this pizza is spicy

Basic ideas for kitchen witchery

These are not recipes, but ideas - what meal could serve what purpose. They are simple, so you either should have your own recipes for them, or find them on the internet easy enough. 

Happy cooking!


  • chili (cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili - generally spicy things)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon is a repellant, and water is uncrossable for some entities)
  • sugarfree coffee with cinnamon (coffee and cinnamon are both banishing ingredients)
  • curry (cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili - generally spicy things)


  • caprese salad (basil, tomatoes)
  • margarita pizza (basil, tomatoes)
  • apple pie (apples)
  • corn-on-a-cob (corn)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • herb soup (rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, bay leaf…)


  • apple pie (apples)
  • golden milk (milk and turmeric)
  • elderflower tea (elderflower)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • onion syrup (onion and honey)
  • chamomile tea (chamomile)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon)
  • ginger tea (ginger)
  • nettle soup (nettle)
  • pumpkin soup (pumpkin)
  • pumpkin cookies or bread (pumpkin)
  • curry (turmeric, garlic, onion)


  • cinnamon rolls (cinnamon)
  • orange juice (orange)
  • chamomile tea (chamomile)
  • corn-on-a-cob (corn)
  • pineapple juice (pineapple)
  • poppyseed buns or bread (poppy)


  • orange juice (orange)
  • honeyed tea (honey)
  • mint tea (mint)
  • lemon-infused water (lemon)
  • vanilla-flavoured ice cream (vanilla)
  • sunflower seed buns or bread (sunflower)
  • sugar cookies (sugar)


  • lemon balm tea (lemon balm)
  • lavender-infused water (lavender)
  • cucumber-infused water (cucumber)
  • vanilla-flavoured ice cream (vanilla)


  • milk with honey (milk and honey)
  • apple pie (apple)
  • pumpkin soup (pumpkin)
  • pumpkin cookies or bread (pumpkin)
  • chocolate chip cookies (chocolate) 
  • sandwich - any (bread)
  • fried rice (rice)
  • curry (rice)
  • fries (potatoes)
Send a symbol for headcanons on my muse's eating habits!

🍎- What’s their favorite fruit?
🍞- Do they get healthy, whole grain style foods?
🥔 - How do they prefer potatoes?
🥕- Do they like vegetables?
🍇 - Have they ever drank an alcoholic beverage?
🍒 - What’s their favorite smoothie flavor?
🍗 - Are they a vegetarian or vegan?
🍟 - Do they like fast food? If so, what’s their favorite type?
🍕 - Do they like pineapple on their pizza?
🥞 - What’s their favorite breakfast?
🌮 - Do they like spicy foods?
🍦 - What toppings do they like on their ice-cream, if any?
🍫 - Chocolate or vanilla?
🍰 - Cake or pie?
🍬- What’s their favorite candy?
🍩 - Do they often have a sweet tooth?
🍪- What’s their favorite type of cookie?

Pizza toppings
  • Shiro: alright guys I'm ordering pizza! What toppings do you guys want?
  • Lance: spicy Italian sausage!
  • Hunk: Supreme, Shiro!
  • Pidge: pepperoni and mushroom!
  • Keith: Extra pineapple!
  • Lance, Pidge, Hunk: wHAT?!
  • Keith: *shrugging* ...what? It's good!
  • Hunk: okay, I love to create works of art in the kitchen but fruit NEVER goes on pizza!!
  • Pidge: yeah, man, that's just gross! Plus EXTRA pineapple?!?
  • Lance: Thank you, Hunk! That's so wrong! First you say you're born in S.Korea, next its being raised Texas, we all come to find that you're half GALRA! AND NOW YOU SAY YOU LIKE EXTRA PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!! WHAT THE QUIZNAK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!
  • Shiro: Lance calm down! It's just pizza!
  • Keith: we're dating! Been dating for 5 months now! So the real question is, what's wrong with YOU?
  • Lance: 😠😶 🖕
  • Shiro: everyone gets their own pizza, Keith, good news for you no one will touch your leftover pizza
  • Keith: 😃😆👍
  • (I love extra pineapple pizza and my family thinks it's the weirdest, grossest thing ever)
fifty totally random character development questions:
  • 1. Do they prefer to wear headphones or earbuds when listening to music?
  • 2. What do they do when they're feeling tired and need to stay awake?
  • 3. Do they usually eat mild, medium, or spicy salsa?
  • 4. Pizza, McDonalds, or Chinese take-out?
  • 5. How do they react to finding out someone has a crush on them?
  • 6. How do they feel about unrequited love?
  • 7. How would they fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • 8. Gold, silver, or copper jewelry?
  • 9. How much ice do they put in their drinks?
  • 10. Do they use Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr? If so, how much/often?
  • 11. What's their desktop background?
  • 12. How are they at taking care of plants?
  • 13. Did they have any phases? (e.g. emo, punk, scene...)
  • 14. How did they do academically in high school?
  • 15. Are they the big spoon or the little spoon?
  • 16. How do they like their eggs?
  • 17. How do they like their toast?
  • 18. Queso or guacamole?
  • 19. What are they like as a neighbor?
  • 20. How do they behave when confronted with deadlines?
  • 21. What's the weirdest thing you're likely to find in their room?
  • 22. What fictional character do they relate to the most?
  • 23. Do they like raisins in their pastries? If no, will it stop them from eating it?
  • 24. When forced to do a group project with other people, what role do they usually play?
  • 25. Does your muse listen to vinyl records? Do they use iTunes? Do they legally or illegally download music?
  • 26. How would your muse do at taking care of a goldfish?
  • 27. Is your muse a dreamer or a realist?
  • 28. Android, iPhone, or other?
  • 29. What's their Subway order?
  • 30. Trendsetter, trend follower, or trend ignorer?
  • 31. What about themselves do they usually not tell people? What are they embarrassed of?
  • 32. What's their ideal vacation?
  • 33. White, red, or rose wine?
  • 34. Are they outdoorsy? Do they enjoy hiking, camping, etc.?
  • 35. What's their Starbucks order?
  • 36. What colors make up most of their wardrobe?
  • 37. Do they believe in any conspiracy theories? Fear a zombie apocalypse/AI overtake? How do they think the world will end?
  • 38. Do they play video games? If so, which ones?
  • 39. What would you see if you looked through their trashcan?
  • 40. What kind of videos do they get recommended on YouTube?
  • 41. Are they an exhibitionist? Do they ever change in front of windows? Have sex when they know people can see/hear?
  • 42. How do they feel about astrology?
  • 43. Why do people usually call them on the telephone? To complain? To ask for advice? To ask them to do something for them?
  • 44. Have they ever had any pregnancy scares?
  • 45. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
  • 46. Do they meme? Enjoy memes? Create memes? Find them horribly annoying? How about shitposts?
  • 47. How do they go about asking someone out or confessing their feelings about someone to them?
  • 48. When do they usually go to bed?
  • 49. In the "sleep vs. grades vs. social life, pick two" situation, which two do they pick?
  • 50. What do they think is the meaning of life?

[8-panel comic of two stick-figure girls talking together. One is eating a sandwich and says, “Oh, this is so good! You should really try it!” The other replies, “Um, I can’t–the whole gluten thing, remember?” The first girl says, “Come on, it can’t be that bad!” The other girl angrily swipes the sandwich from her hands then smacks a piece of bread on either side of the first girl’s face. In true meme fashion, she asks, “What are you?” The first girl replies, “An idiot sandwich.”]

Get it together, Susan.

The signs as fast food items

Aries: wings (sweet and spicy)

Taurus: pizza (always the same amazing gooey person)

Gemini: fries (salty AF, but everyone loves you)

Cancer: chicken nuggets (everyone loves you, and you know it)

Leo: mozzarella sticks (crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside)

Virgo: milkshake (kind of a mystery but so god people keep coming back)

Libra: banana split (you got it all goin’ on and you flaunt it)

Scorpio: coffee (you keep everyone up at night)

Sagittarius: cheeseburger (cheesy AF)

Capricorn: ice cream (SOOO cold)

Aquarius: soft drinks (addicting AF, a little bad, but sooo good)

Pisces: soft taco with hot sauce (you seem sweet and innocent, but IRL you be fuckin shit up)

Assalam Aleikum there, Youtube, uhh… Sheikh Sayed Skitty here, back at it with another video, Alhamdullilah… Uhh… today Im gonna be unboxing and reviewing Medina Pizza Kitchen… Uhh… Limited Edition Spicy Chipotle Halaal Edition, Inshallah..

H2OVanoss: “Insane Chaos”


Real Name : Evan
Symbol : Owl
Color : Red
Weapon : Guns and a dagger (training session only), grenades
Skills : Prefers both long and short range fights/combat, trained by Jonathan at first to become more expert on combat, expert with guns
Likes : guns(has a collection), cars, sweet stuff, pizza, his mom’s spaghetti, video games
Dislikes : horror movies, bitter and spicy food
Background : Evan is a wealthy teenage who became a rebel/villain after a terrorist attack which killed his parents. He wasn’t much of a good fighter at first until the attack happen and Delirious began training him. 


Real Name : Jonathan
Symbol : Raccoon
Color : Blue
Weapon : Knives and a metal bat (street fights only), only prefers a shotgun for guns
Skills : highly-skilled with short range fights/combat (becomes brutal when in rage), good with guns, expert with knives
Likes : knives(has a collection), motorcycles, spicy food, teddy bears, video games, Jason Voorhees, horror movies
Dislikes : sweet food (except chocolates as long as mint flavor)
Background : Jonathan is a “normal” teenager who loves playing video games, and a son of highly-trained soldier of a father and kind mother. He became a rebel/villain when his father killed his mother over an argument in front of him.


Both living a different world, the two met during a terrorist attack when a raging Jonathan stumbled upon a mourning Evan over his dead parents’s bodies. Jonathan hesitantly helped Evan escape from more terrorists coming towards them and decided to stick together and started knowing each other’s life. They decided to team up and kill as much as terrorists as they can. Even after the attack, they keep killing people that commit crimes in Los Santos.

shit i’ve said/done
  • “only a mad person would ignore a cat on a bin im not a fool why would i pass up an opportunity like that”
  • broke flatmate’s early 2000s era phone by sending 30 near identical photos of my friend’s cat but from slightly different angles
  • attempted to tell my flatmate how much i loved penguins and why and started laughing so hard i cried for the entire 30 min journey
  • “sometimes i think humanity is somewhat ok but then i remember someone in the group once said a margherita pizza was spicy and i immediately lose all hope”
  • broke into a neighbour’s garden to stroke their cat
  • told my rabbit to “make good choices”
  • put “memes” in interests section of uni accommodation application form
  • (talking abt snoop dogg) “he likes memes he’s a cool dude i reckon…. weed……… get on” *aggressive finger guns*

There’s a hut on campus, down by the Mechanical Engineering building. It backs onto the forest, so of course, it’s entirely out of bounds now. It’s old, clearly, but it doesn’t seem to be falling apart in any major way, just crumbled at the edges, although it seems like it’s always been that way.

It’s got stone walls, but a wooden porch, the planks and railing bleached by the sun. Hanging from the rafters are different wind chimes, made of strange, warped pieces of metal. Some of them shine, as though they were polished yesterday, whilst others are brown with rust. When the wind blows, sometimes they clatter loudly, as though they are warning bells, and sure enough, within a day or so, a storm will hit campus, or someone will go missing, one of the cats is found dead, hanging from a doorway, or lamppost.

When the chimes start to clatter and clang, everyone listens. There’s a scrambled for iron jewellery, salt crunches under your feet, people wear clothes inside out, milk and chocolate are outside every door, and everyone is inside before ten, and anyone who isn’t, is gone for the rest of the year.

Sometimes, the wind won’t even have to blow, and the chimes will ring and clang and clatter. It’s only happened twice. The first time, a professor died. Her body was found crumpled at the foot of the staircase leading up to the astronomy classes. She didn’t even teach astronomy. Apparently, the students were told she had been drunk, and had fallen.

However the boy who found her said that her ribs were splayed open, there was blood on the floor, most of her insides missing, her lips drawn back in a snarling smile. There was no blood on the staircase.

The second time, a student was found dead in the boys bathroom on the seventh floor of the physics block. It was by a teacher, so there was no eyewitness account, but the first students to walk into the lab directly below the bathroom on the sixth floor said that there had been blood dripping down slowly from the light fixtures.

No one goes to the bathroom on the seventh floor, and no one stays in the lab on sixth after dark.

When the chimes ring soft and sweet, almost musical, but not quite, the cats flock to the small hut with the bleached porch, and students smile. Money is found in hoodie pockets, lost socks return, and blown light bulbs are replaced. Students and professors alike seem less tired, and tests seem easier.

When the chimes ring, good times come, when they clang, people run.

That was the unofficial motto that was whispered across campus.

The hut also has a garden, a beautiful garden. There’s lavender, and rosemary, parsley, sage and thyme. There are roses, orange, pink, yellow, white, and various shades in between. The stone pathways is made up of smooth white rocks from the river, and they’re always slightly warm to the touch.

There are other plants too. Plants with no names. Plants that glow during the full moon, plants that snake across the lawns at night, and slither home during the day. There’s a plant that mirrors the creepers strangling the library, with four seasons smeared across its leaves. There’s a plant that smells like coffee and chocolate and marshmallows and rainy days. Another that smells burnt, but the nice kind of burnt, like toast.

There are lots of stories about the hut, but only one that everyone talks about. Everyone talks about it, but when you ask someone about it, they forget. Maybe everyone is just in on the joke, but then again, this is Elsewhere University.

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Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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