this pigeon should be on hatoful boyfriend

An anon asked me “More hatoful maybe?” and @indarkestday said “2012 Raph with the pigeons from hatoful boyfriend, because he likes pigeons” so here we go. Just a sketch because my hands started shaking really badly halfway through.

I don’t think I’ve drawn a 2012 turtle before but I think they mesh better with my style than the other versions so I should probably do more maybe.

btw guys hatoful boyfriend is like $2 on steam (or equivalent in your currency) and you should totally play it

i know it’s the pigeon dating sim, but like… let me put it like this: the creator sat down and asked herself the question, “why is a human dating birds?” and then worked out the answer, and then worked the implications of the answer into the story.

so what you get is a wild fucking ride of pudding, conspiracies and romance