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okay things to think about future movie nights:

  • Scott/Sara getting invited to movie night as soon as they’re allowed to leave the medbay
    • they tease their twin relentlessly about the cuddling with the LI
    • they tell everyone embarrassing stories from when they were kids
  • Reyes getting invited to movie night
    • he’s not exactly sure if he wants to, some of the crew still side eye him pretty hard (this is doubled with Scott/Sara there, tripled if Ryder is in a relationship with him)
    • it turns out to be a very fun evening and the crew relaxes a little around him
  • Vetra invites Sid, who absolutely jumps at getting aboard the tempest
    • Sid tries to sit in between Ryder and Vetra if they’re in a relationship “Leave room for Spirits, Vetra.”
    • Sid and Scott/Sara bonding over being the left out sibling
  • Gil says he wants to invite Jill and the stipulation is she can’t talk about re-population or try to convince anyone to have kids
    • Gil promises she’ll be on her best behavior
    • She is not on her best behavior. she keeps showing people pictures of babies and ultrasounds like they’re her own
  • Peebee complaining that this is getting way out of hand
  • a second couch is needed
  • Casual!Ryder trying to act out things, everyone is begging them not to
  • Professional!Ryder getting asked constantly to reenact scenes with various crewmates
  • everyone arguing for a week beforehand about what kind of movie to watch. Lexi, Cora, and Jaal want an asari flick, Liam, Vetra, and Drack want action, Peebee always wants to watch the Blasto movies, Suvi wants to watch any and all versions of Planet Earth, Kallo likes the spaceship version of pimp my ride but he and Gil argue over 90% of it, and Reyes keeps lowkey offering pirate movies.
    • They eventually have to start a rotation

anonymous asked:

How would Shawn propose

  • He’d be so nervous
  • Of course he would call your dad to ask for permission first
  • And he’d also make sure to talk to your mom and older brother too
  • They all gave their blessing
  • He would ask Aaliyah for help and advice
  • So she would definitely help him brainstorm
  • He’d also have Josiah there to take pictures and videos of everything
  • And he’d consult Geoff on the best way to go about everything
  • He’d take Aaliyah and your sister with him to help pick out the ring
  • To make sure they feel included in it all
  • The one thing he wouldn’t let anyone help with would be his speech
  • Because he wanted that to be completely from him
  • He worked on it for weeks because he wanted it to be perfect
  • He had spoken in front of so many people before
  • But he had never been as nervous as he was for the proposal speech
  • He invites all your closest friends and family
  • But makes sure they all stay hidden 
  • They all watch from afar until after you say yes
  • There are tears of happiness and surprise streaming down your face
  • He puts the ring on your finger, kisses you, and then shouts
  • “She said yes!”
  • And your friends and family all come out and run towards you
  • Offering congratulations
  • You had no idea they were there
  • And you hadn’t even noticed Josiah taking pictures
  • The ring is absolutely gorgeous
  • You feel like the luckiest girl in the world 
  • Because he’s the boy of your dreams
  • And you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life loving Shawn

Every Time You Call

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written by: Mel | @caramelkru

prompt: ‘modern day fic where bellarke decide to send nudes to each other even though they’re just friends? ’ for anonymous

word count: 1406

[10.42pm] bellamy?

[10.45pm] Clarke

[10.45pm] ok good. just making sure u’re holding ur phone

[10.46pm] … What??

[10.47pm] Clarke sent an image

[10.49pm] Uh

[10.49pm] That is

[10.50pm] stop typing n backspacing n typing again u can ditch the awkward idk-whats-goin-on spiel i just needed to vent

[10.51pm] With a picture of your boobs?????

[10.51pm] … Those are YOUR boobs, right?

[10.53pm] yes very much mine

[10.54pm] i’m making up for all the unsolicited dick pics out there in the world

[10.54pm] By sending an unsolicited boob pic?

[10.54pm] boob pics are always solicited

[10.55pm] Fair point

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A former writer of 1N2D took this picture during her last filming day with the show last week and she posted a long note explaining one of the things that made her proud of the 1N2D members.

She ended up her message saying that she was able to be happy all this time thanks to them and that from now she’ll keep on being a 1N2D fan forever.

In the final hashtag, she asks journalists to write more articles about this (rather than say… stupid rumors like dating scandals or whatnot I guess). She also wrote that Junho is not on the picture because he had to poop first and ended up at the back of the queue as a result hahahaha!

Thanks @JJYAustralia over on Twitter for translating this heartfelt post~

He Forgets Not To Lie

Sometimes, he forgets not to lie.

It’s something that shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t. Lies have always come easily to him, and he can say them so honestly, so innocently, that people believe them. While he’s saying them, even he believes them, even though he knows they aren’t true. There is not malice in the lies. In fact, it’s the opposite, he says whatever he thinks people want to hear.

He’s tried to keep it in check with Ladybug, but tonight… it just comes out, as she watches him.

“Yeah, I’m happy. My family’s great, I love them a lot. Why do you ask?” he smiled up at her, brightly, his model smile.

“You just… seemed kind of lonely before I got here… I worry about you,” she offered a slight smile.

He took a breath. “I’m not lonely. How could I be? I have you,” he laughed. “Don’t worry about it, I’m really okay.”

“Who do you have, other than me?” it was a prying question. His lady certainly could be pushy when she thought she was right about something, couldn’t she?

He looked out over the city. “I have… I have my dad. He’s a great guy, he’s busy, but when he has a moment, we hang out. He cares a lot. And my mom’s just the best, she’s always there for me.” He knew the words coming from his mouth were painting a false picture, but he wanted them to be true. He wanted them to be true so bad… “My friends are awesome. I always feel at ease with them, and they all get along well. There are a few fights, but I mean, nobody hates each other.” If you disregarded Chloe, it was true.

“That’s good,” she smiled. “Sorry, I guess I was just imagining things.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

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when should you start working out after delivery? i know my vids say one thing, but my answer is a bit more complex. there are levels to postpartum exercise and a ton of factors that go along with it (the way you delivered your baby(ies), how active your pregnancy was, what # baby you are on, and many more). some women might need to wait the entire 6 weeks before being cleared, and some are able to get moving again fairly quickly. i wasn’t on IG nor was i blogging for my first pregnancy in 2011, but i was about 85% active overall. my 1st pregnancy was also my longest L&D and toughest recovery (episiotomy, stitches, all that wonderful stuff😥). there was a ton of sitting, stretching, and walking done during my first 6 weeks at home, and that was it for a while actually. things were different for baby 2 and now baby 3! doing this at 5 weeks pp after my 1st pregnancy? yeah, NO. this is why you just don’t compare your own recovery or timeline to any other mama! there is always more to the story (or the video/picture, in this case.) you know your body better than anyone, so it’s best to listen to it, respect it, and let it guide you (once you’ve been cleared by your doc). these moves can be done with baby after you’ve been cleared; there will be a Postpartum section in the guide i’m putting together too🙌 

You Can Tell Me Secrets (that I’ll probably repeat)

Trimberly Songfic based on Bittersweet by P!@TD

Excerpt: “Kimberly finally realizes that yeah, shoving a picture of a naked cheerleader into your gay best friend’s face probably was not the best course of action.”

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Act of Kindness

Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.

Genre: Romance, slight angst, future smut

Part 2| 1

His hands are fidgeting when you spot him. Lip caught in between his teeth, eyes quickly scanning the room as he looks for you or anyone who could possibly notice him. There are only a few other people in the library, minding their business with their noses in the books in front of them.

 "Hey,“ you say softly when you’re next to his seated body, gently touching his shoulder. You feel when his body starts and then he’s looking up at you with wide eyes before he’s sighing in relief. 

 He pulls out the seat next to him and you sit in it, putting your bag on the table in front of you. 

“I’m sorry to ask you to meet me so late,” he uttered, hand going up to scratch at the back of his neck.

It’s after ten and you have to wake up at eight in the morning, and you don’t know how long this conversation will take, but you’re sure with his busy life this was the earliest he could schedule this talk so you just shrug, not bothered by the time.

“It’s cool. How are you?”

Kihyun looks taken aback by your words, head leaning back in the slightest and eyes growing in size, and then he’s chuckling to himself.

“Emotionally, I’m definitely better than last night. But with this scandal,” he sighs, putting his elbow on the table then resting his chin in his open palm. “the members and the company have been on my ass all day about it. What about you?”

After seeing the pictures and doing some research you didn’t bother looking at what was being said about the situation, or scandal as Kihyun said. Not that you aren’t curious, but you’d rather just not know if people are being rude or disrespectful especially when it’s not what they all think. The only thing you know is one of his fans called you pretty, and you only know that because Krystal sent you a screenshot.

This is the first time you’ve stepped out the house today so it’s not like anyone could’ve spotted you. It was the perfect day to binge watch a new Netflix series.

“It’s not really affecting me,” you reply sheepishly, eyes drifting from his face to the floor. 

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Don’t Tell Stark - Sam Wilson x Reader

Prompt: Sam fic prompt: you’ve smuggled an animal into your room at the Avengers Tower and Sam catches you playing with it.- @agentraven007

Authors notes: This one is much shorter than I intended but here it is. :)

Originally posted by brandonstarked

 “Hey, (y/n),” Sam was staring at his phone when he barged into your room and when he looked up he found you frozen in your tracks with a kitten in your hands. “Oh, man, Stark is gonna loose it.” He laughed.

 There were no pets allowed in Stark Tower. Not after the incident with Lucky, Clint’s dog. Tony had his ‘bots cleaning that mess up for weeks. Stark banned all things furry and fluffy ever since and you hated the rule, not that you always followed it.

 “No!” You cried out. “Please come on, Sam don’t tell anyone! I’m taking him to the shelter tomorrow. Let me keep him, just tonight.” You gave Sam the best puppy dog eyes you could and held the orange cat up to your cheek, hoping to double the cuteness.

 “How did you even get it in here?” Sam asked as he snapped a picture of you and the kitten for evidence.

 “Easy,” You scoffed. “My purse can hold, like, twenty pounds of whatever I want. I could have smuggled in fifteen kittens if I had found them.”

 “You swear you’re taking his to the shelter tomorrow?” He prodded.

 You beamed a toothy grin. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

 Sam squinted at you not entirely believing your promise but letting it slide none the less. “He is kinda cute.” He smiled, reaching out to rub a finger on the tiny cat’s head. “You can’t tell T’Challa about this. I’ll never live it down.”


My girls at 4 months and now.
They turn 11 in August (Sachi shares birthday with one Jack Zimmermann, Kika is a week younger.)

Kika (left as a kitten, right as an adult) is part Siamese, part asshole.
She likes yelling, shoes, people food and drooling on me when she gets relaxed.
She loves all people and hates all animals that aren’t Sachi.

Sachi is huge (seriously, that picture doesn’t do her justice) we think she may be part slinky.
She’s my big baby and she’s the sweetest thing on earth until she decides she wants something, then she uses her massive size and impressive tenacity to annoy me into giving her what she wants. (what she wants is usually for me to stop what I’m doing and follow her around the house)

And you think you’re over it. But then a picture pops up online of him and the girl that’s not you, and it hits you all over again. Because you watched him choose her. You watched them fall in love. And you really thought you had let it go, but then you hear her talk about him, mentioning things about him that you never knew, and you can just picture them dancing, his jacket around her shoulders, and him telling his best friend back home that he’s found the One.

And maybe, someday, a couple of weeks or months from now, you really will be over it. You’ll be able to look at them and be happy that they found each other. Just not today, not yet.
—  d.e.m. 
21st century headcanons: les amis and social media

enjolras somehow manages to turn every social media platform into an opportunity for angry political rants (”enjolras, you know people don’t usually use their snapchat story for posting long critiques of the gender binary right?” “yes, so?” “just checking”). but he also posts a lot of candids of his friends with soppy captions that surprise people who don’t know him very well. 

combeferre uses facebook a lot but never really to write statuses - he just shares loads of articles and photos and stuff that interests him. his snapchat story is always full of photos of plants and insects - with the proper latin names as the captions - and group selfies, so many group selfies.

grantaire is really into memes, obviously - his fave is pepe, followed by the breadsticks meme. also he has a ‘secret’ side tumblr where where he posts lots of his art, mostly digital paintings of the amis (he’s really shy about it so they pretend not to know it exists but actually most of them check it at least twice a week for new pictures)

courfeyrac considers it his sworn duty to like/favourite/retweet/reblog every single selfie any of his friends ever post, and does so with impressive efficiency (”seriously courf i posted that like 30 seconds ago that’s impressive even for you” “you’re welcome”). he probably owns a selfie stick.

feuilly he really likes photography, and he’s also really good at it; his tumblr is a mixture of his two fav things to photograph: beautiful cityscapes and portraits of his friends, which are always super cute and well composed - like 90% of les amis’ profile pictures have been taken by feuilly. also he’s super into 8tracks and posts new mixes at least twice a week (he always makes mix CDs for peoples birthdays instead of cards)

joly he’s everybody’s best friend on snapchat because he sends all of them like 20 snapchats a day of random things that made him think of them (he does this even when they’re all together in the same room). he really really loves emojis, so half the time he’ll reply to messages with just a series of emojis that the recipient has to decode.

bousset his instagram feed consists entirely of loads of selfies with joly and musichetta on instagram with dorky inside jokes or puns as the captions. he and joly and grantaire have a vine account which is just them doing ridiculous stuff but somehow got really popular (they are now officially banned from vining during meetings because things got out of hand) - gavroche is their number one fan.

jehan they have like four different tumblrs all for different things: one where they post their own poetry and photos they’ve taken of the sky, a personal one that’s mostly just selfies and shitposting, a fandom blog, and one of those weird aesthetic blogs that just posts photos of plastic bags and smashed up plates and shit. also their snapchat story is always like 800 seconds long.

bahorel posts OOTDs on instagram like, every single day (feuilly usually takes them for him) and if he thinks one of his friends is looking particularly good one day he’ll post pictures of them too - it’s usually musichetta or cosette or jehan. constantly getting into arguments with people on social justice facebook groups, but he’s super good at debating so he usually wins. also, he snapchats the rest of les amis literally every time he ever sees a cat. 

musichetta she posted some selfies that got hundreds of thousands of notes on tumblr one time and then sort of accidentally became kinda tumblr famous, which she finds hilarious. she gets lots of questions from young girls about sexuality and body image and stuff and lovingly answers every single one. 

eponine runs a blog where she posts feminist critique of films and tv shows - chetta and cosette both write guest posts for her every now and again. she doesn’t have many photos of herself as a child so she makes a point of posting loads and loads of photos of gavroche and azelma on facebook and instagram. also her tumblr is unapologetically hipster af 

marius he uses old-style emoticons with noses like this :-) (everybody teases him about it but they actually find it really cute) and is really bad at remembering what abbreviations mean so courf usually has to remind him. he’s always the one who uploads photo albums to facebook after parties and stuff, always with a funny thing somebody said as the album title.

cosette she has a youtube account for videos of her singing (marius shares every one she ever posts, naturally, and valjean made her teach him how to use youtube so he could watch and like them all). she’s also super into tumblr astrology - she’ll constantly text everybody to inform them what kind of pasta or whatever they are according to their sign.


Request by @chloemac86: Cas x Reader christmas cookies drabble?

Word Count: 974

A/N: Guys, I am not merely in the Christmas spirit this year, I AM the Christmas spirit this year. Last night I dragged my roommates to all over town finding ways to decorate our apartment for the holidays. Then we listened to Christmas music and made the most awesome paper-chain tree you’ve ever seen on our wall (seriously, you should see a picture of it. It’s the best thing to ever happen) and we watched a Christmas episode of New Girl. Also, I spent the last few weeks working on a group project all about Christmas cookies and I’ve made so many desserts with candy canes that I think I’m 28% peppermint at this point. I haven’t been this Christmassy in years and it feels amazing! Anyway, this was a very long-winded way to tell you all that I LOVED writing this oneshot. Christmas cookies with my favorite angel? I am 100% in!

Version en Español: Frosting

“I still don’t understand.”

You sighed at Cas’s words and set down the bag of powdered sugar in your hands. “It’s Christmas season, Cas. That means we make way too much junk food.”

“That I understand. Humans need food, they need sustenance, and for some reason you humans tend to like foods that aren’t healthy for you. But why decorate the food? You’re just going to eat it.”

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Witchsona Week is coming!

Hi there witchy pals! The week you’ve all been waiting for is just round the corner! This year, Witchsona week is from Monday 23rd until Sunday 29th of January, so you’d best get ready!

It’s a week to celebrate fun witchy things, but also remember that it’s a week to celebrate yourself too, and in that spirit of self-love the event is open to everybody and anybody willing to take part (and to answer the popular question, YES witches can be boys too! And agender/othergender of course)

If you don’t already know, to take part just draw yourself as a witch during the week, tag it as “#witchsona week 2017” or something similar, and this blog will TRY to share all of your wonderful pictures right here! You might find me crushed under the huge pile of gorgeous art by the end of the week, but that’s exactly how I like it ;)

Not confident with art? Have you thought about taking a Witchsona Selfie, or even writing a short story or piece of prose? We’d love to see all that good stuff! And if you ARE confident with art and want a bit of a challenge, this year I’ll be posting a list of art prompts for you to tackle drawing-a-day style. (My inbox is open for ideas for witchy art prompts you’d like to see, and I’ll use the best ones!)

So yeah, it’s not until 23rd - 29th January, but in the mean time please spread this message to anyone you think might wanna take part!

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: We lock our doors (a tale and a plea)

So, a few months ago, there was series of robberies at hotels all over the area where I work. Our hotel policy is to lock the front door at 9pm, but while all that was going on, I authorized my PM FDAs to lock the doors at sundown (roughly 7 or so). Two of the three hotels nearby (like, less then a block away) were hit.

Cops began to patrol the area in greater force, and my front desk prayed we wouldn’t get hit. The suspect’s picture was circulated amongst the hotels, we were all in this together. Things went quiet for a bit.

A week later, the robber hit the Denny’s up the street. There was cop in the parking lot of the Best Western next door, and was on him immediately. A chase ensued down the highway, around 10pm, and the robber took an off ramp onto the local streets. Why, we’ll never know. But he hit a car in the intersection that didn’t see him coming, and put the driver of that car in critical condition in the hospital. He, his getaway driver, and an accomplice in the car were all arrested. Turns out, they’d been hitting hotels all up and down the west coast, and our area was the most recent.

The woman they hit? The mother of one of our housekeepers. She’s ok now, though she doesn’t walk, or talk the same.

I put this tale here as a reminder that we sometimes think ‘that won’t happen to me’ or 'I’m safe here behind locked doors.’ Cleveland hoteliers, stay safe. You’re in our thoughts until the nutjob on the news is caught. Keep your doors locked, and turn away the sketchy folks.

By: jwiley84

Typical Love Story ; Part.3 - Peter Parker

Request: I got over 60 request so here it is!!

Words: 3,734

Warnings: A little sad at some parts, but mainly fluff!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Saturday evening came faster than expected. You spent most of the morning lounging around and catching up on sleep. Your whole family was extra nice to you all week long, you brother even kept out of you hair and minded his own business.

Ever since Michelle had left you utterly speechless and shattered, not many things proved to be that important, like the stupid dance. Peter’s calls stopped and his text messages no longer existed. He was going with Michelle and that was final.

Some may rank you as overdramatic, but you didn’t care. Peter Parker was going with a girl who didn’t deserve him and that destroyed you.

The best option for the night was to keep of social media. Thousands of pictures and videos were a sure factor to be posted and the last thing you wanted to see was a album full of Peter and Michelle.

Tilting the lenses of your reading glasses down, you glanced over the brim of the eyewear at the clock on the tabletop. It was already 7:30pm and the dance started at eight. Peter left around 6. you watched him skip down the apartment complex steps and return ten minutes later with a hand full of flowers then off again with his Aunt.

A chorus of knocked echoed on your front door tearing you from the river of thoughts. You swung your legs off the window sill and threw your blanket off your body.

“Just a second!” You exclaimed. The knocks ceased the moment your hand fell on the cold knob. Quirking your eyebrow you hesitantly unlocked the old door and pulled it open with a squeak.

Wrapped up in a neat golden box with a oversized white lush bow tied on top was a gift laid out on your welcome mat. Sparkles waxed the paper making it glow from the dim hall light peeking out from the wall fixture.

You examined the area outside of your home looking for any sign of life. The elderly woman who lived three home down from you was exiting her apartment. She smiled politely at you and for a brief moment you contemplated asking her about the strange present.

Shaking the thought out, you bent down and pulled the box into your grasp then entered back into your house kicking the door shut behind you. Your mom sat at the dining table consumed deep in her daily crossword puzzle with a blue coffee cup curled around her hand. You tip toed towards your bedroom hoping to avoid confrontation and rested the case on your desktop.

Your fingertips worked eagerly untangling the luxurious ribbon. Lifting the lid, you peered around the pink case. A gasp sounded from you sore throat.

Inside the container was a magnificent gift. Unintentional salty tears pinched at your eye sockets. A one of a kind blue gown was folded in a neat fashion inside the large box. Your eyebrow sky rockets as you skimmed over the front chest of the dress.

You lifted the fabric out from the parcel holding it up in the air. The skirt of the dress flowed out like the bottom half of a gown a princess might be found wearing. It was the dress… the one you had returned earlier in the week. The only thing you had ever felt truly confident in.

“Oh my god…” You said in a haze. The blue material pooled around the end of your bed. It was a flawless dress, completely gorgeous.

Displaying the long gown across your bedspread you flipped the box around in search for a name of a sender. The cost was high, something you mother secretly appreciated returning money wise.

A white tag made you heart skip a beat. Written across the paper in a messy style was a firework full of hearts. with your name in the middle. You fumbled turning the note in shock. On the back of the parchment was a time and location.

Meet me at the alley way on Greenway Street at 9pm. Wear the dress please, you look perfect in it.

Nerves pilled up. Who wrote this? What if this was all just some silly prank? Your mind bounced back and forth internally debating on the mysterious note and gift. It was obvious this mysterious admirer of yours had spent a pretty penny on you and who knows, maybe this could help you take your thoughts off of Peter and Michelle having the time of their lives at Prom.

Your heart raced a million miles in your chest. Butterflies bubbled in your stomach freely. Tucking the dress back into the case you rushed into the bathroom preparing yourself for the night ahead.

When 9:00 struck your heart leaped. Gripping the note in your hand you waverley stepped outside your apartment building. The air was tight in your chest. A weight crushed down on your lungs causing uneven breaths as you stumbled in your glittered heels towards the alleyway.

People passing by gave you strange looks. Few snickers, some smiled, and others sent you a curious view. Walking around Queens in a Prom dress was a peculiar sight.

Despite the hide away in the street being right around the corner from your place, the two minute walk felt like an eternity. You raced through the possibility of who could be behind all of this. There was always a chance that the whole thing was a setup but you had to find out.

Turning the corner and stepping into the pathway your body went numb. The scene before you was enough to cause a rush of tears to spring free.

Millions of fairy lights lit the dim space. The twinkling lights were hung in a zigzag manner connecting from your complex to the one besides yours. Grand vases overflowing with luscious red roses were planted neatly around the area. A large wooden portable floor covered the cement ground making the premises elegant and neat. in the far right of the alleyway was a white clothed table with a bottle of kids wine dug into a metal tin of ice. Two wine glasses sat opposite of each other.

Your hand clamped over your mouth to hide your gasp. A new voice broke through and you turned around to meet a pair of timid brown eyes.

“I uh- it’s not much but I wanted to make it special for you. Here, I remember you saying yellow tulips are your favorite.” Peter Parker admitted shyly. Drawing his hands out from behind his back he lunged a nosegay of sweet scented flowers in your hands. You accepted them in confusion bringing them up to your nose.

Peter shifted his weight from his back foot to his front tyring to maintain his composition. He was dressed to the nines in a sharp black tuxedo with a satin blue tie matching the fabric of your dress perfectly. His messy brown locks were combed tamely to the side with the help of a bit of gel.

“Peter what’re you doing here? You should be at Prom with Michelle-” Anger seeped in.The whole setup was forgotten and instead to push to the side with the realization of what Peter did.

Peter’s eyes darted to your frame. HIs left hand scratched the back of his neck, something he did when he grew uncomfortable.

“I called Michelle after she stopped by your place when you were sick. I heard everything… you left your window open. Besides I couldn’t go with her anyways when all I would be thinking about the entire dance would be you.” He stated. You mouth hit the floor half out of rage and the other out of a weird love feeling.

“Oh.” You nodded shortly. Tension was building by the second and you searched for a way out without creating too much drama. You could simply tell Peter you felt ill and wanted to go home, but what if he asked to come with you? Peter cut your mind race off as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and coughed.

“She had no reason to say any of the things she did. I put her in her place as best as I could without causing too many issues. She won’t be bothering you anymore.” Oh I’m sure, you thought.

Rolling your eyes you set aside the posy of tulips. Across from you Peter’s eye followed your movements strictly. You scoffed and threw a pointed glare to the observant boy.

“I don’t need you protecting me, Peter.” You spat rather harshly. In defense Peter’s rose and looked at you as if you had grown an extra eye. His feet subconsciously walked towards you.

“I’m going to even if you don’t want me. You’re the greatest thing that has ever happen to me, how could I not protect someone like you. But she was right about one thing… I do like you, Y/n. A lot actually and-” Raising your hand you waved Peter off. You were not about to let him continue down the path he was heading especially if it was one full of lies.

“Don’t. That’s not fair, Parker. You’re not allowed to drop me like trash, kick me to the side, than lure me back in only to hurt me again. I’m not gonna let you do that. You break my heart every damn time.” You felt stupid at this point. Here you were in a fabulous decorated scenery. Peter hit the hammer on the nail incredible accurately with the beauty of everything he put together. Though the flowers, dance floor, and lights hardly distracted you from the fact that Peter hurt you.

Shuffling towards you, Peter reached out and grasped your hand softly. There was a look in his eye- one that you had never seen before. A hint of sorrow and something else, something more.

He shakily let out a breath of air and spoke,

“Y/n I understand if you won’t forgive me but just hear me out.”

You folded your arms sternly across your chest. Peter’s pleading eyes weren’t helping you stay strong and stick with your pride. Sighing, you loosened your posture and shrugged.

“You’ve got five minutes.” His features lit up a whole turn at your words.

Turning to the side Peter ushered you to the small table and pulled the chair back for you to slid in. You sat down silently watching with a hidden humorous smile as Peter rushed around the other side, wiping off a bead of sweat from his hairline.

Again, his tremulous hand locked around your fragile fingers. Butterflies took flight from the sensation of his warm skin against yours. Breaking the ice, Peter’s thumb danced along your knuckles mindlessly.

“I don’t love Michelle- I hardly like her. It’s just… since the moment we met I’ve loved you. Everything about you, all the small quirks, and everything in between. God I sound so cheesy and cliche but I love you Y/n. I… I thought you only saw me as your friend so I faked a crush on Michelle so I could get over you and there for awhile I thought I was starting to like her but then… then I would think about you, my mind always finds its way back to you and I’d remember how much I love you.” The brown hair boy rambled on and the more he said, the more his palms grew clammy. His voice wavered between octaves cracking ever so slightly. Wait what? Did he just-

You were almost positive your eyes were bulging out from their sockets trying to process his words. You darted your tongue along your lips quickly avoiding Peter’s burning gaze.

“You love me?” Saying it out loud made you feel that much more pathetic. There was no way the guy of your dreams liked you back- that only happen in chessy books and over done movies. There was no Nicholas Spark around and you were not Rose and the man in front of you was not Jack.

Peter head moving up and down in a rapid fashion caught your attention and you found him grinning from ear to ear.

“How could I not. You’re the sweetest person in the world and you’ve been by my side through thick and thin, like when my Uncle passed or when I found out about my powers. You’re the only one who knows about me being Spider-Man because I trust you more than anyone else in this world.” His words could melt you heart, but sadly for him, you had a heart of steel. Yanking your hand away from Peter’s embrace you huffed.

“Well if you love me so much why did you treat me so horrible? You made me feel awful, like I’m worthless. You picked a girl who bashed on me to my face over your best friend. Do you know how much I went through? I had to cancel all of our plans, making numerous returns, and spend the entire week feeling terrible. And you dropped me days before the dance!” You shouted. Your emotions had been bottled up for far too long and you desperately seeked to let them all flow out.

His gaze fell to the floor and you could see the wet tears forming. Oh god, you thought, please don’t cry. You had only seen Peter cry twice; the first was when his Uncle Ben died and the second was when he failed his English test (only to find out the next day the teacher mixed his paper up with Peter Mcalister’s).

He sniffled quietly. His knee bounced up and down as an act of distraction trying to pry his conscience from the events of the week.

In spite of guilt you outstretched across the table and held Peter’s hand. It was a new feeling. The way he grasped your hand made you brim with excitement and new found fear, not of him… just of the idea of what it could mean.

Peter reached up and dabbed the corner of his wrist collar against his reddening eyes.

“Please believe me when I say how sorry I am. I was tyring to find a way to shut down my feelings for you because I didn’t think they would go anywhere. I’m so sorry for hurting you the way I did. You mean the world to me and I never meant to hurt you, ever. And you’re not worthless. I figured you wouldn’t want me as your date so I tried to just save you the time. If I had known how this would turn out I’d never have asked Michelle in the first place. I’m sorry for everything she put you through. You didn’t deserve to be treated the way she-” Jumping up from your spot you lifted the ends of the mouth watering dress and threw your arm around Peter practically sitting in his lap as you cuddled into his warm side. His hand shot up out of instinct to keep you from falling out. The material of the dress bunched up underneath you at the sudden movement but you couldn’t care less. Peter’s hand rested on the small of your half bare back and a tint of blood red began to coat his cheeks.

“Just kiss me already would you?” You giggled. The demand was the product of a rain of adrenaline from Peter’s confession. Typically you were not so outspoken and forward but hearing him say that he loves you to your face, well that brought out a totally different wave you had never experienced.

With a cheeky smirk, Peter leaned in closing the gap between your lips and kissed you softer than expected. His lips felt like pure bliss, you were a permanent resident on cloud nine when his lips worked against yours. Air shortage grew tight in your lungs as the kiss deepened. Boldly up placed your hands on either side of Peter’s face bringing him closer to you. He hummed in satisfaction and found his way to your hips.

Light headedness entered your system and you detached yourself from Peter with a happy sigh. His hand lifted, skimming against the skin of his tender lips.

Standing up from his lap you helped bring him to his feet. Peter’s strong arm snaked around your waist holding your frame to his side. Smiling you soaked in the liveliness of the once dull alleyway. You nudged Peter and pointed around the space.

“Did you do all this yourself?” You asked still flabbergasted. It must’ve taken Peter hours to set everything up. You were thankful you had remained sulken in your room and didn’t glance out the window at all the entire day.

A bashful grin appeared and Peter shrugged nonchalantly.  

“No, I had a little help from Mr. Stark and Aunt May. Mr.Stark said I was stupid for treating you the way I did, and he’s right, so he said he couldn’t stand by and watch me ruin something good so he insisted on helping.” He chuckled. Peter led you to the hand made dance floor and spun you into his arms slyly. Grasping his bicep to keep your balanced you winked at Peter.

“Well tell Mr. Stark I think he’s a genius.” You gushed swaying to the melodic tunes in sync with Peter.

The music echoed smoothly like a distant crashing wash lulling you to a bliss full of peace and serenity. Peter’s placement settled on your waist lifting his hand that was intertwined with yours and danced to the rhythm of the slow pace. You copied his footsteps like a mirror being extra careful to pull your foot back before his came crashing down.

From high above you two a loud cheering entered the scene. You stepped out of the gazebo and squinted up in the direction of Peter’s apartment only to find Tony Stark and Aunt May gleaming down. May had a camera glued to her face, an evident smile peeking out from behind the lense. Mr. Stark had a glass of pinot grigio raised in the air as if he were toasting you.

“Of course I am kid. Now have fun you two but not too much if you know what I mean.” So maybe he was really only toasting himself. Tony waved to you with a childlike grin.

“Tony!” Aunt May scolded sharply slapping his arm. Tony shuddered and winced as he babied his shoulder. May smirked in victory and waved at you two then shut the window of Peter’s bedroom.

You laughed hiding you face in Peter’s chest. His hand found the back of your head rubbing your freshly styled hair. You could feel his eyes scape your body, not in the gross way but more in an astonished way. Now it was your turn to blush.

“You look gorgeous in that dress by the way.” His compliment was simple yet threw your heart into overdrive. Looking down at yourself you gave Peter’s hand a light squeeze.

“Thanks, Peter. It must have cost you a fortune-” Your words were cut short by a pair of familiar lips smashing against yours. Peter’s kiss provided more passion the second time around but was still as sweet and gentle as the first. You drew back breathless and happy.

“Don’t worry about it, oh wait I got you something else.” Peter walked you over to the table you had been sitting at moments ago and dragged a bag out from under the sheet. You gave him a confused look and he held his finger up. Not long later he pulled out a baby blue corsage, twins to the one already pinned on his tux. Unsure, Peter tried tying the ribbon around your wrist multiple times. The heavy flower slid off and Peter fell to his knees preventing it from hitting the ground. Bursting out in a fit of giggles you watched as Peter managed to finally tighten the corsage the right way. “I-I… I think this is how you do it, uh, there we go.”

Lifting up to your tippy toes you planted a warm kiss on Peter’s burning cheek. He was too perfect to resist.

“You’re the best, Peter.” You stated leaning your head against his shoulder.

After a few hours of dancing, joking around, excited kisses, and laughs Peter walked over to his speaker and unplugged his phone. You tilted your head and walked to his side yawning as you did so. The sun was asleep and the moon was floating high in the crisp dark sky.

Turning on his back heel Peter slide his arm around your shoulder.

“Say… you maybe wanna head up to my room and order a pizza and watch a few movies? I’ll even let you pick which ones.” Peter suggested. He wiggled his eyebrows funnily and smirked. You nodded your head and reached down unstrapping the buckle of your heels.

“Sure but I can not take another second in these death traps so I’m going to walk barefoot and if-” You screamed in shock as your feet left the ground without warning. Peter had swept you off your feet, literally, and held you close. Lost for words you slapped his side briefly masking your smile.

“Ow, what was that for?” He questioned looking down at you.

“You scared the life out of me.” You said loudly. By the hint of mischievous in his sparkling eyes, you knew Peter already was aware why you screamed but it humored him to tease you.

“What did you really think I was about to let you walk barefoot all the way up to my apartment? No way. Besides haven’t you ever seen a Disney movie before? The princess always gets carried away by the Prince, I thought you knew that.”

A smile found it’s way to your face. You took in every little thing about Peter on the ride up to his room. When his kicked open his bedroom door and laid you down softly on your head you realized that you had been wrong all along, maybe this was a typical love story, but the cliche stories weren’t always awful. And maybe you were the Julia Roberts of the film, but you weren’t complaining, because in those films she always ends up with the guy of her dreams and that was exactly what was happening right now.

-Daizy xx

The Signs After a Few Weeks Of Breaking Up (requested)
  • Check Venus and Moon signs too (I'm sorry this is such a long post)
  • Aries: is still insisting, they don't miss the person, but they know they have to face reality and cope with their pain. Their house is a disaster at this moment. They feel completely chaotic and out of control. They try to forget their partner with meaningless casual sex. They hide their pain, but they probably broke a lot of glasses throwing them at the wall. They'll engage in radical activities to feel alive again.
  • Taurus: After spending weeks and weeks eating ice cream at every meal and binge watching their favourite romantic films, they face their pain and spend a lot of time crying and looking at pictures and gifts their lover got for them. They still sleep with their lover's shirt / favourite stuffed animal. They really want to throw those items out the window but they can't bring themselves to do it. They remember all those romantic things their partner said.
  • Gemini: They're at their best externally, they seem the happiest they've ever been, they seem glad they're single again, they complain about couples, they say love is lame, they go to a lot of parties and probably had sex with a lot of people in the mean time. They're having a blast, right? Wrong. They feel very broken inside and incomplete. They miss the conversations they had with their lover and the inside jokes still make them smile sometimes. Every single thing that reminds them of their partner will be very painful. It's hard for a Gemini to open up about a break up.
  • Cancer: They feel like they lost a limb. They spend all day crying and remembering every single word that was said when the break up happened. They're deeply hurt and they feel helpless. They can't seem to think of anything else. They're still talking nonstop with their best friend about their relationship. They think they'll never love someone so deeply or that anyone will be as special as their lover was. They feel the urge to look at pictures and old texts but they feel awful for doing it. They need a shoulder to cry on.
  • Leo: their pride is truly hurt, if they accidentally cross paths with their partner at this stage and they happen to be with someone, Leos will turn into the most possessive people, they'll feel terrible because they'll compare themselves to that other person. They will complain about the relationship and harshly criticise their lover. They will say they're better off without them. They'll take care of themselves, they'll look better than ever so they can feel confident again and make their lover jealous by flirting with other people. They need a close friend to open up with and vent to. Their deepest desire is to get back on their feet again. They'll try to appear strong and they'll try want to "win the break up ".
  • Virgo: they analyze everything their partner said during the relationship, they tried to be rational but now they're dealing with their pain. They don’t want to open up about it but they'll come to the conclusion that it's the healthiest way. They're trying to keep their life as normal as possible but deep down they feel lost and they feel like they were never good enough for their partner and that their partner never loved them. They think it's unlikely to have a future relationship and they feel deeply insecure.
  • Libra: After weeks of hurting and crying, they're begging their lover to come back. They'll figure out this is wrong and they'll try to accept that they're better off this way, for their own emotional sake. Engages in flirting with every single person they find to make sure they're still attractive and to feel validated. They also want to seduce other people so their partner feels jealous and comes back to them. They won't like to show weakness but they'll open up eventually with the old lady on the train and won't stop talking til they see she's not there anymore.
  • Scorpio: they're still hardcore stalking their lover and their biggest fear is them finding a new person. They'll feel very hurt and often display self destructive behaviour. They'll shut down everyone and everything. They'll think about the relationship a lot and be reflective about it. They feel the urge to throw all their partner's mistakes and flaws at their face. They'll have a great self control to not miss their partner but they'll probably drunk dial someday... They'll put all their feelings down on paper to not keep everything inside. They believe they'll never feel the same about anyone in the future. They're very resentful.
  • Sagittarius: they try to keep optimistic about it, they started dating again, although they're not completely recovered. They tried to deny their pain at first but allowed themselves to suffer. They make a huge effort to get over the person. They want to have fun and spend quality time with their friends. They do all the things they couldn't do while in a relationship. They won't consider getting back together.
  • Capricorn: they don't leave work, they try to overcompensate the emotional void with something they're sure they'll recieve positive income from. They'll want to transmit they're more successful now that there's no "obstacles" to stop them. They feel lonely and distant from everyone, they try to keep reason close to them but they feel like crying 24/7. They'll try to keep a positive attitude but they'll end up being super pessimistic. They're very mature about it.
  • Aquarius: they're very casual about it, runs into their lover in the supermarket and it's like they found an old friend, everything's cool, no hard feelings, moving on... Yeah, right. They're completely vulnerable and emotional, they're hoping they can get together again but they'll hide this and all their feelings too. They'll shut down for a time but then come back all happy and justfying the break up to their friends and saying they're alright. They'll become quieter than usual. They spend their days overthinking about the relationship or shutting down the thought of the other person, alternatevely. They'll find logical reasons to why they broke up and try to accept those. Don’t expect them to open up.
  • Pisces: they're totally broken and feel hopeless, they feel unnappreaciated and sad all the time, they try to think about what they did wrong, they don't want to accept reality and come back running and apologizing (even if it's not their fault, they'll feel guilty anyway) and saying they still lover their partner. They daydream about them still being together. A break up is a very painful event for Pisces and they take their time to take their life into place. It's better if they take out their feelings artistically. They spend their days listening to break up or romantic songs and they'll talk with friends about how they feel.

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