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Ron: Ginny, do you know where my broom is?

Ginny: nope.

“That child never knew what it was to be loved by someone. He…waver around the space between light and darkness…and…reached a state of mind devoid of anything”—August

Larcade often plays with himself when he was young since his “father” was never around too much. Larcade was “created” to be a weapon, a pawn for his “father”’s game. Overtime, he lost his ability to feel and stands in between light and darkness. However, even till this day, Larcade still seeks that emotion he is unknown of. Love


Melinda May Academy Headcanon for asexuallaurahollis

Academy life is going pretty well for May. She has found some good receivers of pranks, and a girlfriend who will cover up for her, though not always too well. 

featuring young Nick Fury, Victoria Hand, and Melinda May

The signs in art class
  • Aries: usually just reads but when they take it seriously they'll bite your head off if you interrupt them
  • Taurus: gets incredibly frustrated if their drawing isn't absolutely perfect and cries
  • Gemini: wanders the hallways with a camera to make sure it looks like they're doing something important
  • Cancer: critiquing everyone else's artwork but refuses to show anyone theirs
  • Leo: actually being quiet an productive, gives constructive criticism
  • Virgo: working on work from another class, doesn't turn anything in all year
  • Libra: googling funny pictures, keeps interrupting aries to show them memes
  • Scorpio: whines about how they should have skipped class, gets a pass to the bathroom and never comes back
  • Sagittarius: knocks out at least three solid A's in the first half hour, spends the rest of the period napping
  • Capricorn: talks about what they're going to do so much that they run themselves out of time
  • Aquarius: spends the period trying to find just the right reference picture
  • Pisces: spills paint on self and cries

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(In response to Misha having Russian ancestry) I think it is much more likely that he does rather then doesn't based on his facial features. I'm 25% Russian and other then my nose and hair color, I have the exact same facial features as him, down to the cleft chin. When I show people pictures of him they ask if he's my older brother. (I know this doesn't actually prove if Misha is Russian, but I thought I would throw it out there.)

The thing is, I don’t think that Russian all look alike or have a certain look. So I can’t say what he “looks like,” you know?

According to a genealogy geek (whose information I trust), Misha is “of Russian and Hungarian decent on his father’s side.” But the thing is, Misha himself doesn’t know this, so how does that affect anything? As far as I know, he doesn’t have any relatives in Russia, and all his enthusiasm for Russia comes from his mother, who doesn’t have any Russian heritage that I know of. Ethnicity is way more complicated than just who your ancestors were.

Misha nevers claims to be Russian, and maybe that’s important to him. He says he’s a “white guy from Massachusetts.” (Well, he once said he was “half black, half Japanese,” butI think he was kidding.)

Amazing World of Gumball Fans In A Nutshell
  • What they say: But I can't see Darwin as black? He doesn't even sound black! He just sounds like a cute little kid!
  • What they mean: Regardless of how diverse these characters are I see them all as white? He doesn't sound like a ghetto thug! Black kids can't be cute or innocent.
  • What they say: Why does it matter if Darwin is black anyway??
  • What they mean: I'm saying race does not matter even though it apparently does if I refuse to picture anyone on this show as anything other than white.
  • What they say: Omg it's just a children's show!
  • What they mean: Kids of color do not exist. Actually I just don't care about them or the fact that maybe Cartoon Network isn't as racist as me and actually made the cast diverse to mimic different races.