this pic was such awful quality whatever

Apologies for the awful quality of the left pic, but I just took a pic of a pic on my old laptop when I realized all my old cell phone pics were on there! THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND. left picture was me about two years ago in highschool, I was lazy, unhappy, ALWAYS tired, self conscious, and overall a negative person. I didn’t work out, I ate whatever I wanted, I came home after school, made food and literally slept for 4 hours and never had a drop of energy. I had extremely unhealthy habits, and I couldn’t be more thankful that my boyfriend sparked my passion and interest in fitness. 3 years later my life is a complete 360, pic on the right was taken this week, March 20 2015. Even in college I hardly need to nap, I can’t wait to get to the gym, I track what I eat and still enjoy the things I love, and I am enjoying life again every day. Every single time I step in the gym I know it is worth it, especially looking at this beautiful progress! The gym has become my place of rejuvenation, my personal escape from the real world so to say. If you look or feel anything like the left picture above, DO NOT GIVE UP! The feeling of being able to create your own before and after picture is indescribable. I wouldn’t give the fitness life up for anything! 💪🙏