this picture is taking me forever to finish

I realized it’s going to take me ages to finish a more refined piece/ref of this, so I may as well go ahead and post it!

This is the concept sketch for Volya’s Oberon, Anaed. He’s so in-tune with nature that he literally changes with the seasons~ But as I still wanna do a proper profile picture/post for him, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Agonized over his design for weeks but needed a finished version for a few other things I wanna do so had to bear with it. ;~; But I’m pretty happy with it!

Kakagai Fics I Love

 Silly, Light-Hearted Fics

  • Boyfriend by Surreptitious Chi X- Gai doesn’t like Kakashi’s girlfriend…and offers to be Kakashi’s new girlfriend, er, boyfriend instead. Is inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song, and it’s really funny!
  • Bathwater by forgetme- hilarious fic where TenTen, Sakura, Ino, and Anko go investigate the love life of Kakashi and Gai. It got me grinning from ear to ear! Seriously, read it!! The omakes at the end are the cherry on top to this fun fic!
  • Never Underestimate Matchmaking Kunoichi - Cha! by tineyninja- Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and TenTen try to matchmake Gai and Kakashi together after finding out that Gai has it bad for Kakashi! Very fun read!! It’s super cute & amusing to see how Gai tries to woo Kakashi. Plus, I love TenTen and Gai’s student-mentor relationship, as well as all the interactions.
  • Difference of Opinion by Randomlydrabbling- it’s really hilarious reading the civilian gossip of Gai and Kakashi. XD 
  • Good Lives by jibrailis- Gai inadvertently becomes first lady to Kakashi, lol. mucho funny.
  • Faking It by Anonymous- A short, funny Kakagai fic. Wish it was longer and continued, but I love the idea.
  • Monster by chibi_zoe- Lol, this is funny. As the summary says: “Trust Gai to have an over the top name for a certain common morning problem.” teehee ;p
  • Tomorrow And Forever More kazumi123- Lol, I just find Gai’s antics hilarious and it’s super nice and sweet that Kakashi indulges Gai. 

Lovely Fluff

Just a tad of sexy ;3   

  • Rice by torch- I forgot to include this one…haha. I usually don’t read fics with sex, but this one I tried recently and enjoyed. It’s not graphic at all, so it’s a perfect start! Not to mention the characterizations are on point. Summary: “Kakashi and Guy are on a mission. The mission isn’t quite what they think it is.” Actually tbh, it feels more like comedy so may belong more in the first category, but oh well. 
  • Technological Progress by forgetme- it’s sexy fluff if you’re in that mood. awkward phone sex. super cute. ^^

Angst/Hurt/Comfort/ Sad-with-a-sweet-aftertaste

  • Don’t Cry Where I Can’t Touch You by robolife- A sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where a drunk Gai visits Kakashi and later sees one of the moments where Kakashi cries. The feels!!! You can really tell how much Kakashi means to Gai.
  • One Night by RockingTheGraveyard- Another sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where Gai takes care of Kakashi who one night pays him a visit. It’s super heartwarming to see Gai trying to connect with Kakashi. He just cares about him so much! And Kakashi, in his own way, does too!
  • Shiver by forgetme- Even when I read this, I felt a bit cold, and indeed it’s got a bit of the dark/ angsty mood…but we get to see Gai warm Kakashi up and there’s a lot of sexual tension. just read it, ok? 

Alright so I never got around to telling this story. I was working on this picture for a contest. I was going to finish it over the weekend (this was a few weeks ago) but I had forgotten to bring it home, and it had only been a little bit done compared to how it is now. As you can tell, the dots and lines take forever to draw nicely, so forgetting it on the weekend when the art contest was on Tuesday or Wednesday was a bad idea.

I spent hours upon hours drawing dots, dots, dots and more dots. It was the day before the art contest and I hadn’t finished. So, the stress gave me a panic attack and I nearly hurt myself over it. I eventually calmed down, and worked on it all day at school to make sure it got done, and I finished it during the beginning of the second-to-last class of the day, and then turned it in. 

I named the piece Panic Attack, an ironic title since its intent is to look calming, but that’s what I experienced during the making of the piece, so I gave it that name.

I won the Ink Drawing Category and got 98 out of 100 on the drawing.

That was perseverance. I did it.

I’m surprised I never shared the whole story or the picture yet, but I hope you like it a lot!! :D

{{ PSA! Emergency Art Commissions from Ace }}

So I’m almost out of money again. My current move has really put a dent in my budget. So I’m opening up my Art Commissions again. 

I can take Three Projects at a time.  And then they’ll reopen once I finish those three!

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

Here’s how it goes.


I can make a character sheet of facial expressions. These take some time so I’ll charge a dollar per face. Tell me how many faces you want! Flexible, right? But I won’t go over fifteen. Just for time reasons.



I can do single more detailed icons/avatars that take longer. I paint these. I’ll charge 20 for a bust and 30 for a full character. For a picture with a background it’ll be 50. 

Example of an Icon.

Full Paintings of Your OC/Charatcer

These will be 50 because they take forever. For anything special added we’ll discuss price.


Icon Editing for RP

I can make Icons too from shows/games/movies. We can discuss the price of these. Mine tend to be 100 x 150 and I use editing software and make my own..

Writing Help/ Paper Editing

Need help with school/writing? Well, I can’t proofread your whole book but if you have a paper you want me to look over I can assist. I’ll have my Master’s in English in the Spring so I know what I’m doing. It’ll be 5 dollars per paper, 1 dollar added if the paper exceeds 5 pages because time is of the essence. I’ll look for grammatical errors and help with what I was trained to as a tutor. I can also help with rp/character creation/etc. 

Please PM me on Mylittlecuriosityrp

Or on Luluacelot

I’ll probably give you my personal discord. I’m currently in the midst of getting internet at my new place so be patient with my replying to requests and setting up paypal and such. But I will get to these as speedily as I can.

If you are interested. And we can discuss the prices and the projects. Nsfw material is negotiable depending on subject. I’ll take payment via paypal. And thanks for spreading the word. 

Name: Heather

Age: 15

Location: Texas

Occupation: Student

Choosing only a few of my most prized possessions was very difficult, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to not only items that hold special memories, but also items that can represent my hobbies and myself.

The first item is one of my beloved Beatles records. It used to be my mom’s, but now it plays on repeat in my room. The Beatles hold such a special place in my heart and being able to hear their music through a record like my mom did when she was my age makes me so so happy.

The next item is a bottle of sand and water (it was once snow…I promise!!) that I got on a trip I took with my friends. It was also the first time I saw snow!! Woo!!

This notebook is definitely my most prized possession <3 It’s the first art journal that I’ve ever finished!! It took me about a year, but this journal opened me up to sharing and creating art everyday :)

I also have this stack of photos that holds many childhood memories and tons of pictures of my parents and grandparents. I’ll forever cherish these <3

And lastly, I have my incredibly used deck of cards. This deck has traveled with me for almost 4 years now and has not only resulted in my AWESOME magic trick skills, but has also been a helpful icebreaker for meeting new friends!

Thank you so much for reading and taking a look into my hobbies and memories <33 Hope you enjoyed!

ninetailedssj  asked:

How long exactly do it take to make a comic like the "Passionate Kiss"? I wanna know for future references for my own work

It depends on how long it takes for you to plan your comic and how long it takes for you to finish one drawing.  If you’ve planned a comic that has 10 pictures and it takes you two hours to finish one image, then it will take you 20 hours.  If it takes you three hours to finish each picture, then it’ll take you thirty.  Everyone works at different speeds.  I’m more on the slow side, so it takes me forever to do a comic.  ^^;

anonymous asked:

omg fuck i know when salim started asking sweeney and laura if they knew a jinn i cheered and then he was like 'i pray I find the jinn, he is my afterlife' and i remembered like THAT IS THE ENTIRE PLOT of your old fic and fLIPPED TF OUT

The ache in my chest when I finished reading American Gods for the first time back in 2005 was that Salim and the Ifrit both just…fell out of the pages, like…we didn’t even get to find out what happened to them.  That’s exactly why I wrote The City of Towers that same year; it was one of those fix-it cases I’m forever taking on because I can’t stand the pain of not knowing, or dealing with an ending gone wrong, or…you get the picture (with me, there are a lot of incredibly specific circumstances in which fix-its become a thing).

It’s just, I can hardly breathe for the implications of this adaptation’s team coming to the same conclusion (namely, that Salim needed to stay part of the narrative, needed to find his beloved again come hell or high water).  They recognized a point of pain and addressed it.  For once, I feel like there’s outside confirmation that I did something very right.

anonymous asked:

on average, how long would you say it takes you to finish one of your pieces? They always turn out fantastic, but I feel like it would take me ages to come out with something this calibre.

Thank you! <3 The artworks take different time to make depending on complexity/inspiration - an evening if I’m very lucky, a day to a couple of days for more complex pieces and FOREVER if I’m struggling with the picture (which sometimes includes redoing parts of it, or a complete overhaul).

Lights (Part 1)

Summary:  You just got your first lead actress role, opposite the famous actor, Bucky Barnes, and when the script is released it features a very lifelike sex scene. To prepare, Bucky offers to take you out on the town for drinks. He drunkenly admits that he and his girlfriend had just broken up and kisses you. (Idea by my best friend, @marvel-ash)

Word Count: 3,155

Warnings: Drinking. Drunk-kissing.

A/N: Lol sorry for another series, guys. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Sorry, tags are CLOSED.

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Opening the door revealed a UPS worker, holding a manila folder and a tablet. He smiled and greeted you, offering you the electronic device. You promptly signed, taking the packet from him and wishing him a good day.

“Wanda!” you screeched. “Guess what came in the mail!”

“The full script?” she yelled from the other room. You could hear her shuffling about before she emerged, tying the string of her bathrobe around her waist. She looked just as excited as you felt.

“Yeah!” you exclaimed, holding up the thick stack of papers. “It’s here!”

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Creature of the Night

Title: Creature of the Night 

Prompt: Based off Rocky Horror Picture Show’s ‘Touch a Touch a Touch Me’ in addition, inspired by @lucifer-in-leather.   

Summary:  Lucifer pops in to see his favorite human when he finds her singing and dancing to a very interesting tune.  After listing to the lyrics, he decides to take matters into his own hands.  After all, you were the one begging someone to “Touch a Touch a Touch You” and you needed a “Creature of the Night”.  

 Warnings: Adult themes. Sexual content.  Language.

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather

Let me know if you want to be a part of the forever tag list!


You stood in your kitchen, finishing up your dishes as your music played through your phone. It had been a long day, dishes, being the highlight of it, sadly.  You were a researcher for hunters, a common asset to them.  You were kinda like Bobby, but you didn’t hunt, not anymore. After Garth went through his…change…you had taken over the reins.  

Your day started out with helping the Winchesters with some research.  You would think that with that big bunker and all those books they wouldn’t need you anymore, but they still called at least once a month. It was actually thanks to them that you met so many others, like Castiel, and Gabriel, and Benny…and Lucifer.

Oh…Lucifer. The boys didn’t know it yet, but you were actually in a…relationship…with Lucifer.  Oh, yea, no one would guess, but that devil was actually a sweetheart.  You met him when he was still looking for Sam, and he stayed for you.  Sure, he was the devil, father of demons, but you eventually saw past that and saw the true angel beneath.  It amazed you how he could be so alpha, yet so gentle at the same time.  He was one of those men who could romance you all day, and then fuck you senseless all night.

You were finished washing your dishes now, onto drying.  It was then that you took note of the next song, from one of your favorite shows, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  You loved this movie, you knew the words to all the songs, including this one, so it was no surprise that you found yourself singing along.  

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It’s taking me forever to finish this, so here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. This is my Elena of Avalor OC, Trinidad, or Trini for short. She’s 16 years old, a Carizan immigrant and Mateo’s apprentice (not the one we’re about to meet in canon).

Taking pictures of traditional drawings ruins the quality, but I can’t draw digitally, so that’s the way it goes.

“My mom died” - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request: Can you do a Stiles imagine where you and stiles are dating and you are acting really distant and sad and your bestfriend Lydia notices and her and the pack go to your house to find you you crying and you tell them it’s because your mom died and they all comfort you and stay with you all day and when they all leave Stiles stays with you cause he knows the pain and you guys just cuddle and kiss and it’s really fluffy ☺️💞 THANK YOU

A/N: Hope you liked that! :)

MASTERLIST (updated)


“ Hey, are you okay?” Scott asks me while we walk through the hallways to our class, I don’t want Scott be worried about me since there are some dread doctors, beasts, and more going on so, I lied “ nothing, I’m fine” i say with a -not lying- tone “ sure about that? You know that I can know when you’re lying right?” He stops and looks at me. I stop too and take deep breaths “ no, it’s nithing Scott. It’s just I think Y/N wants to break up with me, and I don’t know what to do, I am so scared and I just… I don’t know!” I relax myself and look to Scott who is looking me with a worried tone. “ okay okay. First of all, she is not going to break up with you, Stiles, you are so sweet to her, I- I don’t think that that could happen, but maybe she has a problem with something or someone, you should ask her and be by her side. But why do you say that?” Oh, yeah, I didn’t explained why. Should I lie? No, he is my best friend. “ I think she wants to break up with me because these days, she is so distant and she looks kind of sad with everyone…” Scott puts a thinking look on its face and says “ Yeah, that’s right. I also smelled sadness in her. But where is she now by the way.” I look around to search her locker until I find it. At this hour she should be there taking her books and going to chemistry class with me. “I-I don’t know… We should ask Lydia since, you know, she is her best friend.” “ Yeah that’s right.” We both go towards Lydia’s locker and Lydia wasn’t there.


Tears were falling from my eyes while I was sitting in the wall browsing some photos of me and my mom. I opened a picture album and start looking at the pictures. I have one with Isaac, me, Chris and my mom at Paris when we went to visit Isaac. My mom holding a scarf that Isaac gave to her as present.
Another one, with me, mom and Tracey, playing at the park…
And more. I decided to close the book and go to school, I have 10 minutes to get there before the class starts. My dad opens the door of my room and looks at me. He says with a soft tone “Hey there Y/N, I called at the school and I said that today you are not going because of family problems, if you need something, tell me” ‘family problems’? What is he talking about? My mom, her wife just died, it’s not like he hit me or something! Anyways I nodded my head and he closed the door. Before closing it he opens again and says “Lydia will be here in 5’ ” “ cool. Thanks” he closes the door.
After 5 exacts minutes, Lydia opens the door and stares at you with a sad and worried expression.

 "Hey what’s wrong?“ She asks me with a weak tone without moving a step from the door of my room. I try to take a deep breath and wipe my face, witch from now is full of tears. "My-M- my m-mom d-d-died.” I finish the sentence and start again crying. 

She don’t think twice and comes to hug me and she starts to cry too. Since we were friends, like forever, Lydia’s mom and my mom were friends. This is how Lydia and I met. And now, we are both crying, sitting at the white carpet full of my mom pictures, hugging each other. After some minutes we stop crying and she asks me “Did you tell that to someone?” I clean my nose, and say “I was thinking to saying that to Stiles. I mean, he’s my boyfriend and her mom died too.” “Yeah, you’re right. I will go to the school and tell the teachers what happened okay?” “Yeah. Thanks Lydia” i say. “Everything for my bestie” she leaves. You decide put all the pictures and put them in a box, then, choose the dress that I will be wearing tomorrow for the funeral. I call Stiles, since i think he needs to know.


My phone rings. I look at the screen and see that is Y/N who is calling. I don’t think twice and take the call. “Hey y/n, are you okay? Where are you? Is everything right?” I couldn’t controll my mouth… The words were just going and going. she said “Come to my house when you can please, my mom- died.” The last word made me stop in the middle of the hallway. 

I start to run in the oposite direction and go inside my jeep. In two minutes I arrive to y/n’s house, and, well, of course i passed the sped limits. I take the key she gave for our one year aniversary and go upstairs. I open the door and i found her sitting in her bed crying. Some tears fall from my eyes and i go towards her.

 We are lying in her bed, she on top of mine, i was hugging her. We didn’t talk until i decide to break the silence. “I know what this is all about beliee me, in the funeral, everyone is going to ask you stuff or explain you stuff about her, and you will need to stay strong.” “I-I don’t think I can do this Stiles,” “Oh, yes you will Y/N, I will be there with you and nothing wrong is oing to happen okay?” She don’t say anything, she just kiss me. I return the kiss, really sweet tho, and we cuddle during all day, talking about funny memories “Do you remember when we were six years old? We tried to make cookies and when mom arrived from work, she saw the hole kitchen like, burned? Oh my god, i will always remeber the face she made when she saw us coocking” she says wyping a tear from her face. We laugh and we stay all night together.

U P D A T E S  (⁎˃ᆺ˂)  | (fandom related tho)


So I finally watched Star vs. The Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni

I stopped watching svtfoe because I have to take care of my other fandoms and of course procrastination gets in the way. But I never left the fandom, it’s just that I didn’t really focused on it and now I’m trying my best to wait and finish the 3rd season. I’m so excited for the next episodes and finally Toffee’s out of the picture now. I hope there are more facts about Eclipsa, she interesting for sure.

*starco forever* - I’ve always been a starco fan right from the start

here’s a pic that made me scream my head off 

there are some things that are worth smiling for. it’s okay to experience happiness and acceptance every once in a while in our lives

that was awkward so here’s a shitty thought: I love coffee but I f-u-c-k-i-n-g hate Toffee // it rhymes that’s why I put that here sorry for that


a n o t h e r  [small]  u p d a t e

(I never went back to SU.Things are just so complicated and the plot’s way too deep for me to catch up but I still like the show (no hate so chill) // meh I’m just really lazy ha ha ha)

Monsta X Guerrilla Concert in Myeongdong

Hello Monbebes!

I was successful in making it to the surprise concert! It was outside, and very hot, but the boys had a good crowd.

They were a little bit late, and when they started the sound just died, so they finished performing Shine Forever, and then when the sound was fixed, performed it again as well as Need U, which is my favorite song from the album :3.

I was able to take a ton of pictures, which I will share now. Some of them aren’t great. Unfortunately many fans brought stools and step ladders to take pictures from, and instead of standing in the back they were in the front and middle. Ah. Anyway, here are the good ones, or ones I enjoyed.

Further apologies because most are Shownu, but he was in front of me, so … he’s gorgeous anyway, so just, yes.

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Champion Baby *Neymar imagine*


“Miya are you ready to go see Pai” I said

She just smiled, moving around and clapping her hands. I chuckled, fixing her jersey and picking her up kissing her cheeks. Settling her on my hip, I walked around grabbing her stuff and putting them in the car. Locking the house, I buckled her in her car seat and got in the drivers seat.

This would be our last day here in Berlin, Neymar, Miya and I were staying in my sisters house. She went on vacation to the States with her boyfriend. As we reached the Stadium, I picked up Miya and her bag grabbing the passes and heading into the stadium.

When we got to our seats, the game was just getting ready to start. I sat next to Melissa, Shakira, Antonella, Ana, Sofia and Raquel. We all had the kids, and were ready for the game that our husbands/boyfriends had worked so hard to win.

The game started and Miya had her finger in her mouth her head moved as the ball did and literally 4′ into the game Ivan scored the crowd went wild. Scaring Miya in the process, she looked up at me about to cry. I showed her a smile and her lip stopped quivering.

“It’s okay baby” I said kissing her forehead

They restarted again, and as I looked on the field Neymar was standing close to us he smiled. “Look Mama wave to Pai” I said as I pointed to him

She immediately got excited she started squirming and talking in her baby language. I chuckled, the game went on no one scoring. I mean they came close to it but missed the goal or the keeper got to the ball.

When it came to half-time the only goal was from Ivan, the girls and I talked the kids playing with their toys. I looked inside of Miya’s bag looking for something to give her.

And by the time half-time was over she was tired. However knowing her she won’t fall asleep until Pai has at least picked her up, I have no idea why she just waits for him it’s cute. The game continued and everybody was at the edge of their seats, Juventus fans because of the on goal they wanted and Barcelona fans because they wanted that extra goal.

And in the 55′ it came to Juventus the goal they’d been waiting for. Alvaro had managed to score sending the Juventus fans joy. This time Miya didn’t get scared she just jumped but didn’t do anything else.

“We have to get another goal” Shakira said

We all nodded, and focused back on the game. The time went by and when it came to the 68′ the goal came Luis Suarez had managed to send the ball into the back of the net. Sofia went crazy she was cheering, and all we could do was smile and cheer him on as well.

We all laughed when she sat down, “Now it’s your turn” She said turning to me

I chuckled, “My turn?”

“Yes Y/N we all know Neymar’s gonna get the goal” Antonella said

I chuckled, “We’ll see”

As the game went on there were a few injuries nothing serious, substitutes for Juventus came in the 79′,85′, and 89′. They had added 5′ of stoppage time, which meant anyone can score.

We were all hoping that it would be us to score, or they would end the game with two to one. Our last two subs came on Jeremy for Ivan in the 90+1′ minute and then Pedro in for Luis in the 90+5′.

It was the 90+7′ when something happened again. And just like the girls had said it was Neymar to get the goal. He ran around crazy sticking his thumb in his mouth and pointing to Miya. Who’s eyes were trained on him.

“Yay!Miya Pai scored” I said showing her

Miya clapped her hands together, and I smiled. And a few seconds later the game ended, Barcelona had just won and it was the best feeling in the world. All the Barcelona fans cheered, on the field the guys said good game to the Juventus players.

Neymar ran over to the stands, telling the guard that was there something and I was let down holding Miya and her stuff. Giving him a kiss I smiled, “Congratulations” I said

He smiled, looking down to Miya who was excited to see her Pai. He took her giving her a kiss, “Look Miya” He said as he grabbed the confetti that was falling

He handed her one, and she looked at it. “Ney they’re going to do the stuff go” I said

He smiled giving me one last kiss, and running over. I went over to the girls waiting with them, and when they finished the guys brought the trophy onto the field giving it to Xavi he raised it the Barcelona fans in the stadium cheering.

Miya looked for Neymar and when he was spotted she wouldn’t stop moving, he smiled kissing her forehead. Taking my hand, and handing Rafinha his phone he set the trophy on the ground both of us steadying Miya as he took the picture.

“Now we’ll remember this moment forever”


Taizo Shiina’s Blog Post

First Picture (12/1/2015):

Photo with Hiroki today!

We’ve been through many ups and downs together, he is a truly irreplaceable friend.*

If I could say one thing to him, it would just be an endless stream of “Thank you”.

From here on, and forever**, please take care of me.


Second Picture(13/1/2015):

We managed to safely finish our last performance in Tokyo! 

I won’t be able to meet the rest of the cast for a while, so I’m kind of sad.

But for now, I look forward to being with Sanzo during the Amesta!***

This picture was taken after the final performance in Tokyo! 

Ahh, I’m sad (laughs)

I really want to see everyone soon.

I’ll work hard in Osaka too!

See you(^^)/~~~

* - He said “nakama” instead of “tomodachi” which means they’re closer than friends, there’s no proper english word for it but they’re just really close ; u ;

** - “zutto” means always/forever, but he extended it to be: “zuuuuuto" 

*** - Amesta is the livestream that a lot of actors/celebrities hold for promotional purposes  

My Love For Him

Originally posted by tabwi

REQUESTED BY ANON; hey☺️, can you write a jimin scenario about him dating you and while he’s home alone in your shared apartment, he finds your secret book where you wrote the progression of your feelings for him and he find it really cute and so he writes something sweet inside the last page. thanks love💖

Jimin x You

GENRE: Fluff

i screeched after re-reading this. omfg. it’s so cuteeeeeeee. >3< i hope you’ll like it anon!! enjoy!! :D btw, didn’t really know what to title it so yeah. :)

Jimin stomped into the bedroom with heavy steps. You had won a game of rock paper scissors against him, and now it was his time to clean your room you two shared. He entered in, seeing what felt like a junkyard to him. Clothes were scattered everywhere, plastic wraps of junk food on the floor that were never picked up and thrown away, papers that were crumbled up into a ball - a mess that Jimin didn’t want to clean up. Especially since you had left the house to go do a little grocery shopping to cook dinner for the night.

He let out a long groan before starting. He eyed around the room, picking the messiest spot - which he guessed had to be under the bed. He kneeled down, his eyes dropping into disappointment at the mess that laid in front of him. There was junk everywhere. He sighed, thinking to blame all this junk on you, but he knew better not to or else he would be sleeping outside on the couch for the rest of his life with you.

He began picking and throwing out a few things. The little things first which was wrappers of all sorts; junk food mostly from all those late nights cravings you two had when you were bored. A smile creeped onto his face thinking back to those fun times. He moved on throwing out old unimportant sheets of paper that had your name on them during your high school years. He felt like puking thinking to himself why you kept them when you both already graduated high school.

After throwing them into the big trash bag by his side, his eyebrows scrunched together when he picked up which seemed to be an old-dusty-cute-little purple notebook in his hands. He blew away the dust, blinking a few times to get the dust off his eyes. Taking a deeper look into the notebook, he opened it realizing your handwriting all over the pages.

“Is this your diary?” He said to himself, creating a small smile onto his face.

He skimmed through the pages until he came upon one with the corner of the page folded. He noticed a small little red heart on the folded corner and his smile widen, becoming more curious at what this page could be about. When he read his name as the first sentence, his eyes grew realizing you were writing about him. But why?

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