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So I found a website that identifies dogs in a picture and threw BTS members in it...









northern downpour - panic! at the disco

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

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HELLO I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCh and pretty please could I request SHINee babysitting a random friend/family member's child? I know we have Hello Baby but I thought a slightly older child would be a cute scenario too :D

hi love!! of course~ i absolutely loved hello baby and was actually watching some of the episodes yesterday shinee with kids give me all the feels 


  • comes into the shinee dorm like “look what i made~” and a seven year old on his back 
  • shinee goes on immediate lockdown (taemin: *on top of the couch* I KNEW YOOGEUN WAS YOUR REAL SON) / minho: wtf chill guys this isn’t even yoogeun 
  • shinee: minho…… whose child is this……… and do his parents know that you have him / minho: i swear it was ONE time and i thought jinyoung hyung KNEW that his daughter was with me 
  • spends the entire time entertaining the kid by lifting him up and down and up and down and his arms are like noodles but he’s still smiling and saying BLAST OFF while launching him (calculatedly) into the air 


  • stares suspiciously at kid 
  • kid stares back
  • ………………
  • kid: “i don’t like you” / onew: well then *goes off and watches tv*
  • his inattention made the kid curious and by the end of the day they’re watching power rangers in companionable silence and matching juice boxes (onew: i like the yellow ranger which one is your favorite?? / kid: shouldn’t you like red?? bc you’re the leader??? onew: yeah but yellow’s a good color / kid: *thinks about it* you’re right)
  • ok maybe kids aren’t terrible once they can tell you what exactly they want 


  • “why couldn’t you bring home a girl kid”
  • what do kids like….. “do you like naruto???” 
  • shows him pics of his naruto halloween costume (jong: yeah hyung’s pretty cool right?”) 
  • tries to sneak off to the store so they can buy bb guns 
  • get caught and scolded by minho and key 
  • both stand in the corner with their arms up (jong: i am a grown-ass man) 


  • keeps reminding everyone that he was number one appa during hello baby
  • buys ice cream and snacks, pointing out which ones where popular when shinee were kids 
  • “i realized we only fed him junk food….. it’ll be okay right?”
  • okay as in kid had a huge sugar high and just started jumping around everywhere (did not help that taemin joined in) 
  • made him normal food to calm him down  


  • 6v6
  • “are you sure this one isn’t minho’s son too” 
  • spends most of the time mumbling to himself about conspiracies, illuminati, and cloning minho 
  • pulling out minho’s baby pictures for comparison 
  • concludes that kid is not minho’s son (minho: obviously you idiot) and proceeds to watch power rangers and eat ice cream with everyone else  

Ya know, I forgot how nice Gene looks in the Minutemen General uniform

ZOLA_OFFICIAL: Long time no see MeseMoa-san (о´∀`о)