this pic is my favourite

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Sexy artsy times anon here and i wanted to say it's fine that you only did one of them, i actually couldn't pic my favourite of the 2 and i didn't expect a mini fic. It was so good I loved it!!

AHHHHH I’m glad you liked it!!! I’m sorry it took so long! 


“She said to me, ‘I must touch you as you’ve been in the same room as The Beatles’.”

[David Magnus, on the effects of Beatlemania]

More ‘unseen’ photos taken by David Magnus from ‘The Beatles Unseen: Photographs by David Magnus’ exhibition at Proud Chelsea next month (though, I’m sure you will have seen some of these!). These photos were taken on the 24th and 25th June, 1967, during the rehearsals and recording of the BBC’s ‘Our World’. programme. 

The exhibition starts 16th March 2017 and runs until 14th May 2017. 

I think the top photo of George and John is my new favourite picture of them!

Pics: David Magnus.


This is my cat Lars he’s a real dork. He has a stash of crumpled receipts under the couch and that’s literally the only thing he’ll play with. We’ve gotten him toys but he just ignored them for his paper balls. (The last two pics are probably my favourite because it looks like he’s sniffing my shirt and then being like “boy wtf”)