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LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: courfeyrac & enjolras

squished cheeks and constant cuddling, coordinating rallies, shredding dumb newspaper articles, whipped cream on waffles, huffs of exasperation, lying across laps, lemon sorbet, tagging along on family holidays, commandeering bike rides by hopping on the handlebars, cheesy pop songs, getting dragged on detours and errands and adventures, chuckling at each other, fondly shaking your head. (requested by @eirenical

Versace on the Floor

Jimin x you

“After a night of partying and spilled drinks lead to royal heir Park Jimin entering your life, he’s insistent on making it hard for you to get rid of him. And you might just be convinced you don’t to.”

Pt. 3/5, rated M for Major Make Out Session

And I don’t care it’s obvious
I just can’t get enough of you
The pedal’s down, my eyes are closed
No control”

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*picture of firefighter dogs in their tiny firefighter boots*



me: I mean, I don’t wanna objectify these dogs

me: They’re heroes

me: But, like,


anonymous asked:

do u know if there r any baby pics of jonghyun?? i need to see for myself that he didn't come straight outta the womb with a chiseled jawline cus that's what it kinda feels like

i went on the fancafe and got some help with this one but someone says this is a baby pic of jonghyun (effin adorable btw) 

umm and someone helped find this picture of him 

as you can see on the left picture, he indeed does seem to have come out of the womb with a chiseled jawline that has left many of us gasping for air in present day.


I found these absolutely adorable pictures while looking up cat!lock and I cannot, for the LIFE of me, find out who drew them!!!! I need the CumberCollective, the BBC Sherlock fandom, and the whole damn SuperWhoLock community help me track them down!!! 

Please, if you know who drew them, let me know!!! I want to properly credit them, and also I have a friend with a request to contact the artist about them! 

Thanks so much!!

Fic: Storage War

Based on a prompt by @kat-har. Archive post will follow shortly!

“You really don’t have to do this,” Phil said, hovering in the doorway.

“It’s really fine, babe,” Clint said, pulling out another box and coughing at the cloud of dust that billowed off it.

“I promise I didn’t ask you here intending to pawn off all the work. Maybe you could take a break until I—”

“Phil. It’s fine. It might just as well have been me getting called in.” Clint smiled at him, hoping it was reassuring. “I came to help, I’m gonna help.” He waved a hand at the storage unit, piled high with the detritus of Phil’s childhood and teenage years. “Unless you’ve changed your mind about just throwing it all in a U-Haul and driving it to New York—”

“Ugh,” Phil said. “No. We’d end up storing it for another decade before we found the time to deal with it.”

“Then let me help you,” Clint said. Reaching out, he snagged Phil’s hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, scraped a little from where he’d barked his hand on the wall trying to get the rusted padlock open. “That’s what marriage is all about, right? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for clearing out thirty-year-old storage units…”

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What about the RFA members (And V!) accidentally Meeting MC before the first party outside somewhere? (Like a grocery store or something and they're all confused like I DONT KNOW YOU ????)

Thank you for the request, anon! I love the idea of them meeting MC outside of the party! I hope this works for you! The way I’m going to lay this one out is – above the cut is a short little intro. Then below the cut is where it branches into each RFA member!


MC had finally gotten approval to leave the apartment for a brief amount of time – she needed food. The massive amounts of canned food was driving both her, and her immune system, crazy. Not to mention she was also going stir crazy. Getting out, even if just long enough to go to the store down the street, was a blessing.

She was crouched down slightly in the pasta aisle, debating how much mac and cheese was actually healthy when she heard a very familiar voice – she thinks she’s heard it over the phone before … ?

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The picture I posted on Sunday got me inspired to try replicating the illustration style of the Oz stories a little closer, and of course whom else would I choose to draw but EOS? The picture’s mostly inspired by the artwork for the character Polychrome, the daughter of the Rainbow. John R. Neill always portrayed her with the most beautiful floaty lines and elegant touches, and I had to try emulating that.

Plus I had a great deal of fun drawing the morning glories and sunflowers she’s holding. X3

Youtube AU Chapter 4

YouTube AU That-Doesn’-Have-A-Name-Yet
Words: 1014
AU Summary: Simon and Baz are popular YouTubers with a rivalry.
Chapter Summary: Agatha takes a walk to the dog park.
First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
[ Yikes, I’m two days late. Sorry about that! Also, check out this beautiful fan-art by @cloudyrainyday ! ]

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Here is Winston posing pretty for a treat

jung hoseok as your boyfriend

here is the third edition of my boyfriend series- hoseok aka jhope! please enjoy and request other members of either seventeen, bts, or got7!

Taehyung / Yoongi / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- dont expect mornings to be quiet is the only thing i can say

- he’ll probably wake you up by singing his own rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” at the top of his lungs with a terrible raspy morning voice

- then he’d give you a few sloppy and wet kisses on your cheeks and bounce up to get ready in a hurry. you’d realize it was still an hour before you had to wake up and proceed to shout at your idiot boyfriend and then go back to sleep (hoseok always wakes up extra early because he gets an early morning dance practice in downstairs in the workout room)

- when you two finally do get ready together its mostly you two shouting the lyrics to the Top 40 songs and no matter how hard you try, you always end up late because hoseok always distracts you by tickling you or giving you slobbery neck kisses which slows down the whole process (honestly he always ends up dripping toothpaste onto your shirt or getting your foundation on his sleeve) 

- breakfast is mostly just granola bars and bananas because you never have time to actually eat so one person grabs an item and then you split them into halves to share with the other

- hoseok is literally the most positive person you have ever met because he just loves his life and likes being happy so whenever you’re feeling down he’ll do some type of crazy dance or tell you a story about the maknae line losing their things or about how namjoon broke something and you appreciate his positivity a lot because without it you’d be a lot worse

- despite his occasional immaturity, he really likes taking you on fancy restaurant dates where you both get dressed up and you wear his favorite strapless red dress and your hair down and beautiful and he’ll wear a white button up and black dress pants but he’ll still be wearing black Nike hightops because he doesnt transform that much

- but other times a date night will be you two having battles on  Just Dance to see who can get the highest score and although he never admits it, he lets you win so he can see that adorable victory dance you do everytime

- speaking of dance, hoseok always is coming home late from the studio because he is dancing so sometimes you bring him dinner at like midnight and he’ll be so appreciative and ask you to stay and give him an opinion on a certain dance and of course you stay, but after about thirty minutes of the same dance, you slump against the mat on the floor and fall asleep. (hoseok takes like 1000 pictures because its so adorable, then wakes you up and helps you stumble home) 

- you both love going to a place that only sells breakfast until a certain time, lets say 10 a.m., but you like getting there at like 9:55 and then laugh as you order pancakes (the people are really starting to simultaneously love and hate you)  

- hoseok is protective, but more like the type of protective that is always asking you if you feel okay and if you’re comfortable and if you arent then he’ll give you that beautiful smile and tickle you or something which makes you giggle uncontrollably and honestly he falls in love every time he hears that gorgeous laugh

- you two love pranking the other members together like you, him, and the maknae line are constantly pulling hilarious pranks on the older members (the funniest is yoongi) and even though you’ll get scolded, it’s totally worth it because omg did you see his face?

- when you fall asleep on his lap, he really likes to play with your hair and try to braid it or make his own type of hairstyle and you love when he does it except when he goes overboard and makes tangles in your hair bigger than a birds nest. 

- you guys will have intense piggy back races with jimin and taehyung where the loser buys the other dinner so you guys always try to win and most of the time you end up grabbing onto his hair for reinforcement and laughing so hard your stomach hurts but tbh you think hoseok is bringing up this game so much just so he has a chance to touch your butt or to feel you lying against him

- he lovesss to buy you shoes like you guys even have matching sneakers but everytime he goes shopping he ends up buying you a new pair and you’re like “hoseok stop it” but he’s like “nO” so yeah you have like a hundred pairs of shoes that you secretly love and cherish because they were gifts from your favorite person 

- “hoseok pls stop screaming for like 2 secs”

- “but did you SEE that bug?" 

- the first time you guys said i love you it was because he was trying to teach you the choreography to dope and you could not get it for the life of you and he would just keep chuckling at your cuteness and when you couldnt get the footwork right without tripping he was like "even though i love you, you cannot dance” and then the world stops and you look up at him all wide eyed and say “you love me?” and he just nods and you burst into a huge grin and say “i love you too hobi!” and then you hug and he never felt as happy as he did in that moment

- your relationship is an extremely fun and exciting one where you guys love each other very much and are always making the other laugh and smile endlessly

Torn (Part 2) Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by lisofficial

Hey, dolls! Here’s part 2! Enjoy!

Word count: 2314

Italics are reader’s thoughts

Warnings: swearing, annoying reader, frustrated Tony lol

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