this picture makes my insides go all fuzzy

More Dollies!

I made another doll! For my grama this time. Jey and I took a bunch of pictures out in the garden yesterday, so both Gunnr and Frigg (the new doll) are in these pictures. Again, I am going to open commissions soon, so if you’re interested, let me know! Frigg has a different sort of legs and both she and Gunnr have long, fuzzy tails, too. I’m in the process of making a doll for myself, as well, Nott. All of them have little heart lockets inside their chests with a dried flower and a phrase in Latin showing what they’re supposed to help with. Gunnr is Strength for my Aunt, who’s fighting through illness, Frigg is Wisdom for my Grama who just has everything in the world to do and Nott is Courage for me, because that’s a thing I need.