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how do balance freetime, managing this studyblr, and school? what does your schedule look like if your constant, if you don't mind me asking?

Ahahaha, it’s a bit of a challenge actually! I’m going to answer this question specifically about me, rather than answering too much about how to time manage - if you want that, then send me another ask :)

There’s a fine line between being on top of things and being behind, so I guess I just try little things to save time? I think a lot of people tend to underestimate the amount of time you need to invest in studying to get good results. 

A picture says a thousand words so here’s what this week looked like. As you can see, gray is for unavoidable errands. I only have the times marked in bright blue available for actual studying. Clinic also runs overtime regularly and can sometime cut into lunch. I don’t get a break for dinner on Thursdays because of clinic, so I’m packing some Up and Gos for tomorrow lol

Things I do to try and turn some of those gray areas into bright blue study areas are: 

  • I try to answer inbox questions on the bus, 
  • I try and do patient logbooks on the train rides, and 
  • I cut out my extraneous hobbies like watching drama episodes once university starts. I still have some things that I like doing day to day to relax a bit, like browsing tumblr and knetizen comments which I do when I’m eating breakfast and lunch
  • Saturdays I take sort of like a weekly break (for the sake of my sanity) where I do more lengthy leisure things I’ve been unable to do, and errands/chores like cleaning, vacuuming and ironing. Sometimes I’ll study instead depending on the workload from uni. If I really need to study for something, I’ll usually reduce the chores that I do. 
  • Sunday I pretty much just study after I get errands done, so I get anywhere from 6 to 12 hours of university work in. 
  • I always try and do work during any break at uni that’s longer than 1 hour. A lot of people really could stand to get some of their uni work out of the way during this time, but instead they’ll have 2-3 hour blocks where they just talk to someone or do some online shopping. 

Getting work done is important and so is taking breaks and sleeping enough. It’s been really exhausting this past week and a half though because as you can see I often get home around 8pm or later, meaning only 1-2 hours to study after dinner and a shower, and that’s if I sleep at 11pm-12am ㅠㅠ I also have to wake up at 6am sharp every morning, get to Central station at 8am so that I can get to university at 9am ㅠㅠ 

So yeah, it’s hard to balance at this point in time because I have so many clinics, but after these two weeks I do have a break from one of the clinics, so I get Tuesday morning off. ‘

Time management is all about squeezing things in during downtimes like bus and train rides so that you have more time to study/pursue other hobbies if you so wish. 

Hope that’s informative :)

I heard you want pictures of ink xD I drew this a while back and I thought you’d like to see it aha becauseerrorinkislifeamirite //sk8boards out

Answer: HVDCVGHDCGVH MORE!?! AHAHAHA OMFG AAA! Hhhh it’s so pwecious!!! Sadly I’m shipping it too pal :,) (it’s too good I’m bdjchbjdc) but omfg thank you so much ahahah i never thought someone would do this, bless ur soul too
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I want to know where the YOI high-tops came from so I can get my own! :-D

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A gratifying response to her shoes! :D I believe she got them on a trip to Japan, so they may only be available there. I’ll check with her and find out :D 

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You did get to go to scoops! Shame they didn’t have the cigar flavor, still wondering how that actually tastes. I would tried the blueberry balsamic too, sounds interesting. And dulce de leche had to be good…I might have an ice cream fixation this summer (or always)

The dulce de leche was suuuuper buttery, it was great. A really nice compliment to the brown bread, which had a bit of a burnt-sugar bite to it. 

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I kept reading Downtown Disney as Downton Disney and my brain kind of short circuited.

AHAHAHA, now I’m picturing Mickey drinking tea with the Dowager Duchess. 

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Love, trust, and pixy dust. That’s how we get it done in the house of mouse.

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It’s not powdered sugar, it’s pixy dust

I’m beginning to wonder, honestly.

Also when I came into the airport I got randomly selected to have my shoes swabbed for explosive residue, and I said “They’ve just been walking around Downtown Disney” at which point the swab machine beeped and the TSA agent said “Good news, you only have pixie dust on them.” 

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OH GOD YOUR QUICK SKETCHES LOOK BETTER THAN MY FINISHED DRAWINGS I'm sorry about you not being able to post rick and morty stuff any more your drawings of them were so cute and it's a shame people ruined it for you :/ Also I love your South Park drawings omg they're adorable I love how your favorite characters are cartman and butters mine are stan and Wendy ☺️ don't feel obligated to answer this tho I just hope ur having a good day sorry that people suck!!

Ahhh thank you for being so sweet to me..; v; It’s followers like you that keep me around haha. I’ve been contemplating just deleting my blogs and starting over from scratch but..I think I’ll stay around a bit longer~

I always love it when people have favorites that are one of the main four. And one of the background characters. It makes me so happy ahahaha. My favorites are like that and my best friend’s favorites are, too. It just makes me smile.

I just wanted to draw you a little picture in thanks for being so sweet and sending me this ask! Have a good day and I hope you like it! <3