this pink or something looks terrible

Remember these dudes who appeared on Star Trek from time to time? The ones that liked to argue for no reason, who started a fight with the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek? 

Do they look familiar to you? That strange wispy blond hair, that pink completion, those scary, soulless eyes, those frowning ugly lips. Is their appearance ringing some terrible bell, deep in your soul? I don’t know about you, but I happen to know someone who looks just like that.

Does this seem like a coincidence to you? Maybe it is. But when the President Elect is revealed to be an alien, don’t come crying to me. I warned you. 

Next time you see Trump yelling about something, think to yourself, is he really human? Or is he a shaved Tellarite, masquerading as an ugly white politician? 

Stay aware, America. Stay vigilant.  

Man Up

“Do my eyes deceive me. Is that Finn Shelby? The Finn Shelby?” You ask loudly, seeing the youngest blinder stroll into the Garrison a few steps behind his brothers. He smiles when he sees you with your friends at the bar, a drink in your hand.

“Haha, ver funny Y/N.” He says, lacing his arms around you and planting a much needed kiss on your lips.

“Well I don’t believe my eyes. I haven’t seen you in almost a month, I thought you   went and got yourself killed or something.” You say with a giggle, looking into those eyes that you missed terribly.

“Yeah, you wish.” He says with a chuckle, downing a drink. As soon as he removes the glass from his pink lips you lunge towards him, kissing him more. Your friends start making noises around you guys, which draws other people’s attention towards you young lovebirds making out at the bar.

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Number 11? Maybe with Touko from Natsume? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

11. You look terrible. I mean, you look beautiful as ever, but also super sick.’

Touko presses a hand to the side of her face and laughs. It’s hard to feel self-conscious when Takashi is pink-faced and stammering an apology that’s hard to make out, that sounds something like “can’t believe I said ‘terrible’”. 

“I am feeling a bit under the weather today,” she admits. “I would lay down, but I need to start preparing dinner if I want it to be ready for Shigeru when he gets home.”

Takashi blinks at her, and then his eyes stray past her face to a point behind her shoulder – the kitchen counter, where the groceries are laid out. Hardly a moment goes by before his amber eyes gleam and his shoulders square, and he says, “I’ll make dinner. Really,” he adds, before Touko can so much as open her mouth, “I used to make dinner at one of the other places I lived. I can do it. I want to.”

Her heart is simply too big to fit comfortably in her chest, Touko decides, folding her hands together firmly against the ache that sits behind her breastbone. Takashi is so stubborn and so willing, and so eager to be helpful. She smiles at him, ignoring the silly prickling at the corners of her eyes.

“Thank you, Takashi. That would be wonderful,” she manages, and watches something radiant bloom in her child’s face. 

(And an hour or so later, she’ll wake from a light nap and follow the sounds of cooking and conversation down the hall into the doorway of the kitchen. Shigeru’s briefcase and overcoat are draped over one of the kitchen chairs and her husband is standing next to Takashi at the counter, sleeves rolled up and tie thrown over his shoulder.

“This is her favorite recipe,” Shigeru is saying. “I’m not sure our attempt will taste anything close, but it’s worth a try, right?”

“Right,” Takashi says brightly. He’s flecked with egg batter and tiny pieces of diced scallions, and pushes bangs out of his eyes with the back of his wrist. “I think she’ll like it no matter what.”

Oh, I will, she thinks, unable to bring herself to interrupt the two of them, a hand pressed against the happy ache in her heart. I absolutely will.)

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Teru in C2 bc I'm terrible

I do believe the word you are looking for here is TERUble

SOmeone get this poor boy some blankets and hot cocoa or something, he is quite ill :’(

Expression ask meme!

I had this dream last night about where Wander might’ve come from. It was this planet where everything was made out of pink and orange furry stuff and all the animals looks like Wander-centipedes.

Wander lived there with his old grumpy grandpa, who pretty much spend his days complaining about his grandson and telling him that all he wasn’t good for anything.

Why it was only Wander and his grandpa I’m not sure, maybe something terrible had happned to the rest of their kind and they were the last ones?

Anyways, in my dream, Wander decided to leave and he build a boat (a different one picture, like it had sails) and sailed off the edge of the planet while a beautifuly triumphent and yet rather lonely song played.

Happy red moon WoY fans!

So here’s what I know about Gundam, having never watched any of it and only seen memes, fanart and occasionally gunpla.

  • Char is 3 times faster than you and came here to laugh at you.
  • ????????????????
  • Seed is terrible and the main girl is actually evil or something.
  • One of the robots is a unicorn.
  • The mook robots looked like the Killzone gas mask guys before Killzone was a thing.
  • Build Fighters has a hot mom and a cute girl in pink spandex or something.
  • Gundaniam alloy