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SnK Chapter 92 Poll Results

The chapter 92 poll closed with 500 reported entries.

(486 responses)

This chapter had a better reception than the last one. Seeing Reiner and Zeke was cited as a factor by many. Also the action was hard to resist.

that was an interesting way to set up a new story arc. i don’t really know whether i liked it or not, and i’m really eager to see what’s going on with our main crew. i’m gonna reserve most of my judgement until there’s a bigger picture though, so i can fully see what’s going on and why Isayama decided to start like this.

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I can’t.

I need to rant a little bit about the recent actions of Alex. YandereDev.

Be aware there will be a bit of cursing as I am seething with festering anger.

I know I will lose two or more followers for this, at this point I don’t really care. Not that I don’t care about you guys, it’s just I have such a strong feeling of resentment toward him right now that you guys do not even know.

You come for the fun, the fluff, and the angst. Do not read if you do not want to see Kai-chan ranting.

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anonymous asked:

Hi 1st off I wanna say I'm a big fan of your blog and I consider you a senpai when it comes to Gruvia! 2nd (and I hope that it doesn't offend you) are you new to Shokugeki no Soma? because I can't understand how you got souma x erina? Especially when megumi has done much more for him and even currently.

Thank you, anon! <3 And no worries, no offense taken! Glad to see another SnS fan amongst the Gruvia fandom. ^-^

As to your question, no, I am most definitely not new to the series. I have been following it since chapter 30 of the manga. In other words, well before there even was confirmation of it ever being animated. I always preferred Souma x Erina. ^__^

Mind you, as someone who ships Gray and Juvia, I can easily see why you would take to Souma x Megumi. Megumi has a lot of qualities that Juvia possesses (a sweetness, as well as devoted loyalty and helpfulness to a potential love interest). However, and as I’ve explained here, I like a healthy dose of tsun in my pairings (Gruvia and Sorina both share this trait, while Souma x Megumi has no tsun element). Souma and Megumi are just sweet friends at the moment with a little stir from Megumi, where her admiration of Souma is switching subtly to something more. So, that’s cool if you ship them. I totally understand why. :)

But, the “tsun element” is just a small part of it for me. As I’ve said here and here, I just like Souma x Erina SO MUCH MORE. ^^ They are more fun to me. I like the potential for them, and their relationship growth better. Not only that, but I feel like it has a much higher chance of actually happening. There is so much foreshadowing within the story as well, as I’ll continue to point out in my graphic posts (which btw, I realized in my first one, that the picture of Jouichirou, young Souma, and Souma’s mom (who’s face is very intentionally being blocked by glare) could easily be an adult Souma, Erina, and their child because of the mom’s light hair color lol!). But right now, for me, Erina needs to become closer to Souma in order to experience character growth, while Megumi needs the exact opposite of this. 

If anything, Megumi needs to become more independent as a person and as a chef, and stop relying on Souma as much. She is currently on her way to doing just that, as she instead becomes his helper and partner, until she eventually becomes nearer to an equal who can proudly stand on her own. But she still needs more confidence, and that is her character arc.

And while I have no doubt that Megumi will fall for Souma completely at some point, I don’t feel like Souma will reciprocate this. He is already close with Megumi, knows her quite well, and he clearly considers her a friend, but there is no spark from him IMO. Not only that, but Souma already knows that Megumi is a great chef. He has more faith in her than she has in herself. Hell, ERINA has more faith in her than she has in herself. 

Basically, I feel like there is very little avenue of exploration left for Souma himself to discover about Megumi that would trigger feelings from his side of things. Megumi is an open book, and her good traits are ones Souma, and those around her know even better than she realizes herself.They became close and friendly so quickly, and so early on, that there’s very little space left for their relationship to advance in the future. 

So, while I can easily see Megumi falling in love with Souma, I just can’t see the opposite happening. To me, Souma is more of an unknowing mentor to Megumi, than someone he’ll become romantically involved with.

So, there’s that.

However, Souma is not close to Erina at all (although, that too, is starting to change), and he has yet to even taste her cooking. Even we as readers know very little about Erina. We get bits and pieces every now and then that show us more about her past and her character, but there’s still so much of her story left untold, and as such there is a literary importance put on that exposition.

Also, so many prominent characters within the story already have a connection to Erina (her cousin Alice, who’s become friendly with Souma; and her cousin Alice’s aid, Ryou, who’s also become a friendly rival to Souma; the grandfather, who heads the entire academy, and was the one to admit Souma, and who seems to not just have an interest in him, but in his and Erina’s interactions together; Hisako, her only true friend and secretary, who also has become friendly and kinder to Souma; and most importantly, Souma’s father, who was clearly Erina’s family’s personal chef at one point, who she admires and strives to be like as a chef, and who Erina still has no idea is related to Souma). 

Why am I listing these things? Because, again, Erina has a whole squad of characters around her, which gives Souma more exciting/fresh opportunities to get to know her more, and become closer to her. There’s so much set up, and history there that can be mined. It also makes it pretty clear, that Erina has a very dominant place in the overall story line. Yes, Megumi has had so much more panel time, and certainly more panel time with Souma, but things are not so subtly shifting.  Erina is not even an antagonist anymore, as she slowly but surely is pulling away from that role, because she is becoming more tolerant, and even unwittingly supportive of Souma. 

Therefore, their dynamic leaves more room/potential for romance to form as they continue to interact more, and Souma unintentionally continues to draw the real Erina out of her “ojuo-sama” shell, as we all get to know the real her. Likewise, Erina will also continue to grow, because she WILL fall from grace. She WILL have that moment of failure. She WILL have that moment of stagnation. And how she manages to develop from these things, will likely be through Souma.

I also feel that Erina ending up with Souma would be a far more rewarding experience for the reader than Megumi and Souma, because of who Erina is, and how their relationship started off. 

First of all, the road to Megumi ending up with Souma would be far less suspenseful, because there’s no friction there beyond the oblivious male shounen lead. And honestly, her ending up running a special of the day shop alongside Souma would literally include very little, if any character development on her part. She could easily do that right now. I don’t want that for her. I want her to grow to be a BAMF and a BOSS who has her own line of Ryokans, or something. That would be so cool! Again, Megumi needs to stand on her own, and independently as a professional. Keeping her by Souma’s side, would be keeping her stagnant, because it will again be Souma taking the lead.

On the flip said of that, Erina already has professional, independent success thanks to her God’s tongue. So, her ending up working alongside Souma in a special of the day restaurant considering who she is, and her original POV on Souma, his background, and “plebeian” food? So very deliciously rewarding haha! And obviously the road to a Souma and Erina romance will likewise be filled with way more obstacles, tension and friction, which makes for the richer storyline. 

There’s also the point, as I’ve said, that Souma has not tried Erina’s food yet. He’s mentioned that he would twice now, but it keeps being put off. And if his reaction to her cooking is anything like the one-shot of the series, it will be a glorious plot point, because she will get criticism from Souma. I feel like that’s inevitable, and it will further push things along between them, because she WILL care what he thinks. ^-^

Also, Souma and Erina challenge each other. Souma values Erina’s knowledge and opinions, and Erina always makes Souma THINK. 

You mentioned that Megumi has done so much more for Souma. This is true, and she’s done it willingly. However, the fact is, and much to her dismay, as we saw, Erina has ironically helped Souma through his most difficult challenges thus far, and it’s her presence, and her words that have given him those opportunities and ideas that helped him stay in the school. He himself has said this: she did it during the egg challenge, she did it during the beef stew round, and she’s doing it now in the current arc, and even more willingly and directly than before, with his struggles against Kuga. So, yes, Megumi has helped him loads, and certainly more directly, but Erina has helped him in the biggest ways, or at least the writing has made the bigger deal about them. 

Erina pushes Souma forward, whether she likes it or not. That is her character. And Souma, too, will likewise push her forward in other ways. This is a shounen, and our shounen hero’s character growth hinges on challenges. That’s Erina. As was laid out in the 3rd chapter, Souma is intent on making her say that his food is good. ^-^

And now we come to the whole “cooking with someone in mind/cooking for someone” advice. I have seen people say that because Megumi already is using the technique, that this naturally would/should be how Souma could learn it, too. However the problem I have with this, is as I’ve said previously. Souma already knows Megumi very well, is friends with her, genuinely likes her a lot, spends tons of time around her, has tried her cooking, and likes it, but he still has not grasped this secret from her. It has not left that desired impression on him. And IMO, that’s because that’s not how one learns this technique. Otherwise, he would have already picked it up from his father, or Shinomiya, or Hayama, or any other number of people who cook with someone special in mind.

As Souma’s father said, it’s about finding the person you want to cook for. He needs to discover who that person is. That’s why, IMO, he’s going to learn this technique on his own, because he, himself, is going to fall in love (though probably not until very near the end of the series). And IMO, that will be with Erina, who he has already sought out a couple of times now, and who he keeps running into, both intentionally and unintentionally. She is the one who is becoming more present in Souma’s life, and vice-versa. They are driving each other’s character arcs forwards.

Erina and Souma both have that foreshadowing of romance, and needing to inject this element into their cooking style. They both need to discover the “taste of love,” and I believe they will discover it through each other.

That’s how I “got” Souma x Erina, and that is why I ship them. ^^ 

So, I will most definitely continue to reblog and post about Sorina. It’s not going to ever dominate my blog (my blog will likely always be severely gruvia-heavy lol), but if my liking of them is off-putting to you in any way, I completely understand if you choose to unfollow me. I wont take it personally. ^___^

The Music Industry and Why St. Vincent is a Breath of Fresh Air

St. Vincent, also known asAnnie Clark, recently won a Grammy for her album, St. Vincent. Clearly a category dominated by men, St. Vincent is the second woman to win Best Alternative Album in Grammy history. Besides being female, the Grammy winner is shining amongst her fellow contenders and here’s why:

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On the left is a picture of my poor lil pizza face 6 months ago, and on the right is a picture of me from today.

I know people don’t want to hear it because it’s easier to take medication, cover it up with make up, blame uncontrollable hormones, blah blah blah, but the reality is that you can drastically improve your skin just by evaluating and changing your lifestyle. It takes a while and it gets waaaay worse before it gets better (I was about 4 or 5 months into my “acne-be-gone” changes on the left) but it’s definitely worth it.

The absolute biggest changes I have made are:

  • No dairy, especially if you’re a lady. Milk is filled with hormones perfect for lil baby cows who need to grow big and fat, but those hormones also help your acne to grow big and fat hence why you end up with cysts in pre-menstrual places like your chinny chin chin. Admittedly I am much less strict now but I know instantly when I’ve overdone it.
  • No face touching! It’s the most difficult thing in the world to stop picking and squeezing but more often than not if you leave a zit alone it’ll sort itself out. Almost all of my “blemishes” nowadays can be attributed to scanning my face for potential breakouts and I am a bit obsessed with my pores. Even a tiny experimental squeeze will come back and bite you in the ass so leave it alone! 
  • Oil cleansing and giving up trying to scrub it away. The absolute best face washing method (for me at least) is oil cleansing as nowadays I have very dry skin and I get pretty gnarly psoriasis on my face when I get super stressed. I use a 1:2 mix of castor oil and jojoba oil but I recommend reading about it and figuring out what your skin is like and what oil does what. It takes some experimenting, but again, soooo worth it once you find out what works for you. I read somewhere that when you have acne there are special acne fighting bacteria chilling out on your face that are trying to help you but are often washed away with the crazy strong chemicals found in most face washes, so by washing your face gently and less regularly (I usually only wash my face in the morning) you’re allowing your face to help itself. 
  • Keeping good habits and observing what makes you break out. Common sense stuff like changing your pillow cases regularly, patting your skin dry instead of rubbing, drinking lots of water, eating your veggies, taking vitamins (I take several, but I highly suggest cod liver oil capsules), avoiding junk food, taking your make up off thoroughly if you wear it, yadda yadda. I have heard that lots of people suggest sleeping with their hair tied back but personally I found that made my skin break out, so it’s about observing what happens to you personally. Like for me I have to dab my mouth with toilet paper instead of a towel when I’ve rinsed away any toothpaste on my mouth otherwise my top lip breaks out? Ugh.
  • Exercising and getting regular fresh air/sunshine. More common sense, when you sweat all the yucky stuff in your skin is sweat out too and if you're like me and have dry skin this is especially beneficial. As I’ve been overcoming my agoraphobia I’ve noticed that being outside regularly has been the most consistent “cure” for my acne so I recommend everyone gets some outside without their war paint on.

In short, educate yourself and have faith. I did some crazy shit to my face when I was younger because I didn’t know what to do and was encouraged to use no end of products that could probably unblock a drain, so learn about what your skin is like and stop equating the idea that acne = dirty because that’s not true. I’ll bet nearly all of the face washes you can buy are filled with something that’s more likely to scar you than help you, even the ones that advertise themselves as being gentle, so if you only take away one thing here please please please let it be that you can’t remedy your acne by focusing only on the external. You have a lot less to lose by taking your make up off and having a glass of water than you do by scrubbing the shit outta it with some industrial strength bleach because some airbrushed celebrity pretending to wash her face told you it changed her life. 

(PS: To play my own devil’s advocate I will say that the left picture was taken using my iPod’s front camera and the right with my LG G2’s regular camera, so that’s a big jump in quality and I probably didn’t look as red as the picture shows)

prince & prince // ch.2

tododeku || sfw || 7,300 words

Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant.

second chapter of my prince au is out! happy finals week!

>> READ ON AO3 <<

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You will pry "Fresh Off the Boat" out of my cold, dead, Asian hands.

I obviously don’t pay attention to the media as often as I probably should, so ABC’s newly released Fresh Off the Boat comedy didn’t register in my radar until near release time and how, how did I miss the fact that this would be the first live-action show with an Asian-centric cast since 1994’s All-American Girl (a show I need to watch at some point for research and curiosity.) And the fact it took twenty years for a live-action (I say “live-action” because cartoons have done it a bit better: Jake Long: American Dragon, Juniper Lee, Jackie Chan Adventures, Mulan, etc.) to do this should say something about POC representation. But it’s here and I watched it and it’s pretty good…I guess?

I mean, for a family sitcom, the laughs were largely few and in-between. None of the jokes were cringe-worthy or hideously awful, just standard and average. The chance for improvement is within range. My key impression of the show lies on its Asian perspective. Their Haungs’ chief dilemmas are the stuff you might have seen in various Asian stereotypes; (“Tiger moms” and immigrants living the American Dream, yadda yadda.) Fresh Off the Boat is really hitting the bottom of the barrels with the whole Non-Asian reaction to Chinese “Ewwww, those look like worms!” food cliche. Shit that a general media might already know about and goddamn it, I’ve been on this flippin’ boat (no pun intended) already why do we have to do this again?! It’s a tedious “Well, duh” moment until you realize we still need that Asian point of view. How many shows with white leads didn’t rationalize and play off the same tropes and association from their own lives?

As tiring as these cliches are, I’m not ready to dismiss this show because I can hands down say with utmost confidence that I relate to Fresh Off the Boat. Almost embarrassingly so.

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anonymous asked:

Curious for your thoughts on this but what would Arrow be like without Felicity (since EBR was originally a guest star)?

A dark, depressing show? Dead in the water?

Ha. Brevity aside, I honestly can’t even imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak anymore. I mean, I literally cannot picture it.

I have no idea what the show’s original direction would have been throughout season 1 and beyond had Felicity either not shown up at all, or shown up for her one scene and then disappeared. Well, I do know, but I can’t picture it.

See, the thing is, the pilot set up the proposed trajectory of the show quite neatly, if not exactly successfully. Oliver was back from the island, he loved Laurel but didn’t know if he could ever be with her. Laurel meanwhile had a thing going on with Tommy, his best friend, who was in love with her (whether she was in love with Tommy at that point, I don’t know for sure. Certainly the potential was there). Season 1 had this whole cliched love triangle drama going on (and why the detractors of the show’s current direction never complain about that is both mind-boggling and enlightening) and had the show not changed course mid-way through thanks to Stephen and Emily’s electric chemistry and the promise of something “more”, it would have continued along that path for at least the rest of the season, if not beyond.

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As the Dust Settles

Title: As the Dust Settles [] [ao3]

Rating: K

Word Count: ~1600

Summary: Some things one does for the self, other things one does for others. But the best one can do is to act for the future. An alternate ending to Book 4, Krew heavy with emphasis on Korra. A sendoff to Korra. [Be the Peaf Prompt 70 – For the Future]

Music: Please listen to “O Magnum Mysterium” (For Band) By Morten Lauridsen and Arranged H. Robert Reynolds for the full effect. I promise you won’t regret it.

Author Note: This fic has really been stressing me out today. I want to stress that this is my interpretation through my imagination, and you are under no obligation to like it.



No matter where she was, Korra always felt her gaze drawn to the green-yellow light of the newly created spirit portal. The original portals in the north and south were breathtaking to begin with, but the idea that she herself created this rip in the fabric between their universe and the next brought her awe to an entirely different level. Statue be damned; it was impossible to ignore that perhaps the greatest showing of her time as the Avatar would stay eternally where downtown Republic City once was.

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Studio 2

I am so jazzed about continuing this story, you have no idea. Thus I am over the moon about, and thank you for, your interest in it. One PSA before we continue: this will include smoking, drinking, drugging, and possibly other inadvisable behavior. Though I am presenting some of it in rather, um, COMPELLING contexts (cf. the end of this part), I am not advocating any of it. (Although I do drink, so I guess it would be hypocritical not to endorse that to some degree, but the other stuff is just not my bag.) So, but, this tale of debauchery and whatnot began here.

Studio 2

“So, Meeka,” says the young publicist.

“It’s Myka,” she corrects him.

“Sorry. You know, audiences get confused when they can’t pronounce names—we should think about changing it.” Myka is aghast at the idea; her horror must show in her face, for he smiles at her, rather sweetly. He’s very young, this Steve Jinks. He’s probably younger that she is. He says, “Nobody really wants a new name, but they get used to it. Though the old-timers tell me that Joan Crawford still hates hers—and hates the guy who gave it to her. So if we have to change yours, please don’t hate me.”

“I just saw Helena Wells,” Myka blurts out, because she has to tell someone.

“Yeah?” Steve says. “I met her for the first time last week. She was nice. Odd, but nice.”

“Odd,” Myka tries the word. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly apply.

“More like eccentric, I guess. She hates this whole department. Won’t do a thing anybody tells her.” He makes a little clucking sound. “They wanted to give her a new name, too.”

“What was it?” Myka asks. She cannot imagine a name better than “Helena Wells.”

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