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La Nación: Were you surprised when he invited you to his wedding?

Agustín Ruani (childhood friend of Leo Messi, part of ‘La Máquina del 87′): “If he hadn’t, it was all good, honestly. I prefer to see him on a barbecue because we have more privacy. I am very grateful and happy though, I want to go. When he came in December and we ate an asado, before saying goodbye he announced, ‘See you in June at the wedding, eh.’ It’s an example of how much he loves us, he is the same kid as always and we are a wholesome group of friends. On the other hand, it will be a shame that at the wedding we will be able to talk for like five minutes at most, ha. But we are all very grateful. What we want the most is to give him a kiss, a hug and congratulate him.”

[…] “He’s not Messi for us, he’s just Leo. Sometimes we only realize what he means for the football world because of what people tell us. But we’ve known him since we were little kids, he’s just one of us and we don’t get starstruck when we see him,” explains Ruani. Juan Cruz Leguizamón, Franco Casanova, Gonzalo Mazzía and Lucas Scaglia (in addition, cousin of Antonela Roccuzzo) are some of the names with which Messi shared the category of 87. “We have a Whatsapp group with several of these guys and Leo.We are always connected but we do not bother him, nobody asks him for anything.We understand the context in which he lives.“

However, during the World Cup in Brazil 2014 a very special invitation came from Rio de Janeiro: tickets for the group to see Messi in the top football competition. "It was very nice. When we see him, Leo is the center of attention. We always talk to him about things outside of football and he always asks us about our families, about the jobs. It’s a healthy relationship. He’s attentive, he always keeps up with everybody and that doesn’t surprise me. To the point that in December, when we ate the asado, he was the first to stand up to clear the table. It seems like a silly thing but I don’t know if other people in his situation could do it”.

[…] “There is a lot of movement in the city and I’m a little surprised. And we are being featured in the media all over the world. That’s when I truly realize what Leo means to the world.”

My family is going to be moving houses at the end of June, and since I’ve started packing away my books, I thought I might as well share some of my books with y’all and give some book recs while I’m at it!

First up is the LGBTQ+ books I own. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many given it’s kinda difficult to find ones with plots that I like. (I contemplated whether or not to include the wtnv novel in this one, but seeing as it’s not centered around Cecil and Carlos, I decided to leave it out for now).

But anyways, here they are:

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz - A coming-of-age story about two young Mexican boys, Aristotle “Ari” Mendoza and Dante Quintana, who are as different as can be, but who somehow manage to forge an unbreakable connection that spans from childhood to adolescence, and beyond. Ari is angry and confused and from a broken family. Dante is gentle, and emotional, and is “crazy about his parents”. Dante knows he’s gay. And Ari has no idea what to make of his relationship with his best friend.

This one is super sweet and isn’t in the picture because it’s with Natsu at the moment. But it’s really thoughtful and adorable, and I just love Ari and Dante to bits and pieces. Definitely a must-read, guys!

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills -  About a young trans teen named Gabe who recently came out to his best friend and parents. The book is about him trying to make peace with who he is. Mostly, he does this through his love of music, and his bond with his next door neighbour, an old man who helps him get his first radio show, where he quickly develops a following of fans who fall for his unique taste in music and his quirky personality. 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell - A Harry Potter-inspired fantasy book with an absolutely fascinating magic system. We follow an orphaned chosen one who’s just trying to get through the his last school year at his magic boarding school, the Watford School of Magicks, while the entire magical community somehow expects him to save them from the villain who’s been stealing their magic. And not to mention having to deal with his archnemesis vampire roommate who has probably been trying to kill him since the moment they met in first year. But after being broken up with by his girlfriend, and invited to his aforementioned archnemesis’ house over Christmas break, needless to say nothing is going as he would have expected. This entire book reads like some kind of strange, drarry roommates au fanfiction, and it’s absolutely GLORIOUS.

every day by David Levithan -  “A” doesn’t have a body of their own. For every single morning of their life, they’ve woken up in a different person’s body, with no friends or family or life to call their own. And it’s all fine. A’s gotten used to it, made peace with their fate. They’ve learned not to get too attached to anyone, learned not to attract too much attention or interfere too much with the life of the body they wake up in. That is, until they somehow find themselves falling in love with the girlfriend of one of the guys whose body they’re borrowing one day. I actually had to consider for a while whether or not to include this book, because a lot of the most important bodies A inhabits throughout this book are male bodies, and the main female lead is straight. But A themself is nonbinary and pan. They identify as whatever gender the body they’re in is, and are attracted to people regardless of their gender. Loved this book to bits and pieces, really bittersweet. It has a sequel called “Another Day” which is focused mainly on the Rhiannon, the female love interest, but I haven’t read that one yet since I’m not terribly interested in her.

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay - This one is….very juvenile. And by that, I mean it’s one of those idyllic, clichéd ya romances that we all like to pretend we don’t like, but that has all the tropes that we just adore in fanfiction and that we inevitably end up finishing in one sitting. It’s about a high schooler named Jamie who’s recently realized he’s head over heels for his (seemingly) straight best friend, Mason. Cue teen drama and angst and mutual pining. A really cute, light read with an adorable little comic near the beginning.

More Than This by Patrick Ness - Seth attempts suicide by trying to drown himself, and is pretty sure he succeeded. He felt his skull bash against the rocks after all. Only…he wakes up, naked, thirsty, starving, and utterly alone. He has absolutely no clue where he is, but the abandoned, crumbling, overgrown streets seem somehow vaguely familiar to him.

A suspenseful, thrilling, heartbreaking post-apocalypse with a gay protag that absolutely definitely has room for a sequel, though I don’t think the author has any plans to write one.

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg - Rafe Goldberg is openly gay, and has a pretty good life. His parents are super supportive, he’s popular at school and has lots of friends, and no one really cares that he’s gay. But he’s getting tired of always being labelled as “the gay friend”. He just wants to be a “regular guy” and not “the gay guy.” So when he transfers to an all-boys’ boarding school, he decides to become “openly straight” instead. But just when everything was going perfectly for him, it all starts unravelling when he finds himself falling for one of his new friends.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed it quite a bit while I was reading it, but the ending left me quite unsatisfied, and after having some time away to think about it, I’m not entirely sure I like the main character very much. He’s kinda really manipulative. Read at your own risk.

Proxy by Alex London - Sydney “Syd” Carton is a proxy. Rescued from the wastelands as an infant, his debt to the city was bought by a huge corporation that sells the lives of orphans like him to various rich and powerful people, who buy them as scapegoats for their own children. Syd’s patron, Knox Brindle, is exactly the rebellious, asshole bad boy that every proxy dreads. When Knox breaks an expensive vase, Syd is beaten. When Knox crashes a car, Syd is forced to donate a dangerous amount of blood to keep him alive. When a girl dies because of Knox’s aforementioned car crash…Syd gets the death penalty. His mad attempt to flee his fate leads to the accidental kidnapping of his patron and has the two of them branded as terrorists, leading to a crazy, cross-country chase that will change their entire world as they know it.

This book. Is literally one of my favourite books in the entire fucking world. Hands down the best dystopia book I’ve ever read. The characters are absolutely fantastic, the character development is fucking amazing (Knox somehow ended up becoming my fav character???), the world is rich and vibrant, and the book is beautiful and thrilling and utterly heartbreaking. If you read just one book from this entire list, let it be this one. It also has a sequel, for those of you interested, though I haven’t read it (and don’t plan on it either), so I can’t really vouch for it.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan - When two boys from completely different social circles and personalities somehow stumble across each other on one mutually crappy night, their shared name brings both their lives careening together in a strange, complicated, and downright frustrating way.

This one….was kinda dark. It was funny, because one of the Will Graysons is an edgy lil emo kid who thinks strictly in lowercase and writes angsty poetry and he’s absolutely adorable. But it also addresses some very real hardships and struggles that both gay and straight teens have to face. 

Astro Reaction: To you falling asleep on their shoulder

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He would try to resist laughing or giggling because of how cute you are. He’ll do everything not to wake you up even if he wants to take a picture of you. Members would give him teasing looks and he’ll act all innocent while smiling really wide. Jinjin would secretly take candid pictures while Mj adores you and shows them to Mj afterwards. He ended up making it his wallpaper.


You tried not to fall asleep, but you immediately crashed into his shoulders. He would try to make you more comfortable while trying not to move just so you could sleep. He’ll end up sleeping and will lean his head on top of yours. When he woke up, he received a lot of teasing from the members. “Hyung, ask her on a date already! ~,” Sanha whispered.


It would happen while you guys are watching movies. He would be really surprised when your head touches his shoulder. Since he’s way taller than you, he’ll slowly slide down, to make you feel more comfortable. He would be all shy at first, but when he noticed that you’re cold, he would wrap/embrace his arms around you. He would be quite proud of himself, but deep inside his heart’s bursting. Rocky would wink at him and will give him thumbs up while he smiles sheepishly.


Moonbin would be similar to MJ. He always likes to film his members while sleeping so I think he would take a video (with filter) and sends them to Astro’s group chat. “Woahh ~ Binnie, I’ll forward this to her!” MJ would tease him. Moonbin would end up waking you up by moving his legs (because he’s scared that MJ would really forward it to you). *acts innocent*


He convinces you to have a Goblin marathon with him because it’s his favourite. Since you’re really tired and you slept late last night, you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. He would feel guilty at first, but noticed how you’re sleeping and slightly snoring… he’ll freak out because of how cute you are and will probably smile widely. He ended up carrying you to your room and made sure that you’re warm.


This cute little beagle would be shocked and might end up asking his hyungs if he should move you and his hyungs would quietly shake their heads. He would be blushing so bad, but secretly wants you to stay right there forever because he loves your scent and everything. “Ohh~ maknae!” He would hear the rest of the members on the other room.


Bro and Sis ❤️

Because I’m in love with this WONDERFUL artwork, I edited it a bunch of times.  

You can use any of em if you want, and you don’t need to credit me or anything. 

I just really adore this picture. 😊

★ Wrapped in Cotton Wool / Ross Butler ★

Words: 1421

Holding (B/N) against your chest, you gently sway side to side. “You’re okay,” you murmur to the crying boy. You start to rub his back gently in an attempt to calm him down. It didn’t take long for the crying to stop, “You want to go see dadda?” you ask.

(B/N)’s face lights up in recognition of the word and he starts to wave an arm around, babbling some form of response that makes you chuckle.

“Okay,” you say. “We’ll go find dadda.”

Walking out of your baby’s room, you head out to find your partner. It proved to be an easy task, finding him sitting on the couch in the lounge room on his phone.

Spotting you as you enter the room, his smile grows when he takes in the sight. “Hey,” he greets, dropping his phone to the side as he holds an arm out for you to join him.

Cuddling into his side, you hold (B/N) closer to your chest. Ross wraps an arm around your shoulder and shifts slightly so he was facing you.

“Is he okay?” Ross questions, gently kissing (B/N)’s forehead.

You nod, “I think he’s just tired, but he seemed a little reluctant to sleep alone.”

“Reminds me of someone,” Ross jokes.

You roll your eyes, further pressing yourself against his side. “Did you want to hold him?” you offer.

Ross smiles but shakes his head, “He’s already starting to fall asleep,” he reasons.

You couldn’t take your eyes off your baby, “He’s so beautiful,” you whisper, “can you believe we made something so…incredible?”

His fingers start to stroke your bare arm, “I can,” he confirms. “(B/N)’s half of you, so it’s impossible for him to be anything but.”

The corners of your lips tugging upwards in a shy smile as you rest your head on his shoulder. “You’re too much,” you murmur, closing your eyes.

Ross’ hand comes to a halt, “Are you tired?” he asks gently, moving the hair from your face. You nod in confirmation. “We can reschedule with them,” he insists, referring to your friends who were on the way over to your home to meet the newest addition of your family. “They’ll understand.”

“That’s not necessary,” you reply. “I’ll be fine. If I sleep now, I’ll be up all night later and I don’t think that’s wise,” you chuckle.


“Ross,” you cut him off, “I promise I’m okay.”

He kisses the top of your head, “If you’re sure.”

Muffling a laugh, you nod, “I’m sure. What time are they coming again?” you question, already forgetting despite confirming with Dylan this morning.

“I told them to be here around one, so,” he says, glancing at his watch, “anytime now.”

“I’ll go put (B/N) in the cot,” you yawn, “they’ll just have to meet him when he wakes up, he needs some sleep.”

“You need some sleep,” he mutters.

Raising an eyebrow, you look up up him, lifting your head off his shoulder, “What was that?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll go wait by the door and make sure no one rings the bell.”

“We really need to get that disconnected,” you say, slowly rising to your feet, careful not to disturb your sleeping baby.

It wasn’t long until Dylan, Katherine and Miles show up. Ross was quick to inform them (B/N) was sleeping. You greet them all with a hug and thank them for their comments.

“Did you want to go sit outside?” you suggest, leading them out to the back when they all nod.

“How have you been?” Katherine asks, the both of you taking a seat in the chairs in the sun.

“Good,” you smile, “I’m exhausted most of the time,” you admit, “but it’s been good.”

“How old is (B/N) now?” she continues, trying to remember.

“Seven months in a few weeks,” you laugh, “it’s flew by so fast.”

The boys join you, pulling out chairs around the table to sit down. Ross takes his seat beside you, placing the baby’s monitor on the table in front of you both.

The five of you sat mindlessly chatting of what felt like hours, until small cries surrounded you. Offering your friends an apologetic smile, you start to rise only to be stopped by Ross who was already on his feet, “I’ll get him,” he says, not leaving you any room to negotiate and already heading into the house.

“Ross seems like a natural so far,” Dylan comments, leading you to nod.

“He’s so good,” you exclaim in relief, a small laugh leaving you. “It’s amazing.”

Ross returns a few minutes later with a freshly woken and changed baby. The sight of Ross with (B/N) in his arms brings a smile to your face. He had him coddled in his arms as he brought him towards you.

Katherine couldn’t contain her awing as she managed to get a look of him. “He’s so cute,” she murmurs, “the pictures don’t do him justice.”

“He really is adorable,” Miles comments as Ross sits back down, gently turning the baby so his friends.

“Would you like to hold him?” you ask Katherine who was looking at him with wide eyes.

She nods enthusiastically and you turn to Ross who seems reluctant n handing him over. You offer him a reassuring smile and take (B/N) in your arms and gently sit him on Kat’s lap.

Her hand immediately move to his back to hold him steady while the other wraps around him gently. (B/N) stares at her with wide eyes and leans forward slightly to grip the hair that had fallen around her shoulder.

He tugs it weakly with both hands and laughs. Katherine’s face softens at the sound and coos softly, “Hi (B/N),” she says.

You stand and return to your seat, comfortable with letting Kat hold him without you by her side.

Dylan leans across and pulls a face at the baby earning another giggle to be released.

Squeezing Ross’ hand you send him another smile, encouraging him to relax after noticing his tense posture. “He’s okay,” you whisper quietly.

“I know,” he replies, but doesn’t seem settled.

“You can hold him up,” you suggest, “let him stand on your legs,” you tell Katherine. “Just make sure you’re holding his weight.” She carefully does as you said and holds him under the arms, “Bounce him,” you smile.

Kat laughs as (B/N) starts to babble his words, still clenching her hair in his fists.

“Should we head inside?” Ross asks after a moment.

You send him a knowing grin, but nod, tapping his hand before he rises. Ross walks over to Kat to take hold of (B/N) to bring him inside.

Offering Kat an amused grin, you link arms with her, gesturing for Miles and Dylan to follow.

Ross had put (B/N) on the floor in the lounge, surrounded by a few toys, and sat beside him while everyone else spread around the room.

“Did you all want to stay for dinner?” you offer. “I’m planning on ordering take away.”

“I’d love to,” Katherine answers, taking a seat beside Dylan.

“Same,” the boys echo soon after.

Time passes rather quickly and soon you found yourself alone with your two favourite boys. You were lying on the floor with (B/N) in front of you attempting to crawl.

Your eyes drift to Ross who was kneeling right behind you. Moving so you were on your back, you meet his eyes, “You know you can’t keep everyone away from him forever,” you say softly. “I know you don’t want to risk him getting hurt or something…but it’s good for him to be around other people.”

Ross sighs, “I know,” he admits. “I just…the thought of not being there for him or…seeing him in any kind of pain or just not being able to reach him in time-it’s frightening.”

You rest your hand on the side of his thigh, “I know,” you reassure him. “Believe me, I know,” you laugh. “But it’s important that we don’t coddle him all his life, no matter how much I want him to remain a baby forever so I can just hold him forever,” you whisper. “He’s going to grow and we won’t be able to protect him from everything.”

“We still have a little time though,” he tries to reason.

You nod, shifting your head back to (B/N), “Yeah,” you say. “We still have time.”


A sort of continuation to this and this by @sarogane (help I’m falling for this ot3 forreal and one of them isn’t even really a character in the show)

It got a little long so… Most of it is under the cut, sorry mobile users //

Kuro watches Shiro wipe down Lance’s bruised thighs, gently, slowly, carefully. He doesn’t dare interfere. He studies Lance’s expression: Blissed, adoring, impossibly affectionate, and a sharp tang of something churns his stomach. Something negative, that makes him feel somewhat aggressive. Human feelings are weird, and he still hasn’t gotten the hang of them entirely. Separating them from one another was difficult, and he didn’t like concentrating on them for long enough to really understand. Following his instincts was much easier.

Except his instincts tell him to jump right back into bed, snuggle between their warm bodies, kiss Lance’s cheek and nuzzle into Shiro’s warm chest. And what the fuck, Kuro. That’s just not something he’s supposed to want. It’s not for him. There was no place for him on that bed. His role begun and ended with sex. Lance accepted him because he looked like Shiro, and Shiro, well… That guy was one kinky fucker, as he proved to them both not even twenty minutes ago when he ordered Kuro to- Well, that’s another story.

Point is, soft kisses and quiet murmurs were for them. That was the entire plan anyway, right? Get Lance and Shiro together. He was never supposed to be a part of the equation to begin with, and really, he shouldn’t outstay his welcome.

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ooc; My Legion Captain Perseus Ford with his highborn boyfriend Avestrus Calpernicus ( @tales-of-nexus ) by the amazingly skilled @daddyschlongleg! Their art is incredible and you should absolutely check them out.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 3

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve are shocked, yet happy when Jeremy calls Steve daddy. The next day arrives and it’s time for a party, you’re so happy to be spending time with your Avengers family and your BAU family. The party is amazing and everyone as a good time. At the end of the day, you and Steve have a surprise for Jeremy and after a conversation with Will earlier on in the day, Steve wants to talk to you about something.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Steve (Familial)

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes,   Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, William LaMontagne, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne. Thor Odinson, Sam Wilson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision, Clint Barton, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Danny Smith (OMC), Michael LaMontagne (Mentioned)

Warning/s: None, this is just very fluffy.

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie for being my beta!!

Part 1 / Part 2

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