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The sector Pearl was stationed to belonged to Rose Quartz. Their base which once resided on homeworld was now on the planet known as Earth. Rose along with a few other gems under her command were to harvest gems from the Earth till the planet was lifeless, barren. Upon arrival on the green planet it didn’t take long for the gems to realize that this planet held life, something extraordinary and magnificent. Rose could no longer partake in these advances, killing a planet that was another’s home. 

When Rose Quartz had asked Pearl to round up some gems to join the cause she was more than happy to oblige. A higher ranking superior speaking to a lowly Pearl, requesting something of her. It was almost to good to be true. After the numbers in Rose’s army began to grow they decided on new tactics, something to improve their position against homeworld who’s numbers were far greater. Fusion. The concept wasn’t completely alien to Pearl, she’s fused with Rose a handful of times. When necessary, of course. 

On earth they were safe from the prying eyes of homeworld, the restrictions and regulations one had to follow. They could experiment and not be punished for it. Far to engrossed in the information she was reading, regarding fusion and Rose’s further plans.. She collides into a gem in front of her, falling on her rear. Rubbing the bridge of her nose she blinked the haze from her eyes a few times, it was like bumping into a stone wall. Remembering her place she stands immediately, hands wringing together. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention! I – this won’t happen again!”