this pic is my fave outfit


Tom Holland in in this sweatshirt™.



I am happy of the positive feedback with my the first drawing, that makes it better because I plan to draw more. There’s more scenes I wanna draw but I’m beat today.

I wanted to draw more slides in that gif, but I cant animate so you guys have to make do. i changed kim’s outfit to red….cause.yeah, AND that last pic is my(probs everyone’s) fave scene in So the Drama ok.

An outfit redesign for my fave. I feel betrayed that the uniforms don’t have actual cat ears like that would be the cutest thing. 

audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!

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thoughts on whizzer's devotion to style? (aka do u like his clothes lmao)

He only wore this one shirt for the entire first act, and he still had more style than I’ve ever had in 17 years of life.

Fashion & Faves

So I guess this is a series I’m going to be starting where I take pics of my faves (or maybe your faves as well) and make outfits that would complement each other. Kinda like couple costumes but not the same. Okey Dokey (YO!) Lets Do This!

 First off my new love Big Matthew (BM) from KARD. Always Sexy AF showing off his muscles as he’s in the gym or dance in the studio. Like can you imagine one late night dance session, yall just goofing off and he gets the sneeky idea to play some Usher “Nice & Slow” and….. *fans self* ok let me stop. But yeah he’s feels the most comfortable in athletic and street wear.

Next on the list is my babe that got me into stanning his group and the gateway drug that lead me down the dark abyss that we call Kpop, Kim Namjoon aka Joonie aka Rap Monster of BTS. So if you’re a ARMY or not you have heard that his man is intelligent and his brain is amazing…. I mean have you heard him rap? and them lips LAWD!!…. *clears throat* I really need to stop this….. Anyways, he has stated that if he wasn’t an idol he would be an author. Like YAS Bae!! I can see THE power couple walking through the airport going to the next city on his book tour with his fine ass manager right by his side.

Then Finally we have… can you guess?… Of course My Papi Park!! aka Jay Park. Mr. Multi-talented, Mr. can sing, rap, dance, act, and sign deals on the dotted line with being the owner of… wait for it…. TWO Music Labels on TWO Different Continents! Also Mr. Can Impregnate Your Girl With Just One Look!! yeah you know, that Jay Park. Oh and did I mention he slays as a model? I didn’t? Well There You go. Like you two are on set for a luxury brand ad because duh yall look like money. You come out of the dressing room, standing on the side as the stylist making last minute adjustments, admiring what God has created. Just looking at him all laid out like a good Sunday Dinner will make your mouth water (and something else, if you know what I mean….. ok I’m hopeless) getting ready for what he has for you. Like YAS Boo!

And that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know who else I should do…. for this series lol

Current Text Requests *UPDATED 8/09/17*

These are the requests I currently have! :) If you don’t see your request here send it in again! Requests are still open for : NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, BTS, Jay Park, Wu Yifan, Got7, F(x), Seventeen, Shinee, Bigbang, Ikon, and new groups: Monsta X and Exo! (bc i’m now a wonho landfill whoops)

Seungcheol x Reader // Smutty Daddy x Kitten!Reader texts

Yunhyeong x Reader // You doubt the way he feels about you because he sometimes seems disinterested and other stuff (angsty ending or fluffy ending)

Boyfriend!Jackson x Chubby!Reader // Fluffy and cute everyday boyfriend texts (i’m assuming this person wanted no sexy texts please correct me if i’m wrong thanks)

Mark x Chubby!Reader // Fluffy everyday boyfriend texts (once again I’m assuming no sexy texts plz correct me if i’m wrong)

Daddy!Jay Park x Little!Reader // He takes care of you while you’re in little space (this sounds s O CUTE IM C RYING)

Youngjae (Got7) x Chubby!Reader everyday texts (some nsfw stuff whoot whoot)

Jaebum x Chubby!Reader // part 4 to the matchmaker series where they are dating (lowkey just saw this reply on that post whoopsie)

J-Hope x Reader // everyday boyfriend texts

jaehyun x reader // he texts you for the first time in ages after you guys broke up because of his work without even trying to work things out

Hyungwon x Chubby!reader // everyday boyfriend and sexy texts (hELL YEAH WE GETTING SOME MONSTA X UP IN HERE)

Jay Park x Reader // You tell him you’re pregnant and he isn’t necessarily happy about it because of his career (dude this would so be him I can vividly imagine it)

bf woozi x chubby reader // you’re insecure about your height and weight, the reader is 2 inches taller then him (he’s 5'5) and he comforts you on both (THIS IS CUTE AND I LOVE THE IDEA OF WOOZI WITH A CHUBBY GIRL OR PERSON IN GENERAL HE WOULD DIG IT DONT FIGHT ME ON THIS)

bf chanyeol x short chubby reader // the reader is about 5'1 and chanyeol finds her shortness and chubbiness adorable but they dont (YALL I IDENTIFY WITH THID REQUEST ALLOW ME TO SQUEE AND SOB AT THE SAME TIME)

Minhyuk X chubby reader // minhyuk wants you to come over and cuddle with him, your having one of those days where your really insecure about your weight

Johnny Seo x Chubby!Reader // boyfriend texts with a chubby italian reader

Yoongi x Chubby!Reader // he sends you pictures of holly sleeping on your tummy and thighs and you get embarrassed

wonwoo x Chubby!reader // nsfw texts (👀👀)

mingyu x Chubby!Reader // Friends to lovers text (YES I LOVE THIS KDKSNS)

Jungkook x chubby!reader // you get caught trying on his shirt and he finds it cute and you get really embarrassed because you thought you could fit into it (I AM PRESENT FOR REQUESTS THAT TALK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE IT SUCH A BIG DEAL IN FICS ABOUT WEARING THE BOYFRIEND’S CLOTHES AND NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THAT)

Onew x Chubby!Reader // nsfw texts (fun fact onew is (one) of my bias wreckers in shinee yep-yep-yep)

T.O.P x Chubby!Reader // He is away and you guys miss eachother (yall alright i think of him in a relationship with a big girl all the time and i have some thoughts on tgis too dirty to share here so I’m just gonna keep it to myself ahem 😂)

Best friend dino x chubby reader // the members know you and dino like each other and try to get them together (YEP-YEP-YEP I LIKE THIS)

Rap Monster x Chubby!Reader // Anything but Daddy Kink (i can do that bby

best friend!Joshua x chubby!reader // your going to an anime Convention together and your trying to find the best cosplay outfit to wear, so you send him pics of the outfits and he starts realizing he loves you

Suho x Chubby!Reader // he’s taking you to an aqard show for the first time (BIG BABES IN DRESSES AND SUHO THIS IS ALL I WANT)

Jaehyun x Chubby!Reader // You accidentally send a picture of you in lingerie to the nct hyung line groupchat (F ME UP THIS IS MY FAVE TROPE)

yongguk x chubby!reader // everyday boyfriend texts with a hint of sexting (yep-yep-yep bap is my guilty pleasure)

Jooheon x Chubby!reader // He wants to introduce you to his members but you’re shy and not sure cause you’re insecure. he’s low-key ready to defend you against the members tho because jooheon showed them pictures and they adore you already (jealous jooheon BONUUUUUS)

jay park X fat!reader // you’re helping him sub his god forsaken videos and he confesses to you in the midst of all your memes, and you get self conscious because it’s jay fucking park and you’re lucky you’re allowed to be his friend and he tells you otherwise because damn it he’s gonna make you feel wanted if it’s the last thing he ever does (i love the way this person worded their request LOLOLOL)

chubby!reader x sehun // friends to lovers texts (YEP YEP YEP)

jay park x fat!reader // he tells you you were his muse for yacht in an attempt to get into your pants because he doesn’t know how to just tell you he actually likes you

boyfriend!jungkook x fat!reader // she’s bothered by the fact that she’s not only bigger than him, but younger than him too because she knows he likes older women

Chanyeol x chubby reader // chanyeol wants the reader to meet his parents and toben (his dog) and the reader is really nervous because they think his parents will hate them because of their weight

Daddy!Minhyuk x Chubby!Reader // She feels really insecure about how she looks and he conforts her, turns nsfw

wonho/shownu x Chubby!reader // everyday fluffy and sexy texts (i’ll probs do these for shownu bc I don’t have anything for him yet)

Bts x Reader // You’re a witch and you accidentally turn yourself into an animal hybrid, the members reactions to you telling them. (Might do a set for wach member or I might just pick hyung line or maknae line. I ALSO LOVE HYBRID STUFF SIGN ME UP)

Minho x Reader // he’s dating a 5’ girl and people are kind of weirded out about a giant dating a really short person (YES I LOVE MINHO AND SHORT PEOPLE YES)

minho x reader // he finds out hes dating one of the members younger sister

mingyu x chubby!reader. You accidentally send him a sexy picture (I LOVE MINGYU)

Jihoon x chubby!reader //reader is being extra affectionate and getting her boyfriend all flustered with cutie pictures (YALL OKAY WOOZI IN MY MIND HAS A DADDY KINK BUT HE WOULD GET SO FLUSTERED WHEN HIS PRINCESS WAS IN LITTEL SPACE BECAUSE OF ALL THE AFFECTION HE WAOULD GET I CRY)

daesung x chubby!reader // He’s taking you to the beach but you can’t fogure out what bikini/swimsuit to wear, so you ask him

jungkook x chubby!reader // the reader is insecure because jungkook always talks about how IU is his ideal type and the reader questions why they’re dating if a skinny girl like IU is his ideal type and he comforts her

Johnny x Chubby!reader // you recieved your uniform for your job at a bar but it’s really tight on you and you’re uncomfortable 

yixing x chubby!reader // he’s filming a movie in china and you miss him

jay park x chubby african american!reader // reader gets hate for having a differenr skin color and he comforts her

jiyong x Chubby!reader // he’s a fuck boy (I HAVE BEEN LITERALLY DYING TO DO SOME FUCK BOY TEXTS YES)

kyungsoo x chubby!reader // everyday fluffy texts

Scoups/Jay Park/Yifan x Chubby!Reader // he starts working out and lifting weights because he’s upset they cant lift their chubby s/o. And when the s/o finds out they comfort them and tell them it’s fine (IM DOIN AL THREE)

Boyfriend chanyeol x chubby reader // chanyeol wants to get couples hoodies and he ask for your hoodie size, you get embarrassed because of your size

Best friend chenle x chubby reader // some people are bullying you at school and you get very upset over it and he gets to comforts you (MY BBY CHENLE AWWW YISSSS)

Ten × Chubby!reader // Literally anything (and sexy yes)

ten x chubby!reader // she is insecure about her chubby stomach and thinks she isn’t sexy (like everyone only calls her cute and stuff) so she rants to ten (her best friend) (YALL I LOVE TEN)

Jisung x chubby reader // you guys are best friends and have feelings for one of another and the others try to match make you guys

best friend!chenle x Reader // he confesses to an insecure reader

Poly!Johntae x Chubby!Reader // if anyone has a specific idea for this let me know 

Pornstar!Yuta x Chubby!Reader // She’s actually super confident and he says something mean and she breaks up with him and he realizes that he actually kind of loves her and needs her in his life and tries to get hr back and it ends in smutty romantic sexy texts (I AM ALL FOR THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA)

t boyfriend!kihyun x chubby!reader texts // reader sends him the lyrics to TLC’s No Scrubs as a little joke and he freaks out and asks if she thinks of him as a scrub and if she wants to leave him and she has to try to comfort him and tell him it was just a joke, that they were lyrics to a song.

this is not proof read at all so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might have made :)

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Can you post your fave boyfriend sara pics? Or like link them? I know you have a tag but i wanted to know your faves

I already posted some of my favorites here

But some others are

I have more but tbh if you look thought the tag almost everything posted there count as my favorite 

Also these looks and outfits were 10/10