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“Holy fucking shit it’s slender man!” 

Darla says probably a bit too loudly as she gets a couple looks from people around them and a laugh from her twin. The poor guy hadn’t even been in for a full five seconds before he was subjected to their insults. He had to be the thinest person either of them had seen and it was disgusting yet fasscianting in its own right. She and her brother were in a cafe doing their usual routine of judging and making fun of anyone they laid their eyes on and it seemed Erick was their newest target.

“What the fuck is he doing in a cafe? Doesn’t he need to go like update his anoerixa blog about how skinny he is and post pictures of ideal image?”

Andrew adds in, not bothering to be very quiet either. It had seemed as though they forget the guy was in the same room as them or they just simply didn’t care if he heard or not. 


simple cleansing spell

Hey everyone! So this is the first spell I’ve actually written!! So I’m excited!

Anyway this is a simple cleansing spell to cleanse a space, like a room or a house

I came up with it bc most of the ones i see are like “you need all this easy to get stuff” and i’m like maybe its easy for you to get but idk where to get these herbs and fancy stuff like what

So i wrote my own!

Ingredients needed: a cleansing sigil (i made one here on my sigil blog), a phone or camera to take a picture of the space being cleansed, some sort of picture editing app (snapchat works great)


Start by taking a picture of the space you wanna cleanse, ex: your room. Then go into your editing app (if you’re using snapchat take the picture with snapchat) and go to the drawing/pen option. Draw the sigil on top of the picture.

Then, simply set the sigil as your phone/computer background and plug your phone/computer in to charge! Charge as long as you feel you need. Your space is now cleansed! You can also charge in other ways if you wish, like printing the picture out and putting it in sunlight or whatever, but i used the simple way lol.

Another step you can do, though completely optional, is to now put protections around the room. What i’ll do is use this sigil and this sigil (both also from my sigil blog) and write them on the doorframe using water or something similar where they activate when the water dries. This is completely optional but if you feel like it go for it!

And that’s the spell! I hope some of you find this useful!


[EN] Anonym: Your camera is “not exactly what it seems to be“. Is it a Decepticon or what?

slipper-blog: What’s so special about your camera?

captain-candysweet: What is your camera?

~ I have no idea, tbh. I’ve found this guy in some poky camera shop, ‘cause I needed a new camera urgently, and it turned out to have some kind of… consciousness? It reads my thoughts! I just need to pick a proper angle for my photos, and it starts choosing its own settings itself! Without even consulting with me! What’s more, it can’t be damaged and it’s waterproof… Well, at least it takes pictures of excellent quality. Yeah, also I call him Issac.