this picture makes me smile so freaking much


I mean i’m not you commander but you do all follow me, 100 of you!!! OMG I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!

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So, I am kind of stunned. I don’t really do much I don’t write stuff, I don’t make stuff besides reblog lots of SPN stuff and fics. I gush way too much at people when i enjoy their writing. I add way too many comments to pictures i reblog. I probably annoy half of you and freak out the other half. But i guess you are all slightly insane any way. BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW ME!!

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Seriously though guys, I love you all. Not in the romantic smooshy sex way. But in the way, every single one of you, at some point, has made me smile, or cry or run off for a cold shower or laugh so hard i almost peed (i’ve had three kids, those muscles don’t work so well anymore). And I hope in some way i make you feel as happy as you all make me feel. Thank you, from the bottom of my tiny, SPN battered heart. Hugs all round xoxoxox.

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The thing is I freak out over any type of notice from Taylor but the fact that it was actually about me and my life this time…In so many ways she has helped me through medical stuff and she finally knows it. Was it the most important story?! No. But it was the over all picture. The fact that she knows. And I thanked her. And she like saw a tiny glimpse of how she plays such a big part in my life. That’s what’s making me so happy. And that’s what’s making me smile so much. Medical stuff isn’t the only thing she’s helped me with but it’s a big part of it and she finally knows how much I appreciate her. (I think :))


Happy birthday to my favorite person on this entire planet. I didnt know someone you’ve never met could mean so much to me. You’re music makes my heart beat faster. Everything about you is so perfect. Every tike I hear your name or see a picture of you it makes me want to smile and freak out all at the same time. Seeing you live was the best day of my entire life and I cant wait to see you again this July. No matter what anyone has to say about you, you truly are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered. I have so much to thank you for. Just existing makes my days so much better. I hope one day I get to have the chance to meet you to tell you how much you mean to me. You’re everything to me. My idol, my inspiration and my rock. I’ll love you until the end of time. 💖