this pic is my fave outfit

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What's your favourite type of : 1: Ice-cream: 2: Ted Bundy's outfits: 3: Past time:

1. Vanilla 💕 🍦 in a cone (i like to lick lol 👅 )
2. My fave Ted outfit is the one he’s wearing in that pic in the woods where he’s all happy jumping and careless haha but i like him in a suit too
3. Fave past time - reading about true crime and watching movies:)

Thanks for the ask ❤

hellosteph2012  asked:

Hi Mackenzie! I was wondering what your favorite places to take pictures around the DFW area are? ❤

Hey girl!

I mentioned one of my fave places in a blog post I did a year ago called “best of DFW, Texas”. I mentioned Dragon Street in Dallas- and it’s such a great place to take pics; especially outfit pics. 
Typically I choose to shoot my photos close to my house- so either in my neighborhood or in downtown Roanoke. Roanoke really has some very cute spots to take pics, and most of my recent blog posts were taken in Roanoke. 

Additionally, here are some other good spots:

  • trinity groves
  • deep ellum (if you want something edgy)
  • the arboretum 
  • bishop arts district 
  • design district (where Dragon Street is!)

Hope that could help! If anybody else is fro DFW, let us know what your fave spots are :)

anonymous asked:

ive stared at ur mcmettra pokemon crossover for ten minutes and i still havent found ur hint!!! can we know or do u prefer to keep it secret? :D

Sorry for the delayed response! I am not at home!

Oh no don’t worry it is no secret, I just wanted to put a little hint in for shippers lol. Although the pic doesn’t have to be shippy for those who don’t dig that.

Satya’s outfit is based off the Diamond/Pearl heroine and Jess’ is based off the Diamond/Pearl rival. It is a popular? pokemon ship that I have loved since lil fifth? (It’s been a while lol i don’t remember exactly) grader me played the game. Sinnoh’s also my fave region haha so if u don’t like the ship u can just take it as an homage to my fave game. 😊


Malec Appreciation Fortnight: Day 7 - Fave Alec/Magnus outfit(s)

Duh! This was so fucking hard ngl. Not because I had to choose but because of finding caps that aren’t either totally blurry and that show more than just face/chest. So yeah, I tried my best here.
For those wondering though, if I really had to choose one outfit only, I would go with the first row. The last pic is purely for more prettiness because fave Magnus outfit and Alec wearing only a sleeveless shirt … swoon. Arms, everybody! Arms. Shoulders. Look!!!


Sometimes studying is not a thing. Most times it isn’t. So I made a Pop Portia and Ariana a few weeks ago, as a select few of you know lol. I just had to. Portiana’s my fave. How could I not.

I shipped them out to Claire and Angie via Sarah but I wanted to wait until they actually got them before posting any pics so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

Portia was actually a lot easier than Ariana was to make because I didn’t have to make a toque and hair for her. Picking an Ariana outfit was hard mainly because ya gurl wears fishnet and other fantastically difficult outfits. So I went with the sleepover outfit because MST sweats are sick.

The two bottom pics are before pictures. Everything was done in acrylic and then sealed twice. Toque and hair on Ariana was done in air dry clay and then super glued. (I may have eaten some super glue because I am terrible. My lips are sealed on that incident tho)

More after finals! (Probably)

-a smol bear, Kae

Leeyum and his funny hats:)

Lima bean used to wear all kinds of hats. Let’s revise?

Mr. Woody:) He’s sooooo adorable!

Aww! Everytime these pics makes me smile

Baby boy:)

Hello, Mister Captain!

What time is our flight?

Ohhh, cowboy!

Or a baby cowboy:)

Must be comfy, eh?


Also he wears costumes


What about cute beanies?

Who gave them to Liam? Well, thanks:)

Pouty lips and something weird on his head

Sexy man

He sees it and immediately puts on his head:)

Absolutely suits him!


He’s my favorite flower:)

Liam’s outfit is spectacular!!!

Oh, I love him soooo much!

Hottie with sombrero

He looks so nice in them ♥


BUT! Even our fave hat-lover needs help. Liam’s boyfriend is always right next to him:)

Zaynie thinks that his babe needs a flower crown:)

No comments

He can’t leave him alone in this:)

But sometimes Zayn just looks at Leeyum and thinks “I love this dork”


Liam knows that Zaynie is the King of his heart:)


Things during the break that haven’t been All Bad:
- welcoming new larries
- the ~larried conspiracies
- new fic !!
- Louis’s outfits in Chicago
- when we figured out Harry didn’t cut his hair
- the two week rule still going strong
- rbb getting reckless (Harry’s birthday and heathrow were my personal faves)
- that pic of Louis and the dog
- Harry possibly in a movie ???
- when payneton was everyone’s happy place (Liam and Jordan Payton)
- the new otp: NOLF (Niall + golf)
- Zayns album/ single for those that like Zayn still
- zigi if ur into that
- all the friends we continue to make 💕
Please send me more ideas to add to this!! :)


10 Days of Kaylor Challenge ☛ Day Two: Favorite Matching Outfits (November 12 , 2014 NYC)

Okay, probably not completely matching but I love the coordination of their outfits! And the whole motif of boyfriend Karlie in this with cutesy/preppy Tay. Kaylor in plaid is my fave, okay. Plus the Sephora + antiques shopping date was so cute. (Bonus: Spot the ‘Karlie checking out Taylor’s ass’ pic lol)