this picture is really cute lol

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Cloud is 1000% the life drawing model that fell asleep while modeling. Also, he totally ended up snuggling with someone's backpack/a bowl of fruit/a taxidermied owl that was left too close to him because no one had the heart to wake him up and really, that was way more fun to draw. Zack keeps a picture of this as his phone's lock screen and Aerith thinks it's a riot.

Omgggg, this is just too cute to picture. xD Everyone in the class just looking at each other kind of bewildered like, do we wake him up??? How do we continue the class??? Just keep drawing him like this??? Cloud’s just too adorable to disturb. And of course Zack would have a field day with it, lol.

*drumroll* and now it’s time for me to introduce my @voltron-ss gift for @aqrilene !! You mentioned liking Surfer Lance and Klance so I hope you don’t mind this summery looking picture as a christmas present lol (also my main is @forsaken-spirits i’m posting from my art blog!)

I really hope you like it and you have happy holidays, as well as an excellent 2017! 💙❤️

okay fuck off disney channel


So…um…merry chirstmas? lol

I’m so late omg…

But I really hope all of you had very nice and happy holidays. ♥

The son family sure had! Enjoying the christmas market and it’s delicious treats. I made all their scarfs red because I like the idea that Chichi made them all matching ones from the same wool. x3

I love how Chichi is looking at Goku (she is so cute ♥) so I put a close up in for more details.

Oh btw I looked at the image from my phone and it looked overly saturated but it looks fine on my PC. So if the saturation seems off to you could you tell me? Then it might be some wrong settings on my PC screen. Ty ♥


TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.

Today I fucked trusting a “hot local single in my area” on a dating app

Greatest/worst thing ever just happened to me, so buckle up’s story time:

Girl on a dating app tells me in the first few messages that I’m really cute (true) and interesting (also true) and asks me to meet her at 1140am for coffee at a random McDonald’s. When I ask if she’s a 45 year old man trying to harvest my organs, she proceeds to send me 15 pictures in a row that look like they’re straight from Facebook. Because that’s how you convince somebody you’re real (not true).

Now normally I don’t accept propositions like this because I’m thinking “what’s the catch?” Well, I decide to live a little on the YOLO side…and since it’s right next to a Subway Sandwich shop I think that the worst that could happen is it’s a 45 year old lonely man, I give him a big hug because I know the feeling as a 25 year old lonely man, get a tasty sandwich, then go home. Apparently that was NOT the worst thing that could happen.

I show up. She shows up. She’s real. I’m surprised. I buy her coffee because I subscribe to traditional gender roles unless requested otherwise. She uses her McCafe frequent buyers card so she gets stamps. Its cute. While the guy is making her drink, she tells me to go find a table outside in the sun. I go outside and find the perfect goddamn table because I’m a romantic at heart. 5 minutes later. 10 minutes later. 15 minutes later. No girl. I text her the typical guy message “lol u get lost???”. No response. Turns out she took the coffee and left.

So I’m not saying it’s bad to leave a date if you feel uncomfortable or aren’t attracted to them. It’s totally your decision. But I don’t think that’s the case…I think this girl is a serial McCafe dater. And I don’t think this was her first time. It was too professional. Too clean. It was the perfect McHeist. And I’m starting to think I’m not even mad…she didn’t steal my credit card, or my organs. Just a few euros.

And my heart.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

RFA with MC who is surprisingly tiny~


•So just keep in mind
•Yoosung is 5'7" and called short
•This is being written by someone who’s 4'9"
•So if we put MC at that height for this imagine,
•The top of your head is around his shoulder height.
•Yoosung loves this bc sometimes he thinks he’s too short to get a date
•But look at his lil’ date friend
•Together in pictures you look like a normal sized couple lol
•When you cuddle you fit together perfectly
•It’s like your bodies were made like puzzle pieces, going hand in hand.
•He gets so happy when he has to reach for things on shelves for you
•Sometimes you ask him to grab you something just because it fills him with pride and it’s cute
•But when neither of you can reach something
•It turns into you doing parkour with him spotting you
•Or you get on his shoulders
•It’s a talent, really.


•So our girl Jaehee is at 5'5"
•We’re gonna keep using my height as a reference for ‘really small’
So the top of MC’s head is a little under Jaehee’s chin
* so smol
•Kay so y'all are really gonna be confused for siblings
•And Jaehee may sometimes be in mom mode with you without realizing it
•Stuff like walking through crowds and her holding your hand really tight so you don’t get lost
•Those kinds of mom things
•When you hug sometimes she’ll put her chin on your head
•You have a hard time initiating kisses on the lips bc on your tip toes you can’t quite reach the right place
•so it’s more of a lower cheek kiss
•but she gets the idea and will help you out


•He’s like 5'11"?
•So, using Admin’s height,
* I’m so short oml
•The top of MC’s head reaches around his lower chest
•So smol
•You can climb that boy like a tree
•He thinks you’re so precious and wants to protect you always
•He loves holding you and lifting you up
•He picks you up bridal style and just carries you around the house
•(he makes sure you’re okay with it tho)
•But like
•The hugs
•He has to bend over quite a bit to wrap his hands around you
•Then he just stands up straight
•Then you wrap your legs around him. Like a backpack. But in the front.
•Forehead kisses
* actually I imagine everyone giving forehead kisses
•It’s hard for you to initiate kisses
•You stand on furniture.
•You probably tug on his ponytail to get his attention


•If I’m not mistaken, lovely Jumin is 6’ tall
•Oh gosh
•He thinks you’re the most precious thing
•Gets all of your clothes tailored to fit you perfectly
•If you’re in public and someone tries taking a picture of the two of you, he can just shield you from the camera with his body
•A rumor probably goes around that he’s dating a minor bc you look younger than you are
•So at one point reporters are trying to ask you questions, and nervous lil MC is just
* I’m an aduLT
•And then scurries off. No need to tell them anything else.
•He likes dancing with you, I imagine the waltz. You move very smoothly.
•He’s probably somewhat dominant over you. Not aggressively so, but likes to have a hand on you at all times.


•Dear Seven is 5'9"
* ((So like if he had boobs you would be the perfect height to rest your head on them))
•So like Zen, he enjoys picking you up
•He swings you around like Elly
•Piggyback rides. He gives you piggyback rides.
•Thinks you’re the cutest thing to ever exist
•Always hugging you
•Also always holding things out of your reach
•Sometimes puts things you use regularly in hard to reach places
•You become very good at climbing
•In return you hide his things in higher places via standing on stools and counters
•He stops when one time you fall off a chair while standing on it
•You don’t get seriously injured though, you reassure him that it wasn’t his fault.
•Doesn’t let anyone else tease you for your height
•Loves cuddling with you
•You fit perfectly in his arms
•Loves when you wrap your arms around him because they’re so small
•Rests head on top of your head
•Gives the most forehead kisses.

((Please send in some requests, I try my best to do one or more daily! One shots, imagines, headcanons, and match-ups.))

its the little things ♡

*sings a whole new worlddd* lol ill shush now but really aww such a sweet flashback

alsjdlfas idk why but this scene caught my attention as well because i could just picture victor leaning in and stealing a kiss or two or three?? ;3

ahhh just so delicate and pure and i love it

this as well im like awww hes using victor as support so cutely 

lol when yuuri got like pouty x3 hes like come on victor lets have some fun

like so pure

so sweet


aww he wants to prepare hehe

besides me hehe

aww serious victor not taking the hint haha

one of my most favorite parts though was this 

he notices and takes care of yuuri so much my heartt cant even begin to describe how much i love that alsdfjl

bonus hehe even now he was like uhh what just happened? lol

This sketch didn’t make the cut for the Mistletoe comic for two reasons:

1. I’ve shown Dash ontop of Fluttershy without any inbetween picture, so its a little confusing. I thought it would be cute to see the smaller Dash take control of the kissing, I drew her a little submissive and this was an attempt to fix that.

2. They’re supposed to be out of breath from kissing constantly and not remembering to breathe, but it just seems like they’re “doing it” and really getting into it lol.

Sometimes I draw without thinking, this is one of those cases.

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How painful is it to post submissions with misspelled words? i.e. "shepard"

lol I have a love hate relationship with captions. I think you’ll find that I don’t always read them until they’re posted. They can really ruin a picture - like that weird one recently with the puppies rescued from under the church?? The line about the priest totally ruined the picture and took away from the cute pups. If I had read that when I queued it, I probably would have taken it out. But I get way too many submissions, so I just skim them to make sure they don’t say anything about death or abuse or being a wolf.

When it comes to spelling, I do know that English isn’t everyone’s first language, so sometimes poor grammar or spelling can be the result of a language barrier. I don’t really bat an eye at that stuff, more so the “this is my dog, he loves jumping out of moving cars” stuff.


Thank you @kihyunseyesmile for tagging me. An overboard bias selfie tag? I’m totally game 😁I know I just did a selfie tag not too long ago so I hope you don’t get annoyed lol

Show me your biases, guys! 
@jakcsonwang852 @kpopstarsreact @im-seokjin @bvbyjoonie @hobi-oppa @aegyojin890 @mylifeiskpoptrash @our-kpopreact @hoshi-bae and anybody else!!

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Emi~chan! I want to request a scenario where Starish and QN's s/o finds that their contact photo is a picture of them sleeping and so they ask the boys why they took a pic of them sleeping and they tell them its cause their cute. Thank you ~ :)

Natsuki: “Huh? Are you really surprised that’s your contact picture? *giggles and opens photo gallery* I have a whole bunch of pictures! You look adorable in every angle! I never miss an opportunity to take a cute picture of you!” ((I have a headcannon about this habit of his.))

Tokiya: “It’s not as if I get to see your sleeping face every night these days. It helps me feel at ease when we’re sleeping miles apart.”

Cecil: “You’re not going to make me to delete it, are you? I’m sorry. It’s just that this photo is my absolute favorite of you. Every time I see it, it brings a smile to my face.”

Ren: “No one in this entire world looks more beautiful while sleeping than you. That photo is proof of that.”

Otoya: “Y-Y-You weren’t supposed to see that! I’m sorry you probably think I’m a weirdo now, don’t you? I’m sorry. You just looked so cute that night. I couldn’t help it.”

Syo: “Huh? Oh, yeah I just have that picture in case you were wondering what you look like when you sleep…No buying it, huh? *chuckles* I’ll come up with a better story. So, ask me again in like five minutes.”

Masato: “I must admit I am a little flustered now that you know I’ve taken pictures of you sleeping. Somehow, I feel guilty since I didn’t ask your permission. But you were sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t want to wake you.”

Reiji: “Don’t make that face! You’re making me feel like a creepy old man. I just like the cute smile on your face when you sleep. That’s all.”

Ranmaru: “Don’t you repeat a single fucking word of this to anyone but… Ya know those nights I’m away for work and I call you right before bed? With that picture and hearing your voice it’s almost like your with me. Tch, the hell are you laughing about? WHAT’S FUNNY?!”

Ai: “You look very beautiful in your most relaxed state. I wanted to be able to see it anytime of day, so I took a picture..”

Camus: “When you’re asleep in my arms, you let out a sigh and smile just like you do in that photo. Every time you do that, it makes my heart race. I feel as though I am the only one who can protect you.”

@insertcaffeine for Liz :)

I took this pic a couple of days ago.
There are 5 cats coming for food in our yard here ^^
They are really scared and wild lol
Whenever I find an opportunity I take pictures of them from a distance using the zoom :P
This cat is my mom’s favourite..and I have to say it’s the one that is being scared the most lol.
So cute and fluffy 🙂

Good Night
written by that-bandwagon-fangirl, voiced by thisblogisaPUNishment

Sans// good night, my love. sleep well

I hope I did this script justice! The script was written by @that-bandwagon-fangirl!!! Go send them some love! I really hope you liked it, I tried to make my voice sound gentle but it’s hard when you’re Sans XD

Under the READ MORE is the picture above, but without the lighting effects. Just in case you wanted to edit it so that you, or your OC, or Mettaton (lol) or whatever is sleeping next to Sans.

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youhane meeting each others parents

Funny. I was literally just talking about this with @noodlerama yesterday.

You is exactly the kind of person you want to bring home to Mom. She’s friendly, charismatic, cute, athletic, talented, etc. Basically, you can’t really go wrong with You. But that’s exactly why Yoshiko’s parents are so dumbfounded by her. For her entire life their daughter has been so painfully weird and awkward that the concept of her having a painfully normal and outgoing girlfriend is out of this world to them. They assume there must be something “off” about her if she’s dating Yoshiko of all people. That isn’t to say that they don’t love and support their daughter dearly–but they never imagined someone like You to be her type, and vice versa. So throughout the entire dinner, the two of them are prodding You with questions, trying to find out what her weird quirk is–but the most they could come out with is that she really likes the sea and uniforms (Yoshiko catches on to their antics and sends them flustered glares from across the table).

Eventually, Yoshiko’s dad decides to get straight to the point and asks You what she likes about Yoshiko–wanting to be absolutely certain that this isn’t some kind of weird prank Yoshiko is pulling on them. Before Yoshiko can even get the chance to retort, You immediately starts to rattle off all of the different things she loves about Yoshiko. Her parents are shocked to hear her say things like how she likes that Yoshiko puts her all into the things she loves, or how, despite what she may think, she actually really is a good hearted person who cares deeply for her friends, etc. The list goes on and on, much to Yoshiko’s embarrassment and her parents’ surprise. However, they both feel some sense of relief to know that You is so supportive of Yoshiko’s interests and hobbies (especially since her interests are something that even they don’t fully understand). By the end of the evening, Yoshiko’s parents still aren’t sure how their daughter ended up with someone like You. However, they find themselves not really caring too much when Yoshiko lightly kisses You goodnight at the front doorway. If she’s happy then they are too.

Yoshiko meeting You’s family is a slightly different story, and there are two reasons for that. The first reason being that Yoshiko desperately wants to make a good impression on You’s parents so that she doesn’t look like a total freak. That being said, she has to try her hardest to keep the fallen angel contained, even though You tells her time and time again to just be herself. The second reason doesn’t emerge until Yoshiko actually meets her parents–that reason being that Yoshiko is absolutely terrified of You’s father. She always knew that You’s father was a sailor, but she hardly expected him to be six times her size, jacked up the yin yang, and basically look like a bear ready for the kill. To say the least, Yoshiko is afraid that if she says one wrong word or if her father finds out that she has so much as kissed You (let alone done other things to her) that he’ll break her in two with his bare hands.

You insists though that her dad is harmless and is actually just a big teddy bear. That doesn’t really ease Yoshiko’s nerves as they all sit at the dinner table together and she is now worrying about her father’s stare as well as keeping Yohane contained. Dinner ends up feeling very tense as Yoshiko attempts to keep this pleasant facade up (getting unamused glances from You all the while). But when You’s father asks Yoshiko about her hobbies all of her stress about the situation piles up and she freezes, pulling a mental blank before finally shattering and breaking out Yohane. After realizing what she’s done as You’s family stares at her with blank faces, she pales, starts to sweat, and her face falls before mentally cursing a, “crap”.

But seconds later, all of the Watanabes start laughing, taking Yoshiko off-guard. You’s father is laughing so hard that he slams his fist on the table and says, “There’s the girl You has told us so much about!” Yoshiko is so shocked that she looks to You for an answer, who simply apologizes through laughter and tells Yoshiko that her parents know all about the fallen angel stuff, and that she told them something like this would probably happen. Yoshiko is really embarrassed, but You’s dad tells her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about–because if it’s something that she feels passionately about then she should take no shame in that and pursue it full throttle. He then grins and tells Yoshiko that considering how much You talks about how she loves that part of Yoshiko that she has nothing to worry about (which gets an embarrassed, “P-Papa!” out of You). The mood really manages to ease up after that as You’s parents ask Yoshiko more about her interests and Yoshiko feels a little more comfortable just being herself (though, she’s still kind of embarrassed). When the two of them are sitting in You’s room later, You apologizes for her parents being so overwhelming. Yoshiko just sighs and smiles a little, tapping a finger against You’s lips and telling her not to apologize–she likes them.

Tried to make this post already twice yesterday lol
That’s the third one…

I’m having some issues with the internet connection as the Wi-Fi of the community here is open so everyone around the village can have access, but our house is not really at the center so that means that I cannot really use it..
So instead, I’m more online by spending my credits on my phone rather than using the free Wi-Fi lol.

That was my rant for today 😋 lol

Now about the beanie in the picture.
A couple of days ago I started crocheting it. I’ve never really made a beanie before, so I had to try.. at first it looked so weird like I was making an actual hat lol.
I think it looks cute now that is done, although still searching the ‘right’ way on making more beanies in the future. ^^
In fact, I already started making a new one.
I’m using whatever yarn I still have so I hope for the colour palette not to look too weird.

(P.s I made the beanie for a friend🙂)