this picture was taken 4 weeks ago


Left is from fall 2014, and the right was taken a couple weeks ago. The left picture I was sad af… even though then I was working out at least 4 days a week, My boyfriend at the time treated me like shit and constantly put my looks down because I wasn’t losing weight/toning up fast enough for his liking. He reminded me on a daily basis that I was fat, and would tell me I needed to do something about it.

I became so insanely hard on myself, I felt worthless, I was depressed and heartbroken, and I lost most of my motivation to continue feel really good about myself, which resulted in me not working out anymore. If it isn’t obvious between the two pictures, I have gained weight since then. I worked so hard at finding self worth and love, and since doing so I feel way better about myself, I feel more confident (although I do still have my days where I don’t like certain things about my body), and every day I’m finding things about myself to love more.

I feel that I’m finally at that point in my life that I’m ready to take things back. I’ll likely get back into the whole “fit for me” thing and get back into working out again… now I just need better motivation that I can stick to.

End rant.

Dear Sanvers if you see the following don’t be fooled by it

This picture goes around:

Which is part of THIS: 

from a site that is far from a well known source, let alone official.

a Sanvers asked where exactly they got that “Floriana is leaving” and they replied with Kreisberg’s statement from weeks ago:

as you can see this account is not certified, neither has many followers and their Supergirl article got 4~5 RT & favs. Which allows me to conclude, that they are full of bullshit, they don’t have any inside info, and what they said was their own interpretation of Flo’s tweet and Kreisberg’s statement, which was taken out of their ass, without any new evidence. 

This misinformation has caused another emotional breakdown to a lot of sanvers fans. So please don’t believe and spread everything you read.


Harumi Hironaka paintings 

I made these recolors a few weeks ago for a build in my game and I wanted to share them. I tried to get a hold of the artist and they never got back to me, but I’ve decided to share them anyway. I included my email and blog name so if they want them taken down they know how to get a hold of me. 

There is 12 swatches all of them are pictured. 

All credit goes to Harumi Hironaka and EA for the mesh. 

If there are any problems let me know. 


brooklynbrooklyn  asked:

introduce yourself questions 1-19 because I can't think of anything for 20

1. the meaning behind my url pastelgrungeboy was taken and when I retire in however many years I wanna be a mechanic
2. a picture of me I really am not cute enough to be doing this so often

3. tattoos i have None yet
4. last time i cried and why A couple weeks ago and because I wanted to die
5. piercings i have Just my lobes
6. favorite band Probs um… I honestly have to say MCR
7. biggest turn off(s) Sexual advances
8. top 5 (insert subject) Top 5 what Poe???
9. tattoos i want The homeworld thing from Steven Universe and the jar that says “bottle that shit up”
10. biggest turn on(s) Cheese pizza
11. age 18 going on 19
12. ideas of a perfect date Cheese pizza and a movie
13. life goal(s) Become a social worker, have 2-8 kids, & be able to travel and visit my friends
14. piercings i want I don’t really want any atm
15. relationship status Single
16. favorite movie IWTV atm
17. a fact about my life The more cheeses a pizza has the more I want it
18. phobia Ummm public humiliation
19. middle name Talayah


I promise that this is the last post/question/concern saveyoursucculents *sobs in shame*!! This is Lucy, my Lithops. I understand that for a first timer, they are super hard to take care of….but I couldn’t resist! It was only $10! A STEAL.

The first photo was taken right after I purchased it (2 weeks ago). The second and third pictures are taken today. The top right lithop moved due to an unfortunate clumsy moment on my part. My main question is WHEN to water! A friend told me to water Lithops once every 4 months. I also understand that it’s best to water during their growing season? Which is Winter, which means it’s coming up! I’m super scared of watering too much but I’m scared that they are shriveling up? (Last picture)

@sammywilk: we’ve been holding this off for a while to kind of deal with this personally, tell all of our family members, and figure out how to tell YOU guys. I’ve been in love with this woman for almost 15 years and have been dating her for 6 years. 4 months ago we found out that @y/ig/n was pregnant. We were so so so happy. Our baby seemed to be a healthy baby at every appointment. This picture was taken a week before our gender reveal appointment. At the gender reveal appointment, the doctor was feeling around to see if they could feel a heartbeat. There wasn’t one. It was every expectant parents worst nightmare. We had lost our baby boy. We never expected this to happen to us, especially since just the day before, everything was okay. He was moving, kicking, hitting, we just couldn’t believe that we would never see him accomplish goals or hit certain milestones. We would never see him graduate high school, get married, or have children of his own. When we buried him, the coffin was so tiny. I carried my baby boy to the funeral home and in the car on our way to the cemetery. Y/n wouldn’t take her eyes off of him. She talked to him from the funeral home, even until after he was buried. We visit him every single day that we can. Both of our families have been there for us through everything and have been lifting us up during this hard time. You guys are as much apart of our lives as anyone else, but just like any normal person, please just respect our privacy during this time as we mourn. I love you all❤️


(But I just thought I would make this because it’s just relatable to so many people.)


If you guys ever need to talk, I’m here💕

eclectic-affinity submitted: 

 Hi all! My name’s Sara, and I’m 27 years old. The picture on the left was taken at my highest weight a little over a year ago, the one on the right was taken not long after I gave birth to my third baby in March. (Sorry for the cruddy quality in the before picture!)

I didn’t start getting serious with my weight loss until recently. I’ve joined a gym which I try to get to at least 4-6 times a week. I eat healthier, avoiding fast food, fried foods, and sodas, and I count calories on MyFitnessPal.

I’m working towards a COMPLETELY new me! My marriage is on the rocks, and my mental health has taken a hard hit. (Fingers crossed that exercise endorphins really do make one feel happier overall.)

I’m throwing myself into healthy habits hoping for more positivity in my life! Let’s follow one anothers’ journeys!

Get Motivated with more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT

The before picture was taken two weeks ago. The after picture was taken this morning. It’s been 4 days post surgery. Although I’m still recovering I feel a little better. I made the decision of getting a breast reduction about two years ago when I started to feel insecure about my body. As my body began to change I developed larger breasts which started causing excruciating back pains and was giving me a hard time breathing. It was no longer an insecurity issue but now a health issue. I tried losing weight and getting better bras but I felt like nothing worked. As scared as I was I felt like surgery was my best option. I finally got my surgery and I’m more happy than ever! Its going to take some time to heal but I know it’ll all be worth it. Health is ALWAYS first. I’m all for doing WHATEVER makes you happy. Do whatever makes you feel good. You live for yourself. And for those spreading rumors, my body is actually 10000000% REAL. I would like to thank you guys for the love and concern. I really appreciate it. I’ll be back to Krumpin real soon

so this is me. first picture was taken in december 2014 at my highest weight when i was about 90 kg (198 lb). i am 5'5. the two pictures on the right were taken a few weeks ago at around 59 kg. i am now 58 kg (127-ish lb). i am obviously not even close to where i want to be, but i can tell you that i am damn proud of myself because this was most definitely one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. i went from a size 14/16 aka XL (US sizes) to a size 4 aka small. i went from being “the chubby friend” to being “the pretty one”. i still have those days where i feel like i haven’t changed at all, but whenever i look at these pictures or meet people i haven’t seen in a while who won’t even recognize me nowadays, i know it was all worth it. my final goal is to lose another 13-15 lb. clean eating and a good amount of gym exercise is the key.

also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you just need someone to talk to. :)


1 year on estrogen and spiro sometime in the next couple of weeks or like a couple of weeks ago.

[first picture: dmab white trans woman with brownish blonde hair, picture taken the previous year before hormone replacement therapy. wearing a yellow shirt hoodie and a laserdisc tshirt]

[remaining 4 pictures: the same woman a year after hormone therapy with blue hair and wearing the same outfit.]

8 Week Progress

This is my first before before and after picture. The pictures on the left were taken on 07/28/14 and the ones on the right were taken a few days ago on 09/25/14. 

The first 3 weeks I did get thinner, but my weight stayed the same since I was lifting heavier weights and not doing much cardio. On the last 5 weeks, I lost almost 10 pounds by eating very healthy, doing a lot of cardio, and doing a few workouts about 4 times a week. 

I have always been called “skinny.” But around the beginning of the year I started gaining weight since I stopped going to the gym and not eating very healthy. I lost the muscle that I had gained from the previous months working out and I also gained 10 pounds. I felt so uncomfortable. Specially because when I gain weight, it’s usually from upper body. I felt bigger from my stomach and back, and my legs looked skinnier. 

At the end of July, me and my sister decided to really try to get back on shape, and go beyond that (she had gained weight too). I am now close to how I was before I started to gain weight, except I have less muscle than I did. 

5 days ago me and my sister started to do Insanity. In about 2 months I will be posting another progress picture after I finish that program. I really do feel like I will look a lot better because it really is a challenge!

I can’t wait to see the results, and achieve the body I have always wanted :D


I’m so nervous posting this….this is my first ever before and after picture! Seeing the difference in my face shocks me! The picture on the left was New Years Eve 4 years ago. I’m not sure what I weighed but it was the biggest I ever got. I hated myself and my eating disorder was starting to get quite bad. My disrespectful, controlling ex split up with me 5 days later and I wish I could say that was when my life turned around. Instead, the eating disorder got worse and I hated myself even more.
The picture on the right was 2 weeks ago. It’s taken me a long time to get to the stage where I’m finally starting to like my body. Thanks to Dan’s help I have overcome my eating disorder and am now losing weight in a healthy way. I’m so proud of myself! It’s been a tough road but I know that I can keep going :) 

rockstardentist ive been doing a little research and i think you may be a catfish. normally i wouldnt do an expose like this, i would be an adult and come to you first but considering the fact youre a racist and a known misogynist i dont really give a fuck

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Apologies for the awful quality of the left pic, but I just took a pic of a pic on my old laptop when I realized all my old cell phone pics were on there! THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND. left picture was me about two years ago in highschool, I was lazy, unhappy, ALWAYS tired, self conscious, and overall a negative person. I didn’t work out, I ate whatever I wanted, I came home after school, made food and literally slept for 4 hours and never had a drop of energy. I had extremely unhealthy habits, and I couldn’t be more thankful that my boyfriend sparked my passion and interest in fitness. 3 years later my life is a complete 360, pic on the right was taken this week, March 20 2015. Even in college I hardly need to nap, I can’t wait to get to the gym, I track what I eat and still enjoy the things I love, and I am enjoying life again every day. Every single time I step in the gym I know it is worth it, especially looking at this beautiful progress! The gym has become my place of rejuvenation, my personal escape from the real world so to say. If you look or feel anything like the left picture above, DO NOT GIVE UP! The feeling of being able to create your own before and after picture is indescribable. I wouldn’t give the fitness life up for anything! 💪🙏


This jar of organic coconut oil has truly saved my face. The first picture of me was taken about a week and a half ago. My face was a little red & inflamed and my skin tone was noticeably uneven. The next pictures of me were taken about an hour ago. There’s no more inflammation and my skin tone has improved. My face was bare & filterless in all pictures.

I’ve been struggling with my face since I was about 11. Even after my 4 to 5 visits to the dermatologist a year, $100 facials, custom medicated compounds for my face, & 5 bottles of water a day my face still does this thing where it’ll become dry or inflamed randomly. I understand that that’s what skin does sometimes, but in my case it’s always so abrupt & extreme, extreme for me at least. Coconut oil is not something that’s unfamiliar in my household. I’ve been using it on my hair for years, but last week I randomly decided to put some on my face then VOILA! My face has cleared up significantly. My inflammation is gone and my skin tone has evened. Adding coconut oil to my daily routine was the only thing I changed, and it was only then did I see a difference. After doing a little web surfing, I discovered that it actually has antibacterial properties (woot! Woot!) which works for me because I’m almost certain that the cause for my last breakout was either caused by bacteria coming into contact with my ultra sensitive skin.


I keep getting tagged in this ‘6 pictures that make you feel beautiful’ thing xD So here goes. 

1. Me and the bae. This is my favorite picture in the world. 

2. IDK, this was a couple weeks ago.. I felt cute so I took lots of pictures that night. Kevin Bacon looked right at me and smiled a bunch of times cause I went to his concert that night xD

3. My final outfit test for the Artrave… I felt like a Warrior Queen. 

4. Possibly one of my favorite pictures of me doing yoga! I was a mermaid on the Fourth of July right before fireworks and my boyfriend took the picture!

5. Me and my baby Fozzi-bear <3

6. The best selfie I’ve ever taken. Right before I was going to do my Freddy Krueger photoshoot haha. 

I tag… EVERYONE BECAUSE I’M A LAZY ASS lulz but srsly I tag gina-ndjuice dustmonster phyleann curvecreation cherrycherryshamone