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Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p34-35)

Second part of the YOI interviews featured on CREA. As for the one with Kubo, more than “interviews” they are like “mini articles” that incorporate what the interviewed people said. The interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer).

Random note: thanks to this magazine I was finally able to know that Sagiri’s name is “Yuuko”. When I translated her interview on Pash I did lots of research but wasn’t able to find out the pronunciation so I used Yuiko because that was what came out searching for the name alone, but now it’s confirmed that it’s Yuuko so as soon as I have time I’ll edit that interview to fix it. I swear all magazines should be obliged to provide the pronunciation of names, because sometimes it’s really hard to find out how the kanji are pronounced when it’s not famous people with Wikipedia pages and such…

By the way, the issue of Pash coming out today (Feb. 10th) has an article I was really looking forward to (the second part of Kubo’s detailed commentary on each episode), so I’ll probably spend the night translating it when I get home from work. Also because I want to post it before the YOI all night event on Saturday (I’m going to the live viewing).

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #2: Choreography x Kenji Miyamoto
“The footage taken with the camcorder was the key to create realistic and powerful anime scenes”

Profile: From Hyogo prefecture. After retiring from competitive ice dance in 2006 he started working as a choreographer and commentator. With director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT” for the first time he was involved in creating figure skating choreographies for an anime.

The choreographies for all characters’ programs were created by choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. He created them integrating the music with the information he received from director Yamamoto and Kubo regarding the characters and their programs. What was different than usual is that the songs for the FS were 4 minutes long instead of 4:30 minutes.
“In the anime characters need less strokes to speed up, so it’s possible to use less ‘transitions’, the movements connecting different techniques. I cut down on those and made the programs more compact.”
Miyamoto was filmed with 4 fixed cameras and 2 portable camcorders as he danced all the programs, then the footage was edited into a multiframe video based on which the animated figure skating scenes were created.
“I believe that the footage taken with the portable camcorder, that filmed me up close, is what made it possible to create realistic and powerful tournament scenes.”
After watching the finished anime, Miyamoto commented that the characters’ monologues during their performances are realistic.
“When you are performing lots of things are whirling around inside your head. In my case it wasn’t words but still pictures, like photographs. I was happy that they expressed the athletes’ feelings.”

Reality #3: Animation x Junpei Tatenaka & Eiji Abiko
“The performances look realistic thanks to Miyamoto-sensei’s choreographies”

Profile: Animators working for the anime production company MAPPA. Specialized in sports and action scenes. They both created animation for director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT”.

Animation of the figure skating scenes was created by action specialists Junpei Tatenaka and Eiji Abiko. “It’s the first time that we digitally create 2D pictures after deciding the camerawork. It was very difficult because we had to figure out how to do everything”.
Tatenaka, who was already a fan of figure skating, says: “For the moments I believed to be the ‘highlights’ of a performance I would add 1-2 extra stills. This way, I was able to draw out a little what in the live footage only lasted an instant.” They actually made jumps much higher than they are in real life.
“While being aware that real skaters wouldn’t jump that high, I still wanted the scenes to be striking, therefore I was always looking for a good balance between realism and what could be allowed in animation.” (Abiko)
They both agree that Miyamoto’s choreography footage was the most important factor that allowed them to create realistic performance scenes.
“When there was a key point in the music, Miyamoto-sensei would pose with all of his body creating a beautiful line, from his fingertips to the tips of his toes. It was very easy to draw.” (Tatenaka)

Reality #4: Costumes x Yuuko Sagiri
“I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL)”

Profile: Ballroom dancing costume designer working for the ballet & dance supplies maker Chacott. She has designed figure skating costumes for athletes such as Nobunari Oda and Akiko Suzuki.

Yuuko Sagiri, designer of the athletes’ costumes, created the designs giving importance to functionality that would improve a skater’s performance and to elements that would make the character’s personality stand out, just like she does for real costumes. She chose materials, cuttings and decorations that would actually be employed in costumes used for real performances.
“Normally I objectively watch an athlete’s past performances to understand their level and what kind of movements they are skilled at, and this is then reflected in the design. This time I based the design on the characters’ setting materials, the information I received from the director and the choreography footage by Miyamoto-sensei. I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL).”
Regarding Yuuri’s costume, she mentions that she wanted to reflect the fact that he is psychologically weak and gains weight easily.
“I added shining decorations on his chest so that his face would look bright even when he is tense. The cuts on the waist are to make him look slim.”
Actually, she also designed a costume for Yurio’s exhibition. Sagiri said that she created the design thinking of what “Yurio would really want to wear”. We’d definitely like to see him skate with that costume!

Reality #5: Music x Keisuke Tominaga
“I added melody to the beautiful lyrics that is ‘Yuri on Ice’”

Profile: From Kanagawa prefecture. Music producer. He founded PIANO INC. in 2012 and is the current representative director. His main works include the Pocari Sweat 2016 commercial “Kimi no Yume wa, Boku no Yume.”, the TV anime “Zankyou no Terror”, etc.

When creating the music for this show, music producer Keisuke Tominaga constantly asked himself whether it was music you could dance to.
“I would move my hands, feet, my whole body, sometimes even checking the rhythm like a conductor or a dancer. Figure skating has many elements that resemble ballet, so to express the elegant movements of the body I used many tunes in triple time like waltz and bolero.”
Most of the classical and orchestra tracks were created by Taku Matsushiba, while the vocal tracks and modern band songs by Tarou Umebayashi. They worked on the music as a team, always communicating with each other.
“The world created by Kubo-san and director Yamamoto was like realistic and beautiful ‘lyrics’, and I feel that our role was to create a ‘melody’ for those lyrics. In fact, when I joined together Yuuri’s FS song “Yuri on ICE” and Victor’s recorded voice for the first time, the lines sounded just like the words of a song, and I can’t describe how moved I was. I believe that this strong, deep expression that you would not be able to obtain with music alone is what realistically affects the viewers.”

Bonus in case you haven’t seen it already: Sagiri’s design for Yurio’s exhibition program.

newt-fruit-main  asked:

Hey! I am very pro-AZA facilities, but I am a little bit concerned about your recent comment on sanctuary breeding. Sanctuaries and rescues are NOT receiving genetically valuable animals, usually they come with no genetic history, and are inbred for color morphs or mixed species (i.e. tigers)! This wouldn't be smart breeding for conservation like the SSPs! (1/?)

The animals they receive should essentially be considered like the excess domestic dog/cat populations in the US (only big and dangerous), because there truly are more than there are available suitable homes for. The argument of breeding for conservation in captivity has to be done in line with responsible breeding that’s part of a larger networked plan, because roadside zoos breed all kinds of animals irresponsibly (filling up the sanctuaries) and claim conservation.

Most of what you’re saying is true, and what you’re most concerned about re: the SSP mention is going to be an issue in the future. However, there are a couple things I want to respond to because they’re going to be super important for people who care about big cats to understand in the near future, in regards to conservation and the sanctuary industry and animal rights interactions. I’m gonna break those down below, but it’s not intended as a smackdown - you just gave me a great opening to talk about something I’ve been realizing I need to write about. To give you some context: I’ve spent the last couple months digging into the histories of sanctuaries and rescues as an industry and studying a lot of the exotic animal legislation that has been proposed/passed in the last couple decades. That means I’ve been researching the evolution of legislation and how animals move (both around the US, and between types of placement) in response to it, and what legal actions or public petitions influence those movements. The holistic picture is… interesting. 

First, though, I want to talk about a couple of the statements you made - because they’re super common in sanctuary messaging right now and, most importantly, have started showing up in legislation and lobbying regarding big cats recently. 

The lack of known lineage for big cats coming into sanctuaries and rescues was really only accurate in the 90s and potentially early 2000s, and from what I can really was at latest an issue up until 2007. The 90s was the period when the big cat population in private ownership in the US was out of control and rescue began to be a big deal - hence the formation of the current major big cat sanctuary organizations. The last large number of big cats of “unknown origin or lineage” left private hands and went into sanctuaries between 2004-2007, as people prepared for the full enforcement of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act (which, among other things, prohibited moving cats across state lines). After that point in time, the need for rescue - by which I mean hoarder situations or animals that truly were not receiving appropriate care, not exotic pet politics framed as abusive - dropped off sharply because anyone who hadn’t given up their big cats prior to 2007 was very aware that the CWSA meant that they were responsible for keeping those animals for life because they could no longer be easily transported to a new owner or another facility. So, a decade after that, animals coming into rescue are generally coming from either pet situations or are confiscations from private facilities. The people who are currently breeding big cats outside of AZA accreditation - regardless of what else you think about them or their practices - are smart enough to understand that inbreeding can occur and that tracking bloodlines is important. All of the exotic pet communities are pretty small and tight-knit in the US, so I can’t believe that there’s no known lineage for the animals currently ending up in sanctuaries. It might not go back more than a couple generations, or might not be something the sanctuaries are given, but it’s got to exist. 

I’m also really skeptical about the whole “there are more big cats than there are suitable homes for” messaging that’s omnipresent in the rescue and sanctuary industry right now, for two reasons. One, there’s no agreement on what a “suitable home” for a big cat is: the Animal Welfare Act is the federal set of requirements for appropriate care, but sanctuaries and animal rights groups consistently condemn places that meet that criteria, and only AZA likes the idea of AZA standards being a requirement for a suitable home, since most facilities don’t have the funding and mission to become part of the AZA. This means there’s no other set of standards that sanctuaries and rescues can point to to back up a claim about a situation for a big cat being ‘not good enough’. Since sanctuaries continue exist because they house confiscated animals, in the absence of data or concrete standards used to quantify a bad situation, any statement they make about big cat quality of care is inherently embroiled in politics. 

Two, the current numbers for captive big cats in the US just do not make sense. They’re all over the place and appear to be estimations because there aren’t primary source citations in any document - legislative or media - that I’ve found past 2003, and even that’s iffy. 

Let’s just look at tigers, for instance. In 2003, a paper Nyhus and Tillson estimated that there were anywhere between 5000-12,000 captive tigers in private hands alone in the US. The excuse given for such a huge potential range: the authors think most pet tigers would be kept illegally and not reported. It goes on to say the most likely estimates are between 7000-9000, but following up on those sources simply gives me news articles where the one of the authors is quoted about those numbers - there’s literally no data or study cited to support that. Okay, so, hold on, we’re guesstimating in a scientific paper about the existence of multiple thousands of tigers, multiple times more than exist in the wild, because of an utter absence of data and the determination that people lie? That doesn’t seem right.  But, then, in 2008 a report on tiger trafficking done by Fish and Wildlife said there are “as many as” 5000 tigers in the US - total, including in zoos and sanctuaries as well as private hands. They were using data from a single 2005 study, which estimated 3349 tigers in “private” hands (2120 in USDA licensed facilities that were not considered zoos or sanctuaries and 1129 in non-exhibition situations). That’s a drastic difference from 2003-2005, and only the 2005 citation shows evidence of actually having data backing it. Now, fast forward to the last couple of years. In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund states that of the 5000 tigers it thinks are in the US, 4700 of those tigers are in private hands. In 2015, the founder of the sanctuary group Tigers in America stated that he thinks there are actually upwards of 7000 tigers in the US with no mention of location. Neither of these statements have any sort of citation, and those numbers don’t make sense. It’s been a decade since the last mention I can find of an actual study of the locations of big cats in the US, so does that mean the numbers that are now being used in legislation and advocacy efforts are simply estimates based on how many pet tigers these organizations think people aren’t reporting? Not to mention, the numbers don’t make sense - the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, as well as many pieces of state-and local-level legislation restricting big cat ownership have majorly restricted the ownership, transport, and breeding of big cats. How are the numbers going up as legislation gets more restrictive? If anyone can show me actual data on the number of big cats in captivity in the US post-2005, I’ll happily update this post - until then, I remain pretty skeptical about this supposed surplus of big cats because after months of searching I’ve found no primary data anywhere to support it. 

Next, let’s chat about roadside zoos for a second. If you’re not aware of why I think that appellation is outdated and meaningless to the general public, please take a second to read this article I wrote about the topic. This is especially pertinent to this discussion, as many facilities outside of AZA (frequently referred to as roadside zoos) directly contribute to the success of SSP programs - see Mill Mountain Zoo’s success with Pallas Cats and Red Wolves, and Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s success with Clouded Leopard breeding. Not all non-AZA places are of the same quality - some do still promote breeding color morphs or talk about white tigers as a separate subspecies - but it’s inaccurate to say that all roadside zoos don’t contribute to conservation or just “fill up sanctuaries” with excess animals. 

Okay. Now, on to the SSP and sanctuaries comment. Most of the cats coming into sanctuaries right now are either previous pets or animals confiscated after animals rights investigations, as mentioned above. Right now, AR groups aren’t going after places that participate in SSPs… but that’s not going to last. For years, HSUS has been campaigning to close down every zoo that isn’t AZA. You can see that in their rhetoric, and in the fact that in every single piece of legislation and media they right they directly contrast how AZA does things with the horrors of roadside zoos. As of earlier this month, the CEO of HSUS made a statement indicating that AZA is partnering with them to help police the rest of the zoo industry - and the biggest focus that HSUS wants to see from AZA is help shutting down roadside zoos, according to a representative who spoke on HSUS’ behalf at the 2016 AZA national conference. It’s convenient that there’s no operant definition for “roadside zoo” published anywhere in HSUS literature since 1980, isn’t there? (See the linked article above for that discussion). This leads us to the question of what happens to the big cats in external facilities that participate in SSPs when animal rights organizations start going after facilities they deem “roadside zoos” or those they condemn for simply not being AZA. Somehow I sincerely doubt they’ll deviate from the long-term plan of shutting them all down just because they happen to support a decent big cat conservation program. When HSUS lobbies to have a facility investigated, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF, the legal branch of the AR organizations) get involved with advocating to have animals removed from a facility, there’s always a sanctuary or two ready and willing to take those poor animals -  and they’re all ones that are tightly associated with the animal rights organizations and decry the breeding of their residents. So yes, I do think we’re going to see genetically valued animals “rescued” from facilities where they were part of legitimate, planned breeding programs in the near future and put in sanctuaries where they can no longer contribute to the conservation of their species. 

I also don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the animal rights organizations will eventually start going after AZA, once all the other zoos have been driven out of business or had their animals confiscated. The head of BCR has said publicly that she wants to see all cats removed from zoos and in sanctuaries by 2025 - and that she plans on doing it by first turning the public against roadside zoos, and then by taking in all the big cats the zoos abandon after she convinces the public that they’re fundamentally immoral for having them. That lines up pretty neatly with the current rhetoric coming out of sanctuaries and animal rights organizations about zoos right now, and hey, BCR and HSUS and ALDF are all sponsors of all the recent big cat welfare petitions to the USDA and heavily involved in lobbying for congressional legislation like the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Still not convinced? In the newest iteration of the BCPSA, AZA-accredited facilities are no longer accorded their historical exemption from the proposed regulations. 

Big cat sanctuaries may currently only have cats who aren’t considered valuable to conservation programs, but I don’t think it’ll stay that way. All of the animals who came into the sanctuaries because of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act in 2007 (along with a ton of funding, because pretty faces and sob stories are great for fundraising) are reaching the end of their natural lifespans. If the sanctuaries want to continue to exist, they have to get new animals from somewhere - and you can see them beginning to turn against the zoo industry and demand ownership of their animals. It’s scary, but it’s real, and it looks like it’s starting already - in late 2016, ALDF notified Landry’s Downtown Aquarium (an AZA facility) of their intent to sue for removal of their tigers under the Endangered Species Act if Landry’s did not send the cats to an accredited sanctuary. 

Some of the relevant citations:

False Twin Flames, Karmic Attachment, A Spiritual & Psychological Fusion.

A ‘false twin flame’ is a specific type of karmic attachment that leaves a pretty lasting impression, and a lasting impact, that is, until the actual twin flame makes themselves apparent. And sometimes, even then, the dent left by the false twin may be so prevalent, that it too affects the twin flame union, and the ways in which the twin in question perceives love, and perceives members of the opposite sex, (opposing energy).

Just like not everybody has a twin flame, not everybody has a false twin. The two sort of go hand in hand, and you cannot have one without the other.

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Down in the Library Basement

Running a library is not an easy thing to do.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who think that all librarians do is sit around and read the whole day. They have no concept of all the duties that come with being a librarian. In just one day, my mother will teach a class for senior citizens on how to use the computer, help four different families find the graves of their loved ones, register a thousand new books into the system, reorder all the books that have been returned, hold a story-time session for the children… the list goes on and on.

The point of me telling you this is for you to understand that it takes a person with a degree and years of experience to run a library… and I am not that person.

My mom has run our small town’s library for over twenty years.  She’s damn good at what she does, and that’s the only reason that town still has a library. Unfortunately, this meant that it was difficult to replace her, even for a short amount of time, when she fell down the basement stairs and broke her leg.

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Political Animals-Election Day (Part 15)

A/N: Warning for gun violence in this chapter FYI. Well we’ve come to the end of the road with this story.  Thanks to everyone for your comments and your enthusiasm.  There will be an epilogue after this, and then it’s on to the next story.  Thanks for reading!  Jen

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

It’s finally here.  The day that has been the focus of the Winchester and Novak families for the past two years.  Election day.  Today is the that will decide it all. By the end of the night, we would know if all the back-stabbing, mud-slinging, and name-calling by my mother had been effective enough to win her the election.

John had flat out refused to stoop to her level.  If he was going to be the mayor, he was going to do it the same way he did everything else, with honesty and integrity.  I admired him for that.

This election had truly brought out the worst in my mother.  She used every opportunity to bad mouth us in the press. The latest story she had concocted was that Sam had gotten me pregnant to trap me into marrying him. Seriously??

Sam was much better than me at ignoring my mother’s bullshit and laughing it off. I was hormonal and cranky and I usually just wanted to wring her neck on a regular basis.  Cas was at a total loss.  He told me on the phone the other day he had no idea who my mom was anymore.

“My best guess is she’s been replaced by an alien…..or a robot…”  he joked.

“Or she’s just lost her damned mind,” I complained irritably. 

“May the best man win,” Cas said seriously, and we both laughed.

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anonymous asked:

I want to ask why do you think that zuko is better for katara then aang? I think there both good for her but aang would be destroyed if she would go to zuko.

I’m not the most eloquent person out there so bear with me here. Also, please don’t take anything I say personally. For me these things are all just a matter of perspective on relationships, love, and your own lived experiences.    

First of all, I have absolutely nothing against Aang. The wonderful thing about Avatar was that all characters were perfectly flawed and yet still grew as the show progressed.

The thing is, Aang’s relationship with Katara romantically speaking did not; it was forced.

(very long post ahead. Read at your own peril. Can’t account for credibility or coherence) 

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Old Friends ( Pre-Curse Prince Adam x reader)

Hello! An Anonymous requested this based on certain prompts: 2-“Come dance with me.” 22-“ What’s in it for me?” and 55: “ Let’s ditch this place and do something fun.” So I do hope I didn’t not disappoint. I love Dan Stevens he’s amazing because not everyone is a Disney Prince and an Xmen. So with out further a due please enjoy.

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

Tonight was a very special night. The night that you get to see your oldest friend Adam, or Prince Adam as you were told to call him. But you two were very close that you ignored formalities. He was hosting one of his very expensive parties again and your family was invited. You weren’t royalty like your friend, but your family was one of the more richer families in France. You had dressed in your best gown, it was very extravagant and it was (f/c). You even wore the necklace Adam gave you as a child. Ever since his mother died you hadn’t seen your friend as much. His father thought you were to rambunctious for his son. You weren’t too bad you were just being kids back then. The two of you would run around the castle playing pretend. The staff loved you despite what their master said. You were always so kind and respectful to them. They would say that you and Adam were like a lock and a key. You complimented each other perfectly. But then his father passed and Adam shut you out, completely. He changed from the list of his mother more but he seemed like a different person. You haven’t seen him in seven years. So you don’t know if your even going to see your friend or a stranger. But you were excited none the less. You had decided that you were going to arrive a bit earlier than what you were supposed to. So as your carriage pulled up to the castle your stomach was filled with butter flies. Your driver went up first to the castle to announce your arrival. As you stepped out, it was like stepping into an old memory. The castle had looked exactly the same, like no time had passed at all. You stepped up to the door and was greeted by a familiar face “ Hello Mrs. Potts.” You said stepping inside. She came up and embraced you in a hug saying “ Oh bless my stars! Miss (Y/N) is that really you?” You hugged back “ It’s me alright.” She backed up “ Let me look at you dearie. Oh you’ve grown up so well, and very beautiful too.” You blushed an thanked her. You heard a faint call in the background and saw a little boy who couldn’t have been more than five years old. “ And who’s this?” You said crouching down to the floor to be at the same level as the boy. “ This is my son Chip. ” she replied. “ Why hello Chip I’m (Y/N).” You said to the young lad. “ Nice to meet you miss.” He said with his hand out. You shook it and complimented him on his manners. They were much better than yours when you were his age. “ Are you the lady who’s in all those pictures the master has?” You raised an eyebrow as Mrs. Potts shook her head. “ I’m not sure I’ve never seen those pictures.” You told him. You stood up as Cogsworth and Lumier entered. “ Ah Miss (Y/N) I thought I heard your voice! See Cogsworth I told you she’d show up. ” Lumier sneered patting his friend on back. “ It is good to see you again Miss (Y/N) .” Cogsworth said. You hugged them both. You were escorted into the sitting room as you were catching up with your old friends. For such a big Castle news traveled fast. Many of the staff members came in and greeted you with joy. Even Mr.Potts came in and he was a very forgetful man. “ What is all that noise?! I thought I told you not to disturb me until…” As you turned around you saw Adam stopped in his tracks. He was enthralled when he saw you. Last time he saw you both of you were young teenagers. You had grown to be quite beautiful. “ Hello Adam. It’s so good to see you.” You said walking up to him. “ (Y/N) y-your… Your early. ” he said flustered. Not the welcome you were expecting. “ What’s a few minutes between friends?” You replied. “ Well I will see you later on tonight. Go to one of the guest rooms and I will send Plumette up to assist you in… Cleaning yourself up. I’m having very important people over and I requested that you look your best. But we’ll fix you up.” You were taken back by his statement. Why would he say something like that? “ You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?” You said crossing your arms. “ Well I need you to look more professional. You look too much like… You.” He said as if he was justified. “ And since when did you think that was a problem?” You exclaimed. “ I will talk to you later!” He yelled and walked back up to his room. Still taken back by the way he talked to you, you just stood there. Looks like Adam was more of a stranger than you thought he’d be. You headed up to his room despite everyone telling you not to. You knocked on the door and he told you to enter. “ You want to tell me what that was about back there?” You said walking up to where he was getting ready. “ What do mean?” You rolled your eyes. “ You making it sound like I’m not good enough to even step foot on the premises.” He then replied with something you did not expect, especially from someone who was your friend. “ You’re upset because I wanted you to look presentable for my other guest? I’m sorry I know it’s hard for people of your class to understand, but when you are invited somewhere you dress your best. You weren’t royalty but he had no right to say that. Full of anger you questioned ” People of my class?! Adam those are your fathers words not yours!“ He then yelled ” Do NOT compare me to my father! Now do as I said and I will talk to you LATER!“ With that you left too angry to say anything else. Later Plumette had assisted in fixing up your makeup and Madam Garedrobe made adjustments to your dress. But she made sure that they were undo able so that she could turn it back in to the dress you loved. She even questioned her self why the master said to change it. She left so that she could warm up with Maestro and left you and Plumette alone for some finishing touches. ” Plumette, how long has Adam acted like that?“ She sighed ” Ever since the king and queen died. “ you felt great sorrow for your friend he had changed so much. Later that night during the party you did your best to fit in but all of those other rich families were starting to annoy you so for most of it you just sat near Garedrobe and Maestro listening to their beautiful music and just people watching. As you watched all of the people you noticed something out of place. Adam was also sitting alone just watching everyone as well. Looks like his night wasn’t going as planned. When Garedrobe took a break to get something to drink you asked her to sing an old song that Adam and you used to dance to as kids. She agreed and told Maestro about it. When the music started back up again Adam recognized it right away. You walked up to him and held out your hand saying ” Come dance with me.“ He huffed not really wanting to do anything, this night wasn’t going how he thought it would. When he looked at you to give an answer he saw that little girl he used to play with, who was his best friend. ” What’s in it for me?“ He asked. You gave him a look that said ‘really’ . You thought for a moment what could get him to do this little action. ” You can tell me what to do for the rest of the night and I will not complain, deal?“ You said ashamed of the idea but it was the only one you had. He then grinned and agreed and he escorted you to the dance floor. He surprised you with his quite exceptional dancing skills. Both of you were having fun, just as you did when you you were kids. Though your dance skills were a little better than those little kids you once were. And he was actually able to pick you up and spin you around. You had gotten a small part of your old friend to come out from that jerk you found. When the song ended almost nothing in the room had changed just a few looks from girls either in disgust or jealousy. You thanked Adam and as you were about to leave he whispered ” Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“ You looked back at him confused ” You said if I danced with you you would do what ever I told you and you wouldn’t complain remember?“ He said with a sly smile. You sighed and agreed. You both escaped the very boring party and sneaked out one of the many secret doors. The passage led into the garden, but there was a small ledge that you were hesitant about. A loud gasp came from you as you landed on the ground. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt and neither were you clothes. ” You were taking too long.“ Adam whined as he himself jumped down. ” You’re such a jerk Adam.“ You said shaking your head. ” I am not!“ He continued to whine. ” What happened to that kid I knew? What happened to my friend? You’re so different now.“ You said with a hint of sadness. Your Adam used to be kind, not so judgmental. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. ” In what way am I ‘different’ as you put it?“ You sighed carefully selecting your words. ” Your thinking is different. You used to think that it was okay that I liked things simple and that I was in a lower position than you. You just seem more arrogant, angry, and a little whiney.“ He crossed his arms ” I am none of those things. “ You looked at him as he realized what he said as soon as it came out of his mouth. ” I’m… I’m sorry (Y/N) if I offended you. I guess some of my father did rub off on me. If it means anything I thought you looked beautiful when you first came in. “ he said with a half smile hoping you would forgive him. ” I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I guess seeing you with a mixture of my fathers views and my love for you wasn’t a good mix.“ You snapped your head unsure that you heard him right. A: he apologized twice, and B: well did he really just say that? ” What did you just say?“ He blushed and tried to shrug it of as nothing. ” Oh no Adam. Did you just say you love me?“ You asked slightly smiling. ” No I didn’t. Stop it .“ He retorted. ” Oh my god you did. You said that you love me.“ You said poking him. As you kept poking him he grabbed your wrist angrily and did something you didn’t expect. He crashed his lips into yours. After the shock you kissed back. It became a hungry kiss very quickly. When you broke for air Adam said ” I didn’t know any other way to get you to stop talking. You were being annoying.“ You smiled as you leaned your foreheads together. ” Remind me to be annoying more often.“ There was a long silence before Adam started talking again. ” (Y/N) I was wondering if you could or wanted to spend the night here? With me?“ He asked looking down as he did. You lifted his head to look at those beautiful blue eyes of his ” Of course, I’d love to. Plus we made a deal so if you tell me too I kinda have to. Now you said we were going to do something fun.“ He laughed and led you to the stables. ” We are going to race just like we did when we were kids.“ He said opening the horses pens. ” And the winner gets to eat what ever leftover dessert they want, while the loser has no say in what they eat.“ He explained. You playfully gasped ” You’re a monster.“ You them blushed as he let out a growl and sneered. You mounted your horse saying ” You’re on your Majesty.“

It’s been exactly three weeks since I vowed to effectively quit* social media.

As a reminder, I say effectively because I am not getting rid of my accounts. But I am trimming my social media use to such an extent that, to a good approximation, I am not using them at all. So no, I have not quit this blog and I will not quit this blog. At least not anytime in the near future.

Thanks to those who have stayed along for the ride. Immediately after I made my last post three weeks ago I lost a handful of followers. But I just checked my activity feed and my follower count has apparently still been growing in my absence haha. It hasn’t gone down at all (though the slope has decreased slightly). Which is interesting. My content has a life of its own on this site, I suppose. That’s great.

But anyway. Let’s get to the good stuff, here.

My good friend @rudescience and I just Skyped after a small while. I Skyped him a couple times and we sent each other emails about once a week. Which was a huge change because, for over two years, he and I used to text/snap almost all day long, every single day. No exaggeration. It was hard to get used to, for both of us, but we actually prefer it this way. We’ve each become less dependent on each other and more present in the everyday life in front of us. But I mentioned him because he just reminded me during our conversation that I really did accomplish a lot over my three-week hiatus.

Obviously, quitting* social media was a big part of this. You might be surprised to know that such a seemingly small gesture had such an impact on my life, in only a few weeks.

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Just Rogue One Things (I Noticed in the Movie)

I know a lot of people have made these posts already, but I wanted to make my own. Sorry if I point out stuff you’ve seen on other lists.


-8 year old Jyn runs like a girl. Just sayin’.

-Saw seems like a great guy, and I’m not trying to attack him or anger his fans, BUT… What the HECK was he thinking, leaving 16 year old Jyn in a BUNKER of all things??? Literally ANY OTHER PLACE WOULD’VE BEEN BETTER. Does he not remember finding her so many years ago, alone in the world, scared, mourning her mother, missing her father, IN A BUNKER??? *screams for days*

-On I calmer note, I love the outfits in this movie. Jyn (and everyone else) dresses SO modestly. Like, the most skin she ever shows is her wrists. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate that. 

-Jyn is trembling a bit when the Rebel Commanders and Cassian explain why they busted her out of prison. 

-We get to see Cassian put on/take off that coat SO MANY times. Actually, he changes his clothes a lot in this movie… THANK YOU DISNEY

-Cassian says, “That’s Jedha” in an awkward attempt at small talk, and Jyn is having NONE OF IT. It’s basically the equivalent of him coming up to her and going, “So, crazy weather, huh?” Nope, try again, sir.

-Cassian loves the way Jyn talks to K-2SO. Don’t even pretend you didn’t notice.

-”You seem awfully tense all of a sudden.” Girl, have you been paying ANY attention to this guy? He’s the very definition of tense. Seriously, look up the word ‘stressed’ and you’ll find his frowning face. (A related search will probably ask you “Did you mean /stress/?” Click on that and you’ll get Jyn’s picture.)  

-Right after Jyn shields Cassian from the explosion behind them, he gives her a very brief look of complete shock. Blink and you’ll miss it, though. 

-I’m sure most of you saw this the first time, but it took me 3 viewings to realize that Chirrut. SAT. ON. A. DEAD. STORMTROOPER. Ah, to one day achieve that level of sass… 

-So, to sum up Jyn’s actions in Jedha: She saved a little girl, destroyed several Stormtroopers, protected Cassian’s butt, and topped it all off by JUMPING IN FRONT OF K-2SO TO KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SHOT BY BAZE. And y’all are wondering why Cassian couldn’t just leave her behind???

-What was Saw thinking as he watched Jyn’s REAL father tell her that he loved her, that he thought of her every day, that the pain of losing her was almost more than he could take, that she was still his beloved, his stardust…? I have so many feelings. 

-Saw approves of RebelCaptain when he says, “Go with him [Cassian], Jyn!”

-Also, Cassian pulling out his blaster when he sees Jyn on her knees, like, “WHAT’D YOU DO TO HER, YOU MONSTER??? FIGHT ME!!!” is gold. 

-Poor Cassian. The man just wants to do his job, his horrible, murderous job, and now he finds himself surrounded by people who are huge fans of the Erso Family. Even K is starting to warm up to Jyn. He’s doomed if he kills Galen, doomed if he doesn’t. 

-You can actually see the sheer panic on his face when Jyn starts defending her father. He looks like he wants to throw up. Outstanding acting there, Mr. Luna. Well done.

-These guys would be dead so many times throughout the film if not for Bodhi. He is arguably the most important member of the Rogue One team. (And he has no idea.)

-”Your father’s message. We can’t risk it. You’re the messenger” is THE most bull crap excuse ever. Cassian could’ve said, “No, this is a job for men” and he would’ve fared better. 

-Seriously, though, watch Cassian’s body language in this scene. He won’t face Jyn, won’t look at Jyn, does his best not to talk to Jyn. He’s an experienced spy with hundreds of secrets buried in his mind, and yet, around her, he’s a mess. 

-K is probably so confused after getting yelled at by Cassian. “I’m finally civil with your little girly-friend and this is how you treat me? #humansarecrazy”

-Jyn calls Galen ‘father’ once. After that, it’s only ‘papa’. Why? Because, deep down, a part of her is the same little girl who hugged him and told him she loved him. That part resurfaces when she sees him after SO LONG, and it’s painfully clear how much she wants to be his little girl again. This scene has so much psychological depth, I can’t even

-Also, Galen’s body was so twisted. Getting blown up is not a gentle way to go.

-MEANWHILE: Bodhi manages to steal an Imperial cargo shuttle. But apparently that’s too boring to show on screen.

-AND IN OTHER NEWS: Chirrut shoots down a TIE Fighter. From the ground. With a crossbow. Also, he’s blind. “Is he a Jedi?” “No. The Jedi wish they were HIM.”

-At some point when Cassian and Jyn are having their little spitting contest (just kidding I love that scene and both of them so much), Chirrut stands. Check it out. He was sitting. Now he’s standing. (Ooooo, you’d better watch out, Captain Andor. Jyn has friends in high places.

-I wanna high-five the person who shouted, “Just let the girl speak!” 

-Anyone else notice that Cassian and Jyn both said “I do” in this movie? No? Just me? Okay, then. *cough* They’re married. *cough*

-”I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.” WHEN? WHERE? HOW? I NEED ANSWERS, DANG IT! 

-Cassian, you smug little jerk, you could at least pretend to be embarrassed about K-2.

-Okay, so I love the cute scene on the ship. Like, so, so, SO much. But I just have to ask- what was Jyn’s plan there? “Awe, Cassian’s smile is so adorable, and I’m just so happy right now. Imma go, uh… stand awkwardly close to him, freak the both of us out, and then make it look like an accident.” Real smooth, Jyn.  

-Grenades are pure evil.

-”Who are you?” Krennic asks, after hearing Cassian scream her name in the data vault. Repeatedly. “Who are you?” he asks, after witnessing her hop out from behind some crates on Edu and shout, “FATHER!” in Galen Erso’s direction. “Who are you?” he asks, and then stares like an idiot when she answers, “You know who I am.” Orson, boy… You’re done. Go home.

-When Cassian keeps Jyn from attacking the dying Krennic, he says, “Leave it.” IT. Like Krennic isn’t even a human being. (Or maybe he meant leave ‘it’, as in her anger, because they’d won.) Either way, Jyn listened, and that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m finally done with this WAY too long post. 

Sunghwa; of bad days and sore throats

Originally posted by onenightinseoul

Lee Sunghwa was a man of faith; he believes in miracles and karma. He was kind to people despite the constant need to control his eyes from twitching out of irritation; because there are just so many times he could reject people’s requests of songs nicely. He believes that if he was nice to people, everyone would return the favour, but he was wrong.

He was dead wrong; because no one seemed to mind that Sunghwa had a horrible case of hungover or that he has to finish the song for Hyuk Woo’s album and neither did anyone cared that he wasn’t really dating the model. No, no one cared or at least they had a really bad way of showing it.

“Yes.” Sunghwa answered Jaebum’s question curtly, adding in a tinge of irritation just for the hell of it. Yes, of course Jaebum didn’t do anything but he was a part of the problem and it felt like he was a constant reminder of how Sunghwa was slacking. “You alright?” Jaebum asked, the amusement of his smirk laced with worry because he noticed the constant calls his senior was getting and if it was him. He would have probably snarked at someone; anyone really.

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For the Kids

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

Lena was having a rough night. She knew she did what was right. Her mother’s project was wrong on so many levels. Lena should be happy Lillian was locked up, but she couldn’t bring herself to be. She was miserable. Lillian had been a terrible mother, a terrible person really, but she was family. The only family Lena had left. So when all was said and done, Lillian escorted away, her minion gone, Supergirl and the Martian back to wherever Superheros went, Lena was alone. Now, Lena was used to being alone. She was single with no friends, and her last family member hated her, but this feeling. This feeling was something the CEO had never felt before. All she wanted to do was break down and cry, but she still had Lillian’s voice at the back of her head telling her that was weakness. Logically, she knew it wasn’t. Humans have emotions. They are allowed to express them, but she still couldn’t let herself. Instead she went to the nearest dingy bar she could find, determined that she would not remember this in the morning.

The bar was certainly dingy. It was small, and smelled of mold, but it served alcohol and that was all Lena needed. She kept drinking until her head started to spin, and then had some more to make the dizziness go away.

“Hey, doll. How bout I take you home?” Lena could hear the warning bells going off, but she choose to ignore them. She needed for one night to not feel so alone. For all girls, going home with a strange man they meet in a dingy bar is a bad idea, but for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and a member of the most hated family on Earth it was the worst idea.

Lena woke up in a grimy hotel room next to a strange man she had never seen. They were both nude, so the CEO could only assume what happened. She snapped a quick picture of the man as a just in case, before high tailing it out of there.

It took about a month to notice the signs. It was two days after she went to the doctor’s, and one day after that that the news hit the media. Lena was certain that it was the overly suspicious intern who blabbed, but she had more important things to worry about. One was the man. He was a criminal who had been caught for just about everything but murder. She kept waiting for him to step forward and claim the child, but he didn’t.

After finding out she was pregnant, Lena cut off contact with everyone who wasn’t part of her company. She only saw Kara during interviews, and if the reporter got too personal or friendly, the CEO shut down the interview. Because of all this Lena wasn’t expecting anyone to be there when she went into labor, but there was Kara Danvers holding her hand and whispering reassuring things through the agonizing pain.

“Twins, Lena?” Kara sucked in a breath. The CEO had kept as much about the baby a secret as possible. No one knew the sex, let alone that it was two, both baby boys.

“Lena,” Kara whispered a few hours after labor, from her spot next to Lena. “I know you don’t want help, or pity but children are handfuls, especially twins. I’m going to help you!” Lena consented, knowing the reporter wouldn’t give in. Over the next few years, Kara became the third most important thing in Lena’s life next to her company and her boys.

It was right around the the twins third birthday when Kara stopped helping. She had left for a couple days to deal with a family emergency, promising to be back in time for Morgan and Lincoln’s birthday party. When she got back in town, Kara deleted all of her social media, and told Lena that she wouldn’t be able to help as much.

“Don’t worry about it, Kar. You don’t have to help me. I can handle the boys by myself, and if I need help, I’ll hire a nanny.” When Lena said that, she didn’t realize that she was essentially nailing the coffin that was their friendship.  


Kara felt guilty about leaving town, about leaving Lena, but if what Kal-el said was true than she had to leave. She arrived in Smallville, Kansas in only a  few short hours.

“Kara! I need you to follow me!” Kara turned to see the usually smiling face of her concern with a worried look on his face. “It landed over here. I’m not sure where the pod came from. It looks Kryptonian, but it appears to be martials from Earth.” Kara took one look at the pod before declaring it a replica. This made her a little bit more cautious, and since the window of the pod didn’t show anyone, Kara used her x-ray vision to see inside.

“Kal!” She gasped, moving to open the pod. “It’s a child!” Sure enough when Kara opened the pod, there was a little girl around three years old.

“We might want to get her to the DEO.” Kal-el suggested, surprising Kara. Nodding, the Alien female picked up the little girl, and took off, her cousin following closely behind.


“Well, she’s not Kryptonian.” Alex informed the two aliens. “But she’s close.” This made Kara perk up.

“Another Daxamite?”

“I’m sorry, Kara. Actually, it’s a clone. A pretty good one but no exactly right.” J’onn told the two.

“A clone of who?” Kara asked, stepping forward to get a look at the clone.

“Of you, Supergirl.”

It took a lot of convincing, but  eventually after Kara got everyone to let her raise the clone.

“Alright, Kara.” J’onn Conceded. “On one condition. Once she wakes up, Alex and I will do as much testing on her as we deem necessary including testing what powers she has.” Kara quickly agreed, wrapping Alex, and J’onn in a hug.

It didn’t take long for the clone to wake up. Kara was in the room when the girl’s eyes blinked open, and she started to scream. Kara was fine with screaming. Morgan, and Lincoln were the kings of screams. What bothered her was that the little girl was screaming out Kryptonian curse words. Alex, and J’onn came running in, Alex with her gun out. Kara quickly assured her that wasn’t necessary before a soothing Kryptonian lullaby that Alura used to sing to her every night. It took only one verse for the girl to calm down.

“Where am I? I don’t recognize this as any place on Krypton. Who are you? How do you know my language?” Though the girl looked three, she spoke like she was much older. Alex later told her it’s because whoever cloned her managed to fix the strand of Kara’s hair so she was a child physically but they couldn’t get the mental part just right.

“I’m Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. What’s your name?”

“It’s Kaz Tinn. Where are we?” Kara looked over at Alex, and J’onn. How could she not know?

“We’re on a planet called Earth. Kaz, how old are you?” Kaz told them she was three years old.

“Kaz, Krypton died before you were born. I’m not sure how you remember it.” Kaz seemed to take this rather hard. She yelled a “lies” and slammed her hand against the wall, creating a hole, and causing a chunk to go shoot out at Alex. This terrified the girl. Kara explained what they knew, and asked if they could do some more tests. The next two days were filled with tests, and explanations. Kaz refused to do anything without Kara in the room, and if she was weary of the person she would only speak In Kryptonian. Kara had in most people’s eyes been gone for a week when she took Kaz home. Kara kept Kaz a secret until she enrolled her in public school, because she wanted the child to get used to Earth and her powers.


It was a normal day at work when Lena’s personal phone started ringing. Even after three years of minimal contact, Lena was still hoping it was Kara. Of course, it wasn’t. It was her sons’ school.

“Lena Luthor speaking, how may I help you?” The CEO asked in her most professional voice.

“Hello, Miss Luthor. We’re calling to tell you that both the twins got in a fight today. We need you to get down here as soon as possible.” Lena informed the lady she would be there soon before hanging up.

When Lena got to the school, she was her boys waiting outside the principal’s office with dirty beat up faces.

“Miss Luthor? Everyone’s already waiting inside the office. If you and your sons will just head on in.” Lena offered her hands to the twins before walking into the office. She was determined to be calm throughout this entire meeting, however as soon as she saw a certain blonde reporter that idea flew out the window.


Shortly after Kara returned to work she was moved up to reporting on all alien activity, including Supergirl. Because of this, Kara never interviewed Lena anymore. The last time she spoke to the CEO was probably two months ago when she called to wish Morgan and Lincoln a happy birthday.

Kaz was in public school, and now in the first grade. She was mostly fitting in, expect two boys thought she was weird and constantly taunted her about it. Kaz never did anything about it, but Kara was afraid that one day she might retaliate. Apparently, today was that day.

“Miss Danvers? Kaz got in a fight-” Kara didn’t even give the girl time to finish before she informed the lady she was on her way. When the alien arrived at the school, she saw her clone sitting across from two beat up boys.

“Mom, I’m so sorry! He punched me, and I didn’t know what else to do! I didn’t mean to take you away from your duties!” Kara could hear the boys snickering at Kaz’s older, slightly weird way of talking, but she choose to ignore it. She got down to eye level and looked her adopted daughter in the eyes.

“It’s okay, Kaz. You fought back like you were trained to do. Let’s go talk to the principal, yeah?” Kaz hugged the alien before hopping off her chair, and trodding into the office.

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

on shipping

Contains spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender, season 2.

If you don’t want to see them, don’t read, but I’m not putting this under a cut because it’s important. And if you’re going to read what I say, read it all, not just the start, even if you don’t like the beginning.

On shipping (or not shipping) Sheith:

Stop pointing out the brother’s line in S2E08 as a way to gloat about the “death” of a ship.

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you ship. But I do care about the fact that you’re trying to shove your beliefs and interpretations down everyone’s throats when there are, in fact, still other ways to look at the situation.

I’m going to clarify this with: I do not ship Sheith. I never have, and I probably never will. But I can see why people do, and I understand that part of being a fandom is respecting everyone and their own ships.

Now, that said, let’s move on to discuss why I say this, why I would defend something I can’t ship (gasp, is this tolerance?!) and why I urge you to stop attacking each other and arguing when this is a show that isn’t focused on romance and a show in which there are no current canon pairings, except for Sam and Colleen Holt and subtle hints at Hunk and Shay.

1. Respect how Keith feels.

What do you think I mean by that?

It means that I 100%, wholeheartedly accept that he truly feels that Shiro is his brother. Keith Kogane is not the kind of person that would say something he didn’t mean, and in the moment when he tells Fake-Shiro that he’s like a brother, Keith believes it with all his heart, and it’s hard for him to say.

Respect how he feels.

In that instant, Keith believes that Shiro is like a brother to him, yes. 

But this doesn’t mean it can’t lead to more later.

Keith thinks of Shiro as his brother, but he also seems to have little experience with family that stays, so he’s afraid of being attached because he’s afraid that Shiro will just leave, like his mother and ultimately, like I think his father did. He’s scared to acknowledge how much Shiro really means to him.

So, from a Sheith fan’s perspective, this isn’t the death of the ship. From my perspective, it’s still not the death of a ship. What it is, however, is a tantalizing taste of something more. It’s acknowledgement that, at this point in time, Shiro is the closest person to Keith. And it’s absolutely true. 

It’s how Keith feels in that moment; he’s pure, he’s vulnerable, and he’s afraid of being left alone again.

Respect that he feels this way - this is for antis and fans of the ship alike.

2. Think about the possibilities.

After talking about how Keith feels, you have to consider what comes next.

Some people are blatantly throwing that scene around and declaring it as the end. Celebrating it. And this is what I hate about fandom. This is both an absolutely disgusting display of entitlement and an incredibly rude attitude towards anyone whose views do not align with theirs.

But consider the numerous possibilities.

Consider the slow realization that Shiro means more to him than a brother. The realization that Shiro is his family, but not just because they’re close. Consider Keith coming to terms with the fact that his feelings are more than platonic or familial, and learning to accept the idea of romantic love into his life for the first time.

Consider that.

I don’t care if you’re not a Sheith shipper. Consider it from and outsider’s point of view if you must. Consider how it may have happened in other series or stories you’ve watched or read. Consider just the misinterpretation of brotherly affection, how Keith didn’t realize how much he really loved Shiro until faced with, say, his disappearance?

Do not blame or attack or shame when you haven’t even considered the natural progression, the idea of love, the blossoming of warmth and hope and affection in his chest when he realizes that there’s something more.

Shiro is a brother to him now, but feelings wax and wane and there is nothing stopping a fan creator, whether they are an artist or a writer or a gifmaker, from exploring those varying factors.

3. Remember that a fandom is a community, and hatred divides us all.

I am not stopping you. I am not stopping them. They are not stopping me. So what right do you have to try to stop them?

This ship hate is divisive. It eats away at the fandom from the inside, creating something grotesque and vile, sending tendrils of poison into even the most inconspicuous corners of the fandom.

This needs to stop.

You are not better than anyone here.

I don’t care what you think, but your ships are not better than mine. My ships are not better than yours. Someone who ships your notp is not in the wrong. Your opinions do not trump theirs, and it is wrong on every level to try forcing your ships on people.

Stop gloating.

I don’t care how many “moments” your ship got. Don’t rub it in someone’s face just because you think it directly contradicts their beliefs, or their ship.

If you’re doing this, you are what’s wrong with fandom.

Practice tolerance. Use blacklisting. Try to have civil conversations about why or why not you like what you do, and why they don’t.

Do whatever makes the fandom a comfortable place for you, within reason. This does NOT include making rude comments about other ships, or other people who like them.

4. Discourse.


This fandom has so much of it, it’s sickening. But it happens with every fandom at some point or another, when so many people with differing opinions come into the picture. Especially when we have younger generations, who feel so entitled to their opinions and who were raised to believe that they can say or do whatever they want, mixed in with older generations who have been here since the original, who think they’re schooling the younger kids when they’re only making it worse.

But my remarks on the discourse are simple:


For months, all official sources still said five teens, even after that video fiasco and a few interviews. I choose to believe the official printed sources over things that may have been said in the moment or under duress. Which is why I also do not take the rough ages given by the voice actors recently as fact. 

And I will write them at whichever ages I please, because THIS IS WHAT FANFICTION IS FOR.


I don’t care which ones you ship and which you don’t. You’re free to them, because it’s your decision.

But stop spreading hate to those who don’t ship what you ship.

I ship Shidge. Have you seen me blaspheming and hating on everyone who doesn’t agree? But because of fandom mentality, and the disgusting pack approach of some antis, I haven’t publicized it very much. In fact, I tricked myself into believing that I shipped Klance more because of how much hatred I had seen.

Someone shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone about a ship they like, or to admit that they don’t like a ship.

Stop making this an environment where people feel safer to keep their ships to themselves. 

Stop the hate. 

Stop the fighting. 

Stop trying to shove your beliefs and ships into everyone’s faces.


This is our fandom.

We are all trying to show our love for the series in our own ways.


We may not always agree, we may not see eye to eye, but the key to progress is patience and tolerance and above all, the ability to see that there really is a person behind the profile you’re attacking. 

They have feelings. They have beliefs. They have a story that you know nothing about. And all of these make up who they are and how they view the world. 

They’re going to be different from you. Everyone is. 

In order to become a better person, a better member of fandom society as a whole, you have to be able to see that

And a final note: Don’t make Space Dad sad. Wherever he is, he would want us all to get along.

anilengka  asked:

Please help me stop imagining a reunion where Bellamy thinks he has moved on because he thought she was dead all those years. I need your positivity.

Alright, here I come!

I don’t think you’ll like my answer right away, but i need you to hear it (and everyone reading this) but please don’t quit until the end okay? pinky promise?

Yes, there’s a high possibility Bellamy will end up getting together with someone else on the ark during those 6 years, IMO. I don’t know who if Raven or Echo, the interviews make me think Echo but episode makes me think Raven is possible.

BUT, that’s not all “random” there’s a reason I think that and hopefully I can explain in a good way.

So let’s start by the beginning.

1- The writers wanted a time jump.

All this time i’ve been thinking why so many plots are happening and now everything is clear. They wanted to “reboot” the story. Clarke is a grounder, the delinquents are skyppl,the criminals are the delinquents and so it goes. Their entire goal was to get to this time jump. And this was unrelated to bellarke or any other ship, this is what they needed for the plot.

2- Having decided on a time jump……… Bellamy and Clarke could not be together on it.

And this is the best news any of us could ever wish for. This is why when i first heard script spoilers of their possible separation + time jump I was like…… yeah of course. Yes…. they have to do it.

If Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship wasn’t important/ vital (and/or on its finale stage) the writers wouldn’t mind making us miss 6 years worth of development out of them.

Cause that’s what the time jump is for whoever was stuck together for it. We are simply not going to see how all of these relationships will develop on our screens, we’ll get to season 5 and all the changes would have been done. 

Now picture if Bellamy and Clarke had been together 6 years on the ark…. all alone.. i mean, are we really thinking they wouldn’t go full romance there or-? Even worse, what if “they didn’t” and then season 5 began and we find out bellamy and clarke had been stuck together for flipping 6 years and they still didn’t go nonplatonic????

That’ s DEATH my friend. Both options are death. Shipping something for so long, watching it develop in front of your eyes just to miss the most romantic part of it would be beyond terrible…. finding out they did nothing about their feelings - and beginning to doubt they ever exist - is even worse.

So, given the fact that they needed and wanted a time jump, a bellarke separation was inevitable.

You can see that all the “super key” relationships on the show were apart on this time jump btw? Clarke - Abby, Bellamy - Octavia and Bellamy - Clarke.

This is not to say all other relationships aren’t imporant, HECK STOP, it’s just that for those relationships that get more focus, but MAINLY Bellarke - AS ADMITED BY JASON ROTHENBERG HIMSELF as the most important relationship of the show - here :x and x; - The story depends on Bellarke, one thing doesn’t go without the other. On some level, it’s always about them. So when the story pauses, so do they, cause the writers will show to us where they are going every freaking step of the way- didn’t they do it after season 1? after season 2?? even more now! They won’t let us miss 6 years of their relationships, no way. 

Unless their relationship has already developed to its full potential………..

which now you’re asking me what I mean cause Clarke is calling Bellamy for 6 years on a row now and Bellamy main drive to fight for their lives was not letting her die in vain-

yeah, yeah I’m talking about romance.

Cause there is NO WHERE ELSE this story can possibly go. I mean, how the heck will they make Bellamy and Clarke CLOSER still under the platonic realms? Cause lemme tell you, seems pretty impossible to me.

So, again, to me, the separation is a sign this shiz ain’t platonic, they know it, or they’d just let them be together on earth as the “new grounders” and then, since they ain’t romantic, we wouldn’t miss much in 6 years? They’d still be co-leaders, best friends, who die and kill for each other, trust each other with their lives and broken pieces, are each others’ rocks, weaknesses, sanity -all that jazz.

(feel me?) Bellarke is coming)

3- We are watching a drama

And this is where the bad news come. The thing about good story telling is that… writers want to make people watch. And that doesn’t always mean they’ll pull us in by our “good” feelings. Sometimes they want the angst, sometimes they want the anger. They just want us here, feeling like we NEED to see what happens

(well…don’t we right now? So good job the 100 writers)

That being said, i think there are…. 3 ways in which this story can go. 

1- Bellamy for real believes Clarke is dead, he mourns for a long time and then people convince him to live again. And then he does. 

But then he finds out she’s alive and it’s chaos for his new relationship. Cause, lemme say it again, no matter where they stand, Bellamy and Clarke are the mains and so is their relationship. Wherever they go, their interactions are the most important ones. That being said, imagine Bellamy trying to have a relationship with someone but then something happens with Clarke and he worries, or he gets into a real intense argument with Clarke and feels are exposed, or everything they do really brings them back to who they were and this new person is there to watch.

You don’t need to imagine THAT hard, just remember how Finn and Clarke’s relationship started being….a bit more tense after Clarke started getting closer to Bellamy (1x09 hello). Imagine that upped by a million cause that was then and this is now, where Clarke risks the human race for Bellamy and Bellamy risks losing life and limb to save her.

2- Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead but something inside him tells him she’s not so he holds on to that.

I actually see it happening too. Cause I think it’s a very natural reaction? Like he would only believe it if he was down on earth and saw it.

There’s not much to comment there, they’d see each other and the story would go from there. No need to worry about relationships (but i feel like for sure the writers would imply something almost happened with Bellamy and  ~anyone ~cause again, it’s a CW show….any show really, it’s 6 YEARS)

3- Bellamy, believing or not Clarke is dead, doesn’t actually gets into a relationship with anyone but he’s ALMOST AT IT- and then he finds out Clarke is alive.

That’s a way to avoid… idk love triangle tropes i don’t like (and the writers say they don’t either). He’d find Clarke back and well….sooner or later the other person involved would end up telling Bellamy he had always loved clarke or some less cheesy version of that.

And finally, most love stories that involve time gaps at least at some point (e.g: the notebook, veronica mars, dawson’s creek, once upon a time on several occasions haha) DO involve one of the sides - or both - “falling” (ahem being ahem) with someone else. Mostly because it creates angst, it feels more real (can’t argue there?) and ultimately it shows some connections are stronger than others and the two characters that were originally separated really were meant to be, and their” love overcomes” and all that shiz.

So if you’re worried Bellamy will move on, be worried it will mostly piss us off, but not about Bellarke (i don’t see a reason for that with the PLOT info we have at the moment - in my opinion), cause they are the “epic love story” (*fightmee*) being separated here, so the story is about them.

here is a text post that isn’t exactly about that but amazing to cheer anyone up about the time jump:


Trigun: Does Vash love Meryl?

There’s a lot of evidence to say the reverse is true, that Meryl harbors romantic feelings towards Vash, but I see a lot of debate regarding Vash’s feelings towards Meryl. I’ve combed through the series in both subbed and dubbed versions to support my theory that, yes, he has romantic feelings towards our dear insurance agent by series’ end. Now, I’m not saying he’s going to drop to one knee and propose, or anything, but there are signs that it’s there.

I’m not delving into the manga, here, just the anime, so bear with me. Also, this is going to spoil everything and be really extensive (anyone who’s read one of my Sherlolly reviews knows this to be true). So, you’ve been warned.

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Kind Eyes, Kind Smiles, Kind Understanding

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six

Summary: You and Credence begin planning an escape from New York. You both decide you need to learn more about his Obscurus and that Credence needs to learn magic. Part 7/14

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,142

A/N: This one might feel kind of like a filler, but I’m trying to establish like a plan as I wind down this last half of the story. I also want to apologize for the story itself if it doesn’t feel ?? complete. I did want to thank everyone for reading it though because I started it at 3AM one morning just because I wanted Credence to have a partner who sort of understood what he went through and could provide some things I thought he needed; I never expected anyone would want me to continue, so I’ve been coming up with the story on the fly, for the most part. I want to thank everyone for the support I got as it began and for the support I continue to get. I hope you enjoy this last half of what I’m trying to put out there. :-)

Planning, you and Credence had realized, really and totally and absolutely sucked. There was just no other way to put it. Firstly, the two of you had been, collectively, exactly two places in your life: New York and the Ocean City boardwalk in New Jersey. You hadn’t had the greatest family life either, so you were just as lost as to where you should start as Credence was. Secondly, because neither of you had really been allowed to go anywhere else, neither of you really knew how to plan a trip, let alone how to plan a move.

Money, you decided, was the priority. Credence felt guilty that he had no money, but you had to come clean that it didn’t matter much that he didn’t have any money anyway. “You see, I—Well, I was kind of important for a while, partially due to my parents’ status as Aurors, but also because I am a Legillimens. I used to aid law enforcement with interrogations, and—Well, I made a fair amount of money.” You thought Credence’s eyebrows would shoot through his head at that. “Adam was, you know, incredibly sexist and thought he should be the one to provide for us, and I didn’t object because—Because I wanted to save most of it anyway. So he wouldn’t know how much I had. I always dreamed of escaping, you know. I just—No one ever came along to show me that it didn’t always have to be a dream.” You smiled at Credence then, taking his hand in yours. Credence felt himself blush against the insinuation that he was the one—how could he possibly have been?—who had made your dreams tangible in the same way you were the one who made him realize he could dream.

Next on the list was transportation—considerably more difficult. You explained to him that you couldn’t apparate with him and all of the suitcases and boxes you would have because it would just take way too many trips—if you could succeed at all. Therefore, you would take a train with him and try to attract as little attention as possible, from wizard and no-maj alike, since you would have to avoid MACUSA’s prying eyes. And they would be watching you closely, if any suspicious activities were to occur, because of your affiliation with the Aurors and with MACUSA itself. Credence hastily agreed that this was the best way, and when you shot him a smile, he thought surely he’d explode—this was real and it was happening.

This was precisely when the black smoke hurled from him. That’s about the only way to describe it. He felt like he was going to cough and then—woompf, everything was black smoke. He noticed, from somewhere outside himself that was both his body and not, that you were knocked backwards from your seat on the couch, blocking your eyes from the way the black tendrils curled and kicked around your living room. He knocked over a few picture frames and blew out some of the candles you had lit around the house,

and then—woompf, he was back. Breathless and with his (slightly longer) hair in complete disarray, but back. Credence settled his wide eyes on you as you peaked up over the arm of the couch. “I-I’m sorry, I just—I felt okay and then—” He couldn’t quite put words to what “and then” really meant, but it was all he had.

You sent a shy smile his way before crawling back into your seat on the couch. “Maybe we should add learning about your Obscurus to the list? So we can start teaching you a little bit of magic before we go. Help you feel a little bit more in control, or at least like you know a little bit about what’s going on inside of you.”

Credence was prepared to be upset, but—He realized that he wanted that very much, to understand what the words everyone had shouted at him over a week ago meant, and he knew that you weren’t judging him when you suggested that you learn—especially since you had said “we” should learn. He liked the sound of that especially. So he nodded at you before curling his lips upward, just a little, and with a hint of hope.

You beamed at him before beginning a list of things you would absolutely need from your apartment, which really wasn’t much. You explained to him that your lease was up in a few months and that you had already paid your rent up until that time, so you could leave anytime the both of you were finished planning and ready. You suspected that most of the time preparing would really be teaching him some basic magic so that the trip would be easier and so that he had some control under his feet before landing in a new city, since it would be bad to attract any unwanted attention in a brand new location. So the two of you set off to make the list together, and Credence wondered if he could replace his constant fear with constant hope—because he felt like, with you, that was really possible. “Y-You really want to leave here? With me?” He couldn’t help how incredulous he sounded, but he still couldn’t quite accept the level of trust and companionship you were putting in him.

Credence was dazzled to a complete stop when you turned, eyes trained on him and full of something he couldn’t name. It was somewhere between affection and adoration, he thought, as you stepped toward him. You hooked your fingers into his belt loops gently, pulling him toward you before placing a soft kiss at the hollow in his throat. You could feel his pulse jump beneath your lips and simply smiled against the warmth of his neck. “Credence, now that I know you, I could never go anywhere without you.”

This time, when the black curls of smoke escaped him, they were calmer, more resigned, and clearly a response to your words because—you had no other words for it—they began to stroke your arms gently. Credence blushed but made no outward signs to show he was trying to bring them back, so you figured his obscurus was doing what he couldn’t bring himself to do. So, tentatively, you brought his hands to your hips and kissed him. Black cloud surrounded you, but you knew you would never be scared of it, could never be scared of Credence.

When you pulled apart and Credence looked at you, all he could see were your eyes, shining kindness like a beacon of light for him—and if he didn’t know better than to name the emotion himself, he would have said he’d seen love there too.


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how to win friends and influence people

I had Mikken make this special. The bravos use swords like this in Pentos and Myr and the other Free Cities. It won’t hack a man’s head off, but it can poke him full of holes if you’re fast enough.” (Jon II, AGOT)

This scene happens early enough in the series to be an establishing moment where there’s not really a point of comparison. The reader is still getting used to the universe and the characters, so all we really have to go on is narrative convention: of course Jon has to leave for the Watch because that is where the heroing is, of course Arya has to get Needle because spunky little tomboys need to get cool shit so they can do cool shit. But, in light of what we’ve learned about him since, it’s worth pausing to check this as a baseline for the character: his idea of thoughtful gift-giving is to sit around contemplating the best way for a small-sized nine-year-old to kill people and figure out what she needs to do it.

Not only is this an early baseline, it is also somewhat invisible because it in some ways clicks into modern sensibilities. Narrative expectations mean that spunky little tomboys can be expected to get “anything you can do I can do better!!” empowerment, and so Jon doesn’t just give Arya a stick and tell her to go out and play with it the way little boys are told, but he gives her a real weapon and stresses the need to practice in secret.

Of course, in a lot of ways this challenge to convention is good: Arya does have a physical need to protect herself and a psychological need to escape the feminine expectations that threaten to stifle her. But some parts of convention are conventional for a reason. Kids who are trained to be warriors play with sticks, because children having real weapons and understanding what they do is highly unsafe and deeply unsettling. The fact that Jon sees past the oppressive and arbitrary aspects of conventional training speaks to his instinctive tendency toward principled pragmatism; the fact that he doesn’t seem to get the more sensible aspects of convention speaks to – something. Recklessness, arguably, though I think it’s an expression of his fundamental insecurity, a schematic understanding of the world as a fundamentally unsafe place. Jon’s gifting of Needle, both the good and bad of it, is a sharp contrast, perhaps even an unconscious response to, their father’s bone- deep avoidance.

This isn’t an unreasonable mindset for Jon to have. Winterfell is a heavily martial place to grow up, even by Westerosi standards. Day in and day out, he and Robb studied war and trained for battle. For Robb, all of this built on a stable foundation: he learned these things so that he could become Lord of Winterfell, an intrinsically dependable place in the world. Jon, though, grew up under the completely accurate impression that he would be tossed out on his ear the moment he became inconvenient. Skill at arms is really the only asset he’s going to have once he comes of age. What is a means to an end for Robb is an end in and of itself for Jon, because it has to be. That’s not optimal in any event, but it’s an especially unhealthy environment for a kid to be learning how to do violence.

An outside possibility is that Jon has some residual dragon dreams deep in his subconscious, that he can sense a world of trouble brewing the way Ghost can smell an oncoming storm, and he knew on some level that she’d need something to protect herself. Arguably this hypothesis explains the gory but apt specifics he gives her - Ned will have his head “hacked off” and Jon himself will be “stuck full of holes” - but it also highlights the callousness of what he’s saying here. To a kid. SHE’S NINE, YOU FREAK.

“Look, if you want, I can show you how to defend that.”

Alliser Thorne overheard him. “Lord Snow wants to take my place now.” He sneered. “I’d have an easier time teaching that wolf of yours to juggle than you will training this aurochs.”

“I’ll take that wager, Ser Alliser” Jon said. “I’d love to see Ghost juggle.” (Jon III, AGOT)

Grenn was standing his ground as Jon had taught him, giving Albett more than he cared for, but Pyp was hard-pressed. Rast had two years and forty pounds on him. Jon stepped up behind him and rang the raper’s helm like a bell. As Rast went reeling, Pyp slid in under his guard, knocked him down, and leveled a blade at his throat. By then Jon had moved on. (Jon IV, AGOT)

Jon bonding with his friends through Ye Olde Karate Kid Montage is cute, and it is of concrete use for them. But it’s also a really good excuse for him to be aggressive with people he hates. This instinct is, on balance, probably more good than bad. The people he hates are rapists and bullies, people who prey on the weak, people who deserve to be challenged and even hated. But it speaks to the character’s harder edges that he is willing and able to utilize his friends’ vulnerabilities in his own agenda, and that said agenda usually involves some figurative spit in the eye or a literal knock on the head.

Jon probably never thought about the whole incident that started his friendship with Grenn again. Like, “hey, man, I sprained your wrist, you jumped me in my room, HAPPENS, BRO.” Grenn, on the other hand –

“You did slay the Other, though, so it’s not the same.”

“I just…I never…I was scared!

“No more than me. It’s only Pyp who says I’m too dumb to be frightened. I get as frightened as anyone.” Grenn bent to scoop up a split log, and tossed it onto the fire. “I used to be scared of Jon, whenever I had to fight him. He was so quick, and he fought like he meant to kill me.” (Sam, ASOS)

– remains unsettled enough by training with Jon that he empathizes with how Sam feels when facing off against a white walker. This is almost comedic exaggeration, but Grenn is going to have to face people and things who actually mean to kill him. If he hadn’t had decent training – not Thorne’s John Hughes villain-esque beatdowns of the weak, but real fighting – the Aurochs would’ve been roadkill. This is an experience that Jon seeks out for himself:

There is always someone quicker and stronger, Ser Rodrik had once told Jon and Robb. He’s the man you want to face in the yard before you need to face his like upon a battlefield. (Jon, ADWD)

But being able to simulate a genuinely terrifying foe for someone he cares about, without even thinking about it, is an unusual thing to be able to do. This is what he learned back at Winterfell, spending ten years playing at war with Robb, mentoring Arya at arms and Bran in Northern justice: expressions of love involve instruments of death.

He had made a dagger for Grenn as well, and another for the Lord Commander. (Jon, ACOK)

Jon had made daggers for himself, Sam, and Lord Commander Mormont, and he’d given Sam a spearhead, an old broken horn, and some arrowheads. (Sam. ASOS)

This discrepancy in who got the third obsidian dagger is probably an editing error, but I much prefer the in-universe explanation that Sam doesn’t actually know who the dagger was for because Jon just mutely handed Sam an armful of artisan weaponry and expected him to figure out what to do with it. Jon would be a terrible Secret Santa, you guys. Terrible.

Jon prowled around Satin in a slow circle, sword in hand, forcing him to turn. “Get your shield up,” he said.

“It’s too heavy,” the Oldtown boy complained.

“It’s as heavy as it needs to be to stop a sword,” Jon said. “Now get it up.” He stepped forward, slashing. Satin jerked the shield up in time to catch the sword on its rim, and swung his own blade at Jon’s ribs. “Good,” Jon said, when he felt the impact on his own shield. “That was good. But you need to put your body into it. Get your weight behind the steel and you’ll do more damage than with arm strength alone. Come, try it again, drive at me, but keep the shield up or I’ll ring your head like a bell….” (Jon, ASOS)

What is with this ringing heads like bells, Jon. What.

Jon wouldn’t care how many people she had killed, or if she brushed her hair. (Arya, ASOS)

1) True, 2) oof, that poor kid, and 3) that is the exact proportion of emphasis Jon would put on those two things.

All of this paints a picture, sweet but savage, like a kitten dragging home a chirpy little birds’ nest. Jon has a strong commitment to empowering others to protect themselves. Jon creates and sustains his strongest relationships primarily through enabling others to kill.

This is not the most important thing about Jon, but I think it’s an aspect to the character that is key to understanding the whole: Jon is deeply, unquestioningly, comfortable with violence. He is not comfortable with status play, and he is deeply adverse to the abuse of power. But he is able to compartmentalize how he feels about someone from his willingness to either do violence to that person, or to push that person toward dangerous situations.

This has been an interesting, and for my money underrated, aspect of the character in the story so far, but it’s really one to watch going forward. R’hlloric resurrection (resurrection generally, actually) doesn’t change people, but it doesn’t quite bring them back the same, either. They come back with motivations they had before, but without the reasons they have to hold back on those motivations. Beric remains a patriotic soldier, but forgets the mother and fiancée he loved and missed before the first time he died. Lady Stoneheart is driven by Catelyn’s vengeful streak, though unsoftened by Catelyn’s empathy and reflectiveness. Even Robert Strong seems to be the Mountain without his migraines. It’s not clear, as of yet, what aspects of Jon the red god will bring forth, whether they will include that berserker* rage he’s ripped into Thorne and Iron Emmett, or this strange pattern of affection, violence, and detachment. Or maybe both.

*In Norse mythology, berserker warriors were said to “transform” when they wore their wolf skins into battle. The more you know!

Hope and Liquorice

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you


Justin’s POV:

She laid on the bed and I sat next to her there keeping her tightly on hand. “Baby” I mumbled but she didn’t reacted for my calling. Had she lost her skill to hear. Was she a deaf now?

I couldn’t imagine what kind of life we would have in front of us if she did. Of course I would stand by her side and love her from the moon and back like always but things would change, a lot

When I had heard about that Y/N had got in the hospital because of the car accident I had right away driven here and commanted nurses to tell me where my love was. She was last month pregnant and that made me even more worried because then I might have lost two people in same time

Thankfully I was able to see her alive still when she was laying on her hospital bed

I heard how the door opened and Y/N’s gaze turned over it too. So she heard it too. She wasn’t a deaf. A doctor walked in and looked me. “Mr. Bieber, right?” the doctor asked and I nodded quickly

“Yeah, that’s me. What has happened? What’s wrong with my wife? Is it something serious? Will she survive? Is the baby okay?” questions came out of my mouth without thinking. My head was full of them and I was sure that the doctor wouldn’t be able to answer them all. “Follow me, please” he told and I nodded to him

I gave a gaze over my wife and moythed her that I would be right back but she didn’t give anything back, just stared me like a stranger which made me feel cold inside

I followed the doctor in his office. “Please, sit down because I think that you’ll need it” he pointed the chair other side of his table. “So is it something serious? I just she’s so-” was my first question but he stopped me

“Calm down a bit. Take a breath. I’ll promise to tell you everything which we had got out” he told with calm vouce which made me relax too. “Oh, sorry..” I mumbled embarrassed. “You’re ready to hear the news, there’s both ones coming” the doctor said. “Which ones you want hear first?”

“Good ones” I answered after a short thinking. “Okay, so here they come: Your wife will be fine. She got a a relatively large concussion from that crash, she will be fine but it needs time..” A big rock dropped off over my heart. So that’s why she didn’t reacted on me. She just didn’t remember me

“How long it will take?” I asked. “We can’t say. I mean giving a familiar things to her, showing old pictures or telling about people who have important to her might quicken the process of getting memories back but sometimes some of them might ever come back..” I covered my face. And that he called as word ‘good news’

“… but it seems like things are going well so far and we can get her all memories back. Maybe there will be some few little things like what she has done last week or what she bought from the store which she won’t remember but I think that those are really little problems” he still continued and made my inside full of hope again

“Let’s hope that she will because I’d not want to start everything from the beginning with her. It would be awful that she wouldn’t remember that I’m his husband or that we are getting a baby..” I spoke out quietly. “That was actually the next thing I was about to tell for you..” the doctor said and my gaze raised on his level

“What was you about to tell?” feelings inside me started rush and all of sudden I felt myself tensed and insecure. “It’s a really sad that I have to tell you that, unfortunately your baby death in that accident. It was a really bad luck and I really mean it, usually on these kind of cases baby saves and its mom..”

I had started to cry and doctor decided stop for a few minutes. “I’m really sorry, Mr. Bieber” he spoke out calmly. I didn’t know would I find anything good from that situation right now. I mean if our baby would have saved, I would be here probably all alone with it, without Y/N but it wasn’t still fair think that things were better like this

There would have been just a month left before we would have been able to see our child but now it all had taken away from us. *Boom* all gone, in minutes, maybe in a few seconds. There was an emptiness even we haven’t yet got a place in our hearts to that gift of ours. It wasn’t fair

“Have you told about it to her?” I finally got out of my mouth. The doctor shook his head and looked me. “She doesn’t remember of that anything, probably not even that she was pregnant. However we have an obligation to tell her it on some point but I think that the time isn’t right yet when she’s still on that stage”

“We want move with her slow so we could save as many memories as possible in her” he told and I nodded. Somehow a voice inside me yelled for me to tell that maybe they should make a exception this time and let it just be but then I realized that it would come in front of our eyes anyways. Avoiding the truth would help not more than a few months

“So how things will go now then? When she can come home again?” I tried move on from the news. “We’ll keep her here still a few days. She’ll get back home maybe on the weekend, maybe sooner if we start get something out of her soon” doctor told and I nodded understanding even my thoughts were miles away getting hit by other thoughts

“In the end we think that things will start work better at home where she can see familiar things around her. Memories will start come to her mind soon but she needs a little kick to it and giving that kick from the recovering is our job” I nodded again and stood up the table

“Thank you so much for this. I think that I need some time to think about this like… there came a lot of information and..” I mumbled before we shook hands with the doctor. “Yeah, I understand but I’ll promise that your wife is in good hands here and we’ll call you right away if something happens” he gave a supporting smile for me and I couldn’t nothing but smile a little back even the situation wasn’t the best for that

“I can believe that, thank you again” I told before I left his office and also the whole hospital building. I knew that she was in good hands and that I shouldn’t worry about it but I still did

A lot of new and hard information in same day made me feel anxiety and nervousness always. I walked to my car and opened the door. My hands shook a bit when I put the keys on their place. I took a couple deep in and out breaths before I started the car and drove back to home


It has taken almost a one week and half already. I had called to the hospital every day and asked how Y/N was feeling but nothing significant changes haven’t happened and I had started feel a light depression already. What if she wouldn’t recovery ever?

I had started blame myself of that how I had let her drive back home on that kind of bad weather. Without my stupidness she would be on my arms right now and month later we would have been keeping a little babygirl or babyboy on our arms. Without my stupidness everything would be normal

However the call which I made today, made my mind light up again a bit. The nurse from the phone told that Y/N had asked about Pattie, my mom. Her mom had died years ago and Pattie had became like a new mom to her when we started date

I told the nurse that I’d be coming there right away because I wanted be there next to her now when things started get clearer inside her head. Maybe she woukd finally remember me too

I called to my mom and told the news and asked her with me to hospital. I picked her up and we drove in front of that big white building before we heated inside. A kind nurse lead us to Y/N’s room and when we stepped in her head turned over us and there was a little smile on her face

“Pattie” she mumbled and my mom walked next to her bed. “Yeah, it’s me Y/N” she said and took her tiny hand inside hers. I walked next to Y/N’s bed too and smiled weakly. She looked me but soon her gaze turned back to my mom

“He’s my son, Justin” Pattie told and smiled. “Nice to meet you, Justin” Y/N mumbled and turned her gaze back to me. “You look familiar, have we met somewhere?” she asked and I’d hsve liked to tell right away that I was her husband but I decided move slow like doctor had adviced me in the phone a couple days ago.

“That’s possible, sunshine” I said and smiled. It was a nickname which I had given to her when we first time met. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened a bit too before she let out a soft gasp. “You- you.. are you? Justin?” her eyes were big like she would have just seen a ghost. Seemly I had opened that one important lock from inside her head

I nodded and let her a time to say it out. “Justin Bieber” she said slowly and a big smile spread on her lips. “Yes” I smiled and my mom let me took her hand on mine. “And I’m Y/N Bieber” she said quietly. I nodded and couldn’t stop smiling her memory was coming back

I took her ring to my pocket and put it to her hand. She giggled and looked me. “And you’re my husband” she mumbled and I nodded once again. She put her ring on her finger and looked it. “It looks beautiful” she sighed. “Like you too” I whispered

“I think that I’ll let you guys talk now. I’ll come visit at your place then when you get back home” my mom told and left the room. Soon Y/N’s doctor walked in a smile on his lips. “I heard that things have started run good here” he said. “How are you feeling, Y/N? Do you think that you would be ready to go home tomorrow?” he asked

First Y/N looked a bit confused and doctor realized that things weren’t that far yet but I decided help her a bit. “We’re living in the same house, Y/N with my dog Esther” I told and it seemed like again a new light bulb lightened inside her head. “Ooh, Esther” she cheered like a little girl which made me chuckle. “Yeah, I think that I can go back home”

The doctor nodded and told to Y/N: “There’s probably a lot of things in black still inside your head but I think that you can handle them when Justin is helping you. Your memories will come back little by little when you can get in familiar surroundings” Y/N’s head turned over me again and her hand moved against mine. “Yeah..” she mumbled. “I think so too”

Next day I came pick Y/N up from the hospital and we walked hand by hand back to my car. I drove her at home and carried her inside before I set her on our big couch. “You stay there now and look around. If there’s anythibg you want, just let me know” I told to her before I moved to the kitchen make some lunch to us

I heard Y/N’s soft giggling from the living room. I looked quickly there and noticed that she was playing with Esther. That sight made me nothing but shook my head laughing before I went finish the food

I called her to table and soon she walked to the kitchen and sat on the table. “Here” I handed her plate in front of her and walked other side of the table with my own plate. “Salmon and mashed potatoes” she hummed and took a bite of her food. “It’s your favorite” I couldn’t help myself but say that out

“Oh is it?” she giggled and took another bite. I nodded and laughed softly. “Yeah, you would eat that every day if that is possible” I told and she looked me. “I don’t have any memories of that” she said embarrassed before she finished her food

I took her plate and carried them to sink table before I walked over her a little liquorice box on my hand and kissed her cheek softly

I offered pastils to her and she took one and thanked. “They’re your favorites too” I told and she smiled. “Hopefully you’re not trying to make change my memories now when I can barely know anything” she raised her eyebrows asking

“Absolutely not. I’m just trying to help you get them back to your head, sunshine. That might take some time but we have nothing but it, so let’s move slow now first” I said quietly. “Thank you, Justin” she whispered and smiled before we walked in the living room and started watch old photos

The Nursey Family Fic That Somebody Should Ask For

Alternate Title: I abuse Italics. This is a family fic about Nursey that I’ve wanted to write for a while, It’s about me not wanting Nursey to be an only child but also wanting Nursey to be Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 to add depth to his character but also wanting him to have two moms but not wanting to demonize them but also wanting him to have an evil parent to justify his angst???? Idk. It’s A Nursey-centric fic about him discovering he has a sister and coming to terms with is literal daddy issues and falling in love with a lobster also. Part one  is little over 2k. Warnings: they smoke some weed in the beginning and Nursey eats a lot of oreos??? I think that’s it. enjoy!!! Also feel free to lemme know what you think in the tags.

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