, how I stated that I believed that Santana and Brittney would end up separating if this show were to continue on (location theme.)  I’d like to point you all to further proof as to why I believe this.

I stated that the first lines of dialogue in this episode were to show how in sync Kurt and Blaine are together.  I’d like to use dialogue again as an example here as to why Brittney and Santana are not.  As the two are discussing mash ups, they do not agree on the songs to sing. In fact, Brittney just agrees with Santana, effectively letting her make all the decisions.  This is more apparent when Santana says that they should go back to NY and go to school and that Brittney can go to school at the place she gets accepted to. (Wait? What?)

Let me also point out the talking point in a majority of their scenes.  They are more often then not talking about sex. (Remember my take on on TD vs BGB.)  And before that, they were talking about how them being together is not cheating.  Is this relationship all physical?  I leave the viewer to decide.  I’m coming to these conclusions using the dialogue guys, only the dialogue.

But, I stand firm in my conviction that Brittney and Santana are not made to be forever.


I have to ask this.  Why did Santana not give Kurt a heads up about the proposal.  Everyone can see that Kurt is hurting.  Well, after the many, and I mean many reaction shots to Kurt’s face during that proposal, it all became clear.  This proposal was shown to get a reaction out of Kurt and set up the downpour of insults coming Mr. Hummel’s way.

How can I know this?  The use of focus.  During the Kurt and Blaine proposal, the camera stayed primarily on Kurt and Blaine, while the other people were not in focus.  During this proposal, Kurt was the only one to have reaction shots.  Camera has a way of showing you things without words. Also, the very telling last shot of Santana looking at Kurt after the proposal, is a creative way to show the audience that this was about Kurt.

Harsh Words Thy Name is Santana Lopez

The very long monologue of Ms. Lopez was actually smart (on a creative stand point… as a viewer, I’m enraged.)  The dialogue during that scene was to verbalize Kurt’s thoughts.  No one blames himself for the breakup with Blaine more than he does.  I’m pretty confident that while he laid in bed in the mornings (reference to It’s Too Late), these thoughts were going through his head.  How would you like to have the thoughts you think alone be spoken by someone else? Aloud and to your face?

Kurt apologizes.  A sign of maturity.  He had no right to have an outburst.

Melted Mounds

Kurt also apologizes to Brittney.  He even states again that he doesn’t believe people should get married until their 30 (a reference to episode 3.01)  He believes that he and Blaine are only on a hiatus, but Brittney tells him that Blaine has moved in with Karofsky.  (Was it her place? No.)  She does offer him some good advice.  She essentially tells him to not stop living his life by waiting for Blaine to come back.  This also sets up episode 4 premise of Both Blaine and Kurt on Dates.

Remember how I said in my CWM analysis that Kurt never thought that Blaine would give up.  That Blaine would love him forever.  The premise of this entire season was stated by Rachel’s dad.  Sometimes you have to lose everything to begin again.  Kurt had to get to the point where he believes he finally lost Blaine.  

K: I Know. But I just feel like if I start seeing someone else, or even just go on a date, I’ll be admitting that it’s over. And I don’t want to do that.

It’s all there in the dialogue.  It’s all there and it’s beautiful.

Wherefore Art Thou Blaine?

During Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet, we are shown a montage of special moments of the relationship of Kurt and Blaine as Kurt thinks about the love he lost.  Now, isn’t it interesting that in a room of friends, Kurt is only thinking of Blaine. (I’ll be talking about this song.)

But where is Blaine?  The absence of Blaine was a creative decision to show yet again how alone feels in the world without the one person who loves, respects and gets him better than anyone else.  How was Kurt feeling in season 2 before he met Blaine?  Everyone was turning down his ideas.  Only this season, everything is more intensified (higher stakes.)

The clear absence of Blaine only magnifies Kurt’s loneliness and isolation.  In that regard, it is a creative decision that carried so much weight.  It was the most notable part of the episode.  Now, in season 2, Kurt ran and hid from his isolation at Dalton and grew strength from being heard and appreciated.  This time, Kurt is staying put and not letting the bad words get him down.  He will have to fight for Blaine. He doesn’t get to just have the comfort and love that Blaine gave to him so easily in season 2.  He has to fight for it, because Blaine is heartbroken.

After apologizing, where Kurt stated that he was “grasping for control” where it wasn’t needed, he and Rachel finally realize that 2 pov’s can work together.  Now, grasping for control is a key word to clue into the fact on Kurt’s intimacy issues.  He was always fighting.  However, this time, he recognizes what he was doing and apologizes. That therapy was great, yes?

I’ll be analyizing You Learn/You’ve Got a Friend separately.  But Kurt is singing about Blaine.  Now, remember how I said that in this episode Rachel and Kurt are a commentary on Kurt and Blaine’s relationship.  Well the show ends with a finally shot of just the two of them in an embrace.  Kurt and Blaine will be reuniting.

Wheres the Bed?   

Now, onto the Dave and Blaine apartment thing that gave some of you mixed feelings.  The fact that the writers showed the apartment where they effectively took out the bed is brilliant.  This is the writers speaking to the audience.  By removing the bed, they are stating that Dave and Blaine do not have any physical relations. (It’s classic symbolism delivered in the way only Glee can.)

I’ll be back in a bit guys.  This took me a little over 2 hours to do this part and I need a little break.  Songs up later today.

Enjoy and let’s discuss.


ridiculous Kylux AUs

my lovely @that-vicious-vixen was tired and i love her and want her to be happy so i decided to tell her some stories and she said i should share them and i said ok so here we are.

if any of these grab you in any way and you want to write them/draw them/cosplay/anything please do it and tag me i will love it i want it i want ten billion variations

also feel free to send me other movies or whatever for me to riff on, can’t promise i’ll do them all but these were fun

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Road to Ninja and how it relates to the Last Naruto movie! ★For NaruSaku fans★

Hey everyone. I’m a long time Naruto fan and NaruSaku shipper but only recently started to involve myself with the fandom because I feel the fandom as a whole needs more cheering up.

I’ll admit with all the seemingly (keyword seemingly!) NaruHina info coming out related to the Last Naruto movie I was getting a little bit stressed out. When I first watched the trailer and looked at official info I was fine and didn’t think it was particularly going to a movie that makes NaruHina canon but then I go online and see some of the overwhelmingly negative reactions from BOTH english and japanese fandom and doubt started to cloud my better judgement. I got so stressed out it was hard to concentrate at work! So I decided I needed to take a step back and see and hear from Kishi-sensei himself. How? Well I can reread the manga but bec I like to read it raw and considering there’s way too many volumes it wasn’t my first option. OR as another option I can watch Road to Ninja!! Why? Because just like the Last Naruto movie coming up the Story and Character Designs and entire movie direction is by Kishi-sensei himself! Whatever is in the movie is what Kishimoto-sensei wants to portray to his manga readers/anime viewers/Naruto fans. So I went to my local TSUTAYA and borrowed the DVD.

Turns out I was right! I felt much much MUCH better about the chances of NaruSaku after rewatching Road to Ninja. Not only just that but めっちゃ感動しました!これこそNARUTOだ!!って思った! that movie was so well written. THIS. THIS is the Naruto I’ve loved since the beginning! (the last few years have been kinda weak yeah ..)Well this movie the narrative was great and it was so well rounded with everything coming full circle at the end.

So about the last movie trailer …

First of all. Most people already get it but DON’T FALL FOR THE TRAILER TACTICS!!

NaruSaku fans are freaking out over the lastest trailer of Naruto the last movie because it has many scenes of Hinata and a few romantic lines that are strategically placed to match the scene. Those lines DO NOT belong with those scenes. It’s just to fool people. Don’t forget that trailer is released in cinemas from Nov 1. Movie-goers do NOT have the luxury of analyzing every frame of the trailer like us. So their first impression would be omg! Is it a NaruHina movie?! Depending on whether you support that couple or not will determine whether you 1. PANIC 2. Woop for joy!

So to strengthen my point. I went and watched ALL, yes ALL the trailers of the Road to Ninja movie.

All of these!

And despite Naruto AND Sakura being heavily featured in the movie, Sakura was barely in the trailer at all. ALL the NaruSaku scenes (and there’s a whole lot of them) do not show up in the trailer either. Everything major including my favourite scenes in the movie did not feature in them at all. Instead what was featured was チャラスケ 切れるヒナタ Parallel!Sasuke and Hinata. Minato and Kushina. Cool action scenes and oh Akatsuki. MinaKushi aside Parallel!Sasuke and Hinata and Akatsuki only show up once or twice in the actual movie and once their short lived scene is over they never appeared again. They were fanservice and simply NOT important to the actual plot of the movie. Yet they were so heavily featured in the trailers! Why? To lure fans in to go see the movie. So THAT’s why this is gonna be the same for the last movie coming up. I don’t see why they had to hide so much of Sakura in the RtN trailers. She was really important. Do the marketing people think she’s so unpopular that just by letting fans know she’s a big part of the movie will make people NOT come to see the movie? Geez. This is what I think is happening this time as well. Sakura will be in the last movie. She will even have an important role to play but they are gonna show none of that instead show Hinata and her scenes instead! I swear the staff must be scared cause they know Kishi-sensei is gonna make NaruSaku canon but don’t want to spoil it because then the Hinata fans won’t come.

Anyway read on ahead in the next post to see what is so NaruSaku about the Road to Ninja movie or if you already feel better then I have done my job! Thanks for reading!


Yuri!!! On Ice, Ep.11: In regards to Love

I haven’t read anything yet, so I’m sure there are a bunch of people out there who have said what I’m about to say.

Remember when Victor said this, back in episode 2?

I think he’s probably wishing he hadn’t said that.

As far as I see it, the main problem with Yuuri’s performance, as well as J.J.’s, was the lack of love or the undefinedness of it. Love is something that this time can be clearly seen in all the other performances.

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araitsume  asked:

Are you seeing this? whitecocoamocha(.)tumblr(.)com/post/107127644937/i-wished-naruto-went-the-way-of-avatar-legend-of

You know what I gotta do now right?

“I wished Naruto went the way of Avatar: Legend of Korra. I doubt they planned Korra and Asami to be together.”

And by flipping the switch and deciding to stick em together in the end screams pandering to the emergent fanbase that Bryke are VERY much aware of.

“Kishi probably did planned Sasusaku and Naruhina to be. But Bryan and Mike, they probably had a much different ending in mind.”

Bryan and Mike are even worse at romance than Kishi and they made it a habit to deliberately fuck with the fanbase since the whole Zutara debacle and the story suffers for it.

“Maybe even Korra and Mako to be the endgame but then the story became its own and they realised they wouldn’t work.”

No, they knew exactly what they wanted with Korra and Mako by design.

“They grew too far apart and it made no sense to bring them together after everything. After all the character development they made.”

Or the horrendously written trainwreck that was Mako’s relationships with them both because Bryke SUCKS at romance.

“There would of course be doubts, especially with Asami and Mako even that one moment of slip with Mako and Korra and it could have happened for Sakura and Sasuke(just one slip with Sakura still believing she is still in love with Sasuke but realising she never knew him. Not really.)”

Except Sakura knew him well enough to know he’d leave that night. Sympathized with the loss of his family. Kept faith he’d find his way back even without knowing the truth of why he turned against Konoha in the first place.

“Even Asami realise there was no point fighting for a man like Mako, no point fighting Korra for a love that was not meant to be. Then a new pairing was formed from nothing but very strong friendship and understanding.”

And a regression of Korra’s friendships with everyone else to paint Asami as someone special. Seems more like Kishi’s treatment of SasuNaru to me.

“And Korra and Asami became canon because it made so much sense.”

More like it did because Bryke knew it would cause controversy and ratings.

“And I believe that is what Kishi couldn’t see. I believe he did expect Sasusaku and naruhina to end up together way before shipudden but then the story became its own.”

The only element Kishi let run its own course is Sasuke’s development and while he became a plot tumor and it kinda muddied SasuSaku, it holds no lasting effect on the other two pairings since even if Sasuke was evil it wasn’t inspiring romantic affection for Naruto in Sakura, nor does it impact Naruto’s fondness for Hinata whasoever.

“His characters took life on their own and formed strong bonds and friendship with other people. Sakura with Naruto. Naruto with Sasuke.”

Incorrect. Naruto & Sakura’s bond was the weakest link at the end of Part 1 and needed some focus. Sasuke & Naruto’s bond was more telling than showing even up to their final battle. The actual strong bonds developed in Part 1 that we see are actually SasuSaku & NaruHina hilariously enough.

“Sasuke with Karin.”

*Spits out drink from laughter*

“Sasusaku and Naruhina no longer made sense, barely had any development.”

So…you just cast aside the events of Part 1 without which Naruto & Sakura would have nothing to bond over to begin with?

““I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mutually inspire each other to live - if I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.” Quote by Hayao Miyazaki.”

This applies in the case of a feature where the characters involved don’t end up with anyone, and their relationship is THE most prominent factor of the story. NaruSaku does not fit this at all. The focus of the story us Team 7/ Sasuke & Naruto’s rivalry/Naruto’s gaining acknowledgment.

“And he may have even wavered.”

He did not. He gave it thought and realized how much it would suck.

“He gave parallels consciously.”

To mislead. He said this outright.

“But then he went back to the old mindset because he wasn’t strong enough to let his characters dictate their own stories,”

Bullshit excuse. You can’t draw the conclusion that the characters dictating their own stories would result in a NaruSaku/SasuKarin ending. Your interpretation of things was wrong.

“Sakura and Hinata became stuck with who they used to be and is now permanently stuck in the past”

Sakura is still Konoha’s Strongest Medic while still remaining devoted to Sasuke while he does his atonement journey. She’s a Cool Big Sis to Naruto & Hinata. She used to be a bratty fangirl only interested in romance totally ignorant to the profession she was getting into and totally despised Naruto for being a moron towards her [which he was at the time]. Hinata gains the strength to be acknowledged as Neji’s equal by her father. She used to fail and cry and think of herself as worthless. Stuck in the past? Their academy selves would gawk at their adult selves in AWE at the women they’ve become.

“and Naruto and Sasuke became collateral.”

Two orphan boys ending the cycle of hatred and finding love and family in women who have stood by them through all the hell they’ve been through is collateral damage? What?

“Pretending everything is just ‘red herring’. And everything was tied with a pretty bow. I’m so disappointed.”

Everything? Just the implication that Kushina’s last words would have any actual bearing on the end pairs. I mean really, how in the fuck did you think that comment was supposed to impact Naruto & Sakura?

“And Naruto saying that “He finally realised what he wanted to protect.” for Hinata. It makes me so depressed. I don’t recognise this Naruto who would say such a thing, disregarding everybody else he promised to protect.”

Someone’s forgetting Haku’s words “If someone who accepted you from the bottom of their heart appeared, wouldn’t that person become the most important person in the world to you?”

Naruto comes to the realization that Hinata has loved him since he was a total nobody who thought he had no one. Not even Iruka. Before he and Sasuke were even on each other’s radar. Its not invalidating his bonds with his other friends, but any person in love can tell you there’s a stark contrast between friends and the ONE person you want as your lifelong companion.

“Disregarding everything that he fought for. The person whose childhood made me cry as a child, just as Gaara’s did. Just because you planned for the end, it does not mean it is what you should get. It does not mean it is what you deserve. Just because something is planned from the start doesn’t mean it should end that way. Sometimes you need to let it go. And I’m truly tired of people saying “He planned it from the start!”

To those people, I’ll reply,


This just sounds like a big whine about why couldn’t he let his story structure go all to hell so my OTP could asspull its way into existence. Someone doesn’t understand there was a point to Sakura’s love enduring. There’s a point to Hinata loving Naruto from when he was invisible. These are much stronger love stories than forcing Sakura with Naruto because Sasuke’s gone and Hinata should just get over it because reasons. Nothing of value is lost in killing NaruSaku when Naruto never invested in his crush beyond chapter 3 anyway. So even if you let the characters choose their own destiny Sakura will remain devoted to Sasuke & Naruto would grow fonder and fonder of Hinata who has never been given any legitimate reason to not go after what she wants.