this pic is my fave


okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)


Hiya! Alright so the lovely @melmanpur tagged me to do this screenshot thing. And why notttttt:)! 

 I think it all pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks Harold for your arty aesthetic that is now my home screen. And instead of a selfie, a pic of my point of view with my fave new socksies. 

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fai is so beautiful im crying

^my daily thoughtstream, condensed

i Kno…. my beautiful feminine child………… here’s one of my fave pics of him even though in context it’s Very Emotional

luv them…………….. why do you think i started this reread? to collect as many pics of fai as i could. i have every faipic. im the king of fai mountain. i may make them all available for download when i am through

here’s another


I was tagged by @larrie-boyfriend thanks, mom! lol

So, my home screen (one of my fave Louis pics and look), my lockscreen (yay Slytherin pride), last song I listened, and my last selfie. I think I’m supposed to tag lots of people, but idk who’s comfortable with posting so I’m tagging just my friend @dark-harry-isreal and if anyone wants to do it, you can say it was me tagging you 😁


Rules: make your own aesthetic, only using photos that are already saved on your device!

I was tagged by @moving-taylor-swiftly-on (thank you 💕🐕)

(The middle pic is the protagonist of my story, drawn by my best friend and fave artist, and #7 is from a Blackpink fanpage. I don’t remember where #2, #3, #4 and #8 are from so sadly I cannot credit them.)

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In honor of Five Friday Faves MSR edition I want to share some of my favorite PG13 msr after dark drawings. @megdoesart is a brilliant artist. I could look at her drawings all day long! (Especially the rated R ones 😘). Thank you to the brilliant artists for your beautiful work. @storybycorey you included ❤️