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Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥


Character Aesthetics

“Guess what? All of us can’t be true alphas.

Some of us have to make mistakes.

Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes.

Some of us are human.”

Stiles Stilinski | Teen Wolf


“I don’t know when I started to love. I didn’t know when I started to love, but I had been loving the whole time. You never know when a once in a lifetime love will start.”

doctors ep. 20 (sbs)


the female foxes // neil thought about renee’s bruised knuckles, dan’s fierce spirit, and allison holding her ground on the court a week after seth’s death. he thought about his mother standing unflinching in the face of his father’s violent anger and her ruthlessly leaving bodies in their wake. he felt compelled to say, “some of the strongest people i’ve known are women.”


Barry Allen + the sound of Iris’ voice 

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i'm sad today. give me some of your beautiful words and tell me about modern domestic bellarke?

  • They end up married by mistake.
  • Five AM, a jacked sprinkler system and morning dew, a groggy-eyed wake up call atop a grassy knoll behind some speck-on-the-map pub in North Carolina, space staring down at them with its eyebrows raised. Clarke twitches and finds her pinky hooked to his. They glance down, elbows in the dirt. Wedding bands.
  • It comes to them in flashes, two weddings gone rogue. Clarke, who ran from Lexa, a goddess in altar-white and molten gold, a bride who’d always say her own name before Clarke’s. Bellamy, left standing alone by a girl who once used The Iliad as a coaster.
  • Needless to say, they both got very drunk.
  • There was some silent stand-off, some awkward flirting, bickering over “whose booze.” He called her princess and forgot to be ironic about it. A slurred and broken whisper from Clarke, “Did you know that you look like one thousand wars?” Bellamy swallowed, raised the wedding band on his finger in the space between them and quirked his brow. “Why not?”
  • Needless to say, they both woke up very married. To each other.
  • Sober and angry, Clarke gives him a good shove, nearly sends them both rolling down the hill. He groans, clutches his shoulder. “You trying out for Psycho Bride 2?” Clarke frowns. “I don’t know. Do you want to star in Dead Groom 5?”
  • She sends him annulment papers every week for a month. At the end of it, he shows up at her door with one of the sheets folded into a paper crane, two beers, and bent daisies tucked into the pocket of his leather jacket.
  • They give it a try.
  • He’s a florist, and she’s a tattoo artist. His shop is called Aurora’s, hers is Ark Ink. All that time, they’ve been coexisting only a few blocks away.
  • They own mismatched furniture and fight over everything there is to fight about. They put each other through med school and red-inked, angry bills and learn each other like old epics. Everything about them is wrong, but God, he looks like the moon when he takes his shirt off…and when he kisses her, she leaves bits of the sun in his teeth.
  • There’s a lot of drunken slow dancing to Johnny Cash and his hand curled at the nape of her neck when that cold exterior falters and she wakes up crying out her father’s name. Or her hand between his shoulder blades after the broken call of his mother’s. He stops noticing that every one of his sentences starts with Clarke. Never once is The Iliad used as a coaster.
  • They own a little gray dog named Cerberus and secretly trade last names and lean on each other like a broken team. They become parents to their gang of misfit friends and kiss hard like the world is ending every time. For him, she endures the Food Network. For her, he eats burnt toast every morning. They’re Jeopardy Night masters. He brings her bouquets named after myths. Here, the roses Orpheus left at Eurydice’s grave. Here, Persephone’s blooms. And she draws him one thousand wars on his back. A tattoo.
  • Her mother hates him, his sister loves her. Someday, they’re going to get married again in an abandoned place, his shirt sleeves rolled up and her gown something she made herself. And Bellamy’s vows: “Did you know that you look like one thousand victories?” It’s something celestial.
  • A flashback to the night they got married: He’s got a solid hand on her hip, and they’re outside after last calls, counting constellations. He cups his own jaw and ponders aloud, “I wonder which star wrote this.”

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