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Get Used To It l Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: i’m not the biggest fan of the whole friends turned into lovers thing but this came out?? I didn’t give the boyfriend a name or whatever so feel free to picture whoever you want lol, and I know TNHMB is the opening song, I just modified it for the imagine. Anywaysss, hope you enjoy it <3

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) were best friends, until they discover they work out as something more than just that.

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“She’s cute.” you said placing your head on your best friend’s shoulder.

You had been the entire day keeping Shawn and the team company as they were shooting the video for Shawn’s latest single. Shawn had invited you to tag along the European leg of the tour and that was an offer you couldn’t decline. You even had the time to spend time with Aaliyah, who was like your little sister, in Barcelona before his show. It had taken time to get your parents’ approval to travel across the ocean to join your best friend, but after some begging from your part and a couple of phone calls from Shawn, they had come around and let you go.

“You think so?” Shawn answered as he checked his phone.

“Yeah, you two would make a cute couple.” you teased him, earning a glare from him.

“You really need to stop trying to find me a girlfriend.” he rolled his eyes.

“I do it because I love you! It’s sad that you always have to come back to me instead of a girl you can kiss or use to satisfy your needs.” you wiggled your eyebrows and this time Shawn groaned in annoyance.

“Remind me why we’re friends again? You are the most annoying human being in the world.”

“Oh, shush. You love me.” you circled your arms around his neck.

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“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

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-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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Vixen : Toni Topaz

request: Hi! I was wondering if you would be okay with an imagine with Toni x fem reader and like Toni leaves hickeys on her neck but if not, just one where she’s a River Vixen and Toni’s reaction to seeing her in her uniform, maybe she’s Cheryl’s best friend? Thank you.

requested by: anonymous

a/n: OMG I love Toni so much. I really hope you like the outcome of your request, nonnie! xx, aubree

warnings: a make-out session at the very beginning

word count: 373 (sorry it’s short)

(gif not mine)

edited  /  not edited


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Picture Perfect - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi o was wondering if you could do a dean x reader imagine where she’s like taking cute polaroids of him and he realises he loves you :)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1,682

Warnings: None, I guess.

A/N: Fluffy Dean. I feel like this is too simple and that that’s what gives it the charm I craved for. Let me know what you think! ;)


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“DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” She cheered, storming inside his room and jumping to his bed.

Dean groaned in response. He had been sleeping until then.

“Wake up, I found something great!” She insisted, trying to tickle him.

Dean extended an arm, wrapped it around her body and pushed her to be by his side.

“Dean!” She squealed and Dean covered her mouth with a heavy hand.

It was weird how his relationship with (Y/N) was.

Of course, they weren’t dating, but they weren’t friends like so neither. What he felt for Charlie was far too different from what he felt for (Y/N). There was obviously something more between them, but Dean wasn’t completely sure what it was.

At first he thought it was mere sexual attraction, but that got discarded when he realized he felt something else and away from his pants. Yes, she could turn him on with the simplest action, but there was also something more.

That’s when he thought he thought of her like a sister, but then on New Year’s Eve he felt the immense need of kissing her – without mentioning the many times he craved to have her physically and emotionally – so that too got discarded.

It ended up in him admitting he liked her. It wasn’t love, just a small need he had developed and that would end when he found the one. However, since he started feeling things for her, every other woman seemed to be less interesting, less beautiful and less funny.

Dean no longer dated anyone else, and he stopped having one night stands. He claimed that it was because he was too old to be fooling around with girls, and that the world needed him to focus, and many other excuses.

It’s not like he didn’t want to fully admit his feelings for (Y/N), but the exact opposite. Dean had grown fond of her – feelings or not – and he knew that if he ended up screwing things up because he confused friendship with love his whole relationship with (Y/N) would be affected. Therefore, he remained quiet about it until he was certain of his true feelings for her.

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I’d like to make you mine.

Relationships: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  You and Bucky are going to the mission. What are they going to do if everything is not going well?
fluff, a little angst, and mention of smut

Word Count:2620

A/N:  Here, another Bucky Barnes story I wrote.I hope you like it.Guys, English isn’t my native language. Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. I take requests btw.With love.x

“What you need is sex. Pure passionate s-e-x. "I looked at her with my eyes that couldn’t believe she had spelled the last word. My body was suffering from the workout. The hair I gathered was scattered, and a few tufts fell on my forehead. The sports bra I wore started to disturb.

"Only you can talk about sex at six in the morning.” Natasha leaned against the wall of the gym, scrutinizing her manicured hands.

“I think morning sex is the perfect way to start the day.” I held my breath while punching the sandbag in front of me. I liked to exercise in the morning; I could behave the way I wanted while nobody was around. I could let off steam without listening to Sam’s jokes about my power. I focused on the music in my earbuds while the right fist swings the bag from me. The song with high rhythm motivated me. I thought about Natasha’s phrases. My body had reacted to her sentence. I didn’t have much action in my bedroom because of the missions I went to. I usually slept for hours to get rest and I enjoyed spending time with the rest of the team for the rest of the days. We were drinking beer, playing games and making fun of each other’s lives. Life was beautiful in the Avengers Tower.

“Speaking of sex …” I stopped by Natasha’s whispering voice and looked at the two men who entered. Steve was dazzling with his usual sweatpants and tight t-shirts. The man behind him was breathtaking. Bucky smiled at his friend with a water bottle and a red towel in his hands. Whatever they talked about they shut up when they realized us. They started walking towards us.

“Good morning ladies.” I was fine with Captain America. When I joined the team, he was the first person to meet me. He became my closest friend in a short time with his warm smile and respectful attitude. It was joyful to see him shy because of dirty jokes that I said without hesitation. I said hi while reaching out the water bottle. Bucky stood with us as Steve walked toward the treadmill.

"I should go. Bruce is probably awake.” I nodded at Natasha.

“Go and have sex in the morning!” Natasha winked at me and called the elevator. When I turned my head around Bucky, he was staring at me with his hands on his sweatpants’ pockets and his bare chest.

“What about you, doll? Do you like morning sex?” Bucky. Bucky was the only man I couldn’t understand. I almost figured out the rest of the group’s characters, but Bucky was different. He was loving, friendly, joker and cocky, witty at the same time.  We went to missions together countless times. He always proved his “Sergeant” caption; he was fighting fearlessly on the battlefield, astonishing everybody including me, with the intelligent maneuvers.

“Of course. It’s my favorite activity. My two fingers and I meet every morning. “I showed my middle finger and my index finger I put up to him. I rolled my eyes, reached out the towel behind me.

"Would you guys accept a third person?” Bucky smirked as I threw my head back and laughed at his shamelessness. My eyes turned to his blue eyes, his sharp jaw, and his bare chest. When I focused on his metal arm, I licked my dried bottom lip. I fantasized about that arm more than once. When he followed my gaze, he tried to hide his arm. I knew Bucky was uncomfortable. He usually wore long sleeved clothes because he saw it as weakness. Bucky wasn’t convinced even though everyone in the group said he was nonsense many times. He would be surprised if he knew what I thought about his arm. The strong arm he used to fight caused to hot up in my lower body. I wanted his metal fingers to wrap around my body.

“Anyway. I should go. "Bucky nodded at me. My name came out while I was leaving the gym. I turned my head around my shoulder and looked at him.

"I am very excited for the tonight’s mission.”

     I tried to fix my dress when I got out of the car. The short black dress was gathered on my thighs. Although I didn’t want to wear it, Natasha and Wanda convinced me to wear it. When I looked at myself in the mirror, my jaw dropped. My long legs and curvy body looked beautiful. Sam whistled when he saw me, and Tony said I should dress like that more often. I usually wore comfortable. I didn’t think heels would be comfortable when I tried to catch someone. Bucky got around the car. I looked at him while standing in front of the big mansion. His black shirt wrapped his fit body. His hair was shining with the hair gel.

"What are you gonna say if he asks about your arm?”

“I’m going to say that I had an accident a few years ago and had to use a prosthetic arm. (Y / N) , we talked about these over and over. Have faith in me It will go smoothly tonight. "Our mission was to learn the details of a scientist’s house. The guy was our only suspect, and we were very confident that he was involved in a bombing. We knew it was our only chance when we heard the party that he was gonna have at his house. We were going to try not to draw attention to the party by pretending to be someone else. I took a deep breath when I heard classical music from the house. I hope we could get through the night as Bucky said.

"Guys, you better go in.” I took a deep breath when I heard Tony’s voice. I hid the wireless headset with my hair. Bucky didn’t wear a headset to not be noticed.

“Should we?” Bucky nodded at me and he put his hand on my curvy waist.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs?” Bucky smiled at bodyguard gently.

“Mr. and Mrs. Maxell.” He nodded at us and let us walk in.

      I was prying around while sipping Rose wine. The organization is magnificent and calm. The people who joined the party were gathered around the tables and laughed at each other with their fake smiles. I was pretty sure that everybody hated each other.

“Somebody kill me, please.” I moaned and spoke to the team. Bucky left me to tour around. We should have done our research before somebody came and talked to us.

“If you want to be killed, you can go up on the chair and say,” Hey guys, I am a spy. “Sam responded with a cheerful tone. When I tried to have my eyes on the scientist, someone touched my left arm. I reacted instantly with years of training. The scientist’s wife, Diana, looked at me with surprise.

"I apologize, I must have scared you.” I shook my head and looked at the woman.

“It’s okay; I have mused while I was waiting for my husband.” Diana took a sip.

“I don’t remember meeting you before. I am Diana, Adam’s wife. "I licked my lips and shook her hand.

"Sarah, Sarah Maxell.” I wasn’t (Y / N) (Y / L / N) tonight. I was Sarah Maxell. My husband, Bruce Maxell, was a cardiologist. While we were talking about the party, and our suspect came and left a small kiss on his wife’s lips.

“Dear, this beautiful lady is Sarah Maxell. Mr. Maxell’s lovely wife. “Adam was an annoying man. There was an appearance that would make you hated him when you saw it. I got angry when I thought he killed many innocent people in Moscow without hesitation. I shook his hand with a fake smile.

"I read your husband’s articles in a science journal. Where is he? I would like to meet him. "I looked around. Bucky still didn’t lie low.

"He had gone to the bathroom, he will be here soon.”I smiled at him tautly and started to pray that Bucky would be here soon.

     I turned my gaze to Bucky when I smelled the familiar cologne. He wrapped his metal hand around me and smiled as he shook Adam’s hand.

"I apologize; my stomachache is killing me tonight. I’m Bruce Maxell. It’s a very nice party, by the way, Adam. "I could breathe deeply as the suspicion in Adam’s eyes disappeared. After talking with a couple for a while, they left us. I whispered to Bucky with a smile.

"Could you take the pictures?” Bucky went through his suit’s pocket and nodded.

“I took photos of all the rooms that are not locked, my lovely wife.” My heartbeats accelerated when his fingers caressed my waist. I didn’t dare to look at Bucky as the cold fingers moved softly. I knew that he noticed how impressed I was. I could imagine a stupid grin on his face. “If everything is done, you can leave the party.

” Finally, we could leave this stupid place. “Steve says we can go back.” Bucky continued to look around while nodding.

“I haven’t even danced with my wife yet. Do we have to leave immediately? I can dance the waltz very well. "I tugged Bucky out while rolling my eyes. Bucky groaned when we stepped out of the gigantic gates of the mansion and headed for the car. Everything was fine. The dark streets were empty and cars parked by the roadside. We heard a voice when Bucky took his car keys out of his pocket.

"I didn’t expect you to leave immediately. It made me sad not to make a fake couple like you happy. ”

“Hey, doll. Wake up. "I tried to open my eyes with the pain behind my head. When I was trying to remember what happened, I sat in my seat. Bucky’s anxious look relaxed when he saw me awake. When I saw the small cut on his face, I reached toward his face. When Adam and his guards attacked us, we fought back immediately. I was trying to protect Bucky while trying to prevent the movements of the men attacking me. He was bowling people over around him without thinking about it. I already knew we were trapped when I heard Steve’s worried voice. I froze with a gun on my face. Bucky was trying to get to me when he saw the gun. I closed my eyes when I felt Bucky’s eyes full of fear. It was Bucky’s scream that I could only remember when the hard barrel hit me.

"The wound on your face looks terrible.” Bucky smiled gently, closing his eyes with my touch.

“I’m fine, doll. You? "I nodded at him, ignoring the pain that darkened my vision. Bucky was watching me with worried eyes.

"We have to get out of here.” When I saw the barred door, I sighed. We were in small prison. I could see that Bucky had already tried to loosen the door. Two pieces of iron melted a little. They took my earbuds.

“I see, you guys are awake.” I got angry when I heard the echoing voice. Bucky moved ahead of me to protect me. The man stood with a gun in his hand.

“Do you really think I won’t understand?” I clenched my fists when I saw his cocky expression. He played cat and a mouse with us. He knew who we were since we arrived.

“Didn’t you pay attention to the cameras around when you took the photos?” “Where is your stupid team? Are they trying to find you? "The man giggled like a madman and stared at us with his big green eyes.

"I hope they can find your location. I want Tony to come and try to rescue you, guys.I want to fight with him like a real man.” Bucky stepped forward in the little prison.

“You aren’t a man. All I can see is a coward. A pussy. “Bucky wrapped his fingers into the iron bars. His sound was like ice and it was scary.

"All I have to do to control you is aim at that little bitch. So, Sergeant, do you like her that much? "I got my breath when Bucky’s muscles were stretched. There was no point in where we were, what we were doing. I was waiting for Bucky’s answer.

"I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you talk about her once again!” When Bucky yelled, Adam laughed.

“Good luck with that.”

“You didn’t answer his question.” When I sat on the cold floor, Bucky lifted his head from his hands and looked at me.

"That’s really what you really care about right now, doll?” I nodded. We weren’t getting away from this stupid prison. We were trapped and I was scared to think what was gonna happen to us. We had no choice but the team would come and save us. It was also what Adam wanted, so he hadn’t killed us yet. His blue eyes stuck to my eyes. It seemed like he didn’t know what to say. He caressed my cheeks with his right hand. I held my breath when I felt dizzy because of our intimacy. I wanted him to have real feelings under all the flirty jokes. I wanted Bucky to like me at least as much as I liked him.

“When I first saw you, I knew you were different. Your attitude, your laugh, it all fascinated me. I’ve never seen a beautiful woman like you in my life. I haven’t met someone as good as you. There is no more brave woman than you. A woman as dangerous as you are. There is nothing I can’t do for you, doll. "I held my breath because of what I heard. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I smiled at Bucky when I felt the tears that accumulated in my eyes. Bucky was staring at me with admiration.

"I won’t let anything happen to you. Would you like to go on a date with me when we get out of here? "I giggled and sealed my lips with Bucky’s lips. Bucky was pulled back when we heard the gunshots. He held my hand and stood with me.

"Now the fun begins. Are you ready, love? ”

Not like other Girls (Steve x Reader)

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Requester asks: hi! i was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is billy’s twin sister and she’s the opposite of him and is a musician and steve falls for her but is scared bc of billy? and tries to win her over by doing a song jsjshs

I apologize for the massive cuteness and cheese overload in advance. Also this is a mashup of my own idea as well! Let’s freakin do this!!


You woke up on a lazy Sunday morning, the sun was shining its warm glow all over your room. You breathed deeply and closed your eyes, soaking the warmth. You began to sing a little lullaby, trying to fall alseep again.

“HEY!” You were startled by someone rudely banging on your door. Without waiting for an answer, the door opened roughly and your twin brother stuck his head in. “Stop making a racket!”

You glared at your brother. Did your jerk of a brother just tell you to stop making a racket? You snorted. “Says the one who blares his music,” you snapped back.

Billy’s eyes flashed dangerously. “What’d you say?!”

“I said shut the hell up and get out of my room!” You gave Billy the finger and rolled your eyes.

Billy gave you the evil eye and slammed the door shut. You gave a sour face. Asshole. Was he determined to make your life hell on your freaking birthday?

Letting out a sigh, you flung off your sheets. So much for going back to sleep. You made your way to a little bathroom and started getting ready for the day. Despite Billy’s threats you kept singing. You preferred singing to listening to Billy’s abomination of so called music.

After getting dressed and washing your face you walked out of your haven room and into the danger field. You were always on guard for Billy.

Max was in the living room fixing her skate board. “Happy birthday, Y/N!” She said, looking up from her work.

You smiled and said, “Thanks, kiddo!” You walked over to her and gently ruffled her red hair. “Where’s Billy?”

“Gone out,” Max replied, her concentration all on her skate. “He’s staying at some slut’s house for his birthday.”

“Good,” you snorted back. “I don’t want him around anyway.”

Max paused to look up at you. She gave you a wry look. “Are you visiting Steve?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “No,” you said, trying to force yourself from not smiling.

Max knew better. She got up on her knees, playfully pushing you. “Oh you like him,” she teased. She starting making kissy noises, pretending to hold an imaginary head of Steve. “Mmmuaaah muah muahhh! Oh Steve, I think you’re so handsome!”

You burst out into a high awkward laugh, thoroughly embarrassed now. You loved Max, but boy did she know how to make you blush. “Stop!” You tried to say sternly, pushing Max and making her lose balance. You jumped nimbly over her and ran to the kitchen.

“Hey! That was foul play!” You could hear Max yell from the living room.

Grinning, you poured yourself some coffee. Maybe it wasn’t going to be such a bad day after all.

Once you had gotten your coffee you went back into your room. Your room was basically amazing, it was pointing to where the sun rose, so ever morning your room would turn golden.

You sighed with contentment. Most teens wanted to go shopping or hang out with friends on their birthdays. Most wanted their parents around. But knowing that your parents were out of town and Billy was away for the day, just you and Max, gave you a peaceful feel.

You weren’t really like other girls. You weren’t interested in gossip and the latest fashion, you were interested in far more better things like music and singing.

To your annoyance Max knocked on the door. Yeah, you loved Max, but this was you time. “Not now, Max.” You knew she’d understand about you time.

There was a pause and then another knock, a little more firm. You rolled your eyes. Great. Billy was back. “GO THE HELL AWAY, BILLY!” You shouted angrily.

The knocking stopped. Then to your surprised you heard someone sing gently, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Y/N, happy birthday to yooouuu!”

You blinked. Whoever sang that was majorly off key. You walked to the door and hastily opened it.

The idiot person had been leaning on the door, so when you hastily opened it, the idiot person came clumsily crashing down onto you. You let out a muffled scream, as you tried to grab onto the person to balance yourself. The idiot person, however had lost his balance as well and only sent the two of you to the floor. Wow. What a classy entrance.

The air was pushed out of you as someone landed on you. Gasping, you pushed the stranger up slightly. The idiot person propped his hands up on either side of you. “SHIT.”

“Steve?!” You gave an embarrassed yelp. Everything had happened so fast you hadn’t had time to look at the stranger properly.

Steve was about to get up when there was a brilliant flash. You heard to all to familiar sound of a Polaroid coming out. You shifted under the weight to see Max grinning devilishly. “Oh yeah,” she murmured quietly. Before you could say anything slanderous or threaten her, she dashed off yelling triumphantly. “I’m off to the arcade bye!”

You furiously pushed Steve off and said, “Really?!” You gave him an accusing look.

“Hey! Don’t look at me, I’m not the one who took the picture,” Steve said defensively.

“Ok, why are you here?” You sighed heavily, still embarrassed.

Steve ruffled his hair, and grinned sheepishly. “Because I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. And because Billy isn’t here…” he mumbled quietly, refusing to make eye contact.

“You’re scared of my brother?” You laughed softly, highly amused. The King of Hawkins was scared. Really. “You’re kidding right, you’re like… the king.” You said. Your tone might or might not have had a hint of mockery.

Steve pushed you gently. “I mean, well yeah. That punk would kill me if he found out I had eyes for his pretty and intelligent twin sister. Geez, you’re nothing like that freak, you’re so…”

You gave a small smile. “So…?” You continues, enjoying every second.

Steve gently caressed your soft hairy. “Soft…”

You teased back, “My hair or my personality?”

Steve glanced up into your eyes. “Why not both?” He said cheekily.

You punched him lightly, but he took your hand and pulled you into him in one swift move. “Steve!” You laughed out loud, wrapping your arms around him.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he whispered in your ear. “I got you something.”

You pulled away, still feeling slightly in the mockery mood. “Oh yeah? What is it, cliche roses?”

Steve raised his eyebrows. “More like this,” he grinned. He pulled out a music box and handed it to you. “You like music sooo…”

You gasped at the small pox, decorated with tiny little flowers. It was simple but stunning. You opened it up and immediately it began playing Happy Birthday. You could have answered with the classic girly squeal or whatever crap, but you were not like other girls. Instead you smirked at Steve and said, “Now how about I teach you how to sing on key instead of sounding like a dying chicken?”

Steve laughed and twirled you around. “How about yeah?”


UGH, so today is my birthday and it’s been going well!! It’s pretty crazy and I woke up at 5:55 Am to finish this for y’all. I’m tired might.

Real Bullets

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1211
Requested by Anonymous:  How about being an actress on the show and someone swapping out the fake bullets for real ones and one of the J’s accidentally shooting you like angst then fluff

Warning: injured reader

        You were sitting on Jensen’s lap in his trailer while the two of you waited to be called onto set to film.

          “I really don’t want to do that scene,” Jensen sighed.

          “Why?” you asked, running your fingers through his short hair, “It’s just acting. Not like you’re really shooting me.”

          “Still. I don’t like it. I don’t like that I’ll be pointing a gun at you,” he said, “It doesn’t feel right.”

          “Just get your lines right and it’ll be over before you know it,” you teased him, “No worries.”

          He pulled you closer, “If you say so.”

          You kissed him softly, “I say so. I love you.”

          “I love you too.”

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anonymous asked:

alpha Bucky taking pictures of his knot swollen into for some content next time he's away from you for a while ,,,,,

“Don’t -fuck- don’t move, omega” he groaned, as he thrusted into you sloppily. His knot caught and you dug your hands in the sheets, looking for anything to grip onto. 

“God, alpha you feel so good” you moaned, breathlessly. Bucky was silent and you turned your back to see his wicked grin. “What are you planning?” you asked, trying not to move. 

“Hand me my phone” he nodded the phone near the pillows. You chuckled softly, knowing what he was up to. Reaching forward you tightened around him, both of you moaning at the sensation. You bit your lip and handed it to him.

You knew missions were hard for him, especially if his rut was on the horizon. Even worse if your heat was near because it killed him to be away from you. So with a few clicks, he took pictures of his knot tightly inflated in your cunt, still dripping around him. 

“Fuck, look at me omega” he growled and you did, looking at him over your shoulder. 

He threw the phone back down and kissed your warm back. “Next time, we should make a video” you smirked, his cock twitching in you enough of an answer. 

Sinful Sunday™

CS FF: Second Chances

Summary: Killian comes clean to Emma and David.  He then gets a second chance at proposing to Emma the right way.

Rating: G

Note: So I was less than pleased with the way that proposal went down.   I’m hoping they right their wrong in the next couple of episodes.  But, until then, this is how I would like for it to go.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Second Chances: Part 1/1…

Emma woke up with a smile on her face.  Her eyes slowly fluttered open and landed on her engagement ring, the sun making the diamond sparkle.  She turned over, anxious to welcome her fiancé to a new day.  To the beginning of their lives together.  The smile slid from Emma’s lips as her gaze landed on his empty spot beside her. She ran her hand along the imprint of his form, finding it cold.  

Emma got out of bed and made her way downstairs.  She found Killian sitting at the kitchen table. The smile reappeared on her lips as she came up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and settling her chin on his shoulder.

“I was hoping to wake up next to my new fiancé today,” she said, kissing his neck.

Killian squeezed his eyes closed.

“Apologies, love.  I had difficulty sleeping.”

“I have trouble sleeping when I’m excited too.”

Emma sat down next to him and his eyes moved to her engagement ring.  He had been so excited to give it to her, but it wasn’t supposed to happen like it did.  He didn’t want to begin their life together with this terrible secret between them. He knew he could very well lose her for good, but it was a risk he knew he had to take.

Killian swallowed roughly as he met her eyes.

“Emma, there’s something I need to tell you,” he said.

This time, Emma didn’t miss the conflicted and upset look in his eyes. She took his hand in hers.  

“Whatever it is, just tell me.  We’ll get through it together, like we always do.”

His tongue lashed at his lips. “I-

Just then, Emma’s cell phone rang.  She picked it up off the table, sighing heavily.  "Sorry, it’s my dad.”

Killian blew out a breath as she answered the phone.

“Hi, Dad.  What’s going on?”  Emma let out a groan as she listened to her father.  "Okay, I’ll be right there.“

She hung up the phone and met Killian’s eyes.

"Everything okay, love?”

“The Evil Queen is back.”

“Well, that certainly can’t be good.”

Emma shook her head. “Nope.” She paused, eyeing him.  "I’m sorry, but I really have to get down to the station.  Can we talk about this tonight?“

Killian nodded, simultaneously relieved for the reprieve and terrified that he wouldn’t gain the courage he needed to tell her a third time.

"Of course, love,” he said.

“Great,” she replied, placing a kiss on his lips.  She pulled back and met his eyes, as she squeezed his hand. “And Killian?  Don’t worry.  There’s nothing you could ever say to me that would make me not want to marry you or love you any less.”

Killian managed a weak smile, but no response, as she released his hand and headed to the stairs. He could only hope that was true.

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Words and Paper - Part V

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: thank you all for your continued support! If you’d like to be tagged, let me know! If you have any requests, feel free to send them in!

Word Count: 2.6k

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None


Y/N had the spent the remainder of her first day organizing her office and making it cozy and homey, just like her old one. Every once in awhile there was a knock on her door, presenting another attorney giving her a welcome. For the most part, everyone seemed kind enough and would probably not make any problems for her, but she could tell some of the more senior associates might not like her as much.

She plopped down in her chair and put her feet up on her desk, and let out a large sigh. She wondered what Tony had in store for her tomorrow. It would only be her second day, but she was eager to start on a new project and start making a name for herself. She closed her eyes for a moments, but was pulled out of her thoughts by the buzzing of her phone. She looked at it and saw that it was Bucky calling her. She smiled to herself as she eagerly grabbed it.

“Hey Princess,” his warm voice brought a smile to her face. Even though he wasn’t there with her, she felt the familiar warm blush creep up in her cheeks, “how’s your first day?”

“Oh Bucky, what a day it has been,” she laughed a little bit, “the people here are..interesting.”

“Are they treating you okay?” His voice immediately got a note of defense in it.

“Yeah…well I think they will be anyway. The first lady I met, Mary, ruffled me a little bit, but I stood my ground, so I think we’re okay,”


“I think she had a problem with my age and I don’t know what else. But I told them all that if it was a problem they could take it up with me, and no one’s said anything else,” she shrugged her shoulders lightly even though he wasn’t there to see.

“Atta girl. Don’t let me undermine you,” he agreed, “and if you need anything, let me know.”

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You Just Left Me To Die! (Pt. 3)

Originally posted by thenocturnalfew

(Part 1) (Part 2)

Paring: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warning: Blood, smoking, violence, mention of sex/ sexual situation

Rating: Explicit

A/N: e/c (eye color), also Ace is Bruce’s dog, sorry this is hella LONG 

It felt like you had been thrown through a few brick walls, and then the worse surgeon in the world had put you back together. Your whole body felt weak and limp, your thoughts were hazy and partially formed. Your eyes opened slowly, all your strength going into that tiny little movement. You groaned quietly at the faint light streaming through the windows, it felt like you had the worst hangover ever. Once your eyes were completely open, you took in your surroundings. It looked like you were in a hospital, but there was something strange about the look of it. Your bed was the only one there, even though the room was massive. The walls were devoid of anything, just a long stretch of blank white, most of the time hospitals have paintings or something to keep the patients spirits up or whatever. Just moving your eyes hurt and made you feel sick. Based off these symptoms, you could only guess that you had a severe concussion. That’s when the smell hit you, a strong scent of cigarettes. Strong enough for your nausea to completely take over, you leaned over the bed and dry heaved. The only thing that came up was bile, your eyes watered from the attack on your gag reflex. You slowly leaned back down into the bed and went to rub your eyes, but found that your hands had been restrained. You slowly turn to find the source of the smell. In front of the far window stood the man, Knight, his back was to you. Long wisps of smoke issued from in front of his helmet. “Where the hell am I?” you manage to croak out. The mask snaps back into place with a faint click and he turns around, grabbing the cigarette and putting it out with his boot.

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Dads Against Daughters Dating

Note: This little bit here has been my headcanon for a good few months and a part of me wishes that I had posted it during Pride Month, but I didn’t because I’m an idiot. I don’t have a lot of experience with “coming out” as I don’t fall under the LGBTQA umbrella, but I do think that Emma and Killian would most certainly not care if their kid was. I was supposed to be working on a Wes request and a Harrison request, but my Beth muse was going so I decided to follow through with it. I will work on Wes tomorrow and hopefully post it by tomorrow night. Anyway, thank you @welllpthisishappening for listening to me babble on and on about these children. I would be lost without you. Available in AO3 flavor here: [LINK]
Summary: Beth Jones has been going on a lot of dates, but Emma and Killian aren’t entirely prepared for the bit of news that their fifteen year old daughter drops on them over breakfast.
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,900+

Killian Jones loves his daughter with everything in his heart, but these days he misses when she was a little minnow in his arms who wanted nothing more than to splash around in the waves, fiddle around with his hook and giggle against his chest as they watched whales break the ocean’s surface while taking the Jolly on a joy ride.

Now, she’s a full-fledged teenage girl, no longer sweet and adorable, but clever, gorgeous and maddeningly charming with a penchant for tight fitted clothing and low neck lines that blatantly show off more cleavage than Killian is comfortable with. At fifteen years old, Beth Jones is both Killian’s pride and joy and his worst nightmare. There are days where Killian is pretty sure he’s going to suffer from aneurysm due to half of the outfits she puts on. Even worse is that he now catches men of all ages blatantly staring at his little girl. He nearly killed one of the dwarves who had been checking out at his daughter’s ass in the grocery store before his wife stopped him. It doesn’t help that she’s also aware of the staring and sometimes even encourages it with a flirty wink and an all-knowing smirk that gives him a sense of deja vu.

Now boys hound her at all hours of the day. Text messages, phone calls and little notes start cropping up all over the place. One boy who had been working as a bus boy at Granny’s even had the nerve to ask her out while they were eating together as a family. He could barely contain his look of disdain while Beth calmly told him she was unavailable and to ask her some other time. Harrison looks as horrified as Killian while Wes and Neddy tease their sister on how popular she is.

“Jeez, you cannot even eat without getting someone’s number,” Wes snickers. “And I thought I was the gorgeous one in the family.”

“Shut up!” Beth hisses under her breath. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

She says it doesn’t mean anything, but half the time she humors these idiots and lets them take her out for dinner, to the movies and even to the park. Killian doesn’t understand it and doesn’t want to. He just wants it all to stop.

“She’s fifteen, Killian, she’s allowed to date. I don’t remember you giving Henry, Harrison or Wes this much grief when they started dating,” Emma comments after listening to him rant about Beth’s latest date at the movie theater with Dean Kelleher. Dean is two years older than Beth and his parents were some sort of minor nobles back in the Enchanted Forrest. Killian doesn’t care if the boy’s parents were Olympian gods, no one is worthy of his daughter.

“That’s different!” Killian exclaims. “She’s”- “Your little girl,” Emma interrupts him with a teasing smile.

“Your little pirate princess. Your little buttercup. Your minnow. Shall I go on?” she asks him, looking every bit amused.

“Swan…” Killian gives her an irritated look.

“Killian, like I said, she’s fifteen, not three. She’s going to grow up someday. Pirate princess is possibly gonna find a pirate king in the future and you can’t handle it.”

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Killing Me Softly

Genre: 70s!AU; Angst; Fluff

Pairing: Woozi x Black Reader

Warnings: Drug Use, Violence

Author’s Note:  That picture had me shook af.  I had to write something. I wish he had a piercing and more rings though.

     “I just need you to bang out another hit.  Y’know something real groovy- that’s what you kids say nowadays, right?,” the middle-aged man chuckled.  “Yeah, something like that,” Jihoon sighed, running a hand over his face in a mix of annoyance and exhaustion.  “I know you can do it.  That’s why I hired you, and you’ve done it before.”  “But my heart’s just not in it.  I didn’t sign on for disco, Mr. Jamison.”  

     The man looked at him with a smirk before taking a long drag of his cigar.  “You signed on for whatever the fuck I tell you to write and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it ‘long as I’m cutting you a check.  Now get to work,” he sneered before leaving the studio.  Jihoon watched in anger as Jamison exited, causing him to accidentally snap his pencil in half.

     About an hour later, he balled up yet another piece of paper, throwing it into the overflowing bin on the other side of the room.  “Shit,” he mumbled, dropping his head to the wooden desk.  ‘Washed up before thirty…Who would’ve thought…?’  His eyes drifted between the clock on the wall and the blank pages of his notebook.  “Fuck this,” he said defiantly, grabbing the book and a pen before making his way out of the studio, as well.

     “Another scotch on the rocks, please,” Jihoon requested, punctuating the sentence with a slight hiccup.  “I don’t know, Man…I think I might have to cut you off,” the bartender replied, slightly amused at the hazy look in his patron’s eyes.  “C’mon, just one more. I swear I’m okay,” he pleaded with only a slight slur to his diction.  

     Their banter was interrupted by applause as another singer took the stage at the front of the bar.  Jihoon turned his attention to the bronze-complected, demure woman that stood in front of the microphone.

     “How y’all doin’ tonight?,” she began.  “I’m not really one for introductions, and most of you know me already, so I’ll just get started with a number by good ‘ol Miss Flack. Y’all dig?”  Noticing the crowd’s positive reaction, he wondered what made her so special.  

Then she opened her mouth.

“Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song”

     At that moment, Jihoon knew that this was the sound he had been searching for.  The harmonies he couldn’t hold on to.  The melody he’d been missing.  This woman’s voice, so soulful and sultry, was exactly what he needed.  

     “Who’s that?,” he asked the bartender.  “Oh, that’s _____.  She’s a regular here.  Performs every Friday night for open mic.”  Jihoon nodded, deep in thought.  

      After finishing her set, she took a bow, humbly accepting the applause that rang through the air.  “Much love, much love,“ she smiled.  “Enjoy the rest of open mic night, and I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.“  With one final wave, she walked down the stairs at the front of the stage.  

     “Great set, as always,” the bartender said as she walked by.  “Thanks, David,” she smiled.  Figuring it was now or never, Jihoon stopped her before she could leave.  “Uh, excuse me.”  She turned to look at him with a pleasantly curious expression.  “You were amazing up there.”  “Thank you.”  “I’m not sure of how to say this, but basically…I need you.  Wait, that sounds terrible.  I need your voice.  That’s not much better,” he muttered the last part under his breath before inhaling deeply.  Exhaling, he inwardly cringed at the confused look on her face.  “My name is Lee Jihoon and I’m a musician.  I write and produce for Copasetic Records.”  

     She nodded, skepticism clear on her face.  “You don’t believe me.  It’s okay, I wouldn’t either,” he says, handing her his card.  “Anyway, I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to find a new sound and I think I just did.”  “And that sound is…me?”  “Yes.  Money’s no object.  I just need you to record a song for me.”  She skimmed over the card before handing it back to him.  “No thanks.”  “What?”  “I’ve heard the stuff you produce and it’s not my style.”  “But this song would be different.  With your voice and my lyrics, we could make a hit.”  “With your lyrics?,” she scoffed.  “Ooh baby, do it real groovy,” she recited humorlessly.  “Okay, so that wasn’t my best song, but-Wait!,” he exclaimed, following her as she walked out of the bar.  

     “Look, I only saw ‘Foxy Brown’ once, but I’m a fast learner.  Keep following me and I’ll have no problem kicking your ass.”  “No need,” he raised his hands in defense.  “I’m just asking that you take my card…In case you change your mind.”  “Fine, but that’s not likely to happen.”

     Jihoon became a regular at that bar over the next few weeks.  Drinking numbed the pain of him having sold his soul to Copasetic Records, and seeing _____ revived what little hope he had left in the music industry.       

     “You’re pretty damn persistent, aren’t you?,” she asked, taking a seat on a bar stool before ordering “the usual”.  “No, but I’m pretty sure I’m becoming an alcoholic,” he chortled.  David placed a martini in front of her and Jihoon stopped her before she could pay for it.  “It’s on me.”  “I don’t accept drinks from strangers,” she simpered.  “Well, I don’t think I’m that strange, do you?” 

     She thought for a moment before speaking again.  “What’s the catch?”  “No catch.  Just buying a drink for a beautiful girl.”  “Thanks, but drinks and compliments don’t get me into bed or the studio,” she said in a slightly teasing tone.   

Well, she was half right.

     Soft smoke clouded the air in Jihoon’s bedroom as they found themselves tangled in a mess of bare limbs and plush sheets.  

     “…And so I found a gig at the bar and just…never left,” _____ exhaled, smoke flowing throughout her words. “But you could be doing so much more,” Jihoon sighed.  “Pass.”  She handed him the blunt and he took a long drag before continuing to speak.  “Don’t you wanna see your name in lights, _____?”  “Not if it means being a puppet with a record exec’s hand up my ass…Sorry,” she laughed, noticing Jihoon giving her a blank stare because of her comment.  “Look, I came to LA hoping for something different.  Something worthwhile that would make me happy.  Then I experienced hunger…I did what I had to do and then I got used to the money.  Figured that if I just played along for a while, I’d eventually get to create what I wanted…but I guess I was wrong.”  Realizing that this was clearly a sensitive topic for him, she placed a hand on top of his.   

     He smiled softly at her before putting the roach out in the ash tray on the bedside table.  Without another word, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, tasting mint, hemp, and bliss. 

     The next morning, Jihoon woke up to an empty space in his bed and the sound of his piano in another room.  After sliding on a pair of boxers, he made his way into his living room to find _____ sitting at his grand piano, his red flannel loosely fitting around her small frame.  

     “You’re pretty good,” he smirked, leaning against the door frame.  She jumped a bit, immediately removing her hands from the keys.  “I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.”  “She’s a beaut, isn’t she?,” he asked, walking over and gliding his hand across the wood.  “You ain’t never lied,” she smiled, still mesmerized by the instrument.  “Play something for me,” she grinned, finally looking at him.  “Alright.  Any requests?”  “Surprise me,” she shrugged.

     He nodded and began to play the tune of “Killing Me Softly”, causing her to laugh a bit.  “Of course you picked this song.”  “Sing for me,” he beamed, fingers gracefully tapping.  

“Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song”

     “Beautiful,“ he complimented before adding, “Oh, and the singing was good, too.“  She giggled a bit before leaving a sweet kiss on his lips.

About two months had passed before Jihoon showed _____ his song book. 

     “I have a surprise for you.”  “What is it?,” she asked, rolling another blunt.  He pulled out a small notebook and handed it to her as she placed the herb on the table.  “Back page.”

     She smiled and opened it, landing on a page with her name on it.  He watched her expression nervously as she read.  “Jihoon, this is beautiful,” she gushed, eyes trailing along the words of adoration and love.  “Did you write something to accompany it?”  “Of course,” he smirked, standing to go to the piano.  Cracking his fingers, he played the first few notes.  “Sing for me?”  “Of course.”

     They ended up recording that song, not through persuasion, but of _____’s own suggestion.  Soon after, the two found themselves sitting in a mess of velvet and leather, Mr. Jamison’s office.  

     “I really think we’ve got a hit on our hands, Sir,” Jihoon said.  “Play it,” he responded stoically.  Jihoon followed his orders before sitting down next to _____ and holding her hand tightly.

     As the song came to an end, Jamison laughed bitterly.  “What the fuck is this?  This isn’t disco.”  “We know, but we feel that this is better.  Soul is going to outlive disco, Mr. Jamison.  It has a timeless sound that’ll carry into the 80s without a doubt.”  “Jihoon, I don’t pay you to feel.  I don’t pay you to think.  And I definitely don’t pay you to bring no-name sluts in here with their demos.”  Jihoon’s blood boiled at his words and _____wanted nothing more than to leave, but she refused to leave Jihoon there.  “I pay you to write.”  “Not anymore,” the younger male calmly stated.  “What?”  “You heard me.  I quit.”  “Your contract binds you-”  “As long as working conditions are satisfactory.  And they’re not. I. Quit,” he said through his teeth before standing up and grabbing his girlfriend’s hand.  “Good luck keeping your fucking company from tanking.”  

And that’s where their hustle began.

     By 1981, a few years later, disco had, in fact, died. Copasetic Records had gone bankrupt and closed, giving rise to a new company.  One owned by Jihoon and _____.  After years of struggling through performing, networking, and negotiating, they had created a label consisting of various soul artists.  Some even began to branch out into some new genre.  Jihoon believed it was called hip hop or something similar.  _____ swore that in time, it would catch on.

     “Jihoon, we’re gonna be late to our own party!,” _____ exclaimed, walking into their bedroom.  She frowned, noticing him hunched over the bedside table.  “Jihoon, I thought you said you weren’t doing that anymore.”  He quickly stood up, wiping his nose.  “I know.  I just…I’m really stressed right now and- _____, wait!,” he called after her as she left the room.  Following her out, he grabbed her arm.  “I’m sorry, okay?”  “You shouldn’t be sorry for me; you should be sorry for yourself.”  “And why is that?”  “Well, for starters, your nose is bleeding,” she said, ripping her arm from his grasp.  “Shit,” he muttered, going into the bathroom to clean it.

     A few hours later, the two were greeting guests at a party for the label’s first anniversary.  Setting his wine glass down on a nearby table, Jihoon searched the room for _____.  Once he spotted her, he quickly made his way over and pulled her to the side.  “I’m done for good,” he said.  “You’ve said that b-”  “I know, but this time i mean it.  I’ve seen so many people go after fucking with that shit, and I know you’re terrified that I’ll be next.  But I won’t be. I’m not leaving you any time soon.”  “I love you,” she smiled, placing one hand on his cheek.  “And I love you. ‘Ya dig?,” he chuckled.  She nodded, laughing before kissing him softly.   “I should get back out there.”  “Go.  I’ll meet you by the stage,” he smiled.  As she walked off, he reached in his pocket, clutching the tiny velvet box with a grin.

     “And to think that it all started in a bar,” _____ said, causing everyone in the crowded room to laugh.  Jihoon smiled as she told the story of how this all came to be.  In that moment, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.  As she invited him to come up and say a few words, his hand gripped the box tighter.  “Well, before I talk about the label…I want to- no, I need to say something.”

     Just then, a shot echoed throughout the room, launching everyone into a panicked frenzy.  _____ screamed as Jihoon fell to the floor, clutching his bleeding stomach.  Rushing to his side, she lifted his head and yelled into the crowd, “Someone call 911!”  As she looked around, she noticed a familiar face in the crowd.  Mr. Jamison, who stood in an almost dazed state as people rushed towards him.  

     “Jihoon, stay with me, okay?  Everything’s gonna be alright,” she said, trying to stay composed as he coughed up blood.  “You said you wouldn’t leave me any time soon, remember?”  “I love you,” he struggled to say.  “I love you, too,” she cried.  Her watery eyes met his lidded ones as she felt his heart begin to slow down.  The small velvet box caught her eye, having fallen out of his pocket, and she could’ve sworn her own heart stopped as realization hit her.  “No no no…,” she repeated, shaking her head.

He stopped her by speaking.  “_____…Sing for me…one last time.”

“Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song”

caustic-synishade  asked:

a video drops tomorrow, right? its dark. thunder rolling. a flash as we see a slumped over corpse. red stained on the collar and down the shirt. neck sliced open. his hands are soaked with blood. and there is something in his hands. softly the rain beats as a voice softly narrates "who did it...?" as the text finally fits together. "who killed markiplier?"... im probably not close but.

i can just piCTURE this and i love it so freaking much yes please sign me the fuck up fam 

Seventeen Reacts to: Coming home to their S/O slow dancing w/their eyes closed

Brb2132 requested: Seventeen reaction to coming home and seeing their S/O slow dancing with their eyes closed ❤️❤️❤️

I hope this is good enough for you! 💞 You can request again if you’d like. - A


It’s been a long and tiring day at dance practice and he’s tired. He’s ready to just lay down and cuddle with his girlfriend (you). He pushes the door of the apartment open and doesn’t see you anywhere so he figures you had already went to bed because it’s pretty late. He grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards your bedroom.
He hears soft music playing on his walk down the hallway and pushes the door open slightly. When he peeks in, he sees you dancing slowly by yourself with your eyes closed. Mingyu would smile to himself and quietly slip into the bedroom. He would wrap his arms around your waist and press a soft kiss to your shoulder.
“Mind if I have a dance?”

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Would be home after weeks of being away due to filming with the group. He was excited to surprise you so he was being extra quiet on his way inside. It’s early morning so he hoped you were still asleep and not in the kitchen where you’d hear the door open. He would peek in and quietly set his bags at the door before making his way through the house. 

He stops in front of the workout room and giggles when he sees you slow dancing. He leans in the doorway, just watching for a few minutes with a cute grin on his face. She’s too cute, he thinks to himself before speaking to you softly 

“Good morning beautiful. Why are you up so early?”
Would dance with you and ask how you’ve been without him home. Enjoys the morning with you.

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He left early in the morning to get breakfast and flowers for you considering it was  your anniversary. He felt horrible because it was very late in the morning when he returned and he only left a little “see you soon beautiful” on the mirror in the bathroom.
He pushed the door open and set the food on the table, pouting a little bit because he could hear music playing upstairs from your room. He wanted to be back before you woke up so he could surprise you but traffic had to be a bitch and now he’s irritated with himself. I knew I should’ve left sooner. 
He made his way upstairs and to your bedroom, stopping to smile at your slow dancing. He admired for a short second before turning the music down.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t home when you got up this morning. Happy anniversary.”
He would hand you the flowers and ask if you’d dance with him before breakfast.

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He was babysitting his cousins so he wasn’t really home at all today but he did try to call you. The call dropped when the little one took his phone and threw it so he felt bad for neglecting and ignoring you all day. He decided he’d stop to get your favorite ice cream as well as a small teddy bear before driving home.

He would giggle when he found you slow dancing in the living room to peaceful music. He put the ice cream away and hugged you tightly. He apologized for startling you and handed you the teddy bear
“I missed you.” he mumbles, swaying back and fourth with you leaned against his chest

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Jeonghan was busy with filming the boys today so he only had fifteen minutes to talk to you. He left before you woke up and left you with a note. I love you and hope you have a great day baby! I’ll call you when I can sweetie. Don’t forget eat please. Love Jeonghan

When he did call you, it was rushed and he was irritated because they kept messing up and giving him the wrong lines so they had to restart every ten minutes. He was just overall over the day. He brought home some food for the both of you and felt better when he walked in to see you dancing to a cute slow song. You had stolen one of his hoodies and were just dancing with your eyes closed. He hummed softly, watching you for a few minutes
“You look so cute but you should come eat so we can go cuddle.”

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You knew Soonyoung would be home today, so you cleaned the house and got dressed in his favorite outfit of yours: faded blue jeans, a pretty baby blue blouse and a pair of sandals. You didn’t know exactly what time he would be home so you turned on some music and started to dance happily. So excited for him to be home. Gah~ hope he’ll dance with me.

He walked in with his arms full of luggage from his long journey to Hong Kong with the rest of Seventeen. When he walked into the living room and saw you dancing, he’d smile and set his stuff down before hugging you from behind. He’d dance with you that way in a comfortable silence before mumbling a soft
“Missed your dancing so much.”

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He kissed your cheek before leaving to go buy wine and ice cream for the two of you. You turned on some music and couldn’t stop yourself from dancing along to it. When he got home, he would stop to smile at you. Puts the ice cream away and pours two glasses of wine before joining you in the living room
“You’re so precious baby girl. Never change ”

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When he caught you slow dancing by yourself, eyes closed and a cute little grin on your face, he’d have to take a picture. He’d send it to the group chat with this silly girl is going to kill me under it

He would continue to watch you with a smile on his face but would blush when you noticed him.
“Yah! You weirdo, why didn’t you say anything?”
“You looked too cute to disturb..”

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Vernon would be happy to see you dancing alone in one of his big t-shirts to a soft and slow song in the background. He would sing along softly to the song, wrapping you in his arms and kissing you gently
“What a pleasant thing to come home to.”

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He would giggle and watch you for a few minutes, seeing how much you were enjoying yourself. He would then shyly ask if he could have a slow dance with you.

“C-Can I- We have a dance?”

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Would set down the groceries, watching you with a big smile.
“You look so good dancing like that. You would look better dancing it with me though.”
Teases you but gives you a romantic slow dance in the dim-lit living room after eating dinner with you.

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His heart would absolutely melt when he walked into the apartment and saw you having a nice slow dance with yourself in your pajamas. He would grin and tell you that you looked beautiful dancing like that. He would then give you the bouquet of flowers and big teddy bear he’d bought you.
“I wanna dance with you though.. Like, if you’re okay with that..” Blushes afterwards

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He would fangirl. Without a doubt, he would squeal loudly and clench his chest.
“Too cute omg!” 

would sit down with big puppy dog eyes

“How come you don’t dance with me like that?”

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On this day in music history: February 24, 1973 - “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Roberta Flack hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart on the same date. Written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox, it is the second chart topping single for the North Carolina born singer, songwriter and musician. Originally recorded by singer Lori Leiberman, the song is inspired by a poem she writes after seeing singer Don McLean (“American Pie”) perform at The Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood. Flack sees a picture of Leiberman in a magazine article about her and the song while flying from LA to New York. After hearing Leiberman’s version, Flack decides that she wants to record it herself. Her belief in the songs hit potential is confirmed when she performs it live for the first time. In September of 1972 while appearing as Marvin Gaye’s opening act at the Greek Theater, she performs “Killing Me Softly” during her encore and crowds reaction is wildly enthusiastic. After her set, Gaye tells her not to perform the song again live until after she records it. Once in the studio, Flack spends nearly three months fine tuning the song before feeling that it’s ready for release. Released as a single in January of 1973, it is an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #54 on January 27, 1973, it rockets to the top of the chart four weeks later. “Killing Me Softly With His Song” wins three Grammy Awards, including Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female and her second consecutive win for Record Of The Year. Gimbel And Fox also win the award for Song Of The Year. In 1996, The Fugees revive “Killing Me Softly”, reaching #2 (for 3 weeks) on the Billboard Airplay Chart on June 22, 1996, and winning two Grammy Awards for their album “The Score”. Flack’s version of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.