this pilot was mind blowing

Those men are not running in terror from an alien spaceship or a time traveler’s pod arriving from the year 2250. It’s just a tetrahedral kite, developed by Alexander Graham Bell in an attempt to build kites large enough for people to ride in. Which, you have to admit, sounds awesome.

The idea was also to make them so a motor could be installed, thus creating the first manned aircraft, but the end result was just a bunch of admittedly cool-looking kites that could only ever possibly be piloted by G.I. Joes.

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so I absolutely love the fics where Poe teaches Finn everything there is to know about sex and relationships and Finn is just so innocent it almost hurts,


I’ve just returned from seeing TFA for the fifth time, and I’ve discovered there’s something I need.

I need the fic where The First Order has the reputation of being almost robotic; they don’t have friendships, or relationships, or basic human needs..


they absolutely hook up with each other, constantly. Captain Phasma doesn’t really do anything about it, because obviously she’s brilliant and she knows. It’s not like any of them actually enter into relationships or anything. 

so yes, Finn knows all about sex. He’s hooked up with both men and women, and he enjoys it. He knows exactly what to do with his hands and the effect that his tongue has.

and when he finally gets his hands on Poe, it surprises the hell out of the pilot. Finn completely takes him apart and it just blows his mind.

and then Poe gets to teach him what it means to actually be allowed to care about the people you connect with sexually; how to be in a relationship, how to show affection casually. 

and then Poe teaches Finn some tricks of his own.