this pic gives me feelings

Hanzo and his noodles. This artwork gives me the feeling of an old pic T.T Look at that smile!!! *pinches his cheeks*


JESSE WAS TAKING THE PICTURE! (honestly, Jesse? that’s the best excuse you found to take Hanzo a picture? but wait.. it’s actually pretty okay and it worked!

Oswald’s Nervous Tick

Has anyone noticed that when Ozzie is worried about someone he loves, he bites his fingers?

I’ve only seen it twice now. Once when Galavan had his mother:

And the other time was right before Isabella died:

Idk. It’s a weird, cute little quirk that he has. It’s a little thing that he does when he doesn’t want to show that he’s worried, but deep down he really is.

Also I frickin love that picture where she’s crushing a car bc like, we know efi finished programming her like a month ago, so that pic gives me the feeling of like a big hero 6 moment or smth where this newly-programmed safetybot is Ready, she is Out Here to help old ladies cross the street, it’s showtime yall, but she’s smashing some lady’s car and causing havoc with the best of intentions

Look at efi running after her i love it

‘’Citizen Halt Your Vehicle, This Elderly Human Crossing Cannot See You, It Is Not Safe”

“Ori no there’s lights for that crosswalk!! Wait!! She can cross in a minute!!!”


~ Bridgeport, the city where dreams either crash or come true ~


PART 1/??

College AU: botany student naru and gaara + literature student sasu

aaadsajhdgshagdas thanks for sharing your AU HCs @ananasomania  you are awesome and it’s a promise i will draw gaara + cacti on part 2!! (part 1 where he convinces naru to buy another cacti lmaoo)