this picture though pls

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Apparently Perrie is also at the Ed show?? Can she save him from those nasty people


honestly though…pls @god give me a picture of Perrie & Louis together. i know it probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream.

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Okay, what's up with that picture of Bill(?) and some fake-Hillary lady wearing smiley-face boxer shorts? Are they wax figures? Is it photoshop? Because it looks like Bill, but that lady looks nothing like Hillary... and I don't think they would've actually posed for a picture like that. Unless that is her? but I really high-key doubt it...

I actually have no idea, I can only imagine it was some kind of cartoon or advert for something? It’s definitely not Hillary in the picture at any rate, and I’m kind of doubtful that it’s Bill either although the likeness is a lot better, it looks almost like you said either wax figures or some kind of computerized drawing maybe?


tagged by the beautiful @sketchydean to post six selfies! is it even still considered a selfie anymore if my cat is also there?? We Just Don’t Know

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soo today my family went out to breakfast and i wasn’t paying attention i was focusing on eating my french toast when i heard my mom say “Hamilton” and I fucking choked on my food and had to be slapped on the back bc i was so surprised but aT THE SAME TIME SO EXCITED and i tried to scream “hAMILTON” like in guns and ships and I waS SO CONFUSED BC MY FAMILY ISN’T THE HISTORY/THEATER TYPE AND WHY DID MY MOTHER MENTION ALEXANDER AND IT TURNS OUT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT A FUCKING STREET.


I’m disgustingly late as always but I wanted to join in

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