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What’s up, it’s Alexei!

When Ngozi posted this picture yesterday of young post-draft Tater “trying his darnedest to answer press questions in English,” I thought, “You know, I could make a play fic out of that.” Which is what led to the following 2700+ words about Tater and his ESL tutor.

Many, many thanks to @ktheunready for being my Russian authenticity consultant and beta!

Georgia Martin stood at the back of the media scrum and watched Alexei Mashkov stumble his way through his post-draft interview, saw the way his fingers kneaded the brim of the brand-new Falconers’ cap he’d been handed for the initial official photos, saw the way his eyes widened and stayed intently glued to whoever was asking him a question, like he was afraid he’d miss some key bit of meaning if he blinked.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.


«No, Mama, I promise, my room is very nice. The family is very nice. Everything is very…»

«Let me guess, nice? »

Alexei sighed. «Yes.»

«You know I don’t doubt you, right, Alyosha? I’m not worried you can’t do this. You will be fine. But I know this is your first time to live in another country, with none of the boys from your teams here. It can be… hard, sometimes. I know.»

«Yeah, Mama, I know. You told me.»

«Are you telling me you’ve heard the stories of my youth too many times?» she asked in mock outrage.

«No, no!» he laughed. «Of course not.»

«Good. I should think not.» He could picture her face exactly, and it made him smile. «I’m glad your host family seems nice, Alyosha. I’m sure you will have many friends in no time.»

He flopped back on the bed again and stared at the ceiling. «I hope so.»

«We’ll talk again soon. Love you, son.»

«Love you, too.»

He hung up and let his phone rest on his chest. He’d been to America before. He’d thought he’d known what it would be like, that it wouldn’t be so bad. Different, yes, but there would be so many interesting new things to see, and new teammates, and he certainly knew how to play hockey. What he had failed to take into account, apparently, was how exhausting it was to try to function in English all day. For a US hockey team, the Falconers’ roster was shockingly low on Russian players, so his host family was one of the French Canadian ones. To their credit, they did speak some Russian, but it was hardly enough to have a real conversation. Alexei felt like he’d been practically mute all day.

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Missing Person (Jughead One-Shot)

Summary: Part one of a Jughead series I’m writing.

Part one: Archie and Veronica talk about old days

Word count: 797

Requested? No

Prompts: None

A/n: I will be taking requests for Jughead as of now.

Part 2 Here

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Archie and Veronica walked side by side, each step another second of the present wasted on focusing on the past. They spoke of simpler times when your school year was designated by a number rather than a name. Archie shared a story of his younger days with Betty which soon ended in a comfortable silence, followed by Veronica’s query.

“What about him?” She asked gesturing down the road to a beanied author walking away from hanging a missing person’s poster on poles and mailboxes. “Doesn’t he fit in to your tales?”

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Archie was hesitant. “Yeah, we were friends.”

“What about them?” she asked gesturing to the person in the photo. “I’ve seen the posters around town. I thought this place was a quiet one but so far there’s been a dead body and a missing person.”

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LOL that anon called out Ward, but not Harold who is the biggest abuser in the MCU, wow okay?? 🤣🤣🤣 Leave the lil sad bean alone.

It is really silly, isn’t it? Like yeah, Ward murdered Harold. Not once, but twice. Is that supposed to make me delete my blog and throw my computer out the window? I don’t understand. Lmao.


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Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: You work at the Shelby office as a secretary and all of the brothers ogle at you during meetings in tommys office through the windows and always talk about how hot/pretty you are. One day, John asks you out and you turn him down and when Finn makes fun of him John bets that Finn won’t ask you out. Finn nervously asks you out and you accept bc he is super sweet and closer in age. The brothers give john a hard time that finns got more game than him.

“She’s just playing hard to get. She’ll come ‘round sooner or later,”

“Yeah, more like never,” Finn cackled.

“Yeah, keep it in your trousers, John, and let the poor girl work,” Arthur laughed. All of the brothers were in Tommy’s office, just finishing up a meeting.

“I don’t need you harassing the only good secretary I’ve got,” Tommy said without looking up from his paperwork.

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The glue epic touched me in all kinds of places, and now my ribs hurt because I laughed so hard. I really want to send you cookies because you deserve it after that crap. And my question is: should I be concerned that your mention of the Glue Fairy made me think "I'd like to meet the Glue Fairy, and possibly sniff her a little - discreetly - because the whole idea makes me curious."?

I drew a picture of the Glue Fairy:

And here’s the little girl that got captured by witches:

I’m working on one for Elmer, the god of Cheap Adhesives. 

You Do His Makeup


Prompt- could you write one where your boreed or something and you do nialls makeup but like glam girly makeup and he doenst want you to do it but you do it anyway and hes grumpy through out it, id think that will be cute.

~1422 words


“Please baby.” You whined to your boyfriend for the hundredth time. “We can take it off right away.”

Niall groaned and ran his large hand through his soft hair, “(Y/N), babe, the guys will be over soon to watch the game and i really don’t want them coming in when you’re putting all that goop on my face.”

“I promise i’ll take it off right away. Please? I sat here all day watching golf, can i just do it this once?” You cuddled closer to him and gave him your best pleading eyes making him sigh, “Fine. But it better all be off my face by the time they get here.”

Squealing like an excited school girl and got off the sofa and went to gather your makeup. Niall watched you leave the room , he knew he was wrapped around your finger and that no matter how much of a fight he put up it would have happened anyway. He eternally cursed his decision to allow you to do this when you came back with your arms full of palettes, brushes and sparkles galore. “Alright, let’s get started.” You smiled as you sat back on the couch spreading all your stuff out on the coffee table.

Niall turned on the couch cushion so that his arm was resting on the back of the sofa, one leg bent and resting on the cushion between the two of you while the other one rested to the floor. “Good thing you shaved this morning.” You commented as you grabbed the foundation and beauty blender.

“Yeah, now i’m gonna be looking even more like a girl.” He closed his eyes as you worked the foundation into his soft skin, you would have made him wash his face and put on primer but you didn’t want to push it and he wouldn’t have it on for long anyway. “How do you have this on your skin all day everyday.” He asked as he scrunched his cute face when you put the foundation on his nose.

“You get used to it.” You giggled. “Alright let’s go on to eyes.” Niall watched as you grabbed your morphe palette and opened it, he never seen so many shades.

“Why do you have thousands of eye shadow things when this has so many colors.” He asked genuinely confused.

“Because, there is different shades and some are shimmery and some are matte.” You answered and started to put a dark brown color in his crease. “I can’t believe i let you do this to me.” He said grumpily.

“You let me do this because you love me.” You then went to another shade that was lighter and was shimmery.  “My man is going to look so pretty.” You joked.

“Well I better not be looking pretty when the lads come.” Niall warned gently finally opening his eyes when you were finished blending it out. “Can I see what you’re doing to me yet?” He said reaching for his phone but you grabbed his wrist stopping him. “No you can’t look until i’m finished.” You scolded him, putting your pallet down and grabbed you cosmetic glitter to make the eye shadow on his lids a little more glam.

“No. No glitter.” He said pulling away from your hand.

Giving him puppy dog eyes, “Please Ni.” You whined. He gave you pleading eyes, “No one will know babe. Please? For me?” A groan left his lips as he sat up again and closed his eyes allowing you to tap on the cosmetic glitter. “See. It’s not that bad.”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” He grumbled.

After putting simple bar eyeliner on, concealer on his under eyes and did his eyebrows, which again made him cranky you grabbed you contour palette. “Let’s make them cheek bones pop.” You smiled getting the proper bush and started to dust the powder over his cheeks.

“How much does all this stuff cost?” He said looking at all the products on the table. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back so that he was looking at you, “Stop moving. And they all cost something different.”


“What does it matter?” You sighed, exasperated from the constant questioning and grumbles.

“Just curious.”  

“The thing i’m using right now is like fifty dollars.” You answered, referring to contour palette in your hand. His eyes widened, it wasn’t really a problem but Niall would have never guessed that it would cost so much. “Fifty dollars? For some brown dust?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend, “It’s not just ‘brown dust’ babe. But yes fifty dollars.” After you finished the contouring you leaned in and kissed his thin lips. “Now the highlight.” Switching out the contour palette for the highlighter and a fan brush.  Dusting the illuminating powder over his cheekbones, “Look at that glow.” You joked, “Oh, i almost forgot.”

“Please, i don’t want that near my eyes.” Niall complained when he saw you get the mascara.

“Don’t be a baby.”

“Well i’m a baby then, i don’t want that near my eye. You might poke it out.” Rolling your eyes at how over dramatic your boyfriend could be.

“I’m not going to poke your eye out. If you let me do this then we can be done and i’ll never ask you to do this again.”

And with that Niall let out a long sigh, “Fine, but after you put that on I’m taking this all off.”

“Okay.” You smiled and started to unscrew the mascara.

“Better Than Sex?” He read the mascara tube and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really that good?”  

“Shut up Horan.” You giggled, “Look up and don’t blink or else i will poke your eye.” It was a struggle to get him to finally sit still and allow the wand to come anywhere near his face. You felt very accomplished when you were able to get one coat on his thin lashes.

After putting the mascara tube down and looked at your work, you couldn’t help but laugh at how your boyfriend looked, “There all done, you can look now.” Niall took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned on the front facing camera.

“Jesus Christ.” He said looking at his reflection in the phone, he turned his head side to side looking at your work. “This is fucking creepy.” He chuckled.

“Let me take a picture then you can wipe it off.” You said reaching for your own phone to take a picture.

“Alright but please don’t post it, the last thing i need is for the lads or the fans seeing it.”

“I wont post it.” You reassured him, he made faces at your phone as you snapped a few pics before putting down your phone and getting the makeup remover wipes. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash away my beautiful work.”

He took the wipe from you and scrubbed the makeup off his face as you got up to put away everything, “You did a good job beautiful but i never want any of that goop on my face ever again.” You laughed at his remark and kissed his forehead that was damp from the makeup wipe. “Thank you for letting me do it.”


Later that evening you were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream while Niall and the lads were in the den watching the game but your ears perked up when you heard Deo ask “Niall what the fuck is on your eyelashes?”

“Nothing.” You heard him answer quickly, you didn’t even have to see him to know that he was scrubbing at his eyes.

“Mate, is that mascara?” One of the other lads said.

“No.” Niall said defensively.

“Yes it is.” You heard another say followed by laughter. You felt kinda bad for him but a part of you thought it was so cute how defensive and embarrassed he sounded.  

“(Y/N) was messing about earlier give me a break.” You heard him grumble.

The lads laughed, “Ya let your girl doll you up?” One barked out.  

That’s when you left the kitchen and walked to the den, “Yes he did, and it was very sweet of him to do.” You said walking over to Niall and kissing his lips, “And no you’re not going to see pictures.”

You left the room as Niall’s mates continued to give him a hard time. But you knew you were Niall’s princess so he’d taking some teasing just as long as he knew he made you happy.


Hope you liked it, requests open.

Prompto’s Proposal ♡

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OK! So first, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR LIKING THIS BLOG! I love you all so much (✿ ♥‿♥) Anyway, I was gonna make these headcanons scenarios but I don’t know the meaning of “short scenario”, so they’re gonna count as prompts. There’ll be one for each chocobro: How the Chocobros propose! Also, they’ve been turned into reader-inserts so enjoy :)

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 Okay so I’ve been meaning to do this for uh, a thousand years, but I thought HEY why not blow up my computer while I do so so, here it is!

YEAh I HAvent said anything for yeArs and it’s amazing that i’ve gotten this far. I really can’t thank you guys enough for this and, I mean really. Holy cow.

 You guys have been with me for forever. You all have seen the crappiest poop and the best shit this site has to offer and I can’t even imagine why you followed me because this is so not IT. BUT you guys have been so great and just the most supportive and amazing people and honestly the quality of this picture is so bad and some stuff might be so small but hOPEFULLY you can read it I wanted to add way more but this was the stuff that made me laugh hard and I could fit in. Also if you can guess some of these i’ll like give you metaphorical cake.

  But I just really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Maes Hughes is a muse I’ve had so much fun with and , although I am a slowpoke and I take forever and I get busy and lazy and things happen and life pushes my hiney, you guys have all been here for SOME odd reason and it’s just been one of the most fun journeys I could have ever taken part of.

  Thank you guys. So much.

 UM SO I’m gonna tag PEople jeez this might be long

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I KNoW that is not everyone but GOSh THANK YOU GUYS for enjoying my blog and I never once deserved all the love I got from you guys or got to even thank you for sticking through this journey with me. I love you guys so much and hopefully if we haven’t talked much before we can soon!!



Putting your phone in your pocket and carrying on walking down the street with a hop in your step, you had a big smile on your face swinging your arms and humming a song you couldn’t contain the happiness you felt after the interview. After a while you made it home opening the door you were greeted by Emily Lucas and Mau with a congratulations sign Emily came running up to you hugging you “well tell us what happened” she said “yeah we need to know” Lucas said grinning “well…”

The Interview

You sat across from the person who was interviewing you looking through your portfolio nodding every now and then, you sat there fiddling with your fingers feeling nervous, after a while he put the portfolio down on the table. He looked up at you “well miss L/N you might be happy to hear that I am very happy to give you the job” you looked at him shocked “ur pardon?” You said not believing him, he chuckled “I’m giving you the job that’s if you want it?” He ask “yes yes I would love to except the job thank you thank you very much” you said smiling “very good well I would like you to be here tomorrow at 9:00 am I’ll have someone meet you down there and give you the information you need” he said “yes sir” you said standing up and shaking his hand.

Back at the flat

After telling them about the interview Mau suggested that you four should go out to celebrate so you went to your local restaurant called Migabon you all sitting down eatting you all chatted about things you’ve been up to and just enjoying your time together.


Waking up you looked at the clock on your nightstand “7:00 I guess I should get up and get ready for work” you got up and got washed and dressed walking in the kitchen you got your breakfast and sat down watching the tv. As you walked out of the flat you heard Emily and Lucas shout at you “GOOD LUCK” you laughed “THANK YOU” you yelled back walking to work.

Walking in to the building you started feeling nervous taking a deep breath you walked to the reception area walking forward you bump into someone “oh I’m sorry” you said bowing slightly “oh Urr it’s fine” the person you bump into said you looked up and saw a guy about your age scratching his neck a shy bunny like smile and a light blush on his cheeks, all went through your head at that moment was damm he’s so handsome “HEY Jungkook stop flirting and hurry up” someone shouted the guy in front of you looked away at the person “oh I’m sorry I need to go” the guy said running of “hmm was his name Jungkook?” You shrugged and walked to the reception “hi I’m Y/N I’m supposed to meet someone here I’ve started working here today” you said to the women there, she looked up at you or more like judging you “oh well I’ll call the manager to tell him you here” you took a seat and waited.

A women wearing a pink blouse and black skirt with back heels walked up to you “hi you must be Y/N ” the women said smiling “ur yeah hi” you said standing up the women took your hand and shook it “very nice to meet you follow me” she said letting go of your hand and walking to the lift, you grabbed your bag and ran after her getting in the lift she started explaining what you had to do today “so you will get to know the area you’ll be working on floor 7, today you will get the feel of the place and the stuff who will be helping you out and to learn the equipment you will be using got it” she said not really paying attention to you.
“So apparently your good at taking a photo?” She said you looked up at her “ur yeah I guess” you told her she started laughing at you “wow you won’t last five minutes here hopefully I won’t be the one showing you out” she said you looked at her not really sure you heard her right “exuse me?” You said she looked at you an evil grin on her face “ well to be honest your a photographer your work is taking pictures it’s not that hard to do” she said rolling her eyes an awkward silence made its way around you not really knowing what to say.

As the doors opened the women walked straight out once again chasing after her the room had a lot of people all looking at you “this is everyone I’m going to leave you here bye and good luck” she said walking away you looked at her in disbelief “hi you must be Y/N I’m Chan woo nice to meet you” you turned around to see a man who looked a few years older then you “um yeah nice to meet you too” you smiled shaking his hand “I’m guessing Yuna didn’t really help you feel at ease by the look on your face am I right?” You looked at him then at the lift “when you say Yuna you mean the women who just left right” Chan woo laughed “wow she didn’t even give you her name?” You shook your head no “don’t worry about it she acts all smily around people then when they are gone she is a little whiney bitch who trys to act all high and mighty just don’t let it get to you"  he said you nodded slowly still thinking about what she said to you. Chan woo saw the look and smiled "come on ill show you around the room” snapping back to reality you smiled “thank you that would be nice”, Chan woo introduced you to all the people you’ll be working with they all seemed really nice, thankfully no one treated you like Yuna did when you two were in the lift.

The day went quick and you found yourself looking out the window of your flat waiting for Mau Lucas and Emily to get back, today was a little bit hectic for you trying to remember the names of everyone you met then a name popped in to your head “Jungkook” that guy you bump into this morning he was very good looking thinking back to the encounter you had with him “I wonder if I get to work with him?” You asked yourself hopefully you would “who do you want to work with?” Mau ask walking through the door “your first day and you already got a little crush” Lucas said laughing as your face became hot from Lucas saying you’ve got a crush, you scoffed “yeah right” you said rolling your eyes at him “how was your first day?” Emily ask sitting down next to you “good though I did meet someone who was quite rude” you told them about your day and Lucas suggested about take out which you all agreed. Laying down in bed you listened to the traffic outside slowly drifting to sleep hoping not to bump in to Yuna but bump in to Jungkook again.

The girl behind the camera Part 2

Genre : Fluff / Angst / Drama

BTS x reader

Plot : Your a famous photographer who recently moved to South Korea with three of your best friends, you end up getting hired by big hit entertainment to become the photographer for bts. Everything is simple in you’re life, or so you thought.


Flirty Mr. Wilson had me like:

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

So yeah, I was taking screenshots of this video and randomly paused it on the first picture in this post and I thought it was hilarious because I thought it looked like Mr. Wilson just resting his hands on both sides of the doorway like he was just about to flirt with someone or the character you play as in this game and the idea of him flirting just made me laugh so hard because he’s supposed to be the scary part of this game. Then because of that I got the idea for this dumb post, enjoy everyone! xD

You Make Me Smile

Allura and Shiro discuss baby names. Shiro is defeated by a dress shirt. There is a lot of kissing. Also Shiro is an absolute hoop of cheesey goodness when it comes to Allura.

Read on Ao3





“Wait, what’s that one mean?” Allura propped herself up on an elbow and glanced over at where Shiro was getting dressed.

“The future in Japanese,” he said, fighting with the fancy Ullini dress shirt he was supposed to be wearing. “It’s sort of cheesy, I guess, but I think it’s nice.”

“I’m writing it down.”

Allura and Shiro had been bouncing possible names back and forth since they had accidentally found out that the baby was a girl a couple days ago. They hadn’t asked to know the baby’s gender, but the midwife didn’t delete that line of data on the progress report they had received. So now Allura and Shiro knew the baby was a girl, though they were keeping that tidbit of info from the others, mainly because it was fun to watch them argue about it. Currently Hunk, Lance, and Coran were on Team It’s-A-Girl while Keith and Pidge were firmly and fiercely Team It’s-A-Boy.


Allura looked up to find Shiro with his left arm stuck over his head, which was halfway sticking out of what looked like one of the arm holes. The Ullini had three arms, so the shirt had been modified anyways, but it was still an overly complicated design. The Ullini had given the Voltron crew new clothes to wear to that night’s banquet, and it was only proper and polite to wear the outfits that had been offered.

Unfortunately, the Ullini favored neon colors, accessories, and extremely intricate outfits.

Most of Shiro’s face was covered by the shirt but his mildly alarmed eyes were still visible. “What is this insanity.”

She burst out laughing and fell back on the bed, her arms wrapped around her waist.

“Allura, please, I’m going to rip it,” he said, but he made the mistake of waving the hand of his stuck arm, which only made Allura’s giggles worse. Takashi Shirogane, the noble and mature black paladin, looked absolutely ridiculous. “Princess…”

“I’m sorry, but you’ve been defeated by dress wear. Let me fully enjoy this moment,” she said, almost crying from laughing so hard. “I need a picture to remember this exactly as it is.”

“No, no, you don’t,” he said. He was struggling to wriggle out of the shirt without tearing it to shreds. When something made a ripping noise, he stopped, his head completely inside the shirt now. “Love…”

“All right, I suppose I’ll rescue you.” She finally slid out of their bed, glanced over the shirt, and swiftly freed Shiro with a few expert tugs. Carefully, she laid the offending garment on a nearby chair.

He sighed and then caught her by the waist. A mischievous look crossed his face before he put on a stern expression. “You were going to let me suffocate in there for your pleasure.” He lifted an eyebrow, and his hands dropped to her hips. “That’s so cruel.”

She trailed her fingers across the nape of his neck. “I think you should properly thank me instead of making baseless accusations. Don’t you?”

“Make me.”

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“I’ve lied to you about many things but I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you.“

best friends au | angst

The street lights flashed beside him through the glass windows of his car as he stepped harder on the pedal, speeding up past the limit allowed on the regulatory signs outside. His knuckles were white, hands sweating and sticking to the wheel’s leather.

He couldn’t fucking believe it.

Eunbi’s voice resounded in his mind like a broken record, the sneer on her laugh a pang on his throat.

“Best friends, huh? I wouldn’t be so sure, you don’t even know the places he goes anymore.”

“I do know. I told him not to go, he said he wasn’t.”

She laughed and Jimin didn’t know what to expect, but his heart skipped a beat anyway. Eunbi placed her phone in front of his face, a partially blurred picture of too many people on the screen.

“You seem like those stupid parents believing on their teenager son’s lies.” She teased, but he wasn’t actually listening. “So naive, Jiminie.”

There was a lot of people in the photo – most with cups of beer in hands, laughing and talking, not really paying attention to the picture.

But what caught Jimin’s attention was Jungkook in the background, leaning against a wall while a red haired girl kissed his neck. The only red haired girl Busan knew, the one who ruined Jimin’s high school life two years ago. He knew it was her, it could only be her.

A bitter taste settled in his mouth as he walked away, Eunbi being left behing while still talking.

He was so stupid. So fucking stupid, he didn’t know why he was driving to the park to pick Jungkook up. He should let him stay the night outside so his parents would find out about it in the morning and ground him. He fucking should. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t, because Jungkook was still his best friend, even though he hadn’t been acting like it lately. Jimin still promised to protect him, it didn’t matter what.

He slowed down, turning on the avenue and parking his car a few meters later. Jungkook was sitting on the grass, head ducked low in between his knees. Jimin wanted to punch him. He honked twice, palm pressed against the leather, startling the younger boy. He snapped his head up, so Jimin shifted his gaze, waiting for him to get in the car. When the door opened, the cold air of the night invaded the car, but Jimin didn’t spare Jungkook a glance. He swung the key on the ignition, turning the car around and getting them out of that dark street. The silence dwelled between them while he drove, Jungkook fidgeting the fabric of his pants in a way it just made Jimin’s jaw clench harder.

They spoke at the same time, but Jungkook cut himself off for Jimin’s voice to fill the void in the car.

“Hyung, I–“

“What the fuck are you trying to do, seriously? It’s 3 in the fucking morning and I had to wake up four hours before my exam to pick you up in the other side of the city, because your stupid punk fake friends left you all alone in the cold night.” Jimin paused to breath, letting the guilt and embarrassement sink in Jungkook’s gut, like he hoped it would. He still couldn’t look at him, eyes fixated on the road before them, only visible till where the headlights reached to illuminate. His blood was boiling beneath his skin, face heating up (ironically enough) within every breath he exhaled trying to calm down – heart thumping loud on his ears. “Is this how you want to carry your life from now on? Because if yes, please tell me so I’ll make sure I’m not a part of it.”

Jungkook was about to apologize, shame painting his ears red, when Jimin’s last words hit him. He clenched his fist, looking outside the window, bitterness menacing to flow liquid on his veins. “Not like you’re actually bothering to do so since you entered college, so.” He shrugged.

Jimin finally shot a glance at him, lips parted in disbelief to what he was hearing. “Well, I’m sorry if I have to focus in studying instead of fooling around with you all the time. I’m actually trying to get my life somewhere, you know.”

“Oh, please.” Jungkook laughed, tired of being played dumb. “You fucking know it’s not that, you’ve been blatantly avoiding me since…” His voice lost confidence, tone dropping and trailing off, his throat suddenly tight. “You know.”

“I don’t?” Jimin frowned, wanting to look at him, but the road being too dark for him to risk swift focus.

“For fuck’s sake, Jimin, we slept together. More than once, more than twice! I told you I loved you and you simply disappeared.”

Jimin gulped, cheeks flushing at the reminder of his childish behavior, but he wasn’t dropping the subject that really mattered. It wasn’t his fault, and to be honest, what a fucking nonsense argument to use.

“So?” he asked, momentary embarrassement already fading, replaced by his latter irritation. “Is this why you’ve been repeatedly lying to me? Because I backed off to have some space alone to think about what was happening?” He swallowed hard, a lump in his throat trying to hamper him from speaking, the picture Eunbi showed him earlier suddenly so clear in his mind. “Is this why you made out with the only person in this entire world I actually hate?” Jimin heard the pain on his own voice, his fragile facade of unbreakable dismissed. He didn’t find the courage to look at Jungkook, but by the lack of response Jimin knew he was shocked. “Seriously?” Jimin painfully laughed, tears accumulating in the corners of his eyes and blurring his vision. “Shit.” He whispered, rubbing them away and slowing down the speed, scared his temporary blindness could cause a disaster. “Hina from all people?” he dared to ask, heart shrinking at the words, weakly hoping Jungkook would deny, tell him it was someone else. But Jimin knew he wouldn’t. “She sent pictures of me kissing a boy to the entire school. She sent it to my father.” He tightened his grip on the wheel, the subject a trigger for terrible memories he had shoved deep in the back of his mind. “Have you forgotten that?” his voice was so weak, failing at the edges.

Jungkook was silent, a breathy ‘no’ escaping his lips.

“Then why did you do it?”

“I–“ Jimin heard him choking the word out. He was crying, but for the first time in his life, Jimin didn’t find the worry to care. “Hyung, I’m so sorry.” His sobs filled the silence around them. “I really am, I was drunk and I know it’s no excuse, but I think they put something in my drink and…” Jimin watched him by his peripheral, his own tears trying to cross his armor’s boderline – the one he put so much effort in building to protect all of his weaknesses.

“I told you not go…” But it was no use, he was already crying, Jungkook being the only sore point he couldn’t fight against. “Fuck, Jungkook, you told me you were not going.”

He watched the younger curl up on his seat, he watched him hug his knees and silently cry, shoulders trembling as he realized how bad he hurt Jimin, as he realized how their friendship was trembling dangerously close to crack, to turn into a wreckage.

They cried in the silence until Jimin reached Jungkook’s house, – only by muscle memory, mind wandering through too many places at the same time.

He parked, the blowing wind outside being the only sound singing on both their ears.

Jimin wondered if Jungkook was going to say something – do anything that would make him change his mind. But the younger’s mouth remained shut.

Jimin sucked a deep breath.

“I can’t do this anymore.” He exhaled.

Jungkook stared at him, mild panic forming on his features. “What?” he whispered with glassy eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jimin’s tears ran down his cheeks.

“I can’t tell whether you’re lying or not to me anymore. I can’t tell if… what you told me was a lie or not.” Jimin uttered with a dull ache on his chest. Two months ago he couldn’t remember a single time Jungkook had lied to him – now he couldn’t count how many.

“Hyung!” the younger breathed exasperated. “Jimin! God,” he choked “Listen, please.” He reached for the older’s wrists, making their eyes actually meet for the first time that night, Jimin facing him with needles on his chest. “I know I messed up. I know I… lied about many things, but please… Jimin, please…” he cried harder, Jimin’s own vision increasing its blurriness, “I never lied when I said I loved you. I swear. Please, I swear…”

Jimin closed his eyes, dragging oxygen to both his lungs and blood at the same time as he slided his hands off Jungkook’s grip. It was painful, feeling the warmth stick away, but he wasn’t backing off.

“It doesn’t matter.” He saw the breakdown in Jungkook’s eyes, the way he recoiled his hands to his lap with a hurt frown. “It doesn’t matter, because I feel like I don’t know you anymore. I can’t… It hurts being around you now, Jungkook. The awkward silences, the way I’m no longer able to read your eyes, it… it reminds me what we were, what we lost. I can’t do this.”

“Hyung…” Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, cheeks shining with tears, unable to process what was happening. “Hyung, you’re… my best friend since forever. Please, don’t do this.”

“Exactly. We were best friends since forever and you managed to shatter this in less than a month.” Jungkook’s figure shrinked when Jimin uttered ‘were’. Jimin knew his words were harsh, but he couldn’t help being angry, the fucking picture still so damn vivid in his mind. It hurt him like nothing had ever had. Not even the spanking his father gave him after he saw Jimin kissing another boy on his phone had been so painful. Jungkook betrayed him without giving a single fuck for the sake of some mere seconds of pleasure he could have found anywhere. Which meant a couple minutes of getting his dick sucked was more important than Jimin’s feelings and mental state. That was not friendship, that was not them. “You feel toxic to me now.”

He shifted his gaze and heard the younger gasping, that statement being a dagger on both their hearts. Jimin fisted his shorts as his throat closed. “I need time away from you. Please leave.”

Jungkook was crumpling old drawings on his bedroom when he got a paper cut. He watched the tiny drop of blood forming, a shining red in contrast with the pale skin of his finger.

The memory crawled in without warning, 12 year old Jimin kissing the pain away from his palm when 10 year old Jungkook cut himself with a knife. Jungkook still had the scar. He brushed his bruised finger over it, leaving a path of blood on the skin, while wondering if two weeks away from him was time enough for Jimin.

He hadn’t heard of him since the day they fought, the following days after it happened being just as awful and especially more excruciating, the guilt and pain digging deeper in his skin within each moment.

He stopped hanging around with the problematic kids Jimin hated, he tried getting back to his studies – but his grades were still terrible, mind too distracted to focus on any thing other than how was Jimin doing. Was he eating well? Getting rest from his intense periods of study? Was he missing Jungkook like Jungkook was missing him?

Before his brain could make the most logical decision, his feet were already dragging him out of his front door, walking down the street till the blue house he knew so well. His palms were sweating when he knocked on the wooden door, heart almost jumping out of his chest when Jimin’s mother opened it, a confused smile settling on her lips when she saw him standing on her porch.

“Jungkookie? What brings you here?” Jungkook frowned, ignoring the pang on his stomach. He never needed an excuse to go there before.

“I… Uh… Can I… talk to Jimin for a minute?” He hadn’t decided yet what he was going to say, but he just needed to see his best friend’s face, even if it meant Jimin kicking him out of his bedroom and screaming he didn’t want to be near Jungkook.

“Jimin? He…” her smile seemed to tremble, the tone of her voice getting Jungkook anxious. “He didn’t tell you?” Jungkook took some time to process her words, stomach twisting with anticipation for a information he wasn’t sure he was ready to receive.

“Told me… what?” He could already feel the blood beforehand leaving his face, the tips of his fingers tingling.

“Oh, Jungkookie…” she looked away, partially embarrased and partially pitying him. “I’m sorry, but…” Her next words struck him with a punch on the throat. “Jimin transferred to Seoul. He doesn’t live here anymore.”

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Trimberly prompt: Trini isn't as forgiving as Jason was when Kim confides in her about how she cyber bullied Amanda with revenge porn.

Also posted on AO3

Kim paced the length of her bedroom, wringing her hands and trying to keep them from shaking. She had texted Trini over fifteen minutes ago saying that she needed to talk to her and the wait was absolutely killing her.

She had invited Trini over to confess the horrible thing she did to Amanda. It was high time her friend knew. But she was scared out of her mind because she just didn’t know how Trini would react. Jason had taken it well enough, but that was him. Trini…Trini was different.

Trini knew what it was like to be bullied all the time and had been on the receiving end of many malicious words and deeds. Her locker had been defaced numerous times. She’d been called “dyke,” “fag,” and “wetback” (all of which made Kim want to cut a bitch) more than any of them could keep track of. And maybe she hadn’t had nude pictures of herself shared without her permission, but both were forms of horrible bullying all the same.

So what if Trini hated her?

“You planning on burning a hole through the floor with all that walking?”

Kim jumped as Trini’s voice startled her. She shook her head and said, “You just scared the shit outta me.”

“Yeah, I could tell,” Trini laughed. “What’s got you thinking so hard that you didn’t hear me climb in through your window?”

Kim bit her lip and gestured to her bed. “Can we-can we sit down? There’s something I gotta tell you.

Trini narrowed her suspiciously, but did as Kim asked. “Alright, you’re acting, like, super weird. What’s up?”

Kim sat down next to her, fingers plucking at the comforter. She stopped when she felt a hand cover hers.

“Hey. What’s going on?”

Kim took a deep breath and said, “You know how I have detention every Saturday? Same as Jason and Billy?”

Trini nodded.

“Well, there’s a reason for that. I…I did a bad thing, Trini. A horrible thing to one of my friends.”

Kim didn’t look at Trini the entire time she spoke and Trini never interrupted her once. She sat back and listened with rapt attention, letting Kim explain everything. How Amanda shared the naked picture with her. How she’d leaked the photo and humiliated Amanda beyond belief. How she’d been ostracized by her (now) former friends and all but kicked off the cheerleading squad. But most of all how badly she wished that she could take it all back.

After she was done, she finally worked up the courage to look at Trini. The other girl was staring hard at the wall in front of her, completely silent. It was a long uncomfortable moment before she said anything.

“So that’s how you fell from grace, huh?”

“Yeah,” Kim said quietly. “And there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t regret what I did.”

“That doesn’t take back what you did to Amanda, Kim,” Trini said, an edge to her voice. “And as much as I hate that girl’s guts, no one deserves their privacy invaded like that. No one. How could you? Why would you ever think that was a good idea? I mean, revenge porn, Kim? That’s the lowest you can get. I-I just….” She sighed heavily leaned forward, elbows on her knees.

Kim’s worst fear was coming true. Trini couldn’t even look at her. Her mouth was set in a grim line and Kim didn’t know what to say.

“I thought you were different,” Trini whispered. She was feeling betrayed. The girl she had fallen for, the girl who made her heart ache, the girl who made butterflies stir in her stomach, the girl who was her best friend had done the unthinkable. Trini wasn’t even sure if she could still trust Kim or not anymore.

“I am,” she insisted. “I’m still the same Kimberly Hart who trains everyday with you and the boys. I’m still the same person who saved the world from an ugly green alien lady who wanted to destroy it. And I’m still the same person who would die for any one of you. I made a mistake, Trini, and you all deserve to know what I did.”

Trini closed her eyes and stood up, walking over to Kim’s still open window. “I just…I need time. To process it and…,” she trailed off before finally looking up at Kim. “Just give me some time.”

Kim swallowed hard, blinking back tears that threatened to escape. She didn’t—couldn’t—lose Trini. She was her best friend. They understood each other and meshed in a way the other Rangers never would with either of them. They had their own unique relationship that allowed the two of them to be stronger together than when they were with any of the others.

As Trini swung a leg through her window, ready to climb down, Kim couldn’t help it. She just had to ask. “Do you hate me now?”

That stopped Trini right in her tracks. “No,” she said eventually, staring at Kim with sad eyes. “I don’t think I could ever hate you, Kim.” Then she was gone.

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do u think Natasha has seen Elise's nipples? I bet u she has. all them loose tank tops it's bound to happen like when Elise is straddling her lap. #randomhappythoughts


I think we’ve ALL seen her nipples in that one picture on instagram.

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Do you think Shiro ever had a crush on Sam? Like I can picture it starting out as hero worship, then eventually he's just banging his head against his desk because holy crap. Holy CRAP Commander Holt said hi to him in the gym today and he got so flustered that he fell off his treadmill. (Many, many years later he'll be drunk and laughingly confess this to Sam, who snickers and says he knew about it, and that he and Colleen thought it was adorable)

I think it’s possible Shiro had one of those crushes that are just… utterly indistinguishable from hero worship in the first place.  Getting completely flustered when they come by, desperate to impress, gaze snaps to them in a room- especially when they started training together in prep for the Kerberos mission.

For the most part, I tend to think GG-era Shiro responded to stress by going really by the book.  So he’d be this model of a perfect soldier and a subordinate, all ‘yes, sir!’ and ‘right away!’ while Matt makes faces in the background because ugh what a suck up.  Goddamn Golden Boy over here.

If it’s a crush or not probably depends on who you ask.  Shiro would deny it utterly unless he was, ahem, quite tipsy, though he’s joked about it more than once, usually at Matt’s expense (”You’re Dad’s kind of a silver fox” “Don’t even joke about that, Shirogane.”).  Matt would never ever qualify it as such because by god, it is impossible to have a crush on his dweeby old Dad, it cannot be done, impossible, he and Katie were hatched from eggs, his father has never been sexually attractive to anyone ever.

Sam, on the other hand, absolutely thinks it was a crush and is gleefully awaiting the day he can maximize both Shiro and Matt’s embarrassment by dropping that bomb at the perfect time.  It’s okay, he can weight.

Shiro learned ‘patience yields focus’ somewhere, after all.

(In the end, it slips his mind, and Colleen gleefully beats him to the punch when they come back to Earth)