this picture makes my heart melt


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long 

Be silly with me. Kiss me in the middle of the street. Meet my family, let me steal your clothes, have water balloon fights with me. Let’s go to museums, aquariums, forests, lakes, and mountains. Explore with me. Go on adventures with me. Let me make you feel wanted. Let me write you letters, songs, and poems when I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say to you face to face. Let me in. Tell me your secrets, your goals, your conspiracies, and your fears. Tell me about your dreams. Let me take you to all my favorite places and let’s make memories there that we will never forget. Walk down Main Street at Disneyland with me. Watch me get way too excited when we go on the toy story rides. Let me be grumpy because you beat me in the game and let me be happy even though you probably let me win. Dance with me in the middle of a crowd. Let me kiss you in the middle of your sentences because I can’t stand another second without tasting you on my lips. Let me play with your hair as you fall asleep. Let me look at you.. Study you. Learn the ways you move and your little habits that you don’t realize you do. Tell me when I’m being an asshole. Let me know when you’re not feeling it. Let me know when I’m stealing your heart. Show me that I can still make you melt even though you’re already my girl. Steal my hat, push me in the water, take my phone and leave me notes or take hundreds of selfies. Draw me pictures when you’re bored in class. Skate with me, surf with me, sing along to our favorite songs with me. Sing to strangers with me when were stopped next to them. Don’t be afraid to look silly… Because even though some stranger is looking at us thinking “what the hell are they on?” Chances are I’m falling head over heels in love with you. Tell me that you want me. Lay on my chest. Get tangled up with me as we fall asleep. Push me off of you because it’s too hot to be cuddling. Always kiss me goodnight. Introduce me to your family. Watch me play video games with your younger siblings. Let me talk to your parents. Let them question me. Take me to the zoo. Watch me talk to the monkeys and giraffes like they can understand me. Let me love you. Let me show you that I care. Let me buy you things that you don’t need. Let me spoil you. Let me run into every vans store that I see and spend way too much time in there. Drag me into the stores you like and punch me in the arm because I keep asking if you’re done yet even though it’s only been ten minutes. Let me sing you a song I’m writing and restart like 6 times because It’s not coming out the way i want it to. Let me wake you up with 150 kisses. Let me tickle you because I love the sound of your laughter. Get dressy with me. Stay inside and watch netflix with me. Kiss me in the rain, under the fireworks, and at stop lights. Don’t be afraid to jump. I will be right there next to you. Don’t be afraid to fall. I promise I will catch you. Don’t be afraid to give me all of you. I will give you every part of me. Take a chance with me.

The video is simply just so beautiful it leaves me breathless. It’s beautifully made and beautifully filmed. The aesthetic in this video is insane and completely breath-taking. 

But like all those cute, tender moments the video focus on in the relationship: the way Shawn holds her hand so tightly. The way he kisses the top of her head so lovingly. The way his arms slips around her body teasingly yet so warmly. The way he looks at her with a loss of words because she’s just that beautiful to him. The way he always holds out his hand for her to take, holds out his hand to make sure she’s always there with him. The way his fingers wraps into her hair. The way he pulls her closer to his chest simply just because he can. 

I love how they showed this relationship so loving and warm but also so fun and easy and free. The scenes where they are running and laughing and biking around, almost acting like kids not caring about anything else in that exact moment than enjoying being young and in love with. 

I’m in love with the idea of a relationship like that. I’m in love with the idea of it being them against the world no matter what people say or think. Like in a crowd full of people, his eyes are still drawn directly to her. It’s not even his own choice, it just happens. He always just finds her. He doesn’t even know how, but his eyes will always catch her first. 

I’m in love with the idea of them creating their own little crazy world and their own little spontaneous adventures late at night at the Eiffel tower or running around the empty streets and dancing with each other at midnight, just because they feel like it. Just because they feel like being free and act a little crazy with each other, because that is how they make each other feel inside. 

I’m in love with the idea that a simple car ride or a boat trip or a train journey or drinking coffee, can be such a loving and intimate moment to share between them, simply because they’re sharing it together. I’m in love with the fact that those everyday things turns into just as much of an adventure, because they want it to be. 

I’m in love with the idea of the relationship they’re showing in this video. A perfect mix between being wrapped into their own little safe world and taking on the world together because they can, because they feel like it. This video is just beautiful. That’s all there is to say. 

And just thinking about this might be how Shawn imagines his relationship to be when he’s touring, it just makes my heart melt. Thinking about how this might just be how he pictures it; bringing her along on adventures, having her support him and dance her heart out at his shows, but also escaping the world entirely and just be the two of them in piece. This is beautiful.

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I really enjoy reading your head canons 💖 this is my first time so could I request RFA V+Saeran reacting to an mc who's really into makeup and mc wanting to do their makeup? Thank you 💖


  • If MC asked if she could do his makeup, he’d probably be kind of reluctant
  • Just because he’s never worn makeup before, and he’s not sure if it’s appropriate for a guy to wear, even if it’s coming off right after
  • MC does up his makeup, and it’s so pretty, she has to take pictures
  • Then, she cleans it off of him (he kind of likes this part, despite himself) and whips out a completely different set of makeup, but refuses to explain
  • As she’s doing his makeup again, she keeps looking at a reference on her phone
  • When she’s done, she takes more pictures, then reveals to Yoosung she made him look like one of the top-tier bosses in LOLOL
  • He’s so excited by it that he willing posts the pictures and changes his profile picture online ^^


  • Even before they started dating, Jaehee noticed that, although MC never mentioned makeup, she never wore it the same way two days in a row
  • Like, it’s a different style or set of colors, and usually matches to MC’s outfits
  • Whenever Jaehee compliments or verbally acknowledges her makeup, MC smiles really big and Jaehee’s heart melts a little
  • Once they do start dating, Jaehee asks if MC will do her makeup and MC is just like, “My time has come!”
  • They set a day, MC brings more stuff that Jaehee thought she would, and MC makes a look for Jaehee that, when they do a selfie and post it to the Messenger, the guys almost don’t recognize her
  • Jaehee absolutely adores doing girly things like makeup with MC, and never quite gets into it the same way, but loves how enthusiastic MC is


  • He probably dotes on everything MC says, so when she starts talking make up, he talks brands used by the theater, and styles he’s seen for different shows
  • he totally has selfies of himself in some of those different styles, which makes MC freak out in excitement because it’s so cool
  • They swap some makeup tips, and when MC asks to do Zen’s makeup for fun, he agrees
  • After all, as an actor, he’s used to it (wouldn’t put it past him to wear makeup outside of the house, tbh, but nothing obvious)
  • So he just sits and waits patiently as she does his makeup, occasionally putting his hands on her hips or waist or something because she’s so close and he just wants to touch her
  • When she’s done, he’s very impressed and loves it
  • Maybe he even asks her to teach him so he can do it for her
  • MC is so enthusiastic, he can’t help but smile and gaze on adoringly


  • The moment he heard MC say, “I just love makeup” very casually, he was ready to buy MC a bunch
  • Jumin buys the best stuff, but also the colors that best go with MC’s features and coloring
  • He also gets her a ton of supplies so she can do it however she wants with any tool she could need
  • MC feels so spoiled and pampered, but she adores this and him
  • She’d probably ask if she could do his makeup when he had a day off so that could monopolize him and also do his makeup as wild as she wanted
  • He agrees out of curiosity, and is surprised by the end results
  • Then she tells him to close his eyes again, he does, she cleans some of the makeup off, then draws something, and when he checks the mirror again, she’s drawn cat whiskers and a little nose on him
  • He’s amused, pulls her into his lap and offers to draw whiskers on her as well


  • Oh please, the moment Saeyoung sees all her makeup, color varieties, etc, he asks her to do his makeup
  • Of course, he also wants to return the favor
  • So Saeyoung and MC end up sitting on the couch, doing each other’s makeup, little by little
  • And of course, Saeyoung thinks he looks adorable and loves what she did
  • They dress up to match their makeup and take a picture together, blowing kisses at the camera, then post it to the chats
  • They make it a regular thing to do makeup together or for each other, sometimes it’s ridiculous and fun, sometimes it’s down right sexy
    • One time they dressed up as nurses, and did really pretty, natural, cute makeup with highlights in pink and such
    • Another time they dragged Saeran in and did face paints, so Saeran was a tiger, Saeyoung a red panda, and MC a leopard (and they even had kitty ears and tails to match) (Saeran was so embarrassed and some candid shots from the photo shoot were of Saeran trying to smash the camera)
    • Clowns, they definitely dressed up as clowns
  • Usually, though, it’s just pretty stuff, contouring practice, etc


  • Well, being mostly blind he doesn’t have to worry about anything getting too close to his eye
  • He doesn’t get to see her wear makeup , but he loves hearing her describe her makeup for the day
  • The first time she does his makeup (he thought it’d be fun) he almost had a sensation overload because she kept touching his face so gently
  • One or twice they go out with him wearing makeup because his glasses cover up the obvious stuff
  • When he gets his eyes fixed, he still asks her to describe her makeup before he sees it
  • He still enjoys her applying makeup to him, even if he doesn’t wear it out anymore, as it’s very soothing


  • he already steals MC’s eyeliner
  • Okay, but Saeran probably knows how much she spends on makeup
  • But for some reason, he actually finds it kind of soothing to watch MC do her makeup
  • Like, it’s so basic and routine for her, picking colors (once he starts observing her, she starts asking his opinions), switching between brushes and tools, and just applying everything
  • The monotony and simplicity is probably what does it
  • One day, she waits for him in the bathroom, a brush in hand, and says, “Your turn.”
  • She got some makeup specifically for him, and, after a little pushing and prodding, Saeran sits down and lets MC apply his makeup
  • She gave him a punk look with the dark eyeliner and mascara and all that
  • Saeran likes it more than he wants to admit, so he washes most of the makeup off, but leaves the eye stuff in tact claiming, “it’s hard to get off”
  • he’s not wrong, but MC sees right through him and says nothing

One thing I love about this Instagram post is the fact that it shows that Lili was actively reminiscing about her trip with Cole. The idea of her having an album on her phone (as well as Cole having one on his) of just the pictures they took while on that trip together literally makes my heart melt. Like… they have made all these amazing memories together that they will never forget and I’m just so damn happy for them. They are like respites for each other that they’ll always have with them during the hectic, busy lives they lead, which is all you can ask for in a partner. 

damn it if I’m not a sucker for love. 

Just some of the people who I’d LOVE to see star in a Star Wars Film…

1. Ruth Negga- She’s an Oscar nominated actress and she is capable of playing vulnerable, fierce, bad ass, and complicated characters. She’s definitely one of my favorite actresses working right now and I’d love her to be a main character in a Star Wars movie.

2. Tobias Menzies- Tobias Menzies is by far one of the most underrated actors working today. He is so good at playing villains or sympathetic characters. I think he’d be awesome as a Star Wars baddie.

3. Lupita Nyong’o- Yes I know she’s alread Maz Kanata. But I need this lady’s face on my screen more! She should totally have a non-motion capture part in Star Wars.

4. Lewis Tan- Yeah, you know that guy who was almost cast as Iron Fist and then showed up midway through the show and ended up being more badass and charismatic than the guy who got cast as Iron Fist? Yeah, I saw, I liked and I need to see him be more badass in other things… preferably with a Lightsaber. He’s attractive, he’s charismatic, and he’s a martial artist. Him+Star Wars=Awesomeness.

5. Rosario Dawson- She wants to play Ashoka. Fans want her to play Ashoka. LucasFilms, LET HER PLAY ASHOKA!!!

6. Bill Skarsgård- I am so on the Bill Skarsgård hype train. Look at that face. Boyish yet able to play evil. Formulaic Star Wars casting I know, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I needed this in my life.

7. Evan Rachel Wood- This lady can literally play anything and she’s already worked with LucasFilms in Strange Magic. She would be badass in Star Wars.

8. Mahershala Ali- He’s an Oscar winning actor, he’s attractive and is highly underrated (in my opinion). He’s shown that he can play dreamy/sweet characters as well as smooth talking criminals. Either way, he’s charismatic as hell and should be in Star Wars.

9. Rinko Kikuchi- She’s already been in a Rian Johnson movie before and I loved her in it. I can actually see this happening.

10. Joe Gilgun- Lol, I probably should’ve looked harder for a better picture, but he melts my heart in this one. I fucking love Joseph Gilgun and there isn’t really a reason why I’d like to see him in Star Wars other than the fact that it would make me so happy. He is SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER underrated. He’s gotten more love since he’s been in Preacher, but a lot of people outside of the UK haven’t been exposed to his acting range. He can be funny, heartbreaking, terrifying, evil, sweet, then tragic in a blink of an eye and that’s super rare to find in an actor (the one actor I can think of with that range is Tom Hardy).

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Did you see Coco? What did you think of it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have I seen Coco? Have I seen Coco?  Do I love Beauty and the Beast?

Yes, I’ve seen Coco.  

And boy oh boy, did the feels train hit me hard and then run over me a few times.

I don’t say this often, but in terms of Pixar specifically, I feel like that was the best movie I’ve seen in a while.  Did it beat out Beauty and the Beast? No. But there was one scene in Coco—I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about—that reminded me a lot of a scene from Beauty and the Beast.  And I’ll get to that one in a moment.  But yeah, I’ll run through my thoughts on it.


Seize Your Moment

In all honesty, I completely understood rash Miguel’s behavior at first.  When you’re 12 and you have a passion that great, you’d stop at nothing to get what you want—and at that age, it sometimes seems like everyone’s against you.  It’s also not entirely Miguel’s fault.  Partially, his family’s to blame for not telling Miguel what exactly his great-great-grandfather did that made him so hated.  Honestly, what kind of family hates a guy so much for “leaving their family behind and pursuing music”?  I mean, I can understand Imelda and little Coco’s situation, but ripping his photo out of the ofrenda?  That’s a bit much, right?  I can’t be the only one that thinks this.  Someone agree with me so I don’t feel alone…


I could go on for hours and hours about this wonderfully charming guy.  Because he was the best part of this movie.  I love him.  And not just his character, but his animation, too.  The fact that his bones are more aged when compared to another spirit—say, Ernesto de la Cruz—really shows how he’s barely clinging to life.  On the other hand, Ernesto is white and pristine and the most remembered musician in Mexico, both among the living and the dead, and it shows.

But there were other clues that hinted at the fact that he was being forgotten, like the fact that no matter what position this guy was in, some part of him seemed to be moving.  There were bones that were on the verge of falling out of place, as well as that time when he easily took his own head off, or when Miguel yanked his arm out when they were trying to escape.

And their duet in Un Poco Loco was amazing.  After looking back and knowing that they’re related just makes this even more special.

Such a merry trickster.  Such a good character.  But for some reason, he keeps reminding me of some other cursed guy…both love singing, both love dancing, both have a healthy amount of panache and bravado, both have someone that they would do anything for…huh.  Weird.


Now, I pride myself on using cinematography to foreshadow certain events.  But I don’t think anyone saw this coming.  Ernesto and Héctor were partners—yes, I assumed that, after he claimed that he knew Ernesto, said that he hated musicians, and then was revealed to be a guitarist himself. But the fact that Ernesto murdered Héctor and stole his songs?  That had me in horrified shock.  I wanted to reach through the screen and hug Héctor, but only after beating Ernesto black and blue with one of my combat boots.  And when Héctor attacked Ernesto only to be dragged away, my heart cracked.  Not just for Héctor, but for Miguel, too!  How would you feel if you suddenly realized that your great-great-grandfather was a murderer?  Maybe it was then that he “found out” why his family held such a grudge against him.  I mean, it would make sense.

Also: I did know that Héctor’s death would come up again after those guys made fun of him for it. They were all laughing over how Héctor choked on a chorizo, and Héctor was like “It was food poisoning!”  

Then later in that flashback, Héctor felt that pain in his stomach and Ernesto said: “Perhaps it was that chorizo, my friend.”

It’s horrible to think about, but then again, Ernesto is a horrible person that would totally spread the rumor that Héctor choked on a chorizo, therefore leading to ridicule and no one taking him seriously, perhaps leading to him being even more forgotten than before.

Other Plot Twist: Family

Now, this one, I did see coming.  I had a few doubts, but after seeing what Ernesto did to Héctor, I was like “NOPE THIS GUY IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO MIGUEL HE’S TOO HORRIBLE”

There was the part where Ernesto was like “I have a great-great-grandson?”  That threw me for a second because the rest of the family knew about Miguel, but then I concluded that since Ernesto gives no implications that he ever visits the human world, he must not know much about what goes on there.

So when Héctor said that he needed to get back to Coco, I came very, very close to squealing.  Also, Imelda and Héctor are so wonderful together. Even when Imelda sees Héctor again, he seems to shrink into himself even though he still loves her.


And this…was actually one of the edge-of-the-seat moments.  Because Imelda actually sings a song and sounds amazing, and as soon as Miguel throws a guitar into Héctor’s hands, I knew what he was trying to do: he was trying to bring Imelda and Héctor back together.  And it seemed to work—I mean, after all, they were reunited at the end of the movie.

But let’s take a moment to talk about Ernesto here…oh jeez.  That dance he and Imelda had gave me shivers.  It was intimidating, but strangely, it was cool too.  Call Ernesto an imposter, but you can’t deny that’s he’s got a pretty rich singing voice.  Kudos to Imelda too…she’s got such a beautiful voice.

Also, I love that Imelda stomped on Ernesto’s shoe at the end.   Héctor must have been grinding his teeth seeing his wife dance with the guy that murdered him, but after she attacked him on stage, he must have been beaming with pride. And since the Rivera family is famous for its shoe-making business, I thought this was hilarious.  May the best shoe win!

Being Forgotten

Originally posted by bigfrozensix

This is the scene.  This is the Beauty and the Beast scene, and it broke my heart.  I did not want to go through the fading scene again.  And.  Yet.

Héctor being forgotten was hinted at throughout the entire movie with his yellowing bones, his ragged clothes, and basically falling apart for comic relief.

But after growing to love Héctor so much, I couldn’t believe that he was just going to disappear on us.  It was also during this moment that I realized why they named the movie after Mama Coco: because she was the only one keeping the memory of Héctor alive.  And dementia is definitely a real thing.  Coco was maybe 4 years old when Héctor left with Ernesto; the fact that she still remembers him at 90 some-odd years old—even with the rest of the family denying his existence—is a bit of a stretch, and is very admirable.

I’m glad that Imelda sent Miguel back before Héctor actually died.  Even if he came back to life later, seeing him dissolve into nothing would not have been good for me.  

Remember Me

Now, this scene made me cry.  I’m glad that in with all the sad scenes this movie has, this emotional, happy scene was the one that did me in.

And that smile that Coco gave Miguel after they finished singing was just…it melted my heart.  And then as soon as she turned and said “Elena?  What’s wrong, mija?” just made the tears even worse.  Think about it.  How long do you think it’s been since Elena’s heard her mother say her name, let alone a complete sentence?

Also, thank God there was another picture of Héctor. It was right when she pulled out that book that I knew Héctor was going to be safe.

This scene made me realize something else too: The skeletons in the land of the dead aren’t necessarily departed souls.  I think that what makes more sense is that the skeletons are living memories.  That’s why they disappear when people forget them.  Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Also, it made me think of my own grandmother on my mother’s side, who is beginning to display symptoms of dementia.  It gave me a whole new perspective on her, and I now want to spend as much time with her as I can before she forgets us completely.

Proud Corazón

Now, in every animated Disney musical, I have a favorite song.  For Frozen, it was “Vuelie/Frozen Heart”, for Brave it was “Touch the Sky”, for Tangled it was “I See the Light”, and so on and so forth.  For Coco it was “Proud Corazón.”

There was just so much triumph in it, and then there was Héctor having that sweet father-daughter moment with Coco, being accepted back into the family, no longer looking like he was about to fall apart, having him get all the credit he rightfully deserved, and dancing at the end with Imelda, and playing with Miguel (I swear, when Héctor joined in with that “Ay mi familia” my heart soared).  

And…well, let’s just say that I liked this song so much that I wanted it to be a song I sang with my family.  Except…my family isn’t Mexican.  We’re Greek.  So I had the idea to change the Mexican lyrics in it to Greek ones, just so my family can participate in it.  (Don’t get ticked off; the Mexican version’s much better than the loose translation I came up with.)

Not only that, but this movie—this song specifically—momentarily pulled me out of a negative time in my life.  Now every time I feel down, I listen to the soundtrack and smile again.

Seriously.  It’s that good.

Now, if you’ve ignored the warning at the top and read this all anyway, I’m sorry for spoiling the entire movie for you.

But yeah, my thoughts on it.  There you go.  Have a nice day!

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Will you marry me prompt for Reddie pweaseeee?

oH MY GOd YES!!! I’ve been wanting to write their proposal forever so this is perfect! 

Richie stared at the boy sitting next to him. He and Eddie were sitting on their couch which sat in the middle of their living room. They had been watching a new movie that Eddie had been dying to see, something superhero related, but Richie couldn’t focus on the television, not when Eddie was the most beautiful person he knew.

“You’re staring, ‘Chee” Eddie said with a smile, eyes still locked on the TV.

Richie smiled at the nickname. “Can’t help myself, Eds. You’re too gorgeous.”

“Stop that!” Eddie said lazily. He lightly shoved Richie but the other boy held him tight in place. Richie laughed at the gesture. “You should take a photo, it’ll last longer.” Eddie teased.

Richie’s heart felt warm. Eddie’s banter lingering in the air between them. Eddie made Richie feel light, in a way that couldn’t be explained other than by love.

Richie had loved Eddie for as long as he could remember. Since they were naïve children riding their bikes through the streets of Derry without a care in the world. Since they moved into their first apartment straight after high school. Since Eddie first kissed him years ago. Since their souls were created Richie has loved Eddie and he knew Eddie had loved him too.

Which is why Richie has been carrying around a small black velvet box that held a thin gold ring inside since they graduated high school. Richie had known that they were too young to even get engaged when he had bought it but he knew that his love for Eddie would always be constant so he bought it anyway. He carried it with him always, waiting for the perfect moment to ask Eddie the important question. He knew the answer though, they’ve talked about it so many times. Now it was just Eddie waiting for him to ask.

Now felt like a really good time.

“You know what would last longer?” Richie asked as he detached himself from Eddie, untangling their limbs.

Eddie frowned at the loss of contact. “What would last longer?” He asked.

Richie removed himself from the couch and knelt before Eddie. He grabbed the smaller boy’s hands and held them lightly in his own.

“Eds, I love you so much,” Richie started. “I have loved you for years, more than I can even remember, in fact I don’t think there was ever a second that I did not love you. You are my everything, Eddie Spaghetti, and even though you say you hate it when I call you that, I know that you actually love it. I love that you call me ‘Chee because it makes my heart melt into goo. I love your soft hair, I love your brown eyes, I love your amazing smile, and even I love your fucking fanny pack collection.” Eddie laughed slightly at that one but didn’t interrupt. Richie took a deep breath before continuing. “You complete me, Eds. You’re my moon and my stars and the aliens that I just know are out there too. You probably know where I am going with this by now but I need you to know that my love for you will last longer than any picture ever could since my love for you is goddamn infinite.” Richie stared at Eddie who now had tears in his eyes. He nodded encouraging Richie to go on. Richie carefully pulled the small black box out of his pocket and opened it revealing the band inside. “Eddie Kaspbrak, would you please, for the love of god, will you marry me?”

Eddie was speechless. He was overwhelmed by the happiness and joy he felt but mostly for the love that he felt for the boy in front of him. Richie was his everything. He loved him the most. He nodded his head so fast he could probably give himself whiplash.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes, Richie!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Thank fuck.” Richie sighed as he slipped the ring onto Eddie’s finger. He crashed his lips onto Eddie’s, kissing him as if Eddie’s lips were oxygen and Richie was desperate for air. Richie hadn’t noticed but there were tears falling from his eyes too.

“I love you so much” Eddie whispered between kisses. “I love you so fucking much.”

“God Eddie,” Richie said back. “I can’t get enough of you, but now I’ve got forever to try.”

Eddie loved the sound of that.

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It would make my heart melt if I could get some pictures of Llewelyn English Setter puppies. Please and thank you! :)

I hope these adorable pups put a smile on your face! :)

“Jungkook-ah, it’s been so long since we last posted a selca together,” Jimin says, pouting playfully. Jungkook wordlessly stands up, handing Jimin his phone and Jimin tucks himself closer, bending a little so that he can get all of Jungkook in the picture. It was Jungkook’s idea to wear the turtlenecks, to hide the evidence of their late night activities. It also had the added advantage of bringing out Jimin’s cute sweaterpaws, a sight which makes his heart melt. Jimin’s hair tickles Jungkook’s cheeks, but he doesn’t mind, instead a wide smile blooms on his face at the feeling. Jimin’s fingers capture the picture with a click of the button, immortalizing the moment for eternity.

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You should do a Dad! Tom imagine on how the baby is with Tessa and how their relationship is x

i’m gonna do this as a small hc if that’s ok?? i always see dad!tom with a baby girl so - 

  • both you and tom would be a little nervous about bringing her home for the first time 
  • even though you know that tessa is a big softy, you’re not sure how she’ll react to a baby 
  • but of course, she’d be an absolute angel with her
  • you’d go in first so that tessa could get her fuss out of the way
  • then tom would bring baby girl in, still in her car seat, and put her down on the floor, to which tessa would be curious and give her face a sniff
  • instantly tessa would then be trying to lick her (my heart is melting) and tom would pull her away cautiously 
  • so then tessa would start sniffing her feet instead
  • she’d just be really curious as to what’s going on, who is this new human
  • try telling me that tom wouldn’t take a picture of them together for insta and caption it “my girls”, i’ll fight
  • look, they’d instantly become best friends
  • whenever baby cries, tessa would be so responsive and tilt her head as if she’s asking what’s wrong
  • when baby is laughing or making noises, tessa would wag her tail and run in circles
  • when baby is sleeping, tessa would either sleep by her cot or if baby was on your bed, tessa would be curled up by her side
  • she’s baby’s lil personal bodyguard so anytime anyone tries to go near her, tessa is standing guard 
  • she’ll only let you or tom near baby 
  • whenever baby is having tummy time on the floor, tessa would let her play with her ears, and no matter how hard she tugged, tessa would stay so calm
  • she’d want to play with tessa’s toys so often, rather than her own
  • when baby gets a little older and can play, she’d throw a ball for tessa to chase and tessa would always bring it back and gently drop it in her lap
  • when she’s old enough for a proper bed, tessa would sleep in her bed every night
  • cuddles cuddles cuddles
  • they’d never leave each others’ side
  • she would always sneak tessa a little bit of food under the dinner table
  • they’d just be the best of friends wow my heart hurts
  • also i’d just like to add, as an owner of two staffys, i can tell u that staffys are the softest dogs ever and make awesome family pets so 
BTS Reacting to your weight loss photos
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Kim Taehyung would look in awe at the pictures you showed him, glancing from your past self, to you, and back to your past self. “Wow, Y/N, you don’t even look like the same person, that’s incredible!”

Park Jimin would smile brightly after seeing your old pictures, wrapping his arm around you, and pulling you so close you could feel his breath. “I am so, unbelievably proud of you. It’s a wonder what the human body can do, if you’re determined enough.”

Jeon Jungkook would be so dumbfounded he would be left speechless, not knowing how to wrap his brain around the images you were showing him. “I mean, I think you’re gorgeous no matter what, but this just makes me appreciate you on a completely different level, Y/N.”

Jung Hoseok would clasp his hands over his mouth, trying not to be too vocal at the difference between you then, and you now. “Oh my god! You are so determined, Y/N. I think that’s sexier than anything in the world.”

Min Yoongi would raise his eyebrow questioningly, almost not believing that it was you in the pictures you gave to him. “Well, if you aren’t totally full of shit, Y/N, this is very impressive. I don’t think my lazy ass could pull something like that off.”

Kim Seokjin would be the most emotional about it, gripping your hand tightly, looking into your eyes with a softness that was so sincere it would make your heart melt. “Y/N, you are the most incredible person. I hope I can be half the person that you are.”

Kim Namjoon would be weirdly aroused by your drastic transformation, pulling you in close enough to plant a sensual kiss on your lips. “So, did you maybe want to work off a little more?” He’d ask, gripping your hand and pulling you towards the bedroom.

Blueberry Pancakes

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Request:  Heyo! I love your blog! I was wondering if I could request a fic where Bucky finds the reader crying over a mission because she is responsible for a # of deaths on a mission (she was on the avenger team because she’s like an elementalist or something) and Bucky try’s to cheer her up and there’s just a lot of fluffiness and somehow they end up eating blueberry pancakes. If you don’t wanna write it I totally understand lol. Have a super awesome day anyways☺️💙

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: You get upset because you couldn’t save a few people during a mission and Bucky hates seeing you sad, so he has to cheer you up

Word Count: 1,227

Genre: angst, fluff

Notes:  the reader is an elemental and stuff, also that gif is what i picture at the end and it basically makes my heart melt every time I watch it!

You run your hands up and down your grimy face and let out a defeated sigh. The tears gathering in your eyes made them burn uncomfortably and the lump in your throat made it increasingly hard to breathe, guilt sat heavily on your chest as you stared blankly at the plain walls of your room. 

Today had been your first mission in a long time as the last mission you were on you had broken your leg. After a few weeks on the mend and some time in the rehabilitation center to regain your muscle, you were finally allowed back on a mission. You and Bucky were assigned to a recon mission together and it was going really smoothly until you accidentally blew you cover and it turned into a hostage situation. Three people, three innocent people, had died because you messed up. You start crying big ugly tears at the thought of the families you had just ruined because of one stupid mistake. It was something so easily avoidable, but you still did it anyway.  You weren’t one to cry,  but the thought of the people you had inadvertently killed today broke you apart. You had been the direct cause of people’s deaths and now that you were, it ate you alive. 

You didn’t hear the knock on the door or Bucky calling your name over the sound of your sobs, It took him sitting down at your side and pulling you into a side hug for you to realize he was even in the room with you. You lay your head on his shoulder and just cry.

You and Bucky had an odd relationship. You two weren’t technically dating each other yet but everyone with eyes knew that you two belonged to each other, weather you two wanted to admit it or not. He knew every deep dark secret of yours and you knew his, even the things he didn’t tell Steve. He knew on their way back to the tower that you weren’t alright. He also knew that you needed time to process the tragedy by yourself before he swept in to save you, no matter how much it hurt him to watch you become so distraught. 

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What dating Chanyeol would be like?

my heart melted a little bit


  • him being fairly confident when he asked you out
  • there was only minimal stuttering
  • but when you said yes he had his gummy little smile and he couldn’t wait to tell everyone that you’d said yes
  • he’d probably take you somewhere like the zoo or an amusement park
  • trying to take sneaky pictures of you places
  • “that was not my camera flashing!!!!!11!! whAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Y/N???”
  • his lock screen is you
  • so is his home screen
  • begging you to play video games with him because he wants to do something with you but not actually go outside the dorms
  • but he’s not going to let you win…
  • working out with him
  • which just means he has an excuse to show off for you
  • making fun of him for skipping leg day
  • taking ugly pictures of each other
  • goodmorning and goodnight texts that melt your heart until he starts acting like a fuckboy
  • him making you songs and then downloading them onto your phone so when you go to your music you have new things to listen to when he’s away
  • and he’ll secretly slip in something incredibly dirty, boi wyd
  • him wrapping his arms and legs around you in bed when the two of you cuddle because he wants to be annoying
  • but he loves you alot so he’d plant kisses on the top of your head
  • showering together
  • “come on babe! I’ve already showered with Tao, why can’t I shower with you?” “stop talking Chanyeol.”
  • but he’d probably give really good massages and it’d be fun to wash his hair let’s be real
  • him texting you all the time
  • “I saw a dog” “Wanna hear a joke Baekhyun told me?” “I love you”
  • dominant af
  • rough sex or soft sex it’s up to you tbh
  • cooking???
  • honestly he’s not half bad but he loves when you help him cook even if it means him getting distracted by you and burning something important and then you have to either call for take out and the fire department or just take out
  • you tracing his tattoo when the two of you cuddle
  • bringing you gifts from the different places he’d been to when he was on tour
  • taking you out for street food so that he could take aesthetic photos of you at night
  • “guess what, Y/N.” “Hmmm?” “I love you.”
  • him smiling and blushing when you tell him you love him
  • Chanyeol would just love you with his whole being and would always support you he’d just want to make sure you felt loved because you’d be so important to him
Jin as your Boyfriend:
  • Lots and I mean ALOT of cuddling and hugs.
  • Small nose pecks.
  • Always calling you cute.
  • Always trying to make you happy or boost your confidence if it’s down.
  • Back hugs.
  • LOVES cooking with you or for you
  • Let’s you taste/try food by feeding it to you.
  • Probs the best kisser in Bangtan.
  • Will take you on romantic dinner dates.
  • Doesn’t mind shopping with you.
  • Holds your hand when walking together.
  • Or his arm is around your waste with his hand in your back pocket ;)
  • Always honest with you.
  • Tries not to be clingy but actually is clingy AS FUCKKKK!
  • Loves it when you play with his hair.
  • Likes showing you off.
  • Will sit and do your makeup for you.
  • Fails horribly at doing your makeup.
  • You both just laugh it off.
  • Constantly tells you puns.
  • Sometimes you call him stupid.
  • Other times you seriously laugh cause he’s a genius and you love his cheesy lines.
  • LOVES to shower with you.
  • Notices your anxiety about your body and tries to help you feel better.
  • He may have loads of confidence, but he thinks you’re more beautiful than the universe itself.
  • Worships your body and loves you for every flaw.
  • Definite vanilla sex at first in your relationship.
  • Literally, candles, roses, beautiful lingerie…
  • As time goes on, things get rougher and kinky.
  • Will still be considerate of you in bed.
  • Always checks on you.
  • “You okay?” or “If you need me to stop don’t be afraid to say anything ever okay?”
  • Calls you “beautiful” or “princess”
  • “Ah.. my princess is so wet for me.. so sweet.“
  • Loves it when you sit on his face.
  • Oral is a must.
  • Constantly kissing you in the process of making love.
  • Traces every curve of your body while whispering about how beautiful you are.
  • Loves it when you cling onto him while he fucks you senseless.
  • Enjoys every single moan that comes out of you.
  • Loud as fuck with you ;)
  • Just the sounds of both yours and his skin coming together and juices, turns him into a sex monster.
  • Kitchen sex.
  • Spanks you and pulls your hair on nights he’s stressed.
  • Loves it when you’re vocal about cumming.
  • Only gets more rough before you both climax.
  • Literally, jack hammer.
  • Will gently clean you off with a warm towel.
  • Lays in bed naked with you, playing with your hair and talking until you fall asleep.
  • Doesn’t lie when he says he’ll make you breakfast in bed the next day because of how “Tired” you are.
  • You getting your period is a piece of cake for him.
  • Backrubs/Comfort Food/Warm Cuddles/ Hot Showers/Lots of Sleep/Hydration/Repeat.
  • Feels his heart shatter when you get upset or cry.
  • Will literally sit with you/lay with you until you’re calmed down.
  • “You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong… But my ears and arms are always open for you jagiya..”
  • Whenever you two fight he doesn’t like to stay around.
  • He doesn’t want to explode and scare you.
  • Leaves to work out and blow off steam at the gym.
  • Comes back with flowers and chocolates.
  • Sometimes doesn’t leave at all because he know it gives you anxiety.
  • Just stays in another room and plays games on the computer until things calm down.
  • Will sit down and actually talk things over like adults.
  • Doesn’t mind talking about the deep stuff with you.
  • Helps you through depressing times.
  • Will listen to ANYTHING you have to say or rant about.
  • Loves to travel with you.