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baetitan  asked:

What would vets and 104th do if they want to propose to their lovers?

Mikasa: Excuse you? She’s not the one proposing here
Reiner: Piss “Will you marry me” into the snow
Bertholdt: Arrange a candle light dinner in his Significant other’s favorite restaurant, only the two of them, having a good time and then when he feels the moment is right get down on one knee and propose all old fashioned with a beautiful diamond ring he saved money for for months
Annie: Wouldn’t really propose, but if she’d just give her significant other a ring and call it a day
Eren: Writes “Marry me [name of SO]” into the air with a plane, simply as an excuse to fly a plane
Jean: Would invite his SO to their favorite place, wait for sunset and propose totally romantic to ‘their song’ after telling them what he really likes about them
Marco: Invites everyone he and his SO know for a ‘random’ party, everyone knows what will happen, when the party is going on he proposes to his SO in front of everyone to prove his unconditional love
Sasha: “don’t you think we should kinda marry? You know for tax purposes?”
Connie: Orders Pizza and orders them to write “Marry me” into the box
Historia: Expects to be proposed to, because Ymir already fucked up enough
Armin: As soon as he realizes he wants to marry his SO he’d start writing a notebook full or stuff that makes him love them and makes him wanna marry them and when it’s full he hands it over to them, on the last page is a ring and the sentence “Will you marry me?”
Ymir: “When this is over, marry me”
Levi: this man has so little faith in the concept of marriage he’d probably die laughing if he tried to propose
Hanji: Would do it like in those awful commercials where they send pictures of letters to their SO to spell out ‘marry me?’
Erwin: Gives a heartwarming and kinda intimidating speech about his SO and then proposes on one knee
Nanaba: Would take his SO to the place they first met and ask them very calmly and romantic
Mike: Would get all the scouts to wear T-Shirts with the letters for “Marry me!” and put them in front of his SO’s house
Moblit: Invite some people over to play hangman with him and his SO, the solution for the hangman is “Will you marry me [Name of SO]”

Sons of Lawrence #16

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Crowley, Jo Harvelle, Mary Winchester,Balthazar, Michael, Gabriel
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,104
Warnings: Language, casual drug use, angst, someone gets stabbed.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?

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With the tension thick in the air, everyone took their seats at the table quickly. Dean sat in John’s chair and started the meeting in the same manner as his father; skull ring tapping on the table.

There was no point in beating around the bush. “Dad’s been put into a medically-induced coma,” Dean admitted, his voice weary from keeping his emotions under control. There were murmurs of confusion, so you elaborated further.

“With the bullet’s location, placing him in the coma was the only choice they had. It sounds like a death sentence, but believe me when I say that it’s John’s only chance of survival,” you added quickly, hoping to keep the gang from getting riled up.

Several men turned and glared at you darkly. “Where were you when he got shot?” demanded Balthazar, his accented-voice dangerously low.

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Message In A Bottle

Request: based off the song I Don’t Even Know Your Name

a/n: hello!! hi! so sorry i’ve been a little mia! i want to make these requests as good as i can get them so, in turn, they take a while to get up!! i’ve also bee super busy with school! so i hope you enjoy this cute little one and let me know what you thought about it🤗🤗


Your name: submit What is this?

Your POV*

           “Katherine, was it really necessary to come this early?” You looked over at your friend, among the few other girls who thought it’d be a good idea to come line up outside of the venue early. 

           Katherine nodded her head vigorously and looked at you as if you’d just offended her, “Since we’re on the floor, we have general admission, and we have to be towards the front.”

           You rolled your eyes but nodded anyway.  Katherine had gotten tickets to see Shawn Mendes in concert.  You thought his music was catchy and liked it a lot, but Katherine was more of a fanatic when it came to him.  She had come over to your house the night before to make sure you had an outfit to wear because, as she said, “you never know what might happen, you could sweep him off his feet.”

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DL (Plushie Skit)- Ending Episode 12 CGs (Shu)

Subaru’s Version:

I believe many fans love the final conversations with the boys~

Here is the video in case you do not know what am I talking about:

I love those incorrect sub title pictures!! I have to screen shot them all~

But What if it’s not incorrect sub titles? It’s “incorrect” pictures?

So IDK why, but my brain was like “HEY use this as your skit!”

Well.. The Super Hot Scenes I just ruined with my plushie Shu LOL

Now it’s just funny and cute and like “Oh Yeah Plushie what do you want to do huh?”

And I am doing Subaru’s version now, I’m such a sinful woman…

You can yell at me if I ruin your hot Shu OWO

(Again, if Shu is in his uniform this will be perfect damn it! I should get a uniform Shu!)

(That Smirk on Plushie it’s kinda creepy O.O)

The last picture makes me laugh!! He just like “mommy I want food” *innocent face with watery eyes* 

concentratedeyelashes  asked:

How would the 104th (vets included) ask the person they love to marry them?

Mikasa: Excuse you? She’s not the one proposing here
Reiner: Piss “Will you marry me” into the snow
Bertholdt: Arrange a candle light dinner in his Significant other’s favorite restaurant, only the two of them, having a good time and then when he feels the moment is right get down on one knee and propose all old fashioned with a beautiful diamond ring he saved money for for months
Annie: Wouldn’t really propose, but if she’d just give her significant other a ring and call it a day
Eren: Writes “Marry me [name of SO]” into the air with a plane, simply as an excuse to fly a plane
Jean: Would invite his SO to their favorite place, wait for sunset and propose totally romantic to ‘their song’ after telling them what he really likes about them
Marco: Invites everyone he and his SO know for a ‘random’ party, everyone knows what will happen, when the party is going on he proposes to his SO in front of everyone to prove his unconditional love
Sasha: “don’t you think we should kinda marry? You know for tax purposes?”
Connie: Orders Pizza and orders them to write “Marry me” into the box
Historia: Expects to be proposed to, because Ymir already fucked up enough
Armin: As soon as he realizes he wants to marry his SO he’d start writing a notebook full or stuff that makes him love them and makes him wanna marry them and when it’s full he hands it over to them, on the last page is a ring and the sentence “Will you marry me?”
Ymir: “When this is over, marry me”
Levi: this man has so little faith in the concept of marriage he’d probably die laughing if he tried to propose
Hanji: Would do it like in those awful commercials where they send pictures of letters to their SO to spell out ‘marry me?’
Erwin: Gives a heartwarming and kinda intimidating speech about his SO and then proposes on one knee
Nanaba: Would take his SO to the place they first met and ask them very calmly and romantic
Mike: Would get all the scouts to wear T-Shirts with the letters for “Marry me!” and put them in front of his SO’s house
Moblit: Invite some people over to play hangman with him and his SO, the solution for the hangman is “Will you marry me [Name of SO]”

Jeff Skinner #4

Requested by Anon:  can you write one about jeff skinner and his smile because he has the best and most shiny smile I’ve ever seen

*Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 862

Originally posted by mattyymarts

You will never tell anyone this but your favorite thing in the world is seeing Jeff Skinner on the ice. Actually, your favorite thing in the world is seeing him smile while he’s on the rink. It’s just full of happiness, his face. You’ve never seen him that happy or his smile shine that bright other than when he’s skating on the ice, playing with a puck. For the longest time, at least after he gave up figure skating, hockey was his life. And he’s your life so… you just never miss a game.

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Rules: you have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge.

I was tagged by ❤️ @carpemermaidtales ❤️ for this (y u do dis to me lol)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:
 Hand sanitiser (at least two bottles; thank you misophobia), wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, vanishing hair ties (I’ve lost several dozens; they’re all in there somewhere…probably)

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom: My framed Gryffindor poster, The Chair (no, I don’t sit on it; my clothes do when they’re in that stage between wardrobe and laundry hamper), dream-catchers, framed pictures, a rather cluttered table lol

Five things I’ve always wanted to do: Play the violin, go on one of those fancy AF cruises, speak fluent French (ugh, je sucks, sigh),successfully walk on stilettos (yeah, not in this life, I think), change someone’s life for the better.

Five things that make me feel happy:
 Writing, cooking, spending quality time with those I love, making them (or anyone really) laugh, KITTIES and reading of course.

Five things I’m currently into: Lol drarry (?!?!!), the Captive Prince series, baking, fairy lights (IDK I just bought like 6 strings of them).

Five things on my to-do list: Finish at least some of my WIPs (please, oh god), plan a much awaited trip– wait is this like a bigger picture kinda to-do list? 

I definitely don’t personally know 15 people on here to tag, and since @bixgirl1 has already been tagged, I’mma rope in @o0o-chibaken-o0o and @fae-voritensfw if they’d like to take a shot? ❤️ ❤️  


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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I’m really surprised you don’t have a boner right now.“ 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @spn-4-eva

This is freaking fantastic. Talk about entertaining. You really shouldn’t be doing this but Dean is a dumb ass. He left his laptop in the library. So why the fuck not.

Squirrelman67: You’re real pretty, sweetheart. Can’t wait to meet you tonight.

Lusciousloverrr: Me too!! Should be fun ;)

Catfish alert. There’s no way this chick is actually on Plenty of Fish. Her username alone is a red flag.

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Fandom- Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy Paring- Peter Quill x reader Plot- Rocket and Groot rescue reader and Peter is quite smitten with her. Warnings- none (Your pov) I sat on my bed with wide eyes staring at the door. I could hear the sounds of yelling and guns being fired all around me. Out the window I could see people running in and out of the castle and ships were being landed with guards filing out into the battle. I bit my lip and nervously looked at the large door which had been locked to keep me ‘safe’, as my father called it. He probably was just making sure I didn’t escape during all this chaos. Jumping up, I let out a yelp as the door was suddenly ripped from the frame. “Somebody call for a rescue?” A rough voice said from the hall. The dust settled and I saw a small raccoon with a large thing that looked like a tree behind him. “Finally! What took so long, try to destroy the whole castle?” I asked, grabbing my stuff and walking towards the two. “Look, princess, we really don’t have time for your sass. We almost died rescuing you, in fact, we atew still almost dying while rescuing you. I’m Rocket, that’s Groot. Now lets go!” He yelled and I was pulled up into the ams of Groot as they ran off down the hall. I squeaked, pulling the cool (f/c) fabric of my dress down before it could slide up too far. “I am Groot.” The tree said. “Uh that’s nice, I’m (Y/n).” I yelled over the noise. The guards had begun to notice the fact that the two intruders had me and were now fighting harder, knowing that if I were to get taken they would probably all get fired or even executed. The two ran through the many flights of stairs that led up to my room before finally skidding around the corner leading to the top of the grand staircase. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Rocket muttered. I pushed myself up to look and saw most of the army lined up and guarding the door with guns pointed right at us. At the front of the group stood my dad. “I am Groot?” Groot said- er asked and Rocket just nodded. “Hopefully.” “Release the princess and drop your weapon or we will fire.” My dad boomed. I leaned forward, “Don’t listen to him he’s lying, he wont fire if I’m here.” Rocket nodded vaguely and slowly went to set down his gun. The guards too began to lower their weapons thinking he was surrendering but at the last second, Rocket pulled up his weapon and yelled, “Now Groot!” Within seconds a thick wall of branches and roots were separating is from the guards and Groot had begun to run, pushing his way through the surprised guards with Rocket facing the other way, taking down any officers that tried to get us from the back. We ran out the two large doors and into the courtyard. “Where is your ship?” I asked Rocket who was still shooting at the guards. All I could see was the royal ships. “Ya about that…” He said with a laugh. We and ran around the side of a large ship and hide. “You don’t have a ship? How did you even get here?!” I yelled. “We have a ship, it just… Not here. We hitched a ride on one if the cargo ships, now we just need to get into another one.” He muttered more to himself as he climbed down off Groots shoulder and started tinkering with the ships door. “Don’t mess with those you’ll start the alarm or electrocute yourself.” I yelled as I clambered out of Groots arms and joined him by the door. “No offense princess, but I think I have a but more experience with this stuff than you.” Rocket scoffed. I rolled my eyes, “Oh really?” I reached up and pressed my hand to the scanner causing the door to swing open once it recognized my handprint. I smirked at the glaring raccoon and walked into the ship. “Whatever lets blow this joint.” He said as he stomped up to the controls and started the engine. I stared out the window as we began to hover and rise off the ground. I laughed loudly as I saw my angry father and once soon-to-be husband staring up at me. I flipped the two off before sauntering over to sit down. Rocket just smirked at me and took off into space. He flew us around for a while until we were far enough away from my planet that he could pit it on autopilot. He turned to me and crossed his arms, “So, princess. What makes you want to plan your own kidnapping?” He asked. I just sighed angrily and slumped far the into my seat, “My father. He wanted me to marry this stupid prince from this stupid planet so the two could settle a stupid war. I refused of course and he tried to force me to anyways. He locked my in my room and only let me out for dress fittings and stupid wedding stuff like that, so I had my favorite maid, (F/n), send out a message making me sound like a damsel in distress. And you two got here just in time too, the wedding was tomorrow.” “Nice.” Rocket laughed. “I am Groot.” Groot said from behind us. “Why does he keep saying that?” I asked Rocket. “That’s all he can say. I can understand him but to you it just sounds like I and Am and Groot over and over.” “Oh.” “Yep…” Rocket muttered as he typed in something to the control panel. “What are you doing?” “Calling our second ride. We don’t want to be getting tracked in this thing, do we? Ya thought so.” The monitor beeped before projecting the face of a man with grayish skin with red markings all over it. He squinted at us before smiling and sitting back, “Behold! Our furry friend had contacted us.” He boomed. Seconds later a girl with green skin came walking into the room. She narrowed her eyes once she saw me before turning to Rocket, “Where have you been? We wake up one morning with you and Groot gone with no note or anything? And who is that?” She yelled and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for damsels.” Rocket laughed, “Where is Quill? We need a lift.” “What are your coordinates?” She muttered angrily. Rocket told her before signing off. “They’re right around here so they should be here soon. In the mean time, I’m your night in shinning… Fur. Where’s my kiss?” I scoffed, “Sorry,” I held up my hand, “But you must be at least this tall to ride.” He laughed loudly, “I think you’ll fit right in.” About an hour later, a ship much smaller pulled up next to us and we abandoned the royal ship for that one. As soon as we boarded the ship, the same girl with green skin was standing there, waiting for us. “Who is this?” She growled, pointing towards me. “I’m princess (Y/n) of Kalahar.” (Completely made up name btw) “We rescued her, she’s cool.” Rocket said as he pushed past her and walked over to a table with Groot close behind. The girl looked my up and down once more before holding out her hand, “Gamora.” I smiled and shook her hand. More footsteps could be heard coming towards us and I watched as a man I hadn’t seen before climbed down the ladder. He stopped when he saw me before flashing me an award winning smile. “Well hello there. Peter Quill, people call me Starlord and who might you be?” He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckles. Gamora scoffed and stalked out of the room and back up the ladder while Rocket fake barfed. “(Y/n)…” I said pulling my hand out of his. “Well, (Y/n), allow me to give to the grand tour of my ship.” I shook my head, “No thanks, I think I’ll just stick around here. I don’t plan on being here for long.” He looked surprised that I had turned him down and I knew instantly what kind of guy he was. Love 'em and leave 'em. “Wow, I gotta say (Y/n), I’m starting to like you more and more.” Rocket laughed. “You’ll come around.” Peter said and he walked backwards out of the room. He was trying to look cool but failed majorly when he tripped and fell onto his butt. Rocket almost peed himself laughing but I felt kinda bad at his embarrassed face. The day carried on and I got to know the rest of the team, except for Peter who I was actively avoiding because everytime we talked he tried to make a move on me. They had given me a room and some of Gamoras clothes to sleep in for the night, as I had not brought any with me. In my bag was mostly money and pictures and thing I wouldn’t want to live without, but no clothes. I sat in my room dressed in pajama shorts with a blue t-shirt on top. The shorts showed off my legs which were covered in sliver marking, something that all Kalaharians had. My (h/c) hair fell down my back instead of being pulled up in the complicated bun that my mom usually kept it in. Despite my heavy eyes, my brain was filled with thoughts that prevented me from falling a sleep. All I could think about was the fact that I was supposed to be getting married tomorrow. Despite how angry I was with my parents for forcing me into that marriage, they were still my family and now I could never return to my home. I sat on my bed with these thoughts running through my mind when I heard music being quietly played. I sat up and quietly made my way down the hall where I saw Peter sitting and watching what looked like the news. My face was projected in the corner and I knew that news of my 'kidnapping’ must be all over the galaxy by now. I walked over and sat down next to Peter causing him to jump and let out a little yelp. “Geeze (Y/n), scared me.” I laughed, “Sorry.” He playfully glared at me and for a moment I thought he was going to hit on me again, but he instead turned back to the news, tapping his fingers to the beat of the music. We watched in silence before he spoke up again, “So, what made you run away?” I sighed at the question but spoke up nonetheless, “ They didn’t like my free spirit. I want to travel but they want me to stay put, so they stuck me in an arranged marriage.” “Ahh,” he said, nodding his head, “Ever princesses worst nightmare.” I laughed, “You would know.” He placed his hand over his heart, obviously offended by what I’d said, “That hurts (Y/n). That hurts right here.” I laughed loudly, covering my mouth when I remembered that the others were sleeping. We fell back into a comfortable silence and I quietly hummed along with the music. “You dance, princess?” He asked and I rolled my eyes. “I am not dancing with you, Peter.” “Why? Cause you can’t dance or are you… Scared” he teased. I scoffed, knowing exactly what he was doing. But dancing with Peter seemed a lot more desirable than listening to him bug me about not being able to dance untill they drop me off. “Fine. One song.” I said and he instantly pulled me up out of my chair. Pulling me close, he took my hand in his before placing his other one a bit too low on my waist. “You’d better raise that hand before I break it.” I growled while I rested my arm around his neck. He just smirked but moved it anyways and we swayed to the beat. We danced and my eyes began to close while a small smile took over my features. Ignoring my better judgment, I rested my head on Peters shoulder and he pulled me closer. I heard him sigh in contentment and one of his hand began to comb through my hair. “What are you doing?” I laughed, the feeling causing a shiver to pass through me. “Shhh, just relax (Y/n).” He whispered. I rolled my eyes but laid my head back down anyways,“Do you have any idea how weird that sounds?” He laughed, “Shut up.” We danced for a but longer until the song came to an end and I took a step back, much to Peters discontentment. As I stepped back my (e/c) eyes clashed with his green ones and I saw him leaning in slowly. I panicked and took another step back. “Uh ok there you go one song. Now you know I can dance. I’ll uh see you in the morning.” And with that I turned on my heel and scurried back into my temporary room. I fell back into the bed, suddenly a lot more tired than I was before and despite the thoughts of Peter running around my brain, I fell asleep instantly. When my eyes opened again it was because I was being shook awake by Gamora. “We’re at Xandar. This is where you wanted to go right?” She asked while I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I nodded and yawned, “Ya, let me get dressed and I’ll be right out.” I slipped the dress I was wearing before and brushed out my messy hair. The thought of facing Peter after last night was unbearable. Did he tell everyone that’s we’d almost kissed? No, Gamora would’ve said something about it if he had, right? I shook the thoughts from my head and walked out of the ship where everyone was scattered about. Peter was stood be the door and smiled when he saw me. Yes, smiled not smirked. I hesitantly smiled back and walked over. “Morning princess. How’d you sleep.” And there was the smirk. “Not well,” I said, “I had this horrible nightmare that I was dancing with you.” I stuck my tongue out in disgust. “It was horrible.” “Ya right, you didn’t seem so disgusted when you were practically asleep in my arms.” “Oh well if I remember correctly, you were the one who tried, and failed, to kiss me.” “Will you two stop flirting, we got places to be.” Rocket cut in, “See ya (Y/n).” He said then walked past us back into the ship. “I am Groot.” Groot said and I have him a hug. “Thanks for saving me.” “Hey, where’s my hug?” Rocket asked as he was pushed inside by Groot. Gamora simply nodded at me and Drax gave me a loud, “Farewell Princess.” “Well this is it, goodbye Peter.” I said, taking a few steps away from the ship, but he didn’t move. “It doesn’t have to be.” He said. “What?” “Stay with us. You can still travel and see the stars. Plus you won’t have to worry about your dad finding you.” He said as he walked towards me and placed his hands on my shoulders, “Stay with us.” I bit my lip, thinking about the invitation. He was right, if I wanted to travel this was probably my best bet. Not to mention I won’t be alone. “Fine.” I said and Peter let out a loud yell. “Yes! And maybe layer we can retry that kiss.” “Ok I changed my mind I’m leaving.” I said and he grabbed my arm. “Nope it’s happening now, you already said yes.” “Fine but if you try anything I swear Peter.” “Oh I wouldn’t dream of it, princess.” Hello lovelies sorry it took so long for me to get this up. I’ve been watching Guardians of the Galaxy all day cause it is amazing! I hope you enjoy this, send in some requests!- Kat 😽

bhyekyungsoo  asked:

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog after reading the couple ring post! Regarding that, I think the chrome heart ring that similar to yeol's isnt the same as the one that polar light gave, because PL gave the one with black background, and the similar with yeol's is just the black version of it? And do you mind giving out the 'chanbaek timeline' you mentioned before? Keep loving baekyeol <3333 this lovely couple is unstoppable. Have a nice daay!

Hi ^_^ 

about that ring.. yes.. the chrome heart ring given by polar light are not matching with yeol.. before polar light gave baekhyun the ring, baekhyun already have another ring he wore.. he also wore it during their recent Nature Republic Fansign (where his ring went missing).. 

the one polar light gave baekhyun have black background and silvery white chrome heart design one it (the top ring on his finger) .. meanwhile the one on chanyeol’s pinky finger has all white/silvery background and greyish chrome heart design on it.. this design matched baekhyun’s ring (the one not given by polar light) which are also silver background but with black/darker chrome heart design on it ( the bottom ring on his finger).. 

about chanbaek time line.. lol.. this thing i  just come out with my fellow chanbaek shipper who closely monitor chanbaek (we’re not sasseng don’t we are just ninja.. hahah..

p/s : this is what I THINK.. it can be false.. it can be true.. no one knows for sure besides chanbaek themselves.. its gonna be long, so brace yourself with my delulu writing..

this is purely chanbaek.. don’t like chanbaek..? don’t read.. i don’t want my inbox blown with hate.. thank you ^_^ ..

lets begin..

if you realized, when chanbaek first meet, they got close in just one night.. kai confirms this..

Kai said during 120605 EXO-K joynews24 interview : At first I was a bit surprised, Baekhyun joined us very late but he became close with Chanyeol in just one night..

i think chanyeol and baekhyun love each other as soon as they see each but seriously look at them..

The fans who attendedBaekhyun’s birthday party said Chanyeol first opened the party by making aspeech indicating  ; “This is Baekhyun, my roommate and we are in a loving relationship.”

121126 Chanyeol’s birthday party Baekhyun said that when he just entered SM, Chanyeol was the first person to walk towards him, and after having eye contact for 10 seconds, they had the feeling of “That’s him!”. Anyway, the two could really get along very well. The other members told them to get married. Baekhyun said “Umma! I’m going to get married” 

the picture below was during MAMA Era.. and these two are surely chanyeol and baekhyun.. only baekhyun have that hair colour during MAMA and that guy, thats chanyeol.. look at the ear..! i think they are together since the first time they meet but they are in the state of secrecy.. 

you can see that baekhyun actually feels uncomfortable when chanyeol holds him and chanyeol kinda hesitant(?) with his hold.. so i think by this time they are scared people gonna know about them..

during MAMA and History, they are in good term.. just being careful.. not going overboard with their fanservices.. the still in good term when they record Happy Camp on 130604 recording.. 

however they had a fight during Wolf promotion fansign event on 14th June 2013..

in this link there are parts where chanyeol and baekhyun refuses to reply to any request from fans relate to chanbaek..lets face it.. isn’t chanbaek started as just a fanservice made by the company..? so why are they suddenly refused to do anything with it..? aren’t they afraid of the company..? this is during Wolf Era.. they are promoting Wolf at that time..

 what happened between them until the choose to ignore the fan’s requests..?? and just 10 days difference with their lovey dovey recording of Happy Camp.. i think during that time, something happened.. maybe that time Baekhyun already set to have a girlfriend.. or their company already asked them to stop.. 

i think chanbaek already have feelings for each other when they first meet but they are restricted by people ( their company maybe.?).. they even wrote songs together, practice duet together (the things about their duets is, it never went on-air..except the Love Song on 130808 Youngstreet„,)

Can you imagine, practicing this song, with just the two of them.. while looking at each other..? and why Baekhyun have that look on his face..?? maybe throughout the practice and spending time together make them closer again and they started to ignore what people said.. 

Do you know who is the first person that posted Baekhyun a Happy Birthday on Instagram..? nope.. its not Sehun.. its Chanyeol.. but why he deleted that cake post..? Baekhyun’s birthday cake was chanyeol’s FIRST ever post in his IG.. 

in my opinion, Baekyeon already set up long before February.. why..? because, out of nowhere suddenly Chanyeol said Chen as his new soulmates.. i emphasizes “NEW”… he didn’t say “my soulmates” he said “new soulmates”.. that means he still remember that he has a soulmates before..and it is Baekhyun.. the guy sitting infront of him.. 

Chanyeol called Baekhyun as his “number 1 soulmate” in [MISC] 130814 - STAR CAST : “Trend’s Core ‘EXO Life of Research’..

look at Baekhyun.. he didn’t smile at all.. thats Baekhyun’s jealous face.. when Baekhyun is jealous he will stare at distance and his lips gonna be thinner as he curl his lips.. and i think one of the earliest member who knows about chanbaek is Kyungsoo.. and kyungsoo just look at at chanyeol with straight face too.. 

after this interview, they shoot for EXO Showtime.. didn’t anyone realizes that chanyeol didn’t have much skinship with Baekhyun unlike with the other members..?? in showtime, if you look clooosseeeely you will noticed that chanbaek have many scene where they are together being cut off.. during the sunrise episode, actually Chanyeol and Baekhyun stand next to each other but it never shows in the show.. 

(sorry i got into EXOST..but i always wanna talk about this just no one asked..

there are only two person wearing that white jacket at the time.. its suho and chanyeol..the editing of exo showtime is very weird.. why..? chanyeol stands next to baekhyun but not one shot where they are standing next to each other..

see..? the most left is baekhyun and who is taller than baekhyun and wearing that white jacket..? its chanyeol.. but exo showtime’s crew make sure the shot are not clear.. why..? i think some inside connections are influential here.. 

and this one.. did you noticed that in the real show, (at least from what i watched) the leg part are completely covered but big ass words at the bottom..

Chanbaek are being very fearless when Baekhyun suddenly come to Roommate.. 

when baekhyun come to Roommate house, many of their moments and interactions got cut out by SBS.. i have another theory about Roommate (here)..

ok i’m gonna talk a bit about Baekyeon.. they said Baekyeon starts dating in February right..? Anyone who knows me know that i don’t believe in Baekyeon.. i believe that Baekyeon are not dating and are a stage up thing by SM.. idk.. i can be wrong.. but thats what i believe (because there are just too many things that are shady about them..idk).. don’t you think its weird, that SM revealed Baekyeon EXACTLY one day after baekhyun came to Roommate..?? read my chanbaek in Roommate post and you’ll know why i said its very weird..

when Baekyeon revealed, Baekhyun looks like a wreck.. have you seen the picture of him go out from music show..? hurmm.. i dont remember what broadcast..

after Baekyeon revealed, we Chanabek shippers are kinda depress and thought that Chanbaek are really broken.. but Chanbaek proof us wrong.. Chanyeol still with Baekhyun in the airport like he always did.. 

they lost the laugh on their faces but they still together.. thats enough for me.. because after that they are normal again.. it took time but they are ok again tho.. after this, chanyeol starts being very obviously close with kyungsoo.. he starts making moments with kyungsoo, he choose kyungsoo.. (i don’t hate kyungsoo, no no.. i love him.. i just say that chanyeol become obviously close with kyungsoo..)..

i can see Baek look so hurt.. i think i have the gifs but maybe in my phone sorry.. 

there is one event that happened and the timeline are perfect.. its 1140719 TLP Shanghai.. 

first Chanyeol posted “Love is a losing games” lyrics in his IG.. a song about the pain in love (at least thats what in the lyrics chanyeol posted)..

Few hours after that (when they are in china) Baekhyun, who keep silent about the Baekyeon thing suddenly posted an “apology” letter in his IG..

after this letter was posted in 4 in the morning few hours after that he deleted it.. i dont know why he delete it, maybe he got a lot of hate because of it, but in my thought that letter actually just for EXO-L and also Chanyeol.. he talk about misunderstanding.. what misunderstanding..? that he dating tae..? thats not a misunderstanding , right..? about he didn’t love his fans and betrayed them..? we all know how much baekhyun loves his fans.. he used to be no.1 in fanservice @ fanlove.. so what is the misunderstanding..? if he really wanna make his fans forgive him why he didn’t posted on the fancafe..? or somewhere many other people gonna read it..? and why deleted it..???? only baekhyun knows.. i think he just want chanyeol and people who believe in them read that and after making sure chanyeol read it, he delete it.. who knows.. it might be true.. 

after that chanyeol posted another thing.. exactly few hours after baekhyun deleted his letter.. heart shaped leaf.. hurmmmmm… 

feeling better chanyeollie..??

after the apology letter incident you know what happened..? TLP Shanghai.. what so special about TLP Shanghai..? well.. after few other TLP conducted, chanbaek had been very distance.. they are there, but there are no actual moments between them.. until Shanghai..

in TLP Shanghai, this happened.. they finally have real moments.. real contact.. and chanyeol seems happy again.. 

few month after that, they are very happy on stage.. off stage.. everywhere.. Chanyeol who stops being nice to Baekhyun after the scandal, suddenly being a prince charming again..

chanyeol again being the charming boyfriend material him with baek (baek only) by taking baekhyun’s bag and push it for him.. awww.. so sweet.. ^_^..

and they still do their little “love sign” just between them.. isn’t baek already have a girlfriend at this moment..???? look at their smiling faces.. 

they still love each other even after so many rough obstacle come their way.. and i hope they can always love each other forever and people just stop disturbing them..  

Here are the clearer timeline of all this..

  • 4 June 2013 - Happy Camp recording ( they do the lovesign)
  • 14 June 2013 - Wolf Fansign (fight?)
  • August 2013 - Growl
  • 8 August 2013 - EXO Youngstreet (duet with weird expression)
  • October 2013 - EXO Showtime
  • ** Feb 2014 - BY said to start dating (EXOST still in recording)
  • 17 June 2014 - Baek come to Roommate
  • 18 June 2014 - Baekyeon revealed
  • 17 July 2014 - TLP Shanghai
  • 15 August 2014 - SM Town 2014 (another lovesign)

at the end.. no matter what we think, only chanyeol, baekhyun and SM knows what actually is between them.. me and my friend can spend hours talking about we come out with many theories, and look from many perspectives.. hehe..

that’s the thing about me and my friend.. we love chanbaek but we don’t blindly loving them.. we have our reasons (plausible reasons) why we think chanbaek is real.. we look from many perspectives.. we don’t look in one sole reason and one sole perspective only.. 

Again i will say this.. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.. I USE “MY OPINION” IN THIS ENTRY.. you can believe it or not i don’t care.. 

Fluffmas Day 5 & 6-Dancing & Decorating The Tree (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Yeah, I know I missed Day 5, I was studying for an algebra test and couldn’t have time to write one. However I’m a perfectionist so I combined the Day 5 & 6 fics. Hopefully this makes up for it. I’d love to see comments about the fic! Enjoy~

“You’re going to fall.”

“I’m not going to fall.”

“You’re totally going to fall.”

“No. I’m not going to fall.”

“What is going on here?” asked the voice of Hercules Mulligan, one of your boyfriends, as he sat down the rest of the Christmas decoration boxes.

‘He and Laf must have gotten the rest of the stuff down.’ You thought.

Anyway to answer Hercules’s question, you and John pointed to Alexander. He was going to put the tinsel on the Christmas tree, but got too impatient to wait for a you to get a ladder. So now he was carefully balancing on a swivel chair trying to put the tinsel on.

Herc stared at Alexander. “He’s going to fall.”

“FOR THE LAST TIME I’M NO—” Alexander yelled, shifting off balance and falling right into Hercules’s strong arms wrapped in gold tinsel.

You and John doubled over in laughter, while Alexander pouted.

“Oh my gosh, you look hilarious! I have to get a pic of this for the girls!” you said, pulling out your phone.

“Don’t you da—” hissed Alex.

“Too late!….And sent!”

You showed John the picture, making him laugh harder. “You look like an angry little elf!”

“Well sorry for being short! And Herc would you put me down already!” Alex shrieked, red in the face with embarrassment and anger.

All of you loved to tease Alexander, his reactions were always so funny.

Herc didn’t move. “Why? I kinda like having you in my arms. Makes it so we don’t have to keep an eye on you all the time. Besides don’t pretend you don’t like it~” He whispered the last part in Alex’s his ear, making the man his arms glow red like Rudolph’s nose.

“Why is Herc carrying Alex like une jeune mariée?” asked Lafayette, carrying the box with the stockings.

“Because someone couldn’t wait for a ladder and ended up falling. Luckily Herc was there to catch him.” You said, as you looked at Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy’s replies to the picture.

“That someone has a name! It’s Alexander Hamilton and I only fell because you three distracted me!” defended Alex, as he squirmed out of Herc’s embrace and pointed at you.

Then he sat on the couch, folded his arms, and gave all of you his ‘I’m not talking to you’ look. You don’t think he realized he still had tinsel in his hair.

You, Laf, Herc, and John shared a look. Your teasing had gone too far again (or Alex was being his over sensitive self again). Luckily you knew how get Alex out his mood. You pulled out your phone and quickly opened THAT app.

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Soon the sweet tones of Eartha Kitt filled the living room. You smiled when Alex began to sway to the melody. You and him shared a look before the Alex stood up and took the your hand, pulling you from and twirling your body as the song’s first verse started.

Santa baby, an auto space convertible too, light blue
I’ll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

The three others watched, admiring how Alex and you danced gracefully around the boxes and furniture. Alex noticing the others left out, sent you into a spin, which sent you into Herc’s arms. The gentle giant quickly dipped you knowing what lyrics came next.

Think of all the fun I’ve missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed

He gave a chaste, but sweet kiss. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Alex trying to lead Lafayette, who was clumsily dancing and trying not to step on his short partner’s feet. You were soon pulled into a dance with John.

Next year I could be also good
If you’ll check off my Christmas list
Santa honey, I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot
Been an angel all year
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

John was definitely less restrained the Herc. He wasted no time in swinging you around to the rhythm. He picked you up off your feet, his forearm tucking under your behind as he lifted you up, with your weight being supported against his chest as he spun you around.

Santa cutie, there’s one thing I really do need, the deed
To a platinum mine
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight

The five of you danced through a number of songs, with you being shuffled back and forth between your boyfriends through each melody until the night had arrived.

acecutiecharlie  asked:

this maybe kinda late but i was slep but hey

1.) First Impression: Holy shit this singing voice it 10/10
2.) Truth is: I love you a lot and seeing you in my notifs/on my dash always makes me smile!
3.) How old you look: i dont think i’ve seen a picture of you…
4.) Have you ever made me laugh: heck yeah
5.) Have you ever made me mad: heck nah
6.) Best Feature: you are super supportive and sweet!
7.) Have I ever had a crush on you: nah haha
8.) You’re my: good friend!
9.) I have you in my phone as: i’d have you chacha or cdog lmao
10.) Should you do this too? ye, if you havent already!

You are on a long car trip with him and the others and when you fall asleep you try to hold his hand and cuddle into his side but you two are just friends (TOPP DOGG)

B-Joo: -he noticed that you fell asleep when you stopped putting your input into their conversation but he wasn’t expecting you to hold his hand. He blushed when he tried to pull it away but you seemed to have a firm grip- “do I tell Y/N when she wakes up?”

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Hojoon: -he brought it up later on to you about how you cuddled into him and it kind of embarrassed you to think you did this to him- “It’s not a bad thing. It was kinda cute how close you were to laying on me”

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P-Goon: -he found it funny how you locked your fingers with his. He tried to pull his hand away but your’s was holding his tightly. He just laughed- “I think I should take some pictures of you”

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Yano: -he woke you up after an hour. You were shocked about how much you cuddled into him. He just teased you- “seeing you like this makes me think you would like me a little”

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Nakta: -he didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t know if he should put his arm around you as you hugged him in your sleep.- “should I put my arms around Y/N or do I just sit here?”

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A-Tom: -he was happy when you were holding his hand even if you were sleeping. So when you woke up he was laughing at you but he wouldn’t let you take your hand back- “I kinda like this Y/N”

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Xero: -you were almost laying on him as you slept. You had laid your head on his chest during the ride and had moved yourself closer as you slept- “she’s almost laying on me. Do I let it happen?”

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Jenissi: -he was so nervous about it. You were cuddling him very close, he didn’t know if he should wrap his arm around you or wake you up. The other boys found it funny just by his face- “I don’t know where to put my hands that it isn’t too weird”

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Sangdo: -the others started making kissing sounds as you were cuddled up beside him. He told them to knock it off because it isn’t that big of a deal- “she can do this if she wants. It’s a long ride, I don’t blame her”

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Hansol: -he thought it was funny how when he went to tug his hand away from you, you groaned and clutched it tighter. He knew he hand material to use against you later on- “oh I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her about this”

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*appears in a trench coat and sunglasses* *slides envelope across the table to you* *the envelope is a howler* GOT ANY MORE LAMS FOR US


  • It’s not constant, but every so often, Alex can be really kinky. And John loves to make his boyfriend’s fantasies reality
  • Stress massages are a normal thing. Basically, one of them is overworking themselves, or is really worked up at something, and the other massages them until they either fall asleep or have sex
  • John takes pictures of everything Alex writes on him. Alex doesn’t know this
    • Eventually Alex finds out. John is kinda just like “omg he thinks I’m totally weird” but Alex just kinda laughs and says “if you want me to take pictures of the stuff I write on your ass just ask”
  • College: They have an illegal pet ferret they keep hidden in their dorm. It stays in a cage while they’re both out, but they let it run around when one or both of them is in the room
    • They name the ferret Lams because why the hell not
    • They put a towel over the cage when they have sex
    • They regularly walk the ferret together
    • They dress the ferret in little sweaters
    • Everyone on their floor knows about the ferret and keeps the secret from the RA. Then one day the ferret gets out of their room and everyone bands together to find the ferret before the RA discovers it. 

Send me headcanons! Hamilton characters, cast, or character/cast headcanons! Masterlist

I Wanna Be Yours - George Weasley Imagine


George × reader It’s Xmas and everyone at the burrow is trying 2 hook u and George up, bc srsly even molly sees it. And ginny, being smart magically grows a mistletoe over ur guys heads and u kiss and happy ending

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“You ready to go?” Ginny asked “Yup!” I said excitedly closing my suitcase and zipping it shut. This Christmas break I decided to spend Christmas with the Weasley’s. It all started when I met Fred and George Weasley on our first day of Hogwarts. After that we became close friends but I kinda became more closer to George. I have no idea what it is but something about him just makes me attracted to him. I’m not gonna lie to myself by saying I don’t love George Weasley… Because I do. But whenever someone says “Oh! (Y/n)!” When George enters a room I tell them the lie “I don’t like him”. So, when I got a letter from Mrs. Weasley saying if I wanted to spend Christmas break at their house, I thought long and hard. I can barely even talk to George and now I’m thinking of the possibility of staying at his house for the holidays, I was thinking no! I can’t do this. I talked to Ginny and told her that I didn’t want to go and why I didn’t want to go. She was the only person I ever told about my crush on George, once I did tell her about my crush she went ecstatic. She went on and on about how George likes me back but I didn’t believe, I wanted to but I just couldn’t. Girls literally throw themselves at George and his brother Fred but I just think that if we do go out, I’ll find him cheating with me within a week.

After hours of talking with her she actually persuaded me to change my mind about the whole thing. “If he talks to you, I’ll grab you and drag you up to my room!” She stated a smile growing on her lips due to the fact that she knew that she had won this war. “Fine” I said quietly “What? I didn’t hear you.” She taunted “Fine! I’ll go!” I said in defeat. She laughed before running out of the room “IM TELLING GEORGE!!!” She screamed from the bottom of the staircase probably loud enough to echo through out Gryffindor tower. I shook my head before laughing myself “It’s going to be okay” I smiled. Now back to the present, I dragged my trunk from Gryffindor tower all the way down to the train station near Hogsmead with Ginny by my side. Me and Ginny loaded our trunks on the net that was above our seat before taking a seat. I was extremely anxious the whole ride there, but Ginny kinda calmed me down reassuring me that everything’s going to be okay and that she’ll save me whenever George comes into the picture.

I wished that we wouldn’t make it to kings cross station but unfortunately we do. I slowly grab my trunk from the net on top hoping that maybe the ground would swallow me whole.
“(Y/n)? Are you okay?” Ginny asked walking in front of me “Yeah. I’m… I’m just nervous” I smiled weakly reassuring her. “Okay, just don’t worry. Alright?” She smiled leading the way out of the crowded Hogwarts express “Alright” I whispered. We’re basically in the back of the line to exit the train but I don’t mind. I drag my luggage behind me, but when I reach the exit my luggage gets caught on something. I turn around facing the inside of the train and tug on my luggage, but I should’ve been more careful because when I tugged one last time the luggage was released but I fell back my feet stumbling down the stairs beneath me luckily I didn’t flip or anything, this is already embarrassing as it is. I squealed and close my eyes waiting for impact but no, I felt something catch me. I slowly open my eyes to see George smirking down at me making my breath hitch in my throat “You should be more careful” he chuckled, I nodded slowly before realizing that my hands were on his chest which was pretty muscular due to all the quidditch he plays, I gulp. I quickly moved my hands away from him apologizing quietly before he gently set me down on my feet. I was about to grab my luggage but he took it before I could even touch it. “I’ll take it” he smirked “No, it’s fine. I got it.” I said nervously “Nope. I’m taking it.” He smiled, I made my way towards the Weasley family with George following close behind me.

~Ginny’s POV~

I walked off the train and ran to my family with open arms after a quick hug I pulled back. I turned to (Y/n) but saw air, I looked back at the train and saw her struggling with her luggage. “I’ll help her!” George said quickly before running to (Y/n), “Mum, Dad, George likes (Y/n)!” I said excitedly “He does? No wonder he’s so jumpy and happy.” Mrs. Weasley smiled “Does she like him too?” “Yup” I smiled answering my mums question. “I should tell George” Fred smiled “No, I have a plan” I grinned smugly “Really Ginny?” Ron complained not ever liking plans “Hush up Ron! Or I’m telling Hermione that you like her!” I said seriously after that Ron grew quiet. We looked back at (Y/n) and George when we heard a squeal, watching (Y/n) stumble back a few steps before landing in George’s arms. “Okay, Weasley’s huddle up” Ginny said as if she were a captain, she told them the plan she had in her head. After some changes everyone agreed, it’s on, operation (Y/n) and George is a go. After we stopped talking we watched as George follows close behind (Y/n), the look on Georges face is full of joy and every time (Y/n) would look back at him, we couldn’t help but notice the smile and blush appearing on her face. “They really do like each other” Mrs. Weasley smiled “Yeah, they do” I said happily.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

When I entered the house I thought it was weird and bizarre at first but I realized that this house was fucking awesome! Dishes being washed by themselves, sweaters getting knitted by two floating needles, and other cool stuff that I didn’t think could even happen. I watched the dishes as they cleaned themselves “Fascinating, is it?” I heard a voice ask from across the room, I turned around to see George leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed against his chest. “Um… Yeah” I said awkwardly ‘GINNY WHERE ARE YOU?!’ I mentally screamed in my head, “Excuse me, I have to go… Upstairs” I said nervously before walking away from him upstairs. I couldn’t help but noticed that when I passed George, he tried to grab my wrist but didn’t maybe he wanted to talk. But I shake these thoughts from my mind as I walk up the stairs to Ginny’s room that she’s sharing with me. “Ginny?!” I exclaimed opening the door to see her with a smug grin on her face as she sat on the floor doodling in her notebook, I rolled my eyes before plopping down on my bed. “You said you would take me away!” I groaned “Hey, I’m trying to help you!” She smiled “Help me what?” I asked sitting up looking at her “help you realize that George actually likes you!” She exclaimed “Ginny -” I started but she cut me off. “No! (Y/n), why don’t you believe?!” She said a hint of anger in her voice, my mouth was open but I slowly closed it. She deserves an answer. “I’m… Scared. I’m scared that if I love him too much. He’ll break my heart. And if he breaks my heart. I’ll never be able to forgive myself for putting myself in this.” My voice getting quieter and quieter by every word I say. “Hey, I know George and I know that he would never ever hurt you like that. He loves you (Y/n).” Ginny said reassuringly before getting up off the ground and hugging me. “I love him too.” I whispered hugging her back.

~Christmas Day~

The afternoon was when we started getting everything ready for the Christmas dinner. Me and Ginny were helping Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen, Ginny and I were making sugar cookies with sprinkles while Mrs. Weasley worked on the full dinner including a huge turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and lots more. “Fred! George! Can you please get the food out of the oven?!” Mrs. Weasley screeched so the two boys upstairs can hear. “We’re on it!” The twins said together hoping down the steps with a thump hear and there. They come in the kitchen and they both wave their wands making the oven open. The turkey and other items that were oven flew out of the oven and on top of the table. “Fred! George! Not by magic!” She hissed starting to lecture the twins about magic. I giggled with Ginny but I stopped when George and I made contact he gave me a smile making me blush, I turn around quickly returning to making cookies.

After everything’s ready, everyone goes to the dinning room where dinner is being served but I stay in the kitchen putting the sugar cookies on the cooling rack. George is also in the kitchen he seems to be cleaning a cup, but I try to ignore him not wanting to stare at him too much. When I’m done with the cookies I leave the kitchen, then George leaves the kitchen too trailing right behind me. Once we reach the doorway to the dining room I scoot to the side for George but he doesn’t go. “Beautiful ladies first” he smirked, I pinched my lips together awkwardly before slowly going through the doorframe. I stopped walking when I felt George grab my wrist with his soft hands “wait” he whispered making me melt, I stepped back and faced him looking deep into his brown eyes. “Look up” he smiled, I slowly looked up to see a mistletoe hanging above us. I couldn’t help but smile widely to myself, I looked back at George “Am I gonna get a kiss or what?” He teased. I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss, I kissed him as if this was the last time I was ever gonna kiss him. It was passionate, heated, rough, and just unexplainable. I let go of his shirt and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly deepening the kiss while he wrapped his arms around my waist firmly pulling me against him even more. We pulled back when we heard a cough revealing the rest of the Weasley’s staring at us in awe. They broke into applause “Whoo! Georgie! I knew you could do it!” Fred yelled clapping his hands the loudest, I hid my face in my hands trying to hide my blush and smile. “Don’t hide your beautiful face” George whispered removing my hands away from my face locking our fingers together. We sat at the table, they left us two sets next to each other, and all through out dinner George never removed his hand from mines and nether did I.

After dinner we all went up to bed, but me and Fred switched places. Fred in Ginny’s room and me in Georges room, they said it’s a Christmas present. So right now I’m laying right next to George, his arms wrapped around my lower back while I rest my head on his chest, just listening to his steady heart beat. “Georgie?” I whispered “Yeah?” He said lowly “how long have you liked me?” I asked looking up at him, to find him already staring at me “well, I think it was love at first sight with you” he smiled scooting a bit down to be face to face with me. “How about you?” He asked pushing a piece of hair out of my face “the first time I met you” I grinned pecking his lips softly. “I know Christmas passed but I still want to get you a present” he smirked “George, you don’t have to get me a present. I already got what I wanted for Christmas.” I smiled “And what was that present” he asked caressing my cheek softly with his fingers “You. To be yours.” I whispered, he leaned in attaching our lips together making me smile into the kiss. We both broke out laughing “Oi! Stop having fun down there!” We heard Fred yell since Ginny’s room was a floor above, we could hear Ginny and Fred snickering “We’ll get them later” he trailed off kissing me again.


🍃You guys I need you to search this song if you haven’t heard it! I wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys! I was listening to it while writing this story and I feel like it’s part of the song! But this song reminds me of the twins so much for some reason!🍃


Request: I’ve been stalking your blog and it’s awesome! Can I submit a request? A Bucky X reader where the reader is a British friend of Peggy’s who’s in the howling commandos and falls in love with Bucky who is too busy flirting with the nurses until he sees the reader flirting with another soldier and gets jealous. I would love this request if you can do it, if not I understand- I love your blog!!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: violence, cocky bucky, pre serum Steve, makeout session at the end ooo, CATFA scenes swearing omg!!!!!!

A/N: Thank you to @arrowswithwifi for submitting this request. :) I honestly don’t know much about ranks so you can make fun of me all u want. Oh and the italics are flashbacks so enjoyy


Fighting in the war wasn’t something you’d expect yourself to do. You lived in the city of Brooklyn with your family, until you were drafted to fight as a female soldier in WWII. You had experience in fighting. Took some classes when you were younger, your father showed you how to use guns, the rifle being your favorite one to use. You were a weapons expert, all thanks to him. Your mother being the one to help you keep your feminine attitude and wit, her being the one to show you how to dance outside of the battlefield. You thanked your parents for being there for you, as they molded you into a gal that liked both guns and a nice dinner and dancing. Without them, you wouldn’t be in your position as an upcoming agent.

You trained almost all of your life to earn your position. Right now, you were a commander, working with captains. Well, something of higher class. You worked with your lifetime friend, Agent Peggy Carter. The two of you had been friends since the beginning. You met Peggy in England, becoming inseparable, until you had to move to New York. After a few years from being separated, Peggy called and told you that she was working as an agent. She was working for an upcoming project, Project Rebirth and invited you to join, but of course, you couldn’t just do it like that. You had to train. Fight in the army first, then earn your role alongside Peggy as an agent.

You worked as a weapons expert in the army and knew all of the routes to take during battle. You were like a captain, but that role went to the super-soldier, your good friend, Steve Rogers. You worked alongside with him as well. Speaking of Steve Rogers, you knew him before the army as well. You met him while you were taping up posters during Howard Stark’s convention one night. You saw him as a small, scrawny guy, looking for some hope as he looked in the army mirror that night. You remembering yourself smiling and walking up to him.

“Hey, sport.” You said, making him turn around to meet your eyes. “Thinkin’ of joinin’ the army?”

The blonde stepped down from the stool and stood, facing you. He looked at your outfit: White shirt tucked into your brown high waist slacks, wearing brown boots that went up to your knees, a dark blue army  ball cap hat matched with red lipstick as your hair was in messy curls. “Heh, a guy like me? Never.” He said. “Are you?”

You smiled down at him, taking your hat off of your head. “Commander (Y/N) (Y/L/N), at your service.” You said, tipping your hat as you jokingly bowed. You laughed at the man’s reaction when he heard that you were a commander. His mouth gaped, eyes widened.

“I apologize for not realizing any sooner, commander (Y/L/N). I just..You’re..” He stammered, nervously clapping his hands together as he did a small bow.

“A woman?” you interrupted. He nodded and you smiled. “I get that all the time. No need to worry about your manners, darling. I don’t do all that formal stuff.” You admitted. You weren’t into the special royalty and attention you received. A girl in the army? Whatever. You didn’t care if people called you by your army name, you wanted people to treat you like a normal person. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Steven Grant Rogers, but you can call me Steve, miss.” He said quietly, walking back up to the stool to examine himself.

“A pleasure to meet you, Steve. My name is (Y/N). And I’d prefer you to call me that. I don’t like the word ‘Miss.’ it makes me feel old.” You smirked. He smiled, facial expressions softening a little. Before you started to talk, you saw a brunette man walking up to Steve, wearing his army uniform. You stepped back and put a poster near the pole as you stood next to the picture Steve was admiring himself in. Steve started to talk but before he could, his friend walked up behind him and gave him a light shove. Your eyes widened.

“C’mon, kinda missin’ the point of a double date. Takin’ the girls dancing.” The brunette laughed as Steve jerked forward a little. He got off the stool once again as he faced his friend, you standing closely behind with flyers still in hand.

“You go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Steve replied, turning awkwardly on the balls of his feet.

There was a slight silence between the two, before the man spoke up. “You really gonna do this again?” His friend asked as he turned to Steve’s side. You watched the two having their conversation as you engaged in answering questions for people about the army.

“I’ll try my luck.”

“As who? Steve from Ohio?” The man asked. You stopped your conversation with a lady as she began to walk off, your ears perking up as they started talking about how Steve lied on his application form.

“I know- I know.. C’mon, Bucky. Bucky!” Steve said to his friend, Bucky his name was.

“You know, lying on your application can get you into some serious trouble, Steven.” You said, speaking from behind. You walked closer to the men as Bucky exchanged looks between you and Steve, eyebrows raised in amusement. “And lying about applying for the army.“

Steve pursed his lips as you stood next to him. “I know, I should’ve told you. I was just.. nervous since this is one of the longest conversations I’ve had with a girl.” He said, making you smile and pat him on the back. Meanwhile, Bucky spoke from your left side, clearing his throat to get your attention.

“Pardon me, sir. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You said, tipping your hat like you did with Steve. Bucky just smiled at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Ohh, I get it, Steve. You met another girl because you didn’t like the one I picked out for you! Ah, I’m heartbroken.” Bucky said in sarcasm. Steve scoffed. “Nice to meet you, doll. Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, the-“ He said, but you spoke for him.

“107th, shipping to England tomorrow. I know.” You said as you eyed his uniform.

“She’s a…Commander.” Steve said, making Bucky laugh.

“You’re kidding. You?” He said, looking down at you. You furrowed your eyebrows in response.

“Yes, indeed, soldier.”

Bucky started to mock you and say that you’re just a woman and questioned why you were a commander. You rolled your eyes at his remarks.

“Say, why don’t you join me and Stevie here on a date? Sound good, doll?” He asked. You looked behind him, seeing two girls waving his direction on the steps.

“I wouldn’t want to intervene with the girls you have now.” You smiled sweetly. Getting sick of talking to the soldier in front of you, you handed Steve a flyer, and shoved one into Bucky’s chest. “I’ll see you very soon in the army, Steve!” You called.

You walked down the steps that led to the outside of the convention and turned around. “I hope I don’t see you very soon, Sargent.” You yelled as you walked away.

Bucky smirked as he watched your figure depart and go into the crowd of people outside. He saw something in you that he didn’t see in the other girls he’d talk to. Usually, the girls would swoon over him. You, however, were different.

Till that day forward, you did not like James Buchanan Barnes. Not one bit. Well, maybe a little.

And here you are now, lining up to get your weapons at one of the military tents. Steve in front of you as Bucky was behind you.

Things have changed in a year. Steve rescued you and Bucky from being held captive by hydra, and you never forgot your reaction to what he looked like when you saw him from your view from the chair you were strapped into. He was bigger and taller. Nothing like the Steve you met at the convention a year ago. And Bucky? Well, Bucky is still the same person he always had been since you met him. Cocky, witty, and charming. You hated yourself for admitting it, but you had a love-hate relationship with the Sargent.

You were the first and only female to be apart of the Howling Commandos. Still a commander, sniper, and weapons specialist, but hey, you did one hell of a job. As long as you got to work with Steve and Peggy, everything was all good. Bucky and you had your fights during every mission. Every single mission you two fought over something. That was out of hate, and you couldn’t deny it, but love as well.

“You know, Rogers, I will never get over the fact that I have to literally look up to you when we talk.” You said, stuffing your rifle behind your back in its placeholder, a few knives, and two guns in your hip pockets. Steve smiled as he gathered his shield and started walking to one of the trucks.

“I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it, either.” He said, before hopping into the small truck.

“I can get use to looking down at you, (Y/L/N).” Bucky winked at you. You scoffed at his innuendo.

“In your dreams, James.“

You and Bucky sat in the back as Steve and Peggy drove in the front. The other Howling Commandos drove in another car, since they couldn’t fit.

“Mission is simple, people. Get into the hydra base as per usual. You’re in and out. Steve will do all the work inside while everyone will work outside in the field. You all will be his eyes and ears.” Peggy explained to the group. Everyone agreed as you guys got off of the car and grabbed your utilities.

“Careful out there, will you, (Y/N)?” Peggy stopped you from walking, holding you back from the team.

“You know I always will be careful, Carter.” You smiled, adjusting the guns in your jacket pocket.

“And please don’t injure Sargent Barnes!” She called before you started to run with the rest of the team.

You made your way around the building, clearing any sign of a hydra agent. Bucky watch you in action from the top of the building across, laying down on his stomach with his rifle in hand. The way you took the hydra agents out with your hands and knives. Every time he watched you made him realize that he could watch you do that for hours. He admired you, secretly. Steve didn’t know about the crush he had on you, and he wanted to keep it that way since Steve was considered the chick magnet now, and not Bucky himself.

You heard a shout of pain from the inside of the building. Looking at one of your fellow howling commando member, Dum Dum, he gave you a questioned look.

“Was that Rogers, Miss?” he asked. You shook your head. You pressed your ear against the door and heard another shout of pain, this time louder.

“Shit.” You muttered. “Yes, that’s definitely Rogers.” You said. You took a few steps back from the wooden door, getting ready to break it open.

Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw what you were about to do. He took his rifle with him and started climbing down the side of the building and running to you. “(Y/N), don’t you dare!” He yelled.

“Oh no, Miss. I don’t suggest you doin-“ Dugan replied. But it was too late. You ran into the door and successfully broke it open, landing on the cold hard floor of the hydra base. You got up, the pain in your right shoulder soon subsided as you searched for a sign of Steve. You heard screams and grunts upstairs and soon made your way up to the fifth floor. You crept along the halls quietly, before you found Steve’s shield lying on the ground. No, no, no. You thought.

You picked his shield up and slipped it into your forearm, holding your gun out in front of it. You approached the door where the grunts were heard and saw Steve strapped onto a chair, just like you were. Your eyes widened as the agents saw you, and you immediately started shooting and darting at the agents, the shield protecting your body with ease. You freed Steve and helped him up, putting his shield in his hand.

“Why’d you do that?” Steve asked as you ran with him down the stairs.

“Because you did it for me once.” You replied as the two of you made your way out of the compound. You met the other commandos outside of the broken door, them looking at you in shock. You had bruises and cuts on your side from the punches you couldn’t dodge from the agents. You looked like a mess and you felt limp.

All of you started walking back to the cars which drove you to the tents of the base.

“You didn’t have to do it, Miss. I could’ve done it, of course.” One member said from your side. You laughed dryly, wiping the blood off of your forehead.

“I know, but Steve saved me once. I had to return the favor.”  you smiled, making him smile back.

Bucky watched from behind the two of you, scoffing at the smiles that were being exchanged once again.

“She would do anything for Steve.” Bucky grumbled. You thought you missed it, but you sure as hell didn’t.

“Course I would. Steve’s kind and generous, unlike you, James.” You said over your shoulder to him.

The two of you started bickering again as the others watched as always, Steve shaking his head like the parent he is. He just wanted his friends to get along.

You and Steve were in the nurse’s aid area where the two of you were being taken care of. Peggy sat in between the two of you, as she helped the nurses bandage your wombs. You sat on a chair as Steve sat up in the beds since he had taken it harsher than you. Him and Peggy talked. You tried to listen but the damn nurses were in the way.

“I have a feeling that they like each other, for some reason” Peggy spoke.

That’s all you heard before Peggy walked up to your place in your seat. She sat next to you with a sigh.

“You got hurt, (Y/L/N).” She said. The nurses walked away once Peggy told them that you were fine in her hands.

“I know I did. At least I’m not dead.” You said, looking out into the window where it was pouring with rain.

“You’re a tough cookie, (Y/N).” Peggy smiled, putting her hand on yours. You looked at her. “And so is that Sargent you claim to hate to death.”

“How did he suddenly get invited into the conversation.” You said. Just then, one of the workers requested for Peggy’s attendance. She stood up before looking back to you.

“Where is he, anyways?” Peggy asked. You shrugged.

“Probably flirting with the nurses.” You said. And you weren’t wrong. Turning your head to the right, you saw that familiar Sargent smile he’d always give to the ladies. It won them over in an instant. You shook your head, your blood boiling over jealousy.

Hours passed before that incident. The rain stopped and you got up to walk around the tents and small buildings of the military base. You had a chance to  walk off your scars on your legs and stretched your limbs, so you took the opportunity to do so, and to think. While you passed one of the nurses tents, you saw Bucky standing there with a few of the nurses by his side. Probably telling them one of the shitty jokes he used to get all the ladies. You sighed through your nose. He did this every time. He didn’t even bother to check up on his best friend, only to just go flirting around with his one time hook ups.

All of a sudden, an idea popped up in your head. It was cruel, you admitted, but you just had to test it. You were sick of this. You saw Steve looking at one of the files outside on one of the trunks of the cars. Files were placed across the opened truck as he examined them. You took your hair out of your pony tail to loosen them up. Grabbing your blue hat and placing it on your head, you walked up to him.

“Hey, Rogers.” You said from behind him. He turned around and greeted you with a smile. You fumbled with the buttons of his jacket before wrapping your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. “Whatcha’ doing?” you asked.

Steve felt his cheeks get hot from your actions. He was use to you being all handsy, since you two were close friends, but every time you did something, his cheeks would burn. Turning around to look at you, he rested his back against the truck. “Same ol files.” He said. You hopped up on the open trunk as he started getting back to work. You felt Bucky’s eyes burn into the side of your head as you felt him watching.

“Mmmh, that sucks.” you said, pulling him in between your legs by his jacket. He was startled by your actions as you leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, a little too close to the corner of his lips.

“Well,” You said, hopping down to the ground. “Better get to work then!” you said, saluting to him with a smile. You left him startled in his tracks before he kept exchanging quick glances at you then to his papers. “That woman..” He said under his breath.

As you skipped along the dusty ground of the forest, you reached one of the tents.

“(Y/N).” A voice yelled, calling to your attention. You headed back to the nurses rooms and to the waiting area. You turned the corner to face Bucky.

“James.” You said, nodding your head. Before you could walk away from the room, Bucky pulled you inside by grabbing your arm. You groaned. “What do you want?”

“What the hell was that?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he cornered you.

“What the hell was what?”

“Your little stunt with Steve.” He said, pointing to the trucks, seeing Steve leaving and going into one of the tents outside.

You smirked. “Why were you watching, James?” you asked, knowing he wouldn’t know how to cover it up. You saw his eyes shift as he looked down into yours. He looked furious, but you weren’t really sure why. “Overprotective are ya, sport.” You said, leaning over a little to meet his eyes.

“I’m not overprotective. I just don’t like it when girls like you flirt with my friend.” He said. You could see him grind the backs of his molars, making his jaw clench so it looked extra sharp.

“Mhmm.. So you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” He shouted, making the nurses look your way. You shooed them away as Bucky kept talking. A moment of silence grew over the two of you as he tried to think of what to say. You noticed your position with the soldier: Your back against the wall as he pinned you to the cold cement with his arms on either side of your head. You hated to admit it, but you liked the position you were in, and could stay in it forever.

“And by the way, you could’ve gotten yourself killed earlier today.” He said, pushing his hands off the wall as he changed the topic. “You and Steve.”

“I had to save him. I couldn’t just let him die in the chair, Barnes. I was the closest, and I knew that Dugan couldn’t do it because he always listens to Peggy’s orders.” You spit back. “Why are you so stuck on that topic, anyway? We’re alive, James. It’s not like we’re dead.”

He sighed, finally giving in and not knowing what to say. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket and started walking away, muttering something before he turned a corner.

“What was that? Barnes..Barnes! Where are you going? We aren’t finished!” You yelled, following him into the next building, which was the armory room. Once you two were inside, he turned around to look at you.

“You were right.” He said, his tall frame slowly walking closer to you.

“About?” You asked, confusion written all over your face as you stepped back a few steps, hitting a table.

“About me being…Jealous.” He said quietly, and took a deep breath. “Look, (Y/N), I like you, alright? The reason we fight a lot and the reason why I pick the fights the most is because I do it out of the fact that I like you, and I don’t know how else to explain that I do. I mean, look at you,” he said, standing up straight as you met his eyes. “you’re nothin’ like any of those girls in skirts and bows I take out. You’re in the army for cryin’ out loud! Ever since I met you that night at the convention, you made me realize that there are better people in the world. You’re a badass commander from Britain who wears the same baseball cap everyday to her job, wears dirty boots everywhere she goes, even though she has the privilage of getting new ones, and holds a rifle with pride. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. I-I know you like Steve more than me, and I’ll let you be happy with whoever you choose.”

You were stunned by Bucky’s choice of words. You felt the exact same feeling he had just explained, except you weren’t scared of him. You stood there, pressed against a wooden table with his frame towering over you as he just confessed his love to you and all you could do is look up to him. He took in every single detail of your face, your actions and different gestures, the weapons you picked out every day, and you couldn’t say anything. You were speechless.

“Bucky…I.” You smiled as you stammered for words. “I don’t know what-“

All of a sudden, he pulled away. “I get it. You like Steve. That’s, that’s fine. Everyone else does now.” He said under his breath. “I mean, who wouldn’t like Steve? He’s great, he’s nice…He’s tall…He’s basically the symbol of America right now! Everyone, even the other soldiers probably swoon over him, he has great-“ Bucky continued with his little speech about Steve, but you didn’t want to hear about Steve anymore.

You shut him up by quickly walking over to him, grabbing him by the blue jacket he had on, and pulled him down into a hard, yet passionate kiss. His eyes widened at your actions, but soon closed them as he started kissing back. Your hands were tangled in his, playing with the little hairs at the back of his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.

You pulled back from the moment, the two of you gasping for breath. “Just so you know, I don’t like Rogers. I’ve always liked you and you only. That explains the position that we’re in right now, soldier.” You said. He nodded before bringing you back into the heated kiss.

He started walking forward with you in his arms until your thighs touched the back of the wooden table. Your lips still in action, Bucky hoisted you up onto the wooden table, clearing the guns and knives that were left on the desk. He started to rip open your sweater before you stopped him.

“Someone will see us.” You panted, your shirt now hanging loosely across your chest.

“We better be quick then, doll.” He said before resuming his actions. He took his jacket off of his body. You smiled and met his lips once more, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth, causing him to groan. You were about to fumble with the belt loops of his pants, before the two of you heard someone clear their throats.

“Uhhem.” You heard someone, Peggy to be exact, say. You and Bucky stopped dead in your tracks as you met Peggy and Steve standing in the large doorway of the armory room. You covered yourself with your sweater, as Bucky did the same with his jacket, and you unhooked your legs from his waist. “Were we interrupting something?” Peggy asked.

You jumped down from the table and zipped up your jacket, as Bucky mirrored your actions, fixing his hair.

“No ma’am.” You said. “No, ma’am.” Bucky said, shortly after you. He tried to hide the smirk that was plastered onto his face, but failed miserably.

Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure we didn’t.”

“When we said for you guys to get along, we wouldn’t mean like this but, whatever you want, I suppose.” Steve said, shrugging.

“Well, we sure did as Peggy said.” You smiled.

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Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

1. First impression: Oh a musician that likes anime and Claymore specifically. How cool.
2. Truth is: By acclamation of the secret fandom cabal, you are a

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3. How old do you look: See… aging you is HARD cause I do know your age, but I’ve seen your picture and given your style, you do look a bit older. Like I’d put you at 22-23.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Laugh, Groan in agony at your puns.
5. Have you ever made me mad: No, but some of your puns make me question the value of the human species.
6. Best feature: You are like one of the kindest people I know anywhere. Like, I understand Canadians are generally nice, but you’re like… far above that level that it’s kinda amazing.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope.
8. You’re my: Friend & Punmaster
9. Name in my phone: Luke/Punforgiven
10. Should you post this too? Yes, absolutely

Rajigaze Sep 9

Reita: So, we thought of this while the song was playing (laughs)

Aoi: Yes, B-grade gourmet (*local/everday food that’s cheap but tasty)

Reita: We suddenly thought about it during the song…B-grade gourmet.

Aoi: Do you like it?

Reita: I do. Especially yakisoba, the one they mix with their hands (*they put all the stuff in a plastic bag and then like smush it together lol)

Aoi: Oh, no, I can’t eat that.

Reita: Is it cause of the the taste? Or the way they prepare it?

Aoi: It’s just the fact that it’s in a plastic bag.

Reita: Ohh…

Aoi: I just can’t eat food from a plastic bag.

Reita: Is it a cleanliness thing? Like it seems kinda gross?

Aoi: No it’s not that…hmm…

Reita: It feels like animal food?

Aoi: Yeah…

Reita: Ahhh.

Aoi: Yeah, I don’t know how to put it…

Reita: What if they mixed it up and then put it on a plate?

Aoi: No, still.

Reita: Still? Because it was still originally in a bag?

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: Oh (laughs)

Aoi: Because, like, the taste of the plastic gets on the food.

Reita: Oh, okay, I get it.

Aoi: Yeah…this is such a pointless conversation.

(both laugh)

Reita: Ok, let’s read a question. “This is a question for Reita. There’s an account on Instagram that looks like its actually you, who only captions in English. I showed it to my only friend who’s a fan of you” – your only friend who’a a fan of me!?

(Aoi laughing)

Reita:  “And they freaked out like, ‘it’s definitely him!’” …Yeah, about that…can I say this here?

Aoi: Sure.

Reita: I’ve actually been on Instagram for 4 months.

(Aoi bursts out laughing)

Reita: Well, it’s cause when we went to America in May, there was a lot to take pictures of! I mean, on the world tour I was taking so many pictures, it made me want to get Instagram. But I thought, even if I make an effort to update it, I’m probably just gonna lose interest anyway. But posting lowkey like this, I’ve gotten…200 followers.

(both laugh)

Reita: I think everyone thought it was a fake, but it really is me. Are you on Insta?

Aoi: Well, I do have an account…

Reita: Oh, you do? But you don’t really post anything.

Aoi: I don’t. I don’t wanna post pictures unless they look really cool.

Reita: On the world tour, I posted a lot of photos, but since coming back to Japan I kinda stopped posting. Anyway, you can all look me up and follow me!


Word count: 4.6k

Rating: G

Summary: Drake the bodyguard takes Dan and Phil out to a diner somewhere in America and they all get milkshakes and discuss life.

Notes: Special thanks to my peeps on Twitter who patiently fielded my random questions about vocabulary and whatnot as I wrote this, and just generally encouraged me to keep at it.

Disclaimer: I know NOTHING about Dan and Phil’s real-life bodyguard; I’ve only ever seen photos of him. All the info about him in this fic is totally made up.

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