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Hey idk if you remember me but I remember but you had a different URL name. We bonded over our love for Greek yoghurt and you have a dog you always posted pics with and also your husband. Sorry if I'm not being too specific

OMG YES! I’ve actually thought about and wondered if you were still active! And now I have 3 dogs lol ahh this makes me so happy!!!!


Congrats to @markiplier and the community for getting the channel to 17 million subscribers!

I’ve been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and it’s certainly been a wild ride. I’ve had my ups and downs in my life in that timeframe, but all of the amazing people here have helped me through my darkest moments. Mark’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and him and his videos never fail to make me smile every day. Mark, keep doing what you do, because you’ve changed countless lives in more ways than one, including my own. You’ve brought so much happiness to millions of people out there in the world, and that’s amazing, and I respect you so much for that.

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Okay it would be super cool, if you're up for it of course, if you wrote something about a conversation happening between Isak and Eskikd in which Eskild approaches Isak after seeing his most recent instagram post and basically gets all mushy and tells Isak how proud of him he is and how far he's come in such a short amount of time.



There is a science to cooking, Isak thinks and stares at the boiling water and then to the pasta box in his hand. A science.

It’s a science he is just never going to learn. But he has to try, right? For Even, who cooks almost all of the meals, even if Isak does the laundry as payment. And he gives great blow jobs and he takes half the time Even does in the shower; so maybe it’s only fair that Even cooks all of the meals. 

Nevertheless he shuffles a little closer to the pot of boiling water and moves to tip the box just a bit-

“Isak,” Even calls from their bed, “Phone!”

Isak jerks the box of pasta away and steps back, practically tossing the food to the opposite counter. He shrugs and whispers, “shame” before peeking his head into the bedroom. “For me?”

Even gestures to his cell phone, where a picture of Eskild in a bright blue feather boa is displayed. Isak points to the kitchen and gives Even a bright, cheesy smile. Even rolls his eyes, but climbs off the bed to salvage what ever is going on in the kitchen.

“Eskild,” Isak greets, “Great timing, Guru o’ mine.”

There is a sniffle on the other line and then a loud, “You make me so proud!”

Isak takes the phone away from his ear and stares at it, then puts it back, “I do?”

“Your Insta pic,” he clarifies wetly, “God Isak, when I met you, you flinched away because I had on nail polish. You refused to say whether you found a guy hot. You refused to listen to Madonna with me. And now you are so happy and soft with a boyfriend and a new apartment. I’m just so happy.”

Isak blinks, “I’m not soft.”

“The softest boy in the world.” Eskild lets out a laugh, “I’m sorry I just saw your post and I miss you. Stinky little boy parts and everything.”

There was a smile playing on the corner of Isak’s lips and a stinging in the back of his eyes. God, Eskild makes him so-

“I miss you too,” Isak mutters, clearing his throat, “You should um, come to dinner. With Even and I? And maybe we could… talk about the Pride Parade?”

There is a wail on the other line and Isak waits patiently for Eskild to come back to himself. He did after a few minutes, “Yeah. Yes. Si. Let’s absolutely do that.”

“Awesome,” Isak lowers his voice, “Okay yeah. Now i have to go right now or i might get emotional and I hate that. But I will, uh, see you soon.”


so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end

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hey, i read this fic, punk phil was super shy but he had a crush on pastel dan so he left flowers on dans chair and then dan gets really happy about it so phil gets happy as well and he starts finding creative ways to gove dan flowers and then in the end dan makes a lion out of flowers on his bedroom floor and post a pic on instagram to show that he knows its phil who has a crush on him and then they get together! it was so good, can you help me find it again?

Venus’s Looking Glass -  Shy!punk!Phil has been crushing on confident!pastel!Dan for years now, but he’s never felt comfortable enough to do anything about it until he accidentally comes out to his brother Martyn, who is nothing but supportive. It’s Martyn’s idea to woo Dan with flowers - only, he didn’t mean do it anonymously.

- Rachel


To every person I can reach with this,

I wish each and everyone of you a huge MERRY CHRISTMAS from the bottom of my heart. ❤️🎄

This year brought so many changes for me, I can hardly imagine how it used to be before.

I’ve been on Tumblr and Twitter for about half a year and I’ve already met so many WONDERFUL and HEARTWARMING people here! 💕💕💕
I’ve found so many friends, supporters and followers and I wouldn’t like to miss a single one of them. You guys are AMAZING!!

Most of all, I’d like to thank @barakei84. I know she would deny it (😉), but she’s one of the most heartwarming and beautiful persons I’ve ever met.

And my last and probably biggest THANK YOU goes to the person I’ve had the pleasure to draw in this about 35 drawings - MR. MICHAEL FASSBENDER. Without him, I wouldn’t have met all those nice people. I’ve spent hours, days and weeks with “him” in my room and I’ve never had so much fun. 😄 I’ve practised and learned so much by trying to draw him in so many of his wonderful movies. I’ve I could make a wish for Christmas, I’d like him to see my work. Not only for me, but also for all of his and my fans, who helped me out with advices, pics and encouraging messages. I don’t know where I would be without you. ❤️❤️❤️

I am sorry for this very huge post, but I think there should always be space for a THANK YOU!


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Ashton Fletcher Irwin. Born July 7th, 1994. Hornsby, Australia. 23 years old. 23. Wait, 23!? Oh yeah! No, I didn’t forget. The whole fam remembered I’m sure. Today’s your 23rd birthday. So uh happy womb evicting day! How’s it feel to be an adult? I mean, technically (and legally) you’ve been an adult for the past four-ish years of your life, but let’s be honest, you never acted your age. But! That’s not a bad thing. Who likes serious and stone faced people? I don’t. One of the many things that makes you a great person and a pretty cool dude. And so, thought I’d make a little list of why we think you’re that cool dude 😎 Even the fans who came into the 5SOS fam recently, I’m sure can already feel your love. I know when I first did, around a year ago, I did almost right away. And the part of the 5sosfam that’s been around since the early pink speaker days can probably say they’ve never felt more loved by someone without speaking to them regularly or even never meeting them in person. The point is, no matter when we joined the fam, 2012, 2014, or 2017; or wherever we are, whether it be two blocks down from where you live, or thousands of miles away, we can all feel your love and how you genuinely care for the fans. Thanks for that buddy. And well, we wanna try our hardest to show you our love for you, so we put this together. Love you 💖 Your musical abilities. Jesus Christ, you’re amazing. When watching you perform, either live, or through low quality YouTube videos, the energy in you radiates through wherever you’re playing. Personally, I always listen to the rhythm you have going on in the background of any song because of how gosh darn good it is. Now, you’re known mainly for your drumming, but boy, you can sing (and play guitar and piano and who knows what else you’ve been hiding under your bed). Like, I think we all die a tad bit inside when we hear you sing, whether it be a solo or your vocals. The amount of energy and passion you put into your drums and singing shows how much you enjoy what you do, you don’t just do it ‘cause it’s what people want from you. You do it because you just plain love doing it. You’ve inspired so many people to pick up an instrument and let it take them places. (You’re songwriting is also really damn amazing 😜) We all go through difficult times at some point in our lives. Some almost too often, others once every few months or more, but still difficult enough to almost want to quit. You’ve showed us not to give up, that we’re here for a reason and that we matter. If we feel we aren’t loved, you come in and show us otherwise. Whether it be something you say through a small video or a tweet, or even just your actions. You’re a perfect example of just holding on no matter how hard and how unbearable the emotional or physical pain is, for each and every one of us. You’ve taught us that we can make it through and that it will all get better eventually. And since you’re the one always helping us get through hard times, we want you to know that we’ll always be there for you and we’ll try our hardest to make you get all our love somehow, no matter what. This is is so much shorter than what I wanted it to be, but I procrastinate way too much and couldn’t add as much as I wanted. So, now I’m just gonna make a list of all the other little things we all love about you. I also asked some friends to share some of their favorite pictures of you so… they’re all up there somewhere😁 •Your hair. Ash, your hair is just so curly and looks so soft like wtf. I wouldn’t be surprised if any guy is jealous of the beauty of it 😜Even I’m jealous, and I’m a girl. •Your eyes. Oh my god. The color of them is so bright and just so pretty. They can sometimes seem like a light light brown, other times green and just shbsnsnsk i love them so much. •Your many laughs and giggles. Do I even need to explain why we love your different laughs?? You can literally go from a super high pitched giggle to an evil laugh. Fucking love that about you 😂 •Your sassy side. I was actually surprised when I first saw this side of you. You can burn someone bad, but still do it while being your silly goofy self. (Also, your savage tweets…👌🏽) • Your dimples. I have only one thing to say. Your dimples need names. • Your tattoos. All amazingly beautiful. I honestly sometimes forget you have one in the back of your neck (we don’t get very many shots of your neck 😂) but when I remember, I cry a little. There is so much of you that I haven’t covered here. This list would be extremely long if i tried to list everything. But, the point of this all was just to let you know that we love you tremendously. You’ve changed our lives so much (in the best way) and I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate it. I hope you had an amazing day today surrounded by your loved ones, and that you have many more birthdays to come in your future. Remember that we’re all here for you, and we hope that you always find your way to happiness. Thanks for being a big part of our lives and an even bigger inspiration for many of us. Again, happy birthday, and congrats on another year living on Earth. Can’t wait for your birthday next year 😜 Lots of love, Ana (me) and the 5sosfam ❤️❤️


So yesterday and today is barricade day.
And because @revolutjolras and I had to finish Joly and Bossuet I couldn’t draw something but I still wanted to share my feelings.
This time with the Cosplays we have finished yet and the ppl we had fun with because of Les Mis.
The experiences with everyone were magical and I’m so thankful that Les Mis exists.

Joly, ModernAU Courf, ModernAU R: myself
Bossuet, ModernAU Jehan, ModernAU Enjolras: @revolutjolras

Pictures taken by: me, kommitweet and Addicted2humans, @revolutjolras

p.s.: this is just a quick pic dump, one day I’ll make another proper shooting post but damn I had to do it 💜

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your latest Zevran pic is so good i had to check out the mix that went with it and can i just say Wow omg it was so man i don't even have the words it was fitting it was almost magical so great job on the art and the mix!

Oh man, this makes me so happy. I put a *lot* of thought into that mix and it was kind of nerve-wracking to post it up publicly so it’s lovely to see that it seems to sound right to more than just myself! XD; haha so thank you for taking the time to enjoy! <3 

Only now seeing...

…all the pictures Danneel posted of her, Jensen and the kids and the cycling one. My god they are so beautiful together. It always makes me happy to see Jensen looking so happy and relaxed. :’) And I have to admit I am also glad and thankful that they shared these small bits, because I had been quite a bit worried about Jensen. So seeing these pics makes me feel a bit better. Sorry for rambling, but yeah they are so cute.

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That was a a post of fantastic quality. I am slain.

*Revives Orochimaru by CPR* 

“Forgive me, but it had to be done. The materials required for angst were needed but I didn’t know that it would do this to you. Don’t worry Lord Orochimaru, I’ll make sure that you’re well enough to stand again.” 

// Ahhh! Thank you so much! I really worked my butt off to do it and write it as best as I can and I’m so happy that you loved it! I was even listening to sad songs so that I can find the right words to explain what was going on through Kabuto’s mind. I’m even more happy that you even added it to your headcanons and I’m so honored that you did that! :D 


Been making a lot of art lately, usually during night sessions after I make myself a decadent dinner and have a drink or two. I have also stepped back into swapping, because hey, it makes me happy. 

I swapped some great postcards with my mail friend Met this week. She had posted some weird postcards that caught my eye, especially one covered in tea tags. I personally have a tiny stash of these from my old pal Carrie and some random ones I keep for sketchbooks. Met actually took them and glued them down in a rainbow gradient. Of course, I haven’t taken a pic of them yet, but I will. So anyway, she sent me a notecard with this pretty red bug on the front. You know me! I circle cut the little guy out and added to the return card I made original for her. I also sent her an oldie but goodie. I hope she gets them soon and likes them both! I was so surprised about how similar the colors and style was. Looks like I haven’t changed much! 

I am also still working away on #cutpastejuly! I don’t post it daily because I have been skipping around, going back, and adding to some pages. Once it’s all done, I might do flip through or post a collage here on the blog. Really enjoying using my epic magazine collection to cut and paste. So rewarding to turn these crappy, glossy mags into great art that I can use for reference, zines, or even future collages! I love me some photocopies

004. morning kisses | pjm

morning kisses
[Pairing] Jimin | Reader
[Genre] Fluff, Drabble
[Word Count] 731

The morning breeze tickling your nose was what first caught your attention as you were slowly dragged from your slumber.  The second thing was just how cold you were because yet again, Jimin had stolen the duvet.  The third was the light making the back of your eyelids just a bit more red than black.  Lastly, was the absence of a familiar weight around your midsection.

Blinking and struggling to adjust to the light trickling through the open window (thankfully the thin curtains were down, somewhat shielding you from the onslaught of UV rays), you turned your head to see a mess of black hair and swollen red lips.  Just the sight made you smile; you turned your whole body just so you can look at the boy next to you.

Jimin’s hair was everywhere, and thankfully it was just short enough that it didn’t cover his eyes (well, it wouldn’t if they were open).  It looked just as silky as you knew it felt, having ran your hands through it just the night before.  You wanted to do it again but withheld the urge: you didn’t want to wake him up just yet.

His head was securely tucked into his pillow, his arm curled under it to keep it close, and the duvet was pulled up to his chin.  The only indication of his tight grasp on it was the way it scrunched up a little further down from the top, exactly where it was tucked under his side so it wouldn’t move.  The arm that usually would be resting lazily across your stomach was up, it’s hand pressed against his chin and the bottom of his lip.  It only served to make his lips fuller, if that was possible.

His lips.  Red and swollen, they were pursed ever so slightly, almost as if he were pouting, with a small gap inbetween.  At random moments when he’d jerk in his sleep, they’d pop out a tiny bit more, practically begging for your attention.  It took everything within you not to lean over and press your own lips against his, just to feel the cracks and rough patches on them before he covered his lips in lip balm.

With his lips pursed, the hollows of his cheeks—the right side with a small breakout, almost too light to be noticed, even without makeup—sucked in a tiny bit.  It did nothing to hide the puffiness of his cheeks, though.  You never quite knew why, but every morning his face seemed to be puffier than usual.  You didn’t mind; it was one of many things you absolutely adored about him.

His delicate eyelashes rested against the tops of his cheeks, somewhat covering the purplish bags from all the nights he spent up in the practice room, memorizing choreography with Hoseok so they could help the other members learn it.  You remember many caffeine charged nights spent waiting for him, just so you could let him fall asleep with you holding him.  Whenever he was exhausted, he always became the little spoon, no matter what, and you were okay with it.

The only sound in the room was that of his soft snoring, almost quiet enough to be mistaken as simply breathing.  You had barely even noticed that you were holding your breath, as if just the sound of it could wake him—ridiculous really, considering you knew just how hard it was to wake him up.  So, as you let out a breath, a lazy smile found its way onto your lips, and you leaned forward.

As you got closer, you noticed he had forgotten to take his earrings out.  Even closer and you noticed the small bit of drool at the corner of his mouth.  Closer still, and you could feel his soft breath, steady and warm against your skin.  Your lips softly touched his, unable to hold yourself back, and as your eyes fluttered closed, his fluttered open.

He leaned in, and it wasn’t long before you found yourself underneath him: his firm, bare chest pressing against yours and your palms flat against it.  Jimin pulled back, his large, warm eyes gazing down at you with a small smile playing on his lips.  You giggled softly, leaning up to catch his lips again in a quick peck, uncaring that both of you probably had horrible morning breath.

“Well, good morning to you, too.”

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Hi!!! Once again your account makes me so happy. Everytime a notification pops up that says you posted, I scream. Happily, of course!! I wanted to know if you had any Fem! Yamaguchi pics?

I dont have any at the moment but i will do my thing and route them out then tag you. Give me an hour XD and thank you. Yours is a name i see liking my post alot and i frin everytime. Be prepared for my latest tsukkiyama fic which will be posted friday!

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i hope this isnt weird but it makes me happy to see you posting more full bodies! Keep building that confidence one pic at a time!!!

wah thank u!!! 💘💖💚💜💘💞💚💞💘💛💗❤️💜💙💘💛💖💕💕honestly posting full body has been helping SO much w my body img issues i wish i had started doing it sooner 😲


Beyblade Screenshot/Gif Challenge

Day six: Favorite friendship

Yay, this is my favorite subject!

My favorite friendship without any doubt is Kai Hiwatari & Tala Valkov

I don’t know if this is exactly the ideal kind of friendship. But, MY GOD, I just love seeing them together.

In the first season Tala and Kai didn’t like each other (look at the first picture of the photoset. Look at Tala’s expression. It’s like “Kai you bitch I hope you die”). Actually Kai was not caring about Tala anyway and Tala was jealous of all the attention Boris was giving to Kai.

Then Kai and Tala started working together again in G-Revolution and slowly they developed some kind of affect that can be called friendship. Of course they discussed many times, but certainly they started caring about each other.

For me one of the best moments in G-Revolution was when Kai visited Tala in the hospital. He did not speak very much, but it was clear that he was really preocuppied with his friend.

Shit, I am really not good in explaining what I feel. I just get happy everytime I see Tala and Kai together and so this makes me choose them as the best friendship in Beyblade. That’s it. That’s all folks.

Or not…

Honorable mention to: 

External image

External image

Tala Valkov & Daichi Sumeragi: Another non-normal friendship. But almost every time that they are together I start laughing because, well, they are very funny when talking to each other. I LOVE THE EPISODE OF THIS PICS, just saying.

And it does not end here…

Another honorable mention to:

External image

Mariah Wong & Rick Anderson: This subject is so nice that I just had to put this friendship in the post too. Hahahahhaha they are very cool together. c:

Now the post is finally finished. Yaaay.

Past days: here

Ok so story time, no one cares but I gotta tell people this because it makes me sooo happy.

I went to a con this Saturday 15th called Animex ,as I haven’t gone to an Animex for… 2 years? Because of family trips (but I wasn’t mad for it.). Whatever, this year the trip got delayed a couple days and I had the chance to go.

This time a couple of Mexican cosplayers, TWINCosplay, (to whom I will refer as S and J) were guests, and I really really like them, (hell I’m almost sure they came because how I insistently asked the Animex people to bring them) so I had an extra inspiration to assist (Phil Mizuno, Ladybeard and the latinamerican Miraculous Ladybug cast being also guests were the others haha). When I went to them I got really really nervous, as I only had spoken to them freely on the internet I was nervous about how it’d go.

I asked them for a selfie all normal and S offered himself to take the picture (he almost drops my phone by accident 😩 I was on panic and I’m sure he saw it and apologized oh my jesus that was embarrassing) we had hugs and stuff I was already on rainbows; then I proceeded to buy them a couple prints of their cosplays (which I have to declare, are amazing), they asked my name to sign the prints, when I told them, J kept staring at me and said “Then are you *that* Annie?” I got even more nervous because I was almost sure they thought me a bit annoying.

But then they thanked me. For always leave a comment, whether it was on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

They recognized and remembered me.

J asked why was I being all shy when on internet I’m the opposite, so I told him it was different being on person to being behind an screen, S agreed with me then J replied I shouldn’t be that shy with them as we are all the same whether on person or not.

When they knew who I was, S told me he was going to gift me another print for free, J asked me to pose with them again to take another pic but with HIS phone. S stared at him, J said “Es que si la quiero” (That could translate to “I actually want it” referring to the picture or “I do like her” if he were referring to me) he took a bunch of pictures. Then he took another one of us and put it on their Instagram.

I had a tiny gift for them, a couple of keychains of Luffy and Zoro (They love One Piece) my friend made as I asked her to, she knew who they were for.

They loved them.

And I love them. I had the best day on a while. My senpais noticed and recognized me.