this picture made me laugh so hard

Another callout to Winged-Obsessor

-Pees on things and people for dominance but has not done so to me yet, rude
-Writes better than I could ever hope to do, again, rude
-Called me hella vanella once even though it’s true but i’M OFFENED AND OMG REPORITNG!1!!!!
-Has offered several times to buy food for friends if they are hungry, like omg, who does she think she is? She should just let dem hoes defend for themselves. Survival of the fittest, bitch.
-Innappropriate over indulgence of calling her friends cute and then threatening to “fite” them when they disagree about being cute. So hostile.
-Claims to be winged and a narwhal, but we’ve seen pictures of her and she is obviously neither of those things #FALSEADVERTISTING
-Is very funny and made me laugh so hard once I nearly choked to death and died, Im suing!
-Commisions others way to much, like WTF? You tryna make us all look bad?
-her hair is better than mine and that makes me angry
-One of her fanfics was legit so beautiful it made me cry and i HATE CRYING. Wow. pretty ballsy of u… Cunt.
-Once took to long to reply too an ask I sent in to her
-Same goes for that dumb College AU of yours that I love so much, it took 2 whole weeks, I counted
-10/10 to good at MineCraft, she must be elimiated.
-Is actually made of sin and I can never get to that level of sin, she sets unrealistic expectations of sinfulness that us other followers can never achieve and that is unhealthy and unrighteous!
-Has the audactiy to ship everything, including polyships. Gross.



Flirty Mr. Wilson had me like:

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So yeah, I was taking screenshots of this video and randomly paused it on the first picture in this post and I thought it was hilarious because I thought it looked like Mr. Wilson just resting his hands on both sides of the doorway like he was just about to flirt with someone or the character you play as in this game and the idea of him flirting just made me laugh so hard because he’s supposed to be the scary part of this game. Then because of that I got the idea for this dumb post, enjoy everyone! xD


I know that I’m a few days late, but I’ve been really enjoying all of the “Current Journals” posts inspired by @journaling-junkie ’s January Journal Challenge, so I knew I had to post my own.

My Current Journal/Sketchbooks: (These guys typically go with me almost everywhere I go.)

1. Handlettering Practice Book #2—Guys, this sketchbook is AMAZING. It is a Canson XL Mixed Media 7"x10" sketchbook that has a really solid medium paper weight at 98lbs. I love the paper. I love the size (you can put an even 2" mat around your artwork to fit a standard 11x14 frame; I’m a framer, this is how my brain looks for paper sizes). I love that it’s spiral bound, so it will lay flat while I’m working. 10/10 definitely going to purchase again when this one is full. I should mention that the page on the left in this picture was inspired by a post by @girlfig that made me laugh pretty hard.

2. Bullet Journal—I’m not entirely sure where I got this journal from (I had it for years before I finally found a use for it). It’s not really my style, but the cover is made out of canvas board making it really sturdy and impossible to bend. This journal is where my brain goes to organize itself. I haven’t posted pages from my bullet journal on here because I don’t take the time to decorate the pages; it’s a no-nonsense place for lists, schedules and brainstorming.

3. My Art Journal—This is where my brain goes to unwind and feel free. I had a hard time finding a page that you guys haven’t already seen, so here’s an in-progress page, even though it doesn’t have too much further to go before it’s done.

4. “Adventures in White” Book—If you’ve been following my #adventuresinwhite tag, you know this a sketchbook of solid black paper, and I’ve been experimenting with every sort of white medium that I can get my hands on. The page shown here is, of course, still in progress, but the lettering is being done with a Gellyroll white gel pen and the galaxy on the right was done with General’s Charcoal White pencil.

5. A Small Collection of My Favorite Words & Phrases—It was $3 from Target and all graph paper, which I thought might be nice for lettering practice. The pages themselves are pretty lightweight though, so I don’t want to use most of my pens and markers for fear I’ll ruin their tips. It’s been pencil-only so far and there’s a good chance it will stay that way.

This makes for a happy Emily. 💛

Post your current journals! I know we’re a few days late here, but I love getting a glimpse of how all of my favorite artists operate behind the scenes.

AWA photos, part 2!

There were LOTS of other Mimikyu at AWA, so Kopikat definitely didn’t get lonely!!

If you don’t think that this is the coolest thing ever, you are so incredibly wrong! Ahhhh, I loved this so much. u.u

Seriously though, who do I need to talk to about getting a Mimikyu cloak made? I’ll wear it everywhere, seriously. Throw me a ghost bone here.

I’m not even gonna lie–I laughed way hard at this. It’s just so perfect. Kudos to you, ghostbro, for having the dedication to just kinda sit there for people to take pictures. I and so many others appreciated it! You’re awesome and clever!!

Another awesome thing about AWA is that I got to meet a long-time online friend of mine, @aoiskye (AKA, the biggest Mimi-cutie ever), in person!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

Sabertooth at Christmas time.

So my friend wanted me to draw Rogue with a ribbon and Sting in dorky clothes, and this picture just kind of… expanded from there. The sweaters are made by Yukino. She discovered knitting and embroidery and worked so hard on them that no one had the heart to tell her that they were the definition of fashion train-wreck. Sting and Rogue wears theirs with pride. The Fairy Guys laugh at them until Erza decides that knitting is an excellent girl bonding activity and none of Fairy girls apart from Juvia can knit.

Art spotlight: all these days by @mippippippi

This kind of (aka totally) amazing. I loooooove the way you made it like a comic book cover. The title text reminds me a lot of how it looked in the classic Superman comics. SWANQUEEN AS A COMIC BOOK COVER; I’m so ecstatic right now.I love how you showed the SwanMills family in the top (with Henry wearing the mask!) and The Swan and The Evil Queen in the bottom; you did the fic so much justice. I lost it at “Now divorced!” It’s such a brilliant play on traditional comic book covers while maintaining the semi-serious semi-lighthearted tone of the fic It’s such an awesome comic book aesthetic! And the pictures are perfect for them omg, Henry is spot on and I’m obSESSED with the manip at the bottom of the page. Also, the “all new and amazing! now divorced!” made me laugh HARD omfg I love this so much!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece of art!

I love you in the simplest ways.

The way you laugh and the way you smile in pictures because you know it’s what I like. The way you sing out of tune to me, how you make me laugh. My heart melts when you talk in that lazy voice right before you fall asleep.
I love the way you’ve opened up to me so effortlessly and made it impossible for me not to love you. I love being the one you’re lovely to. When the rest of the world can only see a hard, cold asshole I get to cuddle into the warmest of hearts. I adore the way you can make me forget about the rest of the world completely for hours while we get lost in conversation. How you’ve created this oasis for me to sink into while I’m dreaming.

I love you for the way you love me.

—  Resurfacing this one.

Fluttershy didn’t think she’d ever be funny enough for Pinkie Pie.

After all, she hadn’t been a very good Pinkie Pie. She wasn’t very good at thinking of jokes, or telling them. But, one day, Pinkie made a silly face at her, and without even thinking Fluttershy made the same face back.

Pinkie couldn’t contain herself. She laughed so hard that she couldn’t even stand up. For a moment Fluttershy was stunned into silence, until Pinkie’s laughter filled her, and she fell on the floor laughing along with her.

In that moment, Fluttershy understood. It wasn’t a matter of being funny enough. She didn’t have to become somepony else. Pinkie was simply full of laughter, so full that it was always just below the surface and ready to burst out.

Pinkie just loved to laugh. And Fluttershy loved to help.

It really makes me upset that Jimin thinks we only like him for his body
That’s not true
Obviously not gonna lie him having an amazing body is nice but that’s not all that matters
I biassed him cuz he’s so cute and adorable, this is the picture that made me bias him
He’s a literal angel, he has the sweetest smile, the cutest laugh, the kindest heart, the most beautiful eyes, the most amazing voice, and he’s such a good dancer. He’s always there for the members when they feel down, he always thinks about the fans. He loves and works so hard for us. And for some “fans” to go around and say dumb things like “show us your nipples” or “show us your abs” is just disgusting. It makes me so angry. Cuz he’s more then just his looks. I love him so much, he’s so tiny and squishy and omg my baby ❤️ Saranghae Jimin oppa💖

anonymous asked:

can you pap of your hands? ok this probably sounds a little weird lmao HAHA pls don't be creeped out i'm nowhere a creep lolol i'm just genuinely curious about how you look like (i mean most of the ppl are curious about how the ppl they talk to online to look like), but since i can't get a selfie from you, then maybe your hands..? :(( i'm starting to sound pathetic HAHA

Honestly this ask made me laugh so hard so you know what I’m going to post a picture of my hand next to the framed photo of twice I keep on my desk.

This might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, but I kind of get where you’re coming from. I’m just a random person online and you guys need some proof that I’m not catfishing you or anything. I wish I could give you guys a selfie but I’ve told you before, I literally can’t take selfies. 

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" They are not toys from McDonald's'' made me laugh so hard. Btw I hope you have fun and I'm supper hopeful and shouldn't be haha about ot4. I'm letting myself have this hope. I'll worry about it later if it breaks 😆

Thing is, last year I came too and it was soooo good.Liam and Louis looked amazing, I got an amazing picture of Adele and Dan and Phil.That’s until I got home and saw the interviews.So this year I’m set on enjoying the fun experience and eating my way through the interviews when I get back home.But thanks for the lovely message ❤️

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A side of Pyrrha never seen before! The champion got a boyfriend!? (Pictures of you spending time with Jaune. The article is largely false speculation on who Jaune is and how he won your heart.)

Send me click-bait ads of Pyrrha││ Always Accepting

“Yes. I do believe I’ve read that one. They come up with the wildest theories about him, even going so far as to say he’s a prince from some small region of Vale. It’s almost as if they set the bar for who I would accept as a companion too high for anyone to actually obtain.” It was pretty funny though, at least to team RWBY, who had taken turns reading it out loud in the dining hall one morning. 


Hi Tumblrs! Happy Sunday. I haven’t been posting a lot of food pictures and recipes lately because I have a job now. I’m a landscape designer and installer. I’m growing more food than ever though, at 4 different houses including my own. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. This is my work from the past month. These photos are of a back yard garden makeover. My crew is doing an awesome job. They’ve been working so hard and so have I. I built the brick labyrinth patio in the center mostly by myself. My friend Sarah helped me with a few rows of bricks, as did the homeowner and her friend Courtney. My crew installed all the DG, the bender board and hardscape lines, framed out and installed the big pavers for the dining patio, created drip irrigation everywhere, helped me plant everything, and made me laugh a lot which makes the day go by fast. 

In the first picture is a huge raised vegetable garden, one of two. These vegetable beds have really taken off! We’re growing peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, squash, cucumber, malabar spinach, arugula, thyme, and beans. Yum! I also planted California native plants and succulents in garden beds throughout the yard, and big drought tolerant shrubs and trees in pots. The second set of pics you can see the property before, it was basically a big rectangular dirt patch with a massive stack of bricks in one corner. The picture next to it is after the hardscape elements were finished. We used the bricks to create a labyrinth-esque patio around the fire pit. You can actually walk this labyrinth, I made a bunch of turns in it. Now it’s after the after there’s furniture everywhere and a few more plants. I love the way this garden looks and feels. In the last set of pics is a green frog fountain that was sitting in three different pieces scattered about the yard. My crew set it up and we bought a small pump and got it working. My crew is amazing. I have to go there today to plant a vine and check on things. I can’t wait. I love my job! I would do this for free. Don’t tell any of my clients I said that.

Everything I found wrong with the new Powerpuff Girls

I stayed up all night and watched the entirety of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series (that has been released so far) and here is a review about what I think, what I found wrong, and with pictures!!

Here it goes…

I personally found it quite easy to watch, it was entertaining enough that I didn’t loathe having to watch the next episode and was actually looking forward to it (however some fellow animator friends disagree and found it too hard to watch.)
On a few separate occasions the show had moments that made me actually laugh out loud, which isn’t something cartoons do often.

Where do I start. Almost each episode had it’s own animation error or two. The episodes that I didn’t catch an error in would be faulty in another way such as design quality or general lack of quality.

Animation errors caught so far (including those seen on tumblr)…
-Bubbles has an animal on her head and her pigtail clips in front of it for a shot before going back behind it for the rest

-New villain Pack-Rat’s hand clips behind his neck for a frame or two before clipping back to the front where it was

-The line art on Blossom’s hand and part of her bow/head is discolored for a moment

-A pipe in a trash dump seems to be “floating” in front of the piles of trash

-A stock image of sand dunes is unnecessarily used for a scene. Said sand dune stock image is edited to look original or fit the scene via moving the foreground upwards and applying a gradient and playing around with contrast, as pictured below on the right in an attempt to recreate it myself.

-When Buttercup comes on-screen from off-screen one frame is partially uncolored

-The perspective of a few shots is flawed where new villain Man-Boy hops forward and looks super tiny, mere moments later he looks much larger

-Bubbles’ mouth disappears for a frame… 

-Man-Boy flexes his shirt off but it doesn’t rip or anything, just disappears…

-The back shadow of Princess Morbucks’ crown flickers between orange and yellow…

I don’t know if I should call this next bit an animation error or a design flaw because it’s kind of both…
-A policeman and policewoman are in cars chasing burglars, Bubbles catches the burglars’ car with them in it and throws it into the police station, where the same policeman and policewoman are sitting at the desk, despite being in the cars mere seconds before.

There were quite a few design flaws…
-4 group members of a roller skating gang have the exact same design, 2 of them have the same colors, the other 2 have different colors but not quite so different, more like they plopped them into Photoshop and used the Hue slider on separate parts

-A monster character got mutated /further/ into a bigger monster, and didn’t look anything like the original character, aside from two traits that looked like they were slapped on just so you knew who it was

-A meatloaf monster went from two eyes, to one eye that was an olive with a toothpick through it, to two eyes again, Buttercup blasted it’s head off while it had the olive eye, then it regenerated with the two eyes again and Buttercup remarked “Great. Now it has depth perception.” but it did mere moments before the olive suddenly appeared

-A design for a monster changed between it’s first and second sighting in the episode

There were also a few plot flaws…
-A new villain “Pack-Rat” makes an appearance as the villain for the episode, without any introduction or previous background given, in the episode after that, he gets a thorough introduction as if you are seeing him for the first time

-Blossom exhibits a “green lantern” type power in several episodes where she can create objects made of energy, such as a latex glove that covers herself completely, by episode 10, Bubbles and Buttercup suddenly discover this “new” green lantern type power for themselves, but suddenly Blossom has no knowledge of this power, and is upset that she doesn’t have that power, by the end of the episode she gets it but…c'mon…10 episodes later you’re going to pretend something never happened?

Familiar characters…
-Miss Bellum was supposedly written out of the show because “she wouldn’t be a good influence” however I have no proof of that I just heard it from a friend. BUT she DID only make one appearance in one episode where they made up an excuse for her not to be present for future episodes. This excuse being her vacation days had stacked up and she was going to take all 1000 of them. They still featured her in the cartoon, and had her voice and everything

-Familiar villains such as Mojo-Jo-Jo, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him, so far have only few appearances in the show
–Mojo makes a brief appearance in episode 3 as a side bit, but doesn’t become an actual villain for the episode until episode 11 and 12
–The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Mojo, and Him all make appearances in episode 11 and still aren’t really the “main” villains, except Him provides the conflict for the episode but only shows up a few times in the episode briefly
-Princes Morbucks is a lot more prominent as a main villain, she is the villain for the 2nd episode, and was alongside all the other original villains in episode 11
Aside from those appearances, all villains for the other episodes are new ones

The show’s “new” style…
Okay. While watching the show, I got the feeling that it’s trying to pull inspiration from shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Clarence, and even some of the new Nicktoons. It feels like it’s trying to be just like every new “modern” cartoon with the rounded edges and quirky bits, everything feels familiar like I’ve seen it before.
They’ve ACTUALLY SHOWN (pictured below) that they’re capable of mimicking the old Powerpuff Girl/UPA style, and it isn’t just a lack of research on their part.

However, they’ve chosen to go with this “hip new modern cartoon look” that all cartoons seem to have nowadays, instead of this beauty pictured above.
***one of the producers, Bob Boyle worked on Clarence, Yin Yang Yo, and Wow Wow Wubzy, as well as an art director for Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, which explains the “modern cartoon” style look, AND the ABILITY to be able to PRODUCE the oRIGINAL STYLE.

Cringe-Worthy meme/popular lingo and “modernized” moments…
-Rap battle
-Bubbles saying YAAAASSS
-Bubbles says “I can’t even!” Buttercup shows confusion and Blossom says, in annoyance, “ohhh like ‘she literally can’t even’”
-Bubbles says “No me gusta” and makes the “No” rage face
-And the sad, but understandable, replacement of the original “Powerpuff Hotline” with iPhones for each individual girl that ring with the original Powerpuff Hotline face when they’re needed

Other things…
The color design is also awful, lots of loud, over-saturated colors that hurt the eyes. And there are many oddly timed moments and out-of-place things that go on, as well as a ridiculously fast pace at times, and random costume changes between shots without explanation as to why.

I’m sure I didn’t catch EVERYTHING but these are things I witnessed casually, i.e. just by watching it, not going through frame-by-frame and nit-picking trying to find these flaws. (aside from the animation errors I was already aware of thanks to tumblr)

Their audience…
I wouldn’t give this show as much flack as I am if they were marketing it to children, because then it would make sense that they’re modernizing it and making it so much like cartoons these days. However, and I could be wrong on this, I’m pretty sure they were trying to market it to millennials, people who are familiar with the show and have grown up with it.

If they weren’t marketing to millennials, they would’ve introduced characters like Mojo-Jo-Jo, so all the new kiddies could know who he is. But they never made any introductions for any characters from the original show, they just showed up as if you’re supposed to be familiar with them. If their aim was, in fact, for millennials, then the modernization doesn’t make a lot of sense, if we grew up with it and loved it, we don’t want to see it in some new modern light, we want to see it for what it was. It’s possible they’re confused about their audience and trying to meet expectations for both kids and millennials, but your audience isn’t a good thing to be uncertain about when you’re writing and producing a show…

All in all, despite the awful laziness, repeated mistakes, and lack-luster performance, I didn’t find it un-watchable, and I actually had a fun time watching all the episodes, and laughed out loud at a cartoon for the first time in a while.

★ ★ ★
TL;DR! I would not call this a great show by any means. I would call it…watchable, and sometimes funny, but mostly a disappointment.
★ ★ ★

They also alluded to that famous painting Nighthawks and I’m kind of rump-rustled about it because I’m like HOW DARE YOU REFERENCE A GREAT PIECE OF ART IN THIS ABOMINATION but it’s cool they’re trying to include small references like that, I believe they  also made an allusion to “the dip” from Roger Rabbit as well, except it was a vat of tie-dye the PPG were going to be dunked in to become fashion-disasters. (note the villain that did this was fashion obsessed)

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed my thorough review. I’ll probably make further posts about new plot/design/animation errors I find in future episodes.


If you ever get to attend a WTNV live show, make sure to stay after for the meet and greet. They are so unwaveringly kind and totally worth the wait. 

Photos with:

  • dylanmarron - Carlos the Scientist
  • Cecil Baldwin - Cecil Palmer
  • Meg Bashwiner - Proverb Lady/Deb the Sentient Patch of Haze
  • Desiree Burch - Former Mayor Pamela Winchell! (She made me laugh so hard as the picture was being taken!)
  • symphos1 - Tamika Flynn