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I already shipped Shinnaga (before it was cool) and even before the game came out and? I'm so v happy u exist...

!!!!!!!! OMG THANK YOU  ;; mY KidS!! (spoils under pic)

^^^ me when i protec my kids. tbh i felt like he could have easily lied to angie like the chick is already pretty out of it like she believes in a lot of odd things?? UHH alternate chapter 3 where it’s like:

“Korekiyo! What are you doing here? Atua’s already said that only student council members are allowed to be out this late!”

“O-oh, uh… You see, I was called here…! Ah yes, by the divine voice of Atua!”

“Really!? You can hear Atua as well?! Angie has never met anyone else who can hear Atua!!! It must be true, because Angie was called to this room as well!”

“Well, perhaps-”

“Yep~! Atua wants Korekiyo to help Angie perform the ritual!! Welcome to the student council!”


She drags him to her lab with the candle. Korekiyo decides to just finish the ritual with her so she’ll leave him alone and he can finish his seesaw, but the ritual turns out to be really entertaining for him! He abandons the seesaw thing. They do more rituals and Angie exorcises him during one of them! Korekiyo realises that his feelings for his sister were actually made up by her so he’d have a reason to kill 100 girls. She was just bitter about other girls who were able to enjoy their lives freely without being bedridden!!

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The hate is ridiculous. Much support to you and every other fanartist that felt attacked by this <3 I finally followed your lead and blocked those toxic people who tries to make us feel bad every few weeks. Anyway I'm curious what's your favorites Ambrollins moments in a match ?

Thank you so much dear, I really appreciate this message of yours. ♡ 
I must say, since I’m here I have blocked preventively one/two people at most, and I never do it just because one may have different opinions from mine, but at times it can save our Tumblr experience. After all, people I never interacted with have blocked me for shipping Ambrollins/liking Seth/thinking I like his girlfriend/thinking I hate his girlfriend/having added captions under their pics in the past and stupid stuff like that, so I guess, hiding negativity about our otp is a definitely fair reason to do it.
Btw, back to what really matters :) 
Ok, my absolute fave moments in a match of Dean and Seth against each other are:

• the gayass hand touch during the FCW Iron Man match (always and forever ahah)

• the long stare they shared at Battleground 2016 before joining their forces and powerbombing Roman, and

• this very gay and angsty moment during HIAC 2014, a while before Bray Wyatt interrupted the match (with my utter disappointment :/ )

As for the match they fought together:

when they shared a glance for the first time during their match against Miz and the Miztourage before the stereo suicide dive

the way they proudly lifted their belts before fighting the match where they lost them, aaaaaaand…

the nerdiest moment ever I guess? Ahahah :))

Thank you for asking dear, you made my day :3


Tom Holland in in this sweatshirt™.


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