this picture should be illegal


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Hiroki couldn’t believe that one of lead actors was late for their first meeting. Although he’d never met him in person, he knew that his name was Tanaka and that he’d be playing the role of Sawamura Daichi. He’d seen pictures of him though – yes, his looks somewhat bordered on “this should be illegal” – but Hiroki knew better than to expect anything more than a substandard, for Japanese men had the tendency to turn to be less visually pleasing in person.

Rather impatiently, his eyes flicked to his watch, and suppressed the urge to just get up and leave. Not only was Tanaka forty minutes late, he’s making Hiroki sit in a room full of strangers, idling his precious time away.

And it didn’t help that he was the only person in the room who’s not engaged in a conversation – not that he minded – but still, it made him a little uncomfortable to know that firstly, he’s not over his social anxieties, and secondly, he’s as introverted as he was back in his high school days.

Just as he’s about to excuse himself and go to the toilet, the door of the meeting room flung open and Hiroki found himself holding his breath.

“I’m very sorry! I didn’t expect to be a delay for my flight,” Tanaka said apologetically. He’s breathing heavily – presumably from running. And there he was, in a tight-fitted black turtleneck and boyish dark jeans, sweating and looking hot as fuck.


Hiroki quickly looked away, embarrassment creeping up his neck. He didn’t know which was worse – the fact that Tanaka’s just as hot in person as on print, if not even more so, or that their eyes briefly met when Hiroki was trying to avert his gaze.

“My name is Tanaka Keita,” he continued, “and I’ll be one of the persons in charge of the cast. Nice to meet you.”


Hiroki couldn’t help noticing how nice his name sounded, and wondered fleetingly how his own name would sound coming from Tanaka Keita’s mouth –


Before he realized it, Tanaka had seated himself next to Hiroki. The meeting went on, hosted by Tanaka, but Hiroki couldn’t hear a single word of it, nothing but the ominous beating of his own heart.


Swimsuits and Long Legs - Gruvia AU

Summary: Gray, a famous swimsuit model, held a bikini contest for his fans and the winner will not just get to meet him but also do a photoshoot with him as well. He never thought he’ll end up falling for the blue haired beauty…

Pairing: Gruvia

Rated: T

Storyline: In our modern world but with Fairy Tail’s cities. Pretend there’s a FT Magnolia on Earth.

A/N: So this story is based on yourotpprompts prompt about Gray is a swimsuit model and Juvia is his biggest fan and enters a contest and gets to meet Gray. It’s a really good prompt and I was thinking that maybe instead of a two chapters story maybe I could do a multi-chapter fic since I already have a very good plot in mind. Hope you guys enjoy!~


Gray rubbed his temples as he looked down at the screen of his iPad, a girl posing in such a sexual way it should be illegal. Annoyed and disgusted by the picture, he shut down off his iPad screen and threw it on his bed with a sigh. He’s been looking through all the pics for the contest but damn those girls just give him a headache with all their make-up and attempts to look sexy for him. Why in the name of hell did he even agreed to this?

Oh right, his manager, and best friend, Erza Scarlet, made him. Or rather forced him to this whole idea.

His lovely manager thought it will be a fabulous idea if he hold a contest where his fans sent him photos of them in bikinis and one lucky winner will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be his swimsuit partner in a photoshoot with him for Sorcerer’s Weekly Swimsuit Edition.

Of course, he was reluctant with the whole contest idea but as usual Erza never listened and always did what she wanted when she has her ‘brilliant’ ideas, or so she says.

And for the past three hours, he’s done nothing but look through all those horrible pics of girls who really needed a brain surgery rather than a plastic one. He swears he’s never seen so many fake girls in one day. There were some very pretty girls, of course, but if they hadn’t put so much work on their look he maybe would have considered.

A firm knock on his hotel room door brought him back from his thoughts, and with a sigh, he stood from his chair and made his way to the door and was not surprised to see his manager behind it.

“What do you want, Erza?” He groaned, clearly exausted already.

She raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing about it, “Have you finished looking through all those ladies pictures yet?”

Gray snorted opening the door wider so Erza could enter, “Ladies? They look like a bunch of Nicki Minaj wanna be’s.”

Erza scolded him, “Now, Gray, what did I told you about respecting your fans image?” He sat down on the edge of his bed with an annoyed groan.

“But they are, Erza!” He pointed her accusingly with his index finger, “I know you’ve seen the pics too, so don’t you dare deny it.”

Erza opened her mouth to defend herself but no words came out. In the end, she sighed and sat down on his vacant chair. “They actually do look like a bunch of Nicki Minaj wanna be’s.”

“Ha! I knew it!”

“With a big fat ‘Made in China’ stamp on their foreheads.”

“And boobs.”

“Now that’s just disgusting.”

“It’s the truth, Erza!”

“I was talking about the fake boobs, you idiot.”

Not been available to hold it much longer, both of them burst out in a fit of giggles, their laughter filling the silence of the room. After both of them calmed down, Gray on the floor and Erza still on his chair, she spoke.

“But seriously, Gray. You need to pick one. You promised you would.”

“I rather pick Nicki.”

“Gray, I’m dead serious. There’s has to be at least one that’s caught your attention. You just need to keep looking through all of them till you found her.”

Gray grunted and hid his face on a pillow, “I’ve been doing just that for the past three hours.”

Erza rolled her eyes, “Just a few more pictures till you done, okay? We need to have the girl by tomorrow night.”

“I knooooow.” He whined like a little kid would when his mother reminds him to brush his teeth. “I’ll look through them again now. Happy?”

“Satisfied.” She smiled thriumphantly, standing up from his chair and walked toward the door before looking behind her shoulder at Gray.

“Remember. Before tomorrow night. Or else.” She gave him a hard glare before exiting the room, leaving Gray scared and thinking of all the things Erza will do to him if he didn’t choose a girl.

He sprang from the floor, took his iPad, and turned it on. He enter his password and continued where he left behind. Again, Nicki Minajs and pretty girls who wasted their time trying to look sexy just to impress him. Epic fail.

He continued this for half an hour and he was about to give up when he slide the screen to the next picture. He almost choked on his drink.

On the screen of his iPad, sprawled on a beach towel, with a sexy as fuck expression, was the most beautiful, and real, girl he has ever seen that day, or possibly his entire life, and that’s coming from him, a swimsuit model.

Her piercing blue eyes stared seductively at him from under her lashes, sending sweet shivers down his spine; her unique blue wavy hair fell gently on her right shoulder in a waterfall of curls; her bikini top revealed a bit too much of her large breasts, not like he was complaining or anything; her small curvy waist that just made him want to run his fingers up and down her waist; and her legs, damn, her long creamy, perfectly sculptured legs were crossed on the beach towel, giving him a full view of them. And her face…

She had absolutely zero make-up on, safe for the lip gloss, and she was glowing, despite the lack of make-up, her face was glowing. But it wasn’t just that. Her blue eyes, her small nose, her soft pink lips, everything was glowing. Or it was probably Gray’s imagination going 'hallelujah’ with angels as background singers or something like that.

Quickly, he reached for his phone on the nightstand, entered his password and swiped through his contacts till he found Erza’s. She answered on the second ring.

“Erza Scarlet. Have you choosen yet,

“Oh, hell yeah I did.”


Juvia wasn’t known as the shy girl of the group for nothing. She’ll always get shy when meeting new people or when her friends took her to a club or one of their college friends parties to have fun. Long story short, she wasn’t one to interact much with the public.

And she clearly wasn’t one to enter a bikini contest just to meet a swimsuit model.

But he wasn’t just any swimsuit model.

He was Gray Fullbuster, the swimsuit model.

At first she was reluctant because despite the fact that she absolutely loves that sexy swimsuit model, she got shy with the thought of showing her body to the public, even though she’s very much aware of her attractive body.

If it wasn’t for her best friends, Lucy, Levy and Cana, she wouldn’t have entered the bikini contest to not just meet her favorite swimsuit model of all time but also do a photoshoot with. She knew the chances of winning were low but she couldn’t just let other girls just steal her man without her at least giving it a shot.

And now, Juvia was sitting on her bed in her dorm, who she shared with Cana, along with Lucy and Levy, waiting for Mirajane Strauss, Sorcerer’s Weekly magazine top model and executive writer, to announce the winner of the Bikini Contest on MTV (Magnolia’s Television) Gossip, Magnolia’s most watched celebrity show.

“We’ll be announcing the winner for Sorcerer’s Weekly magazine Bikini Contest … right after this break!”

“Ugh!” Juvia, Cana, Lucy, and Levy groaned loudly.

“This is taking forever!” Cana exclaimed, a beer on her right hand, glaring at the small TV they got from Levy’s dad just for the occasion.

“I know right?! I wanna know who won! Hopefully is Juvia!” Levy squealed excitedly.

“Yes!” Lucy copied her best friend’s squealed, “I bet Gray Fullbuster couldn’t even take his eyes of your picture.” Lucy wiggled her eyebrows at Juvia who was blushing red.

“Lucy!! Don’t mess with Juvia’s head! Juvia doesn’t want to get her hopes up.” She puffed her cheeks and crossed her arms over her chest.

Lucy laughed at her childish behaviour, “I’m sorry Juvia but seriously though if he can’t see how attractive you are then it’s his lost.”

“Yeaaah!” Cana shouted, almost spilling some of her beer. “It’s his lost if he doesn’t choose you! Like damn that guy is loosing some nice sexy as fuck girl to get laid with.”

“Cana!!” Lucy and Levy exclaimed loudly seeing Juvia’s face go cherry red at her sexual comment.

“What? Is true.” Cana shrugged and swallowed the rest of her beer down.

Juvia slapped her hands on both her red cheeks, “Juvia doesn’t think she’ll make it.”

“Relax Juvia, everything will be just fine. And if you don’t win, that’s fine too! I mean, who needs a super hot model when you already have friends like us!” Levy grinned widely and Juvia couldn’t help but smile at her dear friends words. Levy was right. It will be really sad if she didn’t won but she didn’t needed a super hot model in her life. All she needs is her three best friends and she couldn’t ask for anything better in the world.

“Levy is right. As long as Juvia has you three she’ll be just fine.” All three girls grinned and winked at her. “Besides, Gray-sama is a famous super hot model. He will never be interested in Ju-”

“And we’re back!”

“Ohmygod! Juvia can’t look! Juvia can’t look! Or hear!” Juvia shouted stuffing her face on her pink fluffy pillow.

Lucy and Levy squealed loudly while Cana prepared herself to open the champagne, winner or not.

“The winner for Sorcerer’s Weekly magazine Bikini Contest will be announced by the one and only, Mirajane Strauss!”

Fans screamed and applaused as Mirajane Strauss, in a beautiful long red dress, strolled toward her seat next to the show host, Laki.

“Alright I think we’ve left the fans wait long enough for the lucky winner. We’ll love if you would do the honors, please.”

Mirajane laughed lightly at the fans screams. “Why not? Okay, well, I’ll like to remind you all that the winner wasn’t choosen by us, Sorcerer’s Weekly, she was choosen personally by our very own Gray Fullbuster.” She smiled widely when the fans screamed even louder. “And now, the winner of Sorcerer’s Weekly Bikini Contest is…”

Lucy, Levy, and Cana leaned closer to the TV while Juvia was still hiding behind her pink pillow, shaking from the nerves.

“Juvia Lockser! Congratulations! You’re our Bikini Contest winner! We’ll be sending you all the details by e-mail. I really hope you enjoy your time with us.” Mirajane smiled sweetly and waved at the fans as she started a conversation with Laki.

“AAAAAAH!!!” Lucy and Levy screamed, both jumping on the bed with Cana popping the champagne open.

“HELL YEAH!!” Cana cheered as she took out four glasses from her nightstand and poured the champagne for all of them.

Juvia, on the other hand, was staring at the TV in utterly shock.

She won. She actually won the Bikini Contest. She was gonna meet Gray-sama. And do a photoshoot with him. She was gonna meet Gray Fullbuster, the swimsuit model she’s been crushing on for two years. But most shockingly, she was choosen personally by Gray Fullbuster himself.

“Juvia? Are you okay?” Lucy’s worried voice echoed in her ears but she wasn’t really listening. Gray-sama choose her. Finally, she took a deep breath… then everything went black.

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