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All righty roo then

Who the fuck knows what’s gonna happen on The Blacklist tonight but at least we have these things: 

1. our baby Red will be suffering but i am here for the hurt/comfort/angst vibes, is that evil of me? sorrynotsorry

2. Liz will be doing stuff to help him i.e. putting a chair through a window. that shit is right out of fanfiction and i’m here for that.

3. Tom will be not-so-gracefully exiting stage left for his stupid, dumb-ass spin-off that no one asked for.

SO IF YOU ADD THOSE THINGS WITH THE PROMOS AND PICS AND WHATNOT WE’VE BEEN SEEING this could be some good shit you guys. like, i’m not hopeful (i think we’ve all learned that that’s a bad idea) but i know we’ll probably see some good stuff tonight. 

the way i see it, worse case scenario: they kill Red, confirm Daddygate, or Liz is a bitch. and even if any of those happen, we’ll still have gotten: some amazing acting by the fabulous James Spader, some hurt/comfort vibes from Red/Liz, some Red&Agnes cuteness (based on the promo), and just some general angst which makes me strangely happy. BEST CASE SCENARIO: Liz sees Red’s scars, Red thinks he’s gonna die and debunks daddygate and confesses his love to Liz, Liz thinks Red is gonna die and confesses her love to him, they reveal Agnes is Red’s AND TAKE US BACK TO THE BLESSED SHIPPING CONTAINER, Red and Liz kiss, Liz sends Tom off with a suggestion to never come back, or just a general happy ending. 

so yeah. i won’t say hope…. but i think, based on promo stuff and the direction they could head that would make the most sense, we have some good reasons to expect good things tonight. but that’s just me. whatevs. and after it’s over, you can expect at least one gif summing up my feelings. good or bad. LOL. so yeah. good luck peeps. see you on the other side! #lizzington <3

positivity tag <3

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rules: list five things you like about yourself. then, let us know what your favorite feature is and and maybe post a pic of it! after that, go ahead and tag some people to spread the love!

1. My voice
2. The idea that I can make others laugh with my laugh
3. How well I work with animals <3
4. my art
5. My ear (in sense, I can hear a tune, pitch, or sound, others may not hear. I am also super good at tuning)

my favorite feature is: This is going to sound stupid. but I really really like how my lips and eyes look?

I know I’ve already posted this picture but like. ye

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Jeongguk x Puma shots for @jeon-gguk

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I use my photoshop skills to make more memes. Why am I like this.


Sometimes you keep your head down to work hard & you forget to look up…but once you do…things are a little different ♡
I’ve been trying to find the words…but I just smile. I’m more motivated by how my body moves & performs than looks, but I cannot deny that I look DAMN good 🙈💋
🗓9 Months ⬇️26lbs. 👖2 Pant Sizes
💜Lots of Love: Mind, Body & Soul
Ready to get after some goals?!! Let’s chat 💜 We’ve got 50 Days til 2017!!! You DON’T have to wait til Jan. 1st to make a change! ♡ Are you ready to fight for what you deserve???! The absolute BEST you!

so i started watching voltron with my pal from marching band, we’re 2 episodes in and he still thinks that the pic of pidge and matt that hunk found in pidge’s bag was actually pidge’s girlfriend. and he’s super stressed out about it

he’s like “i cant believe pidge went into space and left his girlfriend behind :(” and when they were doing that mind training thing in episode two he was like “pidge misses his girlfriend!!!” it’s cracking me up

he’s gonna go nuts when he finds out

anonymous asked:

Soka why is Sam a douchebag again? Why is he doing this? What is he hiding? I bet he is just really gay.

This is the only ask I am answering on this topic and I am combining several asks in my inbox. I did not know what was going on and has to do a quick overview of things. Ok, the way I understand it is this: Sam posted a pic in MPC group that he is in Georgia. Turns out MM’s brother;s wedding is in the same state this weekend. There are no other photos of them together. So, this brings me to the freakout that is in my inbox of the farce, hiding, smokescreen, etc.

1. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: Sam’s sexuality is his business.

2. What is Sam doing in Georgia? Is he attending the wedding with MM? Or is he training for a marathon, etc?

I don’t know where he really is and what he is doing. If he posted a photo in real time that clearly indicates which state he is in, so I take it that he is there. Whether or not he is going to the wedding, your guess is as good as mine.

3. I don’t think Sam is a douchebag. But, his actions will certainly label him as one so he will do well for himself to come clean and own his truth and relationship, whoever his SO is.

4. Why is he with MM?

I have no answer to that, and we don’t even know if that is the whole truth. But if he is indeed with her, I rest my case. I don’t know her or him but her actions on SM has prefigured her as less of a desirable and mature SO.

5. Why does he and Cait continue to act like a couple and mislead us?

That is the question of the century. To think that we misinterpreted their actions indicate that so many of us are delusional. And if I know something, actions speaks louder than words, especially with these two. So, if they indeed have other SOs, it might be that theirs is a non-normative relationship by virtue of their profession and level of comfort with each other. So, that is what we have seen in the past 3 years. Abnormal it is, but I guess we were never going with normal with these two. 

While I have always said that Sam and Cait don’t owe us any explanation for their actions, I think for the sake of respectability and trust, they should own up to their truths, whatever that maybe and however unpopular that makes them.

I’m All Ears

→ Pairing: Yoongi X Reader
→ Genre: Angst, Listener!AU
→ Word Count: 2, 479K 
→ Summary: A love that never got the chance to blossom
→ A/N: So it has been quiet a while since the last time I have published something out here. And this short writing is somewhat a turning point for me to experiment on new things. I receive a lot of praises for my smut writings, and I am honestly so grateful, but I also know that I could do more aside that. So this is me dishing out an angst writing, inspired by a manga I once read a long way back /I’ll try to remember the title and link it for you to read/ from which I got the Listener!AU idea from. I hope this stirs up something in you!

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anonymous asked:

I see that you do a lot of digital art, but do you also do traditional stuff? i'f you do what kind of art materials do u have? i would love to see them! <3

Yeah i try to doodle traditional daily but i personally don’t find it good enough to post it :’D //also half of my traditonal stuff is just me drawing nonstop hands/legs in hope i’ll improve tBHH// 

So most of my traditional stuff are just doodles for training, i never do any fully colored stuff these days hah!

Also ohman i personally love to collect art materials even though i barely use it,, hAH,,, more pics/info of those under the cut )v)

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2-19-17 | 16/100 Days of Productivity

Hello again! I didn’t have much to do today, except for Vietnamese homework. Today was sort of a lil’ break for me from all the APES things I had to do ^^”

Anyways, it’s Presidents’ Day tomorrow! Hooray! Do any of you guys have school tomorrow?

… the pic’s a little blurry where the vocabulary is (sorry sorry), but if you zoom in up there, i’m sure it’ll be better :’)

As always, keep that chin up!! 


Ok so these are 2,3 and 4 weeks for inktober. I haven’t managed to post until now unfortunately. TT×TT
But anyways good thing that I finished them.
For the first pic I wanna thank @blueishblue for the inspiration :’). (I saw that post with Todoroki and the gakuran and I was like “Hell yeah,let me draw that!”)
As for the other 2 well my brain said “All Might shall be to the end.” and I complied.
I wish you all a Happy Halloween!


I see all of these wonderful autumn-inspired pics, but I simply lack the inspiration to do any of my own. We’re having a true Indian summer over here (seriously… it’s been 25 °C /77 °F almost every day since the beginning of October), and the only thing that inspires me to do game-wise is to play Strangetown… Which is what I’ve been doing for maybe 15 minutes before the stupid tin can shut itself down from overheating (because summer weather also brings the usual computer summer woes with it). Oh, well. Better luck tomorrow. 

In the meantime, here’s some scenery shots from the Grunt residence (feat. that gorgeous new sky object thing).

11 Things Not to Say to a Bisexual Girl

These are both annoying and harmful.

1. “It’s just a phase.” So, I’m going to wake up one day and not be into the person I’m dating? That’s totally rude to both me and her, and something that diminishes really any same-sex relationship. While sexuality can be fluid for a lot of people (meaning sometimes you might be feeling one gender over another), that doesn’t make it a temporary thing.

2. “Are you trying to get back at an ex-BF?” My ex is not my boyfriend for a reason, maybe even because I think he’s a jerk. So, first, not trying to get him back, and second, if I were, I would never use another girl to do it. That would make me a jerk, too.

3. “Being bisexual is so trendy now.” Look, I’m not saying I don’t have Ruby Rose as my lock screen pic (guilty), but the rise in visibility of queer girls on screen is only a good thing. Seeing girls who like other girls on TV and in movies is never going to turn anyone gay or bisexual — it just might allow them to feel comfortable expressing their own sexuality. Basically, even if it is ~trendy~ that’s in no way a bad thing. And doesn’t make it any less real.

4. “Do you want to hang with me and my BF?” Nope, not at all, no thanks. Being bisexual does not mean that I literally want to date both guys and girls at the same time.

5. “Everyone experiments in college.” Hmm… definitely not everyone. And even if some girls do, college is a great time to explore and find out who you are. Again, that doesn’t make bisexuality a thing for everyone, or a phase.

6. “You’ll eventually end up gay.” When you meet a lesbian couple, how do you know if one of them is bisexual? You don’t unless they tell you, and many don’t because of the stigma that’s often attached to bisexuality. So you might think they are “ending up gay,” but really, they are just ending up in a same-sex relationship. That doesn’t change their orientation one bit.

7. “Guys are the worst. I wish I wanted to date girls, too!” I don’t date girls because I’m sick of guys, or I’m bored with them. It doesn’t work that way, the same way it wouldn’t work for a straight girl to start dating other girls because a guy broke her heart.

8. “You’re just confused.” Just because you’re confused about my sexuality, doesn’t mean I am. I’m attracted to both guys and girls and it really isn’t that complicated.

9. “I just don’t know if I could trust a bisexual enough to date one.” There’s this stigma that if a girl is dating another girl, she must “miss” guys and will then cheat on her girlfriend (or the other way around.) This couldn’t be less true. Most bisexuals feel totally happy and satisfied in a relationship with either gender.

10. “You’re so lucky that you get to go out with twice as many people.” Whether you’re bisexual, straight, or any other orientation on the planet, dating is tough. Finding a guy or girl you like who actually likes you back isn’t a breeze for anyone. And bisexuals don’t have it any easier.

11. “Bisexuals don’t actually exist…” We exist. Hey, right here! With more and more girls in the media coming out as bisexual, hopefully the invisibility feelings that many bisexuals have will be a thing of the past.

Seventeen Magazine
( JUL 17, 2015 @ 5:53 PM)



Earlier this week a friend of mine invited me to go with him to a local HAM radio swap meet. Even though I’m not into HAM radio, these sorts of sales tend to have other cool things, so I went along.

Came home with 2 things I was looking for and 2 things I couldn’t resist. 

The first pic is a Motorola power supply from 1958. It has 105v and 250v outputs and is just generally large and cool. Not sure exactly what I’ll use this for, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it.

Next two things are an RF (radio frequency) generator and a capacitor checker. These were the two things I went there looking for. I need an RF generator for doing alignments on the radios I repair, and the capacitor checker is, well… for checking capacitors. It’s not strictly necessary for what I do, but it’s not a bad tool to have on the bench.

Last pictures are of a home-brew radio from the early 1920′s. Radio was still pretty cutting-edge at this time, so if you couldn’t buy a pre-built one, you made one yourself if you were electrically savvy enough. I’m not sure if these were sold as kits, or if the enthusiastic owners simply found (or made) parts and put them together. Either way, it’s a really cool battery operated radio. It uses 3 01A type tubes and the holes in the front held screens (2 are missing) which I suspect were there to let heat out and let you see the tubes glowing inside.

Will probably attempt a restoration on this at some point in the future.

Stay tuned for more!

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The fantasies I want to try

I am looking for friendly, fun and generous guys to try some new things with. If you have any role playing ideas, like the ones below, email me or leave a comment. Guys who enjoy spoiling girls are welcomed. 

1. Dirty dancing, kissing and flirting with a guy at a club. He takes me back to a hotel with a private spa/bath to make out in. He touches me, kisses me, washes my body and touches my pussy etc.

2. Flirting and drinking with a guy at a party. He offers me a lift home and I spend the whole car trip teasing, touching and sucking his cock while sending some pics to the hubby who is waiting for me at home.

3. In a room with two guys. We flirt, touch and do all kinds of naughty things while my hubby is in the other room.

4. Get all dressed up slutty and go visit a guy at his office. 

5. Tied up and blindfolded. Multiple guys come over and kiss, touch, lick and fuck me.

6. Play a board or card game with guys. When I lose I have to do stuff to the guy.

7. Get paid to suck cock.