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beautiful in chicago 2017

i was going to do one immediately, and then i didn’t and i deleted the original lab report type post, but then the photo op pics came out and this happened:

so i thought, yeah. i’m going to write a small fanaccount of how i have an irl crush on minhyuk and lost my shit at the mx concert bc i love 7 boys and a long legged weird one a bit more. (i look at hot mess in that photo and way too excited i’m sorry :D)

some videos and pictures have been posted here, but all of my media has been posted on my twitter 

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the-east-wind-shall-come  asked:

You probably have answered this before, but which Zelink incarnation is your favorite?

This is a tough question because I love them ALL ;A; 

Every Link & Zelda incarnation is special for me (I’m trash, I know haha) BUT! if I had to pick just one I’ll always go with Skyward Sword zelink. 

I have tons of reasons. The main one is that, ss is a game that made buy a Wii and I had never been more hyped for a LoZ game in my LIFE. It’s just that, when Nintendo showed the game on the E3 back in 2011… Aahh!! it’s a moment that I will never forget. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING but they surprised me with the plot, the characters, the music (Ballad of the goddess/Zelda’s lullaby)… the loftwings… and the cherry on top is how beautiful the dynamics between Link and Zelda are in this game (God bless all the expressions and emotions Link has in this game!)

In short, ss for me its all I ever wanted. People can say what they want and I respect that, but that will never change my opinion or how much I enjoyed this game. Skyward Sword will always be my number 1 LoZ game.

This video of yungtown describes pretty well my feelings for both Link and Zelda. 

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And to top it all… it was quite lovely what the creators of this game admited hehehe it was something like:

and I could go on and on and on… But I’ll stahp right now hahaha 

thanks for asking :)

but also, like, can you believe they’re very obviously holding hands in that picture but we still haven’t gotten to see it because that’s just where the picture cuts off, hahahaha.


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first selfie on this blog??? 😱