this pic is probably over used

ronan probably has social media bc blue forced him to make accounts but he never uses them and doesnt even have a profile picture and only has like 3 followers but then one day he tweets “for every like this gets i’ll tell parrish he’s pretty and give him a kiss” and then that tweet blows up, kids 3 school districts over are liking and rting it, people are asking for pics of adams reaction, and adam is told nonstop for like 3 weeks how pretty he is

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When you started dating your husband online was he already into bigger girls? I want to start an online dating profile but am scared of the rejection over my weigh etc. Most if not all of my pics are above the waist, and I don't want to like disappoint someone later thinking they were gonna get something else. Idk I'm dumb

Well using his past relationship as an indicator, no 😅 all the girls before me were twigs.

I would probably advise you to just be up front. Have full bodied photos on your profile and once you start talking to someone, make sure they know. That’s all you really can do!

Art WIP / redraw. 

I never posted the pic on the left because I never finished it and also because I hated it and I still do. Last night I decided to try out different brushes in PTS and reevaluate the way I color. My inspiration was bjd dolls and how I paint figures and do makeup. Thinking of it that way helped me understand form better and how to create it. But I’m still learning. 

I recolored over the old pic. I think I figured out a comfortable way of rendering color. I used no references on either pic (so excuse me if lighting looks off) and the whole point was to really play around with brushes and painting. I also only drew 2 pictures on the computer in the last 4 months and I feel rusty but I might finally be happy with my art or at least going in the right direction, I’ll probably go ahead and finish it. I think I spent about 4 hours on the new pic so far. The pic on the left took me 3 hours back in May.

If you know me, you know I’m seriously my worst critic and as much as I always hated my art, I keep pushing myself to try to be better. The way I do eyes still bother me, I feel like they still look lifeless, also why are lashes so hard??

#likovacs #likovacsart #art #rosalina#nintendo #wip #painttoolsai

@teaandinanity​ replied to your photoset“@feynites @theladypirate : *dangling beguiling sharkbait headcanons*…”

Aaaaaah pyrrhy I love these! (And the sketch is adorable, like, LITERALLY sleeping like an octopus! :D) (Sorry that is probably too silly for sadtimes stressed Uthvir, they deserve better than me being a goofball.) I love how you do lighting effects, it always adds SO MUCH to the mood of the pic - with the fear wings, it’s dark and the light comes from the two of them, and then with the wings it feels so sheltered and soft and sweet, and the light makes it seem safer.

Well, I did do the comic, and stressed Uthvirs could probably use all the silly times they can get! But AHHH thank you! My values are a mess and I’ve been trying to do that ‘paint over the black and white painting’ thing, with very limited success. Usually I just throw up my hands in frustration and slap on a flat colour and call it a day - like I did here >.> I still spent probably more time than I should have messing around with gradients and trying to make the pictures look complimentary but not the same. So I’m really glad it conveyed that feel for you :D


Took the squad up to Scotland over winter break because I wanted a taste of its geology. :9 We went to a few more hella awesome sites, but have a pic of us on Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, in Edinburgh.

Yes, we were trying to make a “seat”.

Yes, his name is Arthur.

Arthur actually lives two doors down from me, so if you see me hang around him a lot that’s probably why LOL. He studies English! The other guy holding him is Ivan who’s doing psychology. In front of him is Francis, a super-duper drama queen (he studies drama - really, he’s an ace actor and poet), and in front of me is Yao, who’s in his final year of his MEng Civil Engineering degree!

Hay can idea:
Just a can wired to the wall, stuffed with hay. Hopefully, this should reduce hay waste considerably. Would prefer a metal can, but this paper sort should do alright for a trial. Will probably end up using an upright plastic can later, like what I use for water.

No pic of it, but a gallon plastic ice cream bucket worked great for alfalfa too, until the kits ran out of alfalfa and ate the bucket. The wider opening made it easier to fill. After a couple buckets of alfalfa, they only wasted a small handful of sticks through the wire. Worked best to be able to take the alfalfa can OUT of the cage to refill it, or else I lost alfalfa bits all over. Wish I ate more ice cream, because I really liked that big tub! lol


Omg #asianselfieday is a thing and I think that’s pretty rad. Anyways, I’m only ¼ Japanese and I don’t show any of it, but my brother, sister, and I were raised with Japanese ideals. I can speak Japanese from what my Grandma has taught me and I can also write some hiragana. When I was younger, my mom and Grandma always made dishes like yakitori and chazuke and we still use sticks over forks lol. I learned everything about my culture from my Grandma and she is the most incredible person you will ever meet. I had some reservations about posting this because Tumblr will probably call me some white-washed guy trying to be Japanese, but I just wanted to celebrate what part of me is of that culture and how I live because of it.
Btw in the bottom pic, there’s my brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, and grandma.

Since I probably won’t be able to upload this on the right day…Happy Birthday in advance, Kindaichi ^_^
All of the Seijou babies in the same pic, eheh

p.s. sorry if I’m slow with the requests, I read them and I will surely draw them…it’s just that I don’t really feel like using my tablet lately (and as much as I love my traditional sketches, I don’t know if you’d like them as much as the digital ones?…sorry, I’ll get over this art block ç_ç)


“Y/N!” Clint called after you as you walked angrily away from him. “Y/N, stop this!” He sounded both annoyed and upset at the same time. You were probably over-reacting, but being pregnant didn’t exactly help with hormones. You felt so unattractive lately since you were eight months pregnant and seeing Clint getting really close to Wanda and teaching her how to use his bow and arrow didn’t exactly help. “I said stop.” Clint said tirdely as he caught up to you. He grabbed your arm gently and pulled you so you were now facing him. 

“I don’t want to talk to you right now, Clint.” You groaned. 

“It’s not what you’re thinking. I was just teaching her how to use a bow.” Clint soothed, running his hands over your baby bump and giving you a quick kiss. “Why would I cheat on the most beautiful girl in existance?”


[Image: A picture of James May sitting at the …helm (is it called a helm in a plane, I know it is in a boat…) or the controls of a small plane. The pic was taken from behind him and James, wearing a t-shirt and jeans has his head turned and is glaring over his shoulder. Probably at the person taking the picture. The caption reads: “(218): The majority of the reason I want to get my pilot’s license is so I can use the argument “FUCK YOU! I’M A PILOT!”]


friday, january 15 // 8:43

remember how i mentioned that old art journal? here’s a peek! these are two fave pages in the whole thing probably, back from spring of 2013? i think? i used to draw SO MUCH, i really need to get back into it – and i used to be so much more experimental with lettering!!

hope you all have a fantastic friday; the weekend is almost here!! xx

ok so ive come to the conclusion that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the boys not to have snapchats, and after much thought I have come to these following conclusions:

Louis: those stupid videos where he zooms in on his face and opens his mouth wide and screams in the last second

Harry: TONS of emojis. probably lost his shit over the new update

Liam: always uses geotags and it’s probably rare for him to send a pic himself with no temperature/time/MPH thing

Zayn: opens all ur snapchats as soon as u sends them and screenshots some. replies sometimes

Niall: u open all of his snapchats as soon as he sends them and screenshot some. only gets replies sometimes


Recap of June 27th 2016 - Taylor and Tom went to Rome, Italy. We can officially confirm that thanks to the return of the much adored potato pictures. We can also see that Tay has a new bodyguard, which we wouldn’t probably talk about much except that many of the Swifties are drooling over him. We can also guess that Tom probably used this trip to impress miss Swifty with his Cambridge-esque knowledge. They also had a nice meal, waited in line because of the pocketknife (god bless those girls and pictures they provided us with, especially the heels) and recreated fairy-tail like coming down the stairs with Tom, being the perfect gentleman that he is, holding Taylor’s hand and helping her down… Okay that’s it for now. Just another day in Hiddleswift fandom.   😜

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I don't think any of us are going to get over his 16th birthday party, he'll be 40 on stage at the reunion concert and we'll all still be like 'nobody came to his fookin' party and look where he is now'



Like how dare they not show up to see this face ^^^



But it’s their mistake 

because now he looks like this


and they now know he’s a genuine person

and also has money flying out of his asshole, but the money is not important

It doesn’t matter though because 




and us

so its all good!!



Well, given it’s been a shitty day for all of us with the fucking mess CC has created, these pics inspired me to write a little Gillovny ficlet… you’re welcome.

Side note: Not my pics. They appeared on my dash over and over again, but there was no original source. Whoever they belong to, lemme know so I can give proper credit.


“So I’ve heard your concert in Pitts was pretty wild,” she said in a muffled voice over the phone, which was precariously balanced between her ear and shoulder. 

He could hear shuffling on the other side and figured she was probably packing for her trip to India. He missed her already. More than he was willing to admit it.

“Yeah, they were a little… over enthusiastic, let’s say,” he admitted. 

She snorted. “I’d say, given that a bra was thrown at you. Too bad it didn’t come with matching panties. You could always auction it later for charity and say you stole the set from Scully’s lingerie drawer,” she teased.

“They’re way too big to be Scully’s. No one would believe me,” he deadpanned.

“Is that your subtle way to say I have small breasts?” she continued with the teasing. She couldn’t help it. Their bantering was always refreshing. It made her forget, at least for a short while, that their distance was getting even bigger with her next destination. Perks of the job, she thought. Fuck them.

“No, I’m saying they’re not of my taste. I’m not keen on huge breasts. Yours, on the other hand, are these perfect round glo-”

“Daviiid,” she cut him off in a warning tone. She loved when he complimented her ‘attributes’, but she knew exactly where this phone call would lead to if she didn’t stop him right now.

“What?” he uttered playing innocent. “Well, anyway. The bra was like a fucking Kinder Egg… it had a surprise inside,” he chuckled.

“Hmm, it did, huh?” she played along. Their silly conversations were always entertaining and efficient to get her mind off other pressing matters. Like the fact they’d be apart for over two months. They had compromised on a schedule to see each other before their respective series resumed filming. She missed him too much. More than she was willing to let her heart admit. “Lemme guess… it was a surprise of the number kind?”

“Yep. But no need to be jealous, babe. There’s only one number on my speed dial,” he said grinning and she had to smile back. Idiot.

“You’d better or I’d chew your head off,” she conceded to feed his ego. Deep inside she knew how insecure he got sometimes where she was concerned. No matter how many times, or in how many forms she had showed him, insecurity always made its way into his thick head. Friendly reminder she’d have to keep working on that.

He laughed. “I’d rather you’d chew my ass.”

She gave him her signature goofy laugh. “You’re an idiot, Duchovny. Anyway, Mr. Rock Star, I see you were wearing the ring I gave you for your birthday. So I take it you liked it, then?”

“’f course I did. You have great taste, G-Woman. But you don’t need me telling you this,” he offered.

“It’s nice to hear it every now and then anyway. Oh, I have company,” she informed him and he could hear the faint sound of pitter-patter paws in the background. 

“Is it Nelson? How’s my buddy? I miss him. He’s the ugliest cute dog I’ve ever seen. And we bonded over the summer. Does he miss me? Tell him I said ‘hi’,” he cooed.

“Your ‘buddy’? For fuck’s sake, David, he’s a dog! And it’s been three weeks since he last saw you, so he most likely doesn’t even remember you, you sap,” she said a little too loud, prompting Nelson to bark.

“See? He heard you saying my name and he’s woofing for me. He does remember me. No need to be jealous of the dog, too, babe. Told ya, my heart only belongs to you,” he teased her, knowing far too well how jealous and a little annoyed she got over the fact that he and her dog bonded so well.

She scoffed. “You’re an asshole. And apparently it wasn’t just the dog you charmed either. My boys won’t stop asking about ‘Uncle David’. You’re ‘bloody wicked’ to them, whatever the hell they mean by that. What kind of spell did you put on my dog and kids, dickhead?” she asked in fake annoyance, her smiling betraying her altogether.

“What can I say, babe? I got game,” he replied smugly.

“And now you’re quoting Mulder on me. Niice”

“And you love me even more for it.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she chuckled.

He heard the sound of zippers closing, knowing the conversation was probably coming to an end. Too soon for his liking, but adult life got in the way sometimes. He just wished time could just stop for a moment so they could be trapped in these conversations for a while longer. It made his heart swell. He loved her. He was too far gone to even try to deny it. There was simply no use anymore.

“Time to go, huh?” he asked, a bit of disappointment lacing his voice.

She sighed. “Yeah. But I call you as soon as I settle in at the hotel.”

“Okay, I gotta run too. Gotta pick up the kids at their softball practice. Tell the boys I miss them and next time we’ll build that Jurassic World Lego ensemble till the very last piece.”

Her heart skipped a beat. She loved how they all got along so well over the summer. Like one big, crazy, Folger’s-commercial-happy family. If only a fucking time machine - or a DeLorean - existed…

“I will,” she said softly. “Tell your kids I miss playing Cards Against Humanity with them. Something I can’t do with my boys just yet. And Piper is sick and tired of it, so,” she chuckled.

“Will do. So… talk to ya later?”

“You bet your sweet, still-looks-good-in-jeans ass we will,” she remarked jokingly, prompting him to reward her with his manly, throaty laugh. It was music to her ears.

“And just like my heart, my ass belongs to one petite, head-over-heels-in-love blonde,” he teased her one final time.

“Pretty cocky, aren’t you, Ducunny?”

“Yes, I have a pretty cock, or so you say whenever we-”

“Jesus Christ, I’m hanging up nooow,” she cut him off again, laughing beyond her senses.

“Love you, too, G-Woman.”

ill-show-you-later, youokay-mulder, honeylambsbff, hope u guys enjoy it and it helps get yr minds off today’s bullshit. And Sammy, welcome back, honey :)


Frozen Ever After ride-through at Epoct’s Norway Pavilion

My spoiler-free quick take: I think Disney *just* missed the mark with this one. In fact, there’s only ONE really bad element – used repeatedly – that if replaced, might make this ride a real winner.

Now my spoiler-filled long take:

The cheap ‘portraits’ of Kristoff and Sven at the beginning are embarrassingly bad. They are LITERALLY just the same two promo pics that have been used on damned near every piece of marketing and merchandising since day one! Couldn’t Disney commission something new?

The village queue is WONDERFUL! Even the small video screen of Oaken is perfectly done, and I’m quickly losing patience with Disney’s (and Universal’s) over-use of screens on their rides.

The Olaf animatronics are lovely. Simple, but smartly designed. They don’t do a helluva lot, but what they do is timed/staged perfectly enough that it comes across as a beautiful bit of ‘dark ride’ magic.

The trolls, too. They were probably my least favorite characters in the movie, but here they are a charming aside…again REAL ANIMATRONICS.

Anna and Kristoff, though? WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE PROJECTION SCREEN FACES?!?! They didn’t look good on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and they don’t look any better here. In fact, they may look…worse? That said, the simple animatronic Sven is PERFECT!

The little Elsa and Elsa’s ice castle are oddly charming. Tiny Elsa (lower-case ‘e’ elsa?) sorta reminded me of the tiny Bride at the end of Haunted Mansion.

The whole Elsa/Let It Go portion feels super cheap. Again, the projection face makes her look like she needs a make-up tutorial STAT. I’d prefer limited mouth movements over corpse-like skin-tones any day of the week. And the special effects for the rides show-stopper? More projections!!

Marshmallow and the Snowgies are – again – so simple, yet so charming. None of them move all that much, but it doesn’t matter. They look so cute, it works in an it’s a small world sort of way.

Elsa and Anna singing together features the worst projection faces yet. And that’s saying something. Once again, a simply designed Olaf animatronic makes you wonder why they just didn’t add no-frills robot heads to the human characters.

All in all? Really good parts and really not good parts. It’s possibly the most uneven ride at a Disney theme park. While I’d never say it sucks, a quick re-do of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff’s heads would raise this ride at least two letter grades.

What do you think?