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Lips are overrated 

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@biggestmoraticablog tagged me to create a moodboard, so here we go!  let’s consider it my moodboard for 2017 (even though most of these pics are hella old lmao.)

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Oh Jesus Christ Superstar how pathetic it is. Good Ben why? Let’s face it: they do this kind of things because m/iarrens are so  (i don’t wanna define them) to believe in everything and because some of our fandoms too sometimes fail to remember that… all of this depends on us… the fans.

You failed to give me a C/hillaren pic, but a Ben/Darren duet?? Cmon: you can put a little effort in this!

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sims toddler photos

Date now: 24/1/17 (for me)

Hi simmers, so I’m thinking of doing a photo frame thing with lotsa toddler photos (I kinda want to use it to decorate around my sims lot) and I would love for you guys to send in your toddler pics! limit 2 photos I guess, I don’t know how many amount I’ll be receiving yet and I will be leaving my submit page on for two days so if its a lot I might just pick one from the two photos that an individual sends in. if that makes sense.

Also, strictly sims related toddlers only please, don’t even think about sending me anything weird. okay, that’s it. submit button is here & again, like I said; depending on how many I’ll be getting within these two days… latest day for me to finish it and share the cc with you guys will vary from either 1 to 3 days after the submit button is closed which will be on 26/1. till then, happy simming!! ❤️️

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So, I had a dream last night where I was in college, but I had class w/ u (note I've never been to college) and in class u fell asleep with your notebook on ur face. Bit the notebook had an inlaid photo (like a photo book) on the cover and there was a cat in it. So, as a joke, I wanted to cut up a sheet of notebook paper and place it over the cat (for some reason, this was the funniest thing to me). Then the dream skips ahead, and someone had told u what I had been tryna do (part 1)

but I was unsuccessful. (Also, I just pictured u as ur profile pic in the dream, and it got weird cuz ur hair kept changing length and color) It was meant to be a harmless joke, but you were so offended I felt awful and was trying to apologize but ppl kept interrupting and I couldn’t tell u I was sorry cuz of them, and now I hav this intense feeling to apologize to you for trying to cover up your photo of a cat. I’m sorry!!!(part 2)


Oh my go d


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it’s been a week since YOI has ended and all i had to contribute are these bad genderbend doodles :’) 
I’m doing a lil’ explaining below about my thoughts n headcanons about this au. 

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Jeongguk x Puma shots for @jeon-gguk

insp (x)

things about this text message + pic update that Kill me;

  • the communication. they’re regularly texting now, even hasn’t disappeared and is actually starting conversations, isak doesn’t hesitate when he admits to stalking him, heart emojis, the whole i’ve-gotten-used-to-your-bed-so-i-dont-like-mine-anymore. my god, they’re so open and honest with each other. isak even asks who mikael is and doesn’t seem embarassed by it all i’m Thriving
  • heart emojis
  • heart emojis
  • even checking up on isak and making sure he’s doing his work, even offering to help him study
  • they’re in such a honeymoon stage, they literally can’t stay away from each other, or keep their hands off of each other.
  • even ! serenading! isak ! is a thing!!!!!! on text and off text!!
    • he probably sent isak those lyrics bc it reminded him of isak
  • they’re so into each other!!!! and they’re not trying to deny it!!! they both want to be with each other all the time and tell each other that!!! wow!!
  • they’re so happy and Soft and Together
  • can i repeat; 5 days that Isak and Even have been together and Happy. 5 whole days. we’re so blessed i love them
  • even practically lives at isak’s place and no one seems bothered by this im
  • ahhhh!!!!!

Blessed images of Sokudo subconsciously imitating Karamatsu.


I think it’s about time to write a post about the art theft  I’ve been suffering regarding my Ons material and during this year which isn’t decreasing at all.

 I’m a person who doesn’t mind repost or modifications (like graphics or so)of any of my art, it’s okay, it’s also okay if you use it as an avatar on tw and no giving me any credit ( though I highly appreciate when you do it) but I don’t mind if you don’t, as long it’s for personal use it’s fine.

 The things I don’t tolerate it’s when you use my art for any commercial purpose, ripping my designs and making keychains , dakimakuras, posters, cushions and a large etc I’ve found it on internet. Or when you upload the pic as if you were the author <–PLEASE DON’T! 

I’m very aware that my art has been and it’s been sold via ebay, aliexpress, taobao, amazon, etsy …etc And no, THEY DON’T HAVE MY PERMISSION, THEY AREN’T ME. My only owned store is the one on Tictail (which I’m planning to reopen) and Toranoana Stores which have my permission to sell my designs. Taking down the merchandise from these webpages previously mentioned, you need to provide lot of personal papers and then the webpage decide if you’re or not saying  the truth. Closing one shop is difficult than opening one //that’s why no one cares about taking down it’s own art, it’s very difficult, consumes so much energy and when you close one, other 3 appear 8) A no ending circle.

I´ll highly appreaciate if you don’t buy from these people. I know it’s cheaper but for any purchase you make from them, it’s a loss for me.

Today I received 3 messages about different kind of art theft from my work…I’m very angry and sad… Thank you for reading and for the support you give me. It’s my day a day energy.


Sometimes the phandom can be quite fun. Quite Fun. we make jokes and have a good time. Then. things have to go sour. Somehow, they always do. yesterday i posted a pic of one of dan and phils’ friends’ instagram (which i in fact did not even take the screenshot of it was sent to me and i shouldn’t have even posted it). it was for Fun because it showed that dan and phil hung out with their friends and made cute iron bead art. The End right? No. people had to go on and stalk her instagram and now she’s gone private. i deleted the post around two hours after i posted it but the damage had been done. What The Fuck guys. the name and info was blurred out. Was That Not Signal Enough. i actually forgot how invasive people can be. i’m sorry i posted the screenshot and im sorry people took it and started being so creepy and horrible. can y'all take this as a lesson and realize dan and phils private lives are not something to meddle in? it’s for fun but as soon as someone takes that extra step it all goes to shit. so thanks for that. someone, more than a few someones, took that extra step.