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FIrst pics of my Wasp/ Janet van Dyne Cosplay /)/////v/////(\

I had so many doubts about this Cosplay- But it turned out beautiful o///v//o) a lot of people complimented me - someone even said I was “prettier than the real Wasp” :’D

I’m just incredibly happy with this /)v(\

pictures taken by: liebreizend on Animexx

170305 Ravi Fancafe

Sunday morning + A picture not taken today but probably in Hong Kong?

Everyone, I’m writing an unprecedented morning post!!!

Yesterday I wanted to eat some home cooked food,
so I went to Jamsil at night and ate
And I naturally just sat on the sofa,
But when I opened my eyes the sun was up..

It’s been so long since I had gone to sleep before midnight
And I went out by myself and ate food and drank coffee~
Ah, in front of the cafe I happened to run into our hairstylist from when we had just debuted
It was great to see them, so I wanted to chat and buy them coffee,
but they already were holding some.

Ah, how should I end this.
I guess I’ll put a pictureㅋㅋ
Everyone, have a great Sunday!!

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Just a quick picture taken outside of the fedex location where I picked up Raka, my new corn.

For some reason literally every time I have received a corn snake that was shipped from the east coat, it had a minor URI upon arrival. Something about shipping to California does not agree with them. This has happened with 4 separate people. I do not for an instant think Raka’s seller shipped me a sick snake. I think the stress of shipping, temperature changes and humidity changes all caused her to be a bit congested. With heat and calm she should clear up in a week or so. If not, it’s off to the vet.

She seems really good tempered so far too, which is nice because sunkissed morphs are known for being shitheads.


Transformation Tuesday

We recently had a new family photo done. While I was hanging the new ones with our son, I was struck by the difference and progress between the two pictures.

What also amazes me is the the picture with my daughter was taken around a month before I started running. Fast forward 4 years, and I’m nearly 50 lbs. lighter.

I know that there is still work to do, but it’s great to have a visual reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey.

A more melancholy day

I’m feeling rather low energy today, even though nothing of significance has set me off.

For the sake of processing, here are the two things that caught me off guard today and made me feel more empty than the level I’m already operating at:

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