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[BTS] Imagine: Daddy Taehyung

So I found some cute pics of Tae with kids. 

Imagine this you’re married with Taehyung and he had to go to one of his fan meetings. He took your daughter with him, cuz he wanted to show her off to the world. He would say:

  • “Look how cute my booboo is, just like my sweet Y/N!” 
  • “You can admire her from afar, but don’t come too close to her. I’ll bite your fingers off!”

He would be reading from a book to her, one of her fave things to do with daddy! [Secretly he it would be enjoying it a little too much, i mean come on we know how much Tae likes childish things ^^]

And then to surprise them you would go to the fansign/meeting too. Disguised as one of the ‘fans’. You knew how much Tae likes it when you surprise him with small gestures of love. Today was Tae and your daughters day, but hey you wanted to see their joyous faces live. 

But they being very observant, especially when it came to you, noticed you the second you were in his view.

“Lookieee who is there. Look it’s mommy disguised as my biggest fan”

“yippieee it’s mommy say hi” He would take your daughters arms and start dancing. “hoorraay Y/N is here to cheer us on. Aren’t I a lucky man?”

Your daughter would grow up to be a very pretty little girl. Always wanting to be with Taehyung. I mean who wouldn’t want that? He let her do what she pleases, gives her lots and lots of attention. Buys her things, makes great memories with her. You couldn’t ask for anything more than this relationship being like this always.

- Admin Tae

 @attackedastoria I have a lot of different ones but mostly boring stuff like shales and limestones? A ton of sedimentary rocks because I think they’re really cool. But OK here’s some of my weirder/rarer ones that I LOVE (the pics are bad because its 2 am and its my phone camera)

This one’s a type of banded iron! It’s really heavy and has some really cool wave patterns

This one is Amazonite which is a Microcline variation and it’s teal and really pretty

This is my fave rock I have it’s Labradorite and it’s gorgeous because you can only see the colors at certain angles or in the light and it’s blues and greens and SO pretty, also my test good luck charm

Opal bits! They were a gift from my partner and they’re so pretty for being so small and I cherish them 

This one could have killed me according to my professor, it’s Azurite and Malachite ore! Really cool, slightly poisonous, I’m not sure why the Azurite hasn’t destabilized but there you go

And I just love this one because it’s just a big ass amethyst point 

I’ve also got a lot of cool fossils I dug up last spring, really cool chalcedony bits, calcite, wulfenite, aventurine, serpentine, all sorts of stuff I love rocks so much 

whatsasophie  asked:

Top 6 TWD cast interview moments

  • the mtv interview with melissa, norman, danai and andy. iconic from start to finish with andy talking about his flip phone and norman napping in mel’s lap.
  • the conan interview with steven, lauren, danai, melissa and norman. danai talking about driving several swords around in her trunk, steven showing a pic of a younger him with a fanny pack and melissa and norman singing their song.
  • steven, norman and melissa on the jimmy kimmel show, including them taking backstage pics with bill murray in a dress. (okay there are better interviews but mel was in it and i started talking with my better half @dixonscarol​ that night sooo it’s always in my heart).
  • all the tv guide interviews during comic cons in san diego. every single one is my fave. from lennie fangirling over beyonce to lauren playfully screaming shut uppp at steven. i’m just…in love with the cast.
  • the telephone interview with brandon from comicbook melissa gave while chilling in normans trailer and then she just passes the phone to him because why not
  • and last but not least melissa’s la times interview because it was so thoughtful and just about her and i still cry that we got something like this.

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