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Paring; Min Yoongi x Reader

✎ Words; 3.4k

✎ Genre; Slight angst, smut, some fluff (Mostly smut) 

Warnings; Cussing, face riding, light bondage, Min Yoongi being called ‘Kitten’ 

✎ Summary; Despite Yoongi promising to be home early on your anniversary, he completely forgets. The two of you end up having an argument and you offer him a way to make it up to you. 


You and Yoongi have makeup sex, plot twist, he’s the sub (well kinda a sub, for a little anyway)

Request from: @taehyungieshands

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long.

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how ep 37 ruined chapter 51

This is something that has really been bothering me ever since the last episode of season 2 came out. Episode 37 (12) covered chapters 50 and 51 from the manga, but some changes were made and important details are missing. This is my opinion, and I’ll only focus on the first part of chapter 51 and how much certain details about Eren’s character were affected. 

The chapter starts on top of Wall Rose, all the soldiers have just returned from their mission and everyone is hurt and injured. This is important because it shows how destructive these expeditions can be. 
Eren brought Mikasa all the way to the wall, took care of her and made sure she was okay until the very end. Eren cares about his friends, he cares about other people, he would do anything for his friends and little scenes like this one show how much he really cares. He isn’t the best at showing these emotions so I’d like to see them giving more importance to this side of Eren more often in the anime.

Then, Eren looks around and he realises how much rescuing him affected everyone. He sees everyone around him in pain and that’s when he starts to blame himself. He sees the look on everyone’s eyes. That’s when Jean comes in. He confronts Eren and gives specific information about how many people were injured and died because that’s just how he is. This is important because this is how Eren and Jean have always communicated between each other. This is what Eren needs to hear. Jean is a honest person, always straight forward, always says the truth, and this has shown to have an impact on Eren before. 

Only after hearing all of this from Jean, does Armin come in and tries to comfort Eren. Jean is upfront and what he said was like a slap from reality. This is why Armin reassures Eren that they didn’t lose any soldiers on their way back and then proceeds to make a connection between Eren’s scream and the fact that none of the titans paid attention to them. Everyone is surprised by this, Jean and Connie are confused and Connie even praises Eren for having saved them. Jean does the detailed information thingy again but this time Eren just sighs and lets it all out. This part made the scene so heartwarming and it made Eren feel better and relax a bit. It also shows a bit of Jean’s development as a character (also, Jean taking care of Connie in the beginning was ignored too).

Finally, determined and motivated Eren comes back: “Thanks Jean. Thanks to you I don’t think I have to hesitate anymore. You’re absolutely right. I just have to do this.” That special line in bold is important in this scene and did not take part in the anime adaptation. As Isayama has said before, Eren bluffs, he forces himself to be stronger than he really is, but his core stays true and brave no matter what. I emphasised on that quote because it shows that Eren was hesitating before. Little lines that this one give hints so that it’s possible for the viewers to understand how Eren really thinks and should not be ignored. This is why I think episode 37 completely ruined the whole purpose of this conversation between Armin, Eren and Jean.

In the anime, they’re in the middle of a random hallway (the same one they used for season 1), the mode is wrong, the expedition feels distant and the whole thing itself just feels hollow to me. Eren is just there chilling and out of nowhere he remembers how many people died for him? This doesn’t make sense. He blamed himself because he was faced with all the injured soldiers around him. Jean is ignored and they jumped right into Armin comforting Eren and talking about Eren’s new ability. Armin talks about how he and Jean “sat down and tried to figure it out” while in the manga Jean was clearly surprised to hear about it. In my opinion, there’s such a huge lack of emotion when it comes to Jean too (it literally looks like Jean is about to fall asleep and was just there because someone dragged him out of bed just to scowl at Eren lol).

Last but not least, Historia comes rushing at Eren and begs for him to help her save Ymir. He tries to calm her down and comforts her, he makes her feel better and relax a bit. Again, anime adaptation failed to show how lovely and caring Eren really is. This part itself is super important because it shows how Historia wants to save Ymir, how willing she is and how much she wants to forget about “Krista”. So I hope they bring this part back in season 3. This scene is important too because it sets a+the beginning of the huge development that Eren and Historia go through together during the Uprising arc.

I want to focus this post on the first half of chapter 51, but I’ll also refer how they omitted parts of Erwin, Pixis and Levi’s conversation, how they changed Connie and Hange’s theory, etc.

The very last part of this chapter is kinda irrelevant to the plot itself, but it shows how unique every character is and how they can still enjoy simple yet loving and heartwarming moments. I’m hopeful they’ll bring that small part back in season 3, though.

Regardless of everything, I am genuinely grateful and happy I got to experience and enjoy this season. This show will always have my full support and it will never fail to make me happy. I am very thankful and there’s countess things to appreciate about it. All their work must be admired and respected, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching all these amazing episodes :) Chapter 51 has a special place in my heart, specially because it shows a side of Eren we don’t get to see very often and so I hope no one forgets about it!

Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 5323 (Act V)

A/N: The [extended] conclusion to a five-act miniseries. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks (I’ve been informed it got kinda angsty – so, uh, yay, something for everyone?!). All mysteries and roads converge in Clifton Springs, NY – whither will they lead from there? Here’s a hint about the roads – there is a 100% probability they all lead to a mountain of fluff.

Previous chapters:  Act I,  Act II, Act III , Act IV - Part I, Act IV - Part II

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Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”


The familiar rumbling whisper thundered through your pounding head with the boom of a freight train. You groaned in response.

“They’ve left for the moment,” the whispered onslaught continued, “there was a heated argument. Mrs. Kinlay did not want to miss bingo night at the senior center despite Mr. Kinlay’s wounds. Evidently, a Mrs. Reynolds recently returned from an extended cruise which was in reality a cover story for obtaining plastic surgery and the so-called botch job isn’t to be missed.”

You groaned again.

“Are you hurt?”

More discombobulated yet distinctly incensed syllables somersaulted from your tongue. You meant to say: “Bingo? Seriously? Well at least something about those impostors stinks of being geriatric.”

Cas took the irate tone of your incoherent groans as confirmation you were unharmed save for the diminishing effects of the cataleptic drug in your system, “They intend to perform some sort of ritual. We appear to be central components. Fortunately, it seems important to them that we remain largely unharmed.”

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Forgive or Forget- Billy Russo x Reader (pt II)

Part 1

A/N- This is kinda an angsty trash chapter sorry. Some things needed to be justified and developed before I get to the real stuff. Hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated

Warnings: crazy angst, kidnapping? Light cussing? still not great at giving warnings oops

“Y/N,” a soft voice called out from the haze. Your groggy mind registered two things- your bleary sight and a dull throb at the crown of your skull. The seemingly disembodied voice repeated itself, calling out to you. It took a second for your vision to clear and for your consciousness to fully develop, but once it did, you were very alert.

Anyone would be, looking at Billy’s scarred face just inches in front of them.

“Bil-” your tongue felt too thick and speaking was more difficult than you anticipated. You swallowed and tried again. “Billy?”

“Oh, good. You were starting to worry me there for a second. Technically my fault, yeah, but still.” he said, straightening up  away from you and retreating to lean on the concrete wall. Your eyes struggled to maintain their focus on his figure, but something clicked and you zeroed in on that unfamiliar wall.

Your brain snapped to reality as panic hit you again.

Surging forward, your movements were inhibited by the clang of the handcuff fastened to your left wrist, shooting your alarm through the roof. Your eyes followed the chain to see the other end attached to the leg of a bed. “No, no no no no no… What the fuck, Billy?” you babbled like a madwoman, not even bothering to hide the terror in your voice. You tugged helplessly at the chain, cringing at the sharp sing of metal against metal.

“Shhh, it’s okay. Calm down, please. I’m not going to hurt you. Please, Y/N, just be calm for a second.” Billy soothed, voice ridiculously calm given the circumstances. Then again, he wasn’t the one handcuffed to a bed frame. But your current position, likely with help from the recent head injury that Billy clearly gave you, made you more than a little irrational. You kept pulling on the chain, whimpering like a child until Billy finally pulled your fingers away. Involuntarily, you flinched at the contact, making his ruined face twist into a slight frown. Your breathing grew more ragged, and you were still panicked, but at least now you weren’t acting crazy. After you relaxed a bit, Billy let go of your hands and assumed his former position against the wall. He didn’t speak.

“Let me go,” you choked out. There were so many emotions running through you, not just from your most recent encounters but from the whole day in general. Maybe the most appropriate or normal thing to do was cry, but there was no way in hell you were going to cry in front of your kidnapper. Even if he did happen to be your long lost first love.

“‘Fraid I can’t do that, sweetheart. Not yet anyway.” He sighed, and you dared yourself to look into his eyes. Confliction reflected back at you, making you blink. It was slowly getting easier to form complete and coherent thoughts. That didn’t do much to calm you down, though.

“Don’t call me that.” you protested, averting your eyes.

“Call you what? Sweetheart?”

You nodded once stiffly. Not a sound came from Billy for a moment, before he spoke again. “Can I ask you something?” he ventured. You were still unwilling to look at him, even unwilling to dignify his question with an answer. It seemed you didn’t have to, as after a few beats he took your silence as permission to go on and continued. “Do you remember when we found that old rope in the back of the playground, at Miss Inger’s?”

You froze. Now a whole different kind of panic took over your mind.

“It was kinda crusty and gross, if you recall. We played cops and robbers. I was the cop, and you were the robber, and I tied you up against the pole of the play structure as part of a fake interrogation.”

Your breaths came out in shudders. This- this is exactly what you were afraid of. The truth was, as ridiculous as it may be, you were not afraid of  Billy Russo. It was the emotions he could elicit from you, the buried skeletons from your past that he had the ability to dig up. Somehow it was possible for you to see the boy in his fucked up face. No, not his face- his eyes.

You had worked so hard to break Billy Russo out of your thoughts over the years, harder than you should’ve had to, considering that he was only a teenage fling. Deep down, though, a part of you knew that wasn’t true. You were just too afraid to admit it to yourself. Growing up with someone, sharing the deepest parts of you with them and plotting a future together, these were things that fused two people together. Or so you had thought.

“When playtime was over, I tried to get you out of the ro-”

“Stop.” you said quietly. You still couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eye, especially now that he was recounting childhood memories and confirming your fears. But he paid no mind to you and continued.

“I tried to get you out of the rope, but I’d tied them too tight. All the other kids were going back inside, but not us. We were still out, frantically trying to get you free.” he chuckled at the memory. You couldn’t seem to find it in yourself to find the humor in the story. An acid-like pang attacked your gut, bringing you a sort of visceral reaction. This was the most you’d ever thought of the two of you together in years, and it was bringing back all sorts of unaddressed pain that you’d tried so hard to keep hidden. Your walls of resolve were beginning to chip. Ridiculous. You’re chained up like a prisoner. You reminded yourself, but your voice of reason was slipping away bit by bit.

“Let me go.” you tried again, not really knowing what else you could say. Billy continued without a hitch, and you squeezed your eyes shut, dreading what was coming. After all, you knew this story just as much as he did; could probably recall it just as clearly, as well.

“You begged me to leave you and get inside, because you didn’t want me to get into trouble for a stupid mistake. I wouldn’t do that though. Not to you. Never to you.” his voice had gotten gentle. Almost pleading. A strangled breath came out as a soft cry from your throat, and you felt tears pricking at the back of your eyes.

“Stop. Billy, don’t. Don’t do this to me.” you hissed, barely loud enough for him to hear. It was the only thing you’ve said so far that seemed to really snag his attention.

“I know you want to forget me, Y/N. But I can’t let you do that. You took up too much of my life to just disappear from it.” he said. His tone was still amazingly stable. It hurt you to consider that maybe these memories didn’t mean as much to him as they did to you.

Then why the fuck did you leave? You wanted to say it. You wanted to. But you were also hell bent on limiting any contact or connection with him, because that had essentially been the primary goal of your life from the moment he left you to now. He took a step closer to you, making you shrink back and stare at your balled fist in your lap.

“You tried to take the belt for both of us, Y/N.” his voice was still tender, making things worse.

“Shut up.” you gasped.

“They didn’t believe your story. They knew it wasn’t possible for a little girl your age to tie yourself up so bad like that.”

“I said shut up.”

“That was the first time I realized how important you were to me.”

Your heart split at his words, your world coming undone. You wrenched your gaze toward him, eyes filling with tears that you refused to let spill. That much you could handle for now. “Shut UP, Russo! Don’t say anything else, or I swear to God-” your voice rose and got shrill, so you had to stop and regain your dignity.

“You swear to God what, Y/N? You can’t do anything right now. I don’t want you chained up, I want you comfortable and happy and I want to give you those things. But it’s also unrealistic to assume that you won’t lose your shit being around a fugitive. Trust me, it hurts me as much as it hurts you to see you on the floor, cuffed in place.” the hurt in his tone made his words sound genuine, but your inner cynic pushed his concern away.

“Go fuck yourself, Russo. You don’t give a shit about me.” you snapped at him, struggling to keep your voice from breaking. You didn’t ask for this and sure as hell didn’t deserve it. It was one thing to be kidnapped by a criminal on the run from the feds. It was another to slowly regain some of the feelings you once had for him.

“I just opened up to you trying to prove the exact opposite. What makes you say that, huh? What about my heartfelt confession said I don’t give a shit about you?” he growled, sounding almost equally annoyed. The fact that his face no longer really looked normal didn’t help matters as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“If you cared about me, you wouldn’t have left me.” you said finally, slightly defeated. He stayed silent for a  moment.You held your breath without realizing it.

“How much do you know about what I’ve done?” he asked, avoiding your question. You didn’t know if it would’ve hurt more or less to just hear him reaffirm your suspicions. For a moment, you considered blocking him out and not answering his question. But that seemed like a lost effort. Something told you he would be willing to drive you to the brink of insanity, just to get you to talk to him. A glimpse of a grin from a boy you once knew flashed across your memory, and it was enough to tell him the truth.

“Almost nothing. Just that the feds are looking for you and that you’ve hurt people. Killed them.” you responded quietly, glancing at his face to gauge his reaction. His shoulders seemed to relax. His face remained blank and expressionless.

“Good. That makes things a lot easier.” he said. “I’ve done bad shit, Y/N, but I have explanations for all of it. You might not understand all of them, so I want to make sure you remember who I am. To you.” he added hastily to the end. You looked down at the floor again. A tear slipped down your cheek, and once one escaped, the rest followed. Billy crouched down in front of you, looking slightly guilty as he wiped them away. You felt a pang in your chest at his expression, and it made you foolishly allow him to touch you.

“Why do you even want me here in the first place?” You questioned, trying, for the first time, not to be hostile. You weren’t a mean or cold person in general, but Billy was special. And not in a flattering or good way.

“We’ll get there. For now, I just want to take everything slow. Get you to adjust, yeah?” he said, brushing your hair from your eyes. Your skin tingled at the contact.

Well, clearly you didn’t have any kind of power at all. This was anything but pleasant, and you had a life to get back to, friends that would be looking for you. You were still painfully aware of the metal around your wrist. But you had some stupid faith that he wouldn’t hurt you, although you also weren’t sure what exactly he wanted from you. Still… if you couldn’t do anything about it, well, maybe this could be an opportunity to tie up some loose ends.

Part 3 is up

Jealous! au - Wooseok

Hey guys! It’s been a while! College is difficult and very time consuming (as a lot of you know) but I finally finished something for once! This scenario kinda seems all over the place cuz I was inspired by multiple things, but couldnt fully elaborate on just one. Nonethless, I hope you enjoy it :)

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(god i miss wooseok so much and this gif has a bf feel im dead)

  • Ok so lets just jump into this u and wooseok are a new couple
  • Like lets just say about a month there’s some substance there but not what it could be
  • How yall met was actually a funny story
  • (not important to the actual plot but let me live im inspired)
  • Ok so u guys met when u both were checking out at a convenience store, u were behind him in line
  • And u know hes tall af so ur like looking up like wtf whose mans is this why he so tall
  • And he just feels someone looking at him so he looks back and see u just looking up at him with a half puzzled half annoyed expression
  • So being the piece of shit that he is he decides to mock ur expression which makes you shook
  • You didnt realize that 1 you were making that face and 2 you were making that face at a very cute boy
  • And so ur first reaction is to just laugh and say “sorry I didnt realize i looked that ugly looking at you”
  • And his response is “ugly? I thought it was pretty cute”
  • Now both of yall are shocked u cuz wow is he just super nice or a fuckboy and him because wtf did he just say why did he say it out loud
  • So his cheeks get really red and based on that u decide hes just super nice and you give him your number instantly lol
  • U basically force him to take it but its ok he couldn’t say no
  • So u guys have an instant attraction which starts it all lmao
  • Ok so now to the actual plot
  • So u guys dont live together yet cuz that would be weird & he got pentagon
  • But he still is at ur apartment a lot so u guys do a lot of the long-time couple things like going to the grocery store together
  • And yall lazy af so these count as dates cuz then afterwards u cook something and watch a movie lol
  • Anyways so u and wooseok at the store being cute af you’re pushing the cart and hes holding the cart behind you trapping you and thats how yall walking cuz you’re embarrassing
  • And so yall are just walking through the aisles just shopping and picking out things to buy and he stops you for a second and grabs a certain snack and is like “i havent had these in forever! I didnt even know they sold them anymore!”
  • And without thinking you just say, “my ex used to love those so much. He would wipe out stores when they came back in stock he spent so much money on them.” and ofc youre laughing while youre saying this because its a funny memory theyre fucking snacks
  • And wooseok just stops, shoves the box back in its spot, and is just muttering, “nope. Were not having flashbacks. Not today.” while he’s gets back in his position behind u and pushes you away from them lol
  • So u decide to make this a game because its fun to mess with wooseok
  • Whenever he is about to pick up something you just mention something about your ex lol
  • Like wooseok reaches for milk? You instantly say “thats the kind he liked. Never drank any other kind”
  • and wooseok gives you a look cuz he knows what you’re doing but still ends up picking a different kind lol
  • Then when yall get to the eggs you pipe up “he lovedddd eggs”
  • And hes like “r u fucking kidding me. We need eggs tho…”
  • And is being dramatic af looking at u and the eggs deciding what he should do
  • And ur trying to hard to not laugh and ur like “wooseok just get the eggs”
  • But hes still fighting with himself lmao
  • So ur just like “we need them…if it makes you feel any better i’ll start thinking of you when i see eggs…”
  • And that has his attention and as he grabs them he’s like “why?”
  • “Because you look like an egg”
  • And he gives u an annoyed look but u know he’s secretly grateful lol
  • And after placing the eggs in the cart he returns behind you, kisses you on the cheek, and stays quiet lol
  • So weeks pass and you think the situation has blown over you basically forgot it happen
  • And wooseok doesn’t hold grudges, but he never forgets lmao
  • So u guys are just making breakfast one morning
  • And I would say wooseok would jokingly pretend to hold a grudge
  • So out of nowhere he will pipe up and be like “my ex used to make eggs soooooo well”
  • And youre just like “do they wanna come over and make them for us then? We both know I cant cook”
  • And his jaw basically drops on the floor and hes like “…youre…not jealous?”
  • So youre like “what? Why would i be?”
  • And hes childishly like “this is similar to the market incident…”
  • So youre like “oH…are you talking about when we bought these eggs that my ex used to love oh so much”
  • And hes like “sTOP” so 2 for you, 0 for wooseok hes not good at making you jealous lol
  • So ofc sometimes pentagon are gonna see this in action and be concerned…like are they in love or do they actually hate each other? Why do they constantly insult each other? Lmao
  • So one time u and wooseok are ruthless when insulting each other and some mentions of exes are brought up just to joke with each other
  • But ofc pentagon dont notice this theyre dumb and dont understand relationships obvs (jk u and wooseok just confusing and childish)
  • And so as u guys are at each other throats and play fighting yeo one is like “hey, Y/N can I talk to you for a moment?”
  • And youre like “sure?” and follow him out of the room
  • And hes just like “is everything ok?”
  • “What do you mean”
  • And he takes a deep breath and hes like “just so you know if things with you and wooseok arent going well I’m on your side and I’m here for you”
  • And ur problematic af and ur just like “oh really? Thanks for letting me know :)”
  • So u go back in the room with wooseok and tell him what he said and after being slightly offended he goes along with ur plan to prank pentagon
  • So at dinner you all are eating around the table and casually youre just like “hey guys wooseok and I are fighting without any context whose side would you be on?”
  • And instead of throwing themselves under the bus theyre all like “oh no tell us whats going on whats wrong”
  • And wooseok is just like “answer the question”
  • But ofc everyone is still shook and just trying to get answers and ur dramatic ass *improvised* plan is to pretend to start crying and start walking out the door
  • Moments later wooseok comes to you and yall are giggling like idiots thinking u fooled them and made pentagon feel guilty
  • So he brings u in acting like you made up and youre done crying
  • And pentagon all of a sudden start clapping and are like “Woo! You should be an actress Y/N!”
  • And you hear shinwon quietly shade you by saying “you should work on the crying tho….”
  • And yours and wooseoks faces fall and youre both like “you guys knew?”
  • And hui is just like “if the crying didnt give it away, the obnoxious giggling in the next room did”
  • And e’dawn is just like “yall aint slick”
  • And trying to defend your ass you’re like “well u guys should feel guilty yeo one actually said he would be on my side”
  • And everyone is shook and he’s trying to frantically explain himself
  • While all of this chaos is ensuing, wooseok wraps his arms around you from behind and mutters “just remember I’m the more attractive boy always on your side”
  • And in moments like these you cant insult him its not possible hes so loveable so u just cuddle him back
  • Therefore jealous wooseok is rare but joking idiot wooseok isnt
Problems with Teacher of the Year

Alright, so now it’s time for the part that’s less fun: complaining about the things that irk me in this episode. Which is a lot.

In particular, I have a problem with the characterization, especially of the boys.

Just gonna cram this all into one post, because I want to get it out of the way.

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anonymous asked:

hiya! i notice you tag a lot of your posts with 'nora, sloane, etc.' i understand these are characters for a story you're doing. i'm curious: what's the story about?

ok ! well @turnandchasethewind (olivia) & i have been working on the sketches for this show for like. a Long time lmao it has as most projects do grown & changed & become something entirely its own & i think it’s really awesome & lovely & am rly rly jazzed for it to move forward one day

anyway the working title for it is called views, & it basically follows sloane & nora, best friends who live & work in toronto. they met when they were 18/19 at a catering gig (terrible) & theyre the kind of love that is this epic soft quiet fun powerful love between female friends. they’re young & they’re a little lost always, & the world hurts, but like. they’re Good. the current storyline begins when they’re in their early/mid-twenties & nora meets ridley, who becomes her girlfriend. ridley is rly rly lovely & beautiful & whip smart & v kind & sloane hates her which is altogether mostly funny but a little sad

sloane ideally would be played by maia mitchell just for a visual but like. a grungier cooler hot mess version of maia bc like. sloane is a trash kid she’s our absolute fav she has tons of stick n pokes & her hair is a mess or buzzed (or both) & she will wear vans until they r literally falling off. she shops mostly at black market & she got this bike off kijiji that’s like 800% terrifying. she was diagnosed with bipolar I when she was 18 & shes on meds but its obviously still smth she deals with every day. shes from vancouver & she dropped out of mcgill after An Episode but mostly bc she hated it & she moved to toronto a few months after that (which is p much immediately when she met nora). shes like our token white character shes funny everyone drags her constantly abt so many things but they Love sloane. she eats Shit food unless nora’s parents buy her groceries & she drinks a lot & sometimes she has lil spirals but she has a dog named carly rae who helps a lot. she also has a big brother named whit he’s trans & he lives in brooklyn & she Adores him. shes a tremendously talented musician but ofc being a musician is v difficult so she also works a bunch of weird jobs between music gigs. she lives in a funky apartment in kensington w like six rotating roommates. she plays sets at the beaver all the time. if sloane was gonna write a song it would be ‘young’ by vallis alps but if sloane had a themesong its a tie between i wanna get better by bleachers & control by halsey & buzzcut season by lorde & then a rly rly sad cover of i rly like you by carly rae

nora is laura harrier bc like Hot & also biracial so thats dope. shes a baker & she works at a rly cute lil bakery on queen west & she always looks so pretty & put together & she rides this beautiful linus bike everywhere w a fucking basket & everything she wears so much birds of north america & oak + fort & rly just anything from victoire & she has like 12 pairs of blundstones. shes from etobicoke & her parents are both immigrants so nora is first generation canadian shes v v invested in how that all interacts shes a smart cool kid. she’s bisexual she came out when she was 16 bc she Literally got drunk in a closet & she has a history of dating Truly shitty ppl so sloane is like v v Hesitant when she falls for ridley. she has some beautiful tattoos & some silly stick n pokes, mostly w sloane. she has a rly cool little sister named kennedy who goes to ryerson & nora went to george brown. shes rly passionate abt intersectional feminism & she volunteers w a few different organizations around the city that help lgbtq+ youth shes like. a Good person & also sloane ADORES her & nora is in a v real kinda love w sloane theyre the v best pals. also girl can Drink. once a month regardless of how cold it is she & sloane make rly good pot brownies & go to trinity bellwoods & eat them & they end up Laughing a lot. nora also fosters w save our scruff bc she & sloane adopted carly rae together but carly rae is like an emotional support animal for sloane so she spends most of her time at sloane’s apartment so bc of that nora likes to foster dogs its rly cute. she has a beautiful lil tiny studio off euclid & queen. if nora had a themesong its like some dope gay (bi) ass mix of company by tinashe & feelin myself by nicki but then she meets ridley so shes like all night by bey

pls know that nora & sloane sometimes get Rly drunk at the greenroom in the annex mostly bc they love smoking in the lil alleyway its like. their trash special place. & their songs r like. california by grimes & love gang by whethan ft charli xcx & ribs by lorde 

ok in our heads ridley is played by aj but mostly bc its hot & we love her lol, ideally ridley is quebecois metis. she has a degree in physics but her parents just both died so shes kinda taking a break from everything & rn shes a florist in the shop next to noras bakery on queen west. shes from montreal but she went to school in the states & she has a longtime ex named ash. theyre non binary & ridley & ash are still rly good friends which sloane is like Suspicious abt but nora is like sloane jfc. ridley is rly smart she wears a Lot of stay home club & j brands & she & nora have a lot of shoes n boots that look almost identical. shes queer & shes kinda just been queer forever? her parents were scientists so it was always a v inclusive educated lil home she grew up in. she was named after ridley scott & everyone always jokes that she was conceived during alien lol & honestly she probably was. shes rly funny & she has beautiful tattoos & pretty pretty eyes & nora falls for her rly fast. she has a lil quebecois accent & sometimes she forgets words in english when shes drunk or tired. she & nora first kiss outside of the beaver in the snow theyre in the alley behind the gladstone w rly beautiful street art they were smoking cigarettes & its just. soft. so queer. ridleys lil songs r hold by vera blue & 21 moon water by bon iver & Mostly corbeau by coeur de pirate

sloane has a plot twist & falls in love w jack who is half-japanese & hes rly good friends w ridley which is the plot twist part a little but the BIG plot twist part is that she falls in love at all bc she is Convinced no one can handle her & she isnt stable enough for romantic love etc etc. but jack is so good hes so smart & hes a music therapist for kids on the spectrum its like Absurd how good a person he is. hes trans & hes abt to have top surgery like a few months after he meets sloane & she goes for a while & is like blah blah im not in love w him whatever its just sex but then shes So worried abt him being ok during & after surgery & she cares abt him so much & she gets Rly drunk & cries abt it to nora its funny. one day sloane is having a rly rly bad lil depressive episode & nora has been outta town all weekend w her parents & kennedy at their cottage in muskoka & so nora texts jack like. yo sloane has bipolar i she shouldve told u this but like i gotta tell u now bc shes havin a meltdown so pls go over & bring her food from fresh get the falafel tacos & like all the pressed juice ill venmo you & Pls make her shower if she buzzed her hair try to find the scalp treatment i got her from lush its in her dresser top drawer. also shes gonna wanna drink just let her do that & make sure she takes her meds she’ll be ok itll take a day or two & hes like ok. a lot but ok. & he goes & he brings sloane food & a tshirt of his & he gets her into the shower & out to the couch & puts on superstore & she curls up into him on one side & carly rae on the other & she cries a little but honestly its not so bad & like. hes so in love w her its wild she never thought that would happen its a fun plot twist even olivia & i didnt plan on

so anyway the whole show is kinda an ode to toronto & an ode to being young & in love w your friends in a rly profound way & also what its like to fall in love w ppl u might wanna spend ur life with, a kinda love thats v new. its abt queerness & gender & race in a way thats v much present but all of the main characters r rly informed & rly like passionate abt intersectional feminism & thats a cool aspect we r both v excited abt. also sloane deals v realistically w a balance between being stable w bipolar I & also being v creative & v connected to making music which is smth thats v important to me esp. nora was sexually assaulted before she met ridley (HATE!) but we delve into that as well. 

mostly like. its just ‘we’re never done w killing time/ can i kill it w you/ i’d like it if you stayed’ 

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finally saw wonder woman

and it was great, but boy oh boy do I have my gripes. I haven’t really seen anyone bitching about any of these, though, which is odd, because I can’t be the only one. Keep in mind that I like the movie and I would see it again. I’m not trying to diss anyone’s favorite film, particularly the first woman-lead (and directed!) big-studio superhero film. I recognize the importance of Wonder Woman as a female-led box office success, and I will heap praises on it on other posts. This one is for critiquing, so here’s the things I want to bitch about:

-they fridged General Antiope. Granted, Diana isn’t a man, so at least it lacked the gendered manpain dynamic, but the plot would not have changed at all if she had lived. Meaning it was a completely unnecessary lesbian death (assuming, as I’m pretty sure is canon, that the distraught Amazon running to Antiope’s side after her death was her girlfriend).

- 95% of the movie was full of the born sexy yesterday trope. If you haven’t seen the video explaining it, go watch it now, but the basic rundown is that for some sci-fi or fantasy reason, there is an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman who is also completely naive about everything, and the friendly helpful man (first man she’s ever seen!) gets to show her How the World Works. Wonder Woman certainly isn’t the grossest example, but boy howdy was it full of it. It made for some cute/funny moments, but it came at the expense of my respect for Diana as a character (seriously, she’s unable to notice that she’s acting strange for the entire time they’re in London, it’s like she’s completely incapable of observation or listening). The prevalence of the Born Sexy Yesterday trope is probably my #1 least favorite thing about the movie.

- For all her idealism about humans being 100% good and her surprise at the pain and suffering caused by war, Diana sure gives zero shits about killing a bunch of soldiers. Killing people should have had more of an impact on her as a character. 

- also, her naivety about how people can be bad sometimes was unrealistic. Either they needed to spend MUCH more time building up the idea that she literally thinks all humans are good 100% of the time unless they’re under some evil influence, OR she should have shed that idea much quicker. I mean, she yells at the British generals for sacrificing soldiers near the start of the movie, so she knows that humans are capable of bad things while not being “influenced by Ares”. Yet somehow, the idea that the soldiers just might keep fighting after she kills Ares never even enters her head, to the point where she’s willing to blow the whole operation- risking thousands of lives- so she can kill Ares. Her belief in utter human goodness could have been interesting, but they needed to play it up much more, like let her have a conversation with Steve where he tells her that humans do bad things all on their own, and she utterly refuses to believe him, or tries to excuse literally every crime/bad act by blaming Ares or something. That would have made her later actions make much more sense. Her continued naivety and lack of basic observational skills made it really hard for me to relate to her as a character, because I was spending too much time being exasperated with her. 

- also, Steve had way to big a role, and was too much the hero, for a movie that’s not supposed to be about him. He’s the one who saved the entirety of London- if Diana had done nothing, London still would have been saved, but if Steve had done nothing, London would be destroyed. Steve orchestrated and planned the mission, got together the ragtag crew of misfits, and directed their goals at every turn, bringing Diana along for firepower. 

Throughout the movie, there was too much Steve and too little Diana. His agency was what directed the plot. Diana’s agency was “I want to stab this dude, steve take me to the dude”. It would have been totally awesome if Diana had planned the attack on the base (whether to destroy the gas or kill Ares, or whatever), and if Diana had assembled the ragtag team of misfits. It should have been Diana gathering information about the current situation with the war and deciding their goal and drawing up their plan of attack. Steve should have been the one offering her information and pointing out when her lack of knowledge about the 20th century causes her to make dumb plans. It should have been her saying “I don’t fit in with these people, Steve show me where I can get clothes like theirs”. Even her big awesome moment- crossing no man’s land- didn’t change the plot that much. If she hadn’t done that, the group would still have crossed, just much more slowly and less dramatically, and it would have taken a few days. 

-General Antiope’s lessons were apparently 100% combat, 0% tactics and strategy. Steve came up with all the plans of attack, and Diana was basically “I have a plan, attack!” Which basically meant that it was Steve and Steve’s sidekicks completing the Big Mission, and Diana was, as I said, really kickass firepower.

-for a movie that’s ostensibly all about how there’s no one big bad guy in a war, it sure managed to have one big bad guy.

- also, I wish they’d let the female villain be the villain. Instead of General Lutendorf or whatever his name was. The stereotypical thing where he’s the volatile threatening man with the awkward semi-sexual, definitely threatening dynamic with the woman who is definitely evil, but it just kinda seems like maybe he’s made her worse than she is and maybe she’s only doing evil stuff at his command…. it was just annoying and old. Let the woman be the fucking villain. Let her be the one making the threats to him, let her be the one to decide that the war is NOT over and kill the generals arguing for peace. Let her be the big fucking evil. I get that they needed a red herring for Ares, and it had to be a guy, but Dr. Poison could still have been the main villain. 

If Dr. Poison were the big bad (of the German side, at least), I think it would have made Diana’s sparing her life that much more meaningful. The movie made Lutendorf the driving force behind the development of the gas, meaning that with Lutendorf gone, Dr. Poison is much less of a threat. That might not be literally true- she could always go off and start making more gas- but, within the plot framework, the villain with the agency to Do the Bad Thing is already gone, so letting Dr. Poison go isn’t really that big a deal. Imagine if Diana had let Lutendorf go. Big difference. 

The moment where Diana refuses to kill her is the Big Moment of the movie, where Diana realizes that yes, humans do bad things of their own volition, but that she’s going to try to save them anyway. As the movie was, she realizes that and refuses to kill what is essentially a tool that the villain used to hurt people. The emotional impact would have been so much more if it were the villain herself- the driving agency behind the villain’s half of the plot- whom Diana decided to save anyway. For an example of this dynamic done right, look at Legend of Korra. Kuvira is the driving force behind all the Bad Shit in season 4- it’s her decisions, her force of will, that does everything Korra’s fighting against. Bataar, her husband, is important to her plans, and is an important male villain, but without him, Kuvira would have done the same things anyway (WW implies that without Lutendorf, Dr. Poison might not have developed that gas). At the end, Korra decides not to kill Kuvira. She chooses to see the part of Kuvira worth saving, and to save her anyway, despite all of the lives she’s taken and destroyed. Diana’s moment would have had similar impact if Dr. Poison had been the big bad in Lutendorf’s place.

- Hippolyta was unrealistically stupid and overprotective. She knows that her daughter is a weapon meant to kill Ares. She knows that Ares will return/has returned. She knows that, at some point, Ares and Diana will fight. And yet, she refuses to tell Diana these things, even when Diana leaves the fucking island to literally find and kill Ares. She also makes it clear that Diana can’t return (why though?) meaning it’s literally her last chance to say anything, and yet she still doesn’t give her this extremely vital information that could possibly save her life. Her reasoning is that if Diana knows, Ares will find her sooner. So basically, her reasoning is, “don’t tell her this extremely vital information, without which it is reasonable to expect that she will lose the fight and die, because if I tell her and thus give her the tools to win the fight, the fight will happen sooner”. She’s going to fight Ares anyway, so just fucking tell her! (also, her literal last words to her daughter are “you are my greatest sorrow”. fucking ouch.)

-also, the romantic subplot seemed contrived and unnecessary (my opinion, your mileage may vary). Seriously, she’s known him for like 2 days, and she just had her aunt and mentor die in her arms, and she’s left her entire home and family forever, and she’s trying to complete a task she’s trained for all her life and save the world, with literally millions of lives depending on her. You’d think she wouldn’t really have the mental space for a romance.

-less of an egregious error, but still a gripe: at the beginning of the movie, Diana seems to consider people in terms of their value in a fight. I forget what line it is, but at one point she’s like “but how do they fight?” (I think it’s talking about the drunk men or something). Also, when Charlie is involved in the bar fight, she says “at least Charlie is good with his fists”, meaning that his redeeming factor is his fighting skills (before finding out, of course, that that guy isn’t Charlie). Later on, she has that truly beautiful moment- that I’ve seen a lot of people praise- where Charlie suggests that he stay behind because he can’t shoot, and Diana says “but who would sing for us?” showing that she believes that people’s non-fighting skills are just as valuable. I don’t think there was enough of a character journey presented on screen to justify that change of attitude in Diana. The potential for a really great character arc is there- especially since it would parallel her whole arc of losing her naivety about human nature- but it just wasn’t there. 

To me, the movie felt like a hero story about Steve, told from Diana’s perspective, with a side dose of her completing her (ultimately mostly inconsequential) goal, and liberally sprinkled with scenes where she’s naive about the world in a funny way and Steve long-sufferingly herds her along, and scenes where she is the ultimate badass, says something dramatic, and then flips a fucking tank (which was AWESOME btw). 

Also, I think it would have been better if they’d let her actually kill Ares. I know she killed him, but I mean, really kill him. She did this classic thing where the hero takes the villains power and throws it back at him, which accomplishes two things: the death is not visceral: she didn’t shoot or stab him, hit him, or in any way damage his body in a traditional fight-y way, and two, it wasn’t really her lethal force and ability that killed him. It’s a thing storytellers use to keep their hero one step removed from the nasty business of killing. Harry Potter is another prime example- Harry doesn’t cast the killing curse at Voldemort, or sectumsempra, or whatever (despite being more than capable), he deflect’s voldemort’s own curse back at him. Disney does this a lot (the villain being the ultimate cause of their own death): Scar being killed by his own hyenas instead of Simba killing him, Frollo falls to his death from his own cathedral into a fire set by his own men, Gaston falls off the roof trying to kill the Beast, blah blah blah. This whole trope (does it have a name yet?) means that yes, technically the hero killed the villain, but the actual thing that does the killing (usually in a way such that the audience doesn’t really see the death) is the villains’ own fault, not the hero’s. Part of the purpose is that usually these deaths come right after some sort of dramatic confrontation, which includes a conversation, and killing someone right after talking to them really looks a lot like cold-blooded murder, no matter how righteous you are, so it looks a lot more heroic if the villain strikes the final blow against themselves.

I think that Diana should have beat the ever-living hell out of Ares with her fists. Only a god is capable of killing a god, and I think she should have killed him with her own power, not by parry-riposting his power back at him. If they were willing to go R-rated, she could have torn his head off (how awesome would that be?). If they wanted to keep it PG-13, and didn’t want her to basically punch him to death, she could have done some sort of ass-pull big-explosion-y strike thingy (no more ass-pull than the crossed bracers + righteous fury = Lightning Rod of Doom). Whatever it is, it should have been Diana’s own power destroying Ares. Also, I think (personal opinion) that after Ares died, we should have just seen his body lying there on the ground instead of the big crater. Right after Diana kills Ares, there’s a scene where the German soldiers pull off their masks and fall down in relief, enemies embracing, etc. It’s supposed to be an incredibly human moment, and I think it would have been improved by having a very human body of Diana’s fallen enemy instead of the hollywood-esque CGI crater. It would have emphasized Diana’s emotional journey, too- instead of cheering because she destroyed a Force of Evil, we would have been forced to recognize that Diana killed someone, and, even though it needed to be done, and she was saving lives by doing it, a life was still ended. A bittersweet moment- Diana recognizes that people can be both good and bad at the same time, and chooses to recognize the good in everyone, spare the life of a very bad person despite her bad-ness, and chooses to believe in love- but, that means killing another being, meaning that Diana, too, is capable of both good and bad- she also has darkness within her. It would have been a very poignant point. (I have a similar gripe with the 8th Harry Potter film- in the book, Voldemort’s body just lies there after he dies, and it’s made clear just how human he was in the end, but in the movie, he disintegrates like some sort of magical video game boss).

Basically, I think the movie undermined its own message by keeping Diana too far from the realities of war and keeping her in a zone of Fantasy Hollywood, where as long as you don’t spend too long looking at the people she punches, it doesn’t matter that she’s killed them (and thus literally killing people for the first time ever has zero affect on her as a character), you can defeat one bad guy and therefore the war is over (despite trying to prove that that isn’t how it works, the movie still worked exactly that way), and the villain isn’t really a person who dies and sits there all gross and dead like a human, they’re just a video-game boss proxy-of-all-evil who vanishes when they die (preferably with an explosion), and just in case, it wasn’t really the hero who killed them anyway, since the villain struck their own final blow. 

You know that moment in the trenches, where Steve tells Diana that they can’t save everyone? And Diana says “fuck that” and crosses No Man’s Land and it’s awesome? There should have been a moment later in the movie where Diana realizes that she really can’t save everyone, even if she does everything 100% right, people will still die. The moment with the gas killing the village doesn’t count, because Diana still believes that if she had stabbed Ares, they wouldn’t have died. There should have been a moment where Diana looks back and realizes that she didn’t make any mistakes, she did literally everything she could have done, everything she should have done, and innocent people still died. That would have been a great character moment.

-One thing I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad about: no “you’re a wonderful woman” or any “wonder woman” title play/pun. Either a missed opportunity, or a merciful omission.

-not really Wonder-Woman specific, since literally all movies forever do this: since when has the super fucking sinister “join me and together we can rule a world that is literally the antithesis of everything you’ve worked for your entire life” villain speech ever worked? How stupid are villains? You sound threatening and ominous, and you’re not even trying to play down the fact that you’re asking me to commit mass murder, also I hate you for personal reasons (usually involving the death of a loved one), of course the fucking answer is no.

So them’s my gripes about Wonder Woman. I did like it though! It was much better than most other superhero movies- I could write much, much longer posts about, say, Avengers, or any of Nolan’s Batman films… I only bitch this much about Wonder Woman because I loved the film and therefore the parts I didn’t like bothered me that much more. Brief list of the parts I did like:

-flipping a fucking tank

-ok, just all the action scenes

-Diana’s fuck you, I’m crossing No Man’s Land

-the way the movie managed to make “I believe in love” and “I believe that love can save the world” actually make sense and not sound stupidly cheesy

- the muscles on the Amazons

-a visibly middle-aged woman in a badass, sexy outfit kicking ass

-ZERO shots of Diana or ANY Amazons designed to show off their asses, boobs, or any other body parts for the male gaze. Yeah, I can gripe about the costumes, but it’s such a minor fucking gripe and part of it being so minor was that the costumes were not in any way a tool for the male gaze. Yay!

-the fight choreography. I thought I’d be quietly burying my annoyance at all the flips and twirls, but that wasn’t really the case. It really fit with who the Amazons were and the world they come from. I have a lot of thoughts about this, actually, but i’ll put that in a different post. Also, it looked really fucking cool.

I Call It Love     Pt.11 (Final Part)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Gang AU

Jimin x Reader 

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9 I Part 10

Words: 3.508

Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood bestfriend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.

“I always hated Hani anyway” you heard Jooheon spit out after having swallowed down his tears.

Your eyes widened in shok as you realized that it must be her that had died. That reality hit you hard and you didn’t even remember to close your eyes before Minhyuk had seen that you woke up.

“Shot in the head” Minhyuk said while staring into your eyes. You held his gaze and tried to keep all emotions back.

“Then can I leave now?” you asked eventhough you were 99 percent sure the answer would be no. Still you stood up and started walking towards the door. To your surprise none of them said anything until you were about to open the door.

Suddely you felt the cold material of a gun at your head. “You still think this is a fucking joke?” Kihyun whispered into your ear, scaring you so much that you forgot to breath for a second.

You gulped and then shook your head.

“Good. Because this bullet will be faster in your head then you can even take a single step”

You didn’t move an inch after that. “I heard there was a contract. Didn’t it say I can leave?” the fear you were feeling was more obvious in your voice than you had wanted it to be.

“The contract is off. Now go sit down on the couch again.”

Without another word you went back. Just feeling relief as soon as the gun didn’t touch your head anymore.

After five minutes the fear was gone again and your confidence was back. You turned to Minhyuk who was standing closest to you and asked “Why is the contract off?”

Minhyuk turned towards you, considering wether or not to even give you an answer. In the end he told you “Bts didn’t sign it. Guess you are not that important to them” he gave you a sick smile. You didn’t answer anything to that simply because there was nothing you could answer.

A knock on the door had everyone looking up. Kihyun and Changkyun were directly pointing their guns to the door and you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Who’s there?” Shownu asked the person behind the door.


“The door’s open” and with that, you could see Yoongi walking through the door having the two guns pointed directly at him. However he didn’t look too bothered and just walked towards you without a word.

“Let’s go” he told you and put an arm around you. Gulping you looked at the two guns that were since Yoongi stood right next to you also pointed in your direction.

“Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?” Wonho raised an eyebrow before you could say something.

Yoongi had a smile on that scared you even though you knew he was going to help you. But he didn’t answer Wonho and instead started dragging you towards the door.

“Quit the games Yoongi” Shownu told him now. This time Yoongi took out a paper and slammed it on the table next to him.

Then he started walking again and dragged you through the door. The whole time you were just hoping not to feel a bullet go through your head and you were actually kinda surprised when the cold air from outside hit you.

“We’re… they… they let us leave… they let us leave just like that” you just couldn’t believe it. It was only now you realized just how horrified you had been the whole time.

Yoongi just gave you a look. “There were some changes we had to do in the contract so it took a little longer.”

As the two of you turned the corner, you suddenly felt two strong arms attack you. Well attack you with a hug. You directly recognized the person as Jimin and quickly hugged him back.

“I’m so sorry” Jimin mumbled right before pressing a kiss on your mouth. “I love you so much! How can you scare me so much?”

Instead of answering you just kissed him again. With his arms around you you finally felt completely safe again.

After a while you heard someone shuffle in front of you and you reluctantly pulled away from Jimin.

In front of you, you saw Jungkook looking a bit awkward. Quickly you ran to him and hugged him too. When you pulled away from him he told you “Don’t scare me like that ever again, ok? I thought I would have to explain all of this to your mother” You chuckled and lightly hit him.

“Let’s leave this place now” Yoongi said and you for the first time you could see a toothy smile on Yoongi. At his words Jimin took your hand and lead you to a van.

The four of you drove back to their house and you walked in. Jin and Taehyung were sitting in the living roomand very happily greeted you.

“Is Hoseok still in his room?” Jimin asked worried and Taehyung shook his head “He eventually drove to the exid house.” Jungkook looked down and Jimin just lead you to his room without reacting at all.

“Are you tired?” he asked you and you just shook your head. Jimin looked deep in your eyes to find out if you were being honest, which just for the record you were not because you could not help but feel like you might miss something if you went to bed now. Eventually Jimin sighed, realizing that he couldn’t tell if you lie anyway.

“So do you want to watch tv or…?” Jimin asked.

“Not really..” you sighed. “To be honest I think I would like to just go to my apartment”

Jimin looked a bit surprised but nodded anyway. “Then let’s go” and with that the two of you left the room again and walked towards Jimin’s car. As you passed Taehyung he threw you a questioningly look and Jimin shortly told him where you were going.

Eventhough the drive wasn’t too long, you suddenly felt it make you very sleepy and you had to fight against your eyes closing more and more as the houses passed you by.

“Not tired, huh?” you heard Jimin ask you amused all of a sudden and you shook your head. Jimin let out a slight laugh “Yeah, you’re too awake to even notice we arrived, right?” It was only now that you actually started focusing on the outside of the car and realized that nothing was any longer moving and you were instead looking at your apartment.

Turning to Jimin you offered him a sheepish smile and he just let out a laugh.

The two of you got out of the car and went into the house. Jimin sat down in front of the tv and after changing into more comfortable clothes you lay down with your head in his lap. Coontrary to Jimin you didn’t know the anime that was running on tv, so it was difficult for you to actually follow the plot line.

Suddenly you heard a loud bang from behind you and spun around. You recognized the person that just walked in as Minhyuk. With wide eyes you were just staring at him. He was wearing that same smile that always made you feel sick to your stomach. From behind you, you heard Jimin telling him to leave again but Minhyuk didn’t seem to care about that. Instead he walked closer to you and quickly you could feel the cold metal of the gun he pulled out only moments before against your head. A tear started forming in the corner of your eye.

“Please don’t” you pleaded “Please don’t”

But Minhyuk’s smile simply grew bigger until you finally heard the gun go off. The sound made you scream but the expected pain did not set in. Instead you just heard someone behind you slam to the ground. Horrified you turned around, only to look at your boyfriends bleeding figure. Falling down next to him you directly felt your clothes getting soaked from his blood. “No” you wanted to whisper out, wanted to scream out, but you couldn’t. Instead all you could do was cry. Cry so much that you were not sure if your clothes were wetter because of Jimin’s blood or your tears.

“Y/N” you suddenly heard Jimin’s voice. But that was impossible. He was dead, right?

“Y/n, please wake up” the worry in his voice was unmistakable. Quickly you opened your eyes and there he was hovering above you with his eyes showing a slight relief after seeing you had woken up.

“What were you dreaming about?” Jimin asked you worried while brushing his hand over your hair lightly.

“Nothing” you mumbled while gulping at the thought of your dream. Jimin looked at you, obviously knowing that that was a lie.

“You were screaming” he stated after a few moments of silence.

“Really? I don’t remember” you continued your lie and to change the topic you added “But I’m quite tired so let’s go to bed, yeah?” Jimin nodded still in thought and followed you to the bedroom.

After a few minutes you could hear Jimin’s breathing become regular and knew that he had fallen asleep. The adrenaline rush of your nightmare was still there, so for hours you just lay there. Staring at the ceiling.

As you were just lying there, not being able to fall asleep your thoughts started wandering.

Your first day of university was only 8 days away now and you hadn’t prepared anything yet. You should definetely start studying tomorrow. You should definetely start living in your reality anymore. And your reality was not gunshots and drugs. Your reality were studying and living a student life. Now that you thought about it your mom would probably kill you for how useless the past weeks had been for your future.

Next to you Jimin suddenly moved in his sleep and laid his arm over your stomach.

So you knew what was your reality, right? But you also knew that that wasn’t Jimin’s. You needed to talk about this with him but there was no possible solution. You just couldn’t think of a single way of how your and Jimin’s lifes could mix. But then somehow you also couldn’t think of a way to live your life without him.

This problem did not leave you until you eventually fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up with sweat all over your forehead. The nightmare had haunted you again and again through the night and you felt just as tired as you had when you fell asleep.

Jimin next to you had already stood up earlier and you expected to see him in the kitchen as you walked to get some water but he wasn’t there. Quickly you checked your phone and found that he sent you a message:

“Good morning, babe. Sorry I had to leave something came up. I’ll be back soon”  you gulped hoping that it wasn’t too dangerous.

On the other hand you now had time to start preparing things for university and contact your family. It wasn’t the most exiting day but at least everything kept you busy enough to not think about where Jimin was. Or how it was 6 o’clock already and he still hadn’t come back.

At half past seven you finally heard someone ring the doorbell.

“Who’s there?” you asked hopefully and heard Jimin’s voice on the other side. Quickly you opened the door and saw Jimin right in front of you. Next to him were Jungkook and Yoongi. You gave all of them a smile and them in. Jimin gave you a peck on the lips and walked in with the others following him.

“What have you been doing today?” Jimin asked when all of you had sat down.

“Just preparing for university and you?” it sounded just as boring as it had been you thought to yourself.

“Some business stuff..” Somehow it annoyed you that he didn’t go into further detail but then all of his ‘business’ stuff was probably still too intense for you.

“Actually we wanted to ask if you want to come partying with us today” Jungkook told you excitedly and you looked at him surprised.

“I would love to but I’m kinda too tired” “It’s ok then, just go to sleep” Jimin told you with a smile.

“Can I change your mind by telling you that Pinky will be at the party?” Jungkook mocked you and let out a laugh. Your boyfriend shot him an angry look and you put your hand on his thigh to calm him down.

“She’s really nice, right? So it will already be fun when she’s there. No need for me to come” you answered lightly, eventhough the jealousy inside of you was about to surface again.

“It would be more fun with you, though” Jimin sweetly added and you gave him a smile. You really had the cutest boyfriend in the world.

Shortly after that the three boys told you goodbye again and left. Overall they had only been there for half an hour. All day you waited for your boyfriend and now he left after half an hour. But it wasn’t like you didn’t understand why, just that you still missed him so much again already.

Since you hadn’t had too much sleep the last night, you went to bed early. This night you were woken up by nightmares of shootings and people dying four times but you still decided to get up eventually in the morning. Around 3 o’clock Jimin came home with pizza and stayed for a few hours. However he couldn’t stay for too long again.

The next days flew by just like that. You were mostly on your own in the big city. Sometimes Jimin or Jungkook would come over and one time even Jeonghwa visited you. But none could ever stay long and so your days were pretty boring. But the days were still better than the nights. Somehow you just could not sleep without having nightmares anymore and it was keeping you from sleeping at all.

Then the day finally came. Your first day at university. The older students led you around and then you went to your first subject. About 50 people were sitting in the room and you quickly sat downon a random seat before the professor would come in.

“Hey, I’m Saeron” a girly voice suddenly said next to you, making you turn towards her. “I’m y/n. Nice to meet you” you smiled back at her. Directly she started smal-talking to you to get to know each other. Apparently, she was from miadong so she also didn’t know a lot of people that lift directly in Seoul. She seemed really friendly and you were relieved to have found a friend already.

While the professor was preparing to start talking, she suddenly furrowed her brows, focusing on something on the side of you. “What’s wrong?” you asked confused.

She giggled a bit and leaned forward “Ok, don’t turn around right now. But that cute guy on the right is totally staring at you.” you let out a small laugh and turned around anyway.

Your smile directly froze. It had only taken you half a second to find the guy she was talking about and recognize him. Quickly you turned back not being able to hold his gaze.

“Do you know him?” Saeron asked you confused about your reaction.

“No!” you answered way too quickly.

“Is he like your ex or something?” “No, I told you I don’t know him. Just spoke to him at a party once” you tried to make up a believable lie.

“Ah ok.. do you know his name?” “Why do you want to know his name?” “I don’t know. He is really handsome” she winked at you and you reluctantly told her “Changkyun.. I think his name was Changkyun.”

“No way!” Jimin shouted when you told him who was in your mathematics course. “Why would he be there?”

“He said he always wanted to study this, so he enrolled half a year ago”

“You talked to him?” Jimin did not sound too happy.

“I just wanted to know why he was there. It was kinda creeping me out.”

“That’s because it should creep you out! He is dangerous!”

“I know! That’s why I confronted him! He will be there for the next year, so I couldn’t just let him stare at me. I had to deal with that. This is my reality and I need to be able to live in it!” you shouted back at him and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Your reality? What do you mean your reality? The danger coming from him is the reality  too.”

“No, the danger is your reality! I’m just a normal student!” the words left your lips before you could hold them back.

“So we don’t have the same reality? Is that what you’re saying? That I don’t fit in your reality either?” Jimin was getting angrier with every word and when you didn’t answer him he stormed out. You heard your front door slam shut and waited for the tears to fall. But they didn’t. You were like paralyzed.

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My Favorite Anime /Top 25

I always wanted to do a list like this. I have been watching anime since I was 4 so it has been 14 years now. Over the years I have been watching a lot of anime from all the different genres. I was never really picky tbh so I like the most anime I’m watching and there are only a few which I don’t like. Even then it’s not like every anime can be one of my favortites. According to Hummingbird I have watched 459 anime (including movies and ova). So obviously it was really hard to decide. There are many anime which are not in this list but I still love. But anyway here is my top 25 anime.

25. Gunslinger Girl

The first time I heard about Gunslinger Girl was when I was a bit younger. I was like maybe 10 (?) when I read about Gunslinger Girl in a booklet which was inside an anime dvd I bought (cough Whisper of the Heart cough). Anyway back then the summary sounded quite scary for me. Little girls who are killing people. Definetly something I wouldn’t watch back then. But 6-7 years later I saw Gunslinger Girl on an anime page again and it reminded me how I read about this once. So I thought why not starting it ? As you see I liked Gunslinger Girl a lot. I liked the plot the characters and the music (amazing opening) and so it’s definetly one of my fav anime. I haven’t watched Season 2 yet though since the animation completly changed and I heard that this season really sucks. So out of fear I won’t watch season 2 for now and just have this great season 1 in my mind.

24. Sket Dance

I heard about Sket Dance first when I watched Gintama. In the beginning I couldn’t really get into Sket Dance as I have this bad habit to get annoyed when something is trying to be too much like Gintama lol. I knew that the mangaka worked together with Sorachi Hideaki but even then it was kinda annoying at first. But I still kept watching it and I loved it. It kept getting better the more episodes you watched (just like Gintama) and ended up being a very enjoyable anime.

23. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy is just great. I don’t even know where to start. Be it the unique animation or the smart plot and dialogues. We get to see the highschool life from the view of our main character as he is making choices about his life. But how do you know that you took the right choice ? And can you change it ? What would happen if I had taken the other choice ? Questions like this are standard in this show. Just watch it and you will be truly amazed by how well written everything is. Madhouse never dissapoints after all.

22. Psycho-Pass

I almost forgot to include Psycho Pass in my list since the second season sucked so hard. This doesn’t change the fact that the first season was amazing. Great characters, animation, setting and plot. Psycho Pass was one of those anime which really used this Cyberpunk genre in a good way and wasn’t wasting it potenial. Once you start watching it you get sucked in the world and setting. Not only is the world really detailed it’s feels quite realistic too. Great anime.

21. Dragonball/Z

My childhood anime. No matter what happens I can’t dislike it. Goku was the superhero of my childhood and it will always be like that. No matter how much the creators are milking the series I don’t care and I don’t mind seeing more and more about Dragonball. I will never forget the journey of Goku starting as a little kid growing slowly and end up being even a grandpa.

20. Bakuman

We all know Death Note. But sadly there are quite a few people who don’t even heard about Bakuman which is from the same mangaka. Personally I liked Bakuman even more then Death Note. The love the mangaka gave this manga/anime is really amazing. It’s so detailed and interesting. For everyone who wants to know more about the work “behind the scenes” should really watch this since being a mangaka is definetly not easy. The romance is a bit too cheesy and way too unrealistic but that’s bearable.

19. Kokoro Connect

This anime looks like a usual school/comedy/romance anime but it’s not. While it has those genre it adds another which is Supernatural. And this makes the series very interesting and good. I loved the psychological side of this anime and how it deals with emotions. They really did a fantastic job here. For everyone who wants to watch this don’t forget to watch the ovas afterwards since they are part of the story and very important.

18. Naruto

Ah Naruto. Back then after Dragonball finished airing on Tv Naruto was my new favorite anime. I loved every bit of it. The ninjas were badass, the jutsus were great and it just was a cool world to explore together with Team 7. With the start with Shippuuden it got even better. Even Naruto hater can’t deny the fact how great the Pain Arc was and how great every single Akatsuki Member was. The problem is that after the Pain Arc Naruto got really downhill. Like seriously. I finished the Naruto manga already and I wasn’t happy with the whole last arc. Not only that the arc is not good anyway the anime is killing us with Fillers now. It’s not even funny. But just because one arc sucks won’t make me forget all the great moments in Naruto and even though it let a rather bad vibe at the end Naruto is still Naruto and deserves the popularity it has.

17. Kimi Ni Todoke

I’m a big fan of romance anime. I grew up watching every anime on Tv. Shoujo was also there which is why I don’t mind watching Shoujo’s at all even though I’m a boy. I loved Kimi Ni Todoke for the slow pacing. There are many anime where they get together way too fast which makes it unrealistic. The slow pacing of Kimi Ni Todoke was great. This way we could learn more about all the characters. Even though sometimes you feel like hitting yourself the romance is really innocent and enjoyable. This is why Kimi Ni Todoke is one of my most favorite Romance anime/manga.

16. Detective Conan

“It was first new centuryin 100 yearsAnd when I felt like I should cryI laughed away my tears”
Not only is this opening epic and nostalgic as hell the series is still running. With over 700 episodes now it’s one of the longest running anime. I’m still up to date and I still love it. Even though I disliked Conan at first it grew to me and it ended up being something I used to watch daily on Tv.

15. Nichijou

It’s hilarious, It’s random, It’s creative and it’s just simply amazing. There is not anything I didn’t liked about this anime. From the fantastic animation (Kyoani does really a great job) to the funny characters everything works here. I really enjoyed the episodic style of this anime too as this gave Kyoani the opportunity to give us many different short and funny storys where they were also able to experiment with animation as you will see in the series quite a lot.

14. Hanasaku Iroha

My love for P.A Works started with Hanasaku Iroha. I’m a big fan of slice of life so this anime was enjoyable as hell. P.A Works has this animation style which I enjoy a lot. The character design is great and I love how much effort P.A Works puts in the background scenes. The story was pretty simple actually but that’s not that important for a slice of life anime. Important for me are the characters, dialogues and the interactions in general. The movie was great as well. Now I feel like rewatching this anime.

13. Kino no Tabi

Talking about Slice of Life Kino no Tabi is the next one. I think the most of you heard of this anime before. The journey of Kino is definetly worth watching and everytime he is in a different  place the area is just begging for getting analyzed. But it’s kinda hard to explain this anime. I think it’s better if you watch it yourself and enjoy this great anime.

12. Shirobako

P.A Works returns after the Flop Glasslip which never happened cough. Shirobako is an anime about making anime. Might sounds boring for some people but it’s definetly not boring. The diversity in the cast and dialogues are great. It’s really funny at times but also quite sad in some. What I love about Shirobako is the realism. To see how hard the characters are working and struggling. If you liked Bakuman then you also should check this out.

11. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

“Angel Beats is the saddest anime ever” “Oh Ao Hana is soooo sad”. If you really want to watch something sad then watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.  The story is about an earthquake in Japan and 2 Kids who are trying to survive and get back to their home. It’s truly a masterpiece and I rewatched it a week after I finished it for the first time.

10. Haibane Renmei

There are those anime which are easy to watch, are very enjoyable and you can watch it when ever you want and then there is Haibane Renmei. It’s an anime you can’t just watch randomly. You need to focus and try to understand what’s really happening which is why I wouldn’t recommend this anime for everyone. Haibane Renmei has a great plot and starts very myserious. At the begining everything seems confusing but with time you will slowly understand what’s happening. Overall a very slow and confusing anime which is a masterpiece if you give it a chance.

9. Welcome To The NHK

There are a few anime you finish and end up thinking “ why exactly is this not popular?"Welcome to the NHK is one of them. It’s in my opinion an oustanding anime which is funny but also very painful to watch. This anime deals with emotions and a focus a lot on the psychological genre. The anime is so realistic at times that it hurts but also so funny that you can’t help but laugh. I think it’s actually hard to dislike this anime as it offers something for everyone.

8. Sakurasou no ? Pet Na Kanojo

Might be suprising for some that this is so high but yes I absolutely love this anime.The first few episodes makes this anime seems like a typical school/echhi show but it’s way more then that. The drama in this series makes the anime as great as it is. Struggling for jobs and dealing with the ups and downs in life. Jealousy and all that stuff. Don’t let the beginning stop you from watching this very great show. I also love the soundtrack a lot and I’m writing this while listening to the Op’s and Endings.

7. Hunter x Hunter 2011

To be honest the Cover kinda made me think that this show won’t be that great lol. But good thing that I still started watching it as this was one of the best shounen anime I ever watched. I didn’t liked all the arcs though and specially the before Chimera Ants weren’t that great for me but that’s okay since Meruem made me forget all this. Really hoping that the mangaka comes back from his Dragon Quest nest and keeps drawing the manga one day.

6. One Piece

Do I even need to say something ? It’s One Piece. The most popular manga ever. And there is always a reason for that. One Piece is just one great adventure which takes you with the Strawhats into different and unique worlds and adventures which you can’t possibly see anywhere else. Oda has such a great fantasy that it’s always fun seeing the Strawhats exploring the world.

5. Hajime No Ippo

Easily the best sport anime/manga. While there is all this Knb and Haikyuu stuff nowadays Hajime No Ippo is the anime/manga which beats them all. A story about boxing ? Sounds boring is what many people keep thinking. And I was one of them. Heck I even hated Boxing but this anime completly changed my mind. Now I just need to start reading the manga which has over 1000 chapters…Well then.

4. Space Brothers

Yes not only Shounen at the top but also a Seinen. Space Brothers the story about two brothers who dream to fly to the moon one day. I kinda noticed that the story that seems boring at first ends up being the most interesting anime/manga. Space Brothers seriously is amazing and that is not only because the mangaka did so much researching in his work. It’s just the atmosphere in the anime which makes it so good. The realistic characters, the calming soundtrack and and and the list goes on. Believe me watch Space Brothers you won’t regret it.

3. Steins Gate

Time Traveling is always interesting and a dream of many peoples. But time traveling is very complex and invlolves a lot of dangerous factors such as changes. Steins Gate is one of the few anime I actually would rate with the highest number possible even though some people found it hard to get into (not for me). But even if you would find hard getting into it bear it. Because once it reaches "this” point you won’t be able to watching it anymore. Steins Gate is always at the top of many anime sites for a reason. I really can’t wait for the next season.

2. FMA Brotherhood

I kinda noticed that my top 3 is almost the same as the MAL top 3 only in a different order. But anyway FMA Brotherhood had for me the most interesting story so far. No anime did amaze me as much as FMA did regarding the story and characters. It’s such an epic and fantastic journey that FMA will always stay one of my favorite anime. I have to mention that I’m talking about FMA Brotherhood though as the first version of FMA wasn’t that impressive for me.

1. Gintama

Number one is clearly Gintama. Gintama was the anime which was the hardest to get into from all these 24 anime mentioned here but ended up being my fav. Wouldn’t it be for all those messages I got to keep watching it I would have dropped Gintama long ago. But once I saw that Gintama actually has a story I started liking it. And this was also the time where I enjoyed the Comedy before then before. With each season Gintama got even better to the point that it was my favorite anime.

Skinny Genes (A Cristiano Ronaldo One-Shot)

        “This is all your fault!”

        “My fault?” He snickered, pointing at his chest in the same dramatic way he did after receiving a yellow card over a foul he obviously didn’t do “My fault?!”

        “Yes Cristiano, your fault!”

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Kinda craving a Scerek AU with teenage Derek and alive Hale pack.

And Scott is the new kid who just moved to town with his mom and transferred to Beacon Hills High, instantly attracting the attention of Derek and every other teen werewolf at school, because he’s definitely a werewolf.

And Talia Hale introduces herself to Scott and his mother and graciously offers him a place in her pack, as long as he abides by her rules and doesn’t harm anyone in town or endanger their secret. And Scott politely but firmly declines, having been bitten against his will and nursing some hella resentments against his fucked up alpha, the only one he has to make comparisons too. It’s not that he thinks Talia is anything like the alpha who turned him (maybe Deucalion, Kali, Ennis, whomever). It’s just he’s not remotely interested in being told he really has no choice but to submit to some strange woman he just met and doesn’t even know, because Supernatural Bullshit Rules, thanks but no thanks. He doesn’t want to cause any drama, he just wants to be left alone. Talia’s completely thrown, this is not what she expected when she came over to extend her benevolent olive branch to her son’s new omega classmate, and when she tries to press upon Scott that omega werewolves tend not to survive on their own, Melissa steps up, eyes narrowed into slits and her finger hovering over the speed dial button saying ‘hey lady, I hope that wasn’t a threat, because my ex husband’s a fed and kinda an asshole, but he’s a fed asshole whose one redeeming quality is he will fuck your shit up if you think you’re going to intimidate my son into something he clearly has no interest in, alpha werewolf or no alpha werewolf, thanks and HAVE A NICE DAY BITCH.’

The door slams in Talia’s face. She blinks, having really no idea what else to do there.

Talia Hale is not a woman who is used to being told no, especially when she’s clearly in the right and was just trying to do the right thing, so it’s possible she fumes in a way that all three of her children inherited from her….like, yeah, she may be the regal, composed alpha most of the time, but that’s just because when she’s pissed as hell she doesn’t let it show. She saves it all for venting to her emissary, Alan Deaton, who has the nerve to try and argue things from Scott and Melissa’s perspectives and whose side is he on anyway? And then he goes and gives Scott a JOB and why is he so interested in this kid who’s starting to drive a wedge between he and his Alpha? To which Alan merely raises an eyebrow and says ‘Talia, I’m afraid we have a bigger problem than Scott if I’ve ever given you the impression over the years that you are my alpha. I’m your Emissary. I’m not your pack, I don’t have an alpha. I work alongside your pack. I advise you. I am not now, nor have I ever been, ruled by you.’

Another door slams in Talia’s face. Familiarity is not endearing the experience to her at all.

Meanwhile, Scott goes to school, keeps his head down, gets good grades, joins the lacrosse team, keeps to the opposite side of the woods on full moons. Derek is FASCINATED. He’s never seen anyone get under his mom’s skin like this, never seen anyone DEFY his mother like this, and the fact that he’s doing it all without even trying, without even acknowledging that he’s doing anything at all, like this is no big deal, he’s just living his life? Okay, Derek might be more than just a little bit fascinated. And he’s got the perfect excuse to watch Scott with laser like focus, his mother and alpha specifically ordered him to keep an eye on That Omega Boy and make sure he didn’t get up to any trouble. She’d have to step in if he did. He might not be her pack, but this was her territory, and she wasn’t about to let him disrupt it anymore than he already had.

But despite the dire warnings of his mother and sisters and older packmates that this Boy and His Obstinacy were nothing but trouble and destined to cause problems for the Hale pack, all Derek sees when he looks is this sweet, earnest kid who loves his mom and actually likes school and steps in when assholes like Jackson Whittemore are bullying shy, nervous freshmen like Corey Bryant. And it really doesn’t help that he’s hot - ugh, why did he have to be HOT on top of everything else? Rude. Okay, so maybe Derek gets his pack’s aggravation with the kid a little bit. Enough to play along when his fellow teen werewolves talk shit about Scott or throw around attitude. Even if his frustrations are born of an entirely different nature and Boyd smirks at him knowingly every time he slams his tray down on the lunch table and sits down with a ‘fucking Scott McCall.’

And idk, maybe the Argents move to town then and there’s hunter bullshit and maybe Peter encourages Derek’s fascination with Scott because he looks at how he gets under Talia’s skin and sees Opportunity and so Peter Agendas and maybe Scott starts to form his own pack slowly but surely, as the school’s human and supernatural outcasts seem to flock to his table, that kitsune girl Kira and that kid Liam who got kicked out of his last school for anger management issues, and even some of Satomi’s betas seem to act like he’s more their alpha than the Ito Alpha herself. And the teenage Hale betas report all this to Talia who seems to get more and more cross-eyed with the arrival of each new ‘friend’ to Scott McCall’s lunch table.

Idk, that’s like…all the plot stuff but forget about that, let’s focus on what’s really important here, Scott and Derek start dating in secret because Drama, and then people find out and More Drama and Talia could not be less amused and Melissa could definitely be More Thrilled but she at least trusts her son which means Talia has to pretend to too, she’s not about to lose face with both this teenage omega AND his human mother and goddamn the day the McCalls ever moved to Beacon Hills.

And meanwhile, Scott is completely oblivious to all the havoc he’s wreaked on the Beacon Hills pack and the politics of the surrounding packs and territories, all because grown ass adults can’t handle the boy wolf who said no and refused to back down.

The Killing Joke (JokerXReader)

So guys since I’m kinda stuck on Nerve part 7 I decided to write out a project that I had planned for a while now. I actually have had written this first part of The Killing Joke two days ago but I wasn’t sure about posting it. :) The story will contain a few contents out of the actual Killing Joke movie and a few things about the death of Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood but I don’t want to say too much yet. ;) Let me know what you think about this idea, hope you’ll enjoy and I’m sorry that the first chapter isn’t that long but it was just some kind of an introduction at first to find a better way into the story. :) 

The Killing Joke


Plot: The reader is working for Batman but since she first met the Joker she had been fallen for him and he took an interest in her as well. Time passed by and his plan to make her his girl grew stronger within every day and he left nothing untried to fulfill his desire but before Joker could finish what he began the death of Jason Todd, Batman and a place called Arkham crossed his purposes. But things were about to change and the Clown Prince of Crime couldn’t wait to take his revenge on those who kept him away from his girl; the only human being that ever cared about him and didn’t try to change him …  


My hands were trembling as we entered the hallway of the Arkham Asylum.

It was far after midnight and the only reason we were here was someone that I haven’t seen for nearly a year and I was sure that it would break my heart to see him now.

Many things had happened since then, many horrible things mostly because of the man which had been locked away behind the big metal door at the end of this floor.

But still … I wanted to see him more than anything else in the world.

“Are you alright, (Y/N)?” Nightwing asked while Batman was leading us to Mr J’s cell.

“Yes, it’s just … I wasn’t here after what felt like an eternity … it seems strange to me” I said not looking him in the eyes.

If he would’ve known what really had been going on in my mind …

“Yeah especially after …”

Nightwing didn’t speak further he just looked at Batman, and I knew what he meant; Jason’s death.

It still didn’t affect me as much as it should, what clearly must show to me who I really was.

“Bats … what are you doing here? Searching for a lost life?”

His signature laughter echoed from the walls of his prison cell and my heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard it.

“And the old wonder boy has got some new tights! HA HA HA … What do you want from me? Why are you interrupting my perfect little life, hm?” he growled.

His mood swings were still the same, maybe even worse after throwing him back into this hell hole.

Batman sat down in front of him at the table, so that I could finally see him and the sight nearly made me cry.

He looked demolished, almost gaunt and his left eye looked like someone punched him in the face.

I just had seen him like that for once and that was years ago, when I first met him here.

Tied up in his straightjacket and additionally chained up in fetters I could only compare this to impound an animal that was sick.

Yes I knew who he was and I knew what he did, but to me … he didn’t deserve this, another prove that I wasn’t a normal girl anymore, maybe I was crazy because of thinking like that, but … I just could imagine all the times he saved me even though everyone told me that he was a heartless psychopath with none other feelings than hate inside of him and the joy for killing.

I looked at him and that was the moment he recognized my presence.

His eyes met mine and it felt like drowning into a blue shade of rage, anger, sadness and confusion before they turned into something new, something that looked like … hope and the beginning of an idea.

I knew that look, it said: Daddy’s coming for you, doll.

He gave me this look the last time I had seen him, the day he had been arrested, the day he wanted me to stay with him.

“You look good, kitten. Still innocent … still waiting, aren’t ya?” he asked in a hypnotizing way.

I really wanted to answer him but Nightwing interrupted him quickly.

“She’ll never be yours, no matter how hard you try, Joker” he said.

Batman and Nightwing knew that Mr J still wanted me, but no one knew … that I wanted him as well and his absence made me realize that in a very painful way.

I missed him, I missed the little things we used to do when Batman or the others weren’t looking, him being here was like to come off drugs cold turkey for me.

“And what are you gonna do about it, hm?” J said with an eerie cold voice.

“Nightwing, enough. We’re not here for your entertainment, Joker. We need information about-”

“Information? Information? INFORMATION? HA HA HA HA what could be that important that you need my HELP? Last time we’ve seen each other Bats … I killed your little bird, remember?”

J was laughing all the way, probably the only fun he had had in a while, but Batman wasn’t amused at all.

A loud bang sounded from the walls of the cell and the next thing that happened was Batman throwing J against the next wall and choking the life out of him.

“STOP IT!” I screamed before I could even think about it.

“Let him go, don’t forget about your principles” I hissed and pushed Batman away from Joker.

The room fell silent and I knew that all eyes were on me but I didn’t care.

“We’re going”, Batman said.

I didn’t look at him and as soon as I heard him and Nightwing leaving the room I kneeled down in front of J and cupped his face into my black gloved hands, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“Shhh, we’ll be together very soon, kitten …” he purred, kissing my lips so soft that I first couldn’t believe it was him.

“What happened there?” I asked carefully touching his bruised left eye.

“The doctor just thought I was a little too hyperactive” he grinned but I didn’t feel like smiling.

“So they punched you?”

“Princess you sound like this is something new. You know what they’re doing here with people like me”, he simply said.

I thought of the electroshock therapy sessions and all the other stuff.

It made me sick that they were treating him like that.

“What happened here the last months?”

Since J got caught they didn’t let anyone visit or talk to him, he was kept in solitary confinement so I couldn’t visit him as well what made the whole thing even worse.

In the past I kept visiting him to make sure they treat him well but this time I couldn’t do anything about it.

“They tried to erase my mind by throwing me into a black hole of rage and confusion, but you little doll … the thought of you waiting for me to return … that was something they couldn’t take away from me …”

My heart felt like breaking in two pieces.

I wanted to stay with him so badly.

“I missed you …” I whispered resting my head at the crook of his neck letting him kiss mine.

“I know, baby. My sweet, my deary, my angel … Don’t worry about me, daddy will be back in town very soon. And you will be mine.”

Two Times The Headache: P1

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Paxalie, Natan 

Word Count: 1500 

Rating/Content: This one is PG, nothing to see here. Later chapters will be rated accordingly.

Summary: In which Natalie’s good intention to distract Satan from his stressful End of Days duties, winds up landing her a distraction of her own. *coughhack* Pax *cough*

A/N: This is just a sorta, intro to some ideas I have for this threesome. While the set up seems like it, I don’t actually plan for there to be a lot of End of Days plot going on. Mostly just Paxalie happening under Satan’s nose, and then Natan fluff. Triangles man. They are fun shapes. Also, thanks to magical-moosegirl for the title <3

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