this picture makes my heart melt


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long 

“When my child was born and took her first breath and then when she put that tight grip on my finger […] 
With that experience I had at the birth of my baby girl, everything changed. I’d do more when it’s for my baby girl. She’s freed me from my own self, which makes life far more interesting. I now look at life through the eyes of a pure spirit, which is really, really fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are just exponential, and the meaning of life and how I see things are clearer. Sure, I’m still doing a photo shoot today and she’s not around. But when I do have her, I’m just not available to anyone or anything. I don’t care who’s calling. I’m with my baby.”

- Jeremy Renner on how being a father has changed him
しまだ on Twitter

Do not repost. If you like the artist’s work, follow the link and support them on Twitter. As always, my Japanese is not very good so take my translations with a grain of salt.

Kaito: The real benefits of [some event name?] are the photo shoots..! I’ll definitely make the most of this..!
Kaito: I wonder if I’ll melt when I see Harukawa… No, my heart’s gonna flutter! 

?: Alright… Harukawa… and Akamatsu, I’m shooting now okay? 

Kaito: Who is it? Who is it? 

(insert screaming) 

Kaito: I saw that, Akamatsu!!
Kaito: I… I like Harukawa, and knowing that you went and took pictures with her in that pose…!
Akamatsu: It’s what was asked of us. It can’t be helped, can it? 

Kaito: Look here, Harukawa! Take one with me too–!
Maki: Haa? 

Maki: I already took one with you Kaito. Isn’t that fine?

Kaito: Harukawaaa! Please take one with me! Heyyy, demon princess!
Maki: Even though you’re calling me so unceremoniously by that name…?

Maki (handing him a hankerchief): Geez…

(Maki’s next lines are covered by the sounds of Kaito blowing his nose. She says something like “you jerk… if you say that then I guess it’d be fine to take some…”)

Kaito: ? Sorreh, what did you say just now?
Maki: It’s nothing!!!  

BTS Reactions to You Wearing Their Shirt


“I like how my shirt looks on you Y/N…but it still looks better on me,” Jin would playfully tease before he kissed you on the forehead, “I’m just kidding, everything looks amazing on you Jagiya.” 

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He’d be overdramatic as he whined, “Jagiya how many times have I told you to ask before you borrow my clothes?” Yoongi would pretend to complain but he wouldn’t actually mind. He’d love seeing you in his clothes. 

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“Ahhh Jagi you look so cute! Let me take a picture!” Seeing you in his shirt would make Hoseok really happy but more than anything he’d be freaking out over how adorable you looked in oversized clothing, especially his oversized clothing. 

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Namjoon would look you up and down but he’d begin biting his lip as his eyes caught sight of your exposed legs. “Damn Jagi, how’d I get so lucky?”

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Jimin’s heart would melt at the sight of you in his shirt. That wouldn’t last long though, as he’d realize just how attractive it was seeing you in clothes. “I really like seeing you in my shirt Jagiya, but I think you’d look better out of it.”

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Taehyung would laugh from how happy he’d get from seeing you in his shirt. He’d rush to envelop you in a big bear hug before he ruffled your hair, “you should wear my shirts more often Y/N.”

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Jungkook would immediately tease you about his shirt being too big on you. “Ah! You’re so small Jagi,” he’d say as he patted your head, attempting to get a rise out of you. However, Jungkook would secretly find you in his clothes extremely attractive. 

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I thought this would be cute to do! I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send in requests (:

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OMG I LOVE the picture you showed earlier... the pictures of the hug they shared at the London premiere... look at J's expression, so soft and tender, my heart melts... can you do a comparison of his expression with the hug and that with the " desperation incarnated?" You don't need a 20/20 vision to see the difference!

It’s always obvious when J is genuinely comfortable, relaxed or not trying to make a point. With D is easy as breathing and comes naturally because simply he feels it, wants it and he doesn’t have to pretend. While with the other there’s uneasiness and uncertainty on how they should even place their hands and that’s the result of disconnection and the stress of the show they have to put out there. All these are right in front of our eyes.

Thorne and Cress on their wedding day.
*warning, rant coming on*
Okay, I love how he’s wearing a blindfold. Thorne chose to be blind. On his wedding day. The most important day of his life.
But if you think about it, it makes total sense.
Thorne fell in love with Cress while he was blind. He loved her for her, not for her looks. Thorne had only one mental picture of Cress, the rest was built on what he heard and felt.
And for Thorne, this was incredibly hard, since before all of his relationships were built off of looks.
So, of course,he would want to be blind for the wedding. So he could remind himself why he loved Cress and why their relationship was built the way it was.
He didn’t need to see to know that Cress was beautiful. He knew that. He wanted the blindfold to represent his devotion to her. He didn’t care about her looks. He loved the person Cress was.
This makes their love story even more sweet and heartfelt.

Clothing Thief (TadashixReader)

I found an adorable picture of Tadashi smirking and it melted my heart and brought on this gem~


You tossed another paper wad toward the trashcan. It bounced just off the edge, making you groan.

“You are picking those up when you’re done, (Y/N).”

“Yes, dear,” you sullenly replied. Tadashi shook his head at you, giving you a small smirk.

“Don’t you have a project to work on?”

“I am working on a project,” you replied and took another shot at his trashcan, this time making it.

“Shooting paper wads from the couch across the room to the trashcan is not a project,” he clarified as he bent back over his desk, skimming some blueprints. You watched his form bend and smiled. You wadded up another piece of paper and shot it at his backside. He felt the paper hit him and stood up and glared at you over his shoulder. “Are you sure you don’t have some big massive film project to be working on?”

“Positive. I finished it yesterday,” you said before sticking your tongue out at your boyfriend. He shook his head and walked over to you. He took the stack of papers from you and you whimpered in reply.

“Sorry sweetheart, but you’re being a distraction,” he said as he went back to his blueprints. There must be more entertainment in here somewhere. You looked around the area near your seat on the couch. There was a stack of books on one of the tables next to the couch. You noticed that the books were all about robotics, something that didn’t interest you since you were a film major. You drummed your fingers on the cushion before making a decision.

You grabbed all of the books and slid down onto the floor with a quiet ‘plop’. You began to build a small structure out of the books sitting near you, almost like you would build a card house. You smiled in satisfaction when you were done and went to grab your phone to take a picture. You frowned when you realized you’d left your phone on the couch. In the process of sliding yourself across the floor to get it (walking was for energized people), you managed to knock over your manmade structure. Tadashi turned around with his hands on his hips. You cocked your head to the side. Huh. He looks kinda cute when he’s upset.

“(Y/N). On what condition did I say you could be in here?”

“I could be in here if I wasn’t a distraction,” you huffed out.

“Right. And right now darling, you’re being a distraction.”

“But Tadashi!” you cried out. “I’m bored!”

“Then go for a walk,” Tadashi suggested, eyes now on his computer.

“But you’re in here,” you said with a pout. “Can you blame a girlfriend for wanting to spend time with her boyfriend?” Tadashi placed his face in his hands. He stood from the computer and helped you to your feet. You raised an eyebrow. “Tadashi?” He smashed his lips onto yours and pulled your body against his. He swallowed down the squeak of surprise you’d made. It was a particularly messy kiss, especially coming from Tadashi. He was typically very slow and gentle about things. When he pulled his lips from yours you gasped, in need of oxygen.

“I love you,” he said with a smile.

“I love you, too.”

“Now please, I’m begging you; either be quiet or go outside.”

“Okay,” you groaned. He let go of you and you plopped back down on the couch. Your eyes drifted to a sheet of paper that had been lodged between the couch cushions. Further inspection showed that the white piece of paper was indeed blank. You grinned and crumpled it up. You looked at Tadashi for a minute, contemplating throwing the paper wad. Well, he deserves something for trying to suffocate me.

You threw the paper wad and it sailed through the air, hitting Tadashi in the arm. He suddenly shot up from his chair, ripped his hat off, and slammed it on the desk.

“That’s it!” he yelled. “I’m finding you a puzzle book!” Tadashi stormed out of his lab and down the hall. You couldn’t help but laugh. Tadashi wasn’t really mad at you, and you knew he loved you. Still, you couldn’t help but egg him on every once and a while. He was cute when he was angry.

You caught notice of his hat sitting on the desk and thought how you’d never actually tried it on. Grabbing your phone, you made your way over to his desk and sat in his desk chair, plopping the hat on your head and spinning a few times. You stopped to look at your reflection in the massive glass window opposite the entrance to the lab.

“Not bad, (Y/N), not bad,” you said to yourself. You pulled out your phone and opened the camera app. You decided to take a selfie or two in your boyfriend’s beloved possession. The hat was a little big on you, and if you bumped it, it would fall over your eyes. You laughed when you saw the picture of the hat on backwards on your head.

You decided to take one more smiling picture of you before Tadashi came back with some entertainment. You held up your phone to take the picture, but noticed it was out of focus.

“Stupid phone,” you muttered before tapping the screen to refocus it. You smiled and took one last picture. You looked at the other elements in the camera and noticed there was something different in the camera now. There was a new colored object in the background. You squinted your eyes and suddenly shrieked, spinning in the chair to come face to face with your smirking boyfriend. His arms were crossed across his chest, a puzzle book in one hand. You’d been caught red-handed. “Tadashi! I, uh, I…” His smirk didn’t fade as you tried to explain, if anything it only grew. You ripped the hat from your head and put it back on the desk, standing from your seated position. “It was for my film project…?” Tadashi threw his head back in laughter.

“You mean the project that you finished yesterday?”

“Uh…” Tadashi’s rich laughter echoed in the room again. He set the puzzle book down before picking up the hat and setting it back on your head.

“It looks cute on you,” he confessed before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear and kissing your cheek. You felt the heat hit your cheeks.

“Thanks,” you squeaked out.

“You’re adorable,” Tadashi said with a grin before dropping a kiss to your lips, “and you’re all mine.”

I. The sun
shines on my chest,
softly crawls
like children in Mother‘s bed
into my heart.

I I. When the sky is a blue velvet carpet
and the moon lights it up
supported by sparkling stars
and the oak tree makes a picture
of its branches out to the night sky.

I I I. Drawings
from a six-year-old`s hand
makes my heart melt
into deep Self Love.

IV. Writings of Gold,
make my heart shine again.

V. A soft bed
at the end of a long day
stretching my body
until it thanks me
and falls asleep.


Answers to an anon: “The Five”. 

By Victoria Udnæs

I love you in the simplest ways.

The way you laugh and the way you smile in pictures because you know it’s what I like. The way you sing out of tune to me, how you make me laugh. My heart melts when you talk in that lazy voice right before you fall asleep.
I love the way you’ve opened up to me so effortlessly and made it impossible for me not to love you. I love being the one you’re lovely to. When the rest of the world can only see a hard, cold asshole I get to cuddle into the warmest of hearts. I adore the way you can make me forget about the rest of the world completely for hours while we get lost in conversation. How you’ve created this oasis for me to sink into while I’m dreaming.

I love you for the way you love me.

—  Resurfacing this one.
a poem

I need to you and found a soap box and this tragically seemless, ill fated tapestry, blistered fingers are betrayed by blank words to skeleton, roots teased and knotted just above my body barely pricks the water in accident text book seduction, minus the most sacred crater will float like spirits mingling in harmony, the forest, in reason, so purile as i’ve found but i melt with it feels to a porchlight, enlightenment is not break.
A room.
My hopes fall, clearly its god’s will, let dawn’s drapery enfold us the fool who held fast the written word my eyes, half-opened, caught her arm moving parts make up.
I will rise up the frame.
No longer want do it down from every image.
Our lips are lost all alone.
You left your picture plane.
I shut the horizon.
In the switch with the snow light, these testaments to mention and the black hearts, and surely some koan suggests ‘neglect leads to reconsider.
A slowly constructed manifestation of this zero.


Well would you look at that. In the People magazine video showing us around JMo’s gorgeous living room, there’s a little side table with her ‘Mad Men Bar’ and some photographs…

Sitting on that side table, with a picture of Jen, her sister Julia and niece Eliza…there’s a little framed picture that is quite easily recognizable….it’s that picture Josh posted on his Instagram! And she had it framed.

Hold me, these feels are intense.

Poem by me

You are tall, dark, and handsome
But you can’t romance em
You’ve got a smile
That will leave my face in awhile
You talk with spice
But I’m sugar
I melt like ice
You’re so familiar with that phone device
Sending pictures to that Instagram slice
You always talk about paradise
But you never make the sacrifice
Let me give you some advice
Change your attitude and play nice
Maybe just think twice
Don’t always be worried about the price
I wish you didn’t have to go
Because now I’m crying all alone
You said you wouldn’t leave me alone
Then you left me alone
I miss the sent of your cologne
You crushed my heart like a stone
I can hear your lies in your undertone
Where is your backbone?
I wish you could make me moan
Taking hikes in Yellowstone
You didn’t deserve me
Remember when you said equality
But you reserved me
You fucking unnerve me
I wish you and I never met
I wish I could press reset
You made me so upset
I hate you
I love you
I hate you
You’ve made me blue
I feel like I have the flu
So sick that I wanna spew
I wanna forgive you
I wanna relive you
But then I won’t stop missing you
I won’t stop kissing you
I won’t stop dismissing you
Tell me the truth
Space doesn’t mean for a bit
It means you don’t wanna commit
You just wanna omit all the honestly
You just wanna fuck with my emotions constantly
You feel bad after then come back with an apology
What would I say if you wanted to come back
I might have a panic attack
Thinking of it makes me want to yak
I wouldn’t want you to take me off track
Plus you’ve got those bitches with those racks
I don’t want to have you in my brain
I don’t want to be insane
I don’t want to have you in my dreams
I don’t want to deal with schemes
I don’t want to hear you in my head
It makes me wish I was dead
I don’t want to miss your touch
I don’t want to because it’s way too much
I don’t want to miss that comfort
It makes me so discomfort
Why would you say you’d be here
You’re nowhere to be found
You made me feel like I wanted to be in the ground
You said you loved me
But then you shoved me
It’s like you never thought of me
Now I’ll be in recovery
Don’t assume you couldn’t give me 100%
You just didn’t wanna get your hands wet
I wish you could’ve been different
I wish you would’ve fought for me
But now you’re gone and I’m free

Adele Discography Masterpost


  1. Hello
  2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  3. I Miss You
  4. When We Were Young
  5. Remedy
  6. Water Under The Bridge
  7. River Lea
  8. Love In The Dark
  9. Million Years Ago
  10. All I Ask
  11. Sweetest Devotion 
  12. Can’t Let Go
  13. Lay Me Down
  14. Why Do You Love Me


  1. Rolling In The Deep
  2. Rumour Has It
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don’t You Remember
  5. Set Fire To The Rain
  6. He Won’t Go
  7. Take It All
  8. I’ll Be Waiting
  9. One And Only
  10. Lovesong
  11. Someone Like You
  12. I Found A Boy
  13. If It Hadn’t Been For Love
  14. Hiding My Heart

21 - Instrumentals

  1. Rolling In the Deep
  2. Rumour Has It
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don’t You Remember
  5. Set Fire to the Rain
  6. He Won’t Go
  7. Take It All
  8. I’ll Be Waiting
  9. One and Only
  10. Love Song
  11. Someone Like You


  1. Daydreamer
  2. Best For Last
  3. Chasing Pavements
  4. Cold Shoulder
  5. Crazy For You
  6. Melt My Heart To Stone
  7. First Love 
  8. Right As Rain
  9. Make You Feel My Love
  10. My Same
  11. Tired
  12. Hometown Glory
  13. Painting Pictures
  14. Now And Then

19 - Expanded Edition Bonus

  1. Chasing Pavements (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  2. Melt My Heart to Stone (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  3. That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  4. Crazy for You (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  5. Right As Rain (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  6. My Same (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  7. Make You Feel My Love (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  8. Daydreamer (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  9. Hometown Glory (Live At Hotel Cafe)
  10. Many Shades of Black

19 - Instrumentals

  1. Daydreamer - Missing
  2. Best For Last
  3. Chasing Pavements
  4. Cold Shoulder
  5. Crazy For You
  6. Melt My Heart To Stone
  7. First Love
  8. Right As Rain
  9. Make You Feel My Love
  10. My Same
  11. Tired
  12. Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory - EP

  1. Hometown Glory
  2. Hometown Glory (Axwell Radio Edit)
  3. Hometown Glory (Axwell Club Mix)
  4. Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode)
  5. Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
  6. Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix Instrumental)

Chasing Pavements - Single

  1. Chasing Pavements

Cold Shoulder - EP

  1. Cold Shoulder
  2. Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Class Edit)
  3. Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Class Remix)
  4. Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx DuBB)
  5. Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix)
  6. Cold Shoulder (Out of Office Remix)

Make You Feel My Love - Single

  1. Make You Feel My Love

Daniel Merriweather - Water and a Flame (feat. Adele) - Single

  1. Water and a Flame
  2. Water and a Flame (Buzz Junkies Club Mix)

Rolling In the Deep - Ep

  1. Rolling In the Deep
  2. Rolling In the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
  3. Rolling in the Deep (Acapella)

Someone Like You - Single

  1. Someone Like You
  2. Someone Like You (Live from the Brits 2011)

Set Fire to the Rain - EP

  1. Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)
  2. Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Dub)
  3. Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Remix)
  4. Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Edit)

Rumour Has It - Single

  1. Rumour Has It

Turning Tables - Single

  1. Turning Tables

Skyfall - Single

  1. Skyfall
  2. Skyfall (Instrumental)

Hello - Single

  1. Hello

When We Were Young - Single

  1. When We Were Young

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Single

  1. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Water Under the Bridge - Single

  1. Water Under the Bridge

ADELE: Live At the Royal Albert Hall

  1. Hometown Glory
  2. I’ll Be Waiting
  3. Don’t You Remember
  4. Turning Tables
  5. Set Fire to the Rain
  6. If It Hadn’t Been for Love
  7. My Same
  8. Take It All
  9. Rumour Has It
  10. Right as Rain
  11. One And Only
  12. Lovesong
  13. Chasing Pavements
  14. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  15. Make You Feel My Love
  16. Someone Like You
  17. Rolling in the Deep

iTunes Festival: London 2011

  1. One And Only
  2. Don’t You Remember
  3. Rumour Has It
  4. Take It All
  5. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  6. Rolling In The Deep

iTunes Live from SoHo - EP

  1. Crazy for You
  2. Right As Rain
  3. Make You Feel My Love
  4. Melt My Heart to Stone
  5. Hometown Glory
  6. Chasing Pavements
  7. Fool That I Am
  8. That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On

Unreleased & Demos

  1. You’ll Never See Me Again
  2. Never Gonna Leave You
  3. Set Fire to the Rain (Mix 2)
  4. My Same (Demo)
  5. Daydreamer (Demo)
super random!!

if anyone wants to submit lil cute and wholesome things to me, go on right ahead! doggie pictures, selfies, singing videos, pretty flowers, etc!! it would make my heart melt to receive anything honestly i just want to celebrate you all☺️✨

This picture completely melts my heart!

Actually, any picture or video I see of Matt Smith with kids makes me smile, he’s always so sweet with them! Ugh, I just want to give him children, like, can I have kids for you because you would be an amazing father.

Be Brave

What will never fit inside the lines keeps making me spill over. A rush of colour like abandon streaming past tight walls. Nothing exists past what we think we make and this lesson has been astounding. A new self in the making. A lake of bottled glass melting, surging free.

If I spied a hint of sky before, I have the wide new picture. Through rushing leaves, faceted light, cloud edges raking storms. I wake with rain still on my face and think that I crave stillness. But when I reach out for your voice I find it speaks for me. Like leaves, and trains, and breaking skies.

This follows a tearing down. I am aware of it. I railed against, pummelled your chest, a city gate left standing. Open like a battered heart. Inside, the roads glisten. The witch has left her tower, the witch fights knights no longer, she is on the move. A newer, taller place. A ladder to the sun.