this pilot tho

To be honest, pilot John Watson looks as horny as a sexually deprived buffalo.

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John out for the hunt with shirt unbuttoned for more emphasis on his intentions, also undershirt visible the old-fashioned manly way to point at the raw unceremonious fuck that is promised

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The subtlety of platonic affection right there  *the beast inside me roars verses of eternal friendship*

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seriously what THE FUCK is this come to papa Sherly boy let’s see how accurate your deductions were

I mean, isn’t this frankly a little creepy like  he’s climbin in your windows
he’s snatchin your people up…

I think they were going to make John a five continents Watson instead of three but they eventually realised it was a bit too much, that’s why John now wears 5 jumpers and 3 jackets one over the other