this picture does no justice

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

daziy  asked:

Have you ever done the batfam as benders in the Avatar world?

actually, @littleamericanduck and I threw around this AU for a while (Bren I still have those conversations in my inbox) which was great fun so I’ll just pull the basics from that. We kept everything the same: Gotham, the technology just… some people have bending.

Bruce- Non-bender but an expert fighter. I read an AMAZING ATLA fic where there was this fighter who was an expert in all 4 bending styles without any bending and that’s what I picture B as. He goes out and does the whole ‘justice things’ using all sorts of bending moves and other techniques without any ability. Still kick-ass and very frustrated with his crazy bending children. All the kids specialize in their area but are taught all styles but B.

Alfred- Bren and I talked about this, I was really taken by the idea of firebending Alfred. He was a warrior and a hotshot back in the day and was content to spend his days using his abilities to only light candles. But once he got drafted into Bruce’s war on crime, well old habits die hard. Taught B a lot of his moves and how to disarm benders. Helped Jason control his fire when he first came. A warm, gentle presence most of the time but the sparks fly when his family tries his very generous patience.

Dick- Everyone wants to say air but, to me, Dick has all the traits of a waterbender: calm but persistant, able to divert and adapt, both a calming presence and a cold storm so Dickie is a waterbender. Bruce had no idea what to do with this kid and his insane magic water (maybe the Grayson’s were a bending troupe? That’d be cool) so he trains him. An immensely skilled bender in costume, downplays his bending in public. Learned mostly from B but also trained with other masters. Also his escrima sticks are frozen ice sticks that he can use and bend and it’s hella cool just imagine.

Jason- firbender, no surprise. Used it harshly and dirtily as a child, never really took the time to master it or his emotions so his fire was imprecise and all over the place. Bruce and Alfie helped to tame the fire in him so it obeyed him and he became quite adept with it. Still too harsh for B’s tastes and a few too many criminals got nasty burns. Jay was burned and blown up in the warehouse which gave him seriously problems when he came back. He had a hard time conjuring his fire bc he kept seeing the fires that killed him. Spent years training in non-bending combat liek B to compensate so Red Hood was truly anoymous until he struck until instinctually with one of Alfred’s moves. Now that he’s closer in the fam, learning to be comfortable with his bending again and reign in his ever present temper which was only exacerbated by the Pit.

Babs- Non-bender like B, Dick used to look down on her for it but Barb quickly put the wtaerbender in his place. Basically everything is the same except she has to deal with water all over her apartment and singe marks on her walls and wind constantly in her face and dirt everywhere. She and B commiserate together.

Cass- I’m not sure, I’m tempted to say chi blocking non-bender again who was honed by Cain to be a fighting machine capable of taking down basically everyone but also i kind of like the idea of her being a waterbender too but, like Tim, was discouraged from using it. She later develops this ability with Dick but still doesn’t use it much, only when she feels comfortable. Either way, she’s a chi-blocker and will not hesitate to fuck up her brothers and temporarily paralyze them or take their bending. They fear her for this but also so much love and respect.

Tim- Hear me out, airbender Tim. Light hearted but a bit detached from the world, calm but hiding a tempest within, rather avoid and evade conflict, outthink rather than outfight. Airbenders are super rare, not found in families but just popping up out of nowhere in families. The Drakes are a prominant non-bending family and thought bending was “beneath” Tim so they didn’t register him. Hid his abilities out of shame for years, even from Bruce when he first became Robin. But he could only hide it so long before it came out. Bruce trained Tim then sent him off to prominant airbenders to teach him to love his bending. Not as flashy as the others, uses it precisely (lightly avoid attacks, push/pull things) but he is also capable of immense storms when prompted.

Steph- Earthbender hella, strong, stubborn and dependable. Because she’s a bender things vigilanting will be easy but Tim quickly proves her wrong. Still he takes the time to train her in what B taught him, secretly confides in his airbending abilities before anyone else. Despite being opposite elements, they get on super well complimenting each other’s movements. Studies bending on her own, takes classes and improves thanks to Tim’s help. B is still annoyed but eventually gives her better training as Robin. She’s still sloppy, doesn’t always take her abilities seriously but she’s always there to back people up, steady and immovable like the earth.

Dami- Also an earthbender. I can see the Al Ghul family being this intense earthbending dynasty, connected to the earth and desiring to spare it from modern society. Bruce again doesn’t know how to deal with this child with his abilities so he doesn’t. Dick steps up to the plate and mentors Damian. Dami had only know hard, unyielding earth but now gets to know cool waters and forgiving waves. Unconsciously adjusts his earthbending style with more waterbending techniques to create a unique, powerful style. Also bonds with Steph over being the only two earthbenders and part of his antagonism with Tim is the difference in the opposing elements.

It’s a fun AU, I still think my favorite part though is all the kids, one of each element like to band together and pretend someone is the avatar. One time they schemed together and made it look like Batman was bending all four elements and you bet at least 3 villains collapsed and crime went down to nothing for about a week. Jason is still laughing his ass off over it.

Oda Nobunaga - fierce and arrogant 🔥🔥🔥His MS was my first I played, but this picture does not do him justice. I wanted to give him the arrogant-yet-caring expression that he makes so well always 😆❤️ ahhhh he was a great start… I didn’t think I would get so sucked in but somehow I did thanks to him.

It was definitely a struggle to draw Nobunaga today 😨 drawing these samurai everyday is tough work, but great practice for me! It’s also incredibly encouraging when you guys reply to or reblog or like my drawings so I’ll keep working hard to make everyone excited and happy!

Next is Hideyoshi as requested by @lainebriick and then Inuchiyo from @silentfox626 so they will be the next two :) I think there is only Mitsuhide, Kojuro, Mitsunari left from the main stories after them so if anyone has a burning desire to see one before the others please let me know! ✌️😆. (I definitely read your comments so I am terribly sorry if I did not reply. I am still learning Tumblr ways~)

After the main Lord’s come the NPCs 😍 I really can’t wait!

Please check out the other lords I have finished in the meantime if you had not had the chance. (Masamune, Shingen, Saizo, Yukimura, Kenshin, Ieyasu). Thank you always for taking time to view my drawings ❤️🙇‍♀️

(Re-uploading this one because I accidentally deleted the post instead of editing it… >.>;;;;)

I commissioned @mindofjen​ to draw a scene from my fic Transference because I’m trash and a sucker for her art and it turned out AMAZING!! I’m in aaaawwwweeee~~

Tumblr resizing literally does not do this picture justice, so here’s a bigger version you can zoom in on.

Seriously guys, go check her stuff out! <3 <3 <3

Asian Noodle Bowl ( Spiced Beef Broth with Strip Steak, Asian Vegetables, and Rice Noodles) from Kona Cafe located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Endangered Ugly Things at the National Aquarium

Reticulate Whipray, Vulnerable. The picture does not do justice to its size.

Big-headed Sideneck Turtle, Vulnerable.

Largetooth Sawfish, Cirtically Endangered. Big enough that I had to use the panoramic function to photograph the whole thing.

Australian Lungfish, Vulnerable. This one seemed to have a past injury with its pectoral fin.

Okay, the Screaming Piha isn’t endangered, and we didn’t see it flying around. But, like the Crested Screamer, the Moaning Frog, and the Bellbird, I had to find out what this sounds like. So here’s a YouTube clip. They’re kind of a standard “Jungle Noise” sound, not much like screaming at all.


You know what? Sometimes, when it’s past midnight and you are Having A Feeling, sometimes you just gotta do ridiculous 1970s-vision-of-the-future-slash-accidentally-david-bowie makeup.

(It’s so, so hard to get blue eyeshadow to come up in photos, somehow. There is so much blue eyeshadow on my face. It’s halfway down my cheeks, I promise. I think there’s…. one picture here that does it justice.)


Now this is a big boy I can get behind. I’ve always been a fan of big, bronze, golem-like things, and Bronze Mask is just that. That being said, this guy’s also a bit of a weird kinkster as well. Like look at him. Head’s all studded out For Her Pleasure and he’s got a big metal plate over his mouth.

We for all of last year were blaming Zyuohger for being too horny but honestly, it seems like Sentai’s just always been that way.

Mr. Toei is a damn sinner and always has been.

That being said, I don’t think that picture really does this guy justice.

Now that’s what I’m talkin about. He really does just look like a big, weird, heavy armor set mixed with Golurk from Pokemon the different colors of the brass on him look really nice all together, and it makes me wonder what he would have looked like if he was “Brand New” looking or whatever. Probably like a HUGE SHINY BADASS. He also very clearly has a hole in the mouth plate here? What’s up with that?

Yeah it seems like there were two version of his suit. One WITH a mouth hole thing and one without, and somehow the one WITH the mouth hole is more creepy by a long shot. Take that boys mouth away please.

Not the best monster in the world, but I do like him more than Gold Mask. He’s so charming in a weird way.