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Wondering why Louis (or his SM manager) unblocked the word Larry on his IG...


(please everyone, do not go and spam his pictures with the word Larry - it’s childish and pointless….)
One Direction’s Niall Horan goes public with stunning new girlfriend, Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke
NIALL HORAN has always enjoyed the single life more than any of his fellow ONE DIRECTION members, floating from girl to girl while the rest settled down in relationships. But not any more. I can re…

But not any more.

I can reveal that Niall has a brand new girlfriend — and the Irish heartthrob has never looked so loved up.

Niall cuddles up to his new girlfriend during British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park

Cheeky 1D bachelor goes in for a smooch in full view of the crowd around them

The singer went public with stunning Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke at the weekend in London’s Hyde Park.

My exclusive pictures show the new couple cuddling and kissing during MUMFORD & SONS’ British Summer Time gig on Friday.

And in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the VIP bar.

Niall looks completely besotted with his latest squeeze

Niall barely paid attention to Mumford and Sons as he treated his girl the show

Stunning student joined in with revellers at the annual Hyde Park bash

It is the first time Niall has ever been so outwardly romantic with a girl in public, suggesting he is really serious about Celine.

My backstage source revealed: “Niall  never let Celine out of his sight and looked infatuated.

“He had his arm around her throughout the evening and kept going in to pecked her on the cheek while they watched the gig.

The couple’s loved up behaviour is set to break the hearts of thousand of 1D fans

Stunning Belgian student has managed to bag one of the hottest bachelors in showbiz

Fan looks on in shock as her idol brushes past

Duo enjoy the rare British sunshine in the Hyde Park VIP area

“They seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads.

“At one point Niall kissed her in front of everyone and obviously didn’t care that people were watching.”

Niall and Celine spent the entire weekend together and partied on Sunday night at London’s Drama nightclub.

It’s easy to see why Niall would find this model beautiful

Celine stayed close to her popstar boyfriend as she spent the day at the festival

They were snapped heading home in a cab together in the early hours of the morning.

Niall’s previous flames have mostly been either models or singers, with the 1D star being linked to ELLIE GOULDING, BARBARA PALVIN and most recently US TV starJESSICA SERFATY.

But his latest love is completely new to the showbiz world.

Couple seemed to be having a whale of a time in each other’s company

This was the pair’s first official outing as a couple

Belgian-born Celine is a future lawyer having just completed a degree in the subject at the University of Exeter.

She’s also a keen dancer and choreographed routines for students at her uni.

Perhaps she can teach Niall a few tricks whenever he launches his solo career.

That’s just so long as they can take their hands off each other.

When I am older, I don’t want to have to look at my kids when they ask what I did in my youth, and hesitate. I don’t want to have to tell them that I spent my days scrolling through the internet, watching pointless “viral videos” and looking at pictures of famous people. I don’t want to tell them that some of my greatest moments were captured on camera, but only in the form of 24hour photos that have long since disappeared into the realm of forgotten cyberspace. 

I don’t want to have to tell my kids that all I really did with the beautiful thing we call youth is spend my days constantly checking my phone and rarely venturing beyond my computer screen. 

I didn’t join social media at all until I was eighteen years old. And now, nearly three years later, I’m starting to see myself become one of those people: the kind who spends the better part of my daylight hours watching someone else live life on my screen. The kind who is subtly, but deeply influenced by the idea that if I don’t post updates or photos of something cool, that it didn’t really happen. 

In the past two years since starting college, I’ve watched this rift between what is real and what only exists through the image on our screens grow ever larger, ever more daunting. On a daily basis I take in more data and information than I could ever hope to hold, but have found that the vast majority of it is vapid, lifeless, and could hardly be considered “stimulating”. Even still, I’ve watched others around me get sucked in as well, until all I see when I walk around campus, is people on their phones, always looking down, forever missing life as it constantly passes them by.

Today i’ve made the decision to stay away from social media for the month of October. I will not check Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat (don’t use Twitter), and just live life on my own terms. I want to take a time out and gather some headspace. I want to lift weights, run, and climb without feeling the need to share what I’m doing. I want to be able to take my trip to Chicago and really live it, not just see it through my Snapchat Camera lense. I want to read some books and actually have the mental capacity to take them in.

I will check in on Tumblr from time to time, because I don’t obsessively check this like I do the others. Usually on two to three times a week. Wish me luck on this experiment. 


sometimes I get upset when people don’t take any at all or- only take pictures of their friends doing something stupid like don’t take pictures of people drinking or doing drugs or falling, take pictures of your friends sitting in the grass reading a book, take pictures of your friends drinking coffee in a small cafe, take pictures of your friends tanning at the beach, take pictures of your friends petting a cat that came up to them like is it really that hard for you to see beauty oh my god