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Not Him~ Prologue


Pairings: Bucky x Stark!Reader

Summary: Tony’s 18 year old daughter is sent to find Bucky by Steve. What happens when Bucky is accused of bombing the UN and Tony finds out that his daughter is dating the Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Age gap, eventual smut, Canon divergence (duh it’s fanfic), Eventual pregnancy, Protective!Bucky, Protective!Tony, canon like violence, swearing

A/N: My goal is to update every Sunday by 18:00 Central Time. Not for sure on how long this will be probably somewhere around ten chapters. There will be scenes from Civil War but they will be altered to fit the story. It isn’t going to end or be exactly like the movie this is fanfic. Happy Reading!!!!! Love you all!


“Steve I don’t know yet. I’ve just arrived how should I know if he’s actually here. Look I would maybe be able to find him if you quit calling me every five minutes and gave me a chance to look for him.” Steve, your dad Tony’s friend and teammate, had asked you to try and find his best friend Bucky, your first solo mission. You had been helping the Avengers since you were thirteen, not seeing the field until just two years ago when you turned sixteen however. You had turned eighteen a few months ago around the time Steve asked you to help him on his secret search to find his lost friend.

“I’m sorry Y/n, I just want him back. I have to find a way to help him.” Steve replied, his voice filled with sorrow.

“I know Steve and as soon as I know ANYTHING I promise I will call you. I gotta go follow this lead I got I’ll call you either tonight or tomorrow with more info.” You promised before the two of you said a quick goodbye and you started towards the address in London where Bucky was last seen.

When you found the place it was a crappy looking apartment building. You walk up and knock on the old wooden door, the white paint peeling from the front, much like the rest of the building.

“What?!” An almost bald man with a thin comb over and a beer gut asks you.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but I’m looking for a friend of mine the last I heard he was staying here. Have you seen him?” You ask the man showing him a picture of Bucky. You flash your cutest smile at the man.

“Maybe I have maybe I haven’t.” He shrugs.

“Does this help your memory?” You asks slipping him £20.

“Yeah he lives up in 3C. You can head on up if you want pretty lady.” He says flashing you a creepy smirk.

“Is he here?”

“Nah he leaves every morning pretty early. He never comes back until at least 7 in the evening.”

“Could you not tell him I’m here? I want to surprise him after all.” You flashing him a flirty smile, God why did you agree to this again? Oh right you’re a good person who wants to help her friend.

“I don’t know. I’m a pretty bad secret keeper.” You mentally roll your eyes. Good thing your dad is a billionaire, if your gonna have to do this for every lead you get.

“Would this help?” You ask handing him another £20.

“Yeah I think it will sweetheart thanks.” He says motioning you towards the stairs.

“Thank you for your help.” You say before walking up to his apartment.

Unsurprisingly the lock on the door is broken, so you walk in searching for something solid that could prove Bucky was really here. You don’t want to get Steve’s hopes ups only for there to be nothing. The place was pretty barren and was a studio apartment, the bed was neatly made, army style, the sink had a few dirty bowls and utensils in it, there were a couple pots and pans but other than that nothing.

“Who the hell are you?” A low voice growls from behind you. You slowly turn to face the super soldier.

“Bucky, I’m a friend of Steve’s. I won’t hurt you I promise. Steve wants to help you Bucky. My name is Y/n Stark.” You rush out trying to keep him from fleeing.

“Stark?” He asks his voice cracking at the end. His eyes turn cloudy like he’s remembering something awful.

“Yeah, I’m Tony Stark’s daughter. I know I’m young but Steve trusted me to find you and bring you back to him so we can help you. Please Bucky let’s just talk. You can have my weapons if that helps.” You know you shouldn’t be giving up your weapons I mean even if Bucky wasn’t an ex-assassin and super soldier the guy was huge if it came down to a fight you weren’t sure you could beat him.

“Steve sent you? Tony Stark’s daughter?” Bucky questions crossing towards the balcony, carefully, keeping his eyes trained on you.

“Yeah, look I obviously perfectly capable I mean I found you right? So I must be somewhat competent.” You defend.

“I didn’t know Tony had a daughter.” Bucky mutters to himself running his hands through his hair. He has a strange look on his face, if you knew him better you may have said guilt but you weren’t sure.

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“I don’t do the bad stuff anymore. I never wanted to but HYDRA they,” he takes a deep breathe as both his hands curl into fists. “HYDRA brainwashed me, they tortured me for years until, I couldn’t fight it anymore, I was weak. They created that thing inside me.” He spat.

“Bucky, Steve and I both know it isn’t your fault. You didn’t want or deserve any of this. You were a young man who just wanted to serve his country. No one could have foreseen this.” You murmur placing a hand on his, hoping the action will relax him. You’re surprised when your action actually does manage to relax him a little.

“Look kid I should tell you now. I remember all of them. The people he-I killed.” Bucky explains his voice barely above a whisper.

“Bucky, that was HYDRA. Steve told me everything. It wasn’t you Bucky, it never was.”

“I killed them. I killed Howard and his wife Maria.” You gasp, no wonder he was so freaked when you mentioned you dad. You hadn’t met your grandparents, they hadn’t met you, you weren’t born until almost seven years later.

“Buck that wasn’t you. That was HYDRA. Hell I wasn’t even born yet. I won’t tell my dad he would freak. Steve already told me that he was pretty sure that’s what happened. I made my peace with it and if I want revenge on anyone it’s HYDRA not you. But we need to keep this between us no matter what, ok? My dad, he, well he wouldn’t understand that you were being brainwashed he would take it out on you.” You explain. As much as you love your dad you don’t want to bring that all forward for him. As far as he knows it was a car crash that killed his parents. He made peace with it and telling him wouldn’t change anything.

“You mean you don’t hate me?” He asks confused.

“Of course not. Bucky we just met, I want to get to know you. I don’t judge people based on their histories. You have a shitty past and yeah it’ll stay with you but how you handle it is a million times more important than what happened. Now can we go back to the States?” You huff out.

“What?” He asks pulling his hand out of your hold and stepping away from you.

“Bucky, Steve asked me to find you. We can help, at the Avengers compound we have so many resources, my dad and Uncle Bruce can help find a way to get rid of the Winter Soldier.” You plead raising your hands and taking a hesitant step towards him.

“Don’t say his name,” Bucky growls.

“Okay I won’t but Bucky I’m supposed to help you. Steve’s worried. If you really don’t want to go back to the States then fine. But please let me help, let me stay with you,” You beg. You were not going to fail your first official solo mission. Steve wanted you to help and protect Bucky and somehow you would.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m dangerous.”

“You won’t hurt me. I can protect myself Bucky. Watch.” You threw an empty vase towards the sink, it shattered. Bucky looks back at you startled.

“When I was a kid I hung out with my dad a lot in the lab. I was exposed to a chemical that changed me. I can fly and I have telekinesis. I started helping the Avengers a couple years ago when I was sixteen. I’ve been training with Steve for years and other Avengers. Bucky I can hold my own I promise.” You explain carefully.

“Ok,” he agrees reluctantly. “If you’re sure?”

“Of course.” You nod excitedly.

“Alright let’s go.” Bucky mutters, he uses his metal hand to punch through a floor board and grabs a backpack, before he shoves some extra money and journals into it.

“What?” You ask him confused.

“If you found me it’s only a matter of time before someone else does. We gotta move.” He says offering you his flesh hand, you grab it before the two of you leave on the adventure of your life time.

I cannot stop thinking about @local-astronaut‘s a look into Matt’s phone post and the “we love neil” chat gave me ideas.

  • Renee adds Andrew to the chat
  • Andrew doesn’t ever respond, but doesn’t block them or ask to leave the chat either
  • He just straight up doesn’t acknowledge the chat
  • Everyone in it assumes Andrew is just ignoring them in the chat and carries on, pretty much forgetting he’s even in it
  • At one point they decide to have a competition to see who can get the cutest picture of Neil
  • They give it a week and whoever sends the cutest picture by the end of Thursday gets 10 bucks each from the others
  • Andrew of course doesn’t acknowledge that, just like he doesn’t acknowledge anything else they send him
  • But he watches the pictures coming in even more than usual all week
  • The one of Neil smiling after Matt called him one of his best friends
  • The selfie Dan took of her hugging Neil with their cheeks smushed together
  • The one Allison secretly took from the back of Matt’s truck of Neil staring dreamily at Andrew while he’s sitting on the trunk of his car smoking
  • The one Renee takes of him sitting between Dan and Matt on the couch in the girls’ room, all wrapped in a blanket
  • The one Nicky sends of Neil standing in the kitchen, yawning and stretching, two minutes after getting up
  • The one Dan sends of Matt standing behind Neil, grinning as he slouches with his forearms resting across Neil’s shoulders while Neil scowls at the camera
  • The one Allison takes of Neil looking super confused after she purposely referenced a movie he hasn’t even heard of
  • Late Thursday they’re all arguing over which picture is cutest and asking how they’re supposed to pick a winner and questioning if there was any way they could convince Andrew to judge or if they should all just have to vote for one that isn’t theirs to be cutest and see what wins that way
  • Andrew sends a message to the group chat for the first time ever at 11:59 pm on Thursday
  • It’s a picture of Neil being so cute that it physically pains Andrew and he 500% wants to kill him for daring to make him feel like this
  • Neil’s curled up in the fetal position asleep cradled in one of the bean bag chairs and his hair is sticking out in every fucking direction and his arm’s reaching out so that he’s still holding Andrew’s hand in his sleep and there’s the faintest hint of a smile on his lips
  •  Neil’s curled up facing where his and Andrew’s hand are intertwined, resting on the edge of the beanbag chair, because he definitely fell asleep staring at Andrew so that he wouldn’t miss one extra second of Andrew’s beautiful face
  • With the picture Andrew sends “I win, fuckers.”
  • None of them argue and Andrew doesn’t respond to the group chat again, but they know he’s watching it
  • Neil looks super confused when the next morning at practice Matt, Dan, Renee, Allison, and Nicky each cough up ten bucks to Andrew without even being asked