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Full disclaimer: I don’t play Pokémon

Alright so I was told that Cosmoem weighs 2,204.4 pounds and that pokéballs convert the Pokémon into energy, so I decided to do some calculations.

E=4.4x10^20 joules or 44000000000000000000 joules

That’s really hard to picture so let me put it like this: a 100-megaton nuclear warhead is roughly 10^17 joules. Lillie is carrying around the energy equivalent of 4,400 of those things. The United States currently has 4,500 nuclear warheads and not all of them are usable and/or exactly 100 megatons. She easily may have as much or more energy chilling in her bag than the United States does in its nuclear arsenal. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thanks to @hikaruhitachiinsenpai for providing Pokémon knowledge , @the-trash-master for looking up nuclear warhead statistics, and >@animalluvr999 for wanting to get a shout out I guess.

TL;DR: Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon carries around more energy in her bag than (presumably) the United States has in nuclear weapons

lonely-little-baby-nymph  asked:

Hi! So my daddy and I are in a long distance dynamic. I want to do things for him to show him how much I care but I'm not sure what to do. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me?

Send him wake up/good morning messages.

Draw him pictures (keep then and you can an make a scrapbook out of then to send him as an anniversary or birthday gift).

Introduce him to people. It doesn’t have to be as “Daddy”. Just talk about this amazing friend of yours. Make him feel part of your life.

Caregivers need caring for sometimes too. Ask if he needs cuddles after a long day. Offer to pet his head. Things he does that comfort you.

Just be you. You’ll figure out all kinds of small things, probably without realising it.

Me: does three of these each heres Noya’s


Nishinoya Yuu  / 西谷 夕



  • He has three smol circular moles on the back of his neck
  • His parents named him Yuu on a whim. They didn’t think about it correctly so to this day they don’t really think Yuu matches Nishinoya correctly.


  • Hanging out with Tanaka
  • Eating garigari-kun
  • Playing video games

SEVEN PEOPLE THAT YOUR MUSE LOVES/LIKES (could be love or simply like) :

  1. Cho @choxato​​
  2. Yamato @yamatoos​​
  3. Kanji @kodckv​​
  4. Ren @rensake​​
  5. Yachi @hihitoka​​
  6. Kanoka @sweetspiker​​
  7. he likes a lot of people o k


  • Letting his mother overwork herself when he was younger
  • Not eating more garigari-kuns yesterday


  • He has none.


Whoever wants to do this!

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In other news, I just ordered “The Fall”. I can’t watch it yet because I have to finish Book II: The Saga of Thranduil and judging by my father’s belief in the Miller Curse, this is the year he’s going to die. He turns 86 next month. No men in his family have ever lived passed 86. I hope he lives. I want him around to see me do something and he seems to want to see it too–he asks about my book more now. So, I will let him rant about Lee in a dress if it keeps him alive.

@moonofmorrigan. You know what Dad said today? He said, “Lee takes enough pictures, he should be on Instagram.” That doesn’t sound like much except my dad doesn’t know what Instagram but he’s seen it a few times. He does have moments of clarity reminiscent of that Robin Williams’ film “Awakenings”.

Lee Pace is important to me because he was the last thing my father saw before he fell ill. Few things he remembers but when he does, it’s me or Lee Pace. So other than Thranduil, I owe Lee Pace a lot. Until my father forgets everything and is about to die, I don’t care if he rants about Lee Pace in a dress. It means he remembers and that’s magical to me. My father is all I have in this world other than my book. I will do anything to keep him with me as long as I can.

charminglyantiquated  asked:

Hi Callie! This is super out of the blue but I saw you put a really sweet tag on my selfie and then I saw you have a PIGEON and ahhhhh are there pictures? is there a pigeon tag??? I wanted one for such a long time, I heard they're absolutely lovely! (ALSO HEY thank for the nice words, this is why I clicked over int he first place)

HOO BOY I love talking about my bird more than anything!!! I usually tag stuff with her as “quinn the pigeon” but I haven’t posted much about her recently so I’m taking this opportunity:

(she likes the lamp)

After a bath!!

An LGBT Icon

Some cute things she does:

- Will follow me if I leave the room for .5 seconds Just In Case

- Hops on my head in the morning cause she’s awake so why aren’t I????

- Will tuck her little feeties up underneath her and loaf next to me all the time

- Tries (and fails) to eat things that are definitely not food (ex. pens, remotes, a badminton racket)

- Refuses to fly upstairs unless absolutely necessary, she prefers to hop up or down one stair at a time

- Gets so excited about treats that she will fall over her own face

- Has decided that only certain people are allowed in certain rooms and will yell at anyone else

We got her as a rescue last August. She had flown into an apartment building and got picked up by a dog rescue who’s owner had some experience with doves. She wasn’t in great shape when we first got her, being drastically underweight after living on her own out in the world. Despite being banded her previous owners never claimed her and she had quite the fear of humans (still isn’t super comfy around people, but we’re working on it.) I’m so happy to have her in my life and I would literally die for her I love her so much!! Also I just wanna say your art and comics are amazing! Fun fact, I was reading the cornerwitches when quinn hopped on the keyboard and somehow closed out the tab and made it impossible for me to type anything but shortcuts for a while lol so I’m pretty sure she’s a fan as well (just a little overexcited!)

I feel so stupid sometimes because I fantasize too much about the people I like; I invent stories with them, I imagine entire days with them and how nice the future will be with pictures and letters and other tender things that makes a lot of sense in my mind. then the reality turn to be so much different and meaner and maybe the reason why it’s so difficult for me to accept it and letting people go it’s because I just want my future to be happy. in all my stories and castles I build inside of my mind, sadness just does not exist

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I woke up this morning and my brain told me "Adam Burkholtz has a twin." I'm fascinated by this idea.

I’ve waited a little more than it can be polite to reply, but I only just now managed to carve some free time for writing and doing tumblr stuff. (The difference between actually opening it in my laptop and doing things on mobile is tear inducing.)

Picture this, everything as it is in canon, nothing changed and one day Holster enters the haus, well dressed and Ransom does a double take.

“Bro, did you go shopping without me!? Who did you take? Because I can’t believe you managed to pick an outfit that I didn’t immediately want to throw a drink at to get it off you.”

“Because you usually need a lot of excuses to get my clothes off” says Holster who has been sitting next to Ransom the entire time.

Ransom shriek brings down everybody else, who does a double take when they see Holster hugging a better dressed version of himself.

“Bitty, did you perhaps put something inside those brownies?” Lardo asks quietly. “I don’t mind, I just wanna know how high I am to be seeing double.”

“Everybody, this is Steve, my brother from the same mother, we are twins.”

“THIS is your little brother Steve?” yells Ransom outraged.

“Seriously?” asks Steve to Holster, “you are older by like an hour.”

“Respect your older” replies Holster back immediately.

“Adam and Steve” whispers Bitty trying to choke down a hysterical laugh.

“Our parents think they are very funny.”

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🌟 - just want to let you know that I appreciate you, and love you


G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D

Just thought I would share: TJLC is real and season 4 proves it.

We’ve been talking about TJLC for almost three years now, but somehow the very Gay and Fucky special, The Abominable Bride was not enough to pique viewers’ interests to make more than a tiny blip. In fact, searches for TJLC and related terms only begins to really rise in July when they released the first official trailer, and then in November, when they started to promote the new season by releasing soundtrack titles, announcing an air date, and putting out that flooded 221B picture.

We’ve literally been doing the same thing for three years, but somehow it never became a popular search term (first and second most popular related terms are shown in yellow and blue) until the start of the season 4 hype buildup.

What really gets me is that this graph peaks the day after The Six Thatchers airs. I don’t really understand how Google does their graphs as I’m not that familiar with statistics, but from what I can see, the charts are shown relative to the highest amount of searches - meaning that from January 1st to January 2nd, searches for TJLC basically tripled. O v e r n i g h t.

Here’s another chart that shows that searches for “johnlock” are generally independent from searches for “tjlc”:

Now I know we have done no more this season than we have other seasons. (except for maybe the sheer amount of meta we accumulated in the first week of the year, but I’m talking about putting ourselves out there and making our cause publicly known.) 

We analysed and speculated just like we did for every other season. Searches for “johnlock” are relatively consistent with what they’ve been in the past (both are up at the 100 mark). Which means there must be something different about this season. Something that’s getting closer to the surface, becoming more visible. Visible enough for viewers to start investigating and considering it’s legitimacy……..


2006!ME vs 2016!ME

Oh hey gais, I found the bandwagon!  

I’m really not a huge fan of comparing myself ten years ago and today me, because 2006!ME would shrivel up and die of despair at being compared to the 2016!ME.  It’s really not fair to her, she’s a teenager with horomones who’s view of the world is colored by depression and being ostracized by her peers and even teachers.  And her biggest dream is to move back to Japan and be a mangaka.  2006!ME’s first best friend (who introduced her to anime) had also dropped her like a hot potato the year before because “it wasn’t fair that [20016!ME] got better grades AND drew better than [Best friend at the time]”.  I was a dour, depressing, and utterly moody young thing (not without good reason, but the fact remains that I was very unhappy with life).

Meanwhile, 2016!ME has since gone to college, learned to be objective about her work, spent the majority of those years learning and almost constantly practicing to use digital tools, Developed a taste, the skill, and lots of appreciation for a wide range of art styles, filled many many sketchbooks (which were not available to 2006!Me due to being too expensive, so she used printer paper and manila folders) of things like hands, noses, and other artistic foils until she dun git gud at that stuff, did 300+ art commissions in three years, got published in a tabletop RPG module book, became a comic colorist for one of her art heroes (that would be @bludragongal), became the art director of a volunteer game studio and then developed the common sense to leave and realize that she can say no to every “job” offer that comes her way if she doesn’t feel that she’s being treated professionally, and to top it all off, gained very important and good friends that she had only just met in 2006 but have since become irreplaceable fixtures in her life.  A bunch of other things happened too, but that’s the gist of it.

tl;dr 2006 was the first year I started doing digital art, so understandably, I sucked. Here in 2016 I have 12+ years of drawing and painting experience SO OF COURSE I DO IT LIKE A BOSS.

And now for something completely different.

Y’know what? I post a lot about the unintentionally-hilarious things in Scooby-Doo, but… what about the legitimately spooky things? For Halloween, it seems only fitting! 

I had VHS tapes of old Scooby-Doo episodes as a kid, and I fondly remember certain moments creeping me out… stuff like the mummy turning people into stone!

C’mon, admit it, you found the mummy’s curse spooky, too. And does anyone else remember this?

Y’know, where the mysterious carnival robot runs straight through all the walls. I always loved that series of scenes.

It’s little moments like those that are most effective, especially when you’re little. The more that’s left unseen and unknown, the more your mind fills in the creepy blanks.

Small touches, like the bad guy watching the gang from the shadows, and the gang doesn’t know he’s there… but you do! It’s the Blue’s Clues of scariness.

Moments don’t have to be big and crazy to weird out your 7-year-old self, though. A great deal comes down to atmosphere, and a sense of place in the episode.

I think I liked the way the haunted castle looked more than the vampire, werewolf, and Frankenstein that lived in it. The visual design is just gorgeous… and creepy. Gorgeously creepy.

They weren’t afraid to show children scary things in 1969, alright. I’d like to see Sesame Street present kids with a house decorated entirely with skulls.

No, seriously. If they ever do that in an episode, I totally want to see.

…Oh, and one more thing! I think it’s only fair to pay tribute to the best episode ever, Spooky Space Kook.

It has it all! A slow build, with weird glowing alien footprints…

…the best-designed haunted spaceship ever, which I remember absolutely adoring

…and this monstrosity, with the single best creepy shriek-laugh ever!

I think this episode left more of an impression on me than any other. The world’s design is so bleak, and the monster is so terrifying in its implications… well, at least when you’re 7.

Besides… y’know what’s scarier than one shrieking, glowing-eyed skull in an empty spacesuit?

…lots of shrieking, glowing-eyed skulls in empty spacesuits. Best. Episode. Ever.

It probably gave me nightmares.

No complaints here.


so this evening a lady came into work and noticed the locket i was wearing and was like “that is so pretty! does it open?” and i said yes bc i wasn’t thinking & i cannot lie and was starting to open it when i remembered i had a small piece of paper with some childishly drawn titties on it in the locket so i stopped and got nervous and she just smiled at me and was like “do you have a picture in there?” and i was just like “y yeah” like it was some touching photo of a lover instead of tits on scrap paper

  • Me, a Jew: Here's a post with pictures of my people celebrating the diversity of our people. A piece of positivity that is simply about combatting stereotypes and promoting various Jewish groups around the world.
  • Tumblr Goyim: In regards to those Jew pictures you posted, ANSWER FOR THESE THINGS I HEARD THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT DOES!
  • Me, a Jew: ... Those "Jew pictures" were about how kosher comes in all colors and that we consist of more than just the common western stereotypes. Also, I have nothing to do with anything Israel---
  • Me, Jew: ...And after that, should I talk about killing Jesus and creating the Black Plague as well?

I have no idea what his real name is but he belongs to my neighbor and I’ve started calling him My Handsome Boy, Handsome for short. The only really unflattering thing he does is drool when I scratch his head, which I didn’t get a picture of. Whenever I go outside he follows me and plops down like this for pets.


lately I’ve been having issues with dysphoria and struggling to see myself as masculine but the other day my girlfriend took a bunch of pictures with me and it made me feel really good. I’m very lucky to be with someone who makes me feel the way she does. I hope if any of you are struggling with dysphoria that things start to look up and know that you’re loved and fabulous.

anyways I feel like I look sassy and masc af in these so I’m posting them.

love u cool ppl
have a good night/day ya know

Ted the Animator: “…why does his body and head shrink, grow, and… distort… like that? That’s really uncanny, it looks like the way things shift in dreams.”

Carl the Animator: “I’ll be honest, man, I’m just sorta freestylin’ this animation, here….”

Ted the Animator: “…Carl, did you take too much cold medicine again?”

Carl the Animator: “What? No! Maybe. A little.”

Watch Out Peeps, it’s aboutta be kpop meme time.

I feel this though. The moment i first fell for kpop, shit just went downhill from there.

This hasn’t happened yet. But when it does, I’m bringing out my inner Suga.

Lmao. Me everytime. And she knows too.

Me too Tao, sometimes I don’t even know what my potato is.

I feel so accomplished the last time this happened. And we connected on a whole other level. Kpop truly is a beautiful thing.

Ya’ll should know by now that he is a lowkey savage. You can just tell that if someone said some shit to him or his babies (in this case god have mercy on the person cause Jin is a fierce momma bear) he would unleash hell and you know it.


Lmao. Everytime.

I just love Tao and all his sassy glory.

My teachers hate me. The most recent case was when I was supposed to do reading for my English class and I told my teacher I didn’t have it and she legit looked like she was gunna cut a bitch. And that bitch was gunna be me.

I just love his face here. I still somehow find him incredibly adorable.


Meeeeeeeeee!! I’m crying xDxDxD

I have three korean guy friends and they all hate me because of this. One of them begged me to allow him to tutor me in korean. 

I need a bible. And some holy water.