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♡ valentine’s day starters, fluff edition

{ the angst edition is here! }

  • “you are so cheesy.”
  • “i didn’t know you were a romantic.”
  • “oh my god. i can’t believe you did this.”
  • “wait, let me get a picture!”
  • “you are absolutely ridiculous.”
  • “i have the perfect day planned out.”
  • “i made it myself.”
  • “i made it myself, which explains why it’s a little burnt.”
  • “i tried making it myself, but i figured food poisoning doesn’t make for a very good valentine’s day present.”
  • “has anyone ever told you that you have a funny idea of romantic?”
  • “where are we going to put a bear that big?”
  • “did i just hear a bark?”
  • “when you said you were planning something big, i didn’t expect it to be this big…”
  • “i told you you didn’t have to do anything!”
  • “this might be the happiest day of my life.”
  • “how did you know my favorite chocolate flavor?”
  • “help me find a vase for these flowers?”
  • “this holiday seems like the best opportunity to ask you out.”
  • “i know a place that sells hot chocolate with heart-shaped froth.”
  • “i want to make you this happy for the rest of your life.”
  • “is today a good day to say i think i love you?”
  • “i think i’m in love with you.”
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you so much. you know that, right?”
  • “…that’s for me?”
  • “…are those flowers?”
  • “…i didn’t get you anything, though.”
  • “you didn’t have to.”
  • “you alone are enough.”
BTS as dads

Seokjin - The PREPARED dad
Jin visits all the seminars and courses for parents-to-be with you.
He is always fully prepared, no matter where you are, 24/7.
You think you forgot the bottle? Jin’s got your back.
Spending time with your kid is the most amazing thing for him.

Yoongi - The IN-CONTROL dad
He takes care of your child without breaking a sweat. The kid will always stop crying whenever he picks them up.
No one knows how he does it. Probably magic…
Yoongi enjoys taking care of your child so much, you can always rely on him.

Namjoon - The “PLEASE DON’T TELL Y/N” dad
He claims that he’s in control but has no idea what he is doing 24/7.
He actually breaks more stuff than the child but he tries his best and it’s very endearing. Also makes sure that his kid gets proper education.
Sometimes you come home and find him crying and the kid idly playing.
“What happened, Namjoon?”
“I dropped a book on my toe.”
“I swear I am raising two children.”

Hoseok - The MESEMRISED dad
Reenacts the lion king scene at least once a day.
Has 20.000+ pictures of your child on his phone and is very eager to show them off.
He likes to dance around the house with your baby in his arms and sings for them every night.

Jimin - The SOFT dad
Jimin became a full time dad when he first layed eyes on his child. He spends a lot of time playing and caring for them and he likes to be the one to carry the around.
He tends to falls asleep with the kid on his chest because of that and it’s the cutest thing ever. He is also very excited for them to get older, so he can teach them all kinds of cool stuff.

Taehyung - The BORN DAD
Has three kids strapped onto him at all times. Only two of them are yours.
Tae’s like a magnet, every child loves him.
He somehow gets never tired and loves spending time with them.
They are also all clothed in Gucci
He spoils them way too much, sometimes you have to stop him from ordering even more expensive clothes (because you’re running out of space).

Jungkook - The OVERWHELMED dad
Starts tearing up randomly. “They are so FRAGILE, we have to PROTECT them.”
Loves the kid so much but is also afraid he will drop it and hurt them somehow.
Looks to you whenever he’s having trouble being a dad. you have to show him the ropes at first but once he get’s the hang of things he will spend a lot of time with your kid. He is also extremely proud of your kid.

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AAAHH, you ship Logurt too, this made my day! :D I love them both way, as best friend buddies and having more between them. And now, thanks to you, I only see Kurt grinning wildly like an idiot when it comes to Logan :D (like Chris did) Thanks for the picture! :D

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys that idea!  I think one of the reasons why the idea came to my mind was because Kurt has a LOT in common with Chris Traeger (optimistic, excessively kind and cheerful, relentless people-pleaser, uses his charm to hide insecurities).  Granted, Logan and Andy have very little in common, but the whole scene feels very true to Logan and Kurt to me. XD 

One of the things that I enjoy most about Logurt is that every now and then, Logan does or says something that seems as if he’s lowkey hitting on Kurt.  And Kurt it totally oblivious to it, haha.

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Doc, I just saw your third picture for Jet and I made such a delighted sound. She's going to love it, and probably hate you, so it's perfect! When will she get these? I can't wait for her reaction. I hope to have a friendship like yours one day.

Oh I’ll think she’l Have An Emotion


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▌ → ☆ OUT OF PAPES - To the two I met last night.

Here’s me, hoping so much that you see this post! 

One of you stopped by, you looked so cute in your outfit! I loved your tie!! You we’re just so sweet! It was so lovely getting to say hello! I’m so so happy that you decided to stop! <33 

The second person stopped by shortly after the boys started coming out to sign. I’m sorry I made you wait – But I’m so incredibly honored to have been able to take a photo with you! You were just the sweetest thing and you were so patient. I hope our picture turned out okay! I’m sure I was making some sort of silly face in it! Haha!

Anyway – I have to say that you two have literally NO IDEA how much that meant to me. I am floored every single day by the response this blog has received and by the support I get from each and every single one of my followers. But when you stopped last night at a show that means so much to me and wanted to say hello to ME, I was in tears. I cannot fathom how anyone could possibly want to see ME or be excited by ME. But seeing your smiling faces – I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I love and cherish all of you and I want nothing more than to continue to make you all smile. 

You two will forever be a wonderful memory for me. I’m going to hold last night so so close. I hope with all my heart that you enjoyed the show and had the most wonderful night, just like I did. Because you were the highlight of mine!

Newsies forever – 


Llamas with Hats sentence starters (pt. 2)

“We’re supposed to be on vacation!”
“I don’t know about you but I am having a WONDERFUL time here.”
“You toppled the South American government while on vacation?!”
“You pushed the resistance leader into a giant death trap!”
“He was a traitor and a scoundrel.”
“He was trying to stop you from killing the rest of the people!”
“It was horrifying- your mouth unhinged like a snake.”
“I can’t go anywhere with you, can I.”
“Whoa, that was a foot. I appeared to have swallowed an entire person.”
“That hurt my feelings, now we’re both in the wrong.”
“I wanna go home.”
“I’m leaving!”
“I should probably mention I filled our luggage with orphan meat.”
“I’m building a meat dragon and not just any meat will do.”
“You know what? Forget it. I’m not even shocked anymore.”
“I feel like I’ve been issued a challenge.”
“I totally don’t remember your name.”
“We’ve known each other for __ years and you don’t know my name?!”
“This has become the norm for you.”
“Now that right there is a mess.”
“There’s an impostor on the loose!”
“I’m not responsible for this. I’ve been jamming on my saxophone all morning.”
“I just had this cleaned yesterday!”
“The footprints lead directly to you!”
“It’s- Please tell me you had nothing to do with this.”
“Who’s laughing? Clearly not all the people who’ve just exploded.”
“I’m leaving, I’ve had enough of this.”
“Friendship is two pals munching on a well cooked face together.”
“Well… you’re probably not gonna like your birthday present.”
“I’m sorry, I thought you liked dead bodies! Clearly there has been a miscommunication.”
“You’re right, it’s not nearly as tasteful as I pictured it inside my head.”
“I think I’m gonna throw u- Oh God, one touched me.”
“That’s not the problem! What made you think any of this was a good idea?!”
“I don’t understand how you keep forgetting that I’m a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.”
“I know you’ve done SOMETHING.”
“You’ve always done something- it’s a lovely day out, we’re having a good time, what did you do?”
“Whatever do you mean? You’re mistaking me for some sort of a scoundrel.”
“I may have created a crack in space-time… through which to collect baby hands.”
“I don’t understand how or why you do anything.”
“I know it’s fucked, but after the last time with the nuke and the faces… I… think I was expecting worse.” 

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Have you ever imagined how jaejoong look when removing his make up :D

there are a few things i am obsessed with in this world anon chan and one of those things is jaejoong without make up

i keep a collection of them because it is the rarest thing ever to find a make up less joong 

even when u think he’s not wearing make up he is 

like there is a 300000% chance u will see jaejoong with really natural make up and eyeliner on and u will have no idea

if he takes a selca assume that its because he has make up on and he thinks he looks good on this particular day at that particular moment


here is an example of a deceptive natural make up joong face because if u look closely u can see he has eyeliner on but i just wanted to post this picture because it is my fav and pls appreciate it for a moment

moving on

im assuming he has no make up here because he’s wet and he just got out of the shower ugh i cant even look at this his no make up face is too much for me

no make up joong climbing a mountain

this is too much too fucking much look how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

no make up joong lying casually on the carpet with hiro kunnn

how to spot a no make up joong: his eyebrows and hair will be different colors assuming his hair isnt black at the time and there will be tiny gaps in his eyebrows


anyways i have more but i will end it here with a full face make up joong that is too beautiful for u to look at for more than 5 seconds



I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have placed orders throughout the weekend and who have reblogged, retweeted and shared my stuff. I am super grateful *hugs* You have no idea how much this has brightened up my outlook on the coming months.

I have 100lbs of acrylic on the way. I got my hands on a bunch of new acrylic colours and new styles of Swarovski crystals that were recently released, and I’ve been filled with inspiration for new ideas and designs.  I hope to post pictures of some samples I have made within the coming days ^_^

Some of you have asked about the Luna pen we showed you a few months ago.  Since the large crystals were super expensive to import I sort of put it on the back burner. We recently put it back in the works, and have almost finished designing a working pen with a twist mechanism.  So hopefully we can have pre-orders for those sometime in the near future.

Sorta depressing stuff below? Read if you want.

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