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My perfect day.

Beach City Gothic
  • There is a statue carved in to the mountain. You know this. Everyone knows this. You ask, once, who the statue is of. No one knows. There are whispers, hardly spoken. It is a temple. You ask who it is a temple to. No one knows. 
  • A monster attacks the town. You have never seen anything like it. Protectors you have never met step forward and defeat it. They leave before you can thank them. You rebuild what has been destroyed. A monster attacks the town. You have never seen anything like it.
  • There is a boy. His name is Steven. You do not know how you met him. You ask when he came to the town. He has always lived here, someone says, he’s Greg’s son. You think that you have met Greg. You ask where Steven lives. No one knows. No one ever knows. You don’t know anything about Steven. You like him anyways.
  • There is no school. There is never any school. School is out for the summer, they say, but you continue to receive grades. You haven’t been to school. You have never been to school. They continue to send you grades. You’re getting worse.
  • You sit on the beach with your feet in the water. The tide pulls out. You worry that it will not return. The tide returns. It always returns. You don’t remember why you ever worried.
  • The cool kids drive past you. You don’t remember ever meeting them, but you know they are cool. You can’t remember a time when they weren’t the cool kids. You know their names. They do not know yours.
  • You don’t know your name.
  • They are holding the mayoral elections. Mayor Dewey is campaigning. You do not know who he is running against. You do not know if there is someone he is running against. He wins the elections by a landslide. He continues to campaign. He can not stop. There has always been a Mayor Dewey. There will always be a Mayor Dewey.
  • You can not name your parents, but you know that they mean well. They always mean well. You are certain you still live with them, but you don’t know where you live. You do not know your name. You are certain that your parents love you.
  • There are strangers on the pier. They do not look human. You greet them politely and treat them as if they are normal. They are normal. You don’t know why anyone would ever assume otherwise. You think that they are heroes, but you don’t know what they have saved. You treat them with respect anyways.
  • No one ever speaks of the war. You ask someone, once, and they can not remember. The world has always been this strange. There is nothing to fear. You do not ask again.
  • Every day the boats go out to fish. You have never seen them leave or return, only appear and disappear. They return with fish. They always return with fish. You have never seen anyone eat the fish. It is forbidden. You do not know where the fish go.
  • If you walk far enough you will find old places, ruined, full of artifacts. None of them have been blocked off, but you know not to enter. These places are dangerous. It is better to pretend that they don’t exist. 
  • There are lights in the sky that are not stars. Sometimes they grow brighter and fade away. Other times they grow larger. Always larger. Approaching. You do not know when they will arrive.
  • Earthquakes shake the town. There are always Earthquakes.
  • Keep Beach City Weird, the boy says. Beach City has never been weird. Everyone dismisses what he has to say as nonsense. This is normal. Beach City is normal. He never talks to you about the fact you don’t have a name. You wouldn’t know what to say.
  • Steven does something. “Classic Steven”, you say, but you can not remember what makes you say that. You know him. Everyone knows him. He always looks the same. A part of you wonders how. The rest of you replies, “Classic Steven.”
  • One of the strangers is purple. If you look at her long enough, she will shift form. You are not certain she is real. You start to watch other things, waiting to see them shift forms. Most of the time, they do nothing.
  • Half of the games on the boardwalk are out of order. You wait for the repair crew. You are always waiting for the repair crew. You do not know if they can even be repaired, now.
  • There are some plants that you do not go near. You have not seen a Rose in a long time. One day, watermelons are added to the list. You do not know who added it, but no one has eaten watermelons since.
  • They hold a parade each year. You know this. You remember having watched the parade, but you do not know what it is for. You do not know when it is held. No one does. It seems uncertain the parade will ever come. You wait for the parade.
  • There is only one empty lot you have ever seen, and it sits behind the Big Donut. Nothing is ever built there. You do not know who owns the lot, but it is empty.
  • You miss your parents. You aren’t certain when they left, or if they are even gone. You miss them anyways.
  • You are always friendly. You have always been friendly. You accept all of the strangers. Except for the ones who have been run out of town. You do not talk about them, except in rude whispers. What a jerk, you say. You are friendly. You do not want to be run out of town.
  • There are storage units. They do not look large enough to hold much. You walk in to one and you walk. You keep walking. There is no end to the storage units. You could spend your entire life in the storage units. When you finally walk out, you are not to certain as to if you’ve actually left. You do not enter one again.
  • Do not go up to the lighthouse, they tell you. You would go up when you were young, in hordes, and not all of you would come back. You see children playing in the green. You want to warn them, but you are too afraid to get close.
  • The funland amusement park and the funland arcade sit on opposite sides of the town. You tried to walk between them, but you arrived before you started. You do not know where the switch occurs. You do not care.
  • At night you sleep easily. You do not remember the things that should keep you awake at night. Sometimes, in your dreams, you will see Steven. He is not a part of this dream. Classic Steven, you think. You don’t know what anything means.

So one day at work I was getting a gift card for a client and I needed to go to this nifty secondhand bookstore which from the outside looked seedy as hell but was super lovely inside

Anywho so I go up to the counter and the clerk with this outstanding smile starts setting me up with this gift card and I told him ”Oh well that’s spiffy” and he just gives me the most charmed laugh and says “Spiffy! We should bring back that word!”

And me being the most uncool just smiles back awkwardly because for the life of me I couldn’t think of anything to say and thanked him and left but now I know this cool bookstore and had a really pleasant interaction with someone so I thought I’d share

(#13) Imagine- Telling Andy you’re pregnant

   You always thought the hardest part about being with Andy, would be the time you had to spend apart from one another. You came to realize as much as that does stink keeping things from him stunk more. You never really realized how much you confided in him until you saw the two pink lines appearing on the pregnancy test and decided to keep it a secret until you could talk in person.

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yo just for the record (more for the anons you're getting than you specifically), the whole op post is a joke in the first place. "4chan gold account" is an ancient 4chan joke, it doesn't actually exist. There is "4chan pass" now, which does allow posting on a member-only board (/vip/) but that didn't exist at the time of Dashcon (and isn't private or secret, since non-members still have read-only access). The whole thing is a joke. Don't worry, markimoo is safe!

shut your up ass jerrod, i know what jokes are u patronizing goof gatekeeper

ill kill markimoo myself

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I feel like 11/9 was the day Larries finally gave up and moved on to reality.

I’m gonna tell you what happened here. 

You’re an anti and you’ve been stalking our corner of the fandom for quite some time. Right after Election Day, you logged in as normally as ever and were disappointed in finding out that there was nothing for you here, because all larries have been dedicating their blogs to was the tragic outcome of said elections. The same happened the day after that and the day after that, too. You know, sometimes things happen in life. Things that are so big, that are going to affect the future of millions of people around the world. I’m very proud to be part of a fandom who deals with reality, to find myself among people who are intelligent, informed, willing to think, cope, work and fight for solutions to improve our conditions; people who are not going to passively take everything they’re told to accept, but stand up for their right to BE.

What you found here is not larries giving up on Larry or anything. You found smart people putting aside everything else for a couple of days to come together and hug each other and find hope and motivation. I assume this is a very odd thing for you and for the place you come from. Honestly? I strongly suspected it, given the attitude your side has shown so far. 

the album title is: here it comes

standard track listing has thirteen songs, and the deluxe edition has three extra songs. 

press release on the first of september.


  1. drag me down
  2. bad
  3. 20/20
  4. one take
  5. changes
  6. never enough
  7. i will 
  8. hey now
  9. give it up
  10. overtime
  11. come and get your love
  12. stolen dance
  13. like you do


  • everywhere
  • name of love
  • as far as i could get 

edit: the song titles are all songs that already exist and the release date doesn’t seem plausible. i’m going to call fake on this one.