this pic is my fave outfit



I am happy of the positive feedback with my the first drawing, that makes it better because I plan to draw more. There’s more scenes I wanna draw but I’m beat today.

I wanted to draw more slides in that gif, but I cant animate so you guys have to make do. i changed kim’s outfit to red….cause.yeah, AND that last pic is my(probs everyone’s) fave scene in So the Drama ok.

audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!

bonnibel bubblegum x marceline

finally getting around to colouring my femslash feb drawings! my twitter peeps voted for this one to be coloured first, so enjoy 💖

(p.s. my entire colour scheme came from a pic of nebula NGC 6818)

[image description: fanart of bubblegum and marceline from adventure time. the two girls face each other, looking in each other’s eyes. bubblegum is wearing jeans and a pale pink blouse; her thick curly hair is held back with a two-sectioned ponytail. marceline is floating and wearing a “fries before guys” crop top; her hair is cropped short and floating around her. both girls have their hands around the same candy floss stick. bubblegum is feeding a piece to marceline, who is draining the colour from it.]

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Can you post your fave boyfriend sara pics? Or like link them? I know you have a tag but i wanted to know your faves

I already posted some of my favorites here

But some others are

I have more but tbh if you look thought the tag almost everything posted there count as my favorite 

Also these looks and outfits were 10/10

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Flo!! Do you have any recs for an Emily Ratajowski vibe for going out?? xxx

here are some sets! also some pics of my fave outfits of hers xx

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outfits on joon?

Top 5 outfits on Namjoon

  1. This look from MAMA 2015 because goddamn him in all black with the pink hair and those glasses really is iconic and i think is my favourite look on him ever.
  2. This Kim Daily look because wow I just love it, the hat, the timbs, the jeans, and the hoodie is really cute because apparently its a vintige Ralph Lauren gifted by a fan.
  3. This iconic look, I feel like this is one of everone’s faves, he’s killing it in that skirt, and i just love him in black+a hat.
  4. This Kim Daily because wow iits such a bf look and he looks so cosy.
  5. THIS but this is the only pic i can find of it lksdjfdksj the cardigan is so big and his jeans are skinny and his glasses. i just love.
94 line appreciation

i know im supposed to be on hiatus but… the 95 line is adored by everyone and for good reasons but i want to see 94 line just as much if not more because im so deprived of it. why have we not started a petition for more hoseok and namjoon interactions yet???

[under a cut for a lot of pics and gifs and aggravated fangirling]

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Before Infinite’s next comeback starts, I gotta say this.
Kim Sunggyu looks like he could be the idol version of Kim Shin [Goblin].
[You may disagree but it’s my thought.]
He just rocks that hairstyle and his outfits matches the hairstyle well.
I’ll be sad if his hairstyle change in the next comeback.
I really love this hairstyle a lot.
It’s my fave after his red hair.
I love you my old man💕