this pilot is flawless

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled

Aryan Airlines♕♥ (listen)


all that jazz (chicago) roar (katy perry) cell block tango (chicago) стрела (5nizza) babooshka (kate bush) pussy (lady) don’t cry for me argentina (evita


somewhere over the rainbow (orignal; judy garland) for good (wicked) teen idle (marina and the diamonds) black magic (little mix) beat down (iggy azalea) froot (marina and the diamonds) judas (lady gaga)

Miss Fame-

rubber doll (miss fame)so happy i could die (lady gaga) everybody wants to rule the world (lorde) cosmic love (florence and the machine) fashion of his love (lady gaga) veuna (lady gaga) xo (beyonce) i really don’t care (demi lovato


lucy in the sky with diamonds (miley cyrus) pleasure (pearl) we can ride (go freek) scheiße (lady gaga) flawless (beyonce) stressed out (twenty one pilots) i am not a robot (marina and the diamonds) over the moon (rent) over the moon (rent) over the love (florence + the machine


harajuku girls (gwen stefani) barbie girl (aqua) dreamind (blondie) i was gonna cancel (kylie minouge) don’t touch my hair hoe (brooke candy) good morning baltimore (hairspray) mama i’m a big girl now (hairpsray) dollhouse (melanie martinez) diamonds are a girl’s best friend (moulin rouge


million dollar man (lana del rey) desire (meg myers) bettie (violet chachki) carmen (lana del rey) glorybox (portishead) bang bang (nancy sinatra) lolita (lana del rey

All the girls-

primadonna girl (marina and the diamonds) the love club (lorde) oh no! (marina and the diamonds) salute (little mix) bad blood (taylor swift) candy store (heathers the musical) bend and snap (legally blonde the musical) popular (wicked) sissy that walk (rupaul) born naked (rupaul) glamazon (rupaul) glamazonian airways