this picture give so many feelings

So there has been a huge increase of antisemitism on tumblr recently with jewish blogs being sent extremely gruesome and potentially triggering pictures as well as slurs and a few threats.   

Many people give out warnings about this but unfortunately it can take time to get shared to across tumblr and I’ve seen warnings barely get seen by anyone because they don’t have many followers and things. 

That’s why I created Antisemitism Alert, so that there’s a way to spread the word and keep people safe and so people can send in warnings and there can be up to date info at all times.

Please Follow and Share this post, even if you aren’t jewish, everyone deserves the right to feel safe on here. Please protect yourself/your followers. It’s honestly so important.   


love is love is love // 6.14.16


I made an X-Files picture book to give myself closure after watching the show for the first time.  Then they officially announced the revival. I should have known there would be no escape from all the feelings.


Our hope, our angel. Our J-Hope.

This sun trapped inside a human body, is beautiful. I don’t get it when people think he’s ugly or untalented. I mean, are you blind!? Have you seen his smile!? Have you seen him dance!? Have you heard him rap or sing!? Like goodness. He can be an angel when he smiles but when he dance or raps, he’s a whole different person. How he follows the choreography perfectly and puts in every energy in his body on every performance gives me life.

I want him to be appreciated by just his presence. I want him to be loved by the other ARMYs as they love jungkook or taehyung. Because i don’t want this piece of sunshine to be sad, i love him too much to see him like that. I want ARMYs to watch his (V)lives or hostings without asking for other members. He’s important like every other member. I want him to see that we love him so much. And we appreciate every thing he does. 

I love this angel so much, i can’t afford him to be sad. It makes me sad aswell. How can people not love him!? He is so beautiful, inside and out. And i can’t believe people hate on him. How!? I mean, he’s gorgeous. Has the most amazing smile. Has ethereal looks. Has the most beautiful and funny personality. And talented person ever!

I want him to feel the love that i give him everyday of my life. Sometimes, i just look at a picture of him and i just smile without noticing. He has done so many thing for us, that sometimes people don’t see. I am so thankful that i am living with the same era as him. I don’t want him to recieve hate, because he doesn’t deserve it. He deserves love, respect and appreciation. Not hate and disrespectfulness.

Appreciate him, Love him, and ofcourse. Respect him.

사랑해, 생일 축하해 정호석.

underrated queer culture things that i love:

- commenting on friends selfies like “i am so GAY i have never been gayer in my LIFE”

- alternatively commenting on friends selfies like “i am straight u have turned me straight this picture made me heterosexual”

- phrases starting with “when i was a heterosexual,” to refer to any time before u realised ur gayness

- are u an X gay or a Y gay?

- saying “that’s homophobic” whenever u don’t get ur way

- moodboards. we make so many moodboards for shit like “potato girlfriends” let’s never stop making them

- having token straight friends in group chats. how does this happen why is there always just one (1) token straight

- “what are u, straight?”

- no character that is loved is ever straight or cis give me nine million bi or pan trans headcanons for them

feel free to add more

my friend was upset tonight so naturally I decided to spam them with pictures of fish costumes and honestly I had a ball

so I’m gonna share them with you now. Get ready for a wild ride.

let’s start simple

real simple

“haha see I have fins! haha help me

lots of nemos going around

some of them more terrifying than others

it’s like he’s wearing horse blinders I’m

okay well this one has the colours I guess

are you serious

how many sexy fish costumes could there possibly - 

okay but surely - 


not sure how the fuck we’re supposed to feel about this one


someone save him

give em the ol razzle dazzle

this is why NASA won’t explore the ocean


alright let’s get back to some friendlier content

we agreed this one would be me

this guy’s just happy to be invited to the party

this one’s kinkshaming you

this one is very possibly my favourite

and these guys are the grand finale because I have so many questions?? But I don’t want a single one answered look at this. Fish on segways. Amazing.

Okay thank you for your time.

Mama Aelin

Aelin is definitely pregnant in the iron coffin. Definitely. Here are my reasons why:

-she isn’t taking a tonic because it can be extremely hard for Fae to have offspring

-they have sex A LOT without the tonic

-and technically Aelin is still mortal (hasn’t Settled yet) so wouldn’t that mean she’s still human-like fertile (kind of confused about that)

-okay but Maeve said that Rowaelin’s children would’ve been so much more powerful…yeah thank you for mentioning that…because I feel like it and the tonic wouldn’t have been mentioned if pregnant!Aelin wasn’t happening

-What happened to Lydia and the baby. I feel like it would’ve been bad enough if it was just Lydia who died. It would’ve hurt Rowan bad enough for the plot to be okay…but the baby too. I feel like that was added because Aelin is pregnant and this time he’s going to save his mate and his baby. (I pictured that being much more eloquently worded)

-SJM has given us so many different types of strong men and women. Abused. Raped. Enslaved. Tortured. Trapped. Everything. But we’ve never had a strong, pregnant woman. I feel like we’re about to get one.

So comment on…things I guess. Give me your ideas about why you think she’s pregnant or why you don’t think she’s pregnant

February 8th - Hanahaki Disease / Budo

[Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano´s picture] / [Oka’s picture (+Process)]/ [Pippi and Ryuto’s picture] / [Riku and Kokona’s picture] / [Kuu Dere’s picture] / [Osoro’s picture]

“The pain this love is giving me is more painful than 1000 punches to my body, but I will resist since it´s the proof of my true feelings…”

Because I´m ayando trash, obviously I needed to include Budo in the Hanahaki series right away, and as his sentence says, even when the disease is killing him, he sees it as a test of fate for determinate if he is worthy of Ayano´s love.

About the flowers…finding a flower for him was so hard, there were so many good options that only deciding one was a torture, and as you can see in the end I choose two:

For one side, there is the Orange Rose, which represents a fiery blaze that portrays passion and energy, but for the romantic side, express intense desire, pride and fervor, combined with a sense of fascination (What I personally think Budo feels towards Ayano). For the other side is the White Chrysanthemum, which symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy, long life and especially truth, making in the romantic side represent loyal love.

It’s hard making friends as an adult.

I find myself wanting to be friends with other women out in the wild but never being able to find the right words to ask them to hang out. Most of the time I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way. I find myself asking if they have an instagram or facebook, perfectly normal networking conversations. But I want more. I want to hang out with them, go to brunch, movies, text! It’s hard following through with that aspect of a friendship. I don’t want to just have someone that will like all my selfies, I want them with me in the picture too. 

I feel like a major nerd with this, lol. “Hi, can we be friends? Like… can we hang out this week and go see Kong?” It’s so hard! I wish I could just say that but i’m more terrified of rejection with friendship than I am with relationships. 

I just want so many women to be friends with me, I have so much love to give and I want to support all of you, please be my friends.

Okay, so I know I already made an addition to @sevi007‘s beautiful and wonderful headcanon list for Eri and Class 1-A (which you can see here, it’s lovely and my headcanons can only add so much), but I had more pertaining to the other individuals of Class 1A.

This is basically a “how the kids calm down Eri and their general relationship with her” headcanon post.

  • Tsuyu, being a natural at caring for small children because she has younger siblings, would comfort Eri whenever Izuku isn’t around to do so (or he just doesn’t know what to do, he’s an only child) and make her feel better through her calm aura and kind words
  • Kirishima is already the big brother figure of everyone in the dorms, so it’s no surprise when he takes Eri in as a little sister as if she’s always been there. He tends to make her feel better by swooping her up onto his shoulders and pretending like he’s her noble steed (he’s very careful to leave his hair down during this because he doesn’t want to poke her in the eye with his hair alone). He also is willing to neglect homework to entertain and play games with her (something his teachers and Bakugou do not appreciate, but his teachers are willing to be a little bit more lenient because Eri)
  • Swinging back to Bakugou, I’m also attaching the “Bakugou is a really good cook” headcanon onto here. Because I’m assuming due to Eri’s young age, she’s never had the chance to enjoy certain foods, Bakugou starts making specific Japanese comfort foods whenever she’s upset or can’t sleep or in a bad mood. He doesn’t really know how else to comfort a small child (or really any human, let’s be honest), but he does know that food generally works. So if he’s the only one around and she’s trying really hard not to cry or to hide her tears, he starts cooking something up and hands her the plate silently and sits nearby to make sure she’s okay. (He says it’s so that she doesn’t make noise, but the entire class knows better because her sobs are really quiet)
  • While Bakugou makes comfort food, Satou makes sweets for her. He does his best not to overload her on sugar (she is still really young), but he gives her little treats whenever she asks nicely or she’s having a bad day.
  • Kouda lets her pet his rabbit and, occasionally, they’ll go into town together to a pet shop and Eri can play with the other animals in the shop.
  • Kaminari doesn’t really know how to handle kids, but he knows how to make people laugh. So, he makes her laugh as best as he can, and if all of his other jokes and methods of comedy don’t work, he’ll short circuit his brain for the sake of making her smile.
  • Momo makes dolls and toys for Eri, especially considering she probably never had a toy of her own, and the two of them play with them to make her feel better. Sometimes, the other kids end up joining, specifically Kirishima, Izuku, Uraraka, Mina, and Tooru.
  • Izuku never really knows exactly what to do and sort of ends up becoming the designated hero character (the others quickly picked up that he was mostly just imitating All Might every time). Kirishima tends to vary between hero, sidekick, and villain, depending on the scenario. They’ve found he has a very good evil laugh that’s cheesy enough to make Eri smile.
  • Uraraka makes Eri float and they “fly” through the dorms together. She also tells great stories about the others’ accomplishments as heroes-in-training. Eri is especially attached to the ones about Deku.
  • Iida is also inexperienced with children, but he has an older brother and so he does what Tensei did to make him feel better with Eri. Namely, making funny faces and tickling her. The others find the spectacle to be a combination of weird as hell, but also adorable. (There’s lots of footage.)
  • I, personally, headcanon that Sero does have a younger sibling (just one), so in this headcanon, Sero uses the same techniques for Eri to make her feel better. He also introduces her to the idea of playing pretend with tea sets or as a princess or as a hero trying to stop a giant monster. He’s not picky.
  • Todoroki generally just keeps Eri company. He lets her cuddle up to either side of him depending on the temperature of the room and lets her talk about her problems and bad thoughts, quietly listening and keeping her close. He’s found she generally favors his left side because it’s warm and comforting. It’s taken time to get used to, but it’s a nice feeling, knowing someone finds comfort in it.
  • Aizawa doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t do much. He pretty much just goes into his sleeping bag and opens up a little pocket for Eri to climb into and they both take a nap. (There are far too many pictures of this circulating through the school).
  • Toshinori comforts Eri the same way he comforts the rest of his classmates. Letting them cry out their feelings and try to give a little bit of advice. With Eri, because she’s so young, he also tells her stories of his prime, of when he was a great hero. She continuously tells him that he’s still a hero to her.
  • Izuku is her Onii-chan and she’s very attached to him. So, she obviously goes to him first whenever she has a problem or she’s not feeling well or she has a question. He does his best to answer all her questions and concerns and to make her feel better. When he doesn’t know what to do, he asks his mom for help and advice. When she’s crying, he does what Toshinori does and hugs her and lets her cry it out. He isn’t perfect, he knows that, but he does his best and loves her like a good Onii-chan should.

I’m starting to run dry on these, so if anyone has any other additions for the rest of Class 1-A, put them down!

Pre-Wedding || An Interview!

Authors Note: This picture gave me a mini idea, it is short, but I thought it worked. :) xx 
Shawn Master List found HERE

Of all things to do on his wedding day, he had an early morning radio interview scheduled to keep him occupied while his nerves hum through his veins. 

He has been on edge since the minute he left you yesterday morning, you both decided on the whole, ‘Not seeing each other twenty-four hours’, before the wedding. 

He left his parents’ house this morning, wearing his tux, excited to finally wear it on his big day. Shawn knew there was no way he would be able to contain himself, so, he scheduled an early interview to keep him occupied since the ceremony wasn’t until the afternoon. 

He smiles as he enters the studio, his eyes full of love and pleasure, content radiating off of him thoroughly. 

“Shawn, welcome! We are loving the wedding attire,” the host beams, Shawn smirking as he stares down for a split second, 

“Thank you! Yeah, my wedding is in four hours, pretty fucking ready, had to keep occupied so here I am,” Shawn chuckles, trying to contain his enthusiasm. He was advised not to give away too many details about the wedding so that the media and fans would not show up and force their way into getting exclusive pictures.

“Are you ready? I feel like you are ready to jump out of your skin.”

“I am more than ready. I haven’t spoken to my bride, she is busy getting ready. I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle.” Shawn grins, giggling nervously as he imagines you wandering down the aisle to him, dressed in the gown he has still not managed to even get a glimpse at. 

You kept everything very traditional and refused to even show him a snippet of the dress, his Mum kept the dress hidden away at her house because there was no way you could keep it in the house you and Shawn share, no. Shawn snoops far too much at times. 

“So sweet. So, you have your album coming out soon? tell us about the details.” Shawn is asked, reminding him that he, indeed, has other priorities on his list that do not revolve around the wedding. 

His fourth album is due to release in a months time, but he has done his best to keep it very hush-hush, doing last minute touches and tweaks until he approves everything. This album has proven to be a bit of a push for him, he extended himself further than ever and has put in more hours than ever, making sure each detail of each song is flawless. 

Shawn nods, “Yes… I uh, I actually have a single dropping on my honeymoon, the missus said I could steal the thunder for one day and work one day on our honeymoon. The album remarkably challenged me lyrically and vocally. There are a few acoustic melodies that I wanted to test the waters with.” .. “I think the album is a little step further outside my usual comfort zone. It is something that strips me down further to my rawest form and I like that. Yeah… does that answer?”

“Can you give us any inside scoops? Anyone, the songs are about?” Shawn is asked the question he has been asked since he first started his career. 

Every song has some sort of personal meaning to him, whether it is family related or relationship related, old or new. There is always speculation on which song is written about you specifically. 

Shawn grins for the hundredth time, his finger beginning to twist the ring on his finger. “There is one song about someone specific, I can’t name names.” … “All I can say is that the single is what I am singing tonight. I hope my wife isn’t listening… Anyway, yeah, the single comes out next Thursday,” Shawn continues on discussing his single, doing his best not to stray away from the topic of conversation and discuss the wedding. 

“Ah, a little mystery,” The interviewer chuckles, “I quite like the subtleness, love it, man.” “I have to ask, what inspires you the most to write?" 

"Uh, good question, my answer is going to sound very typical, but I promise I am not trying to be cliche. Y/N, she inspires and pushes me a lot. The other week, I played her a song that I was not happy with… She looked at me and gave me her opinion, so I sat and pondered for a little bit on the couch, watching as she was writing out thank you cards.. I kinda stared at her for a minute, just managing to make out her handwriting and her small grin, and I just… I somehow managed to change lyrics to something I was satisfied with.”

“Has she ever been brutally honest with you?”

“Yes, she has” Shawn chuckles, “When I was sick on tour, I was really pushing my limits and she pulled me to the side and brutally told me that I needed to sit my ass down and relax because I sounded terrible. Straight out told me I sounded atrocious. She was right though, I could barely speak. She doesn’t sugar coat things when it comes to the cut.” … “I love it though, I need the ruthlessly honest words sometimes,” Shawn admits over the radio, drawing back to the question and adding how his family also inspire him and other artists.

Well, that wraps up our interview, we do not want you late for your wedding, we wish you the best of luck with the album and we hope to see all the pictures from today. Best of luck, man.“ The interviewer ends the conference, turning the mics off before saying his own personal congratulations and watching Shawn glow and smile with every mention of you and the wedding.

Her Instinct - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - A Broken Frame

*mature gifs ahead*

This chapter was inspired by the song Guys My Age by Hey Violet. Feel free to listen as you read, it’s a great song and really fitting to the character ;-)

Morning came even quicker than last time. I feel the warmth of his body against my back. It was so comforting, his lean arm draped over my body, connecting us.

I studied his forearm. His skin looked and felt so smooth, not oily or dry, but just healthy and clear. I outlined his arm, taking in the shape with my hands.

Remembering it.

Memorizing it.

I glided my fingers down to his hand, tracing his palm. His hands weren’t as soft and smooth as his harm. Callouses outlined his palms, either from working out or all that housework he must do. The memory of his cart full of household cleaning items came across my mind. Funny thing, Mr. Leto never talks about a gardening. It must be for the houses he sells.

My mind wandered back to his warm body pressed against my back. I lapsed back into the memories from last night of us wrapped in each other’s arms, inseparable.

I felt myself melt into his arms. A soft kiss on my neck broke my train of thought.

“Someone’s awake,” he said groggily. The huskiness in his voice sent chills down my spine and was literally, the sexiest thing to wake up too.

“Someone’s still sleepy, ” I retorted playfully as I turned to face him .

“For you, I’d be awake in a heart beat.” He said suggestively.

His voice paled in comparison with his looks. Yep, he was just as flawless as he was before. My eyes outlined his perfectly handsome features. I started with is eyes, then his cheek bones, his jaw , down to his neck and stopped at his clavicle. I decided to give my eyes a break and grazed my fingers against his shoulders and chest.

He stared back at me calmly as I touched him. I felt peaceful in the oddest way.

“I don’t want to leave. I could stay in bed with you all day.” I said out loud to myself.

“Don’t say that Kerri, or I’ll just might have to make that happen.” He tapped my nose with finger with his finger.

I laughed as I inched closer to him. He leaned in, kissing me tenderly. He proceeded to kiss down across my jaw tracing down to my shoulders.

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The Addiction

It’s all normal

You’re sitting on your couch

Checking your laptop or phone

Browsing Tumblr

Checking what’s new

All the new posts

All the new wonderful hypnotic posts

You keep reading them

Until you come to this post

The title and my picture

You’ve seen my picture 




You know by now that probably by the end of this post

You’ll have fallen in trance

woke up

Feeling wonderful

Feeling so good

Just like it has happened many times before

You realize it now

You realize that my words

My Posts

have become addictive

have become irresistible

Just starting reading my words

You can’t stop

You don’t want to stop

The moment you start you don’t stop until the end

the end of

My Posts

My Words

and you can’t deny that turns you on

You feel turned on from how you got here

How you reached this point

The point of My Words

My Posts

Becoming addictive

becoming irresistible

A Turn on

Unable to stop reading

Not wanting to stop reading

Wanting to surrender

To give in to them

As you have

As you have many times before

So many times before

You’ve experienced this many times

And it never stops feeling wonderful

And now

With the realization

The realization of your addiction

Your addiction to My Words

My Posts

It all became so much better

So much better 

To give in

To give up to them

You can’t help yourself

You can’t help but slide your hand down

Slide it down between your legs

Start touching yourself

Without even realizing it

You start touching yourself

From the pleasure

The pleasure of giving in to My Words

You can’t help it

You don’t want to

You keep touching yourself


Focusing more

more and more

On My Words

As you let go

let go

let go and drop


Drop Deep

as you continue to read

read and follow

read, follow and touch yourself

looking just like this

It’s unbelievable how much this resembles you

How you look just like that

Whenever you get on My Blog

Whenever you read My Words

My Posts 

You automatically drool

open your mouth wide

Your eyes widen

As you start to read

To Follow

And give in 

Give in completely

As you touch yourself

Touch yourself

And the more you touch yourself

The deeper you go

The Deeper you go

The more you touch yourself

closer and closer

deeper and deeper

Giving in

Giving up


Loving how irresistible

How addictive

My Words 

My Posts 

have become 

How you’re still touching yourself

Dropping deep

Deeper and Deeper

Deeper than you’ve been in such a long time

Turned on



Hornier and hornier


Closer and closer


Deeper and deeper


More and more

Loving it

Loving it all

touching yourself non stop




So close now

Knowing by now

Knowing that I control when you cum

When you Orgasm

loving the helplessness

loving the addiction

The joy and pleasure of being and addict

An addict to My Words

Once you realize that

Once you realize 


and accept it

You go ahead

Reblog and type

“I’m an addict to your words”

once you do that

you count down from 3 to 1

once you reach 1

you’ll have such an intense

such a powerful


So Powerful

So Intense

Like you haven’t felt in such a long time

Knowing that’s what happens when you give in

Surrender to me

Once you finish the orgasm

You’ll wake up

Fully awake


Extremely happy 

Loving my words and trances

Now that you realize how addictive they are

Looking forward for more

So go ahead now

Go ahead

My hypno addict


A/N: I am sorry that I am only capable of writing longer ones. I hope you still check this one out though! It’s a mess but I am a mess. And also, idk whymy summaries are so bad lately…THAT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE I WRITE PLOTLESS STUFF. Also, I would be happy about a review because I need constant validation.

Summary: Fred realizes his feelings for the you when all of a sudden he notices how closer you seem to be to George than him.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 3120

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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anonymous asked:

Jungkook smut w/ daddy kink pls hi it's me the thirsty ho u lov me you know who this is kek

to my smol child. here you are.

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, fingering, etc.

You love to tease him. Every time he leaves for a fan-meeting or a recording you’re always sure to text him and tease him. Usually your message includes a slightly naughty selfie and words of encouragement that contrast the picture–but that’s always what gets him.

And Jungkook hates being teased.

“Y/N,” Jungkook’s stern voice speaks, the door to your apartment shutting with a deafening click. Your breath hitches at his tone, eyes shifting towards your open bedroom door. You can hear him shuffling around, discarding his bag and coat, and know that he must’ve ditched the other guys and come straight here from the airport. 

You had sent him a pretty scandalous photo right before his boarding time…

Y/N,” Jungkook barks, his voice slicing through the silence, and despite his tone you find butterflies of anticipation fluttering in your stomach.

“Jungkook…?” you call innocently, trying to play it cool as you push yourself up on your mattress, flinging the book you’d been reading aside. Almost immediately overbearing footsteps start toward you, and you lick your lips with expectancy.

However, the last thing you expect is for Jungkook to storm into your room, dark eyes aflame with passion and his body already stripped of all his clothes. His toned body is bare for you to see–muscles flexing with every step he takes towards you.

“J-Jung–,” you start, gasping when he reaches forward and wraps his hand around your neck, fingers pressing into your skin. The lack of blood flow clouds your head instantly, and the feeling only adds to the heat pooling in your gut.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he whispers, growl bubbling up in his chest. 

Jungkook leans down and teasingly brushes his lips over yours, but doesn’t kiss you.

“Sending me all those photos–especially when I’m around the guys. Do you know how hard it was to fly for 4 hours straight after you’d sent me such a pretty photo of those tits of yours?” he says dangerously, using his grip on your neck to push you flat on the mattress.

You’re already putty beneath him, shivering when his free hand slips under your shirt and roams over your skin, goosebumps popping up in his wake. His touches are light and teasing, and you already know that this is his pay-back.

You’d teased him, and now he was going to tease you.

“Get up,” he demands suddenly. “Strip for me.”

Not wasting a second, you push yourself up and stand squarely in front of him, sure to keep your gazes connected as you pull your t-shirt over your head. Next comes your bra, and Jungkook’s eyes flit to your chest the minute the garment falls to the floor, eyes soaking in your supple skin and perfectly hardened nipples.

When you spot his pink tongue dart out to wet his lips, you’re only urged on, quickly slipping out of your pants, and kicking them away when they pool around your ankles.

“Stop,” he commands just as your fingers slip under the band of your underwear, and you pause, heart thrumming when he steps towards you.

With steady hands Jungkook reaches forward and slips your panties down, his eyes raking over your naked form, taking in every inch of revealed skin.

“Turn around,” he says, and you do. 

“Touch your toes.”

You blush, turning to stare at him in embarrassment, but the look he fixes you with is utterly serious.

Touch your toes.”

Y-Yes, daddy,” you stutter, not needing to be told again, and immediately fold yourself forward. From this angle you know he can see you clearly, and you gasp when his palm smacks against your ass. He massages the flesh and proceeds to slide his hand lower, two of his fingers dipping into your wet folds.

“Jungkook–ah, shit!” you curse when he pushes into you. The stretch feels amazing but with the angle you’re bent at the blood is rushing to your head, and your legs are starting to feel strained.

However, Jungkook has no sympathy even as your legs shake, fucking his fingers into you roughly.

“What did you call me?”

“D-Daddy, please!” you beg breathlessly, wincing as Jungkook presses you flatter to your legs, humming thoughtfully.

“You should stretch more,” he says, but lets you up. You breath a sigh of relief, muscles sore, but Jungkook doesn’t give you much time to recuperate. He shoves you forward onto the bed and immediately pries your legs apart, his two fingers slipping back inside of you.

You throw your head back at the feeling, a groan leaving your mouth as he pumps into you, his fingers becoming wet with your juices. 

“Did you miss me, baby?” he asks, leaning down to press light, teasing kisses against your breasts. “Is that why you sent me so many naughty pictures? Because you missed my cock–how I make you feel so good?”

Ooooh–yes, daddy,” you moaning, thighs shaking, and Jungkook bites his teeth around your nipple, fingers continue to slip in and out of you.

The heat in your gut is practically aflame now, and you whine under him, pressing your hips downward, causing him to fuck into your harder. Jungkook laughs quietly at the feeling, noticing how you’re biting your lips, need practically painted across your face.

“You want this, baby?” he says, his hand reaching down and leisurely pumping his cock a few times. You lick your lips hungrily at the sight, a groan ripping from your throat.

“Please, daddy, please.”

Do you really think you’ve been punished enough?” he muses, rolling on a condom nonetheless and teasing his tip between your folds. You gasp shakily at the feeling, need permeating your entire being. You can’t take his teasing anymore.

“I-I…daddy, I want you so bad! Please–”

“Shh, baby, I got you,” he says, tiny grunt slipping past his parted lips as he slides into you. When he bottoms out, completely filling your tight heat, you let out a guttural moan and toss your head back.


Shit,” Jungkook echoes quietly, jaw tight as he grips your hips and slowly begins to roll his lower body. The sensual pace drives you mad, fingers scrambling for purchase in the sheets.

“Jungkook,” you nearly sob, writhing, and Jungkook takes pity. He snaps into you swifter, evoking a gasp from you lips, and picks up his pace.

With each brush of cock over your g-spot–you walls clenching around him with each demanding thrust–the coil in your gut tightens. 

“Shit, Y/N,” Jungkook is hissing soon enough, pants mixed with pleasure and effort leaving his lips.

“Jungkook!” you echo, voice hitching, and not a minute later does the heat in your gut snap–overflowing and traveling up your entire body as you come. Jungkook’s name leaves your lips in the midst of it all, your body arching and tightening deliciously around him, and the feeling drags him under as well.

Fuck!” he hisses, hunching over you and shivering as his orgasm racks his body. 

Once you’ve both returned from bliss, Jungkook slips out of you and leans down, capturing your lips for the first time that night. You happily, yet tiredly kiss him back, arms snaking up to loop around his neck.

“I missed you,” you admit tenderly, kissing him again, and Jungkook smiles.

“I missed you too, Y/N. But from now on stop sending me so many damn pictures. I can’t control myself that well…”

Giggling, you pulling him tighter and press and playful kiss against the tip of his nose. 

“But where’s the fun in that?”

170222 Solar’s Diary

“Hello it’s Solar ^^
Today, I came here inevitably like this again ㅎㅎ

Today seemed like a memorable day especially to me. No matter how much I think about it, I feel very thankful for the birthday wishes from so many people. Very very thankful to our Moomoos ㅎㅎ

Because of Moomoos who cheer for us when we are having a hard time, who react even happier compared to anyone when we are happy, Mamamoo is able to get where we are today, and this applies to me as well ㅎㅎ

Starting from a few weeks ago, I have seen the advertisement boards ㅋㅋㅋ in the subway, bus and above the building. 
When I was little, I came across a celebrity’s birthday advertisement in the subway too. At that time, I thought wow.. that person must be very happy.
I didn’t know that there are ads here in the subway with one’s own face and birthday message?? I once had these thoughs, so now that I received them as presents… I honestly still can’t believe it. Because I have received such huge present from Moomoos, I don’t know how to feel about it honestly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHa.. I am very very thankful. Even my parents told me to transfer their thankfulness to Moomoos.

So from a few weeks ago, I have been thinking that there is nothing but singing to repay you all, that I should sing a song filled with my sincerity as a gift. Thankfully, you are able to listen to this song on my birthday about a person giving happiness. For this, I want to thank you again ㅎㅎ

Our Moomoos who made the advertisement boards for me, Moomoos who embarassingly knelt in front of the ads to take a proof shot, Moomoos from overseas who sent me beautiful pictures and letters, student Moomoos with no money who sent me hand-made presents made with sincerity, the students who wished me a happy birthday intensely today ㅎㅎ
There are so many, if I write it all out, you probably won’t finish reading it within today ㅎㅎㅎ and including the Moomoos who silently cheer for us diligently, I am very thankful. 

Although I feel sad when I read negative posts, when I receive sincere letters and supports from Moomoos, they really touch me deep in my heart. In which this makes me go oosha oosha ㅎㅎ Really, it is not an exaggeration that Moomoos are Mamamoo’s and my driving force ㅎㅎ

For this birthday, I have received many different things from Moomoos, so I want to repay you guys so much. It’d be great if I did this. It’d be great if I did that : I developed greed [to fulfill all of them], but I won’t be able to satisfy every single Moomoo right ㅠㅠ

However, what I said today isn’t just for today ㅎㅎ so don’t be disappointed. 

I will not forget Moomoos’ hearts, and will continue to give you good music and become the strenght of Moomoos. At least, let’s become each other’s strength and smile for each other ^^♥

Thank you once again to the Moomoos who read this all the way ‘til the end, and let’s keep moving forward together in the future ㅎㅎ

Moomoos who give me happiness, thank you ^^♥"

translated by tgc.

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Request: Can I request an IMAGINE where the reader is expecting a second child with Bucky, and their having a barbecue with the rest of the avengers and Bucky is hanging with the guys and their watching the girls play with the kid and the guys are like ‘you got a great life now. Everything you’ve wanted’ and Bucky is staring at the reader and his child like 'yeah. I got more than I could ever want.’ If that makes sense? And if your requests are still open💗❤️

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fluff my friends

A/N: You guys are sososososo nice, thank you so much with the feedback and comments you guys give me. I love when you guys tell me how you feel about my stories and what part you liked, it really makes me feel good so thank you :)     (p.s. if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix it when I wake up. K bye. Update: LMAOOO I FORGOT THE FUCKING TITLE I’M SCREAMING BUUUTTTTT I FIXED IT O K A Y ByE)

All the hype had died down and the Avengers were now settling down, getting married and having children - At least Bucky was.

It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was gathered at Steve’s house for a barbeque. They didn’t have any missions to go on or any work related things to attend to so why not wind down with friends and have a nice day.

Naturally, the men stayed around the grill, talking it up with one another about the most random things while the women were out in the grass, playing with the children.

Laura was there with her kids Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel who had just turned six years old. Wanda and Natasha were there, although neither of them were married or had kids. Sharon was obviously there, no kids yet but happily married to Cap. And then there was you with a two year old daughter and another on the way, happy and married to Bucky.

“So..” Steve grabs the guys’ attention as he flips a patty. “Sharon and I were thinking about having a baby.”

“Oh god.” Tony muttered.

“Be prepared for some long nights, my friend.” Clint pats the soldier on his shoulder.

Steve rolls his eyes and continues to cook.

“I think that’s a great idea. You’ll both be great parents.” Sam spoke and Bucky hums as he takes a drink of his beer.

“For once I agree with Sam.”

The men laugh and Bucky’s eyes trail over to his daughter and his pregnant wife. You were engaged in conversation with Laura and Sharon while Wanda and Nat played with the kids, your hand resting on your 8 month baby bump. Bucky smiled.

He turns back to the guys, talking about how things were when his daughter was a newborn baby, confirming Clint’s talk about long nights. From behind him, Bucky could hear giggles and knew exactly who they belonged to. He turned around, spotting his 2 year old daughter running towards him with Nat right behind her. Upon reaching Bucky, she lifts her hands up in the air, making grabbing motions.

“Daddy up.”

Bucky puts his beer down and picks his daughter up, plating a big kiss on her cheek. “What’s up, pumpkin?”

She makes a noise and points to Nat who was now standing in front of them.

“What did Aunt Nat do baby?” he cooed, cuddling his daughter to him. “She’s chasing you?”

“Chase you.” she repeated, laying her head on his shoulder.

“That’s mean, Aunt Nat, huh Ella.” he spoke softly, looking at Natasha who was playfully rolling her eyes.


“Say no.”

“No.” little Ella scolds.

“Say, don’t be mean!”

“Don’t be mean!” her voice rises and Natasha laughs.

“Alright, alright, I won’t be mean.” she smiled. Nat put her hands out, gesturing for the two year old to go to her. Ella smiled and kissed Bucky’s cheek before leaning in towards Nat.

“Bye daddy!” Ella waved at her father while Nat walked back to you and the others.

“She’s a gem, buddy.” Steve spoke, causing Bucky to turn around.

The brunette smiled. “She’s my whole world.”

“Awe look at the assassin getting all soft.” Tony teased.

Ex assassin.” Bucky corrected.

“Yeah yeah, same thing.” he takes a swig of his beer.

“But seriously, Ella’s beautiful, Bucky.” Clint says.

Sam chuckled. “She gets that from her mom.”

They all laugh.

“I won’t argue with that.” Bucky nods.

There’s a second of silence before Tony speaks again.

“Now that we’re on that topic, how’s everything going for you? I mean, for the longest time you thought you’d never experience happiness or a normal life and now here you are.” he gestured over to you and Ella. Bucky looks.

“My life will never be normal, I’ve come to terms with that. I never thought I would be able to love someone but Y/N walked into my life and everything changed. I don’t know what I’d do without her, not to mention that she brought my daughter into this world and I love her even more for that.” Bucky smiles at Ella who was hiding from Nat behind your legs. “When I get home from a mission or I think back to my time with Hydra, about how many lives I took and how much evil is out there in the world, all I do is look at Ella and all those bad thoughts and feelings go away. She’s a ray of sunshine, so innocent and pure,” Bucky turns back to the guys. “I’d give her the moon and the stars if I could.”

“Bucky Barnes, a family man. Who would’ve thought?” Sam scoffed, receiving a punch from Bucky. “I’m being serious! Man, when I first met you, you were this grumpy dude, always frowning. But Y/N comes into the picture and now you’re smiling and laughing - I never thought I’d see the day.”

“We’ve got to thank Y/N for that.” Clint says, Tony, Sam and Steve agreeing.

Steve looks at Ella and smiles. “You’ve got a great life now, Buck. Everything you’ve wanted.”

Bucky turns and watches as Ella tugs on your shirt, wanting you to pick her up. You were about to when Nat scares her, a mixture of a laugh and a scream escapes her lips before she runs to the other side of the yard, Nat right behind her.

Bucky watches with love and adoration as you laugh at the two and he breaks out in a grin. “Yeah, I got more than I could ever want.”

A/N: I hope this was good enough! I stayed up till 2 writing this, tell me what ya think :) ima go to sleep now lol.


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Lookee what my brain coughed up~~

Peter stays the night again. The man cooks for the two of them, Stiles finishes his homework, Peter uses his shower and poaches more of Stiles’ clothes, and they end up in the fort again, knees and arms knocking together, blankets piled on top of them.

“Should we be expecting your father tonight?”  Peter enquires idly, not sounding like he cares much either way.

“Mm, no, he’s working on a case out of town.”  It’s instinct to check his phone, but there’s no text message waiting for him, and that’s to be expected too.  He sends one off to Scott though, just to check in, just to ask how he’s doing after everything that went down.  He doesn’t get a reply this time either, which doesn’t surprise him one bit.

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Okay, but NEVER imagine you and your idol/celebrity crush role switched! Like, if they would be your biggest fan and everytime they see you on tv/youtube/whatever, they just start to smile and giggle because they adore you so much and in their eyes you are so adorable and/or handsome, they just can’t stop smiling.
Maybe they have a picture of you, set as their lock screen.
Maybe they write fanfiction or draw fanart of you.
And whenever they feel bad, they look at a picture of you and they smile and feel better because of you.

And you, you don’t even know that they exist. You don’t know about how happy you make them.