this picture gave me goosebumps

I just found this picture again and it literally gave me goosebumps and I’m about to tell you why. Look at his LIPS. i mean REALLY study them.This hit me like a truck.

He looks so out of it. He looks like he just made out with someone in the back of a car, because he couldn’t wait until he got home to have you. Can you imagine making out with him and it was so good, he doesn’t know where he is or what time it is? His lips look so good here. Imagine colliding your torso into his and having sloppy kisses with your faces so close together the only breathes you can take are the quick ones between shifting your body under him and him exhaling with the smallest moan because you’re “so good at this baby.” that’s right, not even the sex, the making out. Him holding your face so he could further fill your mouth with his. You clenching the hair on the back of his head and wrapping your legs around his waist. Doing that causes him to go down the line of your neck leaving the softest kisses on your collarbones because he has the softest lips. You could do this for 2 hours. You have. It’s 2 am, and you become aware of your surroundings because being with him is like being the only two people left in the world. He gets out of the back seat, the condensation from the windows clearing up from the crisp night air. You get into the passenger seat and he takes you to his place, so you could forget about time all over again.