this pic was begging


“I’m not looking for anything serious but we should definitely hang out some time”: a fuckboy moodboard

I can’t get over the fact that in almost a year we haven’t seen Liam’s kid’s face once, but there’s more pap pics of Freddie in the first year of his life than tv performances for Louis’ entire solo career. Think about that, more pap pics of a kid whose family supposedly begged for privacy, than TV appearances of an already famous artists with 4 singles out, and who is launching a solo career.

Seriously, I’ve gotten my share of unsolicited dick pics and each time it’s ended with the dude apologizing and begging forgiveness. 

Fuckin destroy them. 

Jeon Jungkook NSFW Alphabet

Notes: Requested by @disneyjeon. This is, obviously, nsfw 


A = Aftercare: Jungkook would kiss every sore part of your body. He’d hold you close and say over and over “I love you. Good God, I love you.” Jungkook is probably also very cling after sex, so he’d want to shower with you or he’d offer to brush your hair. He’s a softie.

B = Body part: Your hands. They are so soft and he loves them so much. Since this is the NSFW alphabet and not the SFW alphabet, I’ll just list all the NSFW reasons he loves them; your hands raking down his back is the best feeling. Your hands pumping his cock is another really great feeling.

C = Cum: Jungkook likes to lap up all your cum. He will lick agonizing stripes up your inner thighs and then over your pussy. “Do you like when I do that?”

D = Dirty Secret: He finger fucks you in public. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

E = Experience: He’s fairly experienced. He says all the time you are the best he’s ever had, and he hasn’t ever said that to any other partner

F = Favourite Position: He will often times suggest that you ride his thighs or his cock. I’m not sure that Jungkook could choose a position, really, just because he loves any kind of sex with you

G = Goofy: Jungkook is the type to maybe crack a couple NSFW jokes during sex, maybe a pun or two. He likes seeing you laugh when you’re in the midst of pleasure.

H = Hair: Jungkook keeps himself well trimmed

I = Intimacy: Jungkook has two sex modes-y’all are either fucking or making candy sweet love

J = Jack Off: Sends you videos or pics of himself actually jerking off. He almost always begs you to send some in return, but if you’re not into it, he won’t make you uncomfortable

K = Kink: He likes when you suck on his fingers. Is this weird? Personally I think it’s hot but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

L = Location: He likes the thrill of getting you off/you getting him off in public

M = Motivation: Dirty talk or lusty gazes can really get him going—0-10000

N = NO: Anal is a no. “Too…unsanitary,” he’d say, quickly shaking his head to get rid of the thought.

O = Oral: Loves getting oral. Will almost always ask in a shy way. “I don’t want to annoy you or bother you, but, and seriously, if you’re not in the mood, just tell me, could you give me a quick blow job?” And of course does not oppose to returning the favor

P = Pace: Likes to go slow and build up to a good rhythm

Q = Quickie: Jungkook firmly believes that quickies can save lives, especially considering he lives in the dorm with six other people.

R = Risk: Jungkook is open to the idea of risks. His main priority is to keep you satisfied in the safest, healthiest way possible.

S = Stamina: He can go for a good long while, but he’ll probably pass out afterwards. He tries to stay up to do Aftercare but as soon as that’s done, he’s out like a light

T = Toy: I can’t see him owning any toys before his relationship with you. Depending on your preferences he might own a couple

U = Unfair: He likes to annoy you with teasing. Hearing you beg for it alone might be able to get him off

V = Volume: He likes to be loud but knows he has to make an effort to keep quiet. He’ll often times groan/moan/hiss into your mouth or neck

W = Wild Card: Doesn’t like not being in charge, mostly because you tease the fuck out of him

X = X-Ray: Solid 7 inches, incredible girth with an extremely sensitive tip

Y = Yearning: Sex isn’t usually the only thing on his mind, but trust me when I say it’s there. He makes an effort to be with you at least every day but sometimes that can’t happen with his crazy schedule.

Z = ZZZ: Pretty much immediately


Eiza Gonzalez attends the European Premiere of Sony Pictures “Baby Driver” on June 21, 2017 in London, England.

I’m thankful for whoever keeps posting pics of Nate on the Avs twitter:

This is the kind of content I want to see.